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Christina Aguilera Covers 'Billboard' Magazine!

Christina Aguilera Covers 'Billboard' Magazine!

Christina Aguilera looks stunning on the cover of Billboard magazine’s September 29 issue.

The 31-year-old singer opened up to the mag about her upcoming album Lotus and her position as a judge/mentor on The Voice. We can’t wait to read what Christina had to say!

“This album is about self-expression and freedom,” Christina previously said of her new album. “There is a lot I have gone through personally over the past few years and this record represents a rebirth for me. The record is about freedom and getting back to the root of who I am and what I love to do.”

Make sure to watch the next episode of The Voice on Monday at 8/7c on NBC and pick up Christina‘s new album Lotus on November 13.

Bigger cover pic inside…

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christina aguilera covers billboard magazine

Photos: Billboard Magazine
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74 Responses to “Christina Aguilera Covers 'Billboard' Magazine!”

  1. 1
    Ellis~J Says:


  2. 2
    Albert Says:

    omg!!! gorgeous!

  3. 3
    gn Says:


  4. 4
    Evangelina Says:

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait for real talent to come back to the pop scene!!

  5. 5
    Dice Says:

    She looks stunning! I’m ecstatic for her return <3

  6. 6
    sean perez Says:


  7. 7
    sean perez Says:


  8. 8
    musicXX Says:

    I’m so happy to have her back and look forward to her “Resurrection” as they put it! She belongs on top since true talent always prevails! Her new single already was an amazing start!

  9. 9
    iceice Says:

    very pretty, i’m glad she’s back. too many weak ass untalented singers dominating radio right now..

  10. 10
    Chewy Says:

    miss her

  11. 11
    Lady Gaga Says:

    i tried to gain weight to get your latina curves Christina, but didnt quite work for me…..copyfail again poor me

  12. 12
    XC Says:

    Christina looks amazing, can’t wait for the album! Bringing real vocals back! #Legend

  13. 13
    Marlonlp7 Says:

    Love her!!!!!…. LEGENTINA

  14. 14
    Miss Says:

    She looks really beautiful there. Definitely excited to read what she has to say about her new album. ‘Your Body’ is a nice song so it’s promising already.

  15. 15
    cindy Says:

    Beautiful cover and her blues eyes are stellar and hypnotizing! I will be sure to pick up this magazine when it is released! Can’t wait to get her new Lotus Nove 13th. Christina Aguilera your new single out right now Your Body is dope! It should be playing everywhere on radio soon it’s catchy and super cheeky!

  16. 16
    Britney Says:

    Wow y’all she is absolutely flawless. I wish I have Christina’s vocal. She deserves all the success, The Voice is slaying X Factor.

  17. 17
    Dooley Says:

    XXLTina needs a Hit but Love Your Body is falling off Itunes Chart and Flopping around the world..Years between Cds Killed her Career.Kids that were Young when Genie came out are now Teens and only know her from The Voice.She also needs to Stop showing Off her Vocals and just sing the Words..Hate all the Vocal Warmups at the end of her song and that how she will sing it live.TOO MUCH Screaming.

  18. 18
    johanna Says:

    Christina Aguilera you are just so gorgeous.Billboard is right with that title on the cover with her. Ready to see a real vocalist back in the music world again who can cover any genere from pop rock jazz soul Christina can sing anything with her vocals.I’m ready get her new album soon to hit us.Thanks Jared for posting about this cover on Billboard.Can’t wait to get a copy of the new issue with my favorite vocalist on the cover.

  19. 19
    Joe Says:

    Very pretty.

  20. 20
    Luis Says:

    She is such a beautiful woman. I love her with the toned down makeup and really looking forward to her new album.

  21. 21
    Hahn Says:

    LEGENDARY Christina Aguilera

  22. 22
    ken Says:

    Her music is soo amazing , what makes it soo much better is that she’s one of a few who can sing live sounding almost as her studio recording, and doesn’t need auto tune her new single is amazing <3 she looks beautiful !!! #lotus #yourbody CANNOT WAIT TILL HER ALBUM RELEASES !!!! NOV 13TH!

  23. 23
    Ire Says:

    I love it! Shows of her natural beauty

  24. 24
    121 Says:

    Wow so beautiful <3

  25. 25
    Amanda Says:

    Gorgeous woman :)

  26. 26
    Madi Says:

    She needed to do something “Dancy” like “Your Body” to get back on the charts, but her album will def. include a lot of high quality material, Vocally, and Lyrically! She’s just so amazing and she looks FLAWLESS on the cover! <3

  27. 27
    Ms Delorean Says:

    Ok mad fans, she can sing very well but she is NOT beautiful now come on, she is too large for her figure, it even shows on her face. It isn’t her usual morphology, it doesn’t look right on her, it’s unhealthy. But I agree she can sing, now about the “talent”…..well I guess we can all sleep around for songs sure why not

  28. 28
    Hunter-aod Says:

    Wow Christina Aguilera is looking so stunning,,,,,love her now with her curves than her super skinny past…..

  29. 29
    Mr Delorean Says:

    What did I tell you? I told you to keep your mouth shut when grown folks is talking!

    Now damn, this is one fine lady. I wish my wife had just an 1/8th of her beauty. I have to send her to make me a sandwich just so I can have a break from looking at her. :(

  30. 30
    intric8 Says:

    Sorry guys, this image was photoshopped up the gazzoo.

  31. 31
    Ms Delorean Says:

    To Mister… Maybe you’re 14 and then that’s ok you’re gonna grow out of it. However if you’re an adult married man and look up airbrushed pics of celebs from 1999 comparing them to your wife, seek help or a divorce or taste maybe…
    But then again you must be 14….please!

  32. 32
    Lotus Says:

    Just beautiful in and out

  33. 33
    Vanity_Gurl Says:

    omg that’s so awesome, she looks so gorgous I’d go lesbo 4 her!!

  34. 34
    MacMcNugget Says:

    Outstanding cover .. I’m glad my girl is slaying this era!
    so excited for Lotus and the video soon!!!!

  35. 35
    Candice Says:

    Same poster writing all the comments AGAIN! Go check on itunes, her song is a major FLOP!

  36. 36
    sea Says:

    Fake fake fake. I feel for all the people that thinks she is curvy and beautiful, whereas she’s just heavy and insecure.

  37. 37
    marcus Says:

    Next cancelled tour in 4…3…2
    No real fans and no interest from RCA in promoting this deadbeat.
    Floptina couldn’t get through a single concert with her non-existent work ethic.

  38. 38
    AMY Says:

    Yes, but the pig needs to lose about 20 pounds.

  39. 39
    AMY Says:

    The pig needs to lose weight!

  40. 40
    Luciano Says:

    She is amazing and gorgeous..I dont believe Your Body is a flop…she didnt even realease it completely..she needs to do a performance and whanot..although I keep on luvin her har..and ever and for ever!
    My Lotus…Unbreakable flower!

  41. 41
    Mimi Says:

    I love Xtina, but seriously, doesn’t she describe every one of her albums the same way? How many times can she be reborn?

  42. 42
    Bruno Says:

    YASSS! Flawless cover! Christina just keeps gettin better!

  43. 43
    sharla Says:

    Shopped pic! Im sick of so much of it going on. It’s like fraud. That is NOT what she looks like in real life.

  44. 44
    Ms Delorean Says:

    @sea: Hey maybe she can have a co-tour something with Justin Timberlake…
    Ok that was mean, bad souvenirs, I’m sorry

  45. 45
    Mr. Delorean Says:

    I’m clearly not 14 or a married-man. I was implicitly mocking you, in case that flew over your head; which judging from your use of the english language, must be often. :(

  46. 46
    Carbon Copy Says:

    SEXTINA!!! Love her.

  47. 47
    Lotus Reality Says:

    I hope she doesn’t keep saying the same thing in every interview for the album.

    I just want everything to be really fresh so people can take notice the real diva is back in full force!

  48. 48
    Madi Says:

    Ha! Xtina haters make me laugh, really. She’s beautiful and she’s slaying the charts and magazine covers and y’all will DEAL. So stfu because she’s here to stay!

  49. 49
    Madi Says:

    And what’s really funny is that, there’s a one poster keeps posting NEGATIVE stuff about Xtina as well as that poster who keeps saying positive things about her! GROW UP PEOPLE, ENJOY THE MUSIC OR JUST GO AWAY.

  50. 50
    jeff Says:

    Beautiful can’t wait to get my copy!

  51. 51
    corey Says:

    Damn she looks so stunning!

  52. 52
    Xtina Flawlesslera Says:

    Christina Aguilera has been the most flawless popstar singer that I know, since the year 1999.

    There is no other pop singer like her on the planet, anywhere!

    Christina Aguilera will forever be my favorite vocalist. I don’t know what I would do, what would happen to my ears without her perfect discography and voice.

    I am grateful that Xtina is in the music industry.

    I wait for November and LOTUS!! : D

  53. 53
    QUEENC Says:

    godtina is still beautiful
    so mad tranny gaga fans?

  54. 54
    QUEENC Says:

    godtina is still beautiful
    so mad tranny gaga fans?

  55. 55
    Amazinglera Says:

    NBC’s THE VOICE was a perfect thing to do.

    All those millions of American that didn’t know Xtina was a great vocalist… well now they know! Everyone knows! It’s official! THE VOICE has helped cement the fact that Xtina is truly the voice of this generation.

    We need talent like her!!!

  56. 56
    Lady Gaga Says:

    She’s naturally beautiful! She doesn’t age AT ALL!

  57. 57
    Sapphire Says:

    so flawless, make up is so natural love it!

  58. 58
    Candice Says:

    Ok, PLEASE STOP POSTING, Jared will have to ban you again, we all see her on The Voice, she has become quite UNATTRACTIVE, she was cute back in her “Genie in a bottle” days, but look at her now!! She is NOT aging well, she is fat, her face looks full of fillers, she doesn’t even look like herself… and that song, so pop-commercial-crappy-i’m-desperate-to-get-a-hit, I feel SORRY for her.

  59. 59
    ayee Says:

    so gorgeous.

  60. 60
    Nate Says:

    She looks great. I cant wait to hear more about her album, I will for sure pick this album up. She deserves to be on top. She is beyond talented for pop star standerds.

  61. 61
    CRACKney Spears Says:

    LMAO I Can’t @ a Flopney fans!!! they’re so maaaaaaad

  62. 62
    Rosalia Says:

    She looks like a fat drag queen from the Bronx

  63. 63
    Darth Says:

    All these immature people, most likely CaCa worshippers, are voting thumbs down on all the positive Xtina comments. It appears they feel very threatened by her new album, and are trying to hide all the enthusiasm there is for her, just on this site alone. Well, they SHOULD feel threatened. She’s coming back to kill. Deal with it, she IS the Queen. <3

  64. 64
    LotusBody Says:

    She is a smart woman. I love every single word she talks abt

  65. 65
    Katie Says:

    Too bad she never actually looks like anymore. It’s always heavy/sloppy makeup and orange tan….

  66. 66
    Evangelina Says:

    Lol Those people that are commenting about her make-up, her body, her figure, her hair, her look. That’s so reductive. She is not Gaga or Katy Perry or Rihanna or these new prefabricated popstars to talk about those things. She’s a musician and people discuss music and talent when they talk about her. Now get over it.

  67. 67
    oy Says:

    Was that much Photoshop really necessary? It’s not like she’s Meg Ryan.

  68. 68
    mybody Says:

    Yes, time for talents not the apperance like fat, slim, make up. It’s just make u more idiot. love her so much

  69. 69
    Notmyselftonight Says:

    Love n Repsect her so much. TALENT

  70. 70
    TheVoice Says:

    She is def the JAM

  71. 71
    Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi Says:

    Since her beginning all her albums were about “self-expression”

  72. 72
    Audrey Says:

    LOVE this cover! She looks really beautiful here.
    Can’t wait for her new album, it will be a huge hit!

  73. 73
    email me maybe Says:

    @Candice: Similar thing goes on with V Hudgens and a few other celebs

  74. 74
    Rosa Says:

    Lol, at the same idiot disliking all the positive comments and making rude ones and liking them. Sounds like Britney fans to me. I’m not sure why they feel the need to constantly hate Christina, but then I think about how much more respected, attractive, talented, creative, articulate, intelligent and in control of her life that Christina is and then I understand why they’re jealous. Must suck having to resort to showing videos of your favorite artist when they were 10 to prove they can ‘sing.’ Or to praise your fave for speaking a simple sentence, just because your standards are so low, you were impressed that she could. Or praise your fave for pumping her arms and swinging her her, because she hasn’t danced well in years. Sad individuals, they are.

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