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Bradley Cooper Leaves Zoe Saldana's House in the Morning

Bradley Cooper Leaves Zoe Saldana's House in the Morning

Zoe Saldana watches as her rumored boyfriend Bradley Cooper leaves her house on Saturday morning (September 22) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actor, who reportedly stayed the night at Zoe‘s house, sported a short ponytail as he made his way to tennis practice in Studio City, Calif.

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Zoe and Bradley were in a short-lived relationship earlier this year, but it seems the Words co-stars have rekindled their flame.

30+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper leaving Zoe Saldana‘s house…

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bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 01
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 02
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 03
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 04
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 05
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 06
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 07
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 08
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 09
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 10
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 11
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 12
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 13
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 14
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 15
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 16
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 17
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 18
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 19
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 20
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 21
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 22
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 23
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 24
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 25
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 26
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 27
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 28
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 29
bradley cooper leaves zoe saldana house 30

Photos: BauerGriffinOnline (, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • CHO

    I thought they broke up…just from the recent movie promos they had to do. The news comments. Maybe I was mistaken.

  • menna

    Doing the walk of shame…

  • anabelle

    I believe they never broke up in the first place.


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    Try thinking, best yet visually picturing in your mind something absolutely crazy as you possibly can when you are around Asians, and try looking for Asians who give people particular looks, especially dirty looks for what appears to be for completely no reason.
    I know this may sound crazy, impossible and unbelievable, BUT IT ISN’T CRAZY WHEN IT’S TRUE
    Its all true, Asians actually can read minds, ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SPREAD THE WORD SO THE WORLD CAN FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steph

    I like them together

  • katie

    Stalking photos

  • Anna

    These two make a cute couple.

  • Joshua Young

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  • Mary

    Looks like she’s more into him :-( . They look very cute together though.

  • Pet

    LOL loved these staged romances

  • kjb

    She looks like crap! 0.o & I’m not saying that because I like Bradley, I think he’s ugly too.

  • sweetness

    That can’t be her, that looks like some haggard old mom. I was one of 10 people who sat in the theater to watch that film of theirs The was so lame….maybe they both needed comfort each other to figure out why they made that lousy film.

  • Amy

    They make a really cute couple.

  • toni

    Came in to state the same thing. He’s caught doing the walk of shame.

  • blunt talker

    His career seems to be picking up steam. I really hope he knows what he is doing. The reviews for “Silver Linings” appear to be very positive. He needs to move on and concentrate on his career.

  • Cindy

    They make a cute couple.

  • Billie

    What is Bradley doing with her. C’mon , there’s alot of women out there more suitable for him, whether in showbiz or not. What a waste! Just saying….

  • Rea

    I think he’s in good hands with Zoe, she’s very talented and humble person. If he’s looking for a stable relationship that would last, she’s the right one…They make a cute couple!! It would be a multiracial relationship very cute…..They both are not so good looking but very down to earth and talented…

  • TonyaD

    @Billie: More suitable in what way?

  • kora

    Although I like them together as a couple, I think these pics are a bit too stalker-ish…

  • mrst

    they are great together. I can’t wait to see the words tomorrow. I’m glad he isn’t going for the typical girl that some people seem to think he should be into and his career is in cruise control so he should be able to date and have fun with who and whenever he wants…=)

  • Peg

    Zoe is a beautiful woman and Bradley is a gorgeous man. Together they are perfect.


    exes are exes for a reason….wont last long

  • coco

    Wow, she looks awful without makeup…. Come on people, she’s unrecognizable!!! I would have never had said she was Zoe Saldana if it wasn’t written… Love is really blind!!

  • choose

    Just come out of the closet, Bradley.

  • Iris

    I honestly don’t get the big deal about this guy

  • jess

    Yey! I always said they never split up in the first place, they make a nice, normal couple. Hope they last.

  • jess

    Yey! I always said they never split up in the first place, they make a nice, normal couple. Hope they last.

  • Juicy Lucy

    Their relationship is more friends with benefits rather than a couple going steady.

  • Nancy

    He’s so freakin hot! She’s one lucky lady.

  • blunt talker

    My problem is this lovefest is happening at the same time there’s clamor about Zoe playing Nina Simone. Zoe is now saying she’s a victim of reverse discrimination. The only discrimination I see is towards Nina’s family. Zoe and others involved in this movie project are telling Nina’s family that they don’t know what Nina looks like. They are telling Nina’s family we know Nina’s life story better than her own family. They are making a movie based a lie. Nina having a love affair with her gay caregiver who worked for her. Zoe’s integerity and fairness in playing characters accurately is in question. To deliberately slander and hurt a person’s family in the name of art is an awful thing to do. Some people are not as professional as they seem.

  • Pumicelone

    @blunt talker: I totally agree with you. Regardless. This all seems incredibly weird. Zoe’s constant talk as if the Caucasian people are her saviors. If any of you can find past blogs of her’s online. She didn’t even allow her bed to get cold before inviting Bradley in it. Strongly suggesting an affair. So therefore, a long term relationship to Zoe means nothing. Shame on both of them. Plus, in all of her interviews now, she constantly speaks of wanting to badly get pregnant. She is vulgar, with out a shred of self-respect. Bradley looks stupid and desperate. I feel so bad for his mother Gloria. I am sure she raised him better than that. This looks like a set up. All of a sudden, there are photos of them together. He threw his mother under the bus earlier, allowing Zoe to disrespect her in full view of cameras and the world. Having his mother walk 10 feet behind her like an unwanted step-child, and looking over her shoulder while keeping a definite large gap between them whenever Gloria spoke. Then completely ignoring his mother. I know people who have worked with Zoe on movie sets, they claim she turns her nose up to people of color, and is pretty nasty. Zoe talks of her sex life, favorite sex positions, and now wanting to desperately get pregnant. She can’t act, so why not be a bad house wife and mother. This looks disgusting. My stomach hurts.

  • Selena

    I think Zoe is gorgeous, if she wants to spend a little fun time with this man, I hope she does.

  • Vane


    You´re right. these “sex nights” can cost expensive to Bradley ………
    Saldana joking and laughs the last interview in a program she said she “would not mind getting pregnant on purpose with any man (victim) ” …. good way to catch a man for her (gross and rude) …. this may bring more problems to Bradley (look at the box office of his two latest movies) “The words” fell because of this alleged relationship.

  • Johnson


    Actually that’s what I think too. I think they just wanted people out of their business but now they are going public. Why now is the question I have? AND I’m sure it’s not because of the movie. They both are doing a ton of work and don’t need to use each other for PR at all.

  • Dreamtime Alice

    I don’t care if they are dating. My problem is with Bradley denying the fact that they are a couple. if he was so proud to have her for a GF, why not mention that to Howard Stern when asked if he was dating anyone. One one hand, I think being named the sexiest man alive (lol) has gone straight to his head and Zoe is just another notch under his belt that is feeding his ego for the time being. On the other hand, he seems to be ashamed to be photographed together. If Bradley was so in love with her, man up and admit it to the world. IMO, I think he does have strong feelings for her but I also think that going public with Zoe will not bode well for his career.

  • Dreamtime Alice

    I forgot to say, I don’t think they planned to go public with their relationship but now that the cat has been let out of the bag, they have little choice to go on the record and say that they are indeed dating.

  • Johnson

    @Dreamtime Alice: I don’t find the fact that they have stated nothing in public is so unusual. They are both celebrities and wanting to have privacy makes sense. I’m sure they both want things to work at their own pace and if it doesn’t work out, why have the details all over the internet which it already has. There are many couples that do the same thing…Beyance and Jay-Z comes to mind and there’s not race or anything else behind that, just wanting privacy.

    Celeb couples come out together in many different ways. They don’t always walk the red carpet together holding hands. Believe me if they didn’t want to be seen together they wouldn’t, simple at that. Many times they are seen together walking or shopping together then a few months later they are either seen “publically” together or one of the either or both state in a interview that they are seeing each other. But for a while they keep it under wraps so tight no one has any idea they are together.

    As I stated before I think they have been together since November 2011 and never stopped seeming each other. Bradley doesn’t seem the type to be alone for this long (btw March 2012 and Septemer 2012) unless he is seeing someone or wants to be with someone and can’t. He dated several women btw Renee and Zoe but none btw March and Septemer 2012? Again I think they knew actually what they were doing.

  • pumicelone

    I have been by Zoe’s house. A neighbor work’s with me. No wrought iron fence or gates anywhere. House is very small and high on a hill. This was not her house in the photos above. Why would any celebrity allow such a disgusting display of a fake sleep over? This is definitely a publicity stunt. Disgusting one, but a stunt all the same.

  • Justine

    What if he is already out of the closet and Zoe knows he swings both ways and is okay with it. Not like it’s impossible!