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Jennifer Aniston: Fake Baby Bump in smartwater Video!

Jennifer Aniston: Fake Baby Bump in smartwater Video!

Jennifer Aniston sports a fake baby bump in this new video for smartwater.

The 43-year-old actress plays a fictionalized version of herself in the two and a half minute ad, in which she secretly conceals her “baby bump” carrying triplets with a girdle.

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Jimmy Kimmel, along with an alien, are featured in the video as Jennifer‘s fake children. Lol!

In the end, Jennifer even takes off her fake Rachel Green hair to reveal her “real” hair. Take a look below!

Jennifer Aniston: Fake Baby Bump in smartwater Video!
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221 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Fake Baby Bump in smartwater Video!”

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  1. 151
    Miller Says:


    Well, it always works on the hens. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 3,233,521,567 times, I’m a Jenhen.

  2. 152
    JL Says:

    This is a power of Aniston’s Charisma -
    people will read 3 000 000 times about her pregnancy
    and will care 3 000 000 times.
    It’s natural.
    Just one correction – there is no “hens” here.
    Just fans and haters.
    Normal people are interested to support Jennifer.
    Not normal people are interested to insult her –
    because they feel her power too.
    This is their way to say
    WOW JENNIFER! We are so worthless…
    Normal people loving other actors are on their threads.

  3. 153
    Miller Says:

    people will read 3 000 000 times about her pregnancy
    and will care 3 000 000 times……..

    only the dumb ones.

  4. 154
    Mariane Pearl Wanabe Says:

    Only 13 post…in 24 hours ?? MHUAHAHAHAHA…
    NINE POST belong to YOU…. come on JL you can do better…. Where is Jilly… Bet…Yep…. Elly… Come support your Famous idol… ups they are all is YOU, JL….. THE VILLAGE IIIDIIIOOOTTTT !!

  5. 155
    Mariane Pearl Wanabe Says:

    I meant to reply to JL…Sorry @ohdear.
    Damn…, I gave her ONE MORE HIT … to this 3000000000 care!!!

  6. 156
    Dolly Says:

    The Power of Maniston Charisma…. 13 post in 24 hr… minus 9 = 4
    WOW JENNIFER, you are so worthless indeed !

  7. 157
    X factor Says:

    The ad is a dead give away…..
    Jumbo ears, massive Chin, and her Nose that look like her Bottle !!!!!

  8. 158
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @jilly: hi pyscho Ellie? Why did you change your name? Don’t want people to know what a whack job you are? No matter what names you try to hide behind your stupidity always give you away!

  9. 159
    anch Says:

    Please Maniston cover that chin, there are kids who might see that chin and be traumatized.For Halloween instead of buying a ”scream” mask , ill probably buy a Maniston mask. Now thats scary

  10. 160
    JL Says:

    @Miller: he-he,
    you don’t like her but you are here. :)
    You confirmed you are dumb

  11. 161
    JL Says:

    @Mariane Pearl Wanabe: I have one nick only – JL.
    Very easy to check.

  12. 162
    Miller Says:


    Uh, dumbazz you were talking about her pr pregnancy games. You getting confused. But yer half right, I am dumb for given this pathetic c um dumpster more hits, so you keep fighting the good fight, maybe Jennay will let ya sniff her panties, and then you can cr eam yours. Dont respond, dont care wont read it. Bye hen.

  13. 163
    JL Says:

    I’m sure you have her mask.
    For the girl you have sex with :)
    (for little money)

  14. 164
    JL Says:

    Jen owns your azz :)

  15. 165
    JL Says:

    why you are not with your smart sexy dog? :)
    why do you waste your time here? :)

  16. 166
    Missouri Report Says:

    @JL: China sells us their plastic, just say no to Smart Water. Plastic will give you cancer and ruin the planet.

  17. 167
    JL Says:

    @Missouri Report: Well, why don’t you buy glass bottles?
    Plastic bottles can be recycled endless.
    “…say no to Smart Water…”?
    Say yes to Coca Cola!
    Say yes to Red Bull!
    Say yes to beer!
    Say no to workout!
    Say yes to being pig!

  18. 168
    123 Says:

    I miss her

  19. 169
    :-D Says:

    I reallly love Jennifer!!

  20. 170
    123 Says:

  21. 171
    123 Says:

    Best AD

  22. 172
    123 Says:

    Ellen’s Season 10 Celebrity Outtakes

  23. 173
    blondie Says:

    Song dedication from Heidi Bivens
    to Justin Theroux?

    Marsha Ambrosius – ” Far Away”

  24. 174
    JL Says:

    Heidi loves “Rolling Stones” :)

  25. 175
    Missouri Report Says:

    This is so stupid, no one mentioned Maniston as prego. Cnn’s commenters say she (Maniston) is fat. and ugly.

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