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Christina Aguilera's 'Your Body' Video Teaser - Watch Now!

Christina Aguilera's 'Your Body' Video Teaser - Watch Now!

Check out this brand new teaser for Christina Aguilera‘s upcoming music video for “Your Body”!

The 31-year-old entertainer also tweeted a pic from the vid. We can’t wait to see the finished product!!!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Christina Aguilera

“It’s here! #YourBody available at @iTunesMusic. Video teaser premieres on #TheVoice tonight. XoXtina” she tweeted to her followers earlier in the day. Be sure to grab the song from iTunes if you haven’t already.

Christina‘s upcoming album, Lotus, is due out in stores in November.

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155 Responses to “Christina Aguilera's 'Your Body' Video Teaser - Watch Now!”

  1. 1
    NATALY Says:


  2. 2
    Lady Gaga Says:

    omg can’t wait to copy her looks

  3. 3
    Luis Says:

    She looks absolutely flawless.

  4. 4
    Ren Says:

    The chameleon pop star I grew up with is back! I’m in shock, she looks soooooooo good!!

  5. 5
    Joe Says:

    Looks really fun! I love the song!

  6. 6
    Legendtina Says:

    She is so Beautiful, talented, AMAZING .

  7. 7
    Legendtina Says:

    She is so Beautiful, talented, AMAZING .

  8. 8
    nate Says:

    SHE’S BACK!!!!!!!!

  9. 9
    rayudi Says:

    white snooki is kinda nasty…

  10. 10
    MoreThanWords Says:

    F-A-T C-O-W!!!

  11. 11
    gn Says:


  12. 12
    Blue Ivy Says:

    The real DIVA is back. I CANNOT!!!!!!!!!! I love you mommy! :(

  13. 13
    Albert Says:

    love, love, love it!!!!!!!!

  14. 14
    George Says:

    Looks like it should be a fun and quirky video. Xtina looks great

  15. 15
    Lady Gaga Says:

    she done scalped my wig with this clip

  16. 16
    semm Says:

    that was amazing i need this ful asappp

  17. 17
    Lisa Says:



    ***** LOOKS AMAZING!!!


  18. 18
    jeff Says:

    OMG I can’ wait for this!! The explosive car and her being fun and cheeky!! Christina Aguilera your bringing fun back but with your amazing vocals to add spice!! What more can we can ask for!! So ready to see this new video and get your new album to come soon!!

  19. 19
    Didi Says:

    I would turn gay for thus woman! She’s too f*cking flawless!

  20. 20
    Madonna Says:

    Ok medonsters, I’m done, new queen of pop has snatched my 19th century wig.

  21. 21
    crazy Says:

    MY GAAAAAAAL.WERKKKK XTINA <3…cant wait for the video!

  22. 22
    lia Says:

    OH MY! Can’t wait to see the whole thing. It looks SO FUN! I love Christina Aguilera.

  23. 23

    OMG BETTER THAN MY MUSIC VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!! :’(((

  24. 24
    Shelly Kearns Says:

    I’m so proud of her! She’s the best!

  25. 25
    Tara Says:

    So excited for this! Looks amazing so far, and she look gorgeous!

  26. 26
    @dirrtypopmuzik Says:


    She looks like the pop star we have been missing! That ****** latina who does what other guys tip toe around!

    i love how she looks like xtina from the Stripped days was reborn and got that thick body she always wanted!

  27. 27
    Lopez Says:


  28. 28
    Dave Says:

    AMAZING. I couldn’t breathe after watching this, seriously. Her videography is amazing. I swear she’s like a madonna with vocal ability.

  29. 29
    Beyoncé Knowles-Carter Says:

    Givin’ me ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ teas. Try again.

  30. 30

    OMG I could never make a video this amazing! Praise her light! Bow to Legendtina!

  31. 31
    Oliv Says:


  32. 32
    Demi Lovato Says:


  33. 33
    @dirrtypopmuzik Says:

    This looks like the POP star we’ve been missing! The ****** Latina one!!hahahaha

    Oh how I missed Xtina! Sorry but Bionic wasnt her, it wasnt fierce enough!

    This looks like what shouldve followed DIRRTY! hahahahah


  34. 34
    Katy Perry Says:


    i know right?

  35. 35
    GagaisQueen Says:

    ***** betta werque!!!!!

  36. 36
    GagaisQueen Says:

    ***** betta werque!!!!!

  37. 37
    musicXX Says:

    She looks amazing! I love the long colored hair and the bandana look! Can’t wait to see the video.

    Glad she’s back!

  38. 38
    GagaisQueen Says:

    ***** betta werque!!!!!

  39. 39
    Matt Rutler Says:

    Hey guys you better buy Your Body on Itunes right now.

  40. 40
    Simon Cowell Says:

    can’t believe she rejected my show! now i’m stuck with the judges i found at the local mental asylum

  41. 41
    Marlonlp7 Says:

    I Love it!!!!!!.. Xtina is amazing!!!.. Your Body video will be EPIC!!!!

  42. 42
    Max Bratman Says:

    All I wanna do is f*ck your bodaaay!!!!!

  43. 43
    @dirrtypopmuzik Says:

    Oh and this whole Snooki looks like Xtina bit is so boriung. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Can snkooi sing? dance? being the biggest most articulet judge on TV? Oh they just kinda look alike? Pointless

  44. 44
    @dirrtypopmuzik Says:

    Oh and this whole Snooki looks like Xtina bit is so boring. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Can snkooi sing? dance? being the biggest most articulet judge on TV? Oh they just kinda look alike? Pointless

  45. 45
    BritBrit Says:

    What a hottie. Can always count on Xtina to make fun videos. Can’t wait for the full version!

  46. 46
    KittyCA Says:

    STRIPPEDTINA is back but more fun than ever!

  47. 47
    @dirrtypopmuzik Says:

    Oh and this whole ‘Snooki looks like Xtina’ bit is so boring. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Can snkooi sing? dance? being the biggest most articulet judge on TV? Oh they just kinda look alike? Pointless

  48. 48
    KittyCA Says:

    STRIPPEDTINA is back but more fun than ever!

  49. 49
    jasmin Says:

    Love her!!!! sexy clip! #teamxtina

  50. 50
    Pink Says:

    Why can’t I be this flawless….maybe because I have both male and female genitals.

  51. 51
    Azealia Banks Says:

    OMG, why did I collaborate with Flopga I’m so sorry GODTINA :’( :’(

  52. 52
    Stace Says:

    OMG! She’s coming! I can’t wait for the video! Loved what I just saw!

  53. 53
    Miss Says:

    Looks really fun and cute. Can’t wait to see the actual video!
    ‘Your Body’ (the song) is already on repeat. Love it.

  54. 54
    Willian Alves de Souza Says:

    I Loveeeeeeeeeed! XD Amazing teaser!

  55. 55
    Jordan Bratman Says:

    I love this song, awesome lyrics! The video is HOT.

  56. 56
    P!nk Says:

    I wish I didn’t have to tuck….

  57. 57
    Lana del Gay Says:

    I was born to buy this song on itunes, FIRE!!!

  58. 58
    Allure Says:

    loves it!!!!

  59. 59
    James Says:

    Amazing!! I want to see it. She looks good!

  60. 60
    Joan Rivers Says:

    Damn! My old, dry musty ass ***** is ready!!!! This song is hot, I’m going to be grinding in my coffin tonight ladies!!!!

  61. 61
    Criss Says:

    Great!! She looks real good. Cant wait to see it in full.

  62. 62
    Miranda Lambert Says:

    Dis *****

  63. 63
    Kelly Osbourne Says:

    OMG, Cursetina please have mercy on me, i’ve never meant to disrespect you!

  64. 64
    Allure Says:

    flawless Legend is Flawless

  65. 65
    Perez Hilton Says:

    I wish this was my site :(

  66. 66
    Jared Says:


  67. 67
    Mya Says:

    I’m mad that Christina didn’t let me sing the first verse. This is a banger!!!

  68. 68
    Joan Rivers Says:

    OMG I just shat on my pants with this song. Oh wait, nothing new actually.

  69. 69
    Britney Spears Says:

    I’m Elated By This *Gives Stank Face*

  70. 70
    mr.right Says:

    Love this clip
    Love this song
    & Love this women….

  71. 71
    Flopney Says:

    I am so sad to see Legendtina snatching wigs while I stay a crazy mental case. I wish I could be like you Legend.

  72. 72
    Ceres Aguilera Says:

    Oh sistah ur new song is the SH*T, greetings from Brazil.

  73. 73
    ufbigfatazz Says:

    all this auto tune stuff all sounds the same it s like one big melting pot of britney, rihanna, NM, pink, selena, and any other female pop singer out there today, it’s crap !

  74. 74
    twentysomethinglotus Says:

    I love me some X-Tina and she is in full force here! I have not been this excited for a video in a long time.

  75. 75
    Bionicken Says:

    Omgee! She looks better than my fave Katy!! :cry:

  76. 76
    P!nk Says:

    I was watchin this clip again and it gave me a semi. Wow. My body is ready!!

  77. 77

    Christina stays Triumphant!

  78. 78
    Roma Downey Says:

    Christina girl, your voice has been touched by an angel! I can’t wait to twerk in the club with my boo, Della Reese!!!

  79. 79
    CONSUELA Says:

    I heard it first, putadas!

  80. 80
    Oprah Says:


    in stores

    November 12th


  81. 81
    Ming Says:

    Legendtina has told no lies…. I proud to be a fan!

  82. 82
    TheRealConsuela Says:

    This song is my JAM, eagerly awaiting the spanish version “Tu Cuerpo”

  83. 83
    Kelly Osbourne Says:

    darn she’s hot

    oh well i guess i’m going back to eating my feelings away and get on crack

  84. 84
    Kelly Osbourne Says:


  85. 85
    Pitbull Says:

    OMG I wanna duet her :’( :’(

  86. 86

    I’m getting married to Nickeback and now Christina Aguilera just shitted on my entire videography. What is my life?????

  87. 87
    SHAKIRA Says:

    I’m so lucky that Xtina has blessed me with her red chair for next season! SHE IS THE BEST!

  88. 88
    Da Brat Says:

    Damn! I think Xtina is the hottest Diva, sorry Mariah. Burlesque>>> Glitter.

  89. 89
    Adele Says:

    OMG! I wish I had Xtina’s body…Your Body rocks!

  90. 90
    Da Brat Says:


    Oh Mariah…

  91. 91
    Juniper Says:

    Lovin the look of this video, Xtina, it looks like so much glam fun and that you’re having such a happy time, and of course the song is absolutely INSANE…YOU CONTINUE TO AMAZE AND INSPIRE ME! So excited about ‘Lotus’ this Nov 13th! I’m getting a colorful streak because of You!

  92. 92
    jessi Says:

    wow, i have got to see more of this video,

    love the song, love the vid clip!!!!!!

  93. 93
    Wendy Williams Says:

    Ms. Aguilera YOU BROUGHT IT. It’s about time because Bionic was not the business. You know I can’t wait to wear a new wiglet and dutty wine to this over the weekend. Dis my seat??

  94. 94
    Kety Perr Says:

    anybody wanna watch my new flim pert of me on 3d?

  95. 95
    Tina Orsadi Says:

    Just bought the song on iTunes. She’s got the best voice in the industry hands down. Video looks interesting…

  96. 96
    Madonna Says:

    I wish I was Young and beautiful like Xtina…

  97. 97
    Christina Aguilera Legend Says:

    Christina is flawless.

    The best popstar singer WITH OR WITHOUT a number 1 single on the charts.

    Only a true foking idiot would hate Christina Maria Aguilera of all people.

    Christina is here to stay! She said so herself in Back To Basics. It’s NOT a joke!!

    Talent always prevails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. 98
    Veronica Mars Says:

    She still got those mutant lungs… WERK!

  99. 99
    Aguiflawless Says:

    Christina will be 32 in December of this year but she looks 23.

    Christina is the prettiest, most assertive and smartest and most talented of ALL the popstars.


  100. 100
    Shatundra Says:

    gurl yas imma be poppin in da hood!

  101. 101
    Xtinashusband Says:

    Impressive! When will be able the full one?

  102. 102
    Lotus Says:

    I cannot wait to buy the LOTUS CD in November!!


  103. 103
    Brittney Spears Says:

    She ruined my career with this music video! I can’t stop watching this!I think I need more antidepressants…

  104. 104
    Christina Aguilera Says:

    @Lady Gaga:

    Hey GaGa, Your little monsters are on suicide watch,send them to iTunes to buy Your Body, it will save their lives!

  105. 105
    subero3000 Says:

    wow! amazing visuals! seriosly can’t wait for the vid to come out! queentina!

  106. 106
    Ellen Says:

    hope those bi rumors are true, cause we should like, hook up..

  107. 107
    Lindsay Lohan Says:

    Xanax who?? I’m buying a copy of Your Body in iTunes.

  108. 108
    Beyonce Says:

    Who run the world? X!!!

  109. 109
    Xtina Says:

    Love it. Christina is the best vocalist and always has great videos!

  110. 110
    Barack Obama Says:


  111. 111
    Beyonce Carter Says:

    Why did Gawd give her all dis talent?

  112. 112
    Jared Says:

    Someone is gonna get banned for posting so many comments from the same I.P. address !

  113. 113
    Lauryn Hill Says:

    Ready or Not HERE SHE COMES.

  114. 114
    jarmando Says:

    wow! just wow!!and that is just the behind the scenes!!!!

  115. 115
    TheRealJustJared Says:

    ignore the fake Jared, all ip’s are different. Continue commenting and i Love Christina she always gives my site a boost!!

  116. 116
    Nicki Onika Minaj Says:

    The styling is like Super Bass 2.0, but Im still stanning this white latina hoe…. buy YOUR BODY on iTunes naww or Imma cut ya hoe and sink ya to the full blood of red ocean

  117. 117
    Ke$ha Says:

    Them boobies, them butt, I wish I had them both…. #YourBody

  118. 118
    Jared Says:

    You want to test me?

  119. 119
    TheRealJustJared Says:

    @Jared: That’s it i’m banning you consider yourself warned

  120. 120
    MoreThanWords Says:

    Don’t bother JJ, the thumbs down are actually speaking for themselves and it gives her terrible publicity!

  121. 121
    Allure Says:

    Love that Xtina is gettin so much praise, haterz are reaching!!!!

  122. 122
    Jesse Says:

    All the comments are made from the same person on this ! Lol someone has no life! Hahaaha who sits behind a computer and acts like other celebrities who are all way better then this hefty pig Christina lol … It’s very sad…what. A sad person and a low life that’s posting so many comments lol someone needs a life outside of praising “godtina” her new nickname should be XXLtina ;)

  123. 123
    SophiaB Says:

    She looks great! I can’t wait for the full video!!!!!!

  124. 124
    Amanda Says:

    I love that Christina is not afraid of showing some skin. I mean, she used to be so thin and she’s a curvy woman. A huge inspiration for us curvy girls! Her voice never gets old! So much talent and confidence around here. You go!

  125. 125
    gracerz Says:

    that was amazing. christina is so FIERCE!

    and Your Body is a hot hot hot song. LOVE!

  126. 126
    121 Says:


  127. 127
    dina Says:


  128. 128
    james Says:

    She is a total queen.

  129. 129
    gmaninhollywood Says:

    Desperate people do desperate things

  130. 130
    laurenY Says:


  131. 131
    omgomg Says:


  132. 132
    gmaninhollywood Says:

    Christina I am behind with my rent, can you help? Just joking

  133. 133
    QUEENC Says:

    QUEEN OF POP 2012

  134. 134
    chris Says:

    the guy in the car is Chris Evans?

  135. 135
    suchadavidd Says:

    Xtina is back!

  136. 136
    sherly Says:

    love that song! i cant wait to watch it! gog! go! go! my former dirrty queen and my real burlesque queen!

  137. 137
    Brittney Speras Says:

    it’s 5 am and I am still wide awake, watching this video and reloading ….I am such a flop…oh well,at least my britards are here with me, reloading the comments..we need to get a life…

  138. 138
    lady GaGa Says:

    @Brittney Speras:
    Oh,my little Flopney, I am still here as well! Guess what- I came up with few NEW and FRESH ideas for my upcoming single!

  139. 139
    Jessa Says:

    Soo the guy she is in top of in the car is really hot.
    The teaser is def that, so painful!! I want to see the rest so bad!!
    Love this song!

  140. 140
    Sapphire Says:

    Her body may thick but she is still BANGing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your Body is my anthem!!!

  141. 141
    marcus Says:

    What a joke this is.The remnants of fatso’s fan club or the worst excuse for publicity ever thought up.Go away lumpy,you’re career ended 3 years ago.

  142. 142
    Bruno Says:

    YAAAAASS! ***** is awesome and falwless. I love it!

  143. 143
    Chrystal Says:

    I’m excited to see the full video.

  144. 144
    HerBody Says:

    Just amazing! Cant wait for the full

  145. 145
    VideoOfTheYear Says:

    It’s gonna be EPIC

  146. 146
    Edith Says:

    OH GOD. WHY?

  147. 147
    Audrey Says:

    OMG, absolutely LOVE it!!

  148. 148
    youknowit Says:

    shes ALWAYS ALWAYS SO TACKY! i am so ‘whatever’ about her. there are so many other young talented ppl who do it better ::cough:: RIHANNA ::cough::

  149. 149
    Moreen Says:


    totally agree!!

  150. 150
    Яна Says:

    ammmm…a little vulgar but sounds good:)

  151. 151
    00 Says:

    Fatter – Xtina Aguilegend

    Made me eat a little bit faster
    Made my skin a little bit thicker
    Makes me that much hunger
    So thanks for making me a fatter

  152. 152
    Rose1987389!!! Says:

    Has been!! After the Bionic disaster I’d hope her comeback would be harder than this!! She looks awful to me!! Fake tan…too much make-up…and just physically out of shape!!

  153. 153
    Claire Says:


  154. 154
    Azkadelia Says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to see the whole thing! Love the multi-coloured hair style!!

  155. 155
    Kathiy bates Says:

    Really awesome song here so I like it..

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