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Gerard Butler Parties 'Gangnam Style' with Psy!

Gerard Butler Parties 'Gangnam Style' with Psy!

Gerard Butler wears a newsboy cap and rides his bicycle on Wednesday (September 19) in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.

The 42-year-old actor reportedly partied over the weekend with pals Leonardo DiCaprio and Stacy Keibler along with “Gangnam Style” singer Psy after his surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live.

The group sat in a VIP section in the Meatpacking District’s 1Oak, but didn’t get up and dance when “Gangnam Style” played that evening, according to the New York Post.

Last week, Gerard attended events at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

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1,159 Responses to “Gerard Butler Parties 'Gangnam Style' with Psy!”

  1. 1
    ughh Says:

    Can’t wait till this fad is over.

  2. 2
    ughh Says:

    Can’t wait till this fad is over.

  3. 3
    rosanalourdes Says:

    gerry men beautifull, i love you smile!!!rosana from argentina

  4. 4
    rem Says:

    I don’t get JJs fascination with this man he is butt ugly

  5. 5
    cupccake Says:

    New thread this is not true I don’t think.

  6. 6
    lolita Says:

    @cupccake: Cupcake, that man gets around like hot air, have suitcase will travel.

  7. 7
    SouthernBelle Says:


    Cupcake, the article says he “reportedly partied” … Maybe JJ picked up the article that someone posted on the last thread. Someone commented then that maybe he was supposed to be there but wasn’t. Let’s face it – the man’s been cloned.

  8. 8
    Let's See Says:


    What a man!!!!! He’s better than I thought. He now can be 2 places at one time. With out being on film. LOL

  9. 9
    Stella Says:

    How can he be in North Carolina and in NYC at the same time? Many Tweets place him in N.C. traveling through the mountains.

  10. 10
    Let's See Says:

    Isn’t 10 oak RM’s club? Maybe he put that info out to cover for Gerry while he was traveling——–or RM said it just for PR for his club——-or Gerry was invited and didn’t make it and someone jumped to fast with the news. lol
    Who knows?

  11. 11
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @Stella: Wasn’t the last sighting in NC on Sunday or Monday? It’s not that far a drive that he couldn’t make it to NYC well before Wednesday.

  12. 12
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Craig Leshen ‏@cleshen 25 mins ago
    This one’s for all the ladies… Gerard Butler is having dinner 3 tables over from us down in SoHo.

  13. 13
    Let's See Says:

    My ex husband did things like this. Said he was one place when he was actually somewhere else—–he he

  14. 14
    A Says:

    He will never be a leading man, plus he’s lost the little good looks he used to have.
    He now looks like a bloated middle aged man past his prime with an overbite and smashed scottish potato nose.

  15. 15
    Manny Says:

    JJ is amazing getting photos of Gerry’s deceased dad…

  16. 16
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Leighanne Noonan
    15 minutes ago via BlackBerry Smartphones App
    Just shook hands with Gerard Butler. Because he came into my man’s new restaurant. This day definitely looking up!

  17. 17
    Kace Says:

    Boy does he love those shoes!

  18. 18
    monica lewinsky Says:

    Oh man! That seems like a sick party!
    Wish I was there aha

  19. 19
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @lolita: Hi lolita and cupccake. Maybe Butler can teleport now. LOL! Like the cap, but I have to say it….bicycling attire in NYC should include a helmet. ♥ Hope everyone has a lovely Thursday (a.k.a. Friday Eve)!!

  20. 20
    Let's See Says:

    He looks tense. ?

  21. 21
    lolita Says:

    @Joie de Vivre: Joie, he is wearing his stern face. Teleport, I like that. He is a mover that’s for sure. Have a good night♥♥

  22. 22
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @lolita: Yes, to me he looks to have his jaw set about something. Always good to catch you, lolita, and a new thread as well. :)) This has been one of the best weeks on his JJ threads for months. Take care, my friend.

  23. 23
    Alina Says:

    Maybe Gerry has a plane? haha!!

  24. 24
    Autumn Says:

    Evening all! Just checking in and see GB has emerged from the mountains. I agree with JDV – he should wear a helmet, I watched a bike messenger get taken out by a taxi several months ago and TG he was wearing a helmet – headplant into the curb.

    Hope everyone has a great Thursday! Don’t work too hard.

    Stay sane, safe, happy and healthy.


  25. 25
    Nope Says:

    This party story is just a plant. He’s just letting whoever owns the club use his name. We know where he was from all the tweets and pics with fans from his roadtrip. This story is bogus.

  26. 26
    Stella Says:

    @SouthernBelle: You are right, he must have driven straight into NYC after leaving N.C.

    @lolita: He does have his stern face on, Maybe a pap did something that bugged him, especially if he’s trying to ride safely and didn’t want distracted.

  27. 27
    Stella Says:

    @SouthernBelle: You are right, he must have driven straight into NYC after leaving N.C.

    @lolita: He does have his stern face on, Maybe a pap did something that bugged him, especially if he’s trying to ride safely and didn’t want distracted.

  28. 28
    Stella Says:

    @Stella: Darn double post. JJ usually warns if I’m making a double post. Says ‘You’ve already said that.’ No warning tonight.

  29. 29
    Stella Says:

    I watched MGP tonight. I bought it when it first came out on DVD, but for some reason, I delayed watching it. Well, i think for me, I know why it was not the hit Gerry had hoped for. This is just my opinion. But I think they went too overboard in trying to show what a lowlife Sam was in his earlier years.Even though true. And, it’s placement in the movie, at the beginning, was a bit jarring. I’m no prude, but even for me, the language etc. was a bit too much. I’m thinking that maybe it turned some in the film’s potential, target audience away. I think they could have established Sam’s character in a more general way and not been so graphic. I have no complaint with Gerry’s acting, just the script.

  30. 30
    Alina Says:

    “…Gerard Butler swaps his motorbike for a bicycle…

  31. 31
    kelly Says:

    ok i watched snl last saturday night and i dont recall seeing gerry on it did i miss something?

  32. 32
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Wish that JJ would check that Post story out. Doesn’t make sense at all. Good grief, maybe he should read some of the posts here. ha
    No, I don’t believe that he was at the Psy party either. I looked for pictures of L deCap and didn’t find any either. Some publicity stunt.
    Yes Gerry looks totally out of sorts to say the least. Wonder what happened.
    Okay, I am so confused about up coming movies. I thought that Thunder Run was going to be next , then ManHunt. Cannot find anything that is updated on either one. Does anybody know if they are a go or not? You would think that something would be posted in the last month or so if filming is to begin in Nov., but half of it is from 2011
    a little extra:

  33. 33
    Beth Says:

    @Stella: I can agree with you. If Sam hoped to show the film as a fundraiser in churches and for other groups, the graphic early stuff was a bit much. Reading his book, and seeing it on screen are two different things. You would have to know the entire story in order to be pulled in by the film, and I don’t think many knew. Two different audiences.

  34. 34
    Digging deep Says:

    @Alina: That’s just the saddest article ever. They are really having to stretch to come up with anything to talk about, and still going on about the 300 workout, which was eons ago now. Really sad.

  35. 35
    Let's See Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck:

    For some very strange reason Gerry’s team doesn’t want anyone to know he was vacationing in the Smokies over the weekend. Why make up a lie? Just saying nothing would do. IMO

  36. 36
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @kelly: Hi Kelly, I think they were talking about Psy making an appearance and not Gerry.

  37. 37
    Alina Says:

    @Digging deep:
    I agree! It’s really sad!

  38. 38
    what happened Says:

    to his right forefinger? I noticed in recent pictures the nail is black. Injury?

  39. 39
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Let’s See: Very strange indeed. Not like the paps would follow him into the boondocks.

  40. 40
    food 4 thought Says:

    So, about that guy tweeting that GB had just moved into his building. Naturally someone would think that because he’s gone for months at a time, and only stays in NYC for a day or two. The neighbors probably think he either moved out or just moved in.

  41. 41
    Actually Says:

    @Let’s See: I don’t think that’s it. I think he’s just allowing a club to get publicity by using his name. They do it all the time. LD probably wasn’t there either. If anyone “big” was there, there would be pics. I don’t think anyone’s trying to cover up where he was, after all he was legitimately returning from the wrap party of his film. The people publishing this NY party sighting are just not bothering to check their facts. Sloppy.

  42. 42
    carey Says:

    I want to see Gerard in some kind of historical, Scots-Irish drama. There’s lots of history to draw from. Go back in time Gerry. We need another Marek or even a Braveheart type. I”ll take a 1950′s style spinoff Say: ‘Son of Attila.’ LOL. But, I’m serious. How about an Egyptian theme film…like a movie of Ancient Evenings? Guess this is just me, because I love historical stuff…real or fiction. I love seeing old stuff on DVD, like Tony Curtis as Prince Valient and Thief of Bagdad. Soooo, beat me with a wet noodle.

  43. 43
    T Says:

    @what happened: He has had that busted finger since TIFF, probably jammed it somewhere. Happened to my pinky finger once and the only way it gets better is when the injured nail falls out as a new one grows in! Pretty yuck while it’s happening.

  44. 44
    Realist Says:


    Wow, GB is fair game as is anyone in the public eye that’s misbehaving but.. that was disgusting and uncalled for. Bad form. :(

  45. 45
    Actually Says:

    @carey: If I was advising him, the first thing I would tell him to do is move back to London and do some quality films in the UK, maybe a London play or two, and to stay away from romcoms. And no more films where he tries to speak in another dialect. He needs to stick to his own. If he did a film with some of the top actors in the UK, a period piece or a quality drama or even a mystery/thriller, I think it would be a tremendous boost to his career, which he seriously needs right now.

  46. 46
    beth Says:

    @carey: I so agree, but please, go off the beaten track. I don’t need another Robin Hood or KIng Arthur. We’ve got several thousand years from which to find a new hero.

  47. 47
    oldie Says:

    @Realist: LOL. Manny has long been disgusting and uncalled for. If you are new to these parts, go back a few years and see her at her best/worst. When she thought he was really dating Jennifer, she went off the rails. That’s where the Manny name came from. She called JA Maniston and Nippy. Many of the people who were here at the time have gone and she was one of the reasons. Ahhhhh, the good ole days.

  48. 48
    Devin Says:

    Actually, he was in West Monroe, LA on Saturday – not sure why? Many pictures of him floating around on Facebook while eating at a restaurant there.

  49. 49
    stella Says:

    A last thought. After Sam goes to Africa…MGP is a different film.Really great IMO.

  50. 50
    Strange Says:

    Comment under MG’s fb What a Feeling video. Poster is from Auckland, NZ.

    Kim Masson Bouchet OMG- Happy Happy returns for you and ?… I am thrilled for you… suspected for about a year but I am just so happy for you both… wanted to tell ya that …… wishing you sincere happiness
    About 5 hours ago

  51. 51
    what Says:

    @Strange: What the heck is your post about. Seems like nuts to me. Get your friends or your meds adjusted. Whose payroll are your on?

  52. 52
    Alina Says:

    : ))))))))))))))))))

  53. 53
    ha Says:

    @Strange: So we are to believe that friends are so happy mads is in luv and in a relationship?Yeah, he’s so showing it. Get me proof asap.Or I will conclude mads is a nut.

  54. 54
    gag Says:

    @Strange: yep sincere happiness. GB for gawd’s sake, wake up.She’s got an army of creepy friends coming after you.

  55. 55
    @what/ha Says:

    What more proof are you looking for? There has been a ton of proof, it’s just that some are purposely to blind to accept the facts.

  56. 56
    get real Says:

    @@what/ha: Show me the facts on 9/20. Not some old post.

  57. 57
    Sonya Says:

    Tom Cruise to CNN Anderson Cooper ,Britney Spears,
    Katy Perry, Robbie Williams,Nelly Furtado,,,
    US rapper T-Pain praised the music video on Twitter. “Words cannot even describe how amazing this video is . . .”!
    Josh Groban tweeted, “It’s a Gangnam Style world, We’re just living in it. Amazing Video.

  58. 58
    Excuse me Says:

    @what: What exactly is your problem? “Strange” went to MG’s facebook page and copied a comment made by one of her fans. There is a video that is blocked from the usa as well. She is ONLY posting it. Why so hard on her just because you don’t get it? Be nice.

  59. 59
    angrybaby Says:

    Hello girls and boys)
    Wow Gerry is fast :D btw someone saw him holding hands with red curvy girl( hell know where)) may be ots not true be cause tweet was deleted.
    Where are mr Butler and what u doing?

  60. 60
    Wendy Says:

    I see @ is back trolling the board and stinking up the place with her delusions.

  61. 61
    Wendy Says:

    Not for Sonya, meant for @

  62. 62
    @Wendy Says:

    No delusions here dearest.

  63. 63
    casandra Says:

    Come on… Leave the poor guy alone.Maybe he is tired from staying up late last night . As for his relationship, its obvious he has been with MG for a while now and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t still be together. I think that’s the reason he has changed his behaviour in the last few months, which is not a bad thing, even though his hardcore fans are pissed.Wish him well…

  64. 64
    @Casandra Says:

    Thank you for the intelligent post.

  65. 65
    smh Says:

    @@what/ha: “What more proof are you looking for? There has been a ton of proof, it’s just that some are purposely to blind to accept the facts.”
    Facts? What facts?
    There are just as many “facts” that MG is an escort, as there are she’s a girlfriend. No one is privy to the facts and that includes YOU.
    You’re also conveniently forgetting that AFTER little Maddie was in London, Gerry was seen with a “girlfriend” on the Brooklyn Bridge. That same day he’s overtly flirting with another woman at a tennis match — a woman he stopped by to see AGAIN before returning to Shreveport.
    It doesn’t matter what Maddie or her friends write on her silly FB. What matters is how Gerry feels and he’s been hooking up with other women ever since MG left. He’s not in love with her, that much is obvious.

  66. 66
    angrybaby Says:

    I think he took her in Shreveport,just be cause its not a big city and if he started dated there with local girls that will be not good …but he is big boy and got some needs ,that’s why he took her.
    Well ,enough about this .

  67. 67
    Aha.... Says:

    So he visited wrap party and 1Oak
    at the same time and no pics from
    both places. Not even a sighting of
    him at the wrap party. And Melinda
    Farina tweeted about him being
    with her and mysterios RK over
    last weekend in NY. Looks like he
    was in NY last saturday night and
    earlier in the day in Monroe, Louisiana.
    So strange.

  68. 68
    @smh Says:

    So very wrong, but keep spinning to suit your story.

  69. 69
    Mads video Says:

    I don’t live in the US so am able to watch the FB video of MG dancing to ‘Maniac’ a la Flashdance style. She really is stunning IMO, can’t see Gerry letting this one go too soon, but I guess stranger things have happened with him. I do think this other twit, Melina whatever, is possibly a POTO stalker fan fooling with her friends on twitter. Most stalker fans would know Gerry could be at the US Open and that he also loves karaoke. I think she’s tweeting BS to stir her friends who are also probably Phantom fans. My best guess is that RK = Ramin Karimloo (he also starred as Phantom in LND).

  70. 70
    Aviv Says:


  71. 71
    ltl Says:

    Photo’s from Soccer Aid back in May, but the tweeter only posted it yesterday

  72. 72
    @@#?? Says:

    @Mads video: Stunning?? I could not stop laughing..ha ha

  73. 73
    Alina Says:

    I agree. Absolutely stupid video! This caused only laughter! Apparently @ “Mads video” is nothing good in her life seen! hahaha!!!

  74. 74
    Cassie Says:

    I also saw the video and I agree that she was stunning.

  75. 75
    Alina Says:

    Everyone has their own idea of ​​beauty. Who likes a real beauty, and who’s like a plastic doll! To each his own!

  76. 76
    @Alina Says:

    You are nuts. Madalina Ghenea is a beautiful woman. She may have fillers in her lips from time to time, although not recently as we’ve seen from photos. Her breasts are obviously natural and if you see photos of her brother, you’ll see her nose is also natural.

  77. 77
    Alina Says:

    What about this “unearthly beauty” as MG i know everything! She’s all plastic! Why do not you go to her fan site? That you are here?

  78. 78
    Grow up Says:

    Obviously, someone is posting here, or a representative of that person is posting here, to try and keep the buzz going. Every time the posters move on, someone posts more blather about a so-called “romance”. Most here are quite aware of GB’s m.o., and it doesn’t matter if he shags someone for a few months, lives with them, or anything else. The fact is he is still keeping this hidden, other than a couple of fan pics, his reps did not confirm it when asked, and he’s been back roaming the earth hitting on oher women ever since she left. And that fake post inferring they’ve been involved for a year is just laughable. Dearie, there is actual proof of him being with others up until Cannes, so quit trying to make a long relationship out of three months.

  79. 79
    @Alina Says:

    Really now? Prove it. Except you can’t because it’s not true.

  80. 80
    Cutthecr*p Says:

    @@Alina: Oh, puleeze. That’s one of the worst, and most obvious boob jobs I’ve ever seen. She should sue the surgeon. He put them in too low, and they’ll have to be lifted in the next couple of years. She’s clearly had several things done to her face, not just her lips. And for the record, her body type is naturally small-breasted, which is why when models turn up with basketballs in their chests it looks so obvious. Look it up. This is the USA, land of plastic surgery. We know it when we see it. We’re not blind. Maybe Romanians are.

  81. 81
    @Cutthecr*p Says:

    So you’re blind as well as stupid. That explains it.

  82. 82
    DiamondRY Says:

    Gotta get myself a cap like that;)

  83. 83
    casandra Says:

    @@Alina: I see there are only a handful of posters here who see the reality as it is:MG is a VERY beautiful woman-I would say one of the most beautiful in the world- and almost any man would be lucky to be with her..I’m sure she has lots of man chasing her , many of them rich and famous…I don’t know if the relationship between GB and MG would last or is already over but i doubt GB would find a better woman than her and he knows it . I understand the jealousy of some female fans but that should not impede our judgement …

  84. 84
    Shallow Thoughts Says:

    abound today, how many people in Hollywood are beautiful on the outside but oh so ugly on the inside! And to state the obvious how is that some of the most beautiful women in the world are cheated on constantly and dumped by their men just like the rest of the female population.

    Because outer beauty only gets you so far in relationships and in life. For some men, it’s all about the hunt, then it’s catch and release and onto to the next challenge. You catch a cheetah you need to go after the panther next. It’s all about collecting.

  85. 85
    Cutthecr*p Says:

    @@Cutthecr*p: Apparently you have reading comprehension issues, as well as being dumb as a box of hammers, which is just what I would expect from one of whatshername’s supporters. If you want to worship her, why don’t you go post on her fb with all her middle-aged pervy old “fans”?

  86. 86
    Shallow Thoughts Says:

    @casandra: He has done much much better than this one but he always blows it and he always will until he decides it is time to grow up if he ever does.

  87. 87
    Sales job Says:

    @casandraWe’re not buying your line, so why do you continue to try to sell her here? What’s your interest in pushing her agenda? Are you a friend? Family member? PR person? Or maybe you’re her? What will you have to talk about when he’s out with another mystery brunette?

  88. 88
    @Cutthecr*p Says:

    blah blah blah

  89. 89
    She can't dance Says:

    She is an exquisite beauty. I don’t understand the malicious comments about this girl. It sounds more like Gerard Butler’s fans just don’t want him to have a girlfriend, especially one so young and gorgeous.

  90. 90
    excuse moi.... Says:

    @casandra: Contrary to the idiot troll’s mantra, nobody’s jealous here. Personally, I don’t find cartoonish features attractive, and believe it or not, alot of men don’t, either. She’s very, very hard looking. His other girlfriends are all much softer and more attractive, imo. Just because people don’t agree with your assessment about her beauty doesn’t make people jealous. It’s subjective.

  91. 91
    @excuse moi.... Says:

    Hard looking? Seriously? She is stunning. Both my husband AND my son (25) think she’s gorgeous.

  92. 92
    sometruth Says:

    @@excuse moi….:

    it doesn’t matter who finds her beautiful or ugly as long as its known, she has had surgical help to achieve her look.

  93. 93
    She can't dance Says:

    @excuse moi….:

    Does this mean that anyone who believes her to be beautiful is a troll? A difference of opinion does not a troll make. It’s obvious that plenty here are jealous.

  94. 94
    bad... Says:

    But enough talk more of this girl!
    Possible that as soon as someone here just post something taken from his FB … or a cryptic commentary of her or anything else that concerns the sexual past of these two to Shreveport, immediately begin to comment .. it’s a trap to carry out this boring conversation and advertising that you are doing! You have not yet figured out! This girl does not need it … she got what she wanted,… also be interested again, mhm…as the rest also Mr. Gerard Butler has taken pleasure of this knowledge, above certain levels of physical relationship…and very little spiritual ..HA HA
    She is just,…. only one of his many females with which establishes an intense physical relationship and then, .. then nothing. Bored soon, .. has other needs, .. has so many other distractions around the world is a fickle man in private life with women, (with friends at least the relationship works fine) .. now this has been said up to paranoia!
    Do not continue this stupid little game of who is here from time to time and suggests new questions about this girl, just because sometimes appears something written or a video that relates in his FB, it seems highly visited even by those who are not interested at her!
    You pass over and continue to talk about Gerard ..
    Forget it!
    Can you?
    But if you see a new photo of her with Gerard again together, well.. then you might also be interested again …sure!

    But it takes the video evidence or photographs this time, not of small talk of someone or his write cryptic ..

  95. 95
    excuse moi.... Says:

    @@excuse moi….: And I, and many, others, don’t. It’s subjective. She is hard looking. Period. If you see her next to other women, it’s clear. The other women in the commercial, especially the cop, were much better looking. Too much surgery is never a good look, which is why I suspect her career has never taken off.

  96. 96
    JustBreathe Says:

    @Let’s See: There is good reasons. Rest. Peace. Silence.

  97. 97
    JustBreathe Says:

    @Let’s See: There are good reasons. Rest. Peace. Silence.

  98. 98
    JustBreathe Says:

    He looks upset and overwhelmed in this photo. The city is a stark contrast to the Blue mountains.

  99. 99
    Yes, please Says:

    @bad…: I agree. Someone is trying to change the conversation back to “that” again, and I suggest we stop responding to these traps. This isn’t a fan site for her. Or even a thread about her.

  100. 100
    Alina Says:

    @Yes, please:
    I can imagine, as M. is proud that people here are talking about her! LOL! I agree that we should stop the talk and don’t feed the trolls!

  101. 101
    bad... Says:


    I want to see Gerard in some kind of historical, Scots-Irish drama. There’s lots of history to draw from. Go back in time Gerry….

    If I was advising him, the first thing I would tell him to do is move back to London and do some quality films in the UK, maybe a London play or two, and to stay away from romcoms. And no more films where he tries to speak in another dialect. He needs to stick to his own. If he did a film with some of the top actors in the UK, a period piece or a quality drama or even a mystery/thriller, I think it would be a tremendous boost to his career, which he seriously needs right now.

    these posts are very interesting …
    I always hoped that Gerard did of movies of historical setting… there is a lot of material to draw from. Maybe it should be recommended by someone, or maybe he should read a few books in the library …And also him to do films with different genres together, as thriller and espionage, always drawing from the history books … there are around a lot of quality and value.
    And maybe …. MAYBE! …
    Turn these films in UK, .. I totally agree .. at least you do not speak often of his accent, but only of the quality of his work acting on the personage that plays!

  102. 102
    Mads FB Says:

    Just saw where Angie Jolie posted on MG’s facebook 5 hrs ago just one word ‘Bellissima’ which means beautiful. Seems even AJ is impressed enough by Maddie’s beauty to comment.

  103. 103
    Lyla J. Says:

    @Manny: You have sunk to a new low with this remark. Very unkind even for you.

  104. 104
    sometruth Says:

    @Mads FB:

    I hate to break it to you, but that’s not actually Angelina Jolie. But I’m sure MG would just die if the real AJ commented her as MG clearly tried to base her look on AJ.

  105. 105
    Aha.... Says:

    @Lyla J.: I’m not sure this was real Manny.

  106. 106
    Don't take the bait Says:

    @sometruth: Let’s put a stop to this constant spamming by her or one of her cronies. Don’t respond to these ridiculous fb taunts. She’s trying to drive traffic to her site. DON’T FALL FOR IT.

  107. 107
    Mads FB Says:

    She looks nothing like Angelina Jolie or Monica Bellucci etc, but you can certainly see the Sophia Loren influence IMO. How can you tell for sure that it’s not the real AJ who posted that comment? Even using the more personal ‘Angie’ in her post. Is it that impossible that they have met?

  108. 108
    Lyla J. Says:

    @Aha….: I hope not. She has her moments but this poster, whoever it is, is completely insensitive.

  109. 109
    DM Says:

    I just read the whole-lotta-nuthin in the Daily Mail. There’s only a handful of comments, but they are all brutal. He really needs to take a sabbatical and figure out how to resurrect his career, unless he’s ready to retire.

  110. 110
    Hello Says:

    Guys/Girls, you should really stop responding to Madalina/Her representative. They are purposely posting so you will continue to talk about her. She wants to keep her name out there. Just ignore if at all possible.

  111. 111
    Lyla J. Says:

    @DM: I agree that he needs to change direction with his career, but the comments weren’t all brutal. Only a couple were negative and none seemed really brutal to me.

  112. 112
    cupccake Says:

    Happy Thursday everyone.

  113. 113
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    Before condemning…Let’s see how his three films turn out..Personally, I’m looking forward to Olympus Has Fallen….Mavericks and Playing the Field…

    Love seeing Gerry riding his bike..I did that a lot in Europe myself :)

  114. 114
    DM Says:

    @Lyla J.: Which one was the positive one?

  115. 115
    Ella Says:

    ladies i think your are giving MG far too much footage and airtime and as for GB he seriously needs to sort his career otherwise he’l be joining TV soon, if he is so serious why does he go to events alone and hide her?? its embarrassing and pathetic and how any decent woman can tolerate that is beyond me. He has poor choice in films and women the only decent movies were at the start of his career then it all got to his head and others stepped ahead of him. And the man cant sit in one place bounces from one place to another

  116. 116
    boomer Says:

    @excuse moi….: Does anyone have a link to the Mads dancing video on fb? I have not seen that, but I agree with those who think she is hard looking. Remember the balcony shots with Leo? She looked tough as nails.

  117. 117
    bad... Says:

    I just read the comments under the news recent of….some are really fierce or how these to example (even if, in fact they not are wrong …)

    “Don’t think I’ve ever seen a man age as fast as Gerard. I look back at him when he just turned 40 and he looks 10 years younger, now at almost 43 he looks more like in his 50′s. My husband is 51 in Nov and looks younger than him, such a shame was so gorgeous some years ago.”

    “What has Hollywood done to him!? I’ve never seen a good looking man deteriorate so fast in all my life :(”

    I know that Gerard (so he says ..) says it does not read anything concerning him,but then these things arrive in some way to him, and then he makes the boaster but…under, under has not, I think, this skin so hard as he would have us believe …the problem that we will never know how Gerard can better address the much criticism, if he continues to make mistakes of evaluation and lead a life like that and then wait that makes better in next movies that he will.
    A new course of life perhaps?
    No, .. it’s too complicated now as now .

  118. 118
    Lyla J. Says:

    @DM: I never used the word positive. I said there were only a few negative ones and none were really brutal in my opinion. One person wrote “YUMMY”. Another wrote “RIDE!”. One guy ragged on DM for their poor reporting because of the colors of his clothing. There were 9 total comments when I looked. I’ve read much, much worse than that right here on JJ. I just feel brutal is a little strong of a word for even the worst comment there imo. That’s all, just my opinion. Which isn’t worth much to most people. Enjoy your weekend!

  119. 119
    Eve Says:

    Angelina Jolie is too busy with her causes to go to the fb page of an obscure model and post a comment. Anyone can take the name of anybody for their fb unfortunately. Nothing is to be believed on the internet and only a portion of the photographic proof as it can be altered as well.

  120. 120
    boomer Says:

    OK, I googled maddy and came up with her fb page. However, the video is blocked by Sony. A message says that it’s “blocked iin your country.” That would be the USA. She must have used the music without Sony’s permission. Someone must have ratted on her. LOL.

  121. 121
    @boomer Says:

    Those who live outside of the US can view it. Within can go directly to You Tube.

  122. 122
    Let's See Says:

    From RU

  123. 123
    dargabriel Says:

    Good morning to all of you gorgeous women and men. The concrete jungle is no place for peace and serenity for the butler. He’s wearing much stress and tension. I do not fathom why gb will not find the even keil lifestyle, go with the flow sort of life. Maybe I’m just too boring in my little lifestyle, but it works wonders on aging and stress, I wisj for many people not to worry and stress, because things will work out. Money we sadly have to use to get things, but God will always give you what you need. Poor butler looks like hes spinning his wheels, haha, he should come to Eagle. I love you all. Peace and light, dargabriel

  124. 124
    sorry but mads Says:

    dances like her IUD is falling out

  125. 125
    @sorry but mads Says:

    Oh cool, now there is a whole new topic to abuse her with.

  126. 126
    bystander Says:

    Shucks. Last Thursday 13th was walking the highline on NY past Chelsea and saw a plaid shirted man afar with a distinctive gait. Dismissed it a GB wasn’t in NY, but now I’m wondering . Our holiday was just a week too early!

  127. 127
    FaceBook Says:

    Charles Green Jr.
    I just saw Gerard Butler in Tribeca!! — with Genna Reckenberger.
    3 minutes ago near New York, NY ·

  128. 128
    Zoe Says:

    who’s Genna Reckenberger?

  129. 129
    FaceBook Says:

    @Zoe: she is Charles Green’s friend

  130. 130
    cupccake Says:

    Who is charles green?

  131. 131
    cupccake Says:

    I’ll bite who is Genna Reckenberger never heard of her?

  132. 132
    who Says:

    @Zoe: She is someone that “Facebook” choose to add on.

  133. 133
    Zoe Says:

    Does anyone have a good romantic movie to recommend? In rang with English patient..

  134. 134
    Zoe Says:

    I got it guys it’s ok:) Genna’s cool!:)

  135. 135
    Eve Says:

    @cupccake: He’s just a guy who spotted G on the street and mentioned him on fb. Genna is a friend of his. Sounds like he’s visiting NYC. I think he just meant that he was with her when he spotted G.

  136. 136
    Eve Says:

    Sounds like Mr. B is out and about in the city now. He’s got some time on his hands. Let’s see if he can stay put for a while. Yeah, right! I’m kinda interested to see if that comment was true about G moving to another place. I’d hate to see him move from his loft! I can’t see where he had time to do that but I guess he could pick the place and then let other people handle the other stuff for him. Mr. Big movie star! LOL!

  137. 137
    Eve Says:

    I come here and lurk and maybe post occasionally throughout the day and it always amazes me there are some lurking here 24/7 poised with the negging thumb even for the most benign of comments! LOL!

  138. 138
    ;0 Says:

    @Eve: I wouldn’t give to much credibility to those “moving” posts if I were you. And he’s hardly a “Big Movie Star”. Barely a blip on the radar these days. He’ll be shlepping his own couch around town any minute.

  139. 139
    Strange Says:

    @Excuse me:

    “@what: What exactly is your problem? “Strange” went to MG’s facebook page and copied a comment made by one of her fans. There is a video that is blocked from the usa as well. She is ONLY posting it. Why so hard on her just because you don’t get it? Be nice.”

    Thank you!! I was not trying to direct comments back to MG. When I saw the comment I didn’t think that the woman was referring to GB and MG. I actually thought that the woman was referring to MG and someone else, since the poster said that she had suspected for over a year. It made me wonder what kind of person MG is if she has been involved with someone else all along.

    Hell will freeze over before I post anything else from her fb.

  140. 140
    Let's See Says:

    What is Tribeca?

  141. 141
    Let's See Says:

    @Let’s See:

    Don’t let some of the posters here get you down.

  142. 142
    Excuse me Says:

    @Strange: no problem Strange, but yes, that whole MG facebook thing is best to stear clear of posting. Most of us are so sick and tired of it all. If he hauled off and did a “happily ever after” thing, I doubt if we could muster up a hearty congratulations, more of a “whatever”. Have a good day and here’s to a thin coat of ice on hell’s door.

  143. 143
    Eve Says:

    “I’m in talks with a producer about re-writing narration to be funnier/quirkier for an IMAX style movie about dolphins.”

    Don’t know what the heck this guy is talking about!

  144. 144
    Eve Says:

    @Strange: “Hell will freeze over before I post anything else from her fb.”
    Good! Not sure why you all keep going to her fb! It’s like watching a suspicious mole too closely. The more you “observe” it, the worse it looks!

  145. 145
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    @ Let’s See


    A nice neighborhood in NYC…Great cafes and eatries there…

    I forgot to mention..Best of Luck on the upcoming films Gerry…:) Have a good time in the Big Apple

  146. 146
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @Let’s See: Tribeca is a NYC neighborhood, like Chesea and Soho.

  147. 147
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    EVE…You missed the rest of the message. I think he does commercials. Not sure what it is all about either but wondering if it could have anything to do with the the Legends of the Dolphins movie that Gerry narrated also. Maybe he wants to build on it?

    “I would be writing for Gerard Butler. Seriously. Yes, I am writing a bunch of 300 references in if I can.Thanks be to Boot on the assist.”
    Here is the link and video if you haven’t seen it. Think JJ mentioned it as well.
    Guess we will just have to wait and see what turns.

  148. 148
    S. Says:

    I know right? LOL!! Like a tall giant giraffe throwing herself all over the place. ROFL! M.G is so tranny looking it’s ridiculous.

  149. 149
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:


    Ah c’mon Dar, Manhattan is a great city. I do see what you mean, it is fast paced. But very very fun to visit. My dream is to have place in the city and a place in the country. Best of both worlds. :)

    Hi Joie! Yes (!) I’ve been cooking, but haven’t tried the yorkshire pudding yet, hmmm you know, might give it a try this weekend. But not a lot of painting going on lately, I really need to fix that. I hope you are well. xoxo

    I hope Gerard B is having a great time!

  150. 150
    Eve Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: I didn’t miss anything. I read the entire thing. It sounds in poor taste and like crap to me. Gerry does a beautiful narration and then somebody wants to spoof it by a rewrite with 300 references? Bad form.

  151. 151
    So&So Says:

    @dargabriel: I feel like you were speaking to me! LOL How did you know? :)
    Love and light to you Dar.

  152. 152
    lolita Says:

    @Lyla J.: I don’t believe for a minute that was Manny. She might be tough at times but she would not have compared Gerry’s pics as his deceased dad. I can hear her make a comparison to his dad but not worded that way. I don’t think Manny has posted for awhile. She will be the first to admit if she did say it but I don’t think she did.

  153. 153
    agree with you Says:

    That was not Manny. She wouldn’t say something that over-the-top nasty.

  154. 154
    Lord Love a Duck Says:
    GB comments on Iceman and Ariel

  155. 155
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” Colossians 3:13

  156. 156
    dargabriel Says:

    @So&So: @So&So: Thank you so much, you’re post is very nice. Happy day to you. Love,dargabriel

  157. 157
    Manny Says:

    Hey Lolly.
    You’re right it wasn’t me. I see the moniker stealer has been busy earlier this thread. I haven’t been around in ages because real life has been kicking my ass so Butler’s adventures have not been on my radar.
    How are you doing?
    Not a huge fan of this look although I love the hat. Gerry is looking a little aged in these pictures to me. I’m a little shocked how quickly he is aging. Bad genes + hard living do take a toll don’t they?
    Anywhoo hello to you and the gang…

  158. 158
    Manny Says:

    @agree with you:
    Thanks for the faith sista. :)

  159. 159
    lolita Says:

    @Manny: I’m doing very well. Sorry to hear you are going through a rough patch. Take care and warm regards to you♥♥

  160. 160
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:


    People that have been posting here in the last year knew it wasn’t you. ;)

  161. 161
    Manny Says:

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen:
    Hey doll. Even I thought that was in bad taste. Oh well…

  162. 162
    Manny Says:

    Life can do that sometimes. We’re keeping our chins up and still moving forward so in my book we are winning. God bless you too. <3

  163. 163
    So&So Says:

    Not sure why I got negged for making a joke to Dargabriel about me being stressed out at the moment, because she coincidentally posted her wishes for everyone to not be stressed out right now. Oh well, whatever. I got work to do. Enjoy!

  164. 164
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen: Hey Ana B.! Good to see you here. Paint when you can and always be happy! Have a blast in NYC for Halloween. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying we’d all love to hear about it. Never done it myself. Hope you are well, friend! Butler has some time on his hands. Hope he uses it in the best way. Take care, sweetheart. ♥

  165. 165
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Just wanted to say that I like lolita’s nickname for you….Ducky. When it’s pouring rain and someone asks me how I am, I always say, “just ducky”. I’ll think of you when I say that now. Thanks for your shares about Butler. Whatever he is there’s no denying he’s a walking, talking cryptogram. Take care, Ducky!

  166. 166
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Sounds like his GF bolted after Gerard Butler!! LOL

    Robin van der Hoest
    48 minutes ago near New York, NY via mobile
    One moment you’re having a nice lunch for two in Greenwich Village, next moment Gerard Butler walks by; cannot find my girlfriend since….

  167. 167
    Autumn Says:

    Hey all! Just catching up. I knew that wasn’t a Manny comment, not her style and she owns it if she disagrees. Nice to see everyone here – it’s been a long time since many of us were here together. Hope everyone has a great Friday!

    Stay sane, safe, happy, healthy.


  168. 168
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @lolita: Thanks for your post, lolita! Those of us who know Manny realized it was a moniker thief. Thanks for saying it. Sadly too many people have too much time on their hands. Hope Butler invests his recently found free time into something worthwhile. Must stink to have a project yanked out from under you. Take care, darlin! ♥

  169. 169
    lolita Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: The power of Mr B. lol

  170. 170
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Manny: Manny!! Your absence has been well noted. Prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way. Sorry to hear that life has thrown you a curve ball. Keep the faith.

  171. 171
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Autumn: Did you see the sky this evening? Pairfect! Lovely! When the light just kisses the tops of the trees right before sunset. Your season is upon us and I am so grateful! Have a lovely weekend yourself, Autumn!

  172. 172
    lolita Says:

    @Joie de Vivre: Manny is a tough cookie but she doesn’t back down when confronted. She is very realistic in how she sees things. I just felt that was not something she would say. Like Autumn said, Manny owns what she says, good ,bad or indifferent. She rubs some here the wrong way at times but I know under all that toughness is a tender heart.
    I know what you mean about the disappointment Gerry felt in the loss of MC, but something better is coming his way I am sure of it.
    Have a happy evening to all♥♥

  173. 173
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    So has everyone actually watched the PSY Gangnam Style video? It’s fun, a little addicting since every time I see the headline for this thread the song comes in my head and I can’t shake it…. it’s something else!


    Sorry if it’s a repeat. Over 200 million views….

  174. 174
    lolita Says:

    @Joie de Vivre: OMG Joie, that video kinda looks like me when I am doing Zumba!!!

  175. 175
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @lolita: Oh I agree with you! With Manny what you see is what you get! No sugar-coating, no lies. You gotta love that about a person, especially on an anonymous forum like JJ. Take care, lolita! ♥

  176. 176
    Clamsie Says:

    @S.: If MG is a tranny, then it makes Gerry a trannychaser. It’s one of the reasons he’s lost a lot of his fanbase. Many think he’s gay or bi and covering up a lot of the real truth.

    I think you’re jealous of MG, who is a lovely young woman with a lot of power since she appears to have Gerry and you can’t deal with it. If he’s gay, then you have nothing to worry about. MG could be a highly paid beard and nothing more.


  177. 177
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Joie de Vivre: Apparently, Gangnam is a trendy, upscale neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea. Psy is basically “taking a pi/ss” on said inhabitants. He stated on Ellen while teaching Britney Spears to do the dance…”Dress classy and dance cheesy”. Seems to be working worldwide. LOL! Gotta love it! Would love to see Butler doing that horsey dance….HAHAHA!!! I mean, he’s got rhythm.

  178. 178
    Lyla J. Says:

    @Manny: Sorry Manny my mistake. hope things get better for you

  179. 179
    Manny Says:

    @Lyla J.:
    No worries. That’s the way it goes here. What can you do. Thanks.

  180. 180
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:


    Why the thumbs down on my post? Oy, not sure why I’m asking, don’t care that much.

    Ya that didn’t sound like you. Autumn is right, you own up to your opinions and that was so so low and distasteful. Sigh…but that’s JJ posts at times. I try to wish the best for people who say or type things like that.

    Hey Miss Joie! I bought my costume tonight! I’m really excited. Halloween in the city should be a memorable experience. Going to a friends yearly Halloween party that I have yet to attend before. It’s going to be a blast.

    Well, let’s just see what happens with the G-man. Most of us aren’t jealous. Simply not interested until he makes it public with someone.

    Love and best wishes to all….

  181. 181
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:


    That’s hysterical. lmao

  182. 182
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen: What is your costume?

  183. 183
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Manny: So how are you doing? Reach out if you need to, even in a cyber way.

  184. 184
    cupccake Says:

    well ladies before I say good night. Want to say hello to AnaB and Manny haven’t heard from you guys. Hope all is well.

  185. 185
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:

    @Joie de Vivre:

    I’m going to be a “big, bad….ummmm innocent wolf”. I know the saying, “Halloween is an excuse for women to dress sl/utty”. lol But! It has long sleeves, with furry cuffs and a hood with ears….it’s just a bit short and with the furry calf accents. But I’m going to wear boy shorts underneath in case there’s a lot of wind that night, promise! :-)~ It’s nothing too interesting or funny (which I did want to go for) but it was too cute, I had to get it.

  186. 186
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:


    Hi cupcake! I hope you are doing well. I love coming on here and there and reading your sweet positive posts. Lots of love your way…

  187. 187
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen: Cool! Yet it sounds HOT! No doubt you will wear it well, Ana B.!! Not sure where I’m heading costume-wise yet. Take care, my friend! Speak soon! :) ♥

  188. 188
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen: Yes! cupccake is the most welcome poster for me every day. Without fail.

    Thank you, cupccake!!! Hope you are well and happy!

  189. 189
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:

    Ya I thought about that, but it’s going to be chilly in NYC then, but inside….you’re right, I did consider that, however she does have a balcony with a great view of the city, so I will just hang out there if I need too I guess. haha Love hearing from you, I hope you and the hubby can come to Austin sometime! Mwah!

  190. 190
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Always nice to pop in and see the regulars here! Hope all of you ladies are doing well!
    I’m a cupccake fan myself. Her moniker is perfect for her. Always sweet!

  191. 191
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen: You are so funny!!! I am LMAO!!! By HOT, I meant, sexy, ya know, va-va-voooom…HAHA! LOL! I know you could pull it off, darlin! Wish I could hug you right now, Ana B. You rock!!!

  192. 192
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:

    @Joie de Vivre:

    OMG now I’m laughing. I truly thought about being hot as in temperature hot when I was trying it on. I think that’s why I thought that’s what you meant. Even though I’m always cold it feels like. But it’s a little prickly! You know…. ah I love giving myself the right to have one Jessica Simpson moment of the day. I’m still laughing…

  193. 193
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:

    P.S. Let me know what you’re going to be for Halloween! That goes for all JJer’s too. I love crazy, creative, funny costumes. I went the safe route this year. :(

    Love to you and everyone……

  194. 194
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen: Oh I am LMAO with you sweetheart!! However, I must qualify…You’re on your own with prickly…LOL!! Sweet dreams, Ana B. SO wonderful to connect. (Betting Butler would love to know exactly what IS prickly in your costume)….

  195. 195
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen: Good POLL!! Good Luck!! ♥

  196. 196
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:

    (Dear Mr. Butler, it is prickly costume material (why do they use that material anyway?) that you will not have acces into). I’m cracking up so much.

    Thanks Miss Joie! I’ve missed reading you girls on JJ! Sweet dreams too darling! I will email you mañana!

  197. 197
    TeaCakes Says:

    Hi! I’m hearing that MG may be a future Bond Girl for the 2014 venture. That would be cool. Too bad Gerry isn’t up for the role of Bond. He’d be great at it.

  198. 198
    @@#?? Says:


    BOND GIRL ! ha ha..maybe in Austin Powers does another film -she can be his bond girl..

  199. 199
    sometruth Says:

    and where did you hear that?

  200. 200
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Good Morning JJer’s! Here are a few sightings from yesterday and last night:

    Veronica Juncaj ‏@veejuncaj_ 7 hours ago
    Hello there Mr. Gerard Butler 😍😍😍 #cantbelieveit #wow #superhot #inlove
    Suprina Berenyi
    20 hours ago
    Love my neighborhood…walking Percy to the groomer and I end up standing on a corner with Gerard Butler. Nice fellow!

  201. 201
    lolita Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: CGE, you are the best!!! Have a great weekend♥♥

  202. 202
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @lolita: Thank you Lolita. You’re such a sweetheart. You have a great weekend too!

  203. 203
    crustypants Says:

    Look at Tom Cruise in the top banner- 8 years older and looks 10 years ounger what happened Gerry?

  204. 204
    In the news Says:

    Woman discovers her husband was her father. One downside to dating men 20 years or more older than you.

  205. 205
    Methinks Says:

    @crustypants: Cruise takes better advantage of the cosmetic enhancements out there is all. Probably had some post divorce tweaking.

  206. 206
    ROFL Says:

    @crustypants: i agree with u

  207. 207
    sometruth Says:

    @In the news: LOL!

  208. 208
    Autumn Says:

    Morning everyone – a day off! JDV – OMG! You should see the parody of the USN Academy officers during this entire video to PSY. It’s on You Tube and shows Annapolis – too funny!

    Last night was a beautiful sunset we sit on the side of a mountain (small hill) and the view west is stunning. Hubby’s BD is Sunday so we have a lot planned.

    Would love to see Lolita doing Zumba – You Tube anyone – it’s so much fun though.

    Shout out to everyone – have a great Friday!


  209. 209
    lolita Says:

    @Autumn: Oh Noooooo Autumn, when your considered comedy relief at the gym, not a good thing. Must be when that third foot appears out of nowhere.

  210. 210
    Autumn Says:

    @lolita: Lolita you are such a sweetheart! Zumba is tough – it’s why I do Krav Maga (defense and cardio in one) and kickbox. Hope you are having a great day!

    I’m heading to NYC next week on business so I’m seeing some friends and family that live in Chelsea and yes I will visit the local Starbucks where I’ve seen GB before. If I do, I’ll post a picture if he’s amenable. You sound like you’re feeling better – I’m so glad.

    We haven’t see NikNoks for a while, but now she’s a married lady! Hopefully still enjoying her Honeymoon!

    Best – A.

  211. 211
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Thunder Run • Action/Adventure
    Freedom Films, LLC
    13500 Ventura Blvd., Ste. #315, Sherman Oaks, CA, 91403 -
    Shooting in Baton Rouge, LA
    Start November 13, 2012
    Cast: Gerard Butler, Sam Worthington, Matthew McConaughey, Brian Presley
    ExPrd., Matty Miranda; Prd., Jib Polhemus, Brian Presley, Kevin J. Matusow, Carissa Buffel-Matusow; Dir., Simon West; Scr., Ken Nolan

  212. 212
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    This one says Los Angeles:
    THUNDER RUN – November, 2012 – Los Angeles, CA; Details Are only Available By Subscription.. STORY: David Zucchino, originally embedded with the Army’s 101st Airborne Division, found himself switched to 2nd Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division as it entered Baghdad on a “thunder run” in 2003. (Posted: June 28, 2011. Revised: September 4, 2012)

  213. 213
    queenie Says:

    @crustypants: IMO Tom Cruise has always looked like a little rat. Don’t care for his type. Beady little eyes and a mouse-like nose. I’ll take Gerry, his beautiful eyes and Scots’ snoz any day.

  214. 214
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    Sending good thoughts your way. I’ve been off site for a while, went on a trip and, as always, forgot about GB.

    How are Pookie and Moonbeam doing?

  215. 215
    crustypants Says:

    @queenie: me too, Cruise is a creep, but a much younger looking one. Even his hair dye job is more flattering. Is it not tim efor Gerry to go his natural, distinguished grey?

  216. 216
    crustypants Says:

    PS just seen Sheen on the banner. I mean. we wouldnt that to be Gerry at 50, would we?

  217. 217
    Let's See Says:

    Hi ladies. TC always had a baby face type look to him so some surgery to smooth things out wouldn’t have a big impact. Gerry always had a rugged look which is what we like about him. If he got to much surgery it would alter his looks and he would loose the character of his face.
    Sometimes they have to be careful—-look at Kenny rogers.

  218. 218
    ltl Says:

    Does anybody speak Spanish?

    “Pues si, Gerard Butler paseando a su modelo húngara espectaculaaii, destination: Necker Island ”

  219. 219
    Zoe Says:

    @iti: she’s trying to ptomote Necker Island…

  220. 220
    TROLL ALERT! Says:

    @sometruth: Don’t feed the troll!

  221. 221
    T Says:

    @ltl: Something about walking his spectacular Hungarian model, destination Necker Island?
    “Hungarian” guys :P

  222. 222

    madzilla is back i told u

  223. 223
    Translation Says:

    “Yep, Gerard Butler walking his espectaculaaii Hungarian model, destination: Necker Island ”
    I guess he thinks MG is Hungarian, not Romanian. lol
    He tweeted it 3 hours ago.

  224. 224
    Translation Says:

    Tess corrected him and told him she is actually Romanian.
    They are still together. He is just hiding her from sight.

  225. 225
    Kilroy Says:

    Isn’t that Richard Branson’s private island?

  226. 226
    Kilroy Says:

    @Translation: If he is trying to “hide” someone, he isn’t doing a very good job of it. Evidently the guy blabbed about it on twitter so he wasn’t told to keep it quiet. Very strang anyway.

  227. 227
    casandra Says:

    @Translation: Exactly..I knew it that they are still together..And I’m pretty sure this is going on for longer than we thought..the comment on her facebook under the dance video is relevant…
    “OMG- Happy Happy returns for you and ?… I am thrilled for you… suspected for about a year but I am just so happy for you both… wanted to tell ya that …… wishing you sincere happiness”

  228. 228
    bad... Says:

    …unless the guy has a photo of them together ….
    forget it…
    only other speculation, and other opportunities for the chatter of someone!

  229. 229
    Kilroy Says:

    @casandra: Well if this “thing” between them has been going on for longer up to a year ago, he’s been with other women! What else is new, right? I think you are jumping to conclusions. He may have gotten an invite from Branson, as many celebs do, and he invited her or maybe someone else to go. Who knows. Maybe it’s the RK person that was mentioned a few days ago. As bad said, no photo, forget it. If it’s at Branson’s, there will probably be photos surface.

  230. 230
    Umm Says:

    @bad…: You can ask for pictures all you want, all day long, but how long are you going to deny it for? Granted, she probably isn’t the only one in his life, but she is still IN his life. If you deny that then you are deluded (sorry to sound harsh). Maybe she doesn’t actually mind being in a polyamourous relationship (ew)?… each to his or her own.

  231. 231
    Kilroy Says:

    @Umm: So you say if she’s still in his life, she’s settling for an open relationship? How very “European”!

  232. 232
    Umm Says:

    @Kilroy: What’s it to you and I?

  233. 233
    Tedious Says:

    If they’ve been seeing each other for a year, then they’ve both been seeing others also. Who cares? IMO they deserve each other. They are both a couple of narcissists who spend all of their free time partying and traveling, instead of doing something useful to help others. The fact that he still sneaks around with her is just ridiculous and show’s just how full of himself he is. And she’s as thick as a plank for putting up with it. It’s been fun checking in on this thread, which can be amusing, but I’m done. It’s just the same ole’ cra.p with this guy, day in, day out. Year after year. I have no respect left, nor interest.

  234. 234
    Kilroy Says:

    @Umm: Well, I can’t speak for you. For me, it’s none of my business really. He’s dated before so nothing new there. It’s the life of the rich and famous. Gerry gravitates from down to Earth, simple kinda needs guy to helicoptering off to an island that the rest of us could never dream of going. Speaking of helicopter, would that thing be able to carry enough fuel in it to get from NY to Necker Island? That thing is tiny! It would take a commercial jet over four hours! Weird!

  235. 235
    Kilroy Says:

    I hate seeing Gerry being so shallow and superficial that he actually develops feelings for a woman who is so shallow and superficial. Maybe it’s just business as usual, no attachments, just fun. Guess we’ll find out sooner or later. It will say a lot about him whatever he does.

  236. 236
    giggling Says:

    @Translation: And Tess knows this because she is a fly in the helicopter???? She works for the NSA? Assuming this is for real, GB’s had more than enough time in NYC the mecca of the model esp during Fashion Week to find himself a new “model” or maybe he called on one of the FWBs in his current roster. It’s hard life ain’t it?

  237. 237
    giggling Says:

    Now just watch what will happen. Some people are so predictable, predictably sad.

  238. 238
    wedding? Says:

  239. 239
    Kilroy Says:

    If you mouthy, snoopy, stalking idiots hadn’t kept lurking on her fb page, she might be spilling. Way to go!
    Somethings going on here with JJ today. This will be the third time I’ve tried to post this so sorry if this is a repeat. If I have to look at Charlie Sheen’s washed out, spooky face again, I think I’ll have night mares!

  240. 240
    wedding? Says:

    Can you think of a better place to get married than Necker Island? We hope not, because we love weddings! Sir Richard Branson married his wife Joan on Turtle Beach, arriving at the ceremony clinging to a helicopter!

  241. 241
    helicopterfacts Says:

    You’d have to take a private plane to Necker. A copter wouldn’t make the trip.

  242. 242
    Hello Says:

    @Kilroy: If indeed he is there, sure he took a commercial jet to somewhere in the virgin is. and then a puddle jumper to get to necker island. Whatever right?

  243. 243
    Not again Says:

    Is this coming from the same poster that had them marrying in a castle in Scotland months ago? Give it a rest.

  244. 244
    Kilroy Says:

    @wedding?: Yeah, maybe why he’s looked so stressed out lately!

  245. 245
    Kilroy Says:

    @Hello: You’re right. Maybe he flew somewhere in Florida and then took the chopper over. That would make sense and also make sense that the guy was speaking spanish. I was thinking from NYC. Man never stays in one place long does he?

  246. 246
    Kilroy Says:

    Along with the Nixon and LBJ Halloween masks, they should make a Charlie Sheen one. Have kids scared to death running around shouting, “Winning cause I’m Charlie Sheen, duh!”

  247. 247
    Kilroy Says:

    Wonder what Momma thinks? Hmmmm!

  248. 248
    angrybaby Says:

    Ohh Gerry,,Gerry – if u only knew what we are talking here about)))
    Really girls,I need his wings too,be cause I always late and he can be in three places in one time :D

    Ouuu forgot to say – hello :)

  249. 249
    Umm Says:

    @Kilroy: I would be so depressed if my 42 year old son was marrying a 24 year old girl. I would be even more depressed if my 24 year old daughter was marrying a 42 year old man! The age gap still really creeps me out.

  250. 250
    LOL Says:

    Maybe they were seeing each other on and off for about a year. Maybe Gerry wasn’t serious about something long term at the time and that explains his other escapades with women over the last year. That would also explain why she had a two-week fling with Leo and another short fling with Brody. Maybe now, Gerry is taking it seriously and giving it the chance it deserves, which is why his friends have reported to the media that he isn’t seeing anyone else, which is a big deal for him. I got to run but I will try to stop in later to answer your questions. Just remember one thing, don’t judge him too harshly; he’s only a man like all other men. What he’s doing is very regular and even if their relationships falls apart, it doesn’t mean it’s his fault and that he can’t be faithful to anyone. It’s not like he’s the only one in the world with failed relationships. 50% of all marriages in the West end in divorce. Think about it.

  251. 251
    JustBreathe Says:

    Complaining about the age difference. At least he is out of the club scene these days.

    Look at this site. Nothing new

  252. 252
    LOL Says:

    Now watch the jealous old hags who act so mature when speaking to their comrades are going to trash her to oblivion for the entire weekend, like school girls do. Just proves how immature some women can be even at advanced ages when they are total losers in real life.
    Anyway, GB sure is putting lots of energy into this relationship with her, winning and dinning her, moving her in to live with him, and taking care of all the details of their relationship like a leader, a real Alpha male. Something all of you old-hag feminists never knew because no real man wants to get close to your stench.
    I said before that she probably left to get some more stuff from Italy before she settles in with him for the winter. They were barely separated for a week and a half before that guy saw her moving into GB’s apartment and assumed it was GB who just moved in. If she continues putting GB first in her life, she’ll be his wife in no time. Chew on that you miserable old hags trash.

  253. 253
    LOL Says:


    And check this out; the older a man gets, the younger his woman is. Why, because a 42-year old man is a baby compared to a 42-year old woman. Especially, men who want to start a family, not that 42-year old woman can’t have children, but it’s much harder and you might need procedures. But with a much younger woman you can do it naturally, and what man doesn’t like the thrill of successfully impregnating his woman? It’s a man thing and they enjoy that tremendously. It validates their manhood. Men don’t like it when their woman fail to conceive even when it’s an issue with the woman, and not him.

  254. 254
    wow Says:

    Welcome back LOL, MANNY and EVE

  255. 255
    Lyla J. Says:

    Would love to have the ability to travel like the wealthy. Necker Island. Sir Richard should offer his paradise to Make-A-Wish Foundation or some such non-profit. Wonder if all the celebs pay for their stay. Ah, such a sweet life it must be to never have to worry about money. Gerard has never struck me as the marrying kind, but he’s been so full of surprises this past year that nothing would surprise me now. Who knows, and frankly who cares. It’s Friday and the weekend is here!! Time for some fun. We commoners know how to have fun too. lol

  256. 256
    TUT Says:

    Nick Lachey got married on Necker Island. Maybe Gerry won’t but he is pulling out a expensive vaca. Maddie is here to stay for a while. You guys called Laurie C. A dog and MG superficial and plastic. I think the only person you people will be happy with are yourselves.

    Honestly, other than Gerry’s smoldering looks is he a man of great character? No. Does he judge women based on looks. Yes! He doesn’t understand that chasing fun leads to misery. True happiness comes from chasing knowledge and building character and inner peace.

    He may just want to try the family thing. It May help him grow up. And her. I think his mom is happy if he has some stability.

  257. 257
    casandra Says:

    @LOL: Or maybe none of the two flings were real( Leo and Adrien), but they were only friends as they are both friends of Gerry…I don’t know and maybe that’s not important .Whats important is that right now MG and Gerry are in a pretty serious relationship and maybe they are thinking about marriage.Can i be just a little bit sad about it?I mean I wish them well …but its gonna take some time to get used to the idea of him being married or a very serious relationship….the end of an

  258. 258
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    None of us know the real character of the man, but I think we do see the potential of his character and that is what purposes us to watch and see and hope that some glimmer will appear to be able to say “I knew he had it in him”. I believe that he is a spirtual person, maybe because I refuse to believe otherwise because I am unsophisticated in so many ways.
    I have seen his tender moments in the movies like “The Jury” and can only trust that he will pull a rabbit out of his hat [s] and do it all over again. Perhaps in his personal life as well. He is an artist, has been around for a long time learning his trade. Sure he has been betrayed, befriended, lost and won. Like iron in the fire he isn’t the finished work of art that I know he can be. I’ll wait to see. I have faith. Ducky
    Sorry I missed the getogether last nite.

  259. 259
    Don't be sad Says:

    @casandra: Don’t worry. If he marries her, it has about as much of a chance as your buddy LOL does of getting out of the institution. If you still have any respect for him after that, then don’t worry, he’ll be single again in no time. Even a pea brain can see how this will end up. His mother must be absolutely mortified.

  260. 260
    Kilroy Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: You know what they say about men that have “potential” don’t you?

  261. 261
    sorry but any wife Says:

    of gerard’s needs to be not only a stupid/ narcissistic/ h.o/ escort/ undie model but a pharmacist and shrink too….

    the guy is totally f ‘ upped, and he deserves what he reaps

  262. 262
    Kilroy Says:

    @Don’t be sad: Oh leave LOL alone! He has live vicariously through Gerry! LMFAO!

  263. 263
    um, hello? Says:

    @casandra: Such a serious relationship that he was clearly hitting on that woman at the US Open. Or do you think she would just make that up out of thin air? She’s a gorgeous and successful woman, so I doubt she would need to do that. Get a grip, people, geez.

  264. 264
    not mortified are ... Says:

    @Don’t be sad: And her parents back in the old country are probably trying to tally up his bank account.

  265. 265
    Let's See Says:

    So last night out to dinner in Tribeca today Virgin Islands——–I sould be really surprised if he was with her. But I have been wrong before.
    But then again she used Esme to comment she was in NY.
    If he is still in NY then we will know soon enough.

  266. 266
    Kilroy Says:

    Fasten your seat belts, kids, it’s going to be a bumpy weekend!

  267. 267
    Let's See Says:

    According to the Necker Island website posted here, it is possible to fly from Puerto Rico to the Island. That helicopter could make the trip.

  268. 268
    oh noooooooos! Says:

    @not mortified are …: Maybe they are wondering if they’ll be “coming to America.” Why do I see a new reality show featuring Maddy’s parents adjusting to life in LA

  269. 269
    furwearer Says:

    Beetch wears real fur. Vile creature.

  270. 270
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Kilroy: No I haven’t a clue what they say.

  271. 271
    Troof Says:

    So true. This guy is so predictable it’s pathetic. It’s the same skeevy behavior year in and year out.
    Let me guess 2013 will bring with it more career dissapointments and younger “models”.
    Dude, I know turning 43 in a few months is daunting for you but a 24 year old???? Really???!
    Like most have said, this vapid old perv deserves to babysit his trick.
    Don’t fool yourselves, Gerry is a nice guy no doubt, but as shallow as a $2 hoo ker

  272. 272
    creep hater Says:

    @Troof: Good wishes to you too loser.

  273. 273
    Kilroy Says:

    @furwearer: No kidding? Well that does it then!

  274. 274
    Mensa Says:

    @Troof: I bet the conversation, what little there is, is very intellectually stimulating. Bwahahaahaaa.

  275. 275
    hmmmmm Says:

    @Troof: What rock did you just crawl out from under and why?

  276. 276
    Kilroy Says:

    We need dar up in here with her mystical take on all of this. Calling dargabriel! Dar where are you?

  277. 277
    Kilroy Says:

    @Mensa: Of course it is! It’s all done by youtube videos on fb!

  278. 278
    starlynn Says:

    @hmmmmm: Did you read the ages of stars and their wives linked in post 251? Most make GB and his choices look positively mainstream. Some are 30 and 40 years older than their spouses. Now that is icky. And some, like Bruce Willis, are seriel cradle robbers.

  279. 279
    LOL Says:


    I don’t think you shouldn’t be sad about it. He is after all a heartthrob and many a woman wanted him for herself, so I think it’s normal you’re feeling this way. What I object to is the disgusting comments that stem only from the jealousy of old beetches that can’t land a husband on the scale of 2, but try to pretend they are in relationship with him, a 10. They beetch and trash his woman – some nerve. Yeah….agree again; it is an end of an era. Normal peeps accept that. Mold beetches can’t think straight.
    That said, be fair to him and try to wish him the best. He deserves happiness, as you yourself said it many times. If he can make it work with her, as a true fan we should be supportive of him and his choice, not mock both of them or make fun of them. Mrs. Butler should, be treated with respect because she is his choice and we can’t do anything about who he marries. Of that, I am sure you agree. I find it both ironic and hypocritical that old beetches with no looks and no life, and no man in their lives or who are trapped in uninteresting marriages, sitting here 24/7 and disparaging her looks and her career, as well as call him a has been and an old man. I mean, c’mon, they would give their right arm for one night with him, let alone a lifetime. And regarding her looks and career, they’d give their right arm for that too. Nothing is more proof of what I say about these beetches old hags than when they start name calling her. And of course, the more they lash out on me the more it’s proof I hit the nail right on the head with them. LOL!!!!!!!! DON’T let loser old hags tell you who he’s into and who he’s not. Remember, they have no common sense. Delusional R Us!!!

  280. 280
    Getting It While He's Hot Says:

    The problem for Gerard Butler in all of this is that no one gives a crap about his movies. They go see the silly popcorn flicks because they’re popcorn flicks but no one actually thinks of him as a genius actor. They think of him as the good looking older guy who goes clubbing, dates models young enough to be his wee daughters like Madalina Ghenea and who has his own theme song on TMZ.
    What’s glaringly obvious is that none of the great directors are dying to work with him. There’s no Scorsese or Cronenberg or Spielberg or Soderbergh trying to get him in their films the way they do DiCaprio, Brody, Mortensen, and Fassbender. When GB tries to make serious movies he’s always trying to make lemonade out of lemons because the great scripts and great directors aren’t looking to work with him.
    Personally I think GB has given up trying to be respected and taken seriously as an actor. I think he’s resigned himself to being a presenter at the Golden Globes instead of a nominee and one of the masses who show up for the Oscar after-parties without having been invited to the Oscars themselves. He’s 43. The window for him as a leading man is closing. Competition for good roles is only going to become stiffer as they get fewer and fewer as he gets older and older. I think he’s just a very practical guy who knows that and figures that he’s going to milk what he can while he’s hot and that includes young model poontang before young model poontang starts asking “Gerry …….. who?”

  281. 281
    pure life Says:

    @TUT: Wouldn’t assume he is paying for the vacay.. Even if he has to fork out $ on the rare occasion, he’s had so many comped vacays he can surely afford a luxury holiday besides, he is paying for the privacy in a pap free zone. If he is even on this island.

  282. 282
    LOL Says:

    12-15 years difference is not a big deal. at 17 years difference, it’s a bit wide between GB and MG but many couples made it work. The older a man is the wider gap he has with his wife. the more successful a man is also the wider the gap. It’s the nature of the male nature. That’s why you need to find a husband in your 20s and early 30s or you’ll stay an old hag. It seems the women posting here can’t accept this simple truth. .And because they are in the old hags category they are freaking out Gerry likes young women in their 20s and not their dirty old ass. Jealousy plan and simple.

  283. 283
    Kilroy Says:


    “While working on Shameless, (James) McAvoy started a relationship with his character’s love interest, Anne-Marie Duff, who is nine years his senior. At the age of 27, he married Duff, then 36, on 18 October 2006 in a quiet ceremony.[69][71] When asked by Ryan Seacrest, during his radio show, if he wished he had waited longer to get married so he could exploit his fame better, McAvoy replied that he had married the woman of his dreams. “The world seemed less scary…. And I started to like myself a little bit more,” McAvoy added of how he knew they were in love.”
    “Aaron Perry Johnson began a relationship with his Nowhere Boy director, Sam Taylor-Wood, who is 23 years older, on the 2009 set of the film.[15] The couple announced their engagement at the film’s premiere in October 2009.[16] They married on 21 June 2012 and both took the name Taylor-Johnson.[17] The couple have two daughters together born prior to their marriage:”


    Shows ya how full o crap you are!

  284. 284
    starlynn Says:

    For those not inclined to click on links… chew on these. Do you paint them all with the perve paintbrush? Or is it personal with the Butler?
    20 Years

    Prince Albert II of Monaco . . . Charlene Wittstock
    Nicolas Cage . . . Alice Kim
    John Rhys-Davies . . . Lisa Manning
    Tony Curtis . . . Christine Kaufman
    Les Moonves . . . Julie Chen
    Stanley Tucci . . . Felicity Blunt
    21 Years

    Warren Beatty . . . Annette Bening
    Peter Brant . . . Stephanie Seymour
    Lee Majors . . . Karen Velez
    Robert Redford . . . Sibylle Szaggars
    Jerry Seinfeld . . . Shoshanna Lonstein
    22 Years

    Phil Collins . . . Orianne Cevey
    Kevin Costner . . . Christine Baumgarten
    Peter Gabriel . . . Meabh Flynn
    Edward M. Kennedy . . . Victoria Reggie
    Wayne Newton . . . Kathleen McCrane
    Laurence Olivier . . . Joan Plowright
    Carlo Ponti . . . Sophia Loren
    Alan Thicke . . . Gina Tolleson
    23 Years

    Orson Bean . . . Alley Mills
    Flavio Briatore . . . Heidi Klume
    Harrison Ford . . . Calista Flockhart
    John Forsythe . . . Nicole Carter
    Frank Gifford . . . Kathie Lee Gifford (Kathie Lee Epstein) (same birthday: August 16)
    Merle Haggard . . . Theresa Lane
    Mick Jagger . . . L’Wren Scott
    George Lazenby . . . Pam Shriver
    Aristotle Onassis . . . Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
    Sylvester Stallone . . . Jennifer Flavin
    Steven Tyler . . . Erin Brady
    Bruce Willis . . . Brooke Burns
    Bruce Willis . . . Emma Heming
    Bruce Willis . . . Emily Sandberg
    24 Years

    Hugh Hefner . . . Barbi Benton
    Judd Hirsch . . . Bonni (wife)
    Rich Little . . . Catherine Brown
    Malcolm McDowell . . . Kelley Kuhr
    Chuck Norris . . . Gena O’Kelley
    Fred Thompson . . . Jeri Kehn
    Donald Trump . . . Melania Knauss
    25 Years

    Humphrey Bogart . . . Lauren Bacall
    Robert Conrad . . . LaVelda Fann
    Michael Douglas . . . Catherine Zeta-Jones (same birthday: September 25)
    Richard Harris . . . Ann Turkel
    Benjamin Harrison . . . Mary Dimmick (He: 62, 23nd U.S. President [married after leaving office]. She: 37. Year: 1896.)
    Christopher Knight . . . Adrianne Curry
    Norman Lear . . . Lyn Davis
    Paul McCartney . . . Heather Mills
    Rod Stewart . . . Rachel Hunter
    Mike Todd . . . Elizabeth Taylor
    Bruce WIllis . . . Nadia Bjorlin
    26 Years

    Alec Baldwin . . . Hilaria Thomas
    René Angélil . . . Celine Dion
    Charles Dance . . . Shambhala Marthe
    Kelsey Grammer . . . Kayte Walsh
    Mick Jagger . . . Luciana Morad
    Larry King . . . Shawn Southwick
    Steve Martin . . . Anne Stringfield
    27 Years

    Jeff Goldblum . . . Catherine Wreford
    David Hasselhoff . . . Hayley Roberts
    Jerry Lee Lewis . . . Kerrie McCarver
    Rich Little . . . Jeannette Markey
    Rod Stewart . . . Penny Lancaster
    28 Years

    Grover Cleveland . . . Frances Folsom (He: 49, 22nd U.S. President. She: 21, youngest First Lady. Year: 1886.)
    David Copperfield . . . Chloe Gosselin
    Harrison Ford . . . Minnie Driver
    Nelson Mandela . . . Graca Machel
    Jack Nicholson . . . Sandra Knight
    Kenny Rogers . . . Wanda Miller
    William Shatner . . . Nerine Kidd
    William Shatner . . . Elizabeth Martin
    Alan Thicke . . . Tany Callau
    Pete Townshend . . . Rachel Fuller
    Bao Xishum . . . Xia Shusian (He: former world’s tallest man 7’9″)

    29 Years

    Neil Diamond . . . Katie McNeil
    George Hamilton . . . Kimberly Blackford
    Yaphet Kotto . . . Tessie Sinahon
    30 Years

    Buzz Aldrin . . . Michelle Sucillon
    Paul Anka . . . Anna Yeager
    Jim Carrey . . . Anastasia Vitkina
    Bing Crosby . . . Kathryn Grant
    John Derek . . . Bo Derek (Mary Collins)
    Jeff Goldbloom . . . Emilie Livingston
    Andy Griffith . . . Cindi Knight
    Frank Sinatra . . . Mia Farrow
    John Tyler . . . Julia Gardiner (He: 54, 10th U.S. President. She: 24. Year: 1844.)
    George Frederic Watts . . . Ellen Terry (He: 46, British artist. She: 16, actress. Year: 1864.)
    31 Years

    Eric Clapton . . . Melia McEnery
    John Cleese . . . Jennifer Wade
    Rodney Dangerfield . . . Joan Child
    Robert Evans . . . Catherine Oxenberg
    Dennis Hopper . . . Katherine LaNasa
    Davy Jones . . . Jessica Pacheco
    Martin Landau . . . Gretchen Becker
    32 Years

    Billy Joel . . . Katie Lee
    David Lynch . . . Emily Stofle
    Ed McMahon . . . Pam Hurn
    Geraldo Rivera . . . Erica Levy
    33 Years

    Tony Bennett . . . Susan Crow
    Cary Grant . . . Dyan Cannon (He: 57. She: 24 when first met. He: 61. She: 28 when married.)
    George Hamilton . . . Barbara Sturm
    Jack Nicholson . . . Lara Flynn Boyle
    George Frederic Watts . .

  285. 285
    LOL Says:

    @Lyla J.:

    I love a common-sensical posts. Notice it getting no thumbs as it’s way too rational of the old hags posting here. LMAO!!!!! I can practically tell which posts I agree with and which ones I don’t. The ones I agree with have no thumbs or have lots of neg thumbs. The one with many pos thumbs are usually posted by delusional old hags that get egged on by their other friendly neighborhood hags.
    “Would love to have the ability to travel like the wealthy. Necker Island. Sir Richard should offer his paradise to Make-A-Wish Foundation or some such non-profit. “
    “Wonder if all the celebs pay for their stay. “
    It depends. If he is inviting, it’s free. Otherwise, he charges. This looks like some opening weekend he has going on.
    “Ah, such a sweet life it must be to never have to worry about money. “
    Money and health are the first two things people worry most about. If you have those two things, it’s indeed a sweet life. But I would wager good health is even better than having money.
    “Gerard has never struck me as the marrying kind, but he’s been so full of surprises this past year that nothing would surprise me now. “
    He’ll surprise you alright. I think many fans never realized just how traditional he really is. That’s why he wants his woman younger than him, and he takes care of all their expenses together. He’s a man after my own heart. Love traditional men. They make the best hubbies. Very protective too.
    “Who knows, and frankly who cares. It’s Friday and the weekend is here!! Time for some fun. We commoners know how to have fun too. Lol”
    Now you’re talking. It’s my advice to everyone here. Instead of sitting 24/7 mourning Gerard has a GF, why not find your own man and stop dumping on him and his GF because you’re jealous? Anyway, you have the right idea. You ain’t sitting here feeling like a train just hit you. I warned peeps not to think it’s over and rejoice too fast. I told peeps to wait and see.

    Just because she went to London it doesn’t mean they are finished. Maybe she needed to take care of a few things back home and bring more things back to the states. Maybe she needed to visit her parents and her brother and his family. Why can’t some of you old beetches cut her some slack?

  286. 286
    LOL Says:

    Delusional old hag. Just because some none-alpha males like dating mother figures, doesn’t mean it’s indicative of the male condition. Alphas don’t date older women. Males who are misguided about egalitarianism might date their mothers. But who like dating them? It’s like dating man with gay inclinations. Masculine alpha males like to take the responsibility and the leadership in the relationship and take care of their ladies. Older ladies feel like mother and like they are taking care of the guy. Younger ladies feel like daughters and the guy feels like has to take care of them, which brings his masculinity alive. Feminist men need not apply. Take that old hag. Look for your emasculated man to date. I will stick to my manly hot guys. BTW,k it might help you to stop being so delusional and idiotic.

  287. 287
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    For everything there is a season … A right time to hold on and another to let go …” Ecclesiastes 3:1, 6

  288. 288
    Hey LOL Says:

    @starlynn: All you have prove n with your list (which you’re far too invested in) is that rich old guys can get a young piece. DUH. Alot of them would have sex with kids, too, if it was legal. Doesn’t make it right, but it’s been going on since the beginning of time. I hope you cut and pasted that for your sake. What a complete waste of time.

  289. 289
    Let's See Says:

    When the one guy tweeted that Gerry just moved into his building—maybe MG was moving her things in as someone commented here. This is better than any soap opera ever made.
    If he is this serious about the relationship I hope he shows up with her in public more. Time to take the pro and con comments that will initially happen and then move on with their lives together. IMO :)

  290. 290
    He won't Says:

    @Let’s See: He will always keep his options open. Trust. Leopards don’t change their spots.

  291. 291
    exactly Says:

    @Getting It While He’s Hot: Exactly right. Notice how reports about him still refer to him as the star of 300? Tweets posted here about him still say “saw the guy from 300″? 300 came out in 2007. FIVE YEARS AGO. Maybe he’s done some good work since then but not particularly memorable work since he’s still predominantly known as the “star of 300.” He’s more known for his social life than his professional work. I think that’s why some other Hollywood guys get away with dating young and barely legal models.
    I think Johnny Depp who’s older than Gerry could start dating a girl in her early 20s and people would joke about it and think that it’s weird, but they wouldn’t cast aspersions because he’s freakin Johnny Depp! So many memorable performances in so many different kinds of films (Pirates of the Caribbean to Finding Neverland). He’s achieved enough professionally that I think the public is less apt to judge him personally. Someone like Gerry who people know best for his personal life and is resting on laurels earned 5 years ago in his professional life doesn’t get the benefit of such respect. That’s the price he pays for his choices, and given how much he gets paid for being a party boy, no one should feel badly for him because of it.

  292. 292
    Let's See Says:

    @He won’t:

    I have to agree with you to a certain extent, however how many women has he been with that he has actually stopped prowling and hitting the bars and other than a look at some other woman, has he actually behaved so well. This relationship may or may not work, but one sure sign that it will be over is if he goes on the prowl again.
    Also has anyone that has been following him for a long time ever read a news article saying he was in love and he not try to disprove it by hitting on other women right away?

  293. 293
    Let's See Says:

    @He won’t:

    I have to agree with you to a certain extent, however how many women has he been with that he has actually stopped prowling and hitting the bars and other than a look at some other woman, has he actually behaved so well. This relationship may or may not work, but one sure sign that it will be over is if he goes on the prowl again.
    Also has anyone that has been following him for a long time ever read a news article saying he was in love and he not try to disprove it by hitting on other women right away?

  294. 294
    Let's See Says:

    Sorry for the double post JJ must of hickuped!!! hehe

  295. 295
    Let's See Says:

    Sorry for the double post JJ must have hickuped!!!!! hehe

  296. 296
    He won't Says:

    @Let’s See: He’s already prowling. He was hitting on that woman hard last weekend in NYC. And she’s EXACTLY his type.

  297. 297
    Let's See Says:

    What the h is going on????? I’ve entered the twilight zone.

  298. 298
    Beth Says:

    @Hey LOL: I don’t come here too often anymore, and reading your post, I know why. What a disgusting thing to say about “alot of them” on the list. And by the way Alot is not a word. It is two words, A Lot. Oh, and I for one enjoyed the list, so Star did not waste my time by posting it.

  299. 299
    Let's See Says:

    @He won’t:

    Well you are right he does have his on style doesn’t he? Didn’t I post once that the only way he would be faithful is for him to go into a monastery. Now she took him to a private tropical island.
    Did they go there to watch the Dolphins. hehe

  300. 300
    Kilroy Says:

    @Let’s See: it’s not private but it is exclusive to celebs. Still, all we know is that a guy said he was taking his Hungarian model gf to Necker’s. Let’s see if he didn’t mistake G for someone else. Photos hopefully.

  301. 301
    Kilroy Says:

    Thanks to all of you lovely people for negging LOL out so I didn’t have to read the ridiculous rants! So much nicer that way!

  302. 302
    Works well Says:

    I agree. The psycho page-long rants only last a few minutes now, so the thumbing campaign is working quite well. Even works with the socks. LOL is the worst socker ever.

  303. 303
    LOL Says:

    @Hey LOL:
    Raggedy old hag, it’s not me posting that long list of older men/younger women examples. And as far as being too invested in anything here it seems most of you old hags are far too invested in Gerard is not being serious about MG buIIsh!t, and MG being no good ugly plastic woman nonsense, and GB will never marry cr@p. I find it amusing that old hags spending here 24/7 tell me I am too invested. LOL… ha ha ha ha…..i wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own 2 eyes how delusional and hypocritical most of you are. Why don’t any of you have dates for Friday night? why are you sitting here alone and lonely mocking him and her for having the time of their lives together? Think about it.
    I, in the meantime, have a whole weekend planned. Got to go, but will check in tomorrow afternoon. I still have more posts to answer. To any of you if you’re going out tonight, have a good time. Enjoy yourself. The rest of you with no lives, how about watching some TV? Whatever you do, don’t post angry bitter cr@p. It makes you look sooooo jealous.

  304. 304
    Clamsie Says:

    @LOL: LOL, gotta love it! Gerry getting married on the sly, at Necker Island! I love this if it’s true. His career is going nowhere but at least he can try for some happiness in his personal life. Maybe Maddie can squeeze out a wee bairn or two and won’t THAT be fun for us? LOL

    Ok. Time for a wakeup call to the doubters here: Gerry and Maddie MAY HAVE MET over a year ago at Ischia where they were both pimping themselves. Anyone remember him getting an “actor of the year” award? Maybe that’s when they first hooked up so that could be the meaning behind the “year”. They’ve known each other a year. Maybe they “did it” as his shiny statuette stood guard by the bed?

    At any rate, he’s got like six weeks off before his next film starts and seems to me he’s got plenty of time for a two-week honeymoon before he starts doing press for CM.

    Have a lovely weekend, ladies :)

  305. 305
    Let's See Says:


    I agree with photos. Wasn’t he there one time and the paps got pics of him over weight? So maybe we will see him in his bathing suit and with her in tow. Surprised there wasn’t a sighting at any airport etc.
    Maybe he has already hooked up with someone else and has taken her there. Wouldn’t that fit his play book?

  306. 306
    LOL Says:

    @Works well:
    Ha ha ha ah ha ha ha……..It won’t change anything negging me. You’ll still be a jealous old hag. BTW, I hate to break it to you, they all read me, that’s why they get so angry. Including you, who are you kidding? Stop being so delusional. I said it before – most of you are so immature you think negging posts helps your situation. LOL, it only makes you the laughing stock of the Internet community. Jealous old hags are trashing Gerard younger more beautiful GF ……..ha ha ah ah ha ha . there is a reason people like me laugh at you. You’re delusional.
    your posts are funny. got to go. keep hammering some good common sense.

  307. 307
    Let's See Says:

    One thing we know about this guy is that Mr. Charlie dosen’t like being alone for long. He’s due for a fix.

  308. 308
    LOL Says:

    @Works well:
    Ha ha ha ah ha ha ha……..It won’t change anything negging me. You’ll still be a jealous old hag. BTW, I hate to break it to you, they all read me, that’s why they get so angry. Including you, who are you kidding? Stop being so delusional. I said it before – most of you are so immature you think negging posts helps your situation. LOL, it only makes you the laughing stock of the Internet community. Jealous old hags are trashing Gerard younger more beautiful GF ……..ha ha ha ah ah ha ha . there is a reason people like me laugh at you. You’re delusional.
    your posts are funny. got to go. keep hammering some good common sense.

  309. 309
    Stinky sock Says:

    @Clamsie: Either you are stealing monikers again, LOL, or you’re speaking out of both sides of your shell. The Clamsie we all know thinks he’s gay, so you need to get your sock drawer in order.

  310. 310
    Let's See Says:

    Is anyone else having problems with JJ being slow and not responding. ?

  311. 311
    wishful thinking Says:

    May bad karma and bad juju come back to bite all the hatemongers here. You reap what you sow. Does all the rotten stuff you post make you happy momentarily?

  312. 312
    LOL Says:

    I know I said I was going to leave and come back but I can’t pull myself away from harassing you old hags some more! You make me sick, you old dried up prunes you! You lust after Gerard and it makes me so angry because I’m a dateless old dude who can’t get nobody! I sit here at my computer night after night and dream about being GB! All I got is my hand and abox of tissue!

  313. 313
    Kilroy Says:

    @wishful thinking: I would suspect LOL and Clamsie are either the same sick person or so miserable they only want everyone else to be as miserable as they are. I can tell my LOL’s latest post that he’s starting to get perturbed! Let’s wait and watch the meltdown! In the meantime, I’ve gotta dinner date! Catch you all later!

  314. 314
    bye bye Says:

    @wishful thinking: Go worship at the shrine sites. See ya!!!

  315. 315
    Kilroy Says:

    @Works well: I think it works real well! No words sweeter then “Hidden due to low comment rating.”

  316. 316
    Lame Says:

    Stop addressing it and speaking about it or you’re just as bad as it is. Or maybe you are it feeding yourself.

  317. 317
    LOL Says:

    Da.mmit, I’m out of Cheetos.

  318. 318
    wishful thinking Says:

    @bye bye: Then you wear the hate monger label with pride? You would have been a hit with the Nazis.

  319. 319
    SouthernBelle Says:

    I have no clue where GB is or who might be with him; but, did I miss something? Although he may very well be on Necker Island and may be married by now, how do you know that? There was a twitpic of a chopper from a guy in Puerto Rico. This Rodriguez just opened a twitter account on the 19th, has 5 tweets and the only thing he tweets about is charging his phone and GB going to an island that is advertised on this page today. Maybe it’s true, or coincidence or BS. CGE posted a pic of Gerry talking to a woman in a NYC hotel lobby last night at 9:56 PM, and this morning at 9 AM he’s in San Juan? He must never sleep. Remember, GB was sighted in at least three places at the same time.

  320. 320
    TUT Says:

    Being straightforward: I know many men who were dogs in their single lives and saints when they married and are with their children. Oh they take great pride in their bachelor days yet they are very tired or careful in their marriage. You need to understand that their ego is in it – To have a pure and wholesome family. Their attitude is there are women you only sleep with and a young beautiful virginal or less experienced woman is one you marry. Sorry.

  321. 321
    roflmao Says:

    @TUT: Well I guess your theory rules out MG as a possible wife then, lol.

  322. 322
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    Let’s See @ 09/21/2012 at 6:44 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down -19

    @He won’t:

    I have to agree with you to a certain extent, however how many women has he been with that he has actually stopped prowling and hitting the bars and other than a look at some other woman, has he actually behaved so well. This relationship may or may not work, but one sure sign that it will be over is if he goes on the prowl again.
    Also has anyone that has been following him for a long time ever read a news article saying he was in love and he not try to disprove it by hitting on other women right away?
    GB disappeared for 3 months once with Bianca. We didn’t see hide nor hair of him for that long and maybe longer. The only reason you are reading about his supposed love life now is the woman he is with is famous in two or three countries and could have been the source of the story. That was a very strange accounting and not something GB would bless. Bianca was not famous by name and was not an attention seeker like this one.

  323. 323
    Gracias Says:

    @SouthernBelle: Exactly. This tweet is very suspicious. It could be either mistaken identity or a plant. This happens constantly with him. I don’t know if it’s deliberate, or if he just looks like a lot of guys out there. I do think his pr person plants fake sightings now and then, since he seems to love to play hide and seek. And then someone comes on here and starts up with the wedding garbage, just like with the supposed wedding in Scotland. It’s just ridiculous. Remember people, if you believe all the tweets he would have to be in two places at once. Wait for pics before you believe anything.

  324. 324
    TutTut Says:


    And you knew these men in which century? Today, most “less experienced” or virginal girls are about twelve which would make these men statuatory rapists.

  325. 325
    alpha sperm? Says:

    FYI-it’s not just the ladies who have to worry about the biological time clock.
    This is from the NY Times, but there are quite a few articles on the subject of older fathers and fertility.

    “When it comes to fertility and the prospect of having normal babies, it has always been assumed that men have no biological clock — that unlike women, they can have it all, at any age.

    But mounting evidence is raising questions about that assumption, suggesting that as men get older, they face an increased risk of fathering children with abnormalities. Several recent studies are starting to persuade many doctors that men should not be too cavalier about postponing marriage and children.

    Until now, the problems known to occur more often with advanced paternal age were so rare they received scant public attention. The newer studies were alarming because they found higher rates of more common conditions — including autism and schizophrenia — in offspring born to men in their middle and late 40s. A number of studies also suggest that male fertility may diminish with age.
    “The message to men is: ‘Wake up,’” said Pamela Madsen, executive director of the American Fertility Association, a U.S. education and advocacy group. “It’s not just about women anymore, it’s about you, too.”

    Analyses of sperm samples from healthy men have found changes as men age, including increased fragmentation of DNA, and some studies outside the United States have noted increased rates of some cancers in children of older fathers…”

    Geneticists have been aware for decades that the risk of certain rare birth defects increases with the father’s age. One of the most studied of these conditions is a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia, but the list also includes neurofibromatosis, the connective tissues disorder Marfan syndrome, skull and facial abnormalities like Apert syndrome, and many other diseases and abnormalities.

    Some studies suggest that the risk of sporadic single-gene mutations may be four to five times higher for fathers who are 45 and older, compared with fathers in their 20s, said Dr. Joe Leigh Simpson, president-elect of the American College of Medical Genetics. Overall, having an older father is estimated to increase the risk of a birth defect by 1 percent, against a background 3 percent risk for a birth defect, he said.

  326. 326
    SouthernBelle Says:


    “Oh they take great pride in their bachelor days yet they are very tired or careful in their marriage.”

    What an awful thought – they want to marry virgins, have children, then become tired and careful. What does the wife get out of this – childbearing, childcare and celibacy? Hope you don’t know a lot of these men; however, if the women are willing to marry self-serving b*stards, guess they deserve what they get (or don’t get). Thankfully, I’m not familiar with the breed.

  327. 327
    question Says:

    @alpha sperm?: Does that mean he’s an old hag beetch too? ;-)

  328. 328
    Let's See Says:

    @Totally Useless Information:
    Thanks for the info


    It all comes down to a virgin in public and a wh/re in bed. This concept is a conflict many men have, and it is age old.

  329. 329
    TUT Says:

    @TutTut: For example, Asian families are still conservative. These are very strong cultures residing even in the U.S. if you look at Koren churches, islamic and Buddhist, Hindu temples here. The societies are very careful. Education, culture, religion and family. Of course there is always exceptions. But they are much more conservative as a whole. you may not associate with them because they wouldn’t understand your world. It is not restrictive. The focus is for the betterment in other areas. Most women do not want to experiment with multiple partners. It is like sharing karma with each. Bad and good. Better to reserve it to one spouse if possible. Just a different way of thinking.

  330. 330
    Let's See Says:

    Also not many women can pull this off very well and it becomes disappointing to men after awhile. They loose interest and seek out another young one. So the circle repeats itself. Men like this are never satisfied, but yet fail to realize the fault is in themselves. Some men just never can be happy.
    I feel G is this type of man. Always looking to find his happiness in other people and things and not with himself.
    If he can be alone and entertain himself and be happy with himself, he will experience great peace.
    Everyone needs to learn to accept themselves and be happy or else how can anyone be happy with you..

  331. 331
    Let's See Says:

    Gerry is always searching.

  332. 332
    Zoe Says:

    @TUT: I agree it’s just a different way of thinking , but it takes women 100 years rewind… Women in modern societies would never let this hapenn cos their great grandmothers fought for emancipation , freedom in every way … In Aristotels and Socrates time women were seen as slaves and just sex objects , they didn’t have the wright to do anything…I guess that too is just another way of thinking…
    Today women are free to do whatever men are, today women are free to try more partners and see which one is the best for them… Those times when it was thought that women are just slaves and they shouldn’t enjoy sex are long gone… I’m not a hater and that’s why I will never say anything bad about these religions and societies where they are still controlling every aspect of a woman’s life…I’ll just avoid them and not agree with them…

  333. 333
    Virginia :) Says:

    @TUT :
    A virgin , sooner or later is gonna want to try something else, and the guy after a while can be deeply unsatisfied with her, since she doesn’t know her own body and doesn’t enjoy sex as much as somebody experienced…

  334. 334
    Clamsie Says:

    @Stinky sock: Ths Clam is only pulling your sealeg!

    I’ve thought for years that he was primarily gay. But didn’t Rock Hudson marry his assistant as a cover? I think so! At some point, Gerry will have to marry to procreate and keep his gay lifestyle in the closet from you loonytoony fangirls who can’t stand that he has someone in his life who isn’t a fat miserable old hag like yourselves.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it if he’s gay or not: either way, it appears that he’s with Maddie and that alone makes me enjoy the hell ouf of this site because it irks most of you. Why can’t you be happy for him? If you truly liked the guy, you’d leave him alone to find his own partners. It’s not like he listens to his fans and he never will. He doesn’t take fannie’s advice regarding career moves so why in hell should he listen to you whiners regarding his personal private love life?

    *Blowing kisses to my friend LOL who has figured Gerry out, too!*

  335. 335
    TutTut Says:


    My mistake. I thought that we were talking about GB, rather than men in general. I understand that this is common in other cultures and respect their traditions, even though I couldn’t abide by them. Didn’t mean to be offensive.

  336. 336
    TUT Says:

    @Zoe: @Virginia :): You will never be in these societies and it is not a step backwards. They do not view sex as bad (ie Kama Sutra). They view life and choices as karma. It will come back good or bad. Emancipatation to be great lawyers, doctors, journalists and even stay at home moms. Emancipation to have sex with multiple partners is not of great interests. If you consider them as backward, you should wonder what they think of you.

  337. 337
    Blowing Kisses to LOL? Says:


    Seems like you could just bend over to deliver your kisses.

  338. 338
    alpha sperm Says:

    @question: regarding hags, I’ll defer to our resident expert (i don’t want to mention him/her/it by name) :)

  339. 339
    Zoe Says:

    @TUT: interesting that you mentioned Kama Sutra, it reminded me of something… I had an Indian friend (girl) who was from a very nice( religious family), through her I met many others,I’m very familiar with their customs, and I’m also familiar with that many of them don’t abide by the rules, they just appear to do so in public… And most women are not ha[[y with the way they have to live there but they can’t do nothing about that… And that’s a fact… I wouldn’t be talking about this if I didn’t know something about it… And don’t worry I know what they think of me, cos they told me, they think I’m free and they are not…(From their mouth)

  340. 340
    imho Says:

    If ever this place needed a new thread, now is the time. This has hit a brick wall. Butler do something.

  341. 341
    SouthernBelle Says:


    Why? The topic hasn’t changed in what four? five? threads. What you need is another group of posters who care only about his career, and then you would see less than a page of comments on each thread. Not at all good for JJ.

  342. 342
    imho Says:

    @SouthernBelle: Yeah, but much of this stuff isn’t even about Buts and Mads if that’s the topic you are referring to, just a lot of hot air by people who want to hear themselves pontificate. BORING.

  343. 343
    Arthur Lands Says:

    Did you all see Psy on SNL?? So funny

  344. 344
    Kilroy Says:

    @SouthernBelle: You read my mind! Maybe I’m stoopid but that twitter account of that dude who said Gerry was taking his Hungarian model gf to Necker Island and showed a pic of a helicopter, seems new. There’s nothing showing on it before Sept. 19 and the only photo he has is of the helicopter and of himself and a girl. Does anyone think that odd? Or am I missing something? To me, it looks like a new account. And there hasn’t been a tweet since that one. Very weird.

  345. 345
    Clamsie Says:

    @Blowing Kisses to LOL?: You’re the one with your head up his tuchas. :)

  346. 346
    Crossing Hearts Says:

    Boring thread

  347. 347
    SouthernBelle Says:


    Agreed but the same posters will follow to another thread, taking their soapboxes with them. For months now this board has been about them not about GB. Don’t know which is worse – the trolls, the lovefests or the preaching, but if you complain, you’re told not to come here. It’s like “love it or leave it.” Their way or the highway. Every once in awhile there are some interesting, entertaining and informative posts. Guess you just have to learn to read around the quantity to get to the quality.

  348. 348
    imho Says:

    @SouthernBelle: Well said .I can agree.

  349. 349
    Kilroy Says:

    Is this the same guy with the twitter?

  350. 350
    Let's See Says:


    I understand your confusion. Maybe the guy just got a twitter account. I think the tweet may be real. If it was fake and made up he wouldn’t call her hungarian and would know who she was. If I saw her for the first time and heard her speak I may have guessed Greek. Let’s see what happens over the rest of the weekend if G shows up some where. If not the it could be a big possibility he went to the island. IMO

  351. 351
    Let's See Says:


    Here is the tweet with Daniel’s pic. Not the same guy.

  352. 352
    TUT Says:

    @Zoe: Sorry you had a bad experience. Unfortunately, you think that is a norm. There are all kinds. But as a whole….As I said before you would not associate much with most of the society I speak of. They may seem nerdy or boring to you.

  353. 353
    Silver ManBoy Says:

    If GerBear is still with Maddy, or any other young 20s gal pal, I wonder if he’s gonna let his hair go the gray that it really is or if he’s going to keep dying and highlighting it to try to look younger and avoid the “Hey, is that your father?” questions. For real, GerBear is more than a gray temple man:
    Those gray roots are just a little grow out after having dyed hair for a role and this photo is from more than a year ago. If he didn’t dye his hair, he’d be way more gray. Wonder if he’s going to try to hide that to make it look less weird that he’s with someone so young.

  354. 354
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    If GB has taken the love of his life to Necker Island for a vacation and/or wedding then he’s spending mega bucks – as in $381,000 +++ for at least 5 nights of privacy. Since it’s exclusive I am sure it will be a small, intimate wedding, which will more than likely mean his posse is left out of it. I doubt if we’ll see any photos unless some local spills the beans, or his PR people release something.

    So, I’m guessing if he’s around NYC he’ll be seen and someone will tweet something. If he’s on Necker Island he’s out of sight for at least a week.

  355. 355
    American Idle Says:

    Necker Island..hmmm…that’s where Prince Harry hangs out with his pals

  356. 356
    Kelp farm Says:

    Do you get the feeling random tweets are deliberate to throw us off his track since the Maddy backlash. His PR is trying to mix it up now. She uses FB to show they are separate and they are really together in a hideaway. like when John John married Carolyn Bessette.

  357. 357
    Let's See Says:

    I can’t imagine GB having anything other than a big Catholic wedding. If he finds someone that special and ready to marry her it will be a big celebration. He never does anything small. Don’t think this trip is for a wedding.

    He has lots of gray—he has to dye his beard his eyebrows and maybe eye lashes. Alot of work.

  358. 358
    angrybaby Says:

    Hello )
    Wondering if someone twitt that Gerry in Kenya riding on elephant with friends ,did u believe that too?))
    Actually we have no idea what’s he doing and what happens in his head now. And if he choose this woman its only his business and we can do nothing with it . But my personal opinion this woman not for him,but hell knows..anyway with or without her he will go on live like before. Remember Laurie C. they been together long long time and he was impressed by that girl too.
    Will see.
    Its his life and what he doing with it only his problem,and we can only talk talk talk :D
    Have a great weekend :D

  359. 359
    Love his gray Says:

    I doubt he’ll be able to hold onto it during production for awhile since most want his hair dark. I’m sure Mada doesn’t care one way or the other.

  360. 360
    Let's See Says:

    What is wrong with the left side of his neck in that photo?

  361. 361
    Umm Says:

    @Let’s See: Nothing, it’s the angle.

  362. 362
    Let's See Says:

    The Russian girls are good at finding out info on him. We’ll see what they come up with.

  363. 363
    cupccake Says:

    Hello ladies. Tgif.

  364. 364
    dargabriel Says:

    @Trying to figure it out: doing good. I hope you have a beautiful weekend. Dargabriel

  365. 365
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    Good to hear that. You have a good weekend too. It looks like rain here all weekend, so I’ll have to amuse myself inside; it will be too wet to work outside. I have a pile of ironing to do from my trip so that will keep me occupied for a while. Then there is JJ of course for my daily fix!

  366. 366
    dargabriel Says:

    @Trying to figure it out: nice rain, I love the rain, sunshine in cal, funny i just left on a trip today, one of many, san fran for now. I don’t believe all these tweets, Butler is slowing down, he looks so sad in that pic, his eyes tell all. Doesnt look like a happy in love man. I wish him bliss and love. Take care, let the rain kiss you from me. Love,dargabriel

  367. 367
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @dargabriel: was so glad to see your name Dargabriel. Don’t think I have ever seen him so stressed. Expected a different look when he came back from the mts. What do you think is going on with him? No he doesn’t look happy at all. Hope your trip is going well and sounds like you will be traveling for a while. Have a good time and enjoy yourself. So good to hear you.

  368. 368
    Summer Says:

    So what I’m gathering is that his taste in women is high paid escorts. That’s what he likes girls. He’s too complicated. It would take a true all time consuming overhaul to get through to him. If you’ve got the time, then go for it.

    If he did find the right girl, she would be similar to his mother in character and mannerisms. He won’t do that. It’s due to deep seeded issues regarding abandonment of his mother by his dad. He’s trying to find the opposite. Which will only bring him distress. He’s not his dad, he needs to realize that. End of story.

  369. 369
    Just a thought Says:

    Could the Twitter guy be talking about the helicopter?
    Didn’t GB say he was taking classes and had many hours of experience already?

  370. 370
    dargabriel Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: nice to see you, everythings great, the positive flow. I feel gb is very frustrated with his other half, I don’t mean the mg lady, deeper spiritual connections, I really do love all of you here. I just can’t help but feel sad for gb’s demeanor. He’s not with mg, this I swear, at least my heart tells me. Gerard needs his little white light. Well good night and sweet dreams. Love and light, dargabriel

  371. 371
    Anon Says:

    Has anybody else realised how absolutely gorgeous Ariel Vromen is? Gerry’s “best bud”, in his own terms. Apparently he is cuter and funnier than Gerry IRL. I doubt he is cuter, but he is not bad at all!

  372. 372
    Alina Says:

    What do you mean by that??

  373. 373
    Anon Says:

    @Alina: Sorry, I’m not quite sure which part you are unsure of? I meant that Ariel Vromen, director of The Iceman (remember Gerard went to TIFF for the screening of this film) and good friends of Gerry’s, is quite handsome. Just a random observation :)

  374. 374
    Alina Says:

    OK! I know this.

  375. 375
    It Just might work Says:

    @Just a thought: I suppose he could be talking about a Hungarian copter. Not sure what the model would be, but if you zoom in on the picture you might trace the license # through the FAA or contact the Hungarian Consul and see if they could help to identify the copter and find out the name of the pilot that way. Tell them you have a picture.
    The British consul might help as well since it is a British Island. If that doesn’t work, contact your congressman. They don’t do anything anyway [ you are paying his salary] and maybe he can lend you a hand although I wouldn’t hold my breath on the help part. Of course there is always the Red Cross. OR you could tweet the tweeter and just ask what the heck he was talking about and what model the copter is and where it was made.
    I gotta go milk some cows. Hope this helped. Let us know okay.
    Oh, if you should tweet the tweeter, ask him if Gerry is a good pilot. Have a great day.

  376. 376
    Hungarian Helicopters Says:

    From HamPage: Roto-craft in Hungary…

    Helicopters are not very common in Hungary. I mean the Air Force, the police and the emergency rescue squads have got quite a few, but private copters are very rare.

  377. 377
    ny hotel Says:
    Veronica Juncaj
    Hello there Mr. Gerard Butler #cantbelieveit #wow #superhot #inlove
    12:51 AM – 21 Sep
    Why was Gerry in a hotel lobby in NYC so late last night? Doesn’t he usually meet his FWB’s in hotels?

  378. 378
    Hello Says:

    @ny hotel: It was Thursday the 20th. Unfortunately not a psychic so couldn’t tell you where he was. Guess you will have to ask Veronica since Gerry seems to be out of town. Are you his mum?

  379. 379
    bad... Says:

    clarify this once and for all! ..
    To me these two together I could not care less!
    I do not care Gerard sexually ok? Because whereas as a man…well leaves a lot to be desired and…if it had to do with me would struggles,… struggles, I would not give to him any way get away with it
    ( deserves a lot of slaps, kicking or… maybe punching, yes!.. I think that has not taken enough!) no kidding!
    With respect to any female with which sketches out a pseudo-romantic relationship (and let this doubt at least ..) does not go beyond his personal physical pleasure.
    I’m still interested in him, yes, .. as an actor! ..
    It’s clear now!? stop.
    At least be logical and wait for the photos, … there are these pictures, there are already around?
    Let the usual idiots pull the usual spiel … just have to see Gerard, what is trivial in his private life, until now considering of a change would also have a relationship stable, with anyone who is female well ..that it would be really awesome news! I do not deny anything, but.. just do not care.
    Of girls like her around here there are too many.
    I’m just sorry to see an actor who wanted to get to the top … but I see his colleagues who had the same films (300 RNR … or just to make a small example) they are not simple guests of festival or other premiere, but with of their own films in competition … and continue to work hard, a film after another with filmmakers really very important.. and colleagues of fame … but he .. well …
    I understand one thing .. you have to wait as these will be the next film that must get out … but honestly I’m not a born optimist .. and usually I am not mistaken in my intuitions (or forecast) …
    I like a lot to admit you were wrong … sometimes!
    One thing I want to add still, .. it was enough to come here and see how many pages have been written just because it’s reappearance its ‘shadow’!
    And tell me now is not this depressing?

  380. 380
    bad... Says:

    @Getting It While He’s Hot:
    What’s glaringly obvious is that none of the great directors are dying to work with him. There’s no Scorsese or Cronenberg or Spielberg or Soderbergh trying to get him in their films the way they do DiCaprio, Brody, Mortensen, and Fassbender. When GB tries to make serious movies he’s always trying to make lemonade out of lemons because the great scripts and great directors aren’t looking to work with him.
    Personally I think GB has given up trying to be respected and taken seriously as an actor. I think he’s resigned himself to being a presenter at the Golden Globes instead of a nominee and one of the masses who show up for the Oscar after-parties without having been invited to the Oscars themselves. He’s 43. The window for him as a leading man is closing. Competition for good roles is only going to become stiffer as they get fewer and fewer as he gets older and older. I think he’s just a very practical guy who knows that and figures that he’s going to milk what he can while he’s hot and that includes young model poontang before young model poontang starts asking “Gerry …….. who?”


    ops..haha I was wrong to vote, put + ‘, after reading what you wrote … I appreciate your thinking is very similar to my thoughts, of a few years ago (exactly after 300, a drop …. I hope always in an end .. sigh)

  381. 381
    bad... Says:

    and sorry all of them if I add one more thing .. I know many of you do not fully agree .. but some of you think..mhm..just prefer not to say too bad towards him.
    Gerard is really an emeritus *******! (..jerk)
    But I’m confident, other his colleagues oafish then changed their lifestyle over the years .. maybe to him, it just takes more time because it is not able to grow. Simple observation.
    (or maybe I am very angry today, because life is hard and full of sacrifices., and you should always be careful what you spend,..not afford every now some carefree purchase, as well as a book … because the money this month is not enough, and you have to be careful and then…. and then read of this actor… not so famous, but famous for the gossip yes, that lives the life of a crafty.. how many of those privileged, and without any merit instead can!)

  382. 382
    Hotels Says:

    @ny hotel: Interesting. He does seem to spend a great deal of time in hotels, doesn’t he? And never seems to sleep. Or sit still for five minutes.

  383. 383
    hope Says:

    I hope it’s more interesting around here today than it was yesterday which was one of the most boring in recent Butler JJ history, for me anyway.

  384. 384
    Beth Says:

    Now thumb me down, but I agree with Hope. All that malarky yesterday about men and virgins etc. seemed like some were writing papers for their sociology classes.

  385. 385
    lolita Says:

    I have been checking the internet on Gerry, most of it is all old news. He should fire some of his PR team because if they think him doing a disappearing act when he just lost a movie role is a good thing, I guess they have’nt heard the concept of out of sight out of mind is helping him.
    I understand everyone needs a vacation, but right now he needs more visability. His Movie CM is coming out next month and He will be competing with Taken2 around the same time, Liam has that series locked down. Maybe it is true that Gerry is only interested in the money and not perfecting his craft. I never thought I would ever feel that way about him but he is not doing much to dispell that image.

  386. 386
    greta Says:

    @lolita: I won’t be seeing Taken2. I saw the original and did not like it. It was OK until we got to the parts with the daughter kidnapped and I thought it was all geared to appeal to prurient interests.

  387. 387
    Realist Says:

    @Getting It While He’s Hot:

    I think he’s just a very practical guy who knows that and figures that he’s going to milk what he can while he’s hot and that includes young model poontang before young model poontang starts asking “Gerry …….. who?”

    They already say that. They think he is Russell Crowe.

  388. 388
    Juicy Lucy Says:


    I actually thought Taken was a good movie. As mucn as I love Liam Neeson, I’ll pass on Taken 2. The four films I my must see list are: Hyde Park on The Hudson, The Master, The Sliver Linings Playbook and Lincoln.

  389. 389
    WTH? Says:

    Anybody else just watch this morning’s posts disappear? All of them?

  390. 390
    Realist Says:

    When I think Hungarian, I think Blonde.
    Pretty Woman is JUST A MOVIE!!
    If GB had kids now, if he doesn’t have some hidden or otherwise, he would be he would be 62 when the kid is 20.
    He’s getting sloppy or does not care how the press or fans see him anymore.

  391. 391
    greta Says:

    @Juicy Lucy: Lincoln is on my list but at the top is Anna Karenina. I’m also going to see CM.

  392. 392
    WTH? Says:

    Okay, now they’re back. Bizarre.

  393. 393
    cupccake Says:

    Hi ladies hope all are having a relaxing weekend some of you. Are mentioning favorite movies you want to see. The few that I look foward to are Man with the iron fists, Argo, Les Miserable, Lawless,Skyfall and of coarse Chasing Mavericks.

  394. 394
    DocP Says:

    Personally i like Gerry’s choices in movies. Yes he does some cheesy ones to pander to the female crowd but most actors who want to stay working do that. I would love to see him in an Epic movielike 300 again but unfortunately movies like those don’t come around that much. Either way i will still go to see his movies cheesy or epic. i think he still looks great, no matter what he wears:)

  395. 395
    lolita Says:

    The last thing I want to see is tabloid BS on him but he needs some good PR now. It was good to see him at TIFF, but there was a comment about why would he be there. He was there to promote his friend but that tells you comments like that aren’t meant to be flatering to him. Liam’s film is already being promoted. I wish Gerry could find a really good franchise to be associated with. Look at the Oceans 11 and Aliens, Residents Evils, he would make a great detective or something similar. Not parts that someone else has passed over. Oh well what the hell do I know about how he feels about his career at this point in time.
    I wish him the best in whatever he chooses to do.

  396. 396
    dargabriel Says:

    Hi everyone, I bet gb is still in nyc, sometimes he’s a bad boy, please turn madness into love. I wish for peace and people to give to each other, maybe my wishes are too great. This man gerard, he likes teaching lessons, sometimes harsh. Realiity, gb is a very strict about universal law. This is a great part of gerards frustration, hes having issues controlling his other half through spirit. Gerard, please see the beautiful light, everything is much more divine in the positive. To everyone, sending healing and light, I love you all. Love,dargabriel

  397. 397
    lolita Says:

    @dargabriel: Dar, bless you for the warm thoughts you always seem to have for Gerry. Thanks, I will try to keep being in the positive for him. He needs some good breaks coming his way.

  398. 398
    dargabriel Says:

    Maybe, gerard is getting ready to purchase that apartment in san francisco on the embarcadero. He will go back to san francisco very soon. Does anyone believe mr.butler is having people post things that keep everyone guessing? I do. He manages to keep people guessing and thinking hes this big player, hes really not. Believe it or not, hes about priesthood and a biblical sense. His wife better pay attention. Love you. Dargabriel

  399. 399
    lolita Says:

    If anyone is in the Buffalo, NYarea and has small kids, the First Niagara Center is showing the live show of HTTYD today and tomorrow. Showed some of the show on the news, looks really good.

  400. 400
    GWHH Says:

    “That’s the price he pays for his choices, and given how much he gets paid for being a party boy, no one should feel badly for him because of it.”
    Gerard Butler is the luckiest ******* in the world. Millions just to play himself in The Ugly Truth and a variation of the same bo-hunk in The Booty Hunter. Millions to voice a gregarious viking. Many hundreds of thousands to show up at hotel openings, club and restaurant openings, and to host New Years parties. I think he had promise as an actor at one time but he gave that up a long time ago and decided to be a ºSTARº. He has given into basically every part of the cliche.
    “They think he is Russell Crowe.”
    Only in terms of Gladiator though. They don’t confuse Gerard Butler for Russell Crowe in movies like A Beautiful Mind. Maybe there was a day that Gerard Butler could have pulled a roll like that off. It ended a long time ago.
    Worse for him is that if there was ever a time that great directors like Ron Howard would have considered Gerard Butler for a role like that, it’s gone. They’re looking to the next generation for such films now, and even if a really juicy role that was age appropriate for Gerard Butler came up, GB hasn’t proved himself over the last five years to earn them.
    Even if people try to say Coriolanus and MGP are examples of him tackling serious work, the films aren’t that good, and for those who insist that they are the movies didn’t make money. GB didn’t prove that he can carry a movie on his own without a better known star on the bill (Hilary Swank, Jennifer Aniston). His fans try to blame the producers and studios involved but Gerard Butler canvassed the country talking about those films. Enough people heard about them from Gerard Butler’s own mouth on the highest rated broadcasts in the country and on local broadcasts for the films to have done well where they opened. They didn’t. So why would someone book him to carry their Oscar-worthy baby when another actor who is more transformative and accomplished and has proven his ability to carry films on his own is likely to be available?
    I hope Gerard Butler has fun with all of his star power boons. It’s what he’s been after based on the choices he’s made and he’s gotten it. That’s fair enough.

  401. 401
    dargabriel Says:

    @lolita: I feel he will have great things in the future, but he must locate the light first, only then will he be on the positive flow, beautiful things to come, notice how there has been lots of negative karma revolving around filming, its been happening for awhile now. Everything happens for a reason. Peace to you lovey. Love,dargabriel

  402. 402
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @dargabriel: I am with Lolita thanking you for your perspective and putting things in a positive light. Yes, I do believe that others post things to throw us “off the scent”. I do hope this is one of those times. Thank you dargabriel. Hope you are enjoying San Fran, all that good bread, food and a trolly ride?

  403. 403
    lolita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Hi, Ducky, how are you? I wish Gerry well but for some reason I feel something is just off with him of late. I don’t know know if after MGP and Corialanus, which were both limited audience films, didn’t meet his expectations and then MC falling apart, if it hasn’t left him a little bitter. He seemed happy at TIFF and with fans on his road trip. I don’t know.

  404. 404
    TAWY Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: There’s definitely some fake tweets posted on here. I wonder if people get paid for that or if it’s just friends? Must be tough in this day and age if you’re secretive, since everyone on the planet is holding a camera.

  405. 405
    Tweets Says:

    Celebs have used Twitter to throw people off for years. They’ve been posting false info on the web about their whereabouts ever since Gawker Stalker came out more than a decade ago and they had people post they were located at point A when they were really at point B. I don’t know why so many people are so ready to believe what they read on Twitter. Probably the same lot that believes everything on Wikipedia too.
    The tweet posted here about him being NYC may be true or false. The tweet posted here about him going to Necker may be true or false. The security at Necker is notoriously ridiculously tight even when it’s a Celebration Week like this week and different parties are on the island instead of the entire island being leased to a single party. You can only access Necker Island by helicopter, but I seriously doubt that any helicopter charter company would last very long doing business with Necker Island if it posted the names of the celebrities seeking some privacy at Necker Island. My guess is that either the helicopter tweet is false or whoever posted it screwed himself over pretty badly. lol.

  406. 406
    Trying to figure it out Says:


  407. 407
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    Thank you for your kind thoughts. I too hope you are enjoying San Fran; haven’t been there yet, but hope to one day.

  408. 408
    Very good point Says:

    @Tweets: There’s no way that guy would name names if he wanted to keep his job, so yeah, I call bs on that tweet. Not to mention the account just opened. Very suspicious. People who work for companies catering to celebrities don’t talk.

  409. 409
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” Hebrews 10:35-36

  410. 410
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @TAWY: I wonder too. Have no idea how all that works. Don’t know if GB is secretive or just protective of his privacy for his own sanity. I wonder if he stays in his loft when in NY or chooses a hotel. Cannot imagine having paps and fans hanging around my door or cameras pointed in my windows. So I guess when he wants privacy, there has to be trick to make it work out and tweets are a good diversion.

  411. 411
    Troof Says:

    I think considering that we had no sightings of mg in LA until after sightings in shavenport and then her pics from the razor ad, that retrospectively we were able to piece it together that she was in LA while he was being papped walking to the doctor etc.
    Same MO here, “look guys, I’m riding my bike ALONE in NY”…, then he disappears off the radar until we get tweets about his companion.
    Like I said earlier – you don’t need to be a psychic to figure this guy out. Same MO, different location.
    I think the whole privacy thing is such BS! Like people that are making harsh comments about mg, aren’t doing that already.
    Showing her respect would be letting everyone know, “yeah, I’m with Madalina, and it’s none of your business” – that, I could respect. But then again, you dont scream it from the rooftops when your dating someone youre unsure of or aint done riding but plan to take off the payroll soon.
    My gut tells me he’s still with her and loving the undivided attention a young woman can provide. Young women tend to believe whatever they are told. And tha makes him skeevy, not her!

  412. 412
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @lolita: Hi Lolita, I’m good thank you and hope hope that you are feeling better every single day. I did write and my post is sitting in moderation. I think I copied and pasted an interview of Gerry’s at Cannes and not the web site. But yes the interview I would say it says a lot of bitterness and disappointment. I think he was excited about both too. To spread his wings in different genre, but was not to be in profits. I believe that both were critically acclaimed…another story right.
    I am counting on dargabriel’s intuition, just hope the guy listens to his heart and mind and not —.
    Dargabriel told you “everything happens for a reason” and that is what Gerry said. He got fired, thought it was the worst day of his life and then got a bit part to launch his career, the best day. I hope that is still with him. I agree with you that the pictures show such a sadness and almost anger. Feel too that something is amiss. His jaw is set and a hard grip on the bars. If he has to go through the fire to get to where he should be, then so be it. We have all done as much in our own lives. Now you have a good day girl! Ducky

  413. 413
    This Says:

    He most definitely has a set pattern, and it’s quite easy to figure out. I agree that the hiding of girlfriends is quite “skeevy”. None of the reasons are good ones. For her anyway. Especially since she has walked away from whatever life she did have. I find that especially hinky, and he should be worried about her motives as well, imo. He’s not at the level of celebrity at this point where there would be people photographing through his windows, or paps at the door. I think he gets papped if he calls them, or “accidentally” walks past where they are staked out, in L.A. for example.

    I don’t necessarily think she was in L.A. when he went to the doctor that first day back, as I do believe she went home for about a week, packed up and then moved in with him about a week later. Imo this is a very unhealthy situation which may be fun for now, which won’t end will, and will burn itself out. Just my take on things.

  414. 414
    Lord Love a Duck Says:
    oops. watch where you point that gun 007

  415. 415
    but Says:

    @Troof: MG is not a typical young woman. She’s been around the block so many times she must have a whole supply of street smarts others her age have never tapped into.

  416. 416
    dargabriel Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Hello sweets. I’m in tracy right now, i like going to the city, and go as much and as often as I can. Being from the vicinity of san fran, i dont recall riding the streetcar, funny. Ok so this butler man is so bent on his use of universal power, those eyes penetrate and seduce, the mighty power of this incredible force. Awwwwwa, he has beautiful soul essence. I thank you, gorgeous for posting me. Love,dargabriel

  417. 417
    betsyboop Says:

    @but: Indeed. This is no young innocent babe in the woods being deflowered by sophistocated older men. I’d say she’s taking advantage of them. Heaven only knows how many back in Romania prior to Leo and Adrian and now, poor Gerry. I wonder what’s up with him?

  418. 418
    but Says:

    @betsyboop: Middleage crisis?

  419. 419
    I forgot Says:

    @betsyboop: You’re right. I forgot about the married guy that dumped his wife for her or something. I don’t really know the details, but I’m sure he’s not the first. I really do think that the reason no one’s taking to her is there is a vibe that he’s the one that’s gonna get the shaft in the end. Is it just me? I have a bad feeling. Have all along. He deserves it in some respects, but I don’t think he’s thinking clearly right now because of his business failures/mid-life crisis. He appears more vulnerable than usual, imo.

  420. 420
    dargabriel Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Gotta love a cute baby ducky. Dargabriel

  421. 421
    Let's See Says:

    Does anyone else think Gerry looks like Robert Cummings?

  422. 422
    Tweets Says:

    @Very good point:
    Or it’s true and GB did go to Necker Island with a woman and the helicopter guy is just an idiot and shot himself in the foot by tweeting about it. Or someone tweeted it to throw people off GB’s trail. Or someone figured out that people follow tweets about GB and tweeted something bogus about him to get more followers. It’s not like GB jetting off to an island with a model is a far fetched hook. Or or or. The point is that it’s Twitter and placing any truth on something tweeted about a person that isn’t tweeted by that person himself or herself is whacky.
    That’s why the reaction to Madalina’s posts on Facebook has been so crazy right? There are always rumors about GB being with this woman or that but the photos confirming Madalina being with GB were publicly posted on the internet by Madalina herself.

  423. 423
    Autumn Says:

    Evening All! Some great posts – checked the Necker island enquiry for booking and it’s still available for 7 nights from 22 Sept; 29 Sept; 6 Oct.; etc. I think someone is having a bit of fun with all the JJers!

    IMHO GB won’t be marrying any time soon – he’s still got a lot more to do before that day comes. At the same time, if he does, great! If he finds the right person, terrific! I just hope that perhaps he shows better judgement in selecting a partner for the long-term vs. a person who would use his fame for their own end. Karma often has a way of leveling the field – what you put out to the universe can come back in some pretty harsh ways.

    Have a nice night all and wonderful Sunday! Stay sane, safe, happy and healthy.


  424. 424
    Movies fan Says:

    Age not mean nothing, after all Anthony Hopkins become famous for The Silence of the Lambs at the age 54.

  425. 425
    Take Your Pick! Says:

    1. The guy didn’t work at the charter company but saw G and whoever was with him there taking a flight to Necker.
    2. The guy owns the charter company and was name dropping.
    3. The guy opened his twitter account two days before because G was going to hire him to fly him over and he wanted to announce it.
    4. It’s all a hoax.
    5. It’s a set up to throw the media off the track, why I have no idea.
    6. Somebody wants us to know she’s with him.
    7. Somebody wants her to know he with someone else.
    8. Someone likes playing games with people to get a reaction.
    9. Someone is trying to drum up PR for upcoming movie promotions.
    10. None of the above!

  426. 426
    Schooled Says:

    yep and i think someone let her have it. even though she knew gerry’s fans were watching her pages because they’d been posting on it for weeks and she’d been deleting their comments for weeks and she knew tabloids were picking it all up because they were running things posted from her pages for weeks, she suddenly deleted the scotland photos and quit posting all the time. i think she’d only about-face like that because it was either the plan all along, that she’d leak it and then plead poor innocent and misunderstood girl (because it’s not like she should have learned anything from the whole leo dicaprio episode), or because gerry or someone in her world told her to cool it. they may or may not still be together but obviously that much has changed which isn’t a bad thing. i also agree with whoever said that gerry enjoying the fruits of the stardom he’s pursued isn’t a bad thing either. he makes much ado about being a scot, but he’s basically immigrated to the US and lived the american dream. just like a corporation does PR spin that’s ultimate just about turning a profit, so does gerry. actors like daniel day-lewis and philip seymour hoffman keep a low profile make art. actors like gerry maintain a high profile and make themselves money and modelizers. nothing wrong with that in a capitalist system.

  427. 427
    Let's See Says:

    Well then—-Where’s Gerry !!!!!!!!

  428. 428
    Take Your Pick! Says:

    @Autumn: So is Necker a private island you rent to yourself or does it have several accommodations on it? I thought it was a resort for the rich and famous?

  429. 429
    Take Your Pick! Says:

    Gerry looks funny in those pics above, like he’s involved in some covert mission. His brow is furrowed like he’s worried about something.

  430. 430
    Take Your Pick! Says:

    This site is wearing me out! It takes forever to boot up! I’m outta here!

  431. 431
    What? Says:

    @Movies fan: Um, excuse me, but he didn’t become famous for that movie. He was incredibly successful for decades prior to that movie, and was nominated for and won BAFTA’s both before and after Silence of the Lambs. Not to mention all the Academy Award nominations. Does “Elephant Man” ring any bells? Geez.

  432. 432
    kristie Says:

    Autumn, just curious about something, it says on their website that during celebrations week rooms can be booked individually. When you enquired did they just say all rooms were still available or that they still had some vacancies?

  433. 433
    DaddyWarbucks Says:

    @Autumn: Frankly, I seriously doubt he’d want to spend that kind of bank to go to Necker, unless it was a freebie. He’s more of a B&B, camping-type, no? Necker is for royals and celebs who are getting comped. Even the Lachey wedding was paid for, and not by Lachey.

  434. 434
    Movies fan Says:

    @What?: “Elephant Man” (1980) great movie, but the movie that change his carrier at international level was Silence of the Lambs, after “Elephant Man” he only done tv movies.

  435. 435
    LOL Says:

    @Very good point:
    “There’s no way that guy would name names if he wanted to keep his job, so yeah, I call bs on that tweet. Not to mention the account just opened. Very suspicious. People who work for companies catering to celebrities don’t talk.”
    I wouldn’t call it BS so fast. I know you need to think it’s BS for your sanity, because Gerry being in love kills you loser. ELEW had a party in NYC last night and Gerry didn’t attend. Gerry must have left NYC.

  436. 436
    LOL Says:

    @Let’s See:
    “I can’t imagine GB having anything other than a big Catholic wedding. If he finds someone that special and ready to marry her it will be a big celebration. He never does anything small. Don’t think this trip is for a wedding.”
    ITAWY. You seem to start understanding him finally. This is not a wedding. It’s just a getaway, maybe even an invitation form Virgin. Neither one of them will give up celebrating their wedding. She strikes me as a girl who wants to be a princess for her special day. No way they will do it with 28 people tops, which the Island can accommodate. I wouldn’t, why should she?

  437. 437
    LOL Says:

    LOL! I love leaving you old hags with a post or two to chew on before I leave for the evening. It’s like giving the kids some reading to do before bedtime when mommy and daddy go out to a function. Being that most of you are immature schoolgirls with no husbands or BFs, the analogy holds. Ha ha ha ah ah aha ah…….You continued to ponder my points one by one while swearing you neg me and don’t read me. LOL! I said delusional R Us. BTW, how come none of you have dates or men on a Friday night? The birthing hips fed with Ben and Jerry, even though you never had children, I suspect is the main reason for that.
    @Clamsie my sweet, I love getting kisses from you. I love ladies that see clearly and know the difference between jealous old hags and rational women. Please, keep up the hammering. Your posts are a welcomed relief form the delusional and the bizarre of the old hags on JJ thinking they are in a relationship with Gerard Butler and Madalina is the wife stealer who stole hubby from them. LOL!
    OK, now back to business. This is where GB took MG. I know the jealousy is brewing as we speak. LOL! Old hags trash; you’re not Necker Island material.
    I think GB has been to all of Virgin’s other 5 properties. They are all spectacular. Now he went to the 6th one. Enjoy GB and have fun with your love.

  438. 438
    Clamsie Says:

    @LOL: He’s probably rolling in bed with Maddie or Freddy right this minute. It’s not like him to miss Fashion Week and all those models, either. And where is Miss Maddie, anyway? She’s keeping a low profile since she posted a pic of London, which is likely nothing but a fake-out. She could be anywhere….with Gerry! I’m shocked the Russians haven’t sussed it out yet.

  439. 439
    lolita Says:

    Gerry said he was meeting up with his Mom in NY, on one of the other times he met is Mom, he showed up on a vacation with her and his step
    Dad, where he went para gliding. He often takes time to go on vacation with his Mom. Remember the videos of him giggling as he was skyward bound.

  440. 440
    Beck Says:

    Agreed on all points. Her online behavior has totally changed and I agree that it could be for either of the reasons in your post. And yep on the capitalism point. He’s a businessman. She seems to be a businesswoman. I think people thinking Gerard Butler is being something above all of this and into movie making for something deeper than being a big time star is what’s bugging folks. People who take him for a man in Hollywood looking to get rich and laid aren’t surprised by anything he does socially because there’s no pedestal for him to be knocked off. jmo.

  441. 441
    LOL Says:

    @little birdie – First, just because I call most women here delusional old hags, doesn’t mean it holds true to you too. If you don’t trash MG/GB, then I don’t include you in the delusional worthless old hags trash name calling. In fact, I know you don’t. You hardly trashed them and even shamed some of these delusional women who were calling MG a prostitute for hire. Even you, who I suspect is also a bit jealous of MG, saw how destructive and disgusting it was even to suggest she was hired for Gerry as a call girl while he was filming in S’port. It was obvious some women here have a lot of venom they need to release because they are sooo jealous of her and they are sooooo unhappy in their own life and they project all their jealous and unhappiness in these threads. They hate me because I shame them. Who likes to be reminded repeatedly that they are nothing but useless old hags with no life and no looks and that the only reason they trash GB/MG is because they are jealous, envious, bitter, and frustrated he is with this girl and not single for their Gerard po.rn? After all, they use him for their sexual fantasy.
    You asked me what I would do if he stopped seeing her. Well, if he stopped seeing her, he stops seeing her. None of us has control or say in who he dates, marries, or breaks up with. He’s got to do what he feels is right for him. As I was telling Cassandra yesterday afternoon, if he breaks up with her, it doesn’t mean he can’t be in a relationship or he can’t get trapped in a marriage. Half of all marriages end in divorce in the developed world. People marry in the West for passion, and many times that passion dies and people go their separate ways. Same thing with other type of romantic relationships, not just marriages. Why is it just something plaguing Gerard? And if it doesn’t work out why would some of you decide it’s got to be his fault? She could be not right for him after all, who is to know? Maybe they have totally different outlooks and personalities that make them incompatible. It doesn’t mean either one of them is a bad person, just that they are not right for each other. I firmly believe he is looking to settle down and he would do it with the right woman. Until he meets the right woman he has many ladies, so what? Most men in his position and statue in life have many, many ladies. However, when the right one comes along, they give that life up. Trust me no man wants to hop from woman to woman and not have emotional connections with one special woman he loves and she loves him. Most men long for that woman who will rock their nights but who is also trustworthy not to cheat on them and trust worthy to be a good mother for children. Men sleep around with many women but they marry a certain type. Sometimes, they even give in a little bit on physical beauty in order to find a woman who can be a good mother too. So they compromise between beauty and good character.
    If Gerry is spending that much timer with MG it means he thinks she has potential to be a good wife. He wouldn’t be moving her into his home or sharing his life with her UNLESS, she has a real chance to be Mrs. Butler. But if that’s not the case, so be it. I’ll support him either way. I don’t think he is doing anything bad or embarrassing by dating MG. She is perfect for him from here, but who knows how she is behind closed doors. The only ones thinking she is an embarrassment are worthless useless jealous old hag parasite trash fake fans of his, but then who even listens to them? Pesky rats all of therm.

  442. 442
    LOL Says:

    You just proved my point. You went to linkedin and found one guy with the same name and decided it was the guy with the chopper? How delusional can you be, old hag? You’ll do anything to prove he’s not with her LOL! I don’t think you slept well nights ever since you fond out he has a GF. WOW! To go to all those lengths like search Linkedin shows the length you’d go stalking Gerry. You must not have a life and that’s why you go stalking people on the Internet on Friday nights. Yet, you call me names? LOL! Delusional R Us. Nothing proved to me that you are really a delusional worthless useless old hag trash with no looks and lo life. How much do you weigh old hag? How is your cellulite doing? Do you really think you’re Necker Island material hag? I doubt it. I wouldn’t bring you to clean up the toilets up there, you might taint them with your jealousy and envy. Jealous people have bad Karma. Be gone with you witch………

  443. 443
    LOL Says:

    @Silver ManBoy:
    “If he didn’t dye his hair, he’d be way more gray. Wonder if he’s going to try to hide that to make it look less weird that he’s with someone so young.”
    Honey he’s hot either way. I am much younger and I find him hot. Not old at all. Like I said, a masculine man, never mind his age, looks good at any age. While a woman sags and ages so much faster. Who wants to fuuck an old hag? Fuucking young 20-somethings is much more exciting for a guy. Yet for woman, fuucking a guy like GB is a thrill. Get it through your delusional thick skull.

  444. 444
    Really Says:

    Why do people believe everything on Twitter? I could get on there now and post about seeing Gerry back in Shreveport or in New York or in London or that I’m on Necker Island and saw him and people here would be typing like crazy about what it means and why it supports their opinion about him and Madalina and why it contradicts other people’s opinions. It’s really dumb. It wouldn’t surprising me at all if some of the trolls who like to rile people up on these threads are doing exactly that.
    For everyone asking, Necker Island is a private island owned by Richard Branson. Generally people let the entire island, but they designate certain weeks as “celebration weeks” when individual rooms can be taken out. The entire island can accommodate only something like 30 people total. Also technically the beaches are public. Not sure how that works out legally but there are all sorts of stories about how the island security is crazy aggro and takes measures to keep boats from getting close so long-lense paps can’t get photos of famous clientelle or dock to let non-Branson guests on the beaches.

  445. 445
    Troof Says:

    How the hell is it possible for you to repeat yourself for months on end???
    Surely, even you must be sick of posting the same things over and over again.
    Or are you just using cut and paste now?
    Seriously, there’s what, maybe 100 or so of us GB fans that check in at JJ and we get it LOL! We got it the first time. The 5000 subsequent posts weren’t necessary.

  446. 446
    Summer Says:


    You know what you don’t realize? You sound so unintelligent as opposed to other posters. That’s why many like that your posts get negged down into oblivion hidden. You do not make good points like you think you do. Who gives two s/hits if some of GB’s fans don’t like who he is “possibly” dating? When he goes public with a woman, they will have no choice but to accept it. You’re so f’kn immature, it’s ridiculous.

  447. 447
    LOL Says:

    Hey Clamsie, I got to go but one more thing I wanted to say about him meeting his mom. I think that whole story is either bogus, like someone made it up, or GB said it because being more specific he didn’t want to be. What would he tell fans, “Hey I on my way to NYC to meet up with my GF who is coming back form Europe in a few day”? Or would he just make it simple and say his mom is waiting for him? He substituted mom for GF, that’s all. And that tells me he associates her with his family which means he is thinking marriage. Let’s wait and see. Just remember any trashing here of her is due only to jealousy. Keep hammering them.

  448. 448
    Really Says:

    @Troof: FFS moron, stop responding to it and addressing it. When you want to get rid of flies, do you spread sugar all over your floor? The answer is yes if you ARE it and are just giving yourself something to respond to.

  449. 449
    LOL Says:

    “How the hell is it possible for you to repeat yourself for months on end???”
    Because it’s true. The truth knows no bounds. Lies disintegrate eventually, which is exactly what has been happening here. You made up all this sh!t about MG, but in the end the truth is what I said all along about GB/MG and about his jealous parasitic idiotic old hags fans. Nuff said!

  450. 450
    Summer Says:

    Also, you can write that I’m an old hag or a loser all you want. Doesn’t make it true. To the contrary, I’m the opposite. You have way too much time on your hands and obviously no life if your idea of fun is coming onto a pick fights. Stupid.

  451. 451
    Tweets Says:

    @Really: People believing whatever is posted on the internet is a weird phenomenon. Somehow “don’t believe everything you read” has been revised to include “unless it’s on the internet.” You’re right. Anyone can tweet anything and it would send everyone into a tizzy.

  452. 452
    LOL Says:

    “You have way too much time on your hands and obviously no life if your idea of fun is coming onto a pick fights. Stupid.”

    The one who is stupid is you. the more you protest, the more i know i make you angry because the truth is too harsh for you to accept. But i wonder why don’t you tell all those people that trash GB for dating MG or trash MG for being his GF stupid? it’s because you agree with their point of view but not with mine? that’s why you want me to stop. you don’t like that I point out to you the truth about your old hag self and behavior. Well too bad old hag. I am here to stay. Except, I got to go real soon; going out for the evening. what do you have planned tonight other than being on JJ and trashing GB/MG because you have no life and no man of your own? NOTHING!!!!! Nuff said!

  453. 453
    LOL Says:

    LOL!!!!!! Old hags, tomorrow is another day to bash you.
    Stay tuned losers.

  454. 454
    Summer Says:

    Save your lame, boring novel if you replied. No one cares, trust me.

  455. 455
    Really Says:

    Maybe we should tweet that we saw him in Palm Springs and send people off in a frenzy about him being back at rehab. Aren’t the Emmys tomorrow? Maybe we should tweet that he’s in LA and set people off on a tangent about him being there for the after parties.

  456. 456
    Tweets Says:

    @Really: I’m sure there are trolls who do exactly that.

  457. 457
    Clamsie Says:

    @LOL: Totally right, LOL! You hit the nail on its head.

    The jealous fangirls will make up stuff like, “maybe he’s going back to NYC and his parents are flying in to visit him again out of concern for the gossip about his love life.”

    That lie turns into someone claiming, “I heard he was meeting his Mom in NY after he wraps in LA.”

    Then some idiot at WO posts, “His friend Ronnie is opening a new club and so Gerry is probably going to be at the opening on that night.”

    In between all that are numerous tweets (95% fake) about his location etc. His location is a convoluted mess because no matter how many tweets people find, there’s not a lot of realism involved in any of it. Twitter is as fake as the rest of the internet, including Fakebook.

    They go insane looking for pics from all the big photosites but there are none to be had. LMAO.

    The real truth is that he’s busy with Maddie, probably visiting New England B&Bs or going to upstate NY to enjoy the fall air. Note that I posted “probably” because I don’t know where the hell he is. I’ll wait for the Russians to find him because they’re better than the CIA. :)

  458. 458
    Lord Love a Duck Says:
    Well I guess if we can believe tweeter, Gerry is in Ca. Dar was right on!

  459. 459
    lolita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Scary, isn’t it Ducky. Dar being right on.

  460. 460
    Beck Says:

    @Really: OMG! That would be soooooooooo mean. I bet there are trolls doing that like Tweets says with a bunch of different celebrities. I bet there are people working for tabloids who do it to gin up stories too.

  461. 461
    Let's See Says:

    All of you are right. Some people just like to make things up. For some reason I don’t think he is in CA. Where’s Dargabriell we need her insight now.

  462. 462
    Common sense Says:

    Oh, wait. I thought he was marrying on Necker Island? Idiot trolls. Who knows about this tweet, but it would make sense that he would be in L.A. for the Emmy’s. He doesn’t like to miss parties, this we know as a fact. Plus he needs to drum up some work.

  463. 463
    Let's See Says:

    Does anyone know if she made it to Milan Fashion Week?

  464. 464
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Hey Lolita, Guess I am a little gun shy now that all you gals put information out there about tweets that I didn’t think about before. Would like to believe it though.
    There was that special screening last night with the Dolphin movie that had a lot of stars narrating. Wonder if he went to that. Would have been special if so. Crap, not sure about anything anymore ha.
    Wonder what Dar would say huh.

  465. 465
    Kelp farm Says:

    His Pr is probably positioning people to site him in different places to keep crazy fans from stalking him.

  466. 466
    @Lord Love A Duck Says:

    If you look further down that guy’s twitter he posts a pic of him with Gerry at Runyon and he still has the curls. He’s sadly referring to a much older meeting. Oh how we all wish he was in CA though.

  467. 467
    lolita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Ducky, don’t be gun shy, sometimes following Gerry is interesting when we learn about his new projects, alot of the other stuff we take with a grain of salt. I still believe he is a good actor and even if PFK and CM aren’t huge hits, I think OHF will be.

  468. 468
    hahaha Says:

    @Kelp farm:He doesn’t have enough fans for that to be a concern. Only a handful that keep the old fan sites going. I don’t think he’ll be mobbed any time soon.

  469. 469
    Alina Says:

    Bao Tieu. @theonenonlybao 3 ч
    @RealMrG_Butler hey Gerard, good meeting you at Runyon Canyon.
    6:57pm 22 Sep 12

  470. 470
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    I can’t see the picture, don’t know whether to be mad at the ruse or hold out for some news. Maybe he is in Ca. been a long time since he was there. I am looking forward to both movies. GB did say that there was something of Dear Frankie in PFK. I sure hope so.
    Well girls, going to call it a night. Would like to say ring me up if you hear anything ha. Have a wonderful evening and a great day tomorrow. Ducky

  471. 471
    lolita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Right back at you, have a great evening, signing off too.

  472. 472
    Alina Says:

    This is a real GB?
    Gerard Butler @RealMrG_Butler

  473. 473
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Before I go, saw this tweet and had a good laugh, had to share. How funny! Nite girls and thanks for the fun…..

    Gerard Butler is one of few people that can pull off a cape and little undies.

  474. 474
    Troof Says:

    Little touchie arent we?
    Relax….it’s only the Internet. Don’t give yourself a heart attack over posts. Me thinks you take ths forum more seriously than Lol – time to take a deep breath.

  475. 475
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Kelp farm: Nobody knows where he is for crazy fans to stalk him. Why would he send people on a wild goose chase then? I just think there are too many bogus twitters out there and put very little trust in any without a pic. Even then, you have to look at his hair to tell when it was taken.

    No sighting today or last night means he’s in a pap free zone. My guess would be Necker Island, partying. With whom is anyone’s guess. But I will say this about Necker…there will be many other wealthy men around and Gerry better keep an eye on his “date”.

  476. 476
    Bogus Twits Says:


    ” Hidden due to a low comment rating”
    LMFAO! Best thing you’ve said in months!

  477. 477
    HW for the win Says:

    @Bogus Twits:Agree about the “date”. I like HW for a good bet since it’s the Emmy’s tomorrow. Otherwise, it’s anyone’s guess. Necker doesn’t sound like his style to me.

  478. 478
    Definition of Delusional Says:

    “The truth knows no bounds. Lies disintegrate eventually…..”
    Delusional people have strongly held beliefs despite superior evidence to the contrary. Delusions are always pathological. Delusional people are beyond help. There is no talking to delusional people. Gerard jealous fans are mentally ill, in case you didn’t notice that, LOL. You’re right for calling them jealous. Their jealousy doesn’t allow them to see straight. He was their only source of pleasure since their lives are so devoid of love and happiness. You should offer them your sympathy, not your hate. I feel sorry for these lonely old women. They are psychotic and delusional. Be kind to them.
    At least we don’t have GFW to worry about, but there are others.

  479. 479
    Let's See Says:

    On the RU blog—-one of the ladies commented that in this pic he looks like he is angry because he had to bike all the way from Shreveport. LOL

  480. 480
    Frowning Butler Says:

    If I was the Butler, I wouldn’t be smiling right now either:
    - He spent a year not making big money in attempts to gain acting cred in Coriolanus and MGP and neither did well.
    - His biggest headline after that was for shagging Real Housewife Brandi Glanville.
    - His biggest headline after that was for going to rehab.
    - He starts shooting again, goes to Cannes to pitch Motor City to the international media calling Gary Oldman his “hero” in all the interviews. Gary Oldman drops out of the movie like the very next week.
    - Then it comes out that he’s shagging a 23 year old mostly unknown underwear model who promptly posts photos of their travels through Scotland on his Facebook page and the commercial shoot that he got for her, resulting in actresses murmuring about Gerard Butler being a d/ck who uses the casting couch and maybe getting him or someone in trouble with SAG since it was a SAG casting and Maddy is unlikely a member of SAG since she didn’t have any previous US production credit and got cast after shagging the Butler.
    - Then Motor City gets canceled all together and headlines run around that he’s out of work.
    - Then the US tabloids picked up on Maddy’s Facebook posts and headlines started running here about them with scathing comments, and European tabloids ran all of the photos from Maddy’s Facebook pages tied to him, pointed out that the Butler is her sloppy thirds, and full on called his girlfriend a w/****.
    - Now he’s got time on his hands before he has to start doing press for Mavericks and Playing the FIeld and there’s lots of pressure because if Mavericks doesn’t do well after MGP didn’t do well it will pretty much nail down that he can’t make a film bankable on his own.
    He’s one of the most fortunate people in the world. Most would kill to have these rich people problems. But I guess among the pampered and spoiled, these are real problems that would make someone frown.

  481. 481
    Could be Says:

    @Frowning Butler:

    But then again maybe the seat on the bike caused the frown.

  482. 482
    Well Said Says:

    @Frowning Butler:
    I think you explained things very well about where Gerry stands right now, both professionally and as a celebrity.
    The tightrope for Gerry all along was that he had to rely just as much on his “celebrity” status to get work, as his ability to act. Same goes for Clooney, another actor that couldn’t have survived with is level of talent without that pretty face and charming personality.
    Some actors are great, some are just solid. Gerry falls into the latter category- certainly doesn’t mean all his films are bad, but cue MGP…..
    The hard part for Gerry now, like with aging models, is that younger, more talented and new flavors are flooding the market, leaving him, less, and less options.
    Clooney, no matter how you look at it, managed his “celebrity” as a business. Gerry, tried to create a business out of his celebrity. One works, and the other? Well, cue any adjective about Gerry written in the press over the past year.
    I gave up caring who he’s bedding a long time ago- his life, his decisions. But as a fan, it really has been like watching a drunk teenager continuously bang his head against a wall. After a while, you start wondering if he ever intended to climb the wall, or if he’s just satisfied with creating new scars, time and time again. Sorry but there’s nothing entertaining, or admirable about that.

  483. 483
    ad nauseam Says:

    @Frowning Butler:

    No matter what you’re callling yourself tonight, you’ve made the same comments almost as many times as LOL has called people “jealous old hags.” We get it.

  484. 484
    give the guy a break Says:

    @Frowning Butler:
    Holy smoke, according to you he might as well call it a career ender. Any credit for the things he has accomplished? He didn’t get to be so popular sitting on his duff either.
    Personally I think he is a very good actor.
    Is there any chance that he is trying to do the best he can with what talent he has and have fun doing it or should he take his pampered butt , which by the way, he earned the pampering by hard work, straight to the butcher to be gutted and hung. Oh I forgot, you just did that.
    Seriously though, don’t kid yourself, just because of the rich life style he projects, it doesn’t mean he is any happier than anyone else walking this earth. With all that he has, who can he trust? Can he believe all the people surrounding him and I don’t mean just the women either. Everybody wants a piece of him or a hand out one way or the other. Why do you think that he said the close friends he has are friends he has known before he was “known”. He has entrusted others to make career choices for him too, the manager, pr etc.
    I wouldn’t kill to be in his shoes for love or money. I don’t know HW, but from what I have heard it is a H/ll hole. I would love to see him go home or maybe London and do stage or somewhere along the way get his priorities in his life clear. Maybe that is why the frown. I don’t know.
    One more thing before I get off my soap box, I give him all the credit in the world for trying to be what he wanted to do. He could have made a comfortable living being a barrister and probably would have been a good one. .
    “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I___
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all difference.”

  485. 485
    Agreed Says:

    @give the guy a break:

    Nice post. Thanks for a refreshing POV.

  486. 486
    What Says:

    @ Give the guy a break

    Excuse me honey, this guy has had more breaks than you can shake a stick at. He’s become just another spoiled, rich, shallow, creepy guy who only wants to have sexxx with girls young enough to be his daughter. That’s Bulter’s idea of living the dream. Disgusting.

  487. 487
    Let's See Says:

    This article says they were at the VFF on Aug. 29????

  488. 488
    Well Said Says:

    @Let’s See:
    Consider the source…..but do we really care if they are still together?
    Isn’t the worst part, that it happened in the first place?
    At 42, you don’t get points for realizing you did something stupid AFTER doing it – whether they are broken up already, will break up soon r sta together for years….the damage is done.

  489. 489
    rupert? Says:

    I’ ve this strange feeling …
    I address myself only to the one here which is often and …
    Are you Rupert, admit
    … mhm..of course it is also true that not ever admit , too easy to hide behind a nick…
    OK, never mind, I’ll stay with this doubt here, because otherwise how can you continue to write your post, right fox?
    But my feeling remains and strong…

  490. 490
    * - last post here Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with posts # 480 and 486.
    Whatever skeletons this guy has in his closet, he’s been going the wrong way about keeping them there. Whether that’s because of his own arrogance, or just very bad advice from his employees, who can say.
    At this point, particularly after the actions of certain people this year, if ‘People’ magazine were to announce his engagement tomorrow to MG, I’m afraid that I’m going to have a hard time believing that it’s anything other than yet another mendacious attempt at deflecting attention away from whatever the real issue is with Butler. Issues that he clearly doesn’t want to deal with, and won’t be allowed to deal with, whilst he continues listening to the idiots he’s surrounded himself with.
    If that makes me a “jealous old hag” in the eyes of some, then so be it.

  491. 491
    Kitty Says:

    There is speculation in the Romanian press that MG has moved in with GB in NY, so it seems that their relationship is more serious after all, and not just a temporary fling. It is difficult to understand the Romanian text when using google translate, but it seems it was GB who wanted MG to move in with him. The text also says that GB asked MG to become more discreet(?) I do not know much about MG, but after that I have seen a couple of interviews with her, I think she seems very intelligent and interesting. Maybe that was the essential reason that she has managed to hold on to him for so long. There are many beautiful women out there, but it becomes boring after a while if they are ignorant and uneducated. But can this relationship last if MG chooses to pursue an acting career in the U.S, and eventually becomes more famous outside Romania and Italy? She is beautiful and I wonder if GB can handle all the attention she will get from other men if she makes it as an actress. It has been mentioned in previous interviews that she is very ambitious, and that she has dreamt of becoming an actress since she was a child, so it seems unlikely to me that she’s going to give up her acting dream so quickly. He strikes me as jealous and domineering type. I do not know why I have this impression of him, and by all means I could be all wrong about it. It probably has to do with that we almost never have heard of his girlfriends before. We see that he has never dated other successful actresses, and it might have something to do with that he cannot handle the competition or share the spotlight with another person. He therefore chooses a less successful woman, because he then feels less threatened.(?)

  492. 492
    What Says:

    This guy has a really bad attitude towards women. Why does he always hide them as if he’s ashamed of them? How can anyone consider him a nice guy if he treats the women he supposedly cares about like that. These phannies, or whatever they are called must be really stupid. They strike me as the type of women who love reading Fifty Shades of Grey. That’s why they blindly defend his behaviour. Essentially they hate women and themselves.

  493. 493
    insider Says:

    @Kitty: if she was intelligent she would would have concenrated on homing her craft and not put most of her efforts into changing her face and body to dramatically. there are plenty of revered, naturally beautiful and successful actresses who got to high levels of success by being GOOD ACTRESSES and working hard on their skill not their face. Women like Madalina make a mockery of what was once good about Hollywood;true, standout talent, The X factor. With her it would be the EX factor; the guys she’s dated along the way who have driven attention her way. Apart from her looks, she is nothing special, she is infact a fake. she wasn’t born on 8th August 1988, but allegedly 1987 (i say allegedly because i’m sure she was actually born early 80′s). she even admitted this in a interview once, that her management told her to use the year 1988 as 8 is a lucky number and will bring her good fortune. she probably wasn’t even born on the 8th of August either. All her best features are cosmetically enhanced or made up. a few years ago she was completely flat chested, thin top lip no butt and she denies having any work done even though there are pictures of her out there proving this she seems delusional.

    I work in the industry and am sick of women like this getting attention they don’t deserve. don’t pretend to be great, BE GREAT!. no short cuts, none of the greats made short cuts and that adds to the respect they get from the public and peers.

  494. 494
    so true Says:

    I know. Strange, isn’t it. I always wonder what these phannies would have to say about it if it was their next-door neighbor. Just because someone got lucky in the looks department and managed to get their face on a movie screen doesn’t mean they’re nice. The only explanation I can think of is that they think the actor is actually the character they play in whatever movie is the fan’s favorite. These actors are usually just the opposite in real life, as it takes rather obnoxious traits to claw your way to the top of the heap over the thousands of others. I’m sure they do some really creepy things to get there. And look how many end up in jail, on drugs, sex scandals, on and on. It seems only a tiny percentage seem to stay “normal”, and it’s usually the ones who marry a regular person, move to the suburbs, have a family, and only surface to work and then go immediately home again.

  495. 495
    Juicy Lucy Says:

    Let’s face it, MG and GB are two individuals who have taken the easy path to fame-she by attempting to sleep her way to the top and him by thinking his good looks will always be a ticket to getting acting jobs. The problem is, one cannot rest on their laurals and think things will always be handed to them on a sliver platter. Talent is one thing an actor has to have and Gerry doesn’t seem to be all that talented. If CM and PFK flops, I’m afraid the “hand me down” scripts will dry up and he will be forced to take on supporting roles. Like someone else has said, big name directors and actors are not beating down the doors to work with Gerry, which speaks volumes.

  496. 496
    Caution non-potable water Says:

    Some of you sound like you have been drinking from bitter creek. GB doesn’t give a rat’s a/ss what anyone thinks of him, including his family, fans, colleagues. He barely invests time in anyone outside of a handful of family and friends, except himself. Investing your emotions into this man will continue to make some of you feel sour towards him and almost anyone associated with him.

  497. 497
    Hello Says:

    Why are most of you here if you hate GB so much. I don’t get it. You hate his choices in movies, his friends, male and female, disparage his lifestyle, call him names, wouldn’t want him as a neighbor, etc.
    So true writes:
    “Just because someone got lucky in the looks department and managed to get their face on a movie screen doesn’t mean they’re nice.”
    What writes:
    “He’s become just another spoiled, rich, shallow, creepy guy who only wants to have sexxx with girls young enough to be his daughter. That’s Bulter’s idea of living the dream. ”

    You really wonder why he hides his GF’s? Almost each post mentions a strong distaste [putting it mildly] for a person you don’t even know. Nor do you know GB. If I were GB I would hide them as well. How do you know how he treats people he is with? A whole page of spewing garbage about things you know not of.
    Seems to me Gerry is doing fine with many bumps in the road. He is a survivor and has a lust for life.
    Again, why are you all here spewing such dissatisfaction. Are you trying to convince yourselves that he is worthless or build yourselves up thinking you are better than him.

  498. 498
    imo Says:

    Simon Baker is a good example of what he could do to rejuvenate himself. They are the same age (although Simon looks ten years younger). They both have that “charm” factor going on with the ladies. Simon has managed to conduct himself impeccably and get himself a successful series, while continuing to appear in films. G is an example of how your private behavior can have a very negative impact on your career, especially in the entertainment industry. And like many have stated, it gets to the point where the big names will steer clear of you. He needs to spend less time on partying and models, and more on cleaning up his career and reputation. Unless he wants to just take the money and run now. I’m not getting a vibe that his heart is in it anymore.

  499. 499
    this is a gossip site sigh Says:

    @Caution non-potable water: Oh my friend he will care when no one comes to see his films anymore. But he did it his way right?

    This is not a fan site we revel in bitter.

  500. 500
    Goodbye Says:

    Clearly you are one of the phannies mentioned above. This is a gossip site, not a fan site, and people are free to voice their frustration at the way things are going. And if you think he is hiding girlfriends because of the posts here or anywhere else, you are in denial. I’m sure he never reads posts and doesn’t care what anyone thinks, as someone else stated. And yes, it’s true, no one here knows him personally, but it is very easy to form a negative opinion based on his “known” behavior and words from his own mouth. No one is making anything up here, other than the people who continue to make claims that he is marrying every time he disappears and the posters of fake tweets. If you can’t handle the negativity, don’t read the posts or hang at the fan sites. Don’t come here and tell people how they should feel.

  501. 501
    Hello Says:

    @Goodbye: Consider it trying to even the playing field.
    Yep, sure am a fan. Love his movies, adore his smile and voice and wish him great success in his upcoming release of new movies and if he really loves the girl, hope he marries her and has a few beautiful looking kiddies.

    “This is not a fan site we revel in bitter.” Yes indeed, I get that too.

  502. 502
    cupcake Says:

    well ladies have a great sunday. remember ladies this is gerry were talking about. i don’t think he went on this island to get married.jmo.

  503. 503
    What Says:


    Well, if she’s at least 28 that’s one saving grace. But  Butler was probably attracted to her because he thought she was much younger, and she’s morphed herself into a plastic version of all the women he couldn’t get, Jolie, Bellucci and Loren. If she’s lying about having plastic surgery, then she’s even more of an idiot than I thought. There are before and after pictures of her all over the net. What a stupid woman.

  504. 504
    Goodbye Says:

    @Hello: Great! And I respect your right to feel that way and wouldn’t dream of trying to talk you out of it.

  505. 505
    Attention Class! Says:

    I don’t get it. There’s all this disgust with the “phannies” and their blind loyalty to GB. Many defend him even when he’s a naughty boy, that’s true, but some people have a different perception of what being truly bad is. What is more disturbing are the people who come here to rag on and on about the phannies! It’s like an algebra problem. If the phannies are wasting their lives on GB and that equals zero then the haters are wasting theirs ragging on the phannies who are wasting their life supporting GB. See…it all still adds up the same……ZERO!

  506. 506
    Um... Says:

    @Attention Class!: I don’t think you’re getting the flow here. The phannies start lecturing and getting upset when anyone says anything negative, which causes a reaction from the non-phannies to remind them this is NOT a fan site. The non-phannies don’t say a word unless a board mommy starts up with a love-fest and a lecture. The non-phannies don’t care about the views of the phannies, we just don’t like being LECTURED to and told what to think.

  507. 507
    casandra Says:

    @Hello: This is what a handful of posters , including me, have been saying all along, but we got thumbed down all the time.I don’t understand the bitterness of most posters here..unless they are jealous or/ and disilusioned..What has the poor guy done to them?Other than living his life the way he wants (admitidley like a playboy, but the women hes been with don’t seem to complain and probably enjoyed the time they spent with him) and being very nice and accessible to fans..I think that’s his fault : he let his fans think they are more important than they really are…

  508. 508
    Attention Class! Says:

    I don’t know why you all are making such a big deal out this. The Romanian press still thinks he dated Jennifer Aniston! So putting any stock in what they say seems fool hearty. If G is on an island with this girl, so what. He’s taken many women to exotic places.

  509. 509
    Attention Class! Says:

    @Um…: I don’t think anyone is telling you what or how to think unless you’re so weak minded that you believe it. I thought it was just that everyone is entitled to their opinions and at least the phannies don’t call you all old hags, etc. As long as people express their views in a civil manner, it’s called having an opinion. You are entitled to believe he’s crap and a disappointment but I must ask you why anyone would waste one moment of their life rehashing that instead of just moving on to someone they DO like?? That’s my question. Sure the phannies may be blind to the real GB but they’re not hurting anyone in the long run and they can come here and voice their opinions on that just like you do but at least they are wasting their time on what they feel is something that makes them happy and defending their right to feel that way, even if it’s in the short term and eventually they feel otherwise while you, on the otherhand, are wasting your time on something that disgusts you. Now YOU tell me who’s the crazy one then?

  510. 510
    Um... Says:

    @casandra: And this is a perfect example of what I said above. Quit with the name-calling just because people don’t agree with you. It doesn’t mean people are jealous. Not by a long-shot. It just makes you sound like a child. Or a troll.

  511. 511
    insider Says:

    @What: yes, she lies about having had any cosmetic work – she stated in an interview that any rumours about her having plastic surgery were false and an “insult to her mother” ! Madalina Ghenea is unbelievably deluded.

    and I cant believe she is worthy of anything more than a roll in the hay. she will soon become an embarrassment to any man she is with esp if he is in the spotlight.

  512. 512
    Attention Class! Says:

    @casandra: His fans ARE important and you don’t seem to get that. And I’m not talking about any over the top obsessed ones. Much of what a high profile individual does in their private life reflects on their public life. Whether he likes it or not, he will be judged by what he does off camera as well. You seem to be one of those here more concerned with what his fans do then what he does. Let people have their opinion.

  513. 513
    casandra Says:

    @Attention Class!: What you’re saying is basically that everybody has the right to their own opinion, AS LONG AS ITS A BAD ONE about Gerry or the women he dates…all the bad stuff is welcome, but nobody should dare say something good about him or try to show that some posters are really over the top in trashing him and his GF…I respected anybody ‘s opinion as long as its expressed in a decent manner , but the language some use should make them feel ashamed…I know i would…
    This site does not reflect in any way the opinions of most of the fans in the world,those who are not obsessed , hardcore fans of his ….

  514. 514
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    Matthew 5:16
    New International Version (NIV)
    16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

  515. 515
    insider Says:

    @God Bless yoou all!: sorry, it’s not working is it?

  516. 516
    insider Says:

    @God Bless yoou all!:King James Version (KJV)
    Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight.

  517. 517
    Really Says:

    The Romanian media also called Madalina Ghenea a wh-re getting through life by spreading her legs for wealthy famous men. Not just on Romanian gossip websites and not just in comments from the public posted after tabloid stories. That’s what was said about her on Romanian national television by the television show’s hosts.

    I think y’all just really need to calm down. If MG and GB are still together it will come out eventually and there’s no reason that any of you need to know RIGHT NOW. MG may have clammed up after getting spanked for being so indiscrete on her FB page, but this stuff always comes out in time. If GB wised up and they’ve broken up, it’s only a matter of time until MG starts talking about GB in interviews, just as she did after the Leo DiCaprio affair to get the benefit of the attention and spin the “poor Madalina” tale.

    It’s obvious from the posts that GB’s die hard fans are his die hard fans and will remain that way no matter what he does. But that’s a pretty small percentage of the peeps who buy tickets to his movies. I think most people really couldn’t give a rat’s a$$ who he’s ********, but would have a good laugh at his expense if they saw him show up with the cliche model young enough to be his child on his arm. It would only become more than that if the E! and TMZ type outlets of the world made much ado about it.

    Hell on Fashion Police, they went after Taylor Swift for dating that Kennedy kid who is only something like 3 years younger than she is because 3 years makes a big difference at that age – and Taylor Swift is only 1 year younger than Madalina Ghenea. Imagine how they would react to GB dating someone 20 years older than someone within what they consider to be an impressionable age range.

    Jaysus. Madalina Ghenea is only one year older than Taylor Swift. GB has been with someone only one year older than Taylor Swift. I’m sorry that’s just so weird.

  518. 518
    Attention Class! Says:

    @insider: Aren’t lip fillers considered surgery?

  519. 519
    but Says:

    @Um…: And *** for tat, many of us fans don’t care a rat’s heiney what the non-fans think. However, what does gall me is how the non-fans often revert to name callling, filthy language and crude statements to try and fight the fans or rile them.They get down in the gutter to try and make a point. Not too good at expressing themselves rationally I guess. Not a sign of too much intelligence on their part.

  520. 520
    Attention Class! Says:

    @casandra: But isn’t that YOUR opinion that it’s a bad one? Do you see what I mean? I agree that there are some here that trash him badly and it’s odd they waste their time. I for one wouldn’t waste my time on anyone that I so sorely looked down upon. But I guess they’re drawn in to his looks and can’t separate his looks from how they think he should live up to their standards. And as far as trashing, You think it’s OK to call his older fans “old hags”? If you do, that makes you a hypocrite.

  521. 521
    ya right Says:

    @casandra: Sorry, I have to call bs on this. You are completely hypocritical. Either you are the troll playing games, or you can’t honestly be serious. You are such a big fan of the troll here and constantly engage it in conversation, and yet you tell US to feel ashamed about the language? Get real. You are obviously a BIG fan of trashing language, as long as it’s directed toward others.

  522. 522
    Attention Class! Says:

    @but: All NON fans where fans at one time, and still are on some level. I think what’s happened is some of the fan sites are so anal about what you can say or talk about and become so cliquish that it’s put a bitter taste in their mouths so the way to get even for feeling “shut out” of the loop, they disparage him and his fans. Then come here to a place they can speak without censorship. That’s why these threads are so long. These are fans who wish to speak their minds, for the good or the bad, freely.

  523. 523
    Um... Says:

    @but: And you continue to prove my point. ROFLMAO

  524. 524
    Well Said Says:

    @Attention Class!:
    I think Gerard is an okay actor, with moments of great character transformation on the screen. But can he produce an Oscar winning role? Very unlikely.
    Now, that opinion still makes me a fan but certainly not a delusional one.
    I think it’s hard for the die hard fans to see his abilities as an actor and RL personality for what they are.

  525. 525
    but Says:

    @Um…: Don’t get the point I am proving. I just don’t like to read crude, rude statements. Do you? At other times I’ve called out a poster or two for using filthy references. I’ve gotten thumbed down. Does that mean many here enjoy reading such rubbish? Explain it to me please. I’m not fighting against their non-fandom. Just asking that they state their beliefs in a civilized manner. What’s wrong with that? Help.

  526. 526
    clean it up Says:

    I don’t come here either to read X-rated stuff. And those who attempt to use a banned word or two by substituting an extra letter or a slash are just showing their ignorance. That just draws more attention to the questionable word and it’s not fooling anyone except JJ’s word checking program. Can’t you girls(on both sides of the coin) play nice?

  527. 527
    Let's See Says:

    Hi ladies. Read the posts here and it sounds like we have a division of opinion here. There are those that think if they are together they wish happiness. Then there are those that think they are together and say it will never work.
    My opinion, I feel like they are together and I will have to wait to see if it works out. If it does work out then I will accept it.

    Everyone has valid points on both sides and has caused a debate at this time that no one is going to win.
    When I feel in doubt about his feelings for her I youtube her name—then I can see why he is so smitten.
    Neither one, have a clean slate when it comes to relationships.
    I also agree that our division in opinion should not cause us to call each other names. At this time no one knows where this is headed.
    Love being here and I enjoy the banter of comments.:)

    MG may post on her fb, but I seriously believe she was told to stop her postings.
    Love to all of you.

  528. 528
    Attention Class! Says:

    @Well Said: I know what you mean. I’ve seen some fans that every performance is an award winning one but I think there are few of those really. I hate being judged by the few that seem a little “whacked out”. I’m somewhere in the middle which means I could go either way.

  529. 529
    Well Said Says:

    @Let’s See:
    A peacemaker : )
    I agree with you that people do bring their own baggage to a relationship and as Madalina may look like a “so-and-so”, Gerry is very, very, very far from being a saint in that department…..and a double standard with women doesn’t wash with me – I’m equally grossed out by both of them lol!
    I agree, the FB posts got a lot of attention and i Do think she was asked to be discreet.
    I also do think that Gerry and Madalina do have genuine feelings for each other on some level. You can’t spend that amount of time with someone that you just want to bang.
    Maybe Gerry knows he’s “star pull” is very limited now and he is unlikely to do better than her in the looks department. Remember, there are richer, younger and more successful men than Gerry after someone like MG.
    Look at Rosie H W and Jason S – huge age gap but they’ve made it work so who knows?
    Gerry I’m sure has hidden more women than we know about s time will tell. But they have been attached at the hips for a long time now BUT his refusal to go public is just pathetic…..Jason statham goes public with his child bride, why can’t Gerry? Oh that’s right, Rosie and Jason are a better version of everything Gerry and MG try to be lol!!’
    @Attention Class!:
    Very true!
    Most of us fans are in the middle….only a handful of militant phannies

  530. 530
    insider Says:

    @Attention Class!: What’s you’re point?

  531. 531
    Zoe Says:

    Just watched Law Abiding Citizen, it reminded me why I liked him in the first place…
    But when I remember how shallow he is about women, it disappoints me all over again:/ I don’t know about you guys but I always imagined him with someone really special like a writer or humanitarian or a doctor…I don’t know it’s just when ever I listened to his interviews I imagined him as this really deep , spiritual being…

  532. 532
    Let's See Says:

    @Well Said:

    You said it very well. So many people here have seen Gerry’s actions and they believe he can do better. We have invested alot of ourselves on various levels to analyze and try to push him in the right direction with his life because we all felt if he would just behave and use more common sense with his personal life that it would make him as successful as we think he can be
    Now MG comes along and we have come to find out that she is not the type of character we had been hoping he would persue and that he still isn’t making the choices we think he should to improve his reputation with his fans.
    I think alot of men fans may be envious of him with her because of her looks and age. Like saying that lucky guy. Some women however may not approve at all probably because of the age difference..
    When it comes down to it–I think they are alot alike and may understand each other. Besides the sexual attraction they have for eash other they also have the same type of personality.
    Many here know Gerry and his wondering eye and inablity to have one woman hold his attention for long so that is why we say it won’t last.
    I don’t think he will come forward with her until after the release of PFK and CM.
    Most fans would just say oh well this is just HW so what else is new.

  533. 533
    Well Said Says:

    @Let’s See:
    100% agree with with you. There is investment on our part as fans and that’s why we do become vested in his choices both professionally and with his private life.
    My opinion has always been, he’s good for a laugh but definitely does not posess any of the characteristics I think the majority of his female fans deserve from a potential partner, so I never understood the jealousy thing…jealous of what exactly?….ipso facto – he can have MG lol!

  534. 534
    dargabriel Says:

    Great afternoon everyone, Gerard is a very deep spiritual being, he is both light and dark, essence of Gabriel. I hope he is doing good, also i have this red mark under my left eye, also very curious why gerard is hiding out, always look at the eyes. Gerard please be light, no more anger or deep rooted madness, control yout massive energies, we love you. Hi to victoria and all my beautiful women and men. Gerard may look angry, hes just not happy with human behavior and actions. He especially doesnt like being asked the same question more then once, he figures, when you receive an answer, thats good enough. I promise he will show up soon, hopefully he doesnt have any booboo’s. He is solo, no live in gf. Eat good everyone. Great positive energies to all of you. Love,dargabriel

  535. 535
    dargabriel Says:

    Just know gerard isn’t what gossip has claimed. He will not settle down until he meets his other, soul, deeper than any younger, plastic,beauty queen, he knows what his true love is. Also we must love unconditionally. Love,dargabriel

  536. 536
    What Says:

    @clean it up

    Oh Please. But you just love Gerry, who’s happy to swear in front of kids. Just stop.

  537. 537
    ChickenLittle Says:

    @dargabriel: I’m with you on this one, Dar. I don’t care what it looks like, I don’t believe they are together. This isn’t the world’s great romance many are trying to make it out to be. Even if he’s seen with her tonight, next week, or whatever, this is no great love story. I’m not feeling it at all.

  538. 538
    Let's See Says:


    So you believe or feel that they aren’t together now?
    Do you feel where she is now?

  539. 539
    Let's See Says:

    Can someone refresh my memory of a time line?
    He was in Shreve filming then he went to NY for 2 days?
    Then he flew to TIFF and was there 2 days?
    Then flew back to Shreve and was there maybe 2 days?
    Then he drove through the mountains to NY and got there on the 20th.

    Did I get that right? Please answer me if I’m confused.

  540. 540
    Let's See Says:

    I guess what I’m trying to figure out is why was he in NY earlier for such a short time?

  541. 541
    dargabriel Says:

    @Let’s See: no i feel he wasnt ever with her, intimately, she is not with him. Just watch. Remember he has many women circulating around him, but not in love, he loves people in general. Love dargabriel

  542. 542
    Zoe Says:

    Guys imagine GB sitting behind his lap-top, posting as Dargabriel:))))
    Just kidding , it just crossed my mind … LOL!

  543. 543
    Zoe Says:

    Dargabriel I like your posts btw. you bring a lot of positive energy here…

  544. 544
    just a guess Says:

    @Let’s See: I see what you’re getting at. I would bet that’s when she left the country. She posted that stupid “London” post that weekend. I think she left that Saturday night, and then he went to TIFF alone on Monday. She would have to fly out of a major city to fly back to Europe.

  545. 545
    Let's See Says:


    I find it hard to believe that he had a woman that looked like her living with him and not being intimate. Let’s put it this way—-if I was living with him I would definitely want to be intimate with him. he he

  546. 546
    Let's See Says:

    @just a guess:

    Right! He flew to NY with her to see her off at the airport. Got it. Thanks

  547. 547
    Zoe Says:

    There is an even more odd issue here, if she’s really with him now… She’s literally crazy…When you travel from USA to Europe it’s f-ing it’s a long , long trip …and you need at least two weeks to recover from it… From what I’ve read here, she wasn’t in Europe a whole week…

  548. 548
    Let's See Says:

    Well the Russian girls are good about finding scoop on MG. Can’t wait to find out what they come up with!

  549. 549
    just a guess Says:

    It should be interesting to see who comes out to play tonight.

  550. 550
    Clamsie Says:

    @Let’s See: I never thought he could “do better”. He suffers from multiple addictions and has boinked a lot of people for years. He’s probably a sex addict, too.

    He’s definitly not the type of many one brings home to meet the parents. I don’t care how cool some of you think he is because he’s an actor, he doesn’t appear to have many values and definitely not much of a nice guy. He comes across as shallow and jaded. The “love em and leave em” type has a lot of emotional issues of his own.

    I know that some of you believe he’s a god of some kind, that he can do no wrong ever. I think he’s deeply flawed and if I worked on a film with him, I wouldn’t give him the time of day except in a professional capacity. I can’t stand guys who think they’re God’s gift to women and he comes across that way. Kind of strange that he’s still trying to pick up everything in his path and he’s in his 40s. That kind of behavior is what 20somethings do.

    What kind of person would put up with him over the long haul? Who could stand it? You can’t take him at his word, either. Definitely not good boyfriend or husband material. He’s not going to be “getting” better women, either. No decent woman would want to be treated so shabbily by a manwh/re.

    Just my opinion, ladies.

  551. 551
    Dullsville Says:

    The endless posts about GB and MG are so stale and stodgy by now. Please, for the love of God, please discuss ANYTHING else. I’d rather read opinions on GB’s nosehairs than another speculation on GB and MG. Just my opinion of course. Lol.

  552. 552
    Hamster Says:

    This thread turned left onto Boring Avenue this weekend, imo. But there are only so many ways to discuss the topics which are popular here. Gerrys talent or lack thereof depending on which train you ride. Then there’s his wicked ways or good samaritan status, depending on which train you ride. And of course the tiresome dissection of Gerry and Madalina. Reading here is like watching a hamster on a wheel. Good luck everyone!

  553. 553
    The Duck Says:

    Sheesh oh dear people, stop putting so much stock in the people who post on this site–they know nothing more than you do. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it is a duck. Gerry and this girl were together for at least 3 months and that spells some type of emotional attachment to each other and that is all it means. Whether it lasts or not is anyone’s guess.

  554. 554
    Speaking of which... Says:

    @Hamster: I, personally, am looking forward to seeing that lovely piece of eye candy, Mr. Jon Hamm, this evening, and am wishing him much luck and tons of camera time, lol.

  555. 555
    insider Says:

    @Speaking of which…: whats happening this evening? have i missed something?

  556. 556
    Zoe Says:

    For people who think posts here are boring: write your own then, and start a new topic … Nobody is putting a gun to your head…
    It’s the easiest thing to do in the world, lay back, watch and criticize…
    Your comments are so high-school …

  557. 557
    Let's See Says:

    So Mad Men is on tonight with Hamm bone?

  558. 558
    Clamsie Says:

    @Hamster: Gerry is always boring unless he’s poking someone’s buttcrack, sleeping with a married woman, shuffling bedmates, going to rehab etc. Maybe he should go pop a pap or something. I can’t wait to see what he does next!

    Have no fear. Pretty soon he’ll be doing pressers for the surfing yawner and you’ll get to hear his 500th rendition of his NDE at Mavericks.

  559. 559
    Attention Class!=EVE Says:

    @Attention Class!:
    “You think it’s OK to call his older fans “old hags”? If you do, that makes you a hypocrite.”
    Time to go hoime old hag. No one died to put you in charge of the board. you’re not a teacher. Get the fuuck out jealous wench.
    “And this is a perfect example of what I said above. Quit with the name-calling just because people don’t agree with you. It doesn’t mean people are jealous. Not by a long-shot. It just makes you sound like a child. Or a troll.”
    Beetch, the only thing fits to call you and the rest of your jealous losers is worthless old hags trash. LOL has the right idea here. You deserve nothing better. LOL, please come back. We need you to embarrass and shame these evil old women.

  560. 560
    Speaking of which... Says:

    @Let’s See: It’s the Emmys tonight. Red carpet arrivals have already started. I see Nicole Kidman is there for some reason.

  561. 561
    insider Says:

    @Speaking of which…: oh ofcourse! thanks

  562. 562
    insider Says:

    @Attention Class!=EVE: why are you hanging out with “old women”?

  563. 563
    So&So Says:

    @Speaking of which…: Hemmingwa and Gellhorn is nominated for TV movie (she starred with Clive Owen in that one). :)

  564. 564
    junk Says:

    @Clamsie: Best post ever!

  565. 565
    Speaking of which... Says:

    @So&So: Right. Thanks. Lena Headey looks gorgeous tonight. I bet G was sorry she was married when they filmed 300. She is fabulous.

  566. 566
    junk Says:

    A Lena Heady is high class, too high for Gerry.

  567. 567
    junk Says:

    He likes his chicks cheap, dumb and available. In an interview he was asked what he loves the most about women, he answered “availability”. Just one of his jokes? I don´t think so.

  568. 568
    makes sense Says:

    @junk: I believe he’s shown by recent behavior that he wasn’t kidding when he said that.

  569. 569
    Attention Class! Says:

    Must be computer time in the rec hall at the prison! Class adjourned!

  570. 570
    dargabriel Says:

    @Zoe: thank you, light is divine and so is gerard and all of you. Light dargabriel

  571. 571
    samantha Says:

    It doesn’t look like there will be a revelation tonight on where Gerard has been this weekend. Any guesses when this mystery will be solved and how? The Russians? WO? An anonymous twitter? Someone on FB? MG and Esme working in tandem? A lucky pap stalking Emmy parties?

  572. 572
    @dargabriel Says:

    How are you going to explain it when it is proven that Gerard and Madalina are not only together, but are very happy and serious?

  573. 573
    cupccake Says:

    @dargabriel how do you know there together and happy. Just a question.

  574. 574
    Calmwaters Says:

    @cupccake: He doesn’t look like a very happy man in these photos. He looks like he’s got the world on his mind.

  575. 575
    Alina Says:

    That it’s not very much like a happy man! Just need to look into his eyes!

  576. 576
    dargabriel Says:

    @@dargabriel: you must not be too intuitive or aware, if you see gerard as a happy in love man, its gossip, I know he’s not , if you know anything about the soul or perhaps the term half in or half out, this is the butler. As I’ve said before, butler is very universal and sees the seat of the soul, he wants the real love, no one else will do. He’s waiting and has been for years now. Love,dargabriel

  577. 577
    !!!!!!!!!??????????? Says:

    @dargabriel: Hi,Dargabriel,why do you think that Gerard is not with this m girl?Just curious.Thank you.

  578. 578
    @dargabriel Says:

    I’m very aware.

  579. 579
    In one of the pics Says:

    look at the guy fiddling with his phone. IMO Gerry looks like he is gritting his teeth and is impatient because this guy possibly wants a photo and is checking his camera on his phone or something. I’ve seen this happen a couple of times to Gerry with fans wanting photos and having mobile/camera problems. He’s busy and sometimes looks like he doesn’t want to wait to see if the photo turns out or not. Other times I’ve seen him be patient and helpful. I guess it depends on his mood or if he has to be somewhere else in a hurry. Remember he’s just come back to hectic NYC from a nice peaceful idyll in the NC mountains, with paps and bustling traffic again a reality and he needs no distractions while navigating a push bike in busy NY (without a helmet silly boy).

  580. 580
    Let's See Says:

    Maybe he is unhappy because MG moved in and rearanged his multi million decorated loft. Those dang woman. he he

  581. 581
    sorry but do peeps Says:

    here really think dargab is psychic?

    and that she/he has some divine link to gertard?

    y’all really need a b!tchslap

    c’mon peeps, I’m all for love, light and peace and dargabs seems pleasant enuff

    but really what’s next tea leaves and chicken bones?

  582. 582
    Nailed Says:


    Hello Maddie, why not give us the real scoop? You know you want to. Don’t worry about Gerry, we all really just love him to bits and will adore you anyway. You must know by now that Gerry’s fans are very ‘special’ (and that GFW is already plotting some porno fan fiction about the two of you as we speak). C’mon dear, don’t be skeered.

  583. 583
    EVE Says:

    Yeah baby. I want Gerry to do this for me too.

  584. 584
    @Wonderlust Says:

    Just a lurking and thought I’d put in my bid for getting thumbed down. No news on Butler, Huh? So it’s the usual dissecting each other AND MG and GB. Boring weekend, I guess. We are all here to check out any news on the Bulter. Whether you like him or not, you’re still here giving your opinions about him and each other. It’s your time to waste however you like. But, when posters feel the need to use disguised foul language to express themselves, it makes them seem crass and limited in their vocabulary. We all come from all walks of life and I would hope that most people can talk to each other without resorting to name calling and verbal abuse. But, alas we aren’t going to get a what we want all the time, What’s boring to one person is fun or interesting to someone else. The best way to handle it is just scroll past what you don’t like or agree with and move on to those posters you are interested in reading, unless you are just looking for a fight and need someone to take it out on. No response is best. JMO

  585. 585
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    Insider, God only knows

  586. 586
    Mallarde Says:


    There are places you can go for that. What about being left to find a ride home in the middle of the hood?

  587. 587
    dargabriel Says:

    Good evening, Get Zeitgeist, time to wake up to the real, stop believing illusion, Butler is very intelligent, he is conscious to the material there are many lies, the earth stage, many puppets, whom are controlled by the higher power, the masters, who orchestrate, create this movie, , please rise above the rose colored glasses. Superstition is not real, its been created by the falsehood, things, material objects, thoughts, fears, people, material minds have created. Ignorance is bliss, people do not want to know the truth, or come out of their cocoons. Butler sees through the the web or the net of the universe. Love and light, dargabriel

  588. 588
    i want whatever Says:

    dargabriel is on, seriously WTF does that mean. must be trpping on shrooms or acid. JJ hasn’t had such a cryptic since GUIDO. maybe dargabriel is his offspring.

  589. 589
    Let's See Says:

    Alot of Italian and Romainian press is saying that they met in April and she is moving in with him in NY.

  590. 590
    Let's See Says:

    Well I guess one of them thinks their in a relationship!! Do you think he took her to NY saw her off on a plane and now he is ditching her?
    I know cell phone service isn’t wide spread in the Smokies for her to been able to call him there.
    Also she hasn’t tweeted or posted anything for several days.

  591. 591
    Well Said Says:

    @Let’s See:
    Like I said they’ve been attached at the hip for quite a while now. He admitted on Stern that he’s moved a girlfriend into his place in NY before – the only question remains is if he intends to live with MG or if he’s just letting her stay there so she can establish herself in the states.
    Who really knows what’s going on in Gerry’s head…..could be love, could be just mutual attraction with friendship. There are so many definitions of what a relationship constitutes these days.
    They’ve practically been living together for months anyway, moving in together in N Y is not a far reach.
    I will say though, if they are living together in the states and he doesn’t show up with her at his upcoming premiers then THAT would be the strangest thing.
    I mean, we all sort make funny comments about this “relationship” but, I don’t think any of us really care if they are dating….just come out with it already. You’re not the Jolie Pitts, Gerry, the press would get over the news…. fast. Unless he’s jealous cos he knows she’d get all the attention lol!!’
    Victoria’s secret anyone?
    I’ll say it again, no matter what is going on between them, you can’t spend that amount of time with someone you don’t like.

  592. 592
    Let's See Says:

    @Well Said:
    But now I have a feeling that maybe he did ditch her on Sept 8 after she left NY. She hasn’t posted on her fb but maybe she is putting him on the spot thru the press in Europe hoping the US tabs will pick it up.
    If she is not with him now then I think she is starting to realize that she’s getting dumped
    On Sept 12 she was “the happiest woman on earth.” Now nothing!
    Esme is involved somehow because she posted that she was in NY on the 12th, maybe to check things out for MG.
    If he led her to believe that he would have her come back to the US just to appease her to get her to leave she has got a big problem.
    Also have you noticed that he changes women more often than he does his pants. hehe
    Maybe she is putting pressure on him that is why he is in such a bad mood. Remember the married chick thought he was going to be with her if she got divorced and she thought she was the only one in his life.
    Sounds like a pattern with him.
    I guess we will find out soon enough. I have swung back and forth about this since the beginning. No wonder so many ladies here are so frustrated.

  593. 593
    Let's See Says:

    Maybe he does care for them at the time—-but when the feeling of commitment begins he gets a big case of the cold feet.

  594. 594
    angrybaby Says:

    Funny news from twitter ( Gerard Butler kidding with some girl and ask her about date ) wondering where it happen? Or may be its another Gerard Butler?)

  595. 595
    Well Said Says:

    @Let’s See:
    To be honest I don’t give her FB posts any thought at all.
    Young, self obsorbed women are a slightly temperamental – one minute the world is ending because someone cut them off in traffic, the next minute they’re posting pics of wedding dresses because a hot guy winked a them on the street. Too much drama to be taken seriously.
    But I do agree with you, he changes women like underwear…..super clean underwear at that lol!

  596. 596
    Let's See Says:


    That chick on twitter has posted things before about her girl friends and him. I think she makes things up.

  597. 597
    angrybaby Says:

    Oops kissing

  598. 598
    angrybaby Says:

    Really? Tell me more or I miss something again?

  599. 599
    Let's See Says:

    Are you asking about the twitter chick?

  600. 600
    angrybaby Says:


  601. 601
    Let's See Says:


    Periodically she will post that a girl friend had been asked out by him or like this one—they kissed. I think one time she said a friend went to bed with him and he wasn’t any good. She’s not right if you know what I mean? Don’t take her seriously. Could even be someone that posts here and just wants to stir things up. Who knows?

  602. 602
    insider Says:

    @Let’s See: oh my, weird

  603. 603
    angrybaby Says:

    Funny how people do that,what for? Well if that’s true it will be looking so interesting)

  604. 604
    NorthStar Says:

    Seriously; is this such a big deal?? If Gerard is with Madalina or not, what does it matter? I am not going to pretend I am an expert on Mr Butler, but he seems to be a “testosterone bomb” of a man. It’s all about him. And it is so much easier to be with someone that is young and insecure and of course it helps that she is pretty. She will take it for a while but after some time with a man like that you’ve had it, and want your freedom back.
    And Madalina seems to be all about her, her and then some more of herself. It’s nothing wrong with her, but there is not much right about her either.
    But they look very good together though. :-) Him looking very masculine and strong and she clingy and hanging on to his arm. It’ll last as long as it lasts. But not longer than that. :-)

  605. 605
    angrybaby Says:

    Lol day seems to be funny ..soneone twitt that Gerry in his club ,drinking with hot busty blond girl ) hahaha really ,I think it’s because of weather,someone is really cold )) can’t stop laughing :D

  606. 606
    insider Says:

    @NorthStar: I agree with a lot of what you say, although men don’t like clingy for long.

  607. 607
    Alina Says:

    This may be true?
    mic @MicmanMic 10m

    haha-think Gerard Butler and his blond playboy looking girl need some privet room ) my God this guy is really huge !
    6:27 AM – 24 Sep 12

  608. 608
    Alina Says:

    Adam Maidment @AdMaidment

    Think that Gerard Butler could have a few run well at #Kempton today. Might even do a mug lucky 15 on all of his.
    6:41 AM – 24 Sep 12 ·

  609. 609
    NorthStar Says:

    I guess to become a world famous movie star you need to be somewhat self centered. You have to believe in yourself even when you get rejected again and again. And Gerardis a product of this, this is the life he is living.
    To become famous you need someone to be famous to: I guess that’ll be us. :-) It’s a love hate relationship. A movie star needs fans to go and see their films. Gerard Butler seems to take time to sign pictures and be taken photos of with his fans, but at the same time it must be exhausting to always be recognised.
    And one more thing, everybody has a view on what you are doing, we even feel entitled to say what we want about him. And most the time we haven’t got a clue what we are alking about, :-) but still we say it.

  610. 610
    Well Said Says:

    Thanks for bringing Twitter news….is it just me, or it’s a requirement that a person not be able to write comprehensible English to open a Twitter account?
    So many conflicting stories coming from Twitter….I’m jumping on the “photos or it didn’t happen” bandwagon.
    Sorry, to many bogus tweets out there to buy them all.

  611. 611
    Alina Says:

    @Well Said:
    I agree with you!

  612. 612
    Alina Says:

    Just one tweet!
    jane @janeskils

    Gerald Butler with a beautiful blonde stopped at the same hotel as me ! i will wait until morning to get autograph !
    7:29 AM – 24 Sep 12

  613. 613
    Zoe Says:

    Hahah! Maybe it’s the cop from the commercial, she’s gorgeous, plus there were speculations that he was seeing one girl from the commercial and MG at the same time… Or it might as well be fake…I don’t trust twitter posts anymore :)

  614. 614
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Good Morning JJer’s. Hope everyone had a good weekend. I don’t think the tweets from this Jane (janeskils) are too reliable since it looks like this person just opened a twitter account within the last hour and the only two tweets are about GB. I think the tweet from AdMaidment is referring to Gerard Butler the horse trainer and I can’t seem to find the tweet from MicmanMic. Alina, can you provide the link for that one?

  615. 615
    angrybaby Says:

    jane ‏@janeskils
    lol Gerald Butler is having fun, just saw him with that girl near the pool) well its kinda late ,im going to bed and hope catch him tomorrow

    no really ))) somebody help me – my boss already think im crazy , im loughing so loud )))

  616. 616
    Alina Says:

    MicmanMic sent only two tweets, and closed account.

  617. 617
    Tweetathon Says:

    Looks like there were several fake tweets last night. Interesting.

  618. 618
    bud... Says:

    …is like watching a hamster on a wheel.

    nice this!

  619. 619
    Zoe Says:

    I think he has his assistants, making fake tweets… when ever and how ever he sees fit… he’s maybe fed up with MG moving in and marrying him stories…

  620. 620
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @Zoe: Zoe, I doubt very much that it’s his assistants that are putting out these fake tweets with unreliable Twitter accounts that are deleted a few minutes after posting that GB is with a blonde. I think it’s someone here on JJ trying to stir the MG pot with “Gerard Butler and a blonde”. Why bother? It’s silly because no one is going to believe these tweets.
    Why keep this endless speculation going? Why not just wait for a picture? If they are still together, someone will get another pic of them eventually (like at the alligator park) and then everyone will know for sure.

  621. 621
    pickles Says:

    It’s kinda obvious when the tweeters only have a couple of tweets on the account. They should just slip someone five bucks to fake a sighting. At least it’s more believable.

  622. 622
    Bogus Twits Says:

    Maybe MG is trying to do damage control by having friends post bogus tweets of G with a blond somewhere after maybe getting chastised her for her own fb posts. She might be responsible for the one with the helicopter too as that one seemed opened just for that purpose! Or maybe she dyed her hair blond? It’s obvious someone is trying to either stir up fans or deflect and doing a poor job of it. Also seems the twitters do not speak good English either. That’s very telling. The one is obviously the horse trainer. He’ll be wanting to change his name soon! What a saga!

  623. 623
    bad... Says:

    As I continually repeated in more post ….By now up to boredom, it takes the visual evidence! …
    Photos or perhaps video with a mobile phone to have of certainty where he is and with whom he is .. these are just rumors and speculation, just do not take the bait

  624. 624
    pickles Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: Did you catch the one from thistle @ cuteprovacateur? Same thing. Obvious fake. Only two tweets and the one from a few hours ago she’s talking about how he’s kissing her friend and asked her friend for a date. Someone was definitely busy last night opening up fake accounts.

  625. 625
    Bogus Twits Says:

    I doubt anything in the way of pics will come out if he went to Necker Island. That’s a pretty private VIP place. Since there have been no sightings of him in NYC or LA so far over the weekend I’d say that’s where he went. If it was maybe just for the weekend, he could be back in NYC today but we’ll see. Who he’s with is another thing but if it’s not MG and some blond hungarian model, WOW!. But I will tell you this, I feel this girl or her PR person wants it known that she’s with G. The sht will surely hit the fan one of these days if that one’s not allowed to be seen in public with him. She’s no shrinking violet.

  626. 626
    Sillytwits Says:

    I actually wouldn’t rule out the one about the hot blond at the hotel. I’m in the camp that believes the blind, so it could be the cop.

  627. 627
    angrybaby Says:

    im sure its fake ! i belive on it just when pictures come up !! if not then …
    i know sometimes twitts are fake but sometimes it may be truth ,so lets see what next , anyway its fun . i dont think its his assistant ,but im little bit sure that it could be MG or her assistant ,just to make sure that he is still somewhere . mb he doest call her and thats another one reason to make a call and yell ? if they still together -than they just lough ,if not ,someone is really crazy there !!

  628. 628
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @pickles: Yes, I saw that one too. It really is ridiculous to make up fake tweets. We’re not idiots here and the ladies at the fan sites aren’t either. Until we get solid reliable news about Gerard Butler that we can discuss, everyone should make the most of their day and enjoy it. There are more important things to worry about in life.

  629. 629
    insider Says:

    @Bogus Twits: whether she’s with him or not, she’ll hope people think she is, as with Leo. she’s just another wannbe plastic model clinging on to the nearest celeb for attention she can’t get by herself – A leach if you will

  630. 630
    I agree Says:

    @Sillytwits: Since there was mention of a pool, I take it it’s a hotel in LA? I believe the blind too, so he could be visiting the other gf. Who knows? Our own version of Where’s Waldo.

  631. 631
    duh Says:

    You lot are not too bright,

    Adam Maidment @AdMaidment
    Think that Gerard Butler could have a few run well at #Kempton today. Might even do a mug lucky 15 on all of his.

    Kempton is a racetrack in the UK. There is another Gerard Butler who is a famous horse trainer and also rich. He also runs horses in the North America along with the UK.

  632. 632
    duh yourself Says:

    @duh: That was mentioned already upthread. Have another latte, jeeez. We’re way ahead of ya.

  633. 633
    dargabriel Says:

    Good morning to all. Keep guessing about gerard. It’s quite entertaining. I hope everyone has a nice work week. Hi and love to all the loving peeps. Have much fun to the butler, I hope he keeps everyone wondering, let’s just say he’s giving the public what they thrive on, gossip,wrongdoing, and fake hollywood, but the question is, is he laughing, is it true, is butler on a roll with his jokes, few do know what he’s really doing. Gerard is very smart. He doesn’t really care what people say about his look or style, he doesnt try and cover the real with fake. Most fear what they become, aging process, cover up the real to make a statement of falsehood. Butler is a natural aging hard working man, I respect his real ways. If some of you on here cannot fathom the truth regaurding Zeitgeist, simply not wanting to seek the truth, seek the truth and the truth shall set you fra.dee. Butler is familiar with zeitgeist, he’s aware. Please try and make it a positive day. One last thought, people who feel the need to put others down to build themselves up only feel very negative about themselves, I say go give yourself a hug, this is more gratifying than fear, isn’t it? I do enjoy this site, many good people. Peace be with you all. Dargabriel

  634. 634
    dargabriel Says:

    I can see the negativity is festering, enjoy the roller coaster ride, I won’t be torating such behavior. Take care. Dargabriel

  635. 635
    Bogus Twits Says:

    I honestly believe the tweet that came in from the guy speaking spanish and showing the pic of the helicopter was a “plant” from somebody. He just messed up the nationality of the model. So who could have done that? Somebody trying to make people believe something very ambiguously? Someone from here perhaps? Cryptic messages abound in cyberspace. All the other bogus tweets this am are continued proof of somebody playing games. Very childish indeed. I will never believe another tweet unless it’s backed up with a twitpic.

  636. 636
    Pics Says:

    @Bogus Twits: I’m with you on that score. Someone is definitely playing games, especially in the last few days. If the helicopter guy was willing to risk his job by naming names, he just would have posted a pic of them getting into the copter, instead of just a generic shot. And all of the tweets last night on brand new accounts are just laughable. Whoever’s doing it thinks we’re all gullible. And they aren’t too good at planting fake clues.

  637. 637
    Bogus Twits Says:


    “Gerard is very smart. He doesn’t really care what people say about his look or style, he doesnt try and cover the real with fake. Most fear what they become, aging process, cover up the real to make a statement of falsehood.”


    First off, if he didn’t care what anyone thinks, he’d walk around out in public with his “dates” or girlfriends and it would be common knowledge who he’s seeing at any given time. In fact, he’s got upcoming premieres to attend and if he’s seeing anyone seriously, she should be with him on the red carpet. The only reason we have seen a couple of pics of them together is because she was put on the spot by fans they encountered. She willingly got in the photos but I’ll bet you he never wanted her to that’s why she would hang back most of the time.

    Secondly, the man is covering up the real with fake for sure. The woman he’s seeing is about as fake as you can get.

    And thirdly he obviously fears aging. That is why some men date very young women. They believe it makes them appear younger even though it actually makes them look older when a young woman is next to them. It’s an insecurity and if there is anything we’ve learned about this entire thing, Mr. Butler is no different then many men his age going through mid life. Men like that only care about appearances and nothing “Zeitheist”. For all the spiritual talk he delivers, he’s yet to “show” that side of him. He talks the talk but he doesn’t walk the walk.

  638. 638
    Bogus Twits Says:


    “Gerard is very smart. He doesn’t really care what people say about his look or style, he doesnt try and cover the real with fake. Most fear what they become, aging process, cover up the real to make a statement of falsehood.”


    First off, if he didn’t care what anyone thinks, he’d walk around out in public with his “dates” or girlfriends and it would be common knowledge who he’s seeing at any given time. In fact, he’s got upcoming premieres to attend and if he’s seeing anyone seriously, she should be with him on the red carpet. The only reason we have seen a couple of pics of them together is because she was put on the spot by fans they encountered. She willingly got in the photos but I’ll bet you he never wanted her to that’s why she would hang back most of the time.

    Secondly, the man is covering up the real with fake for sure. The woman he’s seeing is about as fake as you can get.

    And thirdly he obviously fears aging. That is why some men date very young women. They believe it makes them appear younger even though it actually makes them look older when a young woman is next to them. It’s an insecurity and if there is anything we’ve learned about this entire thing, Mr. Butler is no different then many men his age going through mid life. Men like that only care about appearances and nothing “Zeitheist”. For all the spiritual talk he delivers, he’s yet to “show” that side of him. He talks the talk but he doesn’t walk the walk.

  639. 639
    insider Says:

    oh gosh, this girl really is a loon.

    Madalina Ghenea made a comment on her fb about Adrien Brody’s Detachment movie. she makes the comment as it is her own, but when you google the comment you see it is actually someone else’s comment!, almost word for word. and too distinctive to be a coincidence. I’m actually shocked :O

    Her Comment, Copy and paste into browser –

    Her comment (obviously too intelligent for her to muster up herself) – ” amazing movie,such a beautiful and emotional interpretation of adrien brody trying to find beauty in a seemingly vicious and loveless world”

    she’s worse than i thought. completely vacant and an obvious fraud. most things she puts on her status on fb are actually quotes from other people, she tries to pass them off as her own (even a Salman Rushdie quote!) and her fans will applaud her “way with words” totally oblivious to the fact they are not her words and of course she doesn’t correct them.

    she even stole a questionnaire game her friend posted months before her and passed it off as her own, no mention of who she stole it off.

  640. 640
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @insider: Did you know that you can actually get in to trouble for plagiarism if you don’t “quote” the comment and follow up with the author of it? She’s not too bright. She quoted something from Salmon Rushdie but did not give him the credit and allowed her followers to applaud her for saying it. Very immature.

    Gerry, Gerry, Gerry! You’re using the wrong “head” to do your thinnin’ boy!
    Oh and sorry for the double post. JJ is acting wonking again.

  641. 641
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @insider: Sorry I repeated what you said about SR quote. My dyslexia is also acting wonky today.

  642. 642
    @insider Says:

    It’s called “sharing”. People share quotes on FB literally all the time if they like the quote or believe others will too. They share photos, videos, poems, reviews, political stories, family news, career news, quizzes, surveys, games.

    Maybe you could discuss her toenail polish next, since you are determined to find fault with her.

  643. 643
    Loons Says:

    that blond chick from the commercial is not hot at all but his assistant amy is. he’s with her alot so its probably her he’s with sometimes but there just friends and she’s his assistant there is nothing else between them. those tweets from new people who delete are so fake. whhy diss madalina all the time when she’s beautiful, and there is no prove of any of what you acuse her of

  644. 644
    Gotta say Says:


    You’re really digging aren’t you. This is old stuff. Not relevant at all.

  645. 645
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @@insider: It’s only “sharing” if you give the original author of the quote, idea or saying credit for it. Seems this is her MO. It’s all about the facade of being original and deep that she tries to project.

  646. 646
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Gotta say: But it shows she was doing the same thing when she was seeing Brody. Seems a little fickle to me.

  647. 647
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    @insider @ 09/24/2012 at 1:18 pm

    It’s called “sharing”.

    It depends on how it’s shared. If the quotes are taken off, or the thought is presented as the writers idea, it’s stealing, plain and simple. If it’s your thought that is being stolen, it’s very frustrating. It’s like having someone at work steal your ideas. I don’t know if little Maddie does that since I don’t visit her FB page, but I know of everyday people who do it all the time.

  648. 648
    Er... Says:

    @@insider: There is a requirement under copywrite law to properly cite copywrited materials, such as novels, when using passages on one’s website. If you don’t, you are plagiarising.

  649. 649
    insider Says:

    @Gotta say: hardly “digging” its all there plain as day to see.

  650. 650
    Er... Says:

    And before you defenders start attacking my spelling as a defense, I meant “copyright.”

  651. 651
    insider Says:

    @@insider: @@insider: if you “share” a tweet you state the original author etc, even if you don’t, which happens, you would atleast correct your fans if they make it obvious they think it was originally yours. Any normal person would correct them.

  652. 652
    insider Says:

    @Bogus Twits: well said.

  653. 653
    dont bother Says:

    @insider: The @ poster is the troll, so don’t even go there.

  654. 654
    insider Says:

    now, you could say she forgot to cite the author with the Salman Rushdie quote (although hard to defend her never correcting people who mistake others words for hers, its clearly deliberate) but the comment she made in regards to Adrien Brody’s Detachment is clearly plagiarism. she has clearly stolen somebody else’s text and mixed it in with a few other words to make it look like its her thought. it’s crazy

  655. 655
    Phoenix Says:


    I haven’t read “50 Shades of Grey”, but if this story is any indication of what to expect in that novel- no thanks!

  656. 656
    Poseur Says:

    @insider: This comes as no surprise at all. I thought at the time that it was “interesting” that the quote was not attributed to the rightful author, and there were posters that seemed to believe she wrote that herself, yet she let them believe that. Speaks volumes, really. I suppose it’s to be expected from someone who (used to) make a living from exposing a body that is also not hers, imo. I suppose it says alot about him that he’s attracted to someone like this.

  657. 657
    Let's See Says:

    Hi ladies—not to change the subject but I just have to say this—-didn’t Jon Hamm-bone-r look yummy last night on the Emmys?

  658. 658
    Poseur Says:

    @Let’s See: Yes. Yes he did indeedy.

  659. 659
    Phoenix Says:


    Blunt but well said. I have a question- I know it’s talked a lot here about his not being an A-lister anymore, but I’d like to know what his “official” standing in HW is. I mean, is he really not even considered for roles by some of the big directors in HW, or is this just the general consensus of sites like this one? I’d also like to ask something else. Please forgive me if this sounds a bit trashy because I don’t want to bring anyone down in any way, but on the last thread a ways back, someone mentioned, or rather stated, that GB was a wonderful friend, the best one could ask for, but as a lover he was awful (paraphrasing). Was this meaning to say he was an awful boyfriend or literally a bad lover?

  660. 660
    Poseur Says:

    And may I add that Sofia Vergara is the most beautiful woman, ever. Her dress was divine, and I think she has the absolute perfect figure. Stunning woman.

  661. 661
    Let's See Says:

    She always has such good taste and class with her looks. She accentuates her looks and shape very well.

  662. 662
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    1 Corinthians 3:1-10
    For where there are envy, strife, and divisions among you, are you not carnal and behaving like mere men?

    The story is told of two shopkeepers who were bitter rivals. They spent each day keeping track of each other’s business. If one got a customer, he would smile triumphantly at his rival.

    One night an angel appeared to one of the shopkeepers in a dream and said, “I will give you anything you ask, but whatever you receive, your competitor will receive twice as much. What is your desire?” The man frowned and then said, “Strike me blind in one eye.” Now that’s jealousy of the worst kind!

  663. 663
    insider Says:

    @God Bless yoou all!: is that a Madalina ghenea quote? You know she doesn’t think highly of plagiarism, don’t you?

  664. 664
    Poseur Says:

    @Let’s See: Yes. She always manages to look tasteful and classy. I always hoped g would date her. I think she could whip him into shape, lol.

  665. 665
    Milky Says:

    So she posted on he 12th of September that she was the “happiest girl”?
    She pregnant? Anyone know epwhat happened on the 12th?
    Not wanting to start rumors but I just read through the last few pages and someone posted that

  666. 666
    Let's See Says:


    Agree! They would have made a great couple. Sofia prabably didn’t want the challange and GB doesn’t want to change and maybe wouldn’t know how to handle a woman of her high standards. But they would have made the hottest couple in HW.

  667. 667
    Let's See Says:

    So we had alot of bogus tweets last night. I’m sure they were done by crazed fans that post on some boards and wanted to stir things up—-or were there any schools closed today. Sounds like something children do.

  668. 668
    Let's See Says:

    If she arrived home on the 9th or 10th it was prabably the 1st chance she had to post. We don’t know why she was happy—another cryptic message?

  669. 669
    insider Says:

    as long as it’s not BS I don’t care. I work within the entertainment industry and have worked in Italy. I have to say I have been disillusioned and dumbfounded by girls and guys who fake their way through their careers. It gives an even more horrible and shallow impression (and somewhat reality) to showbiz than is needed. I’m a fan of the greats in the old Hollywood era when you had to have drop dead talent to get your foot in the door or at least the X-factor. now, all you need is tits and ass and to date someone already famous. sad

  670. 670
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Phoenix: I think it was in reference to what an ex gf of his said one time that he made a better friend then boyfriend because he wasn’t reliable as a boyfriend as in failing to call, etc. I think it was Jeannia that said it. Also, if you just want to hang out with G and tolerate his flirting, it would be better to do that as a friend then a gf. It could get old real fast.
    When Sophia V and Gerry were on Leno, Sophia had loaned Gerry some money one night and he never paid her back. It was a funny story. He came out of a club and couldn’t pay the valet so Sophia loaned him ten dollars then gave him fifty more so he wouldn’t be broke the rest of the night. I think Jay suggested they go out and Sophia said, “I’m too old for him.” Gerry said, “No you’re not!”

  671. 671
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @insider: For women in HW, I think that’s one of the most important things but if you can’t act, it won’t take you too far. Guys not as much but it seems it’s getting that way. Everything is about youth and good looks. Movies are suppose to be about life and life happens to all ages, shapes, colors and sizes. But in the old HW, actresses could be discovered in malt shops. If they looked good, the acting was a something that could come later. Frankly, even though I’d never want to be an actor, I don’t think it’s that difficult to “pretend”.
    What do you do in the business, if I may ask?

  672. 672
    Poseur Says:

    @Bogus Twits: I knew there was a reason I love Sophia. She’s definitely got his number. She probably knows all about his thing for young girls. She outed him on tv, I love it. heh heh

  673. 673
    Bogus Twits Says:

    OMG off topic but there’s an ad on this page to “Become a Social Worker” with a picture of a doll or one of those fake babies! It’s creepy! Why would they put a picture of a fake baby to advertise something like that?

  674. 674
    Phoenix Says:

    @Bogus Twits:

    Thanks for the clarification, and that is a funny story. You never think of celebs ever being in that situation do you? (smile).

  675. 675
    Lorna Says:

    The Necker Island tweet also seemed fishy. The tweeter had just opened the account, posted three tweets and the Necker Island one and then never posted again.
    Gerry told someone when he was on the road that he was going to NY to meet up with his Mom. I think he’s been with his family for a few days and that’s why he’s laying low. The photo taken of him in that hotel lobby in NY is probably where his family are staying.

  676. 676
    one hundred thumbs up Says:

    for @, cassandra and LOL….funny if you think MG and GB are an item and are together you are called trolls.

    at least you calls it likes you sees it and have the right to sya whatever you want

    keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  677. 677
    kath Says:

    @Lorna: ITAWY. I’m surprised none of the regulars piped in about who the blond was that he was talking to in the lobby. Is that his assistant? One thing, though. Wouldn’t he have room for his family at his home there? His condo seems pretty large, so I don’t know why his parents would be in a hotel.

  678. 678
    insider Says:

    @Bogus Twits: Real acting is more than pretending but unfortunately, nowadays thats what seems to pass. you can not compare the talents of Elizabeth taylor with Lindsay Lohan for example (god knows how LL ever got to play Liz) thats a good example of how to spot the wheat from the chaff -real acting at its finest vs mere pretending. Maybe actresses could be spotted in malt shops but I think the essence of how to act and be an expert expressionist has changed dramatically and the actresses/actors that you could find in malt shops in 1954 would give more sincere displays of acting than you would find now from actors discovered in similar circumstances. it was far more difficult to make it, even at lower levels of success than it is now, so many actors had to REALLY sacrifice and dream BIG to get their name in lights. Plastic surgery did exist back then but was not as easily assessable so most stars had to work with their god given uniqueness which resulted in pure magic and REAL characters.. Now is the 5 minutes of fame era where untalented, uninspiring wannabes are shoved down our throats 24/7 and we’re told by their pr teams “this is your new grace kelly, this is your new sophia loren” whether we agree or not. nowadays all you have to do is sleep with a footballer/actor/singer etc for one night and you’ll have a double page spread in a tabloid. I’m not naive about the golden era, I’m aware of the casting couch but that seediness has more than tripled since the 50′s, its reached new levels and how can we think that doesn’t ‘t impact on the talent/or lack of on our scenes? of course it does.

    I dont like double standards either, and I wonder how GB or any other male actor would feel if male underwear models, were getting their parts in movies because they were dating a co-star? I wonder if a male model was given GB’s role in 300 how would he feel?

    Models can make a successful transition from modelling to film but you have to take your craft very seriously and veer away from any obvious stereotyping of yourself and not live up to the bimbo label that people will instantly throw at you. I don’t doubt for a second that Charlize Theron is a serious dedicated actress because she did the transition the correct way. people don’t think of her as a model. girls like MG tick all the wrong boxes, too much plastic surgery and spin on who she really is, hopping from one famous guy to the next, taking the public for idiots and spending too much time on fb playing games.

  679. 679
    Golden Era Says:

    @Bogus Twits: Oscar winner Natalie Portman was discovered in a pizza place.

  680. 680
    insider Says:

    @Golden Era: lucky cow

  681. 681
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Phoenix: You’re most welcome. I can think of Gerry being in it! The funny thing is he took the extra money she gave him instead of just calling it a night! I don’t think they even knew each other at that point. She obviously just felt sorry for him. He obviously got her number so he could pay her back and I think he missed his boat on that one! She would have been good for him.

  682. 682
    Lord Love a Duck Says:
    Gerard and Sofia

    This is one of my favourites GB does the weather

  683. 683
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Lorna: I thought about that too. Maybe he took them to Necker.

  684. 684
    Bogus Twits Says:


    Well said!
    “god knows how LL ever got to play Liz)”
    I heard that it was because they thought her notoriety would attract viewers. It’s like freak show haven out there now! Just like what you are saying! What passes for talent in HW is the notorious, no talent reality stars and the infamous for their shenanigans. It’s not about making art and entertainment now, it’s about bottom lines and money and who is the easiest parted with it.

  685. 685
    Let's See Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck:
    That’s the 1st time I saw that clip. It is great and they are so cute together.
    Can someone answer me—I didn’t catch what she said after he said he was 60? Can someone fill me in?

  686. 686
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Golden Era:

    I don’t think so because she’s been acting since ten years old. She’s one of the few child actors that made it past puberty and in to adult acting. She attended Harvard for a while too. She’s talented because she works at it and she’s smart.

  687. 687
    Phoenix Says:

    @Bogus Twits:

    I know, that’s the thing isn’t it? How many wonderful women can you think of (actresses or not), that would be a perfect match for him- if he had his head and heart in the right place? Even at 42, which is not old, but is ancient for some his behaviour, this is a man with so much potential, professionally and personally. If I, at this moment, could give him a piece of advice, I would say “Gerry, take a couple of years off and leave Hollywood. Find a nice, quiet place and settle in. Be celibate for a year, get into some serious therapy that includes focus on addictions, as well as some other obvious, deepseated issues; focus on some hands on charity work (soup kitchens, building projects such as Habitat for Humanity) and forget about the recognition. Take one of those years and go back to Scotland and just be Gerry the son, the brother, the uncle. Work on your acting. When you do come back, whatever scripts there are to choose from, leave the star vehicles alone and concentrate on supporting roles, roles that show that you do indeed have the depth and range to back up your earlier success. Prove to your fans you are worth your salt, but more than that, prove it to yourself.” Do you think he’d listen, or would I just be wasting my time?

    @Lorna: That was my first thought as well. His family needs to be staying with him at his place, not some hotel.

  688. 688
    dargabriel Says:

    Mr.Butler doesn’t necessarily care what people think of his appearance or style, he has nothing to prove, also he does in fact have a heart of gold towards many. I’ve said much about the man behind the mask… So where do all of you think he is? I believe him to be in a very spiritual place right now, in the USA, hiding, may the force be with you dear Butler. Do people get grumpy on monday? Just sayin, I noticed a trend. Does anyone think I should get a money paying job? Just curious, wonder what gerard would say, hum. I really enjoy bringing gifts and doing things for people, no expectations, thats the greatest gift. I would like to have wonderful things show up for you all, gifts of affection,food,weather,starbucks, and most of all love. Dargabriel

  689. 689
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Let’s See: She gave him $60. $10 for the valet and said she didn’t want him to go the evening without money so the rest was for the evening. Not sure what else I am missing. I have to listen again I guess.

  690. 690
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Let’s See: Yeah, but you have no money!

  691. 691
    Let's See Says:

    Cute how she said he needed her supervision. She knows him well.

  692. 692
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Phoenix: I’d bet people have suggested those things to him and he’s probably considered it. But I’ve heard many in entertainment say that it’s an “out of sight, out of mind” kind of profession and if you drop out for a while, it’s difficult to get back in unless you were a big time award winning superstar, like Julia Roberts.
    I think he’s like a really fast race horse when he’s got the right jockey. The strength and power is there but it’s wasted without the proper direction. He can’t run the race by himself. He has to have the guidance and the pushing or he’s a loose cannon all over the place. That’s just my take on it. He needs to stay in front of the camera and do what the pros tell him to do. When he tampers with the scripts it seems like it gets out of focus. He needs to stick with where his talents and strengths are and that’s acting.

  693. 693
    Golden Era Says:

    @Bogus Twits: Please read below under FIVE FUN FACTS paragraph:


  694. 694
    Let's See Says:

    @Bogus Twits:
    Thanks for the answer. She had a good come back!

  695. 695
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @one hundred thumbs up: No, they’re not called trolls for their opinions of G and M being together. They’re trolls for trying to push it down everyone’s throats, name calling, and disrespectful behavior towards those who are entitled to their opinions as well.

  696. 696
    Let's See Says:

    @Bogus Twits:
    ITAWY—-Good point.

  697. 697
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Let’s See: That’s exactly the kind of women he needs but not the kind he’ll likely draw to him. They see him as way too much work!

  698. 698
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Golden Era: That’s not when she was “discovered”. That was a Revlon agent asking her to become a child model, which she turned down because she wanted to be an actor. Scouts like that go out all the time in search of kids and teens to do “modeling”. Many times they are not even affiliated with the company they profess they work for but are talent scouts working on behalf of cosmetic companies and modeling agencies to get parent to “pay” for modeling school and portfolios. She was going in the right direction.

  699. 699
    Golden Era Says:

    @Bogus Twits: Seriously? Show us where she performed anywhere before the age of nine.

  700. 700
    insider Says:

    @Bogus Twits:”I heard that it was because they thought her notoriety would attract viewers”

    Ya, no other explanation makes sense. gosh, that’s just the right incentive for her to continue her foolishness

  701. 701
    just a passing thought... Says:

    Is there a possibility he’s back in rehab? Don’t know why, it just crossed my mind out of the blue.

  702. 702
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @God Bless yoou all!: I read that this morning also and thought of here. So funny you posted it! Hope you are well, dear.


    Looks like there is no new Butler news. His edition of Where’s Waldo was being played the past few days. Maybe we should just tag him and enter him into Geocaching. LOL! I’d be happy to volunteer to take him first.!!! :)) Hope everyone stays safe and happy and kind. Shout out to my pals here. All good wishes!

  703. 703
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @dargabriel: Hi Dargabriel, I can see that about GB, not caring or needing to prove anything. It’s a good place to be in life. Have to give him credit for guts though. I loved the NY look with the top hat and that Oliver Twist get up. Of course doubt that he would have done that without his friends. What a night that must have been ha.
    As for you getting a job…that depends a lot on your age, determination and need doesn’t it. If you go hungry because you don’t work, then yes indeed you better get hopping, but you are travelling so take it that you have enough to live on. I would rather go hungry than to count on another to take care of my needs, but that’s just me.
    Cannot think of anything better than to get up and have the day doing what you love doing. But there are those that do their jobs that have no choice in the matter and do it willingly to supply the need for others they love.
    As for gifts, I think they are highly overrated. The one that has the fun is the giver. Of course a surprise bouquet of flowers would probably put me over the top. Guess that makes me a hypocrite. I’m the one that loves the smell of dirt, remember, so what do I know.
    Where is Gerry? I wish he were in Scotland finding that peace or piece of land that he said he loved. Someone here mentioned the whole family on Necker Is. Now that would be wonderful too. No paps, just being.
    I believe too that he has a heart of gold and I believe the good that he does and has done that is more meaningful to him is the kind that doesn;t draw attention. Maybe just how I wish he is.
    Have a good evening, Dar.

  704. 704
    heather Says:

    @just a passing thought…:
    To be honest, I hope he is in rehab. He did less than three weeks last time and then went right back onto the party scene the next day. That was nowhere near enough time to deal with his issues. As someone who is a fan and still roots for the guy, I think a sincere visit to rehab would do him the world of good.

  705. 705
    lolita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Ducky, you are the best, your warmth and kindness is refreshing. Dirt has a nice smell, like when your planting flowers. I don’t think Gerry is half bad either.
    Have a good night, you too Joie♥♥

  706. 706
    just a passing thought... Says:

    @heather: I didn’t start visiting this site until after he left rehab last spring, so I don’t know what was being said while he was away, but I do seem to recall some talk here later about alot of false tweets during the time he was supposedly at BF. It would be a good time to go, since he has the time right now. It’s anyone’s guess, and don’t know why I even thought of it, really.

  707. 707
    Ha Says:

    Someone like Sofia Vergara would be perfect for him, if he was the man he sold himself to be. They’d be such an ‘ahhhh’ couple. But he is not the man he sells himself as, so It would be so sad to see a really classy woman like her with him.  He simply hasn’t  earned the right to go anyway near a decent woman. Because Gerard Butler is not a proper man, he’s just a very, very poor excuse for one. And you know what,  I think he knows it. That’s why he behaves in such a creepy way. Come to
    think of it, I don’t think he has any idea how to
    behave like a proper grown up man, which at his age is very sad, very sad.

  708. 708
    Zoe Says:

    Who knows what ” demons” he has to fight, both in his head and in the outside world…This kind of life comes with a lot of temptations and doubts and you loose the only thing a human really needs – freedom… He said once – If everything didn’t go the way it did, he would probably be a small town lawyer, miserable or maybe not even alive…

    But who knows, now thinking of it, maybe he would actually learn how to be happy with small things in life, maybe he would find his other half and he would work on it, and they would be happy…

    Now, I don’t think any woman in her right mind would wanna build a family with him… he would need a few years to get in touch with reality first… Because, when you think about it what is this than disconection with reality… Would you be able to meet models 20 years younger , maybe so, but would they wanna date you if you were a small town lawyer, probably not – so that would be a good start for him to think that way ( Is this natural for me? Would I have so many choices ( to many) if I wasn’t living this life?

    I just think this kind of life comes with a huge price, we don’t even know and can’t imagine how high… I think he has no idea what he really wants or where he’s going, cos he has so many choises and the chances are, non of them are real…

  709. 709
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @lolita: Ahh shucks Lolita…..thanks to you.
    Joie, Love the Where’s Waldo . Somebody should do a collage of actors and have a few of GB with/without beard, scruff etc. How fun would that be….or not.

    Wishing all those who celebrate, a most blessed Yom Kippur tomorrow.

  710. 710
    cupccake Says:

    Hello everyone I hope all is well. Have a good night.

  711. 711
    Zoe Says:

    I’m gonna share a story with you guys, to elaborate what got me thinking the way I am…
    A friend who works on a cruise ship told me that once, the whole ship was reserved for members of some group-club, she told me the name, which I’m not gonna mention here of course… Anyway, members of this club were milioners … The ship was reserved only for them for the whole cruise… For them and playboy bunnies … There were 500 men and 1500 bunnies… They had to instal strip pols all over the ship and moving beds with curtains … And the crew was forbidden to go up during that cruise, just to work and back to the cabin… But they sneaked up of course, when the managers weren’t there… She said she was in shock – there were people having sex all over the place, coke everywhere … Everyone was drunk and drugged … That’s just one of the events that are organized for rich men … That’s why I said… Who knows …. We can’t even imagine…

  712. 712
    Let's See Says:

    @just a passing thought…:
    I feel a rehab right now would be a deal breaker for his career. How many fans would want to pay to see movies where they think a lead actor is high all the time. I wouldn’t and I haven’t and afterwards I lost faith in the actor and was always suspicous.
    It does seem tho while he was in Shreve he kept up with his excercise and it looks like he is maintaining his weight so maybe he is staying clean. Let’s hope.

  713. 713
    Clamsie Says:

    There are many reasons why Gerry was at a NYC hotel at midnight. The most obvious one is that he was meeting someone for business. Maybe someone flew in, grabbed a room and agreed to meet Gerry regarding a film.

    Just guessing here but he’s sort of unemployed at the moment. He has a few weeks to hunt and peck for a new gig, at least until his next film starts up in November.

    I’m sure everyone he knows who flies into the city doesn’t stay at his place. He probably only lets his family and close friends crash at his private domain.

    What if Maddie is moving in, rearranging furniture and has 38 pieces of luggage piled up in his loft? Maybe Allen and his husband planned to hotel it instead of invading Maddie and Gerry’s now-intimate space.

    The blonde woman could be a friend, someone in the business or even a fan who just happened to catch him waiting for the el.

    I’m just stating the obvious. I don’t buy that he’s boinking some blonde chickie, either. I think that was a fake story planted by the Brillo-pad-coiffed stalker freak from Bow-WO.

    JMO, ladies.

  714. 714
    Let's See Says:


    I believe it—if you ever want to see men acting like wild animals take part in a trade convention their disgusting. It happens all the time and anywhere.

  715. 715
    Well Said Says:

    The first rehab visit was bogus…sorry but three weeks and then on top of that twitter sightings outside of rehab when he was meant to be getting better. Don’t even get me started on turning up to Coachella completely wasted (those eyes were pinned for a reason) and then turning up to the Vanity Fair party was just ridiculous.
    Gerry’s biggest problem is that he thinks that he and his PR team are clever….the past year has shown us otherwise.
    I think the reason fans have lost respect for him is that on top of displaying zero self respect for himself, he has less than zero respect for his fans.
    Why hide the woman you care about?
    I’m a huge Matt Damon fan and respect his choice to marry and love that he shares his wife with his fans.
    Gerry needs to understand that while we as fans adore him (sometimes) he’s not special. Stop acting like the world gives a crap who you’re dating. Give us some credit,..we’d get over it pretty quickly .

  716. 716
    so gross Says:

    @Zoe That reminds me of a story I read about a HW party (supposedly attended by some big stars) where the entertainment was people having sex on the tables. Sick stuff. I would say they are no better than animals, but I haven’t heard of any animals attending drug and sex orgies lately.

  717. 717
    dargabriel Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Thank you for your thoughts. God gives us what we need, we never go without. Sweety its cool to work, I used to enjoy . I’ve the energy of an 8 yr old, age isn’t a factor really, but you’re right about age in some cases. Right now I’ve a different job, call it a mission from God. Right now I’m enjoying my beautiful family and friends. Life is grand. We are all granted wishes,hopes, and dreams from the beautiful universe. We attract everything we are and like. I trust that everything is looked out for. Have a beautiful night. Love,dargabriel

  718. 718
    DocP Says:

    Maybe the reason no one knows where gerry is, is because he has good PR people that only show us what we want to see when they want us to see it. Hes probably still in NY. Strange that for just a B actor as so many here state, he sure does get alot of press attention?

  719. 719
    Susan Says:

    he should date the model constannze hohzorn…google her she is perfect for him – i think she is beautiful and acomplish. like for gerard on red carpet!

  720. 720
    whuh? Says:

    @DocP: Where does he get press attention, other than this site? And a couple of old fan sites?

  721. 721
    @Let's See Says:

    Are you for real?

    So you stay away from Robert Downey Jr.’s films to name one exceptional actor who had a drug issue.

    You obviously haven’t been to any trade shows either.

  722. 722
    insider Says:

    @Susan: is that you constannze?

  723. 723
    @Susan Says:

    Oh yeah, she’s so classy.

  724. 724
    Alina Says:

    I’m pretty sure that the last two movies are doomed to failure! Success will not be sure!… Well almost sure! Sad!

  725. 725
    DocP Says:

    @whuh?: Just check google and twitter, hes all over the place. Everytime he goes to a festival or movie premiere he gets publicity. I know other actors that are at the same events and you wouldn’t even know it. Google his name and hit news, theres always something about him being printed. Like i said, i think he has good PR people.

  726. 726
    Quangena Says:

    Gerard is probably off somewhere making babies with his beautiful girlfriend. I wish them both much love and happiness.

  727. 727
    Well Said Says:

    After dating for only 4 months……heaven help that child.
    Maybe after a year in the very least no?
    Sorry, I don’t share your reckless attitude towards child rearing.

  728. 728
    Alina Says:

    Well, if for such a long time, babies are not “made”, probably will not ever make! With any girl! Otherwise, any one of his many girlfriends have long presented may be on its rights!(I mean babies )

  729. 729
    Alina Says:

    If God gives a person the beauty and luck, nature takes something from him! A man can not be perfect in everything. He may be sterile, otherwise he would have long had children. I want him to be happy, but still ..

  730. 730
    Well Said Says:

    I guess nature took your ability to be coherent….you must be one lucky, gorgeous lady…..

  731. 731
    Susan Says:

    Yes yes you agree that Constanze is very classy for Gerar and his appearance and hollywood girlfriend beautiful and acomplish like gerar is! how can we set up meeting for constanze and gerar? I am sure he would love to meet beautiful acomplish woman, not old not have children also!

  732. 732
    Susan Says:

    Gerar likes beautiful women! We see he likes beautiful exotic women! Constanze and gerar would make beautiful couple for hollywood movies and events, no? :)

  733. 733
    who are you people and Says:

    what have you done with the regulars?

  734. 734
    Alina Says:

    You advertise yourself? She’s better than MG? The same wh/ore!

  735. 735
    littlebirdie Says:


    “Gerar likes beautiful women! We see he likes beautiful exotic women! Constanze and gerar would make beautiful couple for hollywood movies and events, no? :)”

    Hell NO! :D

  736. 736
    @ Says:

    @who are you people and:
    “what have you done with the regulars?”


  737. 737
    casandra Says:

    @Zoe: I think this description is one of the most accurate I’ve heard and I think its pretty close to what most rich and famous do(not all of them though…)..I’m guessing GB has had his share of “adventures” and that’s why its hard for him to settle for just one woman, even if its the most beautiful in the world.I think that he(they)become adrenaline junkies and the “normal” life seems very dull and boring to them especially since they feel entitled to have this kind of lifestyle…

  738. 738
    Goes both ways Says:

    @Let’s See: That may be true, but I have witnessed quite a few women acting like animals at trade conventions myself. That bad behaviour is not confined to either gender. Conventions, cruise ships, high end strip clubs, etc. If there’s alcohol especially but also involved, there’s going to be a lack of morals and self-control.

  739. 739
    Goes both ways Says:

    @Goes both ways: …but also drugs involved….. sorry, no edit button.

  740. 740
    Goes both ways Says:

    @@Let’s See: I agree with both of your thoughts. RDJ is one of the greatest actors of our time.

  741. 741
    bad... Says:

    Real acting is more than pretending but unfortunately, nowadays thats what seems to pass. you can not compare the talents of Elizabeth taylor with Lindsay Lohan for example (god knows how LL ever got to play Liz) thats a good example of how to spot the wheat from the chaff -real acting at its finest vs mere pretending. Maybe actresses could be spotted in malt shops but I think the essence of how to act and be an expert expressionist has changed dramatically and the actresses/actors that you could find in malt shops in 1954 would give more sincere displays of acting than you would find now from actors discovered in similar circumstances. it was far more difficult to make it, even at lower levels of success than it is now, so many actors had to REALLY sacrifice and dream BIG to get their name in lights. Plastic surgery did exist back then but was not as easily assessable so most stars had to work with their god given uniqueness which resulted in pure magic and REAL characters.. Now is the 5 minutes of fame era where untalented, uninspiring wannabes are shoved down our throats 24/7 and we’re told by their pr teams “this is your new grace kelly, this is your new sophia loren” whether we agree or not. nowadays all you have to do is sleep with a footballer/actor/singer etc for one night and you’ll have a double page spread in a tabloid. I’m not naive about the golden era, I’m aware of the casting couch but that seediness has more than tripled since the 50′s, its reached new levels and how can we think that doesn’t ‘t impact on the talent/or lack of on our scenes? of course it does.

    I dont like double standards either, and I wonder how GB or any other male actor would feel if male underwear models, were getting their parts in movies because they were dating a co-star? I wonder if a male model was given GB’s role in 300 how would he feel?

    Models can make a successful transition from modelling to film but you have to take your craft very seriously and veer away from any obvious stereotyping of yourself and not live up to the bimbo label that people will instantly throw at you. I don’t doubt for a second that Charlize Theron is a serious dedicated actress because she did the transition the correct way. people don’t think of her as a model. girls like MG tick all the wrong boxes, too much plastic surgery and spin on who she really is, hopping from one famous guy to the next, taking the public for idiots and spending too much time on fb playing games.


    very well said!
    deserve a lot more thumbs up … it’s strange to see the opposite. IMO
    after many post senseless, ramblings or just to say something about this or that female without any importance …just to say something just waiting for the consent and approval (an end in itself ..) of other here …
    When others post…well, often is an exaggeration of postive feedback or +’ (in growing) .
    I’m always a bit perplexed of ‘performance or’ popularity ‘of one with respect to another.
    Well,ok … patience, You have my full approval!

  742. 742
    bad... Says:

    and returning to Gerard …
    if interested …
    Chasing Mavericks site
    many beautiful photos

  743. 743
    bad... Says:

    photo from Ischia 2011

  744. 744
    bad... Says:

    I forgot, there is also this on FB, was only discovered a little late …..


  745. 745
    bad... Says:

    besides CM also something to PFK
    some new photos!

  746. 746
    DocP Says:

    @Alina: What is your definition of failure? Not winning a GG or Oscar? Who cares, the guy made alot of money. More than anyone on this site has made for a couple months of “work”. Insecure people NEED awards and accolates from others. I don’t see gerry as insecure, perhaps immature but definately not insecure.

  747. 747
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Zoe: I don’t think he’d make a good family man either. He loves kids but being a man who sets examples for kids would be difficult for him becaue he’s such a big kid himself. A woman would feel like she was raising an extra big kid! He’d be great playing with kids and that kind of thing. That’s what makes him a good Uncle. He can come baring gifts and hugs and play time and then leave. I could picture him while his wife tended to the baby or kids saying, “Honey, I’m going out. Don’t wait up for me.”

  748. 748
    Let's See Says:

    @Goes both ways:
    Your right about the morals of both genders. Some people loose control no matter what. I was referring to men and the hired help at various get togethers.

  749. 749
    Alina Says:

    By the standards of HW, Gerry’s not a rich man! And the last two movies were failing and income did not bring him. And why are you so sure that there are not rich people on this site? You are very wrong!

  750. 750
    Cha-ching Says:

    @Alina: I agree. So many close minded people here who haven’t got a clue. JMHO.

  751. 751
    DocP Says:

    @Alina: I know there are rich people on this site,,,they are called his agent and PR people. I was always told that an actor is considered sucessful if he/she is working. By that definition he is sucessful, BTW being rich isn’t the definition of being sucessful, its being happy. At least thats my definition:)

  752. 752
    Diversion Says:

    @Alina: I agree with you, but I wouldn’t waste time trying to convince this “Doc” poster, whose been trying to convince us since last night that gb is some kind of headline-grabbling A-list superstar. In fact, there were quite a few posts last night that seemed a little off. I wonder if the fake tweeter person(s) is trying to spam the board now.

  753. 753
    Let's See Says:


    I agree about the tweeter person and then hitting here. As I asked before is school out somewhere?

  754. 754
    Gerry's getting sloppy fifths Says:

    That ska nk has been passed around more times than a joint at a hippie love orgy. How many Hollywood actors does she plan on going through?

  755. 755
    Diversion Says:

    @Let’s See: I just couldn’t help noticing that all of a sudden when the discussion turns to him possibly being back in rehab, up pops all of these strange posters last night. Someone trying to sell him a new girlfriend, someone trying to claim he’s a superstar and his pr people are top of the heap, etc. Not the typical evening. On top of gb’s going underground and the fake tweets all of a sudden, it’s worthy of suspicion, imo.

  756. 756
    DocP Says:

    @Diversion: Your definately not one of the happy people. Funny the only way for you to prove your point is to put words in other peoples posgt. My question to you is what kind of person looks up info on some celebrities and then just picks at him … a bitter miserable hateful nag. No wonder so many celebrities fear their fans. ther are to many psychos out there that try to slam them just because they are miserable. I never said Gerry was an A list actor. I just don’t think hes a bad one. Which is why I follow him, Why do you follow him????

  757. 757
    Diversion Says:

    @DocP: Careful. Your troll language is starting to show. FYI, this forum is not just for “fans”, but for anyone that has an opinion, good or bad. Most here skew toward a more realistic view of celebrities.

  758. 758
    Bogus Twits Says:

    I don’t think he’s in rehab. He looked pretty healthy to me. The last time he went to rehab was simply to get prescription drugs out of his system, a de-toxification. That doesn’t take as long as rehab for drug addiction to cocaine, etc. You can do it in a regular hospital but it’s better if you go somewhere that caters to celebrities for the privacy. If you are taking oxy of anything for pain, you can become addicted to it and the only way to get off of it is by physician supervised detox. He was putting his body through a lot doing that surfing film. That’s why it took a shorter time and was most likely done on an outpatient basis. Remember, Alan and his partner live in Palm Springs pretty near Betty Ford so he probably stayed there.

  759. 759
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Gerry’s getting sloppy fifths: What about him? He hasn’t exactly been celibate in his life. I don’t really think he’s the manwhore some think he is but my thing with her is that her “love interests” have all been wealthy and/or famous men. Gerry’s has not. Shows a pattern.

  760. 760
    DocP Says:

    @Diversion: You know what I think, your a JJ employee that is hired to cause drama on the site. Afterall thats how they get money by the more posts they get the more advertisements they get. I’m flattererd that you actually think i’m worth commenting to. Still seems strange to go to a site to be negative about an actor. Why waste what precious time God has given you unless of course you are getting paid for it by JJ which seems very plausable to me. Its the gerry Springer show online, the more drama, the higher the ratings:)

  761. 761
    pickles Says:

    @DocP: Imo it looks like you’re the one here trying to stir up trouble, so if anyone’s a jj employee, it’s you.

  762. 762
    insider Says:

    Do you gals think GB was snubbed for the 300 sequel? GB’s line on it is “it wasn’t his thing”

  763. 763
    insider Says:

    @bad…: Thanks! glad you agree. I get what you said about the liking system, although I like the idea I can show appreciation of post i agree with,with a thumbs up, I do feel sometimes it can all become quite political. i just got stuff to say

  764. 764
    DocP Says:

    @pickles: Nope I don’t get paid to support Gerry, i just like hime as an actor. I don’t really like repling to other posters since usually the lack of civility shows through when someone thinks they can post anonymously therefore they usually let there bad side show through. I don’t post here much at all but i noticed some replied so i thought i would reply back. For all i know Pickles you have several different ID’s and you post under all of them, perhaps you are alina or you guys get together and gang up on other posters. No one has yet to answer my question, why go to the trouble of looking up info on an actor if your not a fan? And if you are picking at him with negative comments then why waste your time, perhaps a jilted lover? its not healthy to hold all that negativty inside. i suggest finding a more positive outlet. Try knitting :) i play the piano which soothes my soul.

  765. 765
    @DocP Says:

    @DocP…Your posts are among the most intelligent on here! Cuts right through the bull. First time posting but I just had to respond to you to say…BRILLIANT!!

  766. 766
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    insider @ 09/25/2012 at 11:53 am

    Do you gals think GB was snubbed for the 300 sequel? GB’s line on it is “it wasn’t his thing”

    No he wasn’t snubbed. I think he told the truth on this one not to mention GB is one of those that does not look back. Once he is off the set, he’s done except for contractual obligations and often he appears to not enjoy that either. Zack helped write this script but he’s not involved any other way, either. Maybe if he was directing, GB would have gone for it, but I doubt it.

    As far as morals go, I’ve seen more men be pigs at parties than women. JMO.

  767. 767
    Huh Says:

    @DocP: Hey Doc, you must be an engineer. I do like your logic and hard for the morning crowd to deal with that.
    Diversion said: “Most here skew toward a more realistic view of celebrities.”
    That should just about answer a LOT of questions. If that is true and anyone can believe that, we’re all doomed.
    Good luck to you.

  768. 768
    She is a beard Says:

    @Bogus Tits @ Gerry’s getting sloppy fifths

    Gerard Butler is neither wealthy or famous a la Dicaprio & Brody. He’s borderline B/C list at best now (on a par with Lohan and her ilk) due to his consecutive box office and critical failures. More than likely MG is being paid to be his beard so he can live under the radar w/ his live in boyfriend. According to the adulteress whose home he supposedly wrecked, Butler only liked ‘entering through the servants entrance door’ and refused to penetrate her lady garden. She thought it was so he didnt impregnate her but it was probably bcos he thought she was a he and didnt know about her husband. Everyone in entertainment industry knows he’s gay and in open relationship except you idiots.

  769. 769
    That a girl Says:

    Good job DocP I totally agree with you. You know the old saying, “if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything” I think Gerry is awesome. To bad about motor city but I’m sure something else will come up.

  770. 770
    DocP Says:

    Thank guys for your support. As far as gery being gay, i don’t really know and even more important i don’t really care. I have no delusions that I will ever even meet the guy, I just think hes easy on the eyes. Matthew Bomer is openly gay but i still watch him on White Collar. hes awsome, hes just to hot to pass up a peek:) Same is true of gerry, hes great eye candy in a world of ugly men, both internal and external!

  771. 771
    VIP Says:

    @She is a beard: I believe you. I think it should be obvious to people by now. Many are in denial.

  772. 772
    me too Says:

    @She is a beard: This. I definitely get the feeling when he’s around women, even in the photos with this current one, there’s a friend vibe. Not feeling any romance. Never have. Not in the romcoms, and not in rl.

  773. 773
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-35

  774. 774
    DocP Says:

    @God Bless yoou all!: God bless you to !! Apparently he has because you are a happy soul. I like the saying “Great spirits have always found violent opposition from
    mediocre minds.”– Albert Einstein

  775. 775
    DocP Says:

    @Ana Bella: Very hot man, good going Sharon!!!!

  776. 776
    Suzanne Says:

    If MG is GB´s beard, what are the benefits for herself?

  777. 777
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    Thank you, DocP! My hope is for inspiration and encouragement. Not all will get that, but some will. We live in a very negative world where many feel hopeless and of less value. God values each of us as precious.

    Joie, Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your positive attitude and I know others here do too.

    Lolita, hope you are feeling better and stronger. Hang in there, sweetie.

  778. 778
    really? Says:

    @Suzanne: That should be fairly obvious.

  779. 779
    AustinCityLimits Says:

    @Suzanne: She gets her name out into the mainstream pubic, and has her foot in the door for acting jobs and the fame and fortune she so desperately desires. She gets exactly what she wants out of the relationship. She is a known famewhore and all she wants is to be famous and Gerry is her meal ticket for that. She knows precisely what she is doing, but does Gerry know what he is doing?

  780. 780
    Suzanne Says:

    I don´t think she will be wasting her time with a gay man for too long. Just my opinion.

  781. 781
    Suzanne Says:

    He´s not gay, he is a player, was his whole life, maybe until now. How long are they together? They know each other for more than a year now and obviously live together since may. I think it´s as serious as can be for Gerard.

  782. 782
    really? Says:

    @AustinCityLimits: Ha, the best typo. Totally appropriate, lol.

  783. 783
    Suzanne Says:

    I think it´s more pleasant for you guys to persuade yourselves to believe that he is gay than to accept the truth.

  784. 784
    Clamsie Says:

    @Suzanne: It is kinda weird that both of them have been off the radar for about a week. Honeymooning, perhaps?

    Or, maybe Gerry’s so happy to be back in Freddy’s bed again, taking turns at playing the role of Ganymede.

    All is crookedly bent in the world of Butler.

  785. 785
    U serious? Says:

    Some of you need to give up this fantasy that poor little Gerry is being lead astray.
    Are you serious?
    Yeah, poor little lost Gerry had no idea wha he was doing when he banged the reality TV star; he didn’t know what he was doig when he took a girl young enough to be his daughter through Scotland…..
    Where is the accountability???
    I can’t believe you think Gerry is THAT stupid, that he could be fooled by a 24 year.
    He knows exactly what he is doing. Good or bad.
    He may be in love or he may be using her…..either way he knows.
    I’m so sick of these pannies that ignore 99% of the disgusting behavior that he so often displays but then turn around and accuse the woman he CHOOSES to be with of coaxing him in to hell.
    Sorry, but I can’t believe some people’s opinions are so far up their……

  786. 786
    Suzanne Says:

    @Clamsie: Sorry, I can’t imagine him being gay.

  787. 787
    MIP Says:

    Whi is his new gf I know someone posted a fb page of some model but there were no pics of them together? Can anyone find pics of them with each other. Strange I post pics of my bf on my page.

  788. 788
    really? Says:

    @Suzanne: I think it’s more pleasant for you to deny the possibility than to accept that he might not be the fantasy man that lives in your head.

  789. 789
    MIP Says:

    @really?: Does that translate there are no pics of them together ?

  790. 790
    Suzanne Says:

    @really?: I am friends with two gays, we talked about hot male actors before a while, they said that Gerard Butler doesn ´t give off the gay vibe. He´s not even a gay icon. He may have many gay friends, but that´s only normal in the business he´s in.

    And what about his outfits? Yes, totally gay.
    What about the many affairs he had with all kinds of women?

  791. 791
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    @U serious?
    Amen, I agree with you 100%.

    As far as GB being gay, if you were around him for one minute you’d see he is not gay. He is a player, not a female goes by unnoticed. If he likes anal sex, he is like many men and he likes it with women. It has nothing to do with being gay.

  792. 792
    Norway Says:

    There could be arguments either way, straight or gay. He could be over compensating then again it could be over exacturation on the part of his dates. I know woman that go out with a guy and all the sudden they are getting married to them. It is strange that he hasn’t had very many long term relationships, most men don’t like being alone.

  793. 793
    not again Says:

    @MIP: Where have you been, yes there are pictures of them together. google it girl.

    What about all the “affairs”?? How many can you name? An affair is a relationship not a one or two night stand.

    userious says: Where is the accountability???
    why does he need to be accountable to anyone? Certainly not to his fans, or his mum or JJers who would love nothing more than to see him fall or fail. You would all love that so you can say “i told you so” . It’s all been hashed before over and over again. Same results. You and I know nothing.

  794. 794
    lolita Says:

    @God Bless yoou all!:
    Thank you, I am doing well, better than I thought I could. Keep up with the quotes, they mean a lot to me to read them, comforting♥♥

  795. 795
    @ Says:

  796. 796
    Norway Says:

    @not again: I have googled it and all I find are articles but no pics? I remember when he was filming Coriolanus and he was dating that Croatian model. There were at least a few pics to back up her statement. In this scenario all I find are gossips blogs and no pics? Can you post a link to a pic of them together?

  797. 797
    Norway Says:

    @@: What is this suppose to be? Gerry isn’t in those pictures of some couple getting married in cancun. I don’t think there are any pictures, I think it’s a fabrication for what ever reason. Once again why doesn’t she have any pics of him with her on her fb page? I bet he had a one night stand and she started all the gossip thinking he would be back for more. After all most good looking woman can’t understand why all men don’t want them. They can’t see beyond there looks, just like the evil queen in Snow White. Looks aren’t everything,they are only what attracts the mate. It takes a lot more to have someone actually love you.

  798. 798
    not again Says:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&biw=672&bih=455&wrapid=tljp1348609459281018&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=uCViUKigGcb0qQHmnYCwBQ
    My links are in moderation. Just Google images, for them both.

  799. 799
    Norway Says:

    @not again: Thank you,when I tried I came up with nothing. Perhaps I was misspelling her name. At least there are some of them together. She looks a lot like the girl he took to the golden globes 5 years ago, I forget her name. But I know they dated for awhile.

  800. 800
    Zombee Says:

    @@: My, she’s been quite busy in the last few years.

  801. 801
    insider Says:

    @Zombee: yep, busy jumping high profile guys

  802. 802
    insider Says:

    MG also had an affair with a well known, older and successful Romanian singer (Eros Ramazzotti) who was married at the time and funnily enough, she got the lead role in his music video after sleeping with him. shock horror

    it’s so unfair to call her a w@ore huh? it’s all out there. Madalina Ghenea is the most blatant example a industry w@ore that there ever was.

    i don’t like using such a word (w@ore) but i fail to find a better description of her. she’s an insult to women.

  803. 803
    Zoe Says:

    Eros Ramazzotti is Italian…
    She said in one show in Italy that she doesn’t know why people are being so mean to her and saying she had something with him cos she never did, they were just friends…weather this is the truth or not, I don’t know and neither do you.. so stop talking about stuff you don’t know for sure…
    I do agree she has a fake personality … Oh and btw. Eros Ramazzotti was involved with other model that looks similar to Madalina , she is Serbian and her name is Nina Senicar… It’s odd how these people are circulating in the same circles for years… If you go to Ichia fest FB you’ll se a lot of Nina and Madalina pics on these events… for years they have been attending these movie events.. Makes me wonder – What the hell are models doing on movie events if not being profesional escort, and after every event there are news or speculations about a model and an actor hooking up…

  804. 804
    Let's See Says:

    Hi ladies—Maybe someone has an answer for me. I just received Attlila that I had ordered online—-it is a 1 disk dvd. I thought it would be 2 disks. Does 1 disk sound right?? Thanks

    I thought we would have heard something of him like going to the gym or getting coffee. So is it possible he is not in US anymore. Maybe on Lesker island with a lot of friends after all. Or maybe he went home to Scotland?
    So where’s Gerry????

  805. 805
    Let's See Says:

    I guess another possiblity is that he went to Italy or Romania.

  806. 806
    DocP Says:

    You know guys I have a possible hypothesis, you guys tell me what you think. Remember when the s%#t hit the fan with Tiger woods? It turns out he had been set up with some girl who basically was a escort for wealthy men. What if thats the case with MG. perhaps she “dates’ men professionally when they want companionship or like some here think a ‘cover”. That would explain all the high profile men shes been with. What do you guys think??

  807. 807
    Who knows... Says:

    No one can say for sure what the truth is.
    It is and can only remain speculation because Madalina is never going to admit to being an escort, if that’s what she is, nor would Gerry admit to dating one.
    But like I keep saying, they have spent a LOT of time together, so there are, on my opinion, real feelings involved.
    Sometimes damaged people feel the most understood by others who are hurting and self destructive too.
    I know Gerry has had a lot of booty calls, but living with someone for months is a little different to seeing them a couple of nights a week.
    My gut tells me that Gerry is smitten but his ego won’t let him rest with a young girl with such a looooooooong reputation.

  808. 808
    Let's See Says:

    I’m surprised TMZ isn’t all over this. They really went on about him and BG and other women he has flirted with. This is another thing about this that is strange.

  809. 809
    no offense meant Says:

    You know girls, all this was discussed in past threads ad nauseum. You should do yourselves a favour and go there and read them, educate yourselves. She is who she is, good, bad or whatever.
    I don’t know about the rest, but it is a topic that has run its course in my humble opinion. Your discourse on the subject isn’t going to change a thing. There comes a time when even this gossip is a waste of energy and spirit.
    I know, I know this is a gossip site, but even so, give it a rest. PLEASE!
    There, now I feel so much better, feel free to thumb away……
    I included this for your viewing pleasure.

  810. 810
    Zoe Says:

    I think she definitely had to do some stuff like that to become known to get out anonymity… And she’s probably trying to pass as a saint now with GB…

  811. 811
    and maybe... Says:

    @Let’s See: They know more about the sitch than anyone here and aren’t bothered to pursue it. Obviously the press didn’t bite when given the bait for a reason.

  812. 812
    Alina Says:

    …” What the hell are models doing on movie events if not being profesional escort.”…

    The same thing they do in Cannes and …
    By the way it Madalina, not Nina was with Eros Ramazzotti! He even bought her apartment in Rome. But he was married and did not intend for her to leave her family! She miscalculated! She had other “relationship”, even with a partner on the show “Dancing with the Stars”, etc., etc.

  813. 813
    Let's See Says:

    @and maybe…:

    Unless she is hired and TMZ doesn’t want to get involved into his hired help. Because this is not a real Butlerized situation.

  814. 814
    DocP Says:

    @Who knows…: i haven’t really been following him that much lately so most of this info is catch up. Is she damaged as far as her past or do you mean all the guys shes dated? Afterall most of us have to kiss quite a few frogs to find our prince. I figure Adrien brody could not have been a picnic to date. She really is a pretty girl, i hope for her sake that its all on the up and up. Should she ever make it big all those skeletons will come flying out of the closet. Beautiful women don’t need to float on a mans coat tails, look at Sofia Vegara. Shes done quite well for herself and so far i haven’t heard any negativity. Of course I don’t look for it either. the point being is that she did on her own. Oh well time will tell. Sorry @no offense but i don’t come here that much and Gerry is only one of many celebrities that i follow. i wont bring up old news anymore. i think i’m caught up to date on the 411.

  815. 815
    SouthernBelle Says:


    I think you missed the point of @’s post. If you read the bottom line of the article it states that the marriage ended after five years and produced a child. It goes on to say that the groom, Dragos Savulescu, found solace in MG’s arms. That relationship lasted until just before Leo.

    Doubt that @ was trying to show you pics of GB and MG.

  816. 816
    Zoe Says:

    @Alina : How do you know this stuff Alina? You sound like you know some things for a fact…

  817. 817
    insider Says:

    @Zoe: i’ll stop when you stop

  818. 818
    insider Says:

    @Zoe: perhaps Alina does? we are not all just guessing here

  819. 819
    Alina Says:

    This is the one NOT MUCH, that I found on the internet! Yes there are many other facts about the MG, you just have to look. It will be interesting!

  820. 820
    imo Says:

    imo if you are a true fan of GB you should be concerned he is dating sych a girl
    she could have a v negative affect on his already bad rep

    i really enjoy reading everyones posts. great site

  821. 821
    Zoe Says:

    Well there are a lot of people posting on this site, how should anyone know who is guessing and who is not?
    I just asked the girl how does she know? I just think if your information comes from news papers and gossip sites it’s good for nothing… If you’re really an insider you should have some proof of what you’re saying , like how do you know it? you sholud probably know some details that no one can find in news papers, magazines or gossip sites…

  822. 822
    cupccake Says:

    Hi there. Guess what I heard on the radio,gerry’s favorite song. We all know what that is.

  823. 823
    Zoe Says:

    and thank you Alina for the answer…

  824. 824
    Let's See Says:

    I think some people from Europe may get news that we don’t get in US about people in Europe. Like the girls on the Russian blog find things. Maybe that is it?? I have heard and read myself some of the things Alina is saying.

  825. 825
    imo Says:

    @Zoe: i’ll have to get my degree in journalism and get back to you.

    point is, i worked within the entertainment industry in Italy, i’m not a journalist. i know what i know. don’t believe it? thats ok because this is a gossip website and not a court room.

  826. 826
    Let's See Says:


    I agree with you tho it would be nice if people would stick to facts. When I say something I try to say “maybe” or “possibly” just so people can respond with an opinion or not.

  827. 827
    Zoe Says:

    @imo: I don’t get why are you being so hostile ??? I’m having a normal conversation and you’re arguing…
    If someone asks a question that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t believe you, maybe that person is just curious about something or that person just thinks you should have facts if you’re gonna talk about something… think about that before you jump down someones trout again…

  828. 828
    Maddie's FB Says:

    Latest post is from a Louisiana woman saying that it’s really important that MG check her emails on her FB asap. To look for the email from her. It seems she is an artist, photographer, film maker interested in wild life. Could be work related. Who knows? The woman is also very attractive and kinda looks like Gerry’s type.

  829. 829
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    No one with real inside information will give you the proof you want–that would be a death knell for them. Just pick and choose what you want to believe, or what sounds reasonable to you. That’s the trick. Does it sound reasonable to me that GB is dating a professional escort and paid for her all summer? C’mon, please.

  830. 830
    !!!!!!!!!??????????? Says:

    @insider: Eros Ramazzotti is italian singer.

  831. 831
    Let's See Says:

    Has anyone else noticed that MG tweets and fb posting how much her English has improved since she was in the US. I bet she took speech and English lessons while she was here.

  832. 832
    !!!!!!!!!??????????? Says:

    @Let’s See: Shure she has imroved her English,she was with Gerard all the time,he is very talkative and the way he talks,I could listen him 24/7.

  833. 833
    Anon Says:

    @Let’s See: Whooooo caaaaaresss.. oh come on guys!! Talk about something, anything else!!

  834. 834
    Let's See Says:

    @Let’s See:

    OMG–hehe—after reading my post maybe I should take English lessons.

  835. 835
    Let's See Says:

    OK I’m game—what can we talk about? I never did get an answer—is Attila 1 cd disk or 2?

  836. 836
    Anon Says:

    @Let’s See: It’s 1-disc! It’s not 6 hours long, it’s less than 3 hours.

  837. 837
    Let's See Says:

    Thanks. I have been trying to find Wraith of Gods. Any ideas where to look and how many disks I can expect that to be? I had these movies years ago but evidently loaned them out and never got them back. So I need to replace them and I would like to watch them again.

  838. 838
    cupccake Says:

    Okay, a movie I saw on Saturday night its called Arbitrage with SusanSorandon and Richard Gere. Really good I recommend it. Good night.

  839. 839
    Anon Says:

    @Let’s See: Ebay and Amazon are the best options, you can honestly find anything there.

  840. 840
    DocP Says:

    Okay i’m embarassed to even say this but i went to MG’s Fb page and on sept 15th she posted this..whenever someone who knows you disappears, you lose one version of yourself. Yourself as you were seen, as you were judged to be. Lover or enemy, mother or friend, those who know us construct us, and their several knowings slant the different facets of our characters like diamond-cutter’s tools. Each such loss is a step leading to the grave, where all versions blend and end…most of her followers seem to pick up on something sad happened. Perhaps her and Gerry are no more. then again perhaps she lost a friend. Its all speculation.

  841. 841
    Let's See Says:

    Thanks–I’ll try there. I honestly don’t think he ever looked hotter than he did in Attila. I would watch it and kept rewinding to look at him in the parts over and over. I don’t think I actually sat and watched the movie all the way through without all the rewinds. This time I’ll try to get into the story.

  842. 842
    SMJ Says:

    yea then when a few fans said she was pregnant she got mad and said she wasnt pregnant and she was happy and not because of the men in her life. i mean she puts out pieces of puzzles then when someone asks she gets mad.

  843. 843
    Let's See Says:

    Or she was just sad because they were apart. Who knows.

  844. 844
    Let's See Says:


    That quote is from the novel The Ground Beneath Her Feet by Salman Rushdie. Great novel. For those who like Hemingway, Pearl Buck and other authors of that tiype should read it.

  845. 845
    DocP Says:

    On the 8th she posted a pic with the letters NY, then on the 9th she just tweeted London. So if thats the case maybe Gerry is in London? Thanks for the info on the quote @lets see i’ll have to read it. i like Hemingway so perhaps I’ll like it also.

  846. 846
    That's all folks! Says:

    @DocP: PLEASE just go back a few pages and ALL that was discussed. Can’t take this crap anymore. Goodnight one and all. Get a life Doc!
    You people need to go back as was suggested and read the old posts. Only other thing I can think of is to call on LOL to come and straighten you all out or turn Mannys wrath on you all.
    Goodnight Cupcake, have a good day tomorrow. Maybe they will be gone by then….
    It’s WRATH of gods….try amazon

  847. 847
    Let's See Says:

    Steinbeck was another author I liked. My mom would read these books and then give them to me. At first I wasn’t interested because I wanted to read the popular books of the day. But once I did read them I realized what classics they were.

  848. 848
    Let's See Says:

    @That’s all folks!:

    OOPs maybe that is why I can’t find it. I should try to spell is correctly. Huh

  849. 849
    DocP Says:

    @Let’s See: I love steinbeck. I remember when i read Of mice and men and Grapes of Wrath. We had watched the movie East of Eden with james dean and it sparked my interest to actually read his works. BTW thanks for being nice. I believe in Karma and we make our own good karma by being kind to others.

    Sorry @thats all folks but 34 pages of comments is a bit much to read. You don’t have to read my posts and I guess from now on i won’t be reading yours. You are a rather testy little soul aren’t you.

    Goodnight everyone in JJ land:)

  850. 850
    SMJ Says:

    When ever i read about GB and his adventures here on JJ i get headaches. to me it’s like being trapped in a deranged maze . with a where’s waldo thrown in. if she’s already moved into his NYC loft moved his stuff around and moved her stuff in then they’ll have to live together. she puts out crypitic notes in her facebook pages where she’s a happy girl and a few of her fans assume she said yes and she’s pregnant she got mad and said she’s not pregnant and her reason for being happy isnt because the men in her life. as for GB from what i’ve been following his popularity isnt what it once was he was a hot item after 300 but not anymore. again this man is everywhere like finding waldo i refuse to go gaga over an actor i dont care if they get hitched for i wont have to live with ether one of them afterwards and i can move on and his movies are not star making movies like Johnny Depp or George Clooney. If MG is a gold digger then he has to deal with it, it wont be my funeral.i’ll just watch the fireworks
    we’ll nighty night to all

  851. 851
    Jason Says:

    Concearning Madalina’s looks I’ve done some searching myself also and i found these commercials that she did in 2006-2007,meaning when she was 18-19 years old.Maybe you’ve already seen this but I ‘m just saying that i find she was very beautiful at that time also and had a generous chest as she has today.The only thing that i find changed at her body is her upper lip that i guess she filled.The rest is all there but of course much younger.I got you the links to tell me your opinions probably tomorrow morning.Nightie night dear friends.J

  852. 852
    Anon Says:

    @SMJ: You are hilarious. Everything you said is spot on!

  853. 853
    From IMDB Says:

    I just saw someone posted on Gerry’s message board that the suits are not releasing Chasing Mavericks in Japan, Canada or Australia and that Gerry is pretty skeeved about it. I wonder how come not in Australia where surfing is such a popular sport? Maybe that’s why he looks so p.o’d in the pics above.

  854. 854
    T Says:

    @From IMDB: Not releasing in Australia??? Omg ;(

  855. 855
    What?? Says:

    Uh Oh sounds like CM is heading down the same road as MGP. Canada and Australia are big markets. Maybe this is why he is not out promoting CM yet because he doesn’t no what markets it will shown in.
    I feel sorry for him

  856. 856
    What?? Says:

    @From IMDB:
    Did they provide a link of the news?

  857. 857
    crustypants Says:

    @T: perhaps it is was the trailor predicts, corny made for tv formulaic stuff. After limited US and UK release of MGP and Coriolanus, and swift closure of the former, perhaps the penny is beginning to drop. Gerry can’t now get a decent script, director, or it appears finance, release or distribution. He has blown it big time through ego, lack of work on his skills, bad project choices and his preference for a shallow celebrity lifestyle.
    I predict a rapid descent and a lot of skeletons from cupboards.

  858. 858
    What?? Says:

    Well might be why we haven’t seen him. Could be he is busy trying to put together other investors to finance these markets. I would think the English speaking markets would be the first ones playing this film.

  859. 859
    T Says:

    @crustypants: Whatever the reasons are, the fact is that he HAS fans down here in Australia, myself being one of them, who want to see his films! He is an international film star and he has talent, why does it matter what he does in his personal life if it is his films that are meant to be the centre of attention? Well, my personal opinion is that he has not lost his acting ability, despite whatever shenanigans he gets up to (most of which I dislike). I hope they do release it down here.

  860. 860
    From IMDB Says:

    There is no official link, this comes from a poster called Vroooom who posts every now and then and indicates that he/she has inside knowledge of what is happening with Gerry, even calls him Bro. Don’t know whether to believe this or not. CM is already being advertised in a cinema at Manly Beach, NSW it seems.

  861. 861
    @Jason Says:

    Thank you for the links. Anyone who’s followed Madalina for a few years knows that the accusations of plastic surgery is dead wrong, as is the other gossip spread about her. She didn’t need Gerry to get commercial work – she’s been doing them for years.

  862. 862
    ???? Says:

    She’s had several boob jobs.

  863. 863
    Who knows... Says:

    Yah-ha! That’s why he original actress was fired from the razor commercial, because Mads can get her own work right?
    Btw, her jugs are real. Her before pics show that she’s always been large chested. Plus the worst plastic surgeon on earth couldn’t make fake boobs that saggy if he tried.
    Nose and lips not hers though.
    She can get her own work in Europe but she’s a nobody in he states.

  864. 864
    @Who knows... Says:

    Nobody was fired. A barista who met Gerry tweeted he had asked her if she wanted to be in a commercial. There was no indication that she was actually ever hired. Over-zealous fans took her tweet and ran with their own fictional account. Madalina was cast in the commercial about the same time Gerry was. She’s not from the states so why is a huge deal that she isn’t famous here?

  865. 865
    @Who knows... Says:

    Her nose is hers. Just check the earlier images and videos, as well as pictures of her brother who has the same nose. Seriously, so what? You looked at Nichole Kidman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rose McGowan, etc. lately?

  866. 866
    still a fan Says:

    Go to sites like Rotten Tomatoes and audience interest for Chasing Mavericks and Playing for Keeps is between 83 – 85%, not too shabby IMO. The FB sites for these 2 movies are also showing very positive responses in the many comments.

    I believe Gerry has many fans who don’t inhabit these gossip sites 24/7 to read or join in on the speculative, exaggerated gossip/slander and who seem to think he’s quite an OK actor, handsome and sexy or whatever and who like his appeal and just enjoy watching and looking forward to his movies. Not everyone’s a critic it seems and some of those don’t even know their ar/se from their elbow IMO. Gerry will be OK, he has just as much, if not more, onscreen appeal and charm and talent than some of his contemporaries like Reynolds, Cooper, Gyllenhaal etc IMO and don’t even get me started on Channing Tatum and Taylor Lautner out of the new crop, Eeeek! Maybe Gerry does need to now be more discerning about scripts, but he’s in it for the long haul I would say. Nothing a few disgruntled fans with their overwrought hand wringing and whining and negative spinning over mostly speculative overly exaggerated BS on trashy gossip sites could really have any impact on. For every fan that drops off for whatever reason, I would bet money that there will eventually be more to take their place. Don’t we read tweets almost daily about and see fan pics of people from everywhere he goes gushing and wanting autographs and/or photos with Gerry Butler? Maybe they think he’s someone else? Whatever. Now come on all you thumbers, bring it on LOL.

  867. 867
    What?? Says:

    @@Who knows…:

    There is an article that was posted here from a Romainian news that interviewed her and she admitted to having surgeries.
    We have covered this so many times here. The proof is in the article and the before and after pictures.
    Why keep bringing this up and wanting to debate it over and over.

  868. 868
    Ana Bella Says:

    Milan Fashion Week was : 19-25.sept.
    My opinion MG was there. Her new subscribers (MM) on her fb was there
    ( he was with his gf, who is famous actress, not with MG) but they
    (MG and MM) probably met there.
    Maybe MG was with GB
    / just a guess, of course/

  869. 869
    What?? Says:

    @still a fan:
    Well said. Thanks for the voice of reason.

  870. 870
    yeppers Says:

    thanks “still a fan”, you echoed my thoughts precisely

    some of us still think he’s an ok guy and sexy as all get go

    taylor and channing…..blech

  871. 871
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Well, I tried to get everything together with links and my whole post went into moderation. Haven’t a clue why, but did find Australian release date for CM. It was archived but the dates were true. “T” maybe you can find it again. It is WIDE release for the USA so that’s good.

  872. 872
    What?? Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck:

    So what is the scoop now. Was it going to be shown in Australia and now it’s not? Will it be shown, but with a limited market?

  873. 873
    Alina Says:


    Release dates for “Chasing Mavericks”

  874. 874
    angelsrock Says:

    ET is showing a first look at the filming of White House Down with Foxx and Tatem. It looks cheesy as he.l.l. I guess they’re trying to get a leg up over Gerry’s OHF. Sorry I just can’t see Jamie Foxx as the president and Channing is not a good actor ever. He’s adorable, but I find his acting monotone and boring.

  875. 875
    What?? Says:


    So no Canada or Australia? This is so strange.

  876. 876
    NorthStar Says:

    Ari Vromen’s new film Iceman is screening in a film festival in Israel this weekend/coming week . Could be that the Butler is showing him some support and going there with him?? Or he could be in NY doing Maddie or he could be by some pool in LA? Truth be told, we haven’t got a clue!!! :-)
    By the way, have you seen their first work together? The Jewel of the Sahara! My son, who is 17, told me about it, him being 17 found it very funny. :-) Me, being 39, not so much. Almost like something teenagers would do….

  877. 877
    bad... Says:

    The Jewel ?
    Well, the story with of the camel, at that age, see which a man xxxxx
    it is normal to find it fun and make a lot of laughs with his friends!

  878. 878
    Toronto Says:

    Good Morning, Ladies!
    What’s this about CM not being released in Canada? I mean, I can sort of understand some far off country, half way across the world, but here in “Hollywood North”? It’s my experience that all movies are released here the same day that they are released in the U.S.. If this news is true, my 9 year old niece is going to be bummed. She’s a big GB fan and I told her I’d take her to see it.
    Sad news IF true. I mean, his last two flicks weren’t screened in many places…this doesn’t bode well for his career. WTF?

  879. 879
    Honestly Says:

    @Let’s See:

    “OMG–hehe—after reading my post maybe I should take English lessons.”

    Maybe you should post less.

  880. 880
    Jason Says:

    Tis was also done in 2007:
    I’m telling you it’s just her upper lip,the rest is natural!I don’t understand why some of you are just so mean with this girl and try to attack her with anything.As far as i know she never said she had plastic surgery,the romanian article somebody mentioned referring to her supposely plastic jobs is nothing but a paid article by one of her model rivals who can’t stand the fact that she is so succesful and that so many celebrities are interested in her.Unfortunately,some people really believe these inventions and they start writing negative comments about her under the articles.Too bad we let ourselves be influenced so easily…
    Personally,i was impresed by all those albums she has on her personal account.I didn’t know she had such a prosperous modeling career.She probably has more photos and videos that she didn’t expose.!/madalinadianaghenea/photos
    Oh,and concearning the quotes stuff,i have friends in Europe and they don’t have this law that says one should always use quotation marks.That explains…
    Have a good day friends!Try to stay positive!

  881. 881
    PR BS Says:

    @Jason: You’re starting to sound like a PR person working to promote her on this forum. And working quite hard at it I might add. Seriously people, this is why we need to stop talking about her. This is exactly what she wants.

  882. 882
    Honestly Says:

    @PR BS:

    Could LOL be with us?

  883. 883
    Politickin' Says:

    @angelsrock: I think it’s fairly obvious why ET chose to promote that film over GB’s effort. Pathetic, imo.

  884. 884
    PR BS Says:

    @Honestly: I don’t know, but it’s pathetic. Last time I checked this was a thread about BG, not some unknown “model.”

  885. 885
    Aussie Says:

    I agree she is drop dead gorgeous and she was before also!Haven’t actually seen much difference in 18 years old pics and 24 years old pics.So what she wants to be an actress?Who wouldn’t want to work in Hollywood?One thing is for sure she will only resist if she got some talent!Hollywood is a jungle,everybody wants to get in the top of the tree but only the best succeed
    P.S.I love Gerard!!!

  886. 886
    Jason Says:

    You guys are crazy!This is my account:!/
    I’m not a PR!I’ve just been following her for some time and she got my admiration and my respect that’s all.
    I really have a good impresion about her!She’s a modest girl and i think you guys are misjudging her.
    Got to go now!Hava a good one!

  887. 887
    Alina Says:

    This topic of Gerry Butler, not MG! Enough about her already, stop! Go to her fan side and discuss there! I’m and many people here are not interested in it!!! You zombified on her or what?

  888. 888
    Kace Says:


  889. 889
    PR BS Says:

    @Honestly: Well well, looks like you called it. The troll is taking a different approach. Thumbs for all these PR posts under different monikers, people.

  890. 890
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Maybe Canada and Australia will be showing CM at a later date. Let’s ask Dargabriel what insight she has on the subject.

  891. 891
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Maybe the film will be released at a later date in other countries. What do you say on the topic Dargabriel ?

  892. 892
    Jason Says:

    Yes Kace.MODEST.I’m married with a romanian woman so she pretty much translated me every interview she gave.Some of you just suffer from PARANOIA.I won’t be accessing this forum ever again.You only want to see things in the light that you think is more convenient for you even with the price of being wrong.Actually you are not interested in being right or wrong about her,you only want desperately to be pesimistic and negative.SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST INCREDIBLE!!!

  893. 893
    Alina Says:

    Shut up already!

  894. 894
    ???? Says:

    Honey that girls has had several boob jobs.

  895. 895
    FB Says:

    It looks like Mads deleted the comment from the woman saying it was so important that she check her emails. Who knows what people are sending her? We don’t know anything for sure yet, but If they are truly in love and together I kind of worry for this girl and her seeming naivete re Facebook etc. Gerry was right when he told Bianca C to stay away from the internet when what she was reading was upsetting her so much. Maybe this girl is a bit tougher and less sensitive than BC was. Mads seemed to grow up pretty quickly and is possibly far more experienced and able to deal with Gerry and his baggage better than BC was at around her age.

    So has there been anymore news as to whether these two have in fact been necking on Necker Island, or married or whatever? Any scoop from the Russian site? I suppose no new is good news, although I’ve got this feeling it’s a lull before the storm. I really expect there’s something in the wind, it’s been too quiet. Anyhow, it’ll be interesting what Gerry reveals during promotion for his new movies, aside from details of his surfing NDE.

  896. 896
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Let’s See: Gerry is rude to TMZ whenever they encounter him. They’re only going to feature him if they catch him out clubbing or hitting on women. The fact that he has a gf is too blahze for them to care. And she’s an unknown. If she were Heidi Klum or Naomi Campbell, you might have a story but TMZ likes to have pics and video too. They just don’t carry news about celebs without visuals. He could be in a very private place right now with high security. That could be Necker. No one sees anything there unless Branson authorizes it. It’s like area 51!
    By the way, Andy Williams has died. A great singer! RIP.

  897. 897
    sami Says:

    @Jason: Byebye. Bet you’ll be back just under a different name, praising Mad’s ‘modesty’ to the high heavens. lol. Perhaps you have a different definition of modesty than most.

  898. 898
    What?? Says:

    Boy she’s good—-he’s a man and she has him fooled too!!!

  899. 899
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Jason: Jason, we’re entitled to our opinions here and this IS a thread about Gerard Butler, not Madalina Ghenea just because there is speculation she is with him. Some times, however, women can see other women being phoney just like you guys can see guys that way. She presents a false impression that she is modest and humble. Her photos speak volumns in contradiction to that. Body language as well as her past actions and history are worth a thousand words. You can profess to be a certain way vocally all day long but it doesn’t make it true if you’re not living your life that way. Perhaps you should be thinking with your head instead of your…”other head”.

  900. 900
    Jason Says:

    Yes Kace.MODEST.I happen to be married to a romanian woman and she pretty much translated me her interviews.You are misjudging her.But i guess you are not interested in being right or wrong about her as long as u share your negativity on this site.You people are Incredible!Like a group of eagles jumping on a prey.This is a ridiculous behavior!I’m checking out for good leaving you the space to sling mud at yourselfs!

  901. 901
    Kace Says:

    @Jason: Instead of getting your Romanian wife to translate interviews for you, why don’t you pop over to those albums of MG’s that you mentioned before and check out just how modest she is :) Have a good day.

  902. 902
    Alina Says:

    …blah blah blah …Amen!

  903. 903
    Jason Says:

    Last comment from me.Just to say i wrote the previous mes. cause i thought i didn’t post the first one…WHATEVER

  904. 904
    Let's See Says:


    I posted “OMG-hehe—after reading my post maybe I should take English lessons.”

    You responded “Maybe you should post less.”

    That’s it I’ve had enough of this place–all of you can stay here and suck on each other.

    GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  905. 905
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Posts 890 and 891 are not my posts. Have a good day gals.

  906. 906
    twitter Says:

    Perhaps this was the urgency

    @Madalina_Ghenea your pictures are being used on a escort website

  907. 907
    Lord Love a Duck Says:–chasing-mavericks
    Release date the same as US, Oct 26.

  908. 908
    looking for gerry Says:

    @twitter: yes, you are right is what debbie did, she wrote do mg telling about the site and did the same with gerry’s people too.

  909. 909
    NorthStar Says:


    Oh dear!!!! I'm Norwegian and that was a Norwegian website. Well, we know that she hasn't been in Norway lately. Or wait, we don't know anything, do we?!! :-)

  910. 910
    Paging Alina Says:

    Did you say you were from Romania or Italy?

  911. 911
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Jason: Hey, Jason, the “Eagle” is the national emblem of the USA. Have some respect! LMAO!

  912. 912
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    Psalm 46:1,
    “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

  913. 913
    laughin me lil arse off Says:

    at mads pic at an escort site …egads the irony


    and the comment from the fake LLaD of “lets consult dargabriel”….

    could some of the humor slowly be retruning to JJ .

  914. 914
    laughin me lil arse off Says:

    how about “Slept With the Butler and Lived to Write About IT”

    or ” My Eleven”

    or “How to Puke Over A Balcony and Score a Hollywood Man’ho”

    or “One Week in Malibu, 30 days in Rehab”

  915. 915
    Bogus Twits Says:

    Or “You Can’t Scare Me, I’ve Done It With The Butler!”

  916. 916
    Bogus Twits Says:

    Well, I think it’s wrong to do that and probably illegal but that’s what happens when you put photos like that on the Internet. There are ways on facebook to make them private and closed to everyone except those she wants to see them.

  917. 917
    Virtualblindfold Says:

    @Bogus Twits: I would assume the reason there’s a bar across the eyes is some attempt at protecting themselves from legal trouble. Daddy’s lawyers will try and scrub it clean, I’m sure. If they can.

  918. 918
    Manny Says:

    Hey JJers… Thanks for negging stuff and making the thread more enjoyable to read.
    FFS Jason, why not post your stuff on a Macarena thread… Oh that’s right no one gives a sh!t so there are no Macarena threads… So she is listed on an escort service site… How lovely, she must be so proud… Maybe we should all pitch in and send her “Sleeping your way to the top for Dummies” because she ain’t succeeding.
    Seriously, I’m personally hoping Gerry is doing a little rehab time. Gotta admit the last few years have seemed to be the Butler dark years IMO. I don’t know that starting the production company was a great decision or catalyst to split his focus to mediocrity. Maybe a little vacay from everything with professional intervention would be the best for him for focus and prioritization of what he wants. I don’t have answers just know that I haven’t seen a content Butler for years. No moments of candid joy only guarded moments of gaiety in pics the last few years. I miss the Scot upstart he was. This brooding man isn’t a joy to watch…
    Okay I’m a little down today and I guess my post reflects it. Had to put my beautiful boxer to sleep this morning. Knew it was the most humane thing to do but I’m gutted by it. Sweetest dog and I can’t wrap my head around how much I miss her.

  919. 919
    Virtualblindfold Says:

    @Manny: My sincere condolences, Manny. I know all too well the pain of what you are experiencing. Warm hugs to you. I’m so very sorry. I do believe they will be there waiting for us when we pass, and I hope that’s some comfort to you at this time.

  920. 920
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    Sorry to hear about your dog; what you did is the hardest thing for a dog (or cat) owner to do. Been there myself and will likely go through it again; I must admit I am getting better at dealing with it though.

    Keep your chin up girlie .

  921. 921
    Manny Says:

    You would think with the full house we have it wouldnt feel so empty. Thank you for the kindness…

  922. 922
    Manny Says:

    @Trying to figure it out:
    She was really special and our stoic strength through some heavy duty loss in our lives. I called her Guardian Angel for a good reason. She was incredibly intuitive and so gentle. As sad as I am, she lived a great life and brought great joy. Thank you for your kind words.

  923. 923
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Good Afternoon JJer’s! Here’s a sneak peek of GB on the cover of October Sky Magazine:

  924. 924
    angelsrock Says:


    Sorry to hear about your boxer, Manny. I still look behind me from time to time looking for our dog that we put down 3 years ago.

  925. 925
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @Manny: Manny, I’m sorry to hear your news. =( That’s so sad. I have no doubt you and your family gave her a good and happy life.

  926. 926
    Virtualblindfold Says:

    @Manny: She is with you still. You can’t see her, but she is there.

  927. 927
    angelsrock Says:


    Wow!! He looks a bit grumpy there. Is that a recent pic? It looks familiar.

  928. 928
    Manny Says:

    Now you made me cry… Thank you for being the bigger person and so kind…

  929. 929
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    In the end you always have to think about the joy they gave you when alive, and know in your heart that what you did for her at the end was the right choice. You never know how much they suffer because they can’t tell you, and you know at the end they are no longer suffering. My son is going to be facing the “final” decision soon; it’s upsetting me and it’s not my dog.

  930. 930
    Odd twits Says:

    Interesting timing with this story, but it’s being reported by a few people on Twitter this morning. Here’s one of several links:

  931. 931
    Manny Says:

    @Virtualblindfold: & @Trying to figure it out:
    Twice today I felt her at my heels which is where she always was. We were blessed to have her. She enriched our lives. As a friend just texted me, “Today ended a simple life. To some just a dog, to me a cherished friend.” you all are so kind. I would hug you all if I could…

  932. 932
    Toronto Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Thanks for taking the time to post that info!
    @Manny, I’m so sorry about your beloved dog. *hugs*

  933. 933
    Who knows... Says:

    Thanks for the link.
    An airline magazine though? From GQ to Delta? That’s gotta sting.
    At least it’s something. But there is a difference between a magazine you get for free and one you buy.
    I really hope Gs upcoming movies do well because his career needs a boost.
    I can’t even joke about it any more. It’s just sad. Ill never stop supporting him as a fan, but I have to admit, the entertainment value of his movies, career, and even personal life are just gone.
    He’s just boring now. I haven’t been blown away by any roles lately (k was okay but the rest of the cast did better) and his celebrity thing with dating MG is just a cliche fest and snore, snore, snore.
    Don’t accuse me of not being a real fan either. I did my part – paid to see his movies ….he needs to pull his weight too.

  934. 934
    Virtualblindfold Says:

    For a few weeks after her passing, I heard my cat making her usual noises in the house, and even felt her “walk” on me at night a couple of times. I thought I was going mad with grief, until some friends fessed up that they had experienced the same thing. My mom claims her cat still pops in for a “visit” now and again. I like to think they do.

  935. 935
    Another one... Says:

    Looks like he really had his game on, lol. Seems odd to be reporting this three years later, imo.

  936. 936
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and Chasing Mavericks:
    @Who knows…: You’re welcome!

  937. 937
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Have we seen this before???

    ROGER DUBUIS – Gerard Butler visits the Manufacture:

  938. 938
    Lyla J. Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: Yes, but it’s always worth another watch.

  939. 939
    Lyla J. Says:

    @Manny: My sincere sympathies over your loss, Manny. Our dogs and cats are members of the family and it hurts losing them as much as anyone else.

  940. 940
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    Sorry for your loss..My condolences…Pets become your’s hard letting them go…

    Wow..I hope Gerry’s career gets a boost…Not much into surfing but I’ll go…just to see it and give what support I can…

  941. 941
    food 4 thought Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: Thanks for this link. He looks very grim. Going for Blue Steel, but instead looking P.O’d.

  942. 942
    food 4 thought Says:

    @Manny: My sincere sympathy in the lost of your dear friend. Pets add so much to our lives.
    - And I agree with you about the lack of joy emanating from GB. He has looked rather miserable and lost for months. Hope he finds a new path.

  943. 943
    sunshine Says:

    From one party to another, from one event to another, from one model to another, the man must be a bore.

  944. 944
    Bogus Twits Says:

    Is that the only thing they can come up with to give this girl some PR? A short fling with a HW actor? I thought these Pagent girls were all virtuous and chast. That may have done her more harm then good since he’s labeled a known womanizer! Just another notch on his bedpost! Not much of a claim to fame. LMFAO!

  945. 945
    The Noise in The Walls Says:

    I agree with this too..

    “Maybe a little vacay from everything with professional intervention would be the best for him for focus and prioritization of what he wants. I don’t have answers just know that I haven’t seen a content Butler for years. No moments of candid joy only guarded moments of gaiety in pics the last few years. I miss the Scot upstart he was. This brooding man isn’t a joy to watch…”

  946. 946
    sunshine Says:

    He is so easy to see through, shallow, selfish, the more older he becomes the more creepier he gets.

  947. 947
    casandra Says:

    @justin:Don’t mind those old jealous female fans of Gerry..They know you are right about Madalina, that shes a stunning girl and most likely a very nice person too…But they refuse to see the truth because of their jealousy..I m a woman and I’m impressed by her beauty and kindness, even if a little jealous of her beauty and life
    Any poster who says something good about her must be a PR person…some people here are delusional.I’m glad a guy came in to shed some light on reality

  948. 948
    rainbows Says:

    @sunshine: These pics in Brazil really put him in a different light, don’t they. He looks pervy and skeevy, not charming at all. Does the same “I’m about to kiss you” sideways head tilt thing with all of these woman. Soooo gross. Doesn’t seem like he even has a “type” here.

  949. 949
    lolita Says:

    @Manny: Oh Manny so sorry to hear that. I know how that hurts. Your pets become so big a part of your life that a little part of you passes with them. Warm regards Manny, take care♥♥

  950. 950
    dargabriel Says:

    Good day to all of you gorgeous people. Butler should be surfacing very,very soon… As far as mavericks surfacing in Australia, it better, no god given reason why it wouldn’t. Call to the butler everyone, he will show up, looking beautiful as usual. I know many mock and make fun of my spiritualism, it is real, it is patient and faithful. I do love you all. Believe it or not, this weird scratch under my left eye, by the invisible is almost gonegone, healing fast, so butler will show up soon. He will look much happier. God bless the doggy who past to the other side, love to him/her. Peace and a groovey day to you. Love, raven dargabriel

  951. 951
    @dargabriel Says:

    He will be happier because he’s just had a mini-vacation with the girl he loves.

  952. 952
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @@dargabriel: Oh stop with the taunts! You don’t know anything.

  953. 953
    @Bogus Twits Says:


  954. 954
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    Well, I hope he got his money’s worth if he took her to Necker Island.

    To the real dargabriel – Hi sweetie.

    Not digging his look on the cover of the Delta magazine; I don’t normally fly with them, so I won’t see it that often.

  955. 955
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @@Bogus Twits: And quit hiding like a coward behind other peoples’ monikers.

  956. 956
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

  957. 957
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    For you and all the other animal lovers on this thread.

    Rainbow Bridge

    Just this side of heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge.

    When a much loved animal dies, it goes to Rainbow Bridge. It runs and plays with special friends, in the rolling meadows and hills. There, animals are restored to health and vigor, just as we remember them. They are happy and content, but still miss the special people they have left behind.

    There comes a day when a frolicking pet suddenly stops and looks into the distance. With bright eyes and eager body, it spots you and begins to run from its friend. Reunited, you embrace in a shower of happy tears and kisses. You look into the eyes of your beloved pet and realize that your love for each other will always live on.

    Finally together, you cross the Rainbow Bridge.

    Inspired by a Norse legend

  958. 958
    Realist Says:


    Quit making people want to puke. How do you know she is a kind person? What on earth has shown she has done ANYTHING for ANYONE without it benefiting her pocket or her “career.” Posing with babies is NOT kindness. Being part of APJ is NOT kindness. Just because she smiles big doesn’t make her a nice person. It just means she has facial muscles and teeth. Neither of which are real, anyway!

  959. 959
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Manny: Manny, I am so sorry for your loss. We do get so attached to our critters. It always helped me to remember that, no matter what, they were always there for us with acceptance, love and tolerance. They never find fault or judgment…just keep the Beneful coming and take me for a walk and/or a swim every day. Probably the beings in our lives who require the least maintenance and give the most unconditional love. ♥

  960. 960
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    Greetings everyone! Hope this finds everyone well and happy. No new Butler news it seems, except for the October Sky mag cover. It’s interesting. Maybe he’s selling watches. I have no theory or idea about what he’s up to this week, so I’ll leave that to the fortune tellers and insiders….LOL! Hopefully, he’s well and ready to promote a film that stands as a pivotal moment in his career, in my opinion.


    @ God Bless youu all: right back at you, babe. You are a welcome blessing here for me every day.


    @ lolita, Ducky, angelsrock, and of course CGE. Thanks for always taking the high road. Isn’t the view so much better from here? ♥ Big hello to all my friends here. Take care everybody and best wishes to all. Stay safe and kind!

  961. 961
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    Hi cupccake! Love how you always shine like the sun.

  962. 962
    Sami Says:

    Rumours has it that she invested a fortune in a children’s hospital in Italy

  963. 963
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    I did happen to pick up the mag in the grocery line today put out by Nat’l Enquirer about Stars and their Pets. The article about Butler told the story of the encounter between Lolita and the greyhound in NYC back in 2009. CGE, maybe you can link it or maybe ithat has been done. Wish it had been a different take on Butler and Lolita instead of an article telling how he allegedly punched a greyhound in the head and allegedly screamed for it to be put down for attacking Lolita. I wasn’t a fan yet in 2009, so I don’t know what facts were uncovered here.

  964. 964
    Clamsie Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: You should learn how to read. This is a site that parrots when the film opens. There’s nothing here about it opening in Canada.

    Whoever the guy is who claims to be a Gerry insider, I think he’s right. It looks like the surf film isn’t going to be playing worldwide. My sister in law and brother live in Italy and she is so upset that she won’t be able to see the new film there. It looks like they left out Spain and France showings, too.

    Let’s face it, Gerry isn’t a big lead actor anymore. He can’t bring the magic back, either.

  965. 965
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    So sorry for you, Manny, it’s never easy parting with our fur babies even if it is the humane thing to do.

    Remember the pictures you see of Gerry that are snapped without his knowledge are a second of his day and if he’s not always smiling it means he’s not smiling at that second and nothing more. If he is aware of the camera, he usually smiles.

  966. 966
    cupccake Says:

    Hello eveyone, manny I’m so sorry to hear of your dog’s passing. I know you will miss her very much. I’m sure your dog brought you much joy.

  967. 967
    Realist Says:


    She doesn’t have a fortune because it’s been shown she has champagne taste on a beer budget. IF and that’s a big IF it is true, then it was one of her sugar daddies raising her profile in Italy. She was probably just window dressing.

  968. 968
    Realist Says:


    She doesn’t have a fortune because it’s been shown she has champagne taste on a beer budget. IF and that’s a big IF it is true, then it was one of her sugar daddies raising her profile in Italy. She was probably just window dressing.

  969. 969
    @Realist Says:

    Really, and you have information from where?

  970. 970
    Autumn Says:

    @Manny: Manny, hang in there! My sincere condolences at having to do that to your sweet girl. I went through the same when I had to put down my loving Rottweiler last year – he was just a big old lap dog! Give yourself time!


  971. 971
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @Trying to figure it out:

    What a lovely sentiment.

    So sorry for your loss and heartache. I’ve been there many times, andd my thoughts are with you.

  972. 972
    Lizzy Says:

    Gerry has been dating my best friend and it’s not this Madalina Ghen-whatever.

  973. 973
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: Good read. Makes me happy to know that Americans are not the only ones who can’t make a long story short. LOL!! Cheers.

  974. 974
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    Hi Autumn! How was NYC? Did you see anyone interesting?? :))

  975. 975
    ??? Says:

    @Lizzy: If that is true, would you be so kind and prove it to the world???

  976. 976
    Lizzy Says:


    Prove otherwise!

  977. 977
    Alina Says:

    Lizzy, you don’t have to prove anything! Believe it or not, it’s their business!

  978. 978
    ??? Says:

    @Lizzy: Is he still dating her in NYC???

  979. 979
    Masha Says:

    I’m I the only one that notices that something odd is happening ?
    Earlier when he was more popular, his gf’s managed to keep their mouth shut … But lately , more and more , one by one , are spilling the beans on GB as a lover…
    And it’s all happening for the last two years…
    First Martina, Laurie, Bianca ( the Brazilian model during the carnival), Brandi, this new link that someone posted about the model during “The Bounty Hunter” shooting…Than MG giving hints on her fb, trying to raise awareness of public of her “relationship ” with him… Btw. in my opinion that’s the only awareness she wanted to raise( on those ” benefits” , “fund raisers” … )
    It seems to me as he gets older, he gets more naive and the girls respect him less and use him more…
    Did anyone noticed this? Does anyone have an idea why this is happening? Does anyone have a theory of future developments like ( maybe public apology for all the women of the world :) Just one sci-fi scenario :)

  980. 980
    Realist Says:


    you don’t sponge off men if you have your own money. You don’t complain when you aren’t get getting any free stuff. Seriously, it’s all over the internet and on her own twitter/facebook. NOT ONE independently written piece has anything good to say about her. She is the only one tooting her own horn. Even with GB’s past, people say he is a nice friendly guy and good to fans. She can’t even fake good press without coming off, well, FAKE! If she would stop posing for one second and DID something of value then she actually be taken a smidge more seriousness.

  981. 981
    spill Says:

    @Lizzy: You don’t need to name names, but if you come in here and drop bombs with no backup, peeps will think you’re a troll and thumb you out. Can you provide any info?

  982. 982
    Realist Says:


    Oh wow I’m tired from actually having to work for a living so it messed up my argument.LOL

  983. 983
    @Realist Says:

    Really? Show me some of these links where she complained about not getting free stuff; where she’s tooting her own horn. Show me an independent article that has been written based on original material and not rumors and conjecture from gossip sites. She sure looks fake smiling down at those children. How does one look “fake” by the way. You and Alina seem to be very adamant about demoralizing this woman without any actual proof aside from, again, rumors from fans on gossip sites. Wouldn’t you have more fun elsewhere? Gerry is nice to fans. What an unusual way for a celebrity to behave.

  984. 984
    spill Says:

    @@Realist: And you, for some odd reason, seem very adamant about advancing her without any actual proof aside from what you “think” of her. You don’t know her, and you have nothing but what she says about herself on her fb page to go on.

  985. 985
    Alina Says:

    Maybe you have more fun elsewhere? For example on the fan site MG?HAHAHAHA

  986. 986
    Realist Says:

    Do you not read the links that have been posted here since she has popped up GB, otherwise no one outside of Romania or Italy would know or care about her. Fine, I’ll do your thinking for you tomarrow. I have to sleep because I live in the real world.

  987. 987
    @spill Says:

    Oh, okay. Whatever you say.

  988. 988
    Realist Says:

    @Alina: or Cassandra LOL

  989. 989
    poorgerry Says: don’t think her pics is being used ,I think this is REAL THING ABOUT OUR LITTLE MADDY,if you click on email there will be her site Mareva and prices.

  990. 990
    SouthernBelle Says:

    Really felt bad for GB, Millenium, et al, after ET’s segment tonight on White House Down. Don’t think efforts to put together a good cast, change the name of the film, etc., will hold a candle to ET’s promotion of WHD. They must wonder why they bothered.

  991. 991
    DocP Says:

    Any woman that was actually dating Gerry would be a fool to announce it publically. First of all, look at all the criticism she’ll face . Not to mention the nay sayers and the jealous dilusionists who think they had a chance with him. Second lets face it Gerry seems to gave ADD when it comes to women. Once they start to get to close I think he feels smothered. i remember back in his Tomb Raider days before he did POTO he dated some VJ on MTV. She started to get serious and he ran to the high hills and denied even knowing her. To me if a woman announces she dating him its a death sentence for their relationship. He definately has issues with emotional intimacy.JMO.

    Last I would like to extend my condolences to you Alina for the loss of your Pug. I also have a dog and I know someday I will lose him. My heart will break because I love him so much. Thats what stinks about dogs, they don’t live nearly long enough. Its cruel that we live so much longer.

  992. 992
    Politickin' Says:

    @SouthernBelle: I already called it. It’s fairly obvious why ET chose this film over GB’s effort. PATHETIC!

  993. 993
    Alina Says:

    “This website offers services for accompaniment and relaxation between adults and informs you about the independent activity of a French escort girl, a seductive companion, which moves at your hotel or home ”

    Mareva (Madalina Ghenea) will be any for 1600 euros 10h!!! Her face in the photo is not closed! How much for her and her “unearthly beauty and love” Gerry Butler paid for 4 months?? OMG!

  994. 994
    Bogus Twits Says:

    Oh no. Here we go……”Butler, show your butt……NOW!

  995. 995
    so who's Says:

    his pi/mp?

    freddy, ronnie , mo or curly?

  996. 996
    SouthernBelle Says:


    Alina, they are using MG’s pics, but the description doesn’t match. She says that she is French, 29 and speaks English and French. She will email but only make arrangements via phone. Even if MG speaks French, I don’t think she would fool anyone into thinking that she’s French. This whole thing sounds like some kind of scam. The customer thinks that he’s getting the woman in the pictures, pays upfront and then gets whomever shows up. Or maybe no one shows up. The pics they have are all on her fb.

  997. 997
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? Says: wowwwwwwwwwwww,she is a ****,no doubt.

  998. 998
    holycraponacracker Says:

    Funny how Gerry partied with Leonardo, then no more pics of him and MG together. perhaps he warned Gerry about MG’s past and possible future. Then again Southernbelle might be right, its all of cruel hoax because she has posed so many times for lingere ads. Only time will tell!!

  999. 999
    no party Says:

    @holycraponacracker: This story about them partying with Psy is bogus. It was already determined last week that he was on his way back from Shreve on and camping along the way. There are twitpics with fans to prove it. He couldn’t have been in nyc that night.

  1000. 1000
    Alina Says:

    I don’t think, they are using MG’s pics. I think that this is real and this is her real age. She looks like a 29 years old! Man is paying for this particular girl, there can not be a fake, all too seriously! Then in interview (there if you look!) someone asks her: “Are the photos recent?” – “Yes THE ARE TRUE AND RECENT

    I don’t send any other photos by e-mail.

    I am even better in reality than in the photos. “……
    What else can you add to this? …

  1001. 1001
    Shazaam Says:

    Do you think she was a cover for what he really is? Supposedly MR was hired by Alan.

  1002. 1002
    Fruma-Sarah Says:

    Yeah and Alan owns the Brooklyn Bridge too!

  1003. 1003
    Shazaam Says:

    Alot of us here had a feeling that something wasn’t right about this relationship. I believe this information about her is true and resolves alot of questions some of us have had.

  1004. 1004
    Alina Says:

    Finally someone started to think in the direction of the true test! Soon we will know the truth! LOL!

  1005. 1005
    Shazaam Says:

    So what if freddie is his other half?

  1006. 1006
    holycraponacracker Says:

    @Alina: How will we know the truth? You gonna make an appointment with her?

  1007. 1007
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @Alina: Yes, I saw all that, and you may be right, certainly about her looking 29 or older. I just questioned passing herself off as French living in Norway.

    It seems that they meet the customer in a bar, restaurant, hotel, so I guess she can tell them anything. Maybe by that time they don’t care.

    The website would certainly answer the questions people have asked about her posting pics of herself posing in bed. A number of posters have thought all along that she was a paid escort. Don’t know whether or not this proves it, but sure looks that way. Guess the woman who left the message on MG’s fb got what she wanted.

  1008. 1008
    Alina Says:

    Well, only a blind man can not see the truth!

  1009. 1009
    holycraponacracker Says:

    I say we tread cautiously……..afterall we don’t know that someone didn’t create it out of maliciousness due to jealousy. Afterall when it comes to Gerry we all know how females can be caddy!!!

  1010. 1010
    Shazaam Says:

    So her gig was up with him and she went back to Europe. Everything else was just PR for his image. GFW was right all along.
    Then if she gets caught and gets questioned about her bf’s she says she wants to only be known for her acting. The men won’t say anything because she has alot of ammo on alot of men.
    She ran of to Rome with a man when she was about 14. She is very good at what she does.

  1011. 1011
    Alina Says:

    You are so naive? How much more proof do you need? this is ridiculous!

  1012. 1012
    holycraponacracker Says:

    @Alina: How dense are you???!!!????!!!Anyone can create a site on the internet, there is no regulations which is why you have to question whatever you see. How many scammers from nigeria have fake sites posted all over Craigslist. You are naive and evil. You obviously want to believe the worst of this woman and of Gerry so make an appointment, bet some guy in nigeria would love to get your info so he can scam you.

  1013. 1013
    @Alina Says:

    I’m betting your eyes are brown.

  1014. 1014
    holycraponacracker Says:

    @@Alina: I’m betting yours are green with envy!! You obviously have some personal vendetta against this woman and Gerry. What did he do dump you after one role in the hay? Perhaps he found you undesirable ( much like Paris Hilton) and totally blew you off.

  1015. 1015
    Shazaam Says:

    The other escort services that are advertised on her page look real to me.

  1016. 1016
    holycraponacracker Says:

    @Shazaam: Looks can be decieving. I believe very little when it comes to **** like this. I know a guy that set up a site and posted other peoples artwork as his own. Only after years of litigation was he forced to take it down. Piracy and deceptiveness is abundant on the internet. Like that girl said in the commercial “It must be true, it was on the internet”. How easily people are lead astray!!

  1017. 1017
    SouthernBelle Says:

    I’m no fan of MG’s but have to say I feel a little sick looking at the escort site. According to the site, Mareva is an independent escort. She is also listed on a site called Escortintime that states that her sexual preference is bi-sexual – right again posters.

    It’s highly doubtful that someone set her up on multiple escort sites (and who knows how many she’s affiliated with) because they’re jealous of her relationship with Gerry.

    Sorry I questioned you, Alina – really wanted to believe the best, even though I’ve thought all along that this was a hinky relationship.

    We’ve talked about actors succumbing to HW, but I wonder if HW is just a magnet that attracts whackjobs.. What kind of man has to have an escort in order to complete an acting job? It’s not like making bad films is contributing anything to the world. What a train wreck.

  1018. 1018
    Shazaam Says:

    Those photos of her on that link and some others on her fb are not of a woman modeling lingerie. They are p/orn type poses. Many here have talked about this for the past 4 mos.

  1019. 1019
    holycraponacracker Says:

    One last comment before I leave this zoo. How is it that Alina found this site? If the woman really is a payed escort don’t you think she would be going through professional services that would be discret. I seriously doubt she would post a site for the whole world to see, especially Gerry. Even if he knew about it, his PR people would steer him away from that. Final word, speculation is fine and fun until it crosses the line of slander…I would tread cautiously on anything I found on the “internet”

  1020. 1020
    Shazaam Says:

    If you look hard enough a person can find anything on the internet. Even how to make a spaceship to the moon if they wanted. P/orn sites are as popular as every day news.

  1021. 1021
    @holycraponacracker Says:

    Read carefully dearie. I am very much in favor of Gerard and Madalina’s relationship. This other person (yes person, not people) is just trying to stir up trouble but is completely juvenile in the attempt.

  1022. 1022
    holycraponacracker Says:

    @Shazaam: You visit the porn sites alot huh? Wouldn’t really know about those except that there are literally thousands, yet she found MG so easily? Once again its easy to be decieved on the internet. Any picture you post that is public, anyone can copy and claim it as there own. Unless you see it and have proof that its yours. I googled the womans name and came up with several of those same photos from the escort site that were on other sites.

  1023. 1023
    Clamsie Says:

    @holycraponacracker: Some wh/re stole Maddie’s pics, I’m sure of it. Not buying that she’s a paid hook and escort. She’s been modeling for print ads, magazines and done multiple TV and radio ads for years if you care to look it up. She was on the cover of GQ mag a few months ago, not exactly a small feat.

    I don’t believe the editors of GQ would put a hook/r on their cover.

    It’s more likely that some jealous fangirl created the website. I couldn’t help but notice that the locations posted in the ad were from Norway, a place I’ve been through on business myself.

    The internet is full of phonies, what’s new? Only the most gullible people would buy this drivel.

  1024. 1024
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @holycraponacracker: These aren’t personal sites for her. She’s one of many escorts advertised by the site(s). It’s like any other site that sells product – they advertise the girl for a fee. This isn’t new. She’s had plenty of time to sue the sight, have her pics taken down, whatever, if they are using MG’s pics to entice customers. One site may be bogus, but multiple sites? It’s hard to believe that someone is setting her up. I actually hope that she isn’t a part of this.

  1025. 1025
    SouthernBelle Says:


    “It’s more likely that some jealous fangirl created the website. I couldn’t help but notice that the locations posted in the ad were from Norway, a place I’ve been through on business myself.”

    Do you have any idea how much time and money it would take to create a site like that – not to mention multiple sites? Can’t imagine any fangirl being that rabid.

  1026. 1026
    Shazaam Says:

    Your right I googled the site and there she is on the front page. Maybe since she is such a giving person and likes to help people she is letting some poor girl use her photos.

  1027. 1027
    Wake up! Says:

    Anyone that buys the escort site as belonging to Madalina is an absolute id.iot!
    I’m not a fan of this girl or her relationship with Gerry but firstly, she actually doesn’t have the legal authority to use those advertising photos to publicize something other than what they were intended for….yes, even though she’s in them.
    And if the Romanian press hate her so much and never say anything nice, then why didn’t they find it before?
    It’s one thing to share your opinion about MG but accusing her of being the owner of this site is just wrong.
    Anyone actually had the balls to email the photographer that took those lingerie shots? Because I can guarantee that the site would be pulled down in about two seconds.
    I know some of you want any ammunition to attack this girl, but there’s plenty of ammo in the truth. This is unnecessary.
    Don’t believe? Email the link to TMZ or Radar…..

  1028. 1028
    Shazaam Says:

    I feel like this explains so many things. One is the cryptic messages on her fb. Remember the new name she called herself. Certain dates were important. There are so many things that have happened and info that has been posted that this would give an explanation for so many.

  1029. 1029
    Shazaam Says:

    @Wake up!:
    She dosen’t own the site, she advertises there and Esme is a photographer and alot of her pics are done by cell phone.
    This would explain why TMZ and other tabs in the US have not mentioned anything about her.
    If is is going to be pulled down then we can watch and see.

  1030. 1030
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @Wake up!: Again, she is not the owner any of the sites. She is just one of many girls advertised there. A number of the photos are personal shots not done by a professional photog. If she owns the photos, she can do anything she wants with them. If you hire a photographer to take your pic, he doesn’t own the pic – you do. This could very well be a case of believe half of what you see – I hope it is.

  1031. 1031
    Wake up! Says:

    If she was an actual escort….TMZ and every other gossip site would be all over it like white on rice.
    Im not saying the site isn’t real, I’m saying Madalina has zero to do with it.
    Seriously, click on any high end escort sites….the photos look nothing like these. And she wouldn’t be stupid enough to post the same pics that are in ads and on her FB on her escort site.

  1032. 1032
    Shazaam Says:

    All they have to do is google the site to see for themselves.

  1033. 1033
    Clamsie Says:

    @Wake up!: Wake up is so right! There are billions of porn sites on the net and this “Alina” just happened to zero in on one that uses MG’s pics fraudulently?

    How is that even possible? Man, some of the posters here who believe Alina are true suckers. Didn’t anyone realize that the twitter site that posted the link has already been deleted?

    Sniff sniff: fangirl troll.

    The victim here is MG. I hope she sues the porn site for fraud and I’m betting she knows a lawyer or two.

  1034. 1034
    @Shazaam Says:

    Paolina is a film role you dolt.
    You idgits are seriously reaching now.
    I can’t wait til the next pic of Gerry and Maddy hit the waves.

  1035. 1035
    Shazaam Says:

    Some people were tweeting MG that her photos were on a porn site and they gave the link. That is where Alina got the link to the site.

  1036. 1036
    @Whatever Says:


    You don’t give a rat’s fanny about MG and GB, you just NEED to be right.

  1037. 1037
    Wake up! Says:

    I hope she sues.
    Like I said, not a fan of her and Gerry together but no model shoul be subjected that sort of misuse of their image. Same goes for actresses that have their heads plastered on naked po.rn stars.

  1038. 1038
    Shazaam Says:

    Here is the site google it I’m only going on what my eyes are telling me.

  1039. 1039
    Wake up! Says:

    I’m only going on what my eyes are telling me.
    Because you’re an idi.ot
    Use your head….seriously, you’re actually admitting that it’s this easy to fool you?

  1040. 1040
    Shazaam Says:

    @Wake up!:

    Oh by they way. If you goodle the site and scroll to the bottom there is a link where you can go to report a problem. Maybe you should use it.

  1041. 1041
    Wake up! Says:

    I don’t need to prove her innocence…’re yet to provide credible evidence that she’s an escort.

  1042. 1042
    LOL Says:

    @That’s all folks!:
    “You people need to go back as was suggested and read the old posts. Only other thing I can think of is to call on LOL to come and straighten you all out or turn Mannys wrath on you all.”
    LOL! These old hags aren’t even worth my time. been too busy lately with good things of my own to waste on JJ’s 20 old hags who sit here 24/7 and rag on GB/MG and their dating, as if it’s the sin of the century. No one knows anything for sure right now, and in the absence of serious info old hags start to hallucinate and imagine all kinds of crazy musings. I’ll save my appearances for when there is real news, as opposed to embarrassing and shaming old hags on a daily basis. See you soon, when the time is right, old hags.

  1043. 1043
    NorthStar Says:

    I’m Norwegian, and with the economic situation being the way it is at the moment in Europe and the average annual wage of a man in Stavanger, Norway is around §150 000- 200 000, it’s sad but I can see this being true. It is sad for anbody having to do that to live, or being forced to do that to live. This is not the only site where she( or whoever does this) have advertised her services in Norway.
    Yet, I sure hope it is not true!!!! I hope that it’s just her pictures being used.

  1044. 1044
    Shazaam Says:

    Is it true that prosti/tution is legal in Norway and that the working people even have a union?
    So it would not be uncommon for her to have a residence there but not actually live there?

  1045. 1045
    Shazaam Says:


    Thanks for taking off and leaving me to handle this. I guess you accomplished what you came here to do? huh

  1046. 1046
    Shazaam Says:

    Oh so all I’m going to get right now is a thumbs down? Dang girl what else is going on.

  1047. 1047
    Susan Says:

    How can we have Constanze meet Gerar?
    Can someone help? This would be great meeting…Gerar and someone beautiful face and body. and has great body and ambition.
    How can we meet Constanze and Gerar? Together?

  1048. 1048
    Candidly Manny Says:

    I know someone who had relations with Gerard he ISN’T GAY AT ALLLLLLL

  1049. 1049
    @LOL Says:

    Hopefully MG knows her days are NUMBERED he is still in touch with other GIRLS, sorry to be the one to break the news hun…

  1050. 1050
    LOL Says:

    Shazam just shut up dummy

  1051. 1051
    Shazaam Says:

    On the site that is not really her site she has ” tour dates” listed of
    9/13/12-9/29/12 and 10/1/12-12/31/12
    Whatever that means?

  1052. 1052
    casandra Says:

    @Shazaam: I can’t believe where this discussion has come to..I’m pretty sure MG has enough money from her job and doesn’t need to do such things…this is a new low for this this thread …
    And this coming from a Romanian (alina) …its quite sad .And by the way the Romanian press does not write such awful things about her, they mostly write nice things about her beauty and her down to earth nature, etc…

  1053. 1053
    Wake up! Says:

    I can believe that trolls post garbage, either to trash Madalina unfairly or to make unfounded statements about her practically marrying Gerry….usually see-sawing on the two extremes.
    But this is a new low for GB threads.
    No matter what your personal opinion of Madalina is, please refrain from escalating this nonsense about her being an escort. Not only is the allegation disgusting, but it’s based on nothing substantial or credible.
    The lack of news and Gerry not confirming the relationship has obviously sent some fans into a tail spin. Im absolutely on the “please Gerry, not her” team, but I cannot sit by and let people perpetuate this level of crazy on the girl. I like JJ and I love posting here; but this is heinous and doesn’t belong on a Gerry thread.

  1054. 1054
    Alina Says:

    I’ve never been the Romanian! Haha I live and work in NYС. By the way here about Butler nobody knows anything, don’t even know who he’s ! So if you think he’s so well known, it is not!

  1055. 1055
    bad... Says:

    (but not really so important!!!! …)
    I understand that you are missing news of Gerard and then to pass the time… you return to beat on the same nail that is the only girl in output order, which was seen accompanied at Gerard!
    But continue this maddening sequence of posts about her,is the limit of manic!

  1056. 1056
    MIP Says:

    Damn I wish new news would show up on Gerry. That way this thread would die and be replaced by a more interesting one.

  1057. 1057
    Toronto Says:

    Guys, I highly doubt the pics of MG on an escort site mean anything other than someone used her pics, legally or illegally. Remember, about 6 months ago, a Mexican plastic surgeon put up billboards with Kim Kardashian’s picture on them, along with his name and contact info. They’d never met; and he certainly never did any work on her (although she’s had PLENTY of cosmetic work done. But that’s a different subject). Still, she found out…and her people made him remove them.
    It’s obviously horrible for MG’s image to be associated with escorting; I wonder is she even knows her pics are being used.

  1058. 1058
    angelsrock Says:

    @Joie de Vivre:

    From what I remember the greyhound owners were at fault and not at all sympathetic that their dog had attacked Lolita. I’m sure any dog owner here would have been upset and may have “sounded off” a bit. It was a scary situation. Gerry then rushed Lolita off to a a local animal hospital where he overheard the plight of another dog owner in the waiting room. This person’s dog needed emergency surgery or her dog would have be be put to sleep. Because of the cost, she had to make the decision to put it to sleep. Gerry stepped in and paid for the dog’s surgery.

  1059. 1059
    angelsrock Says:


    You know lots of folks will never let this go away. MG will be discussed here until eternity by the looks of it. You just have to skip posts or thumb them and maybe they’ll take their obsession somewhere else. Lots of people still gossip about Jen and Brad. It will never die. Some people get obsessed with something (that has nothing to do with their own lives BTW) and can’t get over it.

  1060. 1060
    cupccake Says:

    Hi everyone. Have a good day.

  1061. 1061
    MIPS Says:

    @angelsrock: I know it just makes for boring conversation . I’m not into slandering someone especially when I don’t know them. I know Gerry is no saint but I still don’t like talk poorly about him or anyone associated with him

  1062. 1062
    an idea Says:

    “Tycoon offers $63 million dollars to any man who marries his lesbian daughter.” She’s Asian girl, pretty. Threesomes and money, it’s a no brainer..

  1063. 1063
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Three little angles right in a row. Thank you for your posts, Angelsrock, Toronto and Cupcake. Have a wonderful and remarkable day . Just for your voices of reason is music to me ears. Ducky

  1064. 1064
    Lord Love a Duck Says:
    An oldie but a goodie from PSILY interview.

  1065. 1065
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    angelsrock @ 09/27/2012 at 9:38 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    @Joie de Vivre:

    From what I remember the greyhound owners were at fault and not at all sympathetic that their dog had attacked Lolita. I’m sure any dog owner here would have been upset and may have “sounded off” a bit. It was a scary situation. Gerry then rushed Lolita off to a a local animal hospital where he overheard the plight of another dog owner in the waiting room. This person’s dog needed emergency surgery or her dog would have be be put to sleep. Because of the cost, she had to make the decision to put it to sleep. Gerry stepped in and paid for the dog’s surgery.

    That was the spin on the story. The Gerry paid for another dog story was nothing more than a side trying to divert attention from the fact that GB did not have his dog on a leash. So she ran up to say hi to the greyhound and got bit. The one at fault here is GB for not controlling his dog.. The people that owned the greyhounds were victims ,not GB. If I recall, GBs dog was not hurt, and you will still see GB out with her without a leash. Some people don’t learn.

  1066. 1066
    AustinCityLimits Says:

    Madalina has now posted a picture of herself on her FB page on what appears to be an island somewhere, but did not give the location. Her followers are openly naming Gerry in their posts. She’s back at it folks. Lets see how far she will take it this time.

  1067. 1067
    MIPS Says:

    Speaking of Lolita has anyone seen her lately? Hope he still has her.

  1068. 1068
    LOL Says:

    OK, I have been reading the last few pages even though I am seriously busy and decided to post a few things to give you old hags a jolt.
    First, post 1050 is not mine. I only posted one comment last night. I didn’t tell Shazam to shut up but whoever did in my name did right. She should shut up and so goes for Alina who is actually IRMA using another moniker.

    “You and Alina seem to be very adamant about demoralizing this woman without any actual proof aside from, again, rumors from fans on gossip sites. Wouldn’t you have more fun elsewhere? Gerry is nice to fans. What an unusual way for a celebrity to behave.”
    Both of them are jealous old hags. Alina is IRMA, it’s so obvious. I’m surprised nobody figured it out.

  1069. 1069
    Ostrich Says:

    What’s with all you shrinking violets? If you don’t like people saying negative things about him, then don’t read the posts or go to a fansite. Knock off trying to control what others say because your sensitive ears can’t handle anything negative about your idol or his questionable companions. Some people prefer reality, no matter how distasteful it may be to you.

  1070. 1070
    LOL Says:

    “Any woman that was actually dating Gerry would be a fool to announce it publically. First of all, look at all the criticism she’ll face . Not to mention the nay sayers and the jealous dilusionists who think they had a chance with him. ”

  1071. 1071
    LOL Says:

    “How dense are you???!!!????!!!Anyone can create a site on the internet, there is no regulations which is why you have to question whatever you see. How many scammers from nigeria have fake sites posted all over Craigslist. You are naive and evil. You obviously want to believe the worst of this woman and of Gerry ”
    Yep! Alina is evil as can be. She is IRMA. IRMA is an old hag who hated MG so much she used to post all kinds of cr@p about her claiming it’s true until she got so badly neged she stopped using IRMA for the last few weeks. This woman is an evil wicked old hag and she will get what’s coming top her one day. I am sure of it. Evil people like this get it through karma. She is so jealous of MG and her dating Gerry she spends 24/7 on JJ posting evil garbage about her. IRMA/ALINA you need help old hag. Go see a shrink for your mental illness. MG is with Gerry on the Island where he spent tens of thousands on her. He loves her accept it witch.

  1072. 1072
    LOL Says:

    “How is it that Alina found this site? If the woman really is a payed escort don’t you think she would be going through professional services that would be discret. I seriously doubt she would post a site for the whole world to see, especially Gerry. Even if he knew about it, his PR people would steer him away from that.”
    Alina is IRMA and she is affiliated with the Russian site who always looks for stuff. I am sure Alina is and someone form the Russian site put this together in order to make MG what they accused her of being 3-4 weeks ago, a prostitute/paid escort. They are just trying to validate the lies they made up about her. Despicable bunch, these jealous women are. If you were not sure IRMA/ALINA is jealous now is your proof. And it’s not just her; many here feel just as jealous as she does.

  1073. 1073
    LOL Says:

    “It’s more likely that some jealous fangirl created the website. I couldn’t help but notice that the locations posted in the ad were from Norway, a place I’ve been through on business myself. ”
    Well said my clamsie. It’s made up by some jealous fangirl. I wouldn’t put anything past these old ugly witches.
    “Do you have any idea how much time and money it would take to create a site like that – not to mention multiple sites? Can’t imagine any fangirl being that rabid.”
    Imagine it. This kind of jealousy they have against any of GB’s dates is very virulent. They’ll do anything to destroy it him or his woman. Very sick women with no life and no hope and no future all posting here and trashing GB/MG .

  1074. 1074
    LOL Says:

    “Thank you for the links. Anyone who’s followed Madalina for a few years knows that the accusations of plastic surgery is dead wrong, as is the other gossip spread about her. She didn’t need Gerry to get commercial work – she’s been doing them for years.”
    Well the old hags are very jealous of her so they come up with all kinds of musings that have no basis in reality. Of course, she didn’t have real plastic surgery. She might have touched her lips with silicon filler, which is permanent unless you remove it, but that’s about it. But according to these old hags of course she had every part of her body altered. They are nothing but nutcases of the jealous type, and that’s the most desperate type to be. I feel sorry for these hopeless old hags.

  1075. 1075
    LOL Says:

    @still a fan:
    “Nothing a few disgruntled fans with their overwrought hand wringing and whining and negative spinning over mostly speculative overly exaggerated BS on trashy gossip sites could really have any impact on. “
    Well said. There are just a few jealous old hags on JJ and on the motherships that come here from there to trash him and MG and get it off their chests because they can’t do it on their fan websites. Probably Alina/IRMA is from the Russian site but she can’t trash MG there so she does it on JJ. It’s so obvious.

    “For every fan that drops off for whatever reason, I would bet money that there will eventually be more to take their place. Don’t we read tweets almost daily about and see fan pics of people from everywhere he goes gushing and wanting autographs and/or photos with Gerry Butler? “
    Please, no one is going to stop being his fan. The old hags that threaten or say they are leaving are lying. They are so delusional, they think he or his people are reading here and would be worried his fans don’t like GB so as a result he’ll drop her. However, GB couldn’t care less about a few disgruntled old hags who are trying to shape Gerry’s policy with women or his dating type. Face it: He’ll never date an old hag. It’s always going to be women like MG give or take a couple of years. LOL!

  1076. 1076
    LOL Says:

    “There is an article that was posted here from a Romainian news that interviewed her and she admitted to having surgeries.
    We have covered this so many times here. The proof is in the article and the before and after pictures.
    Why keep bringing this up and wanting to debate it over and over.”
    She never admitted such nonsense. Go get a life and STFU already loser. Is the old haggery mindset killing your brain cells? Sure look like it. You sound so disturbed mentally it’s not even funny.

  1077. 1077
    LOL Says:

    “Could LOL be with us?”
    WRONG!!!!!! I am not Jason. Not everyone speaking common sense and being fair to MG is me. Get a grip old hag. You need to get your brain examined by a shrink. Just be sure to tell him the real reason behind why you are so jealous of MG. Be sure to tell him that it’s because you’re an overweight lonely old hag slob with birthing hips and no life and no man of your own. He’ll know right way the reasons behind your jealousy. LOL! Oh…. almost everyone here should do the same, especially GB’s 20 jealous old hag fans.

  1078. 1078
    Oh Yeah Says: Will G get a footnote?

  1079. 1079
    LOL Says:

    “I really have a good impresion about her!She’s a modest girl and i think you guys are misjudging her.”
    No they are jealous of her because they aren’t young beauties anymore. Most of them are old hags in their 50s thinking GB would have dated any of them if he met them. They actually think they are a better catch for him than this gorgeous younger girl. Their old puzzies couldn’t handle the action of having a man there. They are all past menopause. These old hags and their limbs are sagging yet they still think they have a chance with him. Who would touch such women? Yuck. Definitely not GB.
    BTW, Alina is so jealous she can’t see straight. Her delusions are taking over her sorry asss sagging old body. Alina hates MG because she is an old hag who looks horrendous. Crazy Alina has no man and no life, just sagging thighs and a shriveled old puzz. Yuck! I hate old jealous hags. Alina is IRMA. She changed her moniker since she was getting ngged for appearing too jealous of MG. Even IRMA seemed overly jealous for these old hags to stomach so they negged her and rightfully so.

  1080. 1080
    MIPS Says:

    @Ostrich: by your moniker does this mean you will now go bury your head in the sand. Please don’t confuse this site with reality, this is gossip. Reality is the news which most news stations aren’t concerned with celebrities love life unless they are important people involved.

  1081. 1081
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @AustinCityLimits: Here we go again! Gerry can’t be this naive!

  1082. 1082
    LOL Says:

    “Any poster who says something good about her must be a PR person…some people here are delusional.I’m glad a guy came in to shed some light on reality”
    Or they are me. Ha h ah aha ha……how delusional of them. See now why I call them delusional jealous old hags.

  1083. 1083
    Another Opinion Says:

    HAHA! The one who should not be named is clearly playing with you guys. JJ is pretty much the only website out there where she’s been discussed. No one really cares about her or her so called career. As usual, she is reading here and wants to lead you astray. Take note: this happens after last night’s escort discussion. Every time that she receives some bad press or negative attention, she starts posting photos to divert attention. She never denies anything though. Obviously she believes that negative attention is better than no attention at all.  As for GB, after seeing a short interview with him from TIFF, I think that he is as delusional as ever. As others have said, there is only one way for him to get better in the long run and this is to forget about his ego for a second and to go to rehab for real.

  1084. 1084
    MIPS Says:

    @LOL: where do I begin, first there are no old hags here , the fact that you are so disrespectful when referring to women says loads about you. And it’s not a good thing. I have no issues with MG, I don’t know her however this site is to talk about Gerry and though his gf’s deserve mentioning, they shouldn’t be the primary discussion which is what has happened. Should she become popular someday then perhaps JJ will post pics and news about her however she’s not so please keep on track, this site is about Gerry first and foremost. Glad your a fan but if you are trying to sell MG to these folks your in the wrong market.

  1085. 1085
    Sissi Says:


    Spin has it they went to this Necker Island. Even if he DID take her there does it really mean anything? Remember He and Laurie C were photographed on beach vacations in France AND Miami. He was also photographed on vacation with another brunette in Barbados when he gained alot of weight a few years ago.So he was smart enough to take one of his girls to a PRIVATE island this time. The only person who thinks this means a “serious” relationship besides LOL,Cassandra and a few others here is MG. i don’t see he doing ANYTHING outside of his usual routine that he hasn’t done before with other women.

  1086. 1086
    Dodi Says:

    Please take your meds psycho.

  1087. 1087
    laughing my as.s off Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: “I do believe in as many soulmates as possible… and at the same time…LOL LOL LOL!!!

  1088. 1088
    cupccake Says:

    Just trying to stay neutral to the whole gerry and mg thinng as long as I can.

  1089. 1089
    Realist Says:


    IAs my name implies I see things as they are not as how I want them to be. I am not old or a hag. What is old? A hag? This is a stupid masculine insult.

    “Using the word “hag” to translate terms found in non-English (or non-modern English) is contentious, since use of the word is often associated with a misogynistic attitude .”

    Is it supposed to hurt my feelings? Mission NOT accomplished, move on.

    Any woman who saves articles about being used by famous men and post the ways she does isn’t being abused. A lot of the jobs she has gotten this year are because of her being with GB. What are you going to do when she goes away? She seems to be kept around to keep GB in discussion or these threads will be a h/ell of a lot shorter. His misfortunes would be a blip on the page. She is serving her purpose and nothing more. She may think it’s more, that is until GB finds his next cosmic partner.

  1090. 1090
    bad... Says:

    that sucks!

  1091. 1091
    Ostrich Says:

    @Another Opinion: Thank you. It must drive her nuts that despite the attempt at getting this “relationship” out there, still no one cares, as everyone knows this is business as usual for him. And clearly she has no “career”, as she’s done nothing for months. Don’t know what that means, but I know what it looks like.

  1092. 1092
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @laughing my as.s off: Glad somebody got it. Near fell off my chair.

  1093. 1093
    Sissi Says:


    She’s definitely seems to be helping in making he LOOK LIKE he’s setting down……besides um….for RELIEF.No need to hit on big mouthed reality stars attached women or local ladies at whatever location he’s at.

  1094. 1094
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Remember my affliction and my bitterness, the wormwood and the gall! My soul continually thinks of it and is bowed down within me. But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:19-23

  1095. 1095
    Bogus Twits Says:

    @Another Opinion: You are wrong about other sites talking about her. She’s been mentioned on WO and the Russian site too. GALS and are the only ones who have not and I know will not discuss her and that it’s against their policies to talk about his love life. In fact, WO is talking about BG’s book and G’s part in it right now.

  1096. 1096
    Realist Says:

    You are disgusting. No wonder you stick up for poor Maddie. Is it you that is supposedly female? Hot and sexy? The way you speak is definately more like a walking PEN IS who scratches HIS huevos in public. Not impressed with your thoughts.

  1097. 1097
    LOL Says:

    You old hags are so delusional you actually think that when a man takes a girl to Necker Island for a week and spends a fortune of her, it doesn’t mean anything. LOL! Obviously most of you haven’t had serious BFs before as you can’t tell the real thing from the kind of man that fuucks you silly and throws you out the next day. Most of you need serious therapy. Face it old hags, he is into her BIG TIME, and that’s the real reason you are so jealous and coming up with every single scenario except the truth. Typical older female jealous delusions.

  1098. 1098
    Sissi Says:


    I guess thats why you and you’re Swat team thumbed me down? Men have spent fortunes on women to ‘service’ them in lesser situations than an island vacation! WHOSE DELUSIONAL?

  1099. 1099
    LOL Says:

    I love dumping on you old hags. And guess what, most of my friends who see this site think you are how most older women behave. They see you as irrational old hags who had no men in years in their shriveled up useless puzzies. That’s why you sit on JJ 24/7 and think about how Gerry is getting it on with this gorgeous younger girl. You want every woman to be as shriveled up and sexless as you worthlessness old hags trash.
    Ansd you sound like the queen of the shriveled up old hags. Probably EVE in disguise again. You and Alina/IRMA would make a good old hag couple sitting and knitting by the fireplace while trashing MG all night long. Loser old hags trash.

  1100. 1100
    LOL Says:


    You obviously never had a BF crazy about you enough to spend money on you. But don’t feel bad, most of Gerry’s old hags posting here never had sexy and hot experiences with men. That’s why they live mentally with him. They are all in a hot n’ heavy sexual relationship with Gerry in their mind. PITIFUL!!!!

  1101. 1101
    Bogus Twits Says:

    “i don’t see he doing ANYTHING outside of his usual routine that he hasn’t done before with other women.”
    It’s not him that we’re worried about.

  1102. 1102
    Realist Says:


    Your insults are pathetic.You need to work on your material. Are you even old enough to be on this site? News for you, GB is older than I am. So he’s a dirty old man. 24/7, you are on here more than all of us combined. So heyyyyyy! Just because women agree doesn’t make them a couple, it makes them women. Something you wouldn’t know. Are you a He-man woman hater? Like I said come up with new stuff, you are being boring and predictable.

  1103. 1103
    Irma la Douce Says:

    Isn´t Necker Island a bit too expensive for a C-list actor and his cheap escort *****?

  1104. 1104
    thorazine Says:

    @Dodi: ya, a little thorazine goes a long way.

  1105. 1105
    thorazine Says:

    @Realist: Ya, she’s a he. welcome to misogyny101.

  1106. 1106
    Zombee Says:

    @Irma la Douce: Maybe Branson is cutting him a discount. He’s probably met him a few times. If he’s even there, and I’m not convinced.

  1107. 1107
    LOL Says:

    old hag trash is what you are; you’re not younger than Gerry. BTW, that makes you a dirty old woman.

    General observation: Gerard shows confidence in his allure, and as science proves that is a magnet to women that they can’t resist. The male ALPHA ATTITUDE trumps all other male attractiveness traits except for fame or immense wealth, which he also has. He can get any girl so he doesn’t need to pay for an escort. You old hags are so delusional you can’t even assess the situation correctly. I really think we need to feel sorry for you, not dump on you, loser old women.
    i’m going to get one of my buddies to come here and shake you up; turn you into the dirty old rags you are.

  1108. 1108
    LOL Says:

    BTW, where is my impersonator? She rags on you better than I do. I need to go but I need someone to continue hammering you old hags.

    Clamsie, are you in the house?

  1109. 1109
    LOL Says:

    LOL,, IRMA is back after her cover has been blown. how typical.

  1110. 1110
    Don'tbendover2pickupdasoap Says:

    @LOL: Getting a bunch of your ol’ boofu buddies aka prison mates, to come here isn’t going to help you. You’re all a bunch of losers!

  1111. 1111
    Sissi Says:


    Yeah….but then again I’m not an escort. Sex is ALL that its about–NOTHING ELSE!

  1112. 1112
    MIPS Says:

    Guys I think we have a visitor. Does anyone else find it strange that after all the talk MG posts a pic on her fb page of a ocean scene? Which BTW where are pics of Gerry in this scene? Seems to me once again I would be posting pics of my boyfriend if he was with me. Unless Gerry doesn’t want his pic posted with her. I think either she has a friend letting her know about our discussion or she herself is posting as LOL. Which would stand to reason why she thinks we are old hags and has the immature delusion that good sex is all it takes to keep a man. if that was the case there would be no more hookers, they would all be married. That is the most immature comment that LOL has made so far. if great sex is the only thing she needs to do to keep her man happy why did both Leonardo and Adrienne both dump her?

    Now on to a different subject, does anyone know has Olympus has fallen totally been trashed or are they looking for more investors or what’s up with it?

  1113. 1113
    Realist Says:

    nope nope and nope. Material still sucks. Can’t you tell the difference between writing styles? Obviously not. I started posting maybe a month or two ago and Manny didn’t like my thoughts on Alpha males because she said he wasn’t one. And that was before Maddie dear became more well known and I DEFENDED her. Like I said my moniker is for WHAT IS. Not what my personal feelings are. I know when my birthday is and it’s not before or around GB’s birthday. Please please, if you are going to be an i/diot at least be entertaining. Shake me up? Turn me into rags? Now I know you are a boy. Or at least a boy in a man’s body.

  1114. 1114
    LOL Says:

    Sorry for my old hag ranting. It’s been bothering me that he might be on this island with her and I needed to vent. You know I love all you ladies here, you’re the best. Thanks for thumbing down all of my posts. I don’t even want to look at them, I’m so embarrassed. Forgive me.

  1115. 1115
    Sissi Says:



  1116. 1116
    Don'tbendover2pickupdasoap Says:

    @MIPS: Why would OHF be trashed? The only one put on the back burner right now is Motor City as far as I know.

  1117. 1117
    Not Necker Says:

    That pic is in Virgin Gorda, BVI’s.

  1118. 1118
    anglesrock Says:


    Olympus Has Fallen has been made and will be released next year some time. Are thinking of Motor City? That project was announced and then shut down.

  1119. 1119
    Don'tbendover2pickupdasoap Says:

    @LOL: I fail to see where “Hidden due to low comment rating” is hammering on anybody, boyeee!

  1120. 1120
    Lizzy Says:



  1121. 1121
    @LOL Says:

    You need love and compassion like we all do and understandably you lash out at everyone. Let me reach out to you and help you with your trauma. I want to take you on an all expenses paid trip to Necker Island to confront your demons and let them go.

  1122. 1122
    Don'tbendover2pickupdasoap Says:

    @Not Necker: Necker is part of the BVI. It’s impossible to tell exactly where a photo is taken in that area. But I do think all of this hilarious!

  1123. 1123
    Realist Says:


    I think that’s an attempt at sarcasm

  1124. 1124
    Sissi Says:


    Makes sense.

  1125. 1125
    Sissi Says:


    Makes sense now.

  1126. 1126
    Lizzy Says:

    I’m not obligated to give details, it’s the truth.

  1127. 1127
    Irma la Douce Says:

    @LOL: I´m sure Mads is able to give a good b/owjob, but what if Gerry feels lost between her big blown up fake lips one day? And when Maddie has enough of an aging alpha C-lister with a small p/een, will she look for another? Who will it be? And please write more about the male Alpha Attitude, it´s so interesting.

  1128. 1128

    Nough said.

  1129. 1129

    Nough said.

  1130. 1130
    Not Necker Says:

    @Don’tbendover2pickupdasoap: Even some of us peasants travel now and again. That’s Virgin Gorda, but believe what you want. Lot’s of people take a pic standing on that rock.

  1131. 1131
    Not Bad Says:

  1132. 1132
    LOL Says:

    Yippee Yeah! My impersonator is back. I can go now. She’ll hammer you old hags trash galore.

    Loser old hag, unlike you, I don’t seek approval so I don’t care I get nagged by old hags trash whose opinions mean nothing but trash like they are LOL!
    All of you old hags here that constantly complain about not getting thumbs up need to be accepted and bond with other like-minded old hags trash women. I don’t. I hate jealous old women. I don’t feel jealous of MG or threatened by her age, so I wish her luck with GB unlike you worthless old trash with no life and no looks. Negg all you want, notice it hasn’t deterred me from posting, or maybe you’re too stupid to realize. I have news for you; it still won’t stop me from hammering you and embarrassing you to oblivion, and the fact you get angry by me means one thing: You are upset I am telling you off. You know I am right and that’s why you are livid so fuuck off old hags like the rodent you are.

  1133. 1133
    LOL Says:

    “nope nope and nope”
    Don’t even bother. You are EVE, my braless old hag relic of the 60s sitting here 24/7 lusting and drooling over GB. Old women shouldn’t behave like this. Knitting is more befitting.

  1134. 1134
    Realist Says:


    no one is angry at you little boy, now go home and hide under your mommy’s skirt where you learned all your disturbed views on women. Don’t you know He-man women hating men have mommy issues. What happens to your love of dear Mads when she becomes an old hag? By your definition she already is because if you believe she is telling the truth about her age then you need coke bottle thick glasses.

  1135. 1135
    Realist Says:


    first I was Irma, now I am Eve. I told you when I started posting and what was posted, talk about delusional.

  1136. 1136
    LOL Says:

    Eve your dried up old puzz is showing how dry it is. Go moisten it with some estrogen cream and play with your vibrator in front of a pic of Gerry.

  1137. 1137
    Ana Bella Says:

    @Not Necker:
    You are right

  1138. 1138
    Realist Says:


    Knitting is more befitting.

    You’ve got to be s/hitting…see I can rhyme too You’re special sunshine.

  1139. 1139
    Anyone considered... Says:

    Why Gerry’s parents were in NYC?
    Don’t mean to give you girls a heart attack, but could it be that the family is traveling to Necker Island for a shot gun wedding?
    My gut told me this trick was smart enough to get pregnant and with Gerry’s dislike of rubbers and the fact that his little man makes most of the decisions.
    Just a thought.

  1140. 1140
    Anyone considered... Says:

    Also, she posted something like, “I’m the happiest girl on the world” right?
    But then said that it doesn’t take a man to make you happy or something like that.
    No, it doesn’t take a man to make you the happiest but a baby would.

  1141. 1141
    Not Necker Says:

    @Ana Bella: I’ve been in that exact spot, so I recognized it immediately. She loves to give out just enough information in the pics so people can figure out where she is. The islands in the background are a dead giveaway. Quite a little game player we have here.

  1142. 1142
    Realist Says:


    Is that what you use or do you take the pills, your whiskers are showing

  1143. 1143
    Realist Says:

    @Not Necker:

    Even though that’s not Necker Island, does that mean she’s at Neckers or is she stalking GB.

  1144. 1144
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    GB commented in an interview a while back that people don’t need to be married to have kids. He also said you can have many soul mates and something about just because someone wrote something down years ago doesn’t mean it’s true. It sounded like he’d finally hit on justification for his behavior. Remember when he thought the universe was directing his life? I wonder if he still does.

  1145. 1145
    Anyone considered... Says:

    Either way, it’s just a chick posting pics from her holiday with her boyfriend. By now, Gerry knows she’s posting pics on her FB so he obviously doesn’t care. End of story.

  1146. 1146
    Anyone considered... Says:

    Either way, it’s just a chick posting pics from her holiday with her boyfriend. By now, Gerry knows she’s posting pics on her FB so he obviously doesn’t care. End of story.

  1147. 1147
    Yolk Says:

    Gerry has a huge ego and dating this girl is obviously doing it for him because his career isn’t. He is selfish that way. He’ll always choose what’s best for his go at the time. A lot better having a young girl stroke your ego than a mature woman who would be like, “get yourself together boy”

  1148. 1148
    Realist Says:

    @Totally Useless Information:

    If he’s with her, then he must be using numerology. I don’t think the universe takes cocaine into consideration, it messes with the master plan.

  1149. 1149
    Not Necker Says:

    They could very well be at Neckers, and took a boat over to the Baths, which is where that photo was taken. Although unless he got a freebie from Branson, they’re probably staying on Virgin Gorda at Biras Creek or Little Dix. I doubt he could stand a week on Necker being the social butterfly that he is. Way too isolated, and one can only do so much shagging.

  1150. 1150
    MIPS Says:

    @anglesrock: I had heard they stopped Motor City down while in production but I haven’t seen or heard anything about Olympus has Fallen

  1151. 1151
    Attention Says:


  1152. 1152
    Izzy Says:

    There’s another thread!

  1153. 1153
    casandra Says:

    @Anyone considered…: Exactly…why should they care about a few obsessed fans of gerry who bad mouth her on a gossip site?They are enjoying life the best they can..After all, many here have complain that she had to wait for him during OHF and that he should take her on a vaca after he finished shooting. Apparentley he thought the same way and now he has taken her on this island.I don’t know if its about a wedding or not, but its very thoughtful and nice of Gerry to do that.

  1154. 1154
    re OHF Says:

    OHF has finished filming and is in the can, there were some tweets just last week about some firm working on the post production, VFX, I guess that must stand for visual special effects. I’d guess they are trying to push the post production as hard as they can so they can beat the Tatum Fox movie to the theatres. . I’ll take Angela Bassett and Morgan Freeman over Tatum and Fox any day of the week throw in Dylan McDermott and Aaron Eckhart and that Scottish guy, it’s all good. Melissa Leo too. Hoping OHF has more plot and character development because they don’t have the budget for special effects Emmerich will have and OHF has real actors in it. Channing Tatum is so lucky – see Gerry you can be A lister with no talent in Hollywood. What are you doing wrong darling?

  1155. 1155
    Clamsie Says:

    Madalina, congrats on your beach vacation! Way to go if you “got him”! If you are honeymooning, all the better! I can’t wait to hear about it from my friends at TMZ.

    I am thoroughly enjoying the knowledge that Gerry is off the market and that the old guy is maybe making a life for himself. I wish him happiness even though he can’t act worth a shiit and his professional life is in chaos.

    Not sure what Freddy will do about this latest development but I’m sure all is well in that department because camping trips with mates will always be there. He’ll always have Ganymede and his memories of cavorting on old paisley toss pillows in the loft.

  1156. 1156
    Aussie Says:

    I had the laugh of my time!You’re the best! Kisses

  1157. 1157
    justsayin'too Says:

    @Clammsie- lmao- my thoughts exactly!

  1158. 1158
    Autumn Says:

    @Joie de Vivre: Hey JDV – still inNYC! Just work and no play except for some great dining.

    More later. Stay well.

  1159. 1159
    Gina Says:

    Did anyone heard of Gerar with a beautifil model name Constanze?
    I hear he try to met her!
    She wants to met him also :)

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