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LeAnn Rimes Performs for Save the Music After Treatment Program

LeAnn Rimes Performs for Save the Music After Treatment Program

LeAnn Rimes takes the stage at the VH1 Save The Music Foundation’s Songwriters Music Series concert held at the William Hill Winery on Thursday (September 20) in Napa, Calif.

This was one of the 30-year-old singer’s first appearances since checking herself into an in-patient treatment program for personal and emotional issues late last month.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“I’m excited to be performing at the Songwriters event presented by @raymondweil! Donate to @vh1savethemusic” LeAnn tweeted before the event about the charity.

FYI: LeAnn is wearing a Stella McCartney shirt, rag & bone jeans, and Michael Kors shoes.

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Credit: Steve Jennings; Photos: WireImage
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  • feliz

    and right back in the spotlight…way to go….

  • Emma

    where does she always get these ugly shoes??

  • kel

    You mean “tweetment” lol

  • Blackcat9

    Yep! She’s still ugly!

  • tsquared

    LOL treatment didn’t cure her twitter addiction did it?

  • gwen

    So Leann is back to famewhoring? Just Jared where have you been? This isn’t one of Leann’s first appearances since she went to the spa. She has been giving concerts since the first week of her treatment.
    Not at all surprising that Leann is back to famewhoring, she has an album/single to sell and of course she has to take Eddie and Lizzy on another vacation. Leann isn’t in rehab. Why maintain this lie when she has been giving back to back interviews since teh day she supposedly entered rehab and tweeting when she is supposed to be in rehab?

    Performed? More like Leann Rimes is once again using charity to benefit herself. You can always tell because after doing these charity functions, Leann now has money to pay sites like US Weekly and Just Jared to write fluffpieces like this. It’s a shame that Leann is abusing charity and rather than call her on it, the media keeps facilitating that lie. She has to make sure that every media outlet carries this story, so she shouldn’t be surprised when this all backfires.

  • sea

    “Treatment program for personal and emotional issues”. Someone can translate its meaning please? :)

  • Truth

    “Treatment program for personal and emotional issues” means cannot deal with the karma of stalking then marrying a serial cheater who’s been cheating on her their whole marriage and is now banging a couple different waitresses on her dime.

  • Patty

    If reports are correct, she spent a week in counseling because Eddie cheated on her, the another week in rehab because of substance problems, then another week due to an eating disorder, and still another week because of the stress caused by suing a woman she stalked on twitter who has six adopted disabled children. She makes Charley Sheen look normal.

  • Tami

    OMG! A charity event??????????? You GTBF kidding me. She’s filed a lawsuit against a SPECIAL NEEDS TEACHER. A million dollar bully beating down a middle class teacher.

  • gwen

    Leann is a fraud and this rehab thing is nothing more than a hoax. She is also tweeting like crazy, so the only thing rehab has done for her is to make the media afraid to call her out on her antics.

    These are the tweets that she made today:

    1) “I’m looking forward to hanging w/ my fans in Riverside,CA tonight. All the fam is coming & tons of friends. It’s one big party. Sure to be a special show. See you all soon!! ”

    Why was it necessary for her announce that Eddie, his parents, and Eddie’s kids were going to be at her concert? Does she honestly feel that this will once and for all convince people that Eddie isn’t cheating on her?

    So expect photos of Eddie’s kids to be plastered all over the internet and fluffpieces from JJ, x17, DM, ROL, Celebuzz, and People mag.

    2) “There’s a new post from me in the News section on xoxo”

    Of course there is a new post on her “Eddie isn’t cheating…” website. She has to maintain the site so that she has the funds to support Eddie and his affairs.

    3) “Happy bday to the sweetest man in the world @darrellbrown and to Eddie’s dad, the best father-in-law ever Carl!!!! Love them both so much”

    The same DB who said nasty things to Brandi on twitter? If Eddie’s father was the best father in low ever, how come she allows her fans to use his name to make posts on sites like US Weekly and People magazine?

    She is back to doing the very same thing that got her in trouble in the first place. Why does she have to involve Eddie’s parents in this? To convince us that her marriage isn’t over because she makes more passive aggressive tweets? And then her lawyer can’t understand why Leann gets so much backlash?

    4) And of course she is back to posting twitpics to show where and when she can be foudn for the day.

  • Kk

    Gwen! I mean Brandi …. She said Fam not Eddies parents and kids!!! Someone knows too much?!

  • gwen


    People know everything there is to know about Leann’s life because SHE is always putting it out there, so stop blaming everyone because Leann is a famewhore. When Leann says “fam” we all know that she is also talking about Brandi’s kids. We have how many tweets from Leann to prove this?

    KK? Who did you steal that name from? BTW, how do you know what Leann meant when she said fam? By your own logic that would mean that YOU know too much right? And you know too much because Leann is in contact with you!

  • betty

    @KK Leann has no real family except her mom and stepfather but we also know she calls Brandi kids HER family also.She hasn’t changed she couldn’t wait to get back on twitter and the net. Brandi show will be starting a new season in November and Leann still is trying to be relevant. JJ info is not correct this is her 2nd appearance since her so called rehab..

  • gwen

    Actually, this show is Leann’s 4th appearance since she entered “rehab”. The first 5 days of her “treatment”, she did THREE shows and she made sure that Celebuzz and People magazine wrote extensive fluffpieces about it. The 2nd week of her treatment, she did ONE show and she made sure that a fluffpiece was written about that as well. This is the 3rd week of “treatment” and once again she is making a publicity circus out of it. Why? Has she not learned anything from rehab? She is still on twitter giving TMI. Why did she feel the need to annouce that it was Eddie’s father’s birthday? She was even bold enough to say his name, once again trying to brag about how her life is sunshine and rainbows instead of dealing with the truth of Eddie’s affairs. Or that Brandi’s kids are going to attend her concert with Eddie and his parents?

    In these photos of Leann, it looks like she has had some work done to her face. So rehab=plastic surgery!

    Leann is always trying to prove something and in the end it just results in more backlash. I’m sure that while sites like this are writing fluffpieces for Leann, the public is going to be slamming her because this comes across as a publicity stunt.

  • Cat

    She needs to FIRE her stylist! She looks like they buy her clothes from the tween section of Sears and those shoes look like KMart. She is 30 now so she needs to start dressing like a woman not a little boy, I mean girl.

  • gwen

    Let the backlash begin, now Leann has paid The Dailymail to write a fluffpiece. You can always tell that Leann is being paid to do these charity events because the day afterwards she has enough money to pay ALL of her mouthpieces to write about the charity event. This is just more evidence that hurts Leann’s case and makes it obvious that her stay in “rehab” was just a publicity stunt to cover up Eddie’s affairs, scare the media into only writing nice things about her and Eddie and not write about Eddie’s affairs, and promote her music career which was suffering as a result of her poor choices. She should have just did the concert without making it all about her. So once again a charity event gets turned into the Leann Rimes show.

  • Mary

    Is she really suing someone who adopted 4 special needs children? Does LeAnn need the money that bad? I doubt it.

  • Liz

    When did the charity event hire the skinny monkey for the show??

  • Amejean

    She definitely got hit with the Ugly Stick hard!. But that Brandi Glanville chick is Super Hot HOT HOT!

  • Kk

    Brandi Super Hot!!! Haha….@Amejean…Go take care of you two little boys! With all your new found money

  • Kk

    You guys all suck!! Brandi is crazy and looks like a man!! Go stalk someone worthy..

  • gwen


    And Leann had the nerve to whine about how she was the one being cyberbullied. Leann has a lawsuit, your posts are going to be used to show just how Leann encourages her fans to stalk and harass Brandi when she isn’t getting positive feedback.

    Eddie thinks that Leann, DB, and her parents all suck and that Leann is crazy and looks like a man!! Eddie also feels that Leann should go stalk someone worthy…like the producers of The Voice. Eddie also thinks that Leann needs to go take care of you her two little stepboys! With all her new found money that she is spending on paying JJ and DM to write these fluffpieces.

    Why are you even surprised by the fact that this pr stunt is not getting favorable responses? The more and more media outlets who post about this, the more and more backlash Leann is going to get. When she releases the staged photo-ops from today’s concert, it’s going to be even worse for her.

  • Mich

    I can’t think of anyone more pathetic that Leann Rimes. So glad Brandi has risen so far above this crap. Between Ed buying his mistresses Tiffany gifts, stupid lawsuits, and paying off tabloids, wewe is gonna run out of money soon. And $5 admissions at county fairs for her shows don’t bring home much bacon!

  • Marsha

    Brandi has risen so far? To D list status on a reality show. Industry laughs at those freaks

  • betty

    Well , what is Eddie and Leann doing?

  • Terrence

    Yo with four special needs kids at home who has time for BB club? Kim did!

  • Marsha

    Eddie will be on Hot in Cleveland and Le will be releasing best music of her career on next CD. Brandi will act slutty and trashy for viewers again!

  • Steph

    i find it so sad that leann is releasing more ‘exclusive photos’ of jake and mason to her SSC club. so now she’s getting her fans to pay money to check out photos of brandi’s and eddie’s children??? wow. just wow.

  • gwen


    Hi KK,

    Leann whines about how her privacy was invaded, yet she has photos of Brandi’s kids on the site she is using to promote her album and concerts. And Eddie claimed that he had a problem with his kids being exposed to ANY TYPE of public exposure. So how does Leann’s lawyer plan to deal with Leann’s hypocrisy? Brandi should sue Leann for invading her kids privacy.

    So you are still going to keep trashing Brandi? And this helps Leann’s case how? Considering how Leann contacted just about every media outlet concerning the concert she did on Thursday, has sent you here to trash Brandi, and the fact that Leann is about to bombard the internet with “Eddie isn’t cheating because…” staged photo-ops, it’s Leann who is acting ***** and trashy for her viewers again!

    Of course Eddie will be on “Hot in Cleveland”, it was one of the conditions Leann had to fulfill in order to get Eddie and his parents to appear in the staged photo-op she has planned for today. BTW, did you see the comments about Eddie being on that show? No one likes Eddie or Leann. And the show is airing in November, so Eddie is trying to compete with RHOBH and Brandi.

    Eddie and Leann are considered D List. Remember what Fox news stated about Leann and her staged photo-ops? That only C and D listers set up staged photo-ops everday. Isn’t Leann friends with Kim K who has a reality tv show? So once again you have a problem. If industry laughs at people who are on reality tv, then by your logic people are laughing at Leann. Leann even did promos for Oxygen who has a lot of reality tv shows. And let’s not forget Leann tweets to Tori, who has what? A reality tv show. You are just upset because everyone is laughing at Leann because while her mouthpieces are cranking out these fluffpieces, she is getting slammed and having a even harder time trying to sell out her concerts.

  • Kk

    Brandi and Leann both need to F$$$ off!!!!

  • Kk

    I’m screwing Eddie!! And loving those dimples between my $$$$’s

  • Darlene

    Le’s lawyer is suing for 2 party consent law and putting tape on line. It’s illegal Gwennie. Good things come to those who break law.

  • Darlene

    BBs so dumb law suit for illegally recording and distribution on internet. Get them Le as they worry about cyberbulling haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Brilliant Brandi didnt get it either!

  • Lisette

    Did you hear?? BB BB BB Enty lawyer is a will & probate guy. haahahaha
    New York Post did story on him. Fraud! “will you be my lawyer Enty” Kristi dumber then squirrel turd!

  • gwen


    Hi KK/Gwensucks!

    Human trafficking is also illegal and that is exactly what Leann is doing by posting the photos of Brandi’s kids onto a website that she is using to promote her album and her concerts. So then by your logic Leann is breaking the law and good things will not come to her as a result of how she is exploiting those kids.

    Brandi has asked Leann to stop posting photos of her kids to her blog and to twitter. Leann does it anyway. Now when looking at Leann’s case, a judge is going to have to address this issue. How can Leann scream about her privacy being invaded when she invades the privacy of two little boys everyday after their own father told courts that he didn’t want his kids to be exposed to ANY TYPE of public exposure and after their mother told Leann to stop putting photos of her kids on public forums?

    Why are you going nuts tonight? Did Leann catch Eddie sleeping with another woman at her concert? Or is Leann upset because Eddie wouldn’t attend the concert unless Lizzy was allowed to go along and she got him another acting gig?

  • betty

    Leann has not changed a bit and that stint in hiding was not rehab.and the only person she’s fooling is herself. Staging photos does not prove Eddie isn’t cheating .Releasing photos of Brandi kids to that hand full of fans on her website won’t help her album either. That lawsuit if it goes to trial will destroy the little career she has. Glad to hear Eddie working for a change. People that go for help don’t engage in the same behavior that caused them to go there in the first place. Leann rehab was a ruse. Bash Brandi all you like Brandi is on a roll and not looking back. She has too much to look forward to and could care less about Eddie and Leann problems or drama.

  • Kk

    @Gwen i don’t know … Should I go out on a date if I’m already Sleeping with Eddie? Haha. You guys are so pathetic ..

  • Anna

    I bet she said she “went” to rehab to make herself feel relevant in the media again. Bullshit emotional and personal issues treatment only lasts a week or two, because she performed like two weeks after she announced she was going to rehab. Hey LeAnn, no one will ever care about you so stop making yourself look relevant.

  • gwen

    @Leann’s twitter buddy(aka Darlene/lisette)

    Speaking of cyberbullying, doesn’t KK/darlene/lisette understand that his posts can be used against Leann? Leann posts the links to this site to her twitter page and she sends people who she tweets with here to make posts, so she is going to have to explain why she continues to tweet with certain people knowing what they are posting here about Brandi and the BBs.

    “Lisette” , The New York Post article was written in April, so if you thought that CDAN was a fraud, why then were you still posting on that site long after April? Also you do you understand what this does to Leann’s lawsuit considering the disclaimer on that site? You keep thinking that you are helping Leann, yet in the end you just hurt her case even more.

  • betty

    @Darlene If it was a 2 party consent why did Leann put it on speakerphone that negated the two party consent. It will be interesting to see how that law plays in this case.In any case never underestimate your opponent because you don’t know what evidence they have against you. Regardless of what type of lawyer he is you don’t what associations he has with lawyers experienced in that field. You people need to enter into the REAL world instead of Leann world. If this goes to trial Leann will not come out of it unscathed. Her medicals records and other things about her will be revealed. Be aware if won’t be a slam dunk regardless whose representing Leann.

  • gwen



    Eddie said to Leann, “Should he go out on a date with another woman if he is married to Leann?”

    Or does Eddie want to know if it’s proper etiquette to remove his wedding ring when he sleeping with Lizzy? That’s sad that Eddie wouldn’t go to the concert unless Lizzy went along as well. Eddie and Lizzy act more like husband and wife than Eddie and Leann.

    What’s pathetic is the fact that you came here trashing Brandi and you keep coming back to trash Brandi knowing that Leann has a lawsuit claiming that she was cyberbullied. What is pathetic is that Leann resorts to sending you here to trash Brandi when she doesn’t get a positive feedback on her pr stunts. Good luck with that lawsuit!

  • Kk

    Thanks Brandi… Of to Vegas!!!

  • Kk

    Thanks Brandi… Of to Vegas!!!

  • Lisette

    Betty and Gwen = funny funny!

  • Kk

    Oops forgot an F!!!

  • Garth

    Yikes! People really seem to hate LeAnn. I saw her singing live and you can’t take that away from her – she can still sing and it was really nice to hear such a great voice:)

  • gwen


    Flaws with Leann’s case:

    1) Leann allowed her fans to listen to Brandi’s voicemails to Eddie without Brandi’s consent. Leann can face penalities for this.

    2) “But, conversations that occur at any public gathering where one
    could expect to be overheard, including any legislative, judicial or
    executive proceeding open to the public, are not covered by the statute.
    For example, when a television network used a hidden camera to
    videotape a conversation that took place at a business lunch meeting
    on a crowded outdoor patio of a public restaurant, the conduct did not
    violate the Penal Code’s prohibition against eavesdropping because
    it was not a “confidential communication.” Wilkins v. NBC, Inc., 71
    Cal. App. 4th 1066 (Cal. Ct. App. 1999).”

    -Can We Tape:Recorders Committee for Freedom of the Press

  • gwen

    Why is Leann’s twitter BFF freaking out?

    @KK: Eddie is off to Vegas with Lizzy? No wonder Leann sent you here.

    @Garth: You are astroturfing again! That concert must have had a very low turnout.

    @Lisette: Leann, AMEJEAN, Ginger, DRP2u=funny, funny!

  • Kk

    Gwen u live in Vegas!!!