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Diane Kruger: 'The Bridge' Star!

Diane Kruger: 'The Bridge' Star!

Diane Kruger has just signed on to star in the new FX pilot The Bridge!

The 36-year-old actress will play the role of El Paso Police Homicide Detective Sonya North, who works with an agent from Mexico to take on a serial killer operating along the US-Mexico border, according to Deadline.

Gerardo Naranjo is set to direct the adaptation of the Scandinavian series Bron/Broen.

This will be Diane‘s U.S. television series debut!

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Diane Kruger hit the small screen in the new FX pilot The Bridge??

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  • true love

    i know katie has a lot of nerve, but you know joshuajackson personality. He is someone who never seems to get really angry, bitter or resentful. He is an easy-going guy and katie KNOWS that about her ex-boyfriend. She knows that she can call him anytime and he will pick up and be nice to her. Because that’s just the way he is.

  • ikkram

    Diane Kruger is gorgeous, possibly the best dressed woman in the world and is certainly not lacking for work. Hope she still has time for joshua.

  • tiffany


    Don’t worry. She will. There is always time for some “joshua jackson lovin”.

    Joshua Jackson holds hands with girlfriend Diane Kruger whilst window shopping in Malibu:

  • croft

    Diane Kruger! Luv ya!!!

  • CF98


    Eh if he didn’t want to hear from her he could’ve always not taken her call but like I said they’re a lot closer than he’s letting on. I think its not as cut and dry as you think

  • quinton

    i watch everything with diane kruger in it (movies and tv). And she never dissapoint!

  • quinton

    i watch everything with diane kruger in it (movies and tv). And she never dissapoint!

  • YAY!

    so i get to see her every week on my tv! YAY!!
    but it’s cable right? that means 13 episodes….so she has plenty of time for other things like making movies and of course her darling josh! double YAY!

  • Sergio

    No talent,balding,plain faced ice queen.

  • Baby-daddy

    That’s AWESOME that Josh and Katie are talking again. Maybe now that Diane has a real job, he can be a proper dad to Suri. Suri deserves a brother or sister, maybe Josh can help out with that!

  • intric8

    Why are some of you so mean? Diane is a hard working actress who doesnt do stupid sh*t just to get attention for herself. Look at all of these moron celebrities and what they stoop down to just to get their names current. They leak a crappy porn, or stage a drama for the media and act f*cked up for awhile just to create a comeback story. Personally, If i had to go selecting somebody to have a child with, Diane just might be at the top of my list. She speaks French, German and English fluently, is extremely intelligent and has a face that is so exquisite that most men would break down and want to worship her. Keira Knightley, Zoe Saldana, Jess Alba, Nat Portman, among others dont resort to nonsense just to get attention, and frankly, i respect any actress who sets an example and handles their fame respectably nowdays. So go hate on, losers, cause it sucks to be you much more than Diane.

  • juli

    you are talking about a person who is everyday promoting herself on gossip sites,which is best known for gossip sites and events,and uses her personal life to promote herself

  • intric8

    Gossip sites do what they do, she has nothing to do with their decision to post pics and talk about her. wtf? And all celebrities attend events, that is a normal part of being a celeb!

  • Janne

    @intric8:you meant: wrinkled face that most men would vomit

  • Janne

    @intric8:you meant: wrinkled face that most men would vomit

  • intric8

    @Janne See, that’s what i dont get. Maybe you dont care for her as an actress, but why the vitriolic hate? Put that energy to much better use and go after someone like Kim Kardashian, who doesnt deserve anything near here celebrity status or fortune.

  • juli

    atrizes são conhecidas por seus trabalhos em filmes tv teatro e não em eventos de moda She appearing on this kind of site because she uses her personal life to it

  • Freshierrose

    I love her! If you hate its bad karma guys!

  • flora


    Don’t let the haters get a rise out of you. At the end of the day, Diane and Joshua have a great life together and are not even aware of the people who heap criticism upon them for no good reason. They seem incredibly happy and are busy in both their careers and social lives. Living well really is the best form of “STFU” anyone can dish out.

    I’m excited to see how the pilot will do. It sounds different from anything she’s tried in the past and could work out very well for her.

  • scarlett

    Her boyfriend is like a synchopantic puppy dog following her around wherever she goes. That in itself s annoying. She is also a terribly mediocre

  • KL

    @femme fatale:

    Patty, that’s just mean.

  • lopm

    love this actress. What an honour to be able to watch her on a weekly basis.

  • leo


  • nathalie

    Diane is such a sweetheart. She is very cool and i love her relationship with joshua jackson.
    He is a great actor, funny & extremely intelligent .. & gorgeous as well!

  • atkinson

    i’m so jealous of her. Joshua jackson is suppose to be with me! lol!
    no, seriously, i like her and Joshua Jackson has a Ewan McGregor thing happening, and it is beyond.

  • brone

    pretty girl and wonderful actress. THANKS FX

  • true love

    patty is here AND crazy anna torv troll (juli, janne,intric8,… ) is here too, people! She is spreading the hate and jealousy, because nobody cares about anna and nobody takes paparazzi shots of anna! i’m on to you, troll!

  • true love


    here, here!

  • bella

    Diane kruger is really something. Men clearly adore her. Her famous ex-husband (married for 6 years) Guillaume Cannet asked her to marry her and she did. And now beau Joshua Jackson is dying to marry her.
    What a woman!

  • ddd

    Katie has got some nerve contacting Josh all these years.
    @Deanna: don´t believe everything Josh says in interviews, especially when he talks about women. Don´t believe everything celebrities say. Diane said her next project will be “being a mother”. But “The Bridge” doesn´t sound like a baby name, does it?

  • Jinjeon


    I second that Freddie Prinze Jr. mention. He’d be great.

  • heh!

    @Happy_Evil_Dude: People are stupid. they wouldn’t know what a career is if it hit them in the face. Perhaps because they lack one. Good luck, Diane!

  • FX


    you’re welcome :)

  • heh!

    @intric8: Most of the comments are posted by 2 trolls, one praising Diane and the other one berating her. I don’t like trolls of any kind, but the one berating her is the ugliest filthiest one ever. Ew! Disgusting!

  • true love


    there are 2 trolls here indeed. the one who’s praising her is the JJ troll aka patty and the other one who is berating her is the anna torv troll.

  • magnutude

    Pretty interesting casting/premise that I’ll be keeping my eye on

  • heh!

    @true love: What is an Anna Torv troll doing here? Her job is to hate on Joshua Jackson. I think there are two Anna Torv trolls though.

  • true love


    That anna torv troll hates joshua jackson and his girlfriend diane kruger. She comes her all the time. She is jealous, because anna gets no love.

  • neon

    I haven’t seen Kruger in much so I can’t comment on her acting but she has a lot to live up to – Sofia Helin was spectacular in the original version.

  • wa


    oh yes, i recall that interview. You mean this one ( at the 2:35 mark):

    oh well, she clearly wasnt serious about it. And maybe she never wants children, who knows. It’s very hard for a woman to admit you don’t want to have kids.

  • bruce

    I’m thrilled at the prospect of having Diane Kruger on TV every week.

  • email me maybe

    @scarlett: I feel sorry for spouses of celebs. They will always be damned to that stupid criticism “following him/her around like a puppy dog”.

  • email me maybe

    @heh!: Tnx for that heads up :-/

  • intric8

    Wait a second guys, is it possible that the good troll might actually also be the bad troll? It looks horrible if someone spams a million lame positive comments without being creative. It’s like super-obvious fake support, which looks bad for the celeb in question. Just thinkin..

  • heh!

    @intric8: No. Patty’s style is clearly different from the other two.

  • lola

    I’m glad that she’s doing a cable network television show. I know that sounds kind of pretentious, but I feel that the best shows on TV at the moment are on HBO, FX, AMC and Showtime.

  • ken

    Excited! She’ll do well.

  • Intric8

    @heh!: Ah, ok. U wanna see a classic troll blunder, check out the beginning of the last amanda seyfried post here on jj – ROFL!

  • gustavo

    Diane Kruger is my favorite actress!.I can’t wait to see the pilot

  • Emogurl

    Stupid spammer, cut it out!