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Jennifer Aniston: Fake Baby Bump in smartwater Video!

Jennifer Aniston: Fake Baby Bump in smartwater Video!

Jennifer Aniston sports a fake baby bump in this new video for smartwater.

The 43-year-old actress plays a fictionalized version of herself in the two and a half minute ad, in which she secretly conceals her “baby bump” carrying triplets with a girdle.

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Jimmy Kimmel, along with an alien, are featured in the video as Jennifer‘s fake children. Lol!

In the end, Jennifer even takes off her fake Rachel Green hair to reveal her “real” hair. Take a look below!

Jennifer Aniston: Fake Baby Bump in smartwater Video!
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  • JL

    Wow Granny, I’m so sorry –
    forget Israel if you are so sensitive in this point.
    There are other “peaceful” countries like Russia or China -
    they have the problems with their borders all the time too… :)
    Why not to go to mister Putin to talk about his outlook?
    Or about his strategic submarines everywhere?
    Why not to start from the initial REASON of the war?
    Tell me!
    Because IT’S NOT SO EASY.
    Even despite UN was organized “to promote peace and security”.
    May be Jolie has not enough intellect for this with her education?
    May be her post-drug IQ is not very high?
    Because mister Putin can say:
    Hey “girl”,
    you look interesting in the GIA – I love watch it…
    But your REPUTATION is not so great
    to teach me how I must live…
    :) :) :)
    So she goes to the camps – the result of every war…
    This is a REAL way to change the world! :)

  • http://com Grandma

    @Ssshhii_baby: You’re right, it is a waste of time, now she is talking about China and Russia, do they have Refugees? Angie’s role is speaking up for Refugees.
    Throwing my hands up in the air, JL needs to be committed to a psychiartic institution, a sane person don’t write drivel like this every day.

  • JL

    Hey sushi!
    I got why your nick is BABY.
    I’m sure your mom told you every hour
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    Every minute? :)
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  • JL

    you may be sure: if Russia will start ANY new conflict
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    I’m talking about PREVENTING THE WAR
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    Of course it’s important if you care about people –
    nor about the own PR like Jolie.

  • Tina

    All she does now is make fun of herself..I’m not a fan but I really hope she can progress to something a little less childish..I notice her fans defense is saying “i love how she doesn’t taker herself too seriously” but she is starting to mold her life into this big joke.. if you want to earn the respect in the business, and for the sake of her ‘craft’, step up your game and take something seriously Jen.

  • Durp Nation

    All I can say after watching this is YUCK!

  • pumpkin

    “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest”, starring JL wearing a very tight white benetton jacket. Co-starring Aniston, who is just about to go nuts as well.

  • JL

    I heard
    Brad Pitt wants to romance Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.
    And no nes about Aishwaria’s wish to romance Brad Pitt.
    Oh-h, – a 50 years old man with artishocke “fragrance”…

  • JL

    Don’t worry, you will see her movies that Jack Nicholson will be standing ovation.

  • yep


  • http://Justjarde Ann

    Some Jennifer project news from Variety. In a story on another production, it mentioned this about Jennifer’s UELP:

    The Gotham Group produced “Abduction” for Lionsgate and is in post on “No Good Deed” for Sony Screen Gems, with Sam Miller, Taraji Henson and Idris Elba starring. It’s also planning a January start for its untitled Elmore Leonard project, an adaptation of Leonard’s novel “The Switch,” with Jennifer Aniston, John Hawkes, Mos Def and Ty Burrell,

    So it looks like she will be starting filming of that in January.

  • Ssshhii_baby

    @JL: at least my mommy loves me! Your mommy tried to abort you that’s why you came out RETARDE.D!!! no wonder you are her have something in common, both your mommy HATES you cuz you FGULY! You’re both ugly inside and out! With a face&chin like that, even your own mommy can’t love!!! Haha!!thats why your idol is an angry, bitter old lady!!! No love from mommy! Bwahahaha

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    @JL: no no Just Leggings…sane people don’t argue with Retardiston..hello!! You bissh could barely write a coherent sentences..let alone, have an intellectual debate!!bwahaha..

  • JL

    your mommy feels sorry SO much – look what you write here!
    Your mommy is wise enough to spare you…
    Even your smart dog can get this… :) :) :)

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    How your smart sexy dog calls you?

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  • JL

    You protect your poor dog like he is your SOULMATE :) :) :)

  • AGA

    #218 Just like Norman was JA soulmate…she even tattooed his name on her foot…so i’d think again before having a go at people who love dogs. Esp since Jennay cried when she had to leave all those doggies at the shelter when she picked out poor Sophie. Bet she didnt bother leaving a decent donation to help them

  • JL

    Norman was her dog when she was married to Brad Pitt.
    Norman’s love was more honest and sincere btw.
    Ad the same time Brad was like a dog with her.
    And he didn’t change with Jolie.

  • John Tichenor

    Jennifer aniston and justin theroux may last at least 2 more yrs of relationship you see .
    Most people may not agree for both of them.
    Every time she in relationship it don’t last like this one will be.
    Jennifer is most and georgeous and sexy as well .
    she is the best gal that anyone could have .

    Thank you
    John Tichenor

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