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Liberty Ross: Future Contemporaries Party with a Mystery Man!

Liberty Ross: Future Contemporaries Party with a Mystery Man!

Liberty Ross links arms with a mystery man as they leave the Future Contemporaries Party at The Serpentine Gallery on Monday night (September 17) in London, England.

The 33-year-old estranged wife of director Rupert Sanders and her unidentified companion then headed over to the Groucho club, where they tried to avoid being seen.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Liberty Ross

Earlier this month, Liberty walked the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the Alexander Wang show! Make sure you check out the pics of her stunning runway look in case you missed it!

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liberty ross serpentine gallery with mystery man 01
liberty ross serpentine gallery with mystery man 02
liberty ross serpentine gallery with mystery man 03
liberty ross serpentine gallery with mystery man 04
liberty ross serpentine gallery with mystery man 05

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  • wren

    He looks gay (nothing wrong there) and they both look wasted. It was a night out with too much pap attention…trying to read meaning in to nothing.

  • http://gossip gossip

    wearing animal skins =(

  • Too Late Lib

    KStew banged him too.

  • Betina

    Good luck girl!!
    Finally you got rid of that pig!!
    Who cheats once, will ALWAYS cheat!
    That goes for everyone!!
    Betrayal is not a mistake … it’s a character flaw!

  • heather

    that coat is as ugly as her face

  • Ryan

    Her 5 minutes of fame are up. Sick of this attention whore.

  • Ana

    First I felt really sorry for her, but now Idk, I think she is just loving the attention. I mean, look at her face! But anyway that’s just my opinion. I feel sorry for the kids though. I hope they are good.
    And for everybody that keeps on telling that she was famous before all he scandal, I get it. But most of us didnt knew her at all. Maybe she was famous only in the fashion world, Idk. But now everybody knows her and the paps are always following her around and looks like she is really loving all the attention.

  • DB

    Hope she dumps that jerk husband and starts fresh.

  • fg

    enough from this woman! she’s not famous! we don’t care about her stupid life!

  • Ruth

    People can say whatever, but it was not she who disrespected a husband (boyfriend) clinging in broad daylight with an unfaithful man!!
    She is following her life without hurting anyone!!
    So beware of judgments …
    The fur is fake!!

  • monica lewinsky

    I can’t wait until this whole facade is over!!

  • Elizabeth

    I hope that is synthetic fur; wearing real fur speaks to an ugly truth about the wearer (J Lo I’m looking you’re way).

  • Elizabeth

    I hope that is synthetic fur; wearing real fur speaks to an ugly truth about the wearer (J Lo I’m looking you’re way).

  • Andamentothat

    Liberty set yourself free and hopefully won’t have to see you or your loser husband.

  • lailah

    YES! I really hope she leaves that cheat of a husband of hers.

  • Lola

    All I care about this post is to make clear that wearing fur is f*cking disgusting.

  • kaie

    the comments in this post (and all the posts about her) are disgusting. Kristen Stewart fans need to leave her alone. They’re just mad because Liberty is a constant reminder to them of Stewart’s f*ck up.

  • @Kaie


  • xo

    Fake fur. Gay friend.

  • Lucy

    she is stunning. not caked in make-up. A natural beauty.,In any case she has beautiful legs. Also, pretty eyebrows,Liberty Ross This is how one defines beauty!

  • Sunny

    She’s loving all the attention.

  • Janne

    I adore she because she has the sweetest, cutest sense of style. marvelous!Liberty Ross: face is literally perfect, like I would probably just stare at her in awe if I’d ever meet her. Almost too perfect

  • Jime

    I’m starting to think this was sort of planned to improved her career lol

  • jj

    the guy is cute, but she, OMG, that ugly woman !

  • janie

    wow this rupert/kristen affair has definitely helped her career and publicity

  • yan

    it’s fur coat? are killing animals for these bitches dressing!

  • jen

    I see the haters are jumping to conclusions again without knowing shit. The pics above were taken at the London Serpentine Gallery. Liberty was there with Rupert June 2011 for a Burberry party and (Shocking!) the paps took her pic then too.

  • xo

    get it, Liberty

  • sarah

    If all the Kristen fangirls don’t like Liberty, why do they bother to comment? Why even open the link? Leave her alone. Hasn’t her rat husband put her through enough?

  • hardly home

    LMAO “trying to avoid being seen.” YEAH RIGHT.

  • clawed

    @<a href="/2012/09/17/liberty-ross-future-contemporaries-party-with-a-mystery-man/comment-page-1/# She always worked for Vogue and she's been on the cover of UK Vogue many times. She is a model, it's her job to walk runways during fashion weeks. Just because the cheating scandal has made her more known doesn't mean anything. Are you dumb?

  • Rose

    @sarah: I don’t give a sh*t about Kristen, but this b*tch wearing fur is sickening.

  • Noon

    @jen: Thanks for pointing that out. She’s probably been doing the same things she did before the scandal, ppl just recognize her more now.

  • mary

    LOL @ KStew fans! Listen you guys, no matter how you play it or what you say, those pics of KStew being EATEN OUT in her car in broad daylight by this lady’s husband, will NOT be forgotten anytime soon! Face it, girl wasn’t interested in her boyfriend anymore she wanted to ride that married dlck!!

  • twc

    congrats Liberty…you’re getting your 15 or 20 minutes and I know you’re going to milk it for allllllll it’s worth. This woman and her predator husband had a plan to get publicity and it worked…look at them now. Even though they aren’t seen together, both are happy to go out in public and parade around like they’re the king and queen of hollywood. I guess it helps to know all the paps, huh. Rob and Kristen will survive this and be better than ever unlike this disgusting couple who will eventually have a karmic debt to pay…can’t wait for that to happen.

  • sarah

    @twc: She’s not in Hollywood, she’s home in London. And why should she hid? She didn’t commit adultery. You’re precious Kristen did. Want to talk about nasty karmic debts to pay? Adultery is one of them. You don’t like Liberty because she’s a vivid reminder of what a slut kristen is. It’s that simple.

  • Marieme

    Elizabeth #12 Unfortunately it looks like real fur. :(( In which case I have to hate the damned Fur Hagg. Ughh. I’m so upset! Of all the totally ignorant things…

  • cara

    god the comments… Kstew fans are pathetic.

  • Toni

    OMG is that real fur? I hate this woman for wearing it :(

  • someone

    no longer feel sorry for this woman,

  • someone

    @sarah: she did not commit adultery because she did not have sex with him which is what adultery is(consenting to sex while the other person is married)

  • Useyourbrain

    @monica lewinsky: No babe this facade is as real as Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair.

  • A

    You know what? I think Liberty should give a detailed tell-all interview to a legit mag so that she can give Kstew defenders a real reason to hate her!

  • Babi

    Wearing animal skins. She’s loving all the attention! FAMEWHORE!!!

  • LS

    My worry is for their kids. They are the real victims in all of this. I do not wish to judge her, but I would not be jetsetting all over NY and London and leaving my kids to deal with this back in LA. Remember, they might have seen the pictures of their father or heard about the issue in school and now they could see their mom partying and holding hands with another guy in London. Not cool. I speak as a person, who has been in a similar position, and my first priority was always my kids, not myself.

  • Mystery Man?

    Kstew banged him.

  • asdert

    Kristen Stewart defenders are so pathetic. Stop blaming the victim just so you can act like your home wrecking idol is hard done by. smh.

  • Bea

    So…if I don’t feel sad for a betrayed woman,who is not protecting her kids (because going to premiers,waiving at paprazzi,playing their games etc is not protecting your kids from media),I am automatically a Kristen Stewart fan? Well I AM NOT. At first I felt sad for her and her kids,but I can’t be sad for her anymore. She’s loving the attention and the media,the premieres etc are the last things you think about,during a situation of cheating like this.
    And what’s your problem,btw? Kristen Stewart gets hate comments all the time,even before this scandal. What are they? Liberty Ross’s stans? Please! When it comes to Kristen Stewart I always read bad comments about her and if you try to “defend” her, or just to not attack her,your automatically a fan or someone of her PR team. Open your mind! It’s not all about fans,fandom etc. it’s about using your brain and having different opinons.
    I don’t feel to have compassion for a woman like Liberty Ross and that doesn’t make me a Kristen Stewart fan,it makes me a person with their own brain,who can think out of the box.

  • Intric8

    News is coming out that it was all a publicity stunt. Not buying that theory just yet, but kristen and rob are back together again.

  • Intric8

    In other words, the jokes on us.