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Gerard Butler Parties 'Gangnam Style' with Psy!

Gerard Butler Parties 'Gangnam Style' with Psy!

Gerard Butler wears a newsboy cap and rides his bicycle on Wednesday (September 19) in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.

The 42-year-old actor reportedly partied over the weekend with pals Leonardo DiCaprio and Stacy Keibler along with “Gangnam Style” singer Psy after his surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live.

The group sat in a VIP section in the Meatpacking District’s 1Oak, but didn’t get up and dance when “Gangnam Style” played that evening, according to the New York Post.

Last week, Gerard attended events at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

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gerard butler parties gangnam style with psy 01
gerard butler parties gangnam style with psy 02
gerard butler parties gangnam style with psy 03
gerard butler parties gangnam style with psy 04
gerard butler parties gangnam style with psy 05

Credit: PPNY / GSNY; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • what

    @Strange: What the heck is your post about. Seems like nuts to me. Get your friends or your meds adjusted. Whose payroll are your on?

  • Alina

    : ))))))))))))))))))

  • ha

    @Strange: So we are to believe that friends are so happy mads is in luv and in a relationship?Yeah, he’s so showing it. Get me proof asap.Or I will conclude mads is a nut.

  • gag

    @Strange: yep sincere happiness. GB for gawd’s sake, wake up.She’s got an army of creepy friends coming after you.

  • @what/ha

    What more proof are you looking for? There has been a ton of proof, it’s just that some are purposely to blind to accept the facts.

  • get real

    @@what/ha: Show me the facts on 9/20. Not some old post.

  • Sonya

    Tom Cruise to CNN Anderson Cooper ,Britney Spears,
    Katy Perry, Robbie Williams,Nelly Furtado,,,
    US rapper T-Pain praised the music video on Twitter. “Words cannot even describe how amazing this video is . . .”!
    Josh Groban tweeted, “It’s a Gangnam Style world, We’re just living in it. Amazing Video.

  • Excuse me

    @what: What exactly is your problem? “Strange” went to MG’s facebook page and copied a comment made by one of her fans. There is a video that is blocked from the usa as well. She is ONLY posting it. Why so hard on her just because you don’t get it? Be nice.

  • angrybaby

    Hello girls and boys)
    Wow Gerry is fast :D btw someone saw him holding hands with red curvy girl( hell know where)) may be ots not true be cause tweet was deleted.
    Where are mr Butler and what u doing?

  • Wendy

    I see @ is back trolling the board and stinking up the place with her delusions.

  • Wendy

    Not for Sonya, meant for @

  • @Wendy

    No delusions here dearest.

  • casandra

    Come on… Leave the poor guy alone.Maybe he is tired from staying up late last night . As for his relationship, its obvious he has been with MG for a while now and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t still be together. I think that’s the reason he has changed his behaviour in the last few months, which is not a bad thing, even though his hardcore fans are pissed.Wish him well…

  • @Casandra

    Thank you for the intelligent post.

  • smh

    @@what/ha: “What more proof are you looking for? There has been a ton of proof, it’s just that some are purposely to blind to accept the facts.”
    Facts? What facts?
    There are just as many “facts” that MG is an escort, as there are she’s a girlfriend. No one is privy to the facts and that includes YOU.
    You’re also conveniently forgetting that AFTER little Maddie was in London, Gerry was seen with a “girlfriend” on the Brooklyn Bridge. That same day he’s overtly flirting with another woman at a tennis match — a woman he stopped by to see AGAIN before returning to Shreveport.
    It doesn’t matter what Maddie or her friends write on her silly FB. What matters is how Gerry feels and he’s been hooking up with other women ever since MG left. He’s not in love with her, that much is obvious.

  • angrybaby

    I think he took her in Shreveport,just be cause its not a big city and if he started dated there with local girls that will be not good …but he is big boy and got some needs ,that’s why he took her.
    Well ,enough about this .

  • Aha….

    So he visited wrap party and 1Oak
    at the same time and no pics from
    both places. Not even a sighting of
    him at the wrap party. And Melinda
    Farina tweeted about him being
    with her and mysterios RK over
    last weekend in NY. Looks like he
    was in NY last saturday night and
    earlier in the day in Monroe, Louisiana.
    So strange.

  • @smh

    So very wrong, but keep spinning to suit your story.

  • Mads video

    I don’t live in the US so am able to watch the FB video of MG dancing to ‘Maniac’ a la Flashdance style. She really is stunning IMO, can’t see Gerry letting this one go too soon, but I guess stranger things have happened with him. I do think this other twit, Melina whatever, is possibly a POTO stalker fan fooling with her friends on twitter. Most stalker fans would know Gerry could be at the US Open and that he also loves karaoke. I think she’s tweeting BS to stir her friends who are also probably Phantom fans. My best guess is that RK = Ramin Karimloo (he also starred as Phantom in LND).

  • Aviv


  • ltl

    Photo’s from Soccer Aid back in May, but the tweeter only posted it yesterday

  • @@#??

    @Mads video: Stunning?? I could not stop laughing..ha ha

  • Alina

    I agree. Absolutely stupid video! This caused only laughter! Apparently @ “Mads video” is nothing good in her life seen! hahaha!!!

  • Cassie

    I also saw the video and I agree that she was stunning.

  • Alina

    Everyone has their own idea of ​​beauty. Who likes a real beauty, and who’s like a plastic doll! To each his own!

  • @Alina

    You are nuts. Madalina Ghenea is a beautiful woman. She may have fillers in her lips from time to time, although not recently as we’ve seen from photos. Her breasts are obviously natural and if you see photos of her brother, you’ll see her nose is also natural.

  • Alina

    What about this “unearthly beauty” as MG i know everything! She’s all plastic! Why do not you go to her fan site? That you are here?

  • Grow up

    Obviously, someone is posting here, or a representative of that person is posting here, to try and keep the buzz going. Every time the posters move on, someone posts more blather about a so-called “romance”. Most here are quite aware of GB’s m.o., and it doesn’t matter if he shags someone for a few months, lives with them, or anything else. The fact is he is still keeping this hidden, other than a couple of fan pics, his reps did not confirm it when asked, and he’s been back roaming the earth hitting on oher women ever since she left. And that fake post inferring they’ve been involved for a year is just laughable. Dearie, there is actual proof of him being with others up until Cannes, so quit trying to make a long relationship out of three months.

  • @Alina

    Really now? Prove it. Except you can’t because it’s not true.

  • Cutthecr*p

    @@Alina: Oh, puleeze. That’s one of the worst, and most obvious boob jobs I’ve ever seen. She should sue the surgeon. He put them in too low, and they’ll have to be lifted in the next couple of years. She’s clearly had several things done to her face, not just her lips. And for the record, her body type is naturally small-breasted, which is why when models turn up with basketballs in their chests it looks so obvious. Look it up. This is the USA, land of plastic surgery. We know it when we see it. We’re not blind. Maybe Romanians are.

  • @Cutthecr*p

    So you’re blind as well as stupid. That explains it.

  • DiamondRY

    Gotta get myself a cap like that;)

  • casandra

    @@Alina: I see there are only a handful of posters here who see the reality as it is:MG is a VERY beautiful woman-I would say one of the most beautiful in the world- and almost any man would be lucky to be with her..I’m sure she has lots of man chasing her , many of them rich and famous…I don’t know if the relationship between GB and MG would last or is already over but i doubt GB would find a better woman than her and he knows it . I understand the jealousy of some female fans but that should not impede our judgement …

  • Shallow Thoughts

    abound today, how many people in Hollywood are beautiful on the outside but oh so ugly on the inside! And to state the obvious how is that some of the most beautiful women in the world are cheated on constantly and dumped by their men just like the rest of the female population.

    Because outer beauty only gets you so far in relationships and in life. For some men, it’s all about the hunt, then it’s catch and release and onto to the next challenge. You catch a cheetah you need to go after the panther next. It’s all about collecting.

  • Cutthecr*p

    @@Cutthecr*p: Apparently you have reading comprehension issues, as well as being dumb as a box of hammers, which is just what I would expect from one of whatshername’s supporters. If you want to worship her, why don’t you go post on her fb with all her middle-aged pervy old “fans”?

  • Shallow Thoughts

    @casandra: He has done much much better than this one but he always blows it and he always will until he decides it is time to grow up if he ever does.

  • Sales job

    @casandraWe’re not buying your line, so why do you continue to try to sell her here? What’s your interest in pushing her agenda? Are you a friend? Family member? PR person? Or maybe you’re her? What will you have to talk about when he’s out with another mystery brunette?

  • @Cutthecr*p

    blah blah blah

  • She can’t dance

    She is an exquisite beauty. I don’t understand the malicious comments about this girl. It sounds more like Gerard Butler’s fans just don’t want him to have a girlfriend, especially one so young and gorgeous.

  • excuse moi….

    @casandra: Contrary to the idiot troll’s mantra, nobody’s jealous here. Personally, I don’t find cartoonish features attractive, and believe it or not, alot of men don’t, either. She’s very, very hard looking. His other girlfriends are all much softer and more attractive, imo. Just because people don’t agree with your assessment about her beauty doesn’t make people jealous. It’s subjective.

  • @excuse moi….

    Hard looking? Seriously? She is stunning. Both my husband AND my son (25) think she’s gorgeous.

  • sometruth

    @@excuse moi….:

    it doesn’t matter who finds her beautiful or ugly as long as its known, she has had surgical help to achieve her look.

  • She can’t dance

    @excuse moi….:

    Does this mean that anyone who believes her to be beautiful is a troll? A difference of opinion does not a troll make. It’s obvious that plenty here are jealous.

  • bad…

    But enough talk more of this girl!
    Possible that as soon as someone here just post something taken from his FB … or a cryptic commentary of her or anything else that concerns the sexual past of these two to Shreveport, immediately begin to comment .. it’s a trap to carry out this boring conversation and advertising that you are doing! You have not yet figured out! This girl does not need it … she got what she wanted,… also be interested again, mhm…as the rest also Mr. Gerard Butler has taken pleasure of this knowledge, above certain levels of physical relationship…and very little spiritual ..HA HA
    She is just,…. only one of his many females with which establishes an intense physical relationship and then, .. then nothing. Bored soon, .. has other needs, .. has so many other distractions around the world is a fickle man in private life with women, (with friends at least the relationship works fine) .. now this has been said up to paranoia!
    Do not continue this stupid little game of who is here from time to time and suggests new questions about this girl, just because sometimes appears something written or a video that relates in his FB, it seems highly visited even by those who are not interested at her!
    You pass over and continue to talk about Gerard ..
    Forget it!
    Can you?
    But if you see a new photo of her with Gerard again together, well.. then you might also be interested again …sure!

    But it takes the video evidence or photographs this time, not of small talk of someone or his write cryptic ..

  • excuse moi….

    @@excuse moi….: And I, and many, others, don’t. It’s subjective. She is hard looking. Period. If you see her next to other women, it’s clear. The other women in the commercial, especially the cop, were much better looking. Too much surgery is never a good look, which is why I suspect her career has never taken off.

  • JustBreathe

    @Let’s See: There is good reasons. Rest. Peace. Silence.

  • JustBreathe

    @Let’s See: There are good reasons. Rest. Peace. Silence.

  • JustBreathe

    He looks upset and overwhelmed in this photo. The city is a stark contrast to the Blue mountains.

  • Yes, please

    @bad…: I agree. Someone is trying to change the conversation back to “that” again, and I suggest we stop responding to these traps. This isn’t a fan site for her. Or even a thread about her.

  • Alina

    @Yes, please:
    I can imagine, as M. is proud that people here are talking about her! LOL! I agree that we should stop the talk and don’t feed the trolls!