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Lindsay Lohan: Arrested After New York City Accident

Lindsay Lohan: Arrested After New York City Accident

UPDATE: TMZ has learned that Lindsay reportedly had no idea she hit anybody, and plans to fight the charges. She also says that no one exited her car to check for damages, and believes she is the victim of a set up.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested early Wednesday morning (September 19) after leaving the scene of an accident. She allegedly clipped a passenger with her car in New York City, TMZ reports.

The 26-year-old actress was reportedly driving at a very low speed as she was pulling in to park near her hotel at 2am, and hit a male in the knee.

After the incident, a passenger of Lindsay‘s exited the vehicle to check for damage before heading inside the hotel.

At 2:30 am when Lindsay exited the hotel, police officers arrested her.

The police booked Linds for leaving the scene of an accident and was released soon after with a desk appearance ticket.

The man who was hit is currently in the hospital, but reportedly has no visible injuries.

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  • 1989

    That’s what she gets for making negative comments on another celeb’s issues and incidents…karma.

  • kelly

    What a surprise……….NOT!

  • intric8

    Just great. And she looks so hit in that picture. So much for the comeback, lindz.

  • lauren

    is this a contest between amanda and lindsay to see who’s most crazy?

  • Kim

    So many chances…still can’t get her act together! Shame on the media for feeding into Lindsay’s struggles.

  • Kim

    So many chances…still can’t get her act together! Shame on the media for feeding into Lindsay’s struggles.

  • Adam

    Oh Lindsay Lindsay.. I am rooting for you! Please, please, please, be careful. If you have a problem with your driving skills, please let someone drive you. The last thing you need right now is these kind of incident. You seems to behave well these past couple of months and I am really happy for that. Continue to doing so, there’s actually a lot of people wants you to success. Career above anything else Lindsay! I just wanna hug you so bad right now!

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    Very well done Miss Lohan. The next time she’ll probably kill someone. How stupid can one human possibly be?
    It would be time that some takes away her license for good, she’s nothing but a danger for general public. I wonder how it was even possible that she got a drivers license.

  • chris

    She could live in jail forever.

  • an opinion

    Who drives in NYC?

  • gerd

    This must some kind of hoax, because this scenario just ain’t plausible. This guy apparently had no visible injuries, he probably waited for Lindsay to arrive, jumped in front of the car on purpose, then saw his opportunity to sue her. What a douchebag. Who get’s hit on a parking lot, by a slow parking car = No One Does.

  • Yoki

    Why the hell am I not surprised?

  • Yoki

    Why am i not surprised? She was just talking about Amanda a couple of days ago and look what happened. Shame on you Lindsey.

  • kel

    She is a mess. She and Amanda Bynes should not be driving.

  • intric8

    Is that a recent pic? Anybody know? Damn she looks freaking awesome.

  • Get Over It

    I believe that’s called….KARMA.

  • Mikaela

    She got jealous of Amanda LOL

  • Danyell

    You know what? I wouldn’t be surprise Lindsay, being the attention w***e that she is, did this on purpose. She is so delusional and stupid enough that I wouldn’t put it pass her. Based on her tweets, I think a part of her is jealous that there’s another train wreck on the loose (Amanda Bynes) who is suddenly stealing the media spotlight away from her. The difference is, I think people are actually rooting for Amanda. Lindsay not so much.

  • um

    She’s over. I don’t think the public can stomach activities like this. There is a limit as to what we can all take.

  • Maria

    I really think it’s a bogus lawsuit. The guy didn’t have any injuries. I am not even sure there are witnesses. Not defending her, but she an easy target.
    Same with that lawsuit against Dennis Quaid. People trying to make quick bucks out of celebrity.

  • justsayin

    Well that’s ironic considering her comments made towards Amanda Bynes. Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it? :P

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    “Lindsay believes she is the victim of a set up”, so what else is new?

    Hey, look Lindsay, a tweet from Amanda Bynes: “Why did my car get impounded and a disney star has had NO punishment(s) so far?”

  • emma

    Oh Lindsay,
    Please bring your lips back to normal and stop all the life nonsense and be happy !!
    You were such a bright talented kid !

  • Everhart

    If you brush against someones knee while pulling into a parking lot but didnt know you did it, is that a hit and run? I’ll go do that to a driver tomorrow and collect insurance. Better yet, ill do it to lindsay. Nobody will believe her!!!!! This is another setup, hello people

  • Julie

    lol this all is so pointless, there’s no credit on this story. totally set up, how in the world she would hit a man in a parking lot DRIVING SLOWLY and not notice it? Obviously this man, whoever he is, is trying to get something out of it. Where’s the injuries? All lies. Just because she’s a public person and because everyone will believe it was her faul, she becomes an easy target. Also, there’s always TMZ trying to make she was the guilty one, have anyone noticed that tmz aways has stories about her and when everything start going back to normal, tmz show up again and start more rumors about the girl life… lol leave her alone and let her try to rebult her image.

  • laura

    Remember Britney Spears in 2007? She was taken off the custody of her sons, she was put herself under the custody of her dad, at 27 year old, and with time she got better. Look at how good she is now!! Is it so difficult to understand that also Lindsay has to do that? But unfortunately she obviously doesn’t have decent parents. I’m sorry for her, in the end she’s just ruining her life and this is sad.

  • http://justjared anymouse

    Some people are just not right in the head, to fake something for monetary gain? I believe this is a bogus set up. Lindsay isn’t the smartest either, but she is trying to get her life together again. The guy should be counter sued!

  • Kelsey

    This isn’t a shokkkkeerrrr! Yet she goes around talking about Amanda Bynes problems when she hasn’t even fixed her own! Now that is sad.

  • Susie#1

    Lohan should accept responsibility for her actions. Yes, it is possible to drive slowly and still hit a person; my question is, how could she not see a pedestrian??? She should stop claiming every incident/accident she gets into is a “set up” and be more careful in what she does.

  • scallywag

    Oh well, at least Lilo could have thrown the dude (Jose) one of those spare wet plastic baggies she keeps in her purse, that shxt would have cheered him up and of course a ride in the front seat, on Lilo’s lap of course….

    Don’t worry Jose, Lilo will get to the bottom of this shxt once she finishes afternoon drinks….

  • Meh

    she must be thought she was driving a bumper car.

  • Manny

    When are they going to slam the cell door and throw away the key on this one?

  • PiggyBank

    I wish I had a dollar for every time this woman was in trouble.

  • laura

    she clearly needs an intervention..

  • laura

    she clearly needs an intervention..