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Lea Michele & Cory Monteith Film Intimate 'Glee' Scene!

Lea Michele & Cory Monteith Film Intimate 'Glee' Scene!

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith share an intimate moment while filming for an upcoming episode of Glee on Thursday night (September 20) in Los Angeles.

The Glee co-stars, and real life couple, were joined on set by their cast mates Darren Criss and Chris Colfer. Lea seemed to be a bit sleepy – she let out a huge yawn between takes!

“Late night filming with @CoryMonteith @chriscolfer and @DarrenCriss!” she tweeted. “At the studio with @alxanders recording a really fun song for #glee episode 6:)” she added. Can’t wait to hear it!

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  • not rob

    Bahhhh my heart is breaking just by looking at the photos! Finn and Rachel, Kurt and Blaine breaking up at the same time. My two favorite couples on Glee!!!

  • rob

    Bahhhh my heart is breaking just by looking at the photos! Finn and Rachel, Kurt and Blaine breaking up at the same time. My two favorite couples on Glee!!!

  • Angel

    They are such a cute couple. This episode is draining and they comfort each other. Gotta suck having to do multiple break up scenes with your boyfriend. Lea and Cory are a beautiful hot couple

  • Linsey

    Ah this episode is going to bring all kinds of pain to me. I really hope they fix these two couples in the following episodes. Also really frustrating that we get Finn back for ONE episode (this one) where it’s so sad and then we have to wait another month for the next one to air. Not sure that’s so smart, Glee.

    I also really hope the writers have heard and pay attention to their audience with this Brody/third party thing with Finchel. No one is interested in that. There are better ways to stir up drama.

    These four are so perfect together! It’s be such a shame to see them miss out on that potential by ripping them apart for ratings. It’s going to do the exact opposite.

  • nikki

    I love Lea and Cory. Awesomely talented people make me happy. Damn it that Finn and Rachel are breaking up again. Argh. Don’t want to see that.

  • Maya

    I don’t want Finchel breaking up AGAIN! :( I want them together in NY.

  • Christine

    Please stop. My tears just dried up from the car scene last year and now I will need buckets. I cannot watch another breakup. Look at those pics. Gosh why are they doing this to Lea and Cory…. I need my finchel back on Glee.

  • Bryn

    I hate this episode already! Lea and Cory are so cute though!

  • Mafer

    They’re so dreammy together! but I know those scenes are gonna hurt so freaking much! without Finchel Glee looses the spark!

  • Daisy

    I really don’t want to watch this episode. Why are they doing this again? Wasn’t the season finale enough?! Cory and Lea are pretty cute together though.

  • ugh

    hooknose and dofus

  • Demia

    I understand that the writers want to turn things upside down a bit. I get that things have to be stirred up to keep the viewers interested. But i just can’t help it, it really really breaks my heart to know things will go downhill for Finn and Rachel.
    I just really need the writers to never forget the beauty in finchel. Their journey, their bond, the depth of their feelings for each other is amazing and so SO beautiful and it’s not worth ruining just to create drama.
    I’m not saying they have to make it all fluffy & happy & rainbows… i’m just saying, if they really want to go fir DRAMA, it has to be GOOD drama with longing and yearning and pretending to be fine but falling back to each other’s arms but growing through it all.
    I hope they don’t throw away one of the most wonderful storylines in this show (or on Tv to be honest) just to pair Finn and Rachel up with other people or something like that.

  • Sire

    I know that episode 4 is gonna be sad, but I can´t wait to see Finn again and enjoy the chemistry between Lea/Cory.
    Finchel Forever

  • http://dasdaswewewe Samanta

    I watch full glee episodes here

  • Lips

    Wow, Lea Michele’s got a nice pair of legs on her.