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Jennifer Aniston: Fake Baby Bump in smartwater Video!

Jennifer Aniston: Fake Baby Bump in smartwater Video!

Jennifer Aniston sports a fake baby bump in this new video for smartwater.

The 43-year-old actress plays a fictionalized version of herself in the two and a half minute ad, in which she secretly conceals her “baby bump” carrying triplets with a girdle.

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Jimmy Kimmel, along with an alien, are featured in the video as Jennifer‘s fake children. Lol!

In the end, Jennifer even takes off her fake Rachel Green hair to reveal her “real” hair. Take a look below!

Jennifer Aniston: Fake Baby Bump in smartwater Video!
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Aww, Jenny gets to play pregnant for her fans and get some attention. Say, at 43 and half–think her boobs, butt, face and the rest of her body would change besides just her belly? Strapping down a pregnant belly, Jen? Nice message to young women, but then you always did send horrible ones anyway.

ps we know why she straightens and dyes her hair. Colored contacts? Fug.

Smart women @ 09/19/2012 at 12:15 pm

after 1 day -
over 570 000 views

The Real Emma @ 09/19/2012 at 5:44 pm


Everyone is interested at looking at a train wreck. Duh.

her movies suck ass. and she has a star on walk on fame lololol. she is famous for ne thing friends 10 years ago, and more for her marriage to pitt. she is a joke. this fake belly is the closest she will get to having children.

1. This belly is in accordance with the genius Justin’s IDEA and his sense of humor, ok?.
2. About Jennifer – “Friends” it’s a work FOREVER. There were many attempts to make something like that but – nothing to talk about…
So – 10 years not “ago”, but 10 years of success…
3. She was famous BEFORE her marriage with Brad Pitt.

Jen is fug : + 14.
Love it : – 15.
Would be correct to show all the ” – ” and all the ” + ”.

This woman must feel so bad inside not having a child of her own and lives alone. She is always playing roles as pregnant, a mother or a wife all of which she can’t seem to achieve. Maybe she is earning to be one so she gets this video out. Pushing 45 yrs of age with a boyish body shape does not look attractive nor is this video funny. If anything, it is an insult to mothers out there. She always rubbed me the wrong way but now I am disgusted with her.

not relevant @ 09/19/2012 at 9:11 pm

Am i missing something? How is this in any way shape or form promoting smartwater? What was the point of pouring water in the swimming pool? This is a serious question. Other then promoting herself, how is this related to selling smarterwater? It was not slightest bit funny. Guess her fans are easily amused. Smh…

Am I missing something here, since 11:30 am to 9:30 pm, the Dirtbag thread has ten comments. Why are all her hens abandoning her and coming to Angelina’s thread. Poor Dirtbag, her fans would rather be on Angelina’s thread and building up her hits making Angelina even more popular than she already isl

What a stupid piece of self-indulgent BS. She is so desperate to be talked about that she straps down a pregnant belly–Desperado!
What a sad woman this thing has become–NOT funny at all
PLAIN stupid!!

She knows A LOT about family, about marriage and about happiness concerned with that.

after 2 days
1 043 158 visitors on Youtube

She just wanted to make fun of all the rumors of her pregnancy.
No more…
Another thing – Justin’s script for this commercial.
What the sense to crash the car?
A copy of episode from the “Horrible Bosses” (with Donald Sutherland).
What the sense of dialogue about “Mimi”?…
Justin, your ‘humor”‘ is cheap and not concerned with the Smart water.
Stop drinking alcohol and start drink Smart water.
AGA, you need Smart water too.

lol angie fans are mad because everybody loves Jen and think she is funny. oh shut up angie fans!!

haha I love Jen!

angie fans are mad because everybody see Jen is beautiful
no matter what the stylist did.
No matter even what Justin wrote.
Man in love usually looks at woman he loves as at Angel –
Justin thanks for clarifying about your feelings…

Come on JL, keep posting… Angelina thread is up to 823 post in 3 days …
You can do better :))))))

Dolly, don’t provoke me please.
There is no problem to add 750 comments JEN IS GREAT.
Or 1750.
People on Jolie’s thread still remember my congratulations
with so called “engagement”…
They called me Energizer Bunny.

Your loyalty for your idol reached mass Hysteria level … Crazy !!!!
Does Maniston know that you exist … LOL

So Aniston got herself some attention in this video for SmartWater, excuse me, this AD. She poked fun at the tabloids making up stuff about her….didn’t she partake in a movie against the paps/tabloids recently? Sounds like she secretly likes and needs it while whining about it—so SmartWater, how many bottles of water will you sell from this AD especially from a millionaire dumping bottled water in her pool, while your plastic bottles are clogging our oceans and rivers, killing and poisoning our fish/wildlife?

Yep, Jen–you are as bat-s.hit crazy as Kate Gosselin.

Yeah, Dolly,
you don’t have fan like me.
So sad :)

1. If you do not like plastic bottles – don’t buy them.
2. Wildlife starts when you throw a plastic bottle in the ocean and river, not in the trash.

Ssshhii_baby @ 09/20/2012 at 12:59 pm

this video is not funny! what’s funny is how the one Fanatic keep changing its name to make it look like there’s more then 2 fans in here. the worst part is, all the names pretty much starts with the same letter. even when it tried to change into a male’s name. dead give away on the stupidity! you don’t call them MORONISTON for no reason..hehhe Just Leggings (aka BET) the trailer park hooker will defend to the death! hey, i’m not being mean. she seriously was proud to call the JenHO thread, her “trailer park” because she lives in here 24/7 defending her idol against every poster. she believes her idol playing a Hooker is much more respectable than playing a disney fairy character. if she wants to be referred to as such, who am i?? to deny the resident HOOKER…BWAHHAHAHA…

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