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Gerard Butler Parties 'Gangnam Style' with Psy!

Gerard Butler Parties 'Gangnam Style' with Psy!

Gerard Butler wears a newsboy cap and rides his bicycle on Wednesday (September 19) in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.

The 42-year-old actor reportedly partied over the weekend with pals Leonardo DiCaprio and Stacy Keibler along with “Gangnam Style” singer Psy after his surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live.

The group sat in a VIP section in the Meatpacking District’s 1Oak, but didn’t get up and dance when “Gangnam Style” played that evening, according to the New York Post.

Last week, Gerard attended events at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

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gerard butler parties gangnam style with psy 03
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Credit: PPNY / GSNY; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Tweets

    @Really: People believing whatever is posted on the internet is a weird phenomenon. Somehow “don’t believe everything you read” has been revised to include “unless it’s on the internet.” You’re right. Anyone can tweet anything and it would send everyone into a tizzy.

  • LOL

    “You have way too much time on your hands and obviously no life if your idea of fun is coming onto a pick fights. Stupid.”

    The one who is stupid is you. the more you protest, the more i know i make you angry because the truth is too harsh for you to accept. But i wonder why don’t you tell all those people that trash GB for dating MG or trash MG for being his GF stupid? it’s because you agree with their point of view but not with mine? that’s why you want me to stop. you don’t like that I point out to you the truth about your old hag self and behavior. Well too bad old hag. I am here to stay. Except, I got to go real soon; going out for the evening. what do you have planned tonight other than being on JJ and trashing GB/MG because you have no life and no man of your own? NOTHING!!!!! Nuff said!

  • LOL

    LOL!!!!!! Old hags, tomorrow is another day to bash you.
    Stay tuned losers.

  • Summer

    Save your lame, boring novel if you replied. No one cares, trust me.

  • Really

    Maybe we should tweet that we saw him in Palm Springs and send people off in a frenzy about him being back at rehab. Aren’t the Emmys tomorrow? Maybe we should tweet that he’s in LA and set people off on a tangent about him being there for the after parties.

  • Tweets

    @Really: I’m sure there are trolls who do exactly that.

  • Clamsie

    @LOL: Totally right, LOL! You hit the nail on its head.

    The jealous fangirls will make up stuff like, “maybe he’s going back to NYC and his parents are flying in to visit him again out of concern for the gossip about his love life.”

    That lie turns into someone claiming, “I heard he was meeting his Mom in NY after he wraps in LA.”

    Then some idiot at WO posts, “His friend Ronnie is opening a new club and so Gerry is probably going to be at the opening on that night.”

    In between all that are numerous tweets (95% fake) about his location etc. His location is a convoluted mess because no matter how many tweets people find, there’s not a lot of realism involved in any of it. Twitter is as fake as the rest of the internet, including Fakebook.

    They go insane looking for pics from all the big photosites but there are none to be had. LMAO.

    The real truth is that he’s busy with Maddie, probably visiting New England B&Bs or going to upstate NY to enjoy the fall air. Note that I posted “probably” because I don’t know where the hell he is. I’ll wait for the Russians to find him because they’re better than the CIA. :)

  • Lord Love a Duck
    Well I guess if we can believe tweeter, Gerry is in Ca. Dar was right on!

  • lolita

    @Lord Love a Duck: Scary, isn’t it Ducky. Dar being right on.

  • Beck

    @Really: OMG! That would be soooooooooo mean. I bet there are trolls doing that like Tweets says with a bunch of different celebrities. I bet there are people working for tabloids who do it to gin up stories too.

  • Let’s See

    All of you are right. Some people just like to make things up. For some reason I don’t think he is in CA. Where’s Dargabriell we need her insight now.

  • Common sense

    Oh, wait. I thought he was marrying on Necker Island? Idiot trolls. Who knows about this tweet, but it would make sense that he would be in L.A. for the Emmy’s. He doesn’t like to miss parties, this we know as a fact. Plus he needs to drum up some work.

  • Let’s See

    Does anyone know if she made it to Milan Fashion Week?

  • Lord Love a Duck

    Hey Lolita, Guess I am a little gun shy now that all you gals put information out there about tweets that I didn’t think about before. Would like to believe it though.
    There was that special screening last night with the Dolphin movie that had a lot of stars narrating. Wonder if he went to that. Would have been special if so. Crap, not sure about anything anymore ha.
    Wonder what Dar would say huh.

  • Kelp farm

    His Pr is probably positioning people to site him in different places to keep crazy fans from stalking him.

  • @Lord Love A Duck

    If you look further down that guy’s twitter he posts a pic of him with Gerry at Runyon and he still has the curls. He’s sadly referring to a much older meeting. Oh how we all wish he was in CA though.

  • lolita

    @Lord Love a Duck: Ducky, don’t be gun shy, sometimes following Gerry is interesting when we learn about his new projects, alot of the other stuff we take with a grain of salt. I still believe he is a good actor and even if PFK and CM aren’t huge hits, I think OHF will be.

  • hahaha

    @Kelp farm:He doesn’t have enough fans for that to be a concern. Only a handful that keep the old fan sites going. I don’t think he’ll be mobbed any time soon.

  • Alina

    Bao Tieu. @theonenonlybao 3 ч
    @RealMrG_Butler hey Gerard, good meeting you at Runyon Canyon.
    6:57pm 22 Sep 12

  • Lord Love a Duck

    I can’t see the picture, don’t know whether to be mad at the ruse or hold out for some news. Maybe he is in Ca. been a long time since he was there. I am looking forward to both movies. GB did say that there was something of Dear Frankie in PFK. I sure hope so.
    Well girls, going to call it a night. Would like to say ring me up if you hear anything ha. Have a wonderful evening and a great day tomorrow. Ducky

  • lolita

    @Lord Love a Duck: Right back at you, have a great evening, signing off too.

  • Alina

    This is a real GB?
    Gerard Butler @RealMrG_Butler

  • Lord Love a Duck

    Before I go, saw this tweet and had a good laugh, had to share. How funny! Nite girls and thanks for the fun…..

    Gerard Butler is one of few people that can pull off a cape and little undies.

  • Troof

    Little touchie arent we?
    Relax….it’s only the Internet. Don’t give yourself a heart attack over posts. Me thinks you take ths forum more seriously than Lol – time to take a deep breath.

  • Bogus Twits

    @Kelp farm: Nobody knows where he is for crazy fans to stalk him. Why would he send people on a wild goose chase then? I just think there are too many bogus twitters out there and put very little trust in any without a pic. Even then, you have to look at his hair to tell when it was taken.

    No sighting today or last night means he’s in a pap free zone. My guess would be Necker Island, partying. With whom is anyone’s guess. But I will say this about Necker…there will be many other wealthy men around and Gerry better keep an eye on his “date”.

  • Bogus Twits


    ” Hidden due to a low comment rating”
    LMFAO! Best thing you’ve said in months!

  • HW for the win

    @Bogus Twits:Agree about the “date”. I like HW for a good bet since it’s the Emmy’s tomorrow. Otherwise, it’s anyone’s guess. Necker doesn’t sound like his style to me.

  • Definition of Delusional

    “The truth knows no bounds. Lies disintegrate eventually…..”
    Delusional people have strongly held beliefs despite superior evidence to the contrary. Delusions are always pathological. Delusional people are beyond help. There is no talking to delusional people. Gerard jealous fans are mentally ill, in case you didn’t notice that, LOL. You’re right for calling them jealous. Their jealousy doesn’t allow them to see straight. He was their only source of pleasure since their lives are so devoid of love and happiness. You should offer them your sympathy, not your hate. I feel sorry for these lonely old women. They are psychotic and delusional. Be kind to them.
    At least we don’t have GFW to worry about, but there are others.

  • Let’s See

    On the RU blog—-one of the ladies commented that in this pic he looks like he is angry because he had to bike all the way from Shreveport. LOL

  • Frowning Butler

    If I was the Butler, I wouldn’t be smiling right now either:
    - He spent a year not making big money in attempts to gain acting cred in Coriolanus and MGP and neither did well.
    - His biggest headline after that was for shagging Real Housewife Brandi Glanville.
    - His biggest headline after that was for going to rehab.
    - He starts shooting again, goes to Cannes to pitch Motor City to the international media calling Gary Oldman his “hero” in all the interviews. Gary Oldman drops out of the movie like the very next week.
    - Then it comes out that he’s shagging a 23 year old mostly unknown underwear model who promptly posts photos of their travels through Scotland on his Facebook page and the commercial shoot that he got for her, resulting in actresses murmuring about Gerard Butler being a d/ck who uses the casting couch and maybe getting him or someone in trouble with SAG since it was a SAG casting and Maddy is unlikely a member of SAG since she didn’t have any previous US production credit and got cast after shagging the Butler.
    - Then Motor City gets canceled all together and headlines run around that he’s out of work.
    - Then the US tabloids picked up on Maddy’s Facebook posts and headlines started running here about them with scathing comments, and European tabloids ran all of the photos from Maddy’s Facebook pages tied to him, pointed out that the Butler is her sloppy thirds, and full on called his girlfriend a w/h0re.
    - Now he’s got time on his hands before he has to start doing press for Mavericks and Playing the FIeld and there’s lots of pressure because if Mavericks doesn’t do well after MGP didn’t do well it will pretty much nail down that he can’t make a film bankable on his own.
    He’s one of the most fortunate people in the world. Most would kill to have these rich people problems. But I guess among the pampered and spoiled, these are real problems that would make someone frown.

  • Could be

    @Frowning Butler:

    But then again maybe the seat on the bike caused the frown.

  • Well Said

    @Frowning Butler:
    I think you explained things very well about where Gerry stands right now, both professionally and as a celebrity.
    The tightrope for Gerry all along was that he had to rely just as much on his “celebrity” status to get work, as his ability to act. Same goes for Clooney, another actor that couldn’t have survived with is level of talent without that pretty face and charming personality.
    Some actors are great, some are just solid. Gerry falls into the latter category- certainly doesn’t mean all his films are bad, but cue MGP…..
    The hard part for Gerry now, like with aging models, is that younger, more talented and new flavors are flooding the market, leaving him, less, and less options.
    Clooney, no matter how you look at it, managed his “celebrity” as a business. Gerry, tried to create a business out of his celebrity. One works, and the other? Well, cue any adjective about Gerry written in the press over the past year.
    I gave up caring who he’s bedding a long time ago- his life, his decisions. But as a fan, it really has been like watching a drunk teenager continuously bang his head against a wall. After a while, you start wondering if he ever intended to climb the wall, or if he’s just satisfied with creating new scars, time and time again. Sorry but there’s nothing entertaining, or admirable about that.

  • ad nauseam

    @Frowning Butler:

    No matter what you’re callling yourself tonight, you’ve made the same comments almost as many times as LOL has called people “jealous old hags.” We get it.

  • give the guy a break

    @Frowning Butler:
    Holy smoke, according to you he might as well call it a career ender. Any credit for the things he has accomplished? He didn’t get to be so popular sitting on his duff either.
    Personally I think he is a very good actor.
    Is there any chance that he is trying to do the best he can with what talent he has and have fun doing it or should he take his pampered butt , which by the way, he earned the pampering by hard work, straight to the butcher to be gutted and hung. Oh I forgot, you just did that.
    Seriously though, don’t kid yourself, just because of the rich life style he projects, it doesn’t mean he is any happier than anyone else walking this earth. With all that he has, who can he trust? Can he believe all the people surrounding him and I don’t mean just the women either. Everybody wants a piece of him or a hand out one way or the other. Why do you think that he said the close friends he has are friends he has known before he was “known”. He has entrusted others to make career choices for him too, the manager, pr etc.
    I wouldn’t kill to be in his shoes for love or money. I don’t know HW, but from what I have heard it is a H/ll hole. I would love to see him go home or maybe London and do stage or somewhere along the way get his priorities in his life clear. Maybe that is why the frown. I don’t know.
    One more thing before I get off my soap box, I give him all the credit in the world for trying to be what he wanted to do. He could have made a comfortable living being a barrister and probably would have been a good one. .
    “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I___
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all difference.”

  • Agreed

    @give the guy a break:

    Nice post. Thanks for a refreshing POV.

  • What

    @ Give the guy a break

    Excuse me honey, this guy has had more breaks than you can shake a stick at. He’s become just another spoiled, rich, shallow, creepy guy who only wants to have sexxx with girls young enough to be his daughter. That’s Bulter’s idea of living the dream. Disgusting.

  • Let’s See

    This article says they were at the VFF on Aug. 29????

  • Well Said

    @Let’s See:
    Consider the source…..but do we really care if they are still together?
    Isn’t the worst part, that it happened in the first place?
    At 42, you don’t get points for realizing you did something stupid AFTER doing it – whether they are broken up already, will break up soon r sta together for years….the damage is done.

  • rupert?

    I’ ve this strange feeling …
    I address myself only to the one here which is often and …
    Are you Rupert, admit
    … mhm..of course it is also true that not ever admit , too easy to hide behind a nick…
    OK, never mind, I’ll stay with this doubt here, because otherwise how can you continue to write your post, right fox?
    But my feeling remains and strong…

  • * – last post here

    Couldn’t agree more with posts # 480 and 486.
    Whatever skeletons this guy has in his closet, he’s been going the wrong way about keeping them there. Whether that’s because of his own arrogance, or just very bad advice from his employees, who can say.
    At this point, particularly after the actions of certain people this year, if ‘People’ magazine were to announce his engagement tomorrow to MG, I’m afraid that I’m going to have a hard time believing that it’s anything other than yet another mendacious attempt at deflecting attention away from whatever the real issue is with Butler. Issues that he clearly doesn’t want to deal with, and won’t be allowed to deal with, whilst he continues listening to the idiots he’s surrounded himself with.
    If that makes me a “jealous old hag” in the eyes of some, then so be it.

  • Kitty

    There is speculation in the Romanian press that MG has moved in with GB in NY, so it seems that their relationship is more serious after all, and not just a temporary fling. It is difficult to understand the Romanian text when using google translate, but it seems it was GB who wanted MG to move in with him. The text also says that GB asked MG to become more discreet(?) I do not know much about MG, but after that I have seen a couple of interviews with her, I think she seems very intelligent and interesting. Maybe that was the essential reason that she has managed to hold on to him for so long. There are many beautiful women out there, but it becomes boring after a while if they are ignorant and uneducated. But can this relationship last if MG chooses to pursue an acting career in the U.S, and eventually becomes more famous outside Romania and Italy? She is beautiful and I wonder if GB can handle all the attention she will get from other men if she makes it as an actress. It has been mentioned in previous interviews that she is very ambitious, and that she has dreamt of becoming an actress since she was a child, so it seems unlikely to me that she’s going to give up her acting dream so quickly. He strikes me as jealous and domineering type. I do not know why I have this impression of him, and by all means I could be all wrong about it. It probably has to do with that we almost never have heard of his girlfriends before. We see that he has never dated other successful actresses, and it might have something to do with that he cannot handle the competition or share the spotlight with another person. He therefore chooses a less successful woman, because he then feels less threatened.(?)

  • What

    This guy has a really bad attitude towards women. Why does he always hide them as if he’s ashamed of them? How can anyone consider him a nice guy if he treats the women he supposedly cares about like that. These phannies, or whatever they are called must be really stupid. They strike me as the type of women who love reading Fifty Shades of Grey. That’s why they blindly defend his behaviour. Essentially they hate women and themselves.

  • insider

    @Kitty: if she was intelligent she would would have concenrated on homing her craft and not put most of her efforts into changing her face and body to dramatically. there are plenty of revered, naturally beautiful and successful actresses who got to high levels of success by being GOOD ACTRESSES and working hard on their skill not their face. Women like Madalina make a mockery of what was once good about Hollywood;true, standout talent, The X factor. With her it would be the EX factor; the guys she’s dated along the way who have driven attention her way. Apart from her looks, she is nothing special, she is infact a fake. she wasn’t born on 8th August 1988, but allegedly 1987 (i say allegedly because i’m sure she was actually born early 80′s). she even admitted this in a interview once, that her management told her to use the year 1988 as 8 is a lucky number and will bring her good fortune. she probably wasn’t even born on the 8th of August either. All her best features are cosmetically enhanced or made up. a few years ago she was completely flat chested, thin top lip no butt and she denies having any work done even though there are pictures of her out there proving this she seems delusional.

    I work in the industry and am sick of women like this getting attention they don’t deserve. don’t pretend to be great, BE GREAT!. no short cuts, none of the greats made short cuts and that adds to the respect they get from the public and peers.

  • so true

    I know. Strange, isn’t it. I always wonder what these phannies would have to say about it if it was their next-door neighbor. Just because someone got lucky in the looks department and managed to get their face on a movie screen doesn’t mean they’re nice. The only explanation I can think of is that they think the actor is actually the character they play in whatever movie is the fan’s favorite. These actors are usually just the opposite in real life, as it takes rather obnoxious traits to claw your way to the top of the heap over the thousands of others. I’m sure they do some really creepy things to get there. And look how many end up in jail, on drugs, sex scandals, on and on. It seems only a tiny percentage seem to stay “normal”, and it’s usually the ones who marry a regular person, move to the suburbs, have a family, and only surface to work and then go immediately home again.

  • Juicy Lucy

    Let’s face it, MG and GB are two individuals who have taken the easy path to fame-she by attempting to sleep her way to the top and him by thinking his good looks will always be a ticket to getting acting jobs. The problem is, one cannot rest on their laurals and think things will always be handed to them on a sliver platter. Talent is one thing an actor has to have and Gerry doesn’t seem to be all that talented. If CM and PFK flops, I’m afraid the “hand me down” scripts will dry up and he will be forced to take on supporting roles. Like someone else has said, big name directors and actors are not beating down the doors to work with Gerry, which speaks volumes.

  • Caution non-potable water

    Some of you sound like you have been drinking from bitter creek. GB doesn’t give a rat’s a/ss what anyone thinks of him, including his family, fans, colleagues. He barely invests time in anyone outside of a handful of family and friends, except himself. Investing your emotions into this man will continue to make some of you feel sour towards him and almost anyone associated with him.

  • Hello

    Why are most of you here if you hate GB so much. I don’t get it. You hate his choices in movies, his friends, male and female, disparage his lifestyle, call him names, wouldn’t want him as a neighbor, etc.
    So true writes:
    “Just because someone got lucky in the looks department and managed to get their face on a movie screen doesn’t mean they’re nice.”
    What writes:
    “He’s become just another spoiled, rich, shallow, creepy guy who only wants to have sexxx with girls young enough to be his daughter. That’s Bulter’s idea of living the dream. ”

    You really wonder why he hides his GF’s? Almost each post mentions a strong distaste [putting it mildly] for a person you don’t even know. Nor do you know GB. If I were GB I would hide them as well. How do you know how he treats people he is with? A whole page of spewing garbage about things you know not of.
    Seems to me Gerry is doing fine with many bumps in the road. He is a survivor and has a lust for life.
    Again, why are you all here spewing such dissatisfaction. Are you trying to convince yourselves that he is worthless or build yourselves up thinking you are better than him.

  • imo

    Simon Baker is a good example of what he could do to rejuvenate himself. They are the same age (although Simon looks ten years younger). They both have that “charm” factor going on with the ladies. Simon has managed to conduct himself impeccably and get himself a successful series, while continuing to appear in films. G is an example of how your private behavior can have a very negative impact on your career, especially in the entertainment industry. And like many have stated, it gets to the point where the big names will steer clear of you. He needs to spend less time on partying and models, and more on cleaning up his career and reputation. Unless he wants to just take the money and run now. I’m not getting a vibe that his heart is in it anymore.

  • this is a gossip site sigh

    @Caution non-potable water: Oh my friend he will care when no one comes to see his films anymore. But he did it his way right?

    This is not a fan site we revel in bitter.

  • Goodbye

    Clearly you are one of the phannies mentioned above. This is a gossip site, not a fan site, and people are free to voice their frustration at the way things are going. And if you think he is hiding girlfriends because of the posts here or anywhere else, you are in denial. I’m sure he never reads posts and doesn’t care what anyone thinks, as someone else stated. And yes, it’s true, no one here knows him personally, but it is very easy to form a negative opinion based on his “known” behavior and words from his own mouth. No one is making anything up here, other than the people who continue to make claims that he is marrying every time he disappears and the posters of fake tweets. If you can’t handle the negativity, don’t read the posts or hang at the fan sites. Don’t come here and tell people how they should feel.