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Tom Cruise: Joyful at The Ivy!

Tom Cruise: Joyful at The Ivy!

Tom Cruise is all smiles as he steps out of The Ivy restaurant on Saturday evening (September 22) in London, England.

Lee Child, the author of the book Tom‘s upcoming film One Shot is based on, recently talked to Empire magazine about the man bringing his character to life.

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“I had every faith that Tom understood the character,” Lee said. He continues, “And I don’t just mean that he’d read the book, but that he understood the character in the very gut-level way.”

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  • Hoe

    Partying with Tom..

  • nancy

    Ugly and liar.


  • Sarah

    Oh look, another deadbeat dad who thinks providing money is what makes a father. I’m sorry but not seeing your own child for a month? That is bullsh!t.

  • http://firty yesgirl

    Tom is my life

  • Tommy boy Smile

    See he has NO PROBLEM with his divorce just like Kqtie he goes out
    Late at night .! I did not know that it was winter scarf and leather jacket!

    Just because he is not involved with Scientology or talked about it. Kirstie
    Alley should be victimized since she is still with Scientology talks about it.

    Why would he have a problem with the Lee Childs movie why would he Tom makes millions before the divorce and now after! So get over it.

  • handsome

    so hot and young!

  • Hamlet

    I don’t think you know enough to be commenting, #3

  • Sarah

    @Hamlet: I know that he has not seen his child for over a month. That has been admitted. And that is all I need to know. A child with his resources can see his child. Even if he’s working constantly he has his own private plane. Even to fly there for 1 day. Money and phone calls are not enough for a 6 year old. No excuse matters.

  • Peapo


    Well you better get a new life. His is mighty weird.

    Many actors and actresses ( and other performers ) make it a rule not to be away from their kids no longer than a week ( I know B&A, Gwen stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin to name a few off the top of my head). I big old’ Mr. Powerful ( sarcastic) Himself, Mr. Tom Cruise wanted to see Suri, nothing could get in the way. He’s got a few private planes, a helicopter, he has no excuse. His people say he talks to her on the phone every day, but that dousn’t matter to a child. Plus I don’t think he is even working. He is alway socializing in England. Oh well, that’s my rant. Go visit our daughter Mr. Cruise.

  • DB

    Too bad he couldn’t take a flight to New York to spend some time with his daughter.

    I hope he slows his schedule down some after he meets all the commitments he made prior to the divorce, because these are key years in Suri’s development. It would be nice if he could be there for them.

    If he has one obvious fault, it may be that he is a workaholic. That’s not a good trait for a loving, involved father to have, imo.


    hes gay

  • handsome


    I believe he had his own schedule for his kids, not only suri. And he is always a great father.
    His love and time for his kids need not to be showed for the public like what Ms katie do.

  • rOOO

    Creepy as hell dude, why do people still give him a job?

  • DB

    @handsome: I absolutely agree with you that it’s better to keep the kids out of the limelight. It’s pretty pathetic that Katie keeps pushing that poor girl out there in front of the paps like she does. Especially since the kid seems so shaken each time she’s forced to face the flashes of the cameras. I hope Tom never does that sort of thing. He’d be just as bad of a parent if he did.

  • Val

    Why is everyone saying that Katie’s a better parent? She’s out with Suri almost every single night, followed by countless paparazzi. That’s a pathetic call for attention, not good parenting.

  • Earthling

    It goes to show that Tom cares more about Scientology and his career than his own daughter. Being a “workaholic” isn’t admirable when a) you’re missing out on the formative years of your child’s life and b) when you are wealthy enough to afford taking long breaks from work. I’m glad he isn’t around, to be honest. What does he have to offer aside from money and cult indoctrination? “Family man”, my a$$.

    Tom pushed Suri out in front of the paps as much as Katie did/does. They’re both guilty of using her.

  • krix

    Oh, there are some deadbeat dad’s out here alright, but Tom doesn’t sound like one of them.
    Avoiding paying child support, keeping commitments, or taking responsibility is what I would constitute a “deadbeat dad”.
    Considering this is only month 3 since he was presented with divorce papers and only one month since the divorce was finalized I think labeling him as a deadbeat dad is very presumptuous and premature.
    No matter what Tom Cruise does (outside of leaving Scientology) he will have people with an excessively critical point of view of what he does or does not do.
    Previously, as has been reported in media, Katie and Suri would travel to the set of Tom’s movies (and he would do the same with Katie’s films). Things have changed and adjustments will have to be made.
    Being a father seems to be a top priority in Tom’s life
    Tom Cruise quote:

    “I’ll never ‘say I’m gonna do something and then not do it.’”
    “You hope you were more right than you were wrong. But you just want to feel like you gave it your all”
    I think Tom will figure it out, how to adjust and maintain his relationship with Suri and reassure her that “my world is gonna stop for you”.

  • anonymous

    I’m wondering if Tom just doesn’t know what to do with Suri at this point, how to amuse a six year old kid, when you fly in once in a while. It’s weird and kind of sad when some say, “Oh well, they can skype.” Putting a little hand on a hard computer screen is not exactly the same as being there in person and being together. Workaholics don’t really make the best of fathers.

  • Sincerely concerned

    It it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’ T.C. Sorry, just that one interview with Matt Laur tells me that he has his head so far up his ass, he needs to have a big nose to scrape through all that &hi@t. Why so mean? because to many people sat by and watched it happen. Fine, go act, party it up: but don’t tell me he’s marriage material I.e. good father material. C’mon. Do I have to spell it out? John Travolta and his sexual perversion. Kirstie Ally, a fat f&$?k. Scientology doesn’t do it for me. My god have you googled recent pictures of Bella Cruise and her beau. Her poor biological mother would either be rolling in her grave right now or shooting up an xtra shot of get me out of here. And Connor. And what can I say about Connor, cocky little $@&?%#. And Katie wants to be mom to that s$&@t.

    There’s a cancer growing and it’s called Tom Cruise. (I do believe his astrological sign is a cancer …mmmm). Not that I’m one of those. ….BBBUT. Jeeeez How many ways must it be spelled out.

  • Sincerely concerned

    If he wants to be a good dad; he should start a recovery group of instead of AA, SA and go back and make retribution. I don’t know,,,, is that step 9? Hence the sarcasm. …..but SERIOUSLY And if Katie takes him back, she’s not the person I thought she was!!!!

  • Maya

    Tom is a red head now???

  • Sincerely concerned

    @DB: You MUST be a plant. …. Dumb Broad (DB)

  • Sincerely concerned

    @handsome: You would be one of those that sits by and says, “oh what a good dad and provider,” as he has a manage et trois with Travolta and Christie Ally. …’Oh! But he does it so well’ ” And people wonder how Hitler obtained so much power… Too many mind numb nuckle-heads and his inner circle? What can I say? His ao must be at least 6-8″ in diameter by now. I mean; with a mother like bobble head Merry Mary Kay – no direction. People do your research before you praise someone. Although far fetched, would not be surprised if he is a “predator” …just sad Do not trust the guy. I.e. ” there is something rotten in Denmark”.

  • Sincerely concerned

    I bet he’s a paranoid little s$&@t.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @krix: Same goes for you as I said to Handsome,#12.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Go Kate!!!! Dare to dream!!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @krix: Eyes wide shut????

  • tSquared


    I don’t care for Tom or Katie, but she is not out every night with Suri. You can check the Loving Katie Holmes site on Facebook. They publish every picture of Katie/Suri that is available.

    Secondly, why would you consider Tom the better parent? This is a man who actively supported his cult in making Nicole Kidman a suppressive person so that the kids that she loved and nurtured turned away from her. They were told their mother was a suppressive and a sociopath. Tom did NOTHING to correct it. Nicole and Tom, if you want to speak of his parenting, traded off movies when they were married. So one of them was with the kids at all times either at home or on set. If I may point out, Tom and Katie did not do this. Bella and Connor seem like fairly well-adjusted young people, but I think a lot of that was due to Nicole’s influence before she was no longer welcome in their lives. She had them for a couple of years after the divorce until they wanted to settle in LA. I’m sure she never thought in her wildest imaginings that Tom would turn them against her.

    Tom has unceremoniously dumped every woman he has been with–Mimi (divorced her for Nicole), Nicole, Penelope etc. Katie dumped him.

    Karma is a bit-ch isn’t it Tom.


  • Sincerely concerned

    After reading all my comments, one would think. Boy, she’s neurotic. BBBUT , then that’s how all those Jerry Sandusky’s get away with it. I mean, 3 marriages end abruptly with NNNOO explanation. Better to err on the side of caution.

  • Sincerely concerned

    I really hope I’m wrong. I don’t wish bad on anyone.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Val: So she should be held captive in her apt? All you’re seeing is isolated moments as they stalk her.

  • pr person

    Ewww…… Thats all.. Just EWWWWWW!

  • GetALIFE

    Another man punishing his ex wife at the expense of his daughter. Sick!

  • GetALIFE

    @Val: yes she with her daughter every night and day, duh, who’s the better parent? Katie.

  • Hamlet

    He hasn’t seen her in weeks because he’s busy with an important project, has two other kids and his daughter is just starting school, #8.

    Of course he wants to see her but he has a demanding schedule and his daughter is getting adjusted to a new home and school, #9.

    He’s was actually one of the least prolific movie stars in Hollywood, #10. He still is (but to a lesser extent.)

    How can ANYONE use a child that does nothing, #16? What does Sceintology have to do with anything?

    Right, #17.

    He’s raised two good kids so far, #18. I wouldn’t worry about it.

    You’re a moron, #19.

    All that Scientology-related drivel never happened, #28.

    What are you talking about, #33?

    She has physical custody now, #34.

  • tSquared


    Hamlet you are such a blind sycophant when it comes to Cruise and Holmes. Marty Rathbun, Nicole’s auditor, and two other top ex-Cult members have come out and SAID that Bella and Connor were taught that Nicole was a suppressive and a sociopath. AND THAT TOM KNEW. Put your reading glasses on and read the Vanity Fair article–it quotes people and backs up the statement as does each of these individuals in other sources. Of course that would require you to be able to read more than a first grade book. You need to be able to read big words. And you need to read with an open mind. You lack an open mind when it comes to Tom and the cult because you are a Xenu follower. Too bad..

  • tSquared


    Oh yes Hammie. It has been six weeks since Tom has seen her. These pics are from a Friday night partying. Gee, he couldn’t get his jet fueled and make a quick trip into Manhattan to see Suri? If this was Nicole you’d be all over her like white on rice Mister! You are such a huge huge huge hypocrite. Maybe you should go thru a cult debriefing because your devotion to scientology has fried your brain cells.

  • Xiolablu

    @Hamlet: Tom should hire you to be his publicist. Hahaha

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sarah: You’re over looking the obvious here….. suri is now a SP. wacky ehhhhh??? Let’s see who he chooses now. I see a real movie coming out of this. Cast: Christian Bale or the guy from Burn Notice or one of the guys from The Big Bang Theory plays Tom (is it a drama or comedy?) Pheona (from Burn Notice); J.Lo (she did a good job on Enough”) or Maggie Guillinhal for KH, Sheldon (fom the big bang theory). For Katie’s dad. Merl Streep for either of their mom’s. N.K. For N.K. Will Ferrel for miscavige (than you won’t know if it’s a comedy or a drama). The rest (including Suri from age 1 to present) I leave open for any takers…

  • Sincerely concerned

    Wallowitz (from The Big Bang Theory) for Tom Cruise!!!!! Sorry people, but sometimes it’s so pathetic/sad that you have to laugh….

  • Sincerely concerned

    Almost to easy now!! Red hair???? He’s a flamed,, it’s like taking candy from a child. And Katie. A good catholic girl?? Shame shame. I do believe she made a deal with the devol!!! No wonder she couldn’t send her dtr. To a catholic school…

  • susan kuby stassi

    so tom you are seeing someone now? that’s up to you. but you should enjoy your freedom don’t get in a rut. and if that picture of that unknown women is it well tom you could still find someone better. But take your time this time around enjoy the freedom!! susan stassi,

  • Sincerely concerned

    For someone who was so self rightious to Matt Lauer, and the tape of him about how great Scientology is. Hopefully he is entering the sweet land of vindication.

  • estrella

    I wanna go party with Tom Cruise anytime!! :)) <3

  • Victoria

    @estrella: Hahaha i knew it you were gonna post something….. i know you soo well girl amyways i love you and tom cruise

  • New Day Break, a fan

    Tom & Nicole’s children are adults and were grown ups when they chose to live with their dad, nothing to it. They still love their mom, Nicole. Most divorced children chose to live with one or the other parent maybe because they will live in the same house or have the same school, friends etc and does not mean children are coerced by a religion or cult. Suri is nothing to TC, but a product of Katie who is no longer in the picture. End of story and he moves on. Best of luck to all the children and Tom who were slapped by Katie’s divorce maneuver. Tom is very kind and loved by his family deeply and all of those who knows him. He loves his children. Suri is not his so I am not surprised he is ending his ties to the child and give the real dad the opportunity to step up to the plate.

    Tom is sterile. Suri looks just like Josh so quit your babbling. If Tom was able to produce, he would have made many children with all the willing women he had. His wife Nicole would have been very happy too with an army of children running around in their big house.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Old Balls: Katie woke up one morming and said to herself, “WTF!”.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Old Balls: Katie’s woke up one morning and said to herself, “WTF!”.

  • JZ

    @Sarah: so judgmental of someones elses life that you don’t even know. Just swallowing all the gossip like a good little robot.

  • Sincerely concerned


    How about facts than: 50??? Collagen tissue decreased drastically. Double the estrogen and half the testosterone. ….Old Balls!

    No doubt, the next young bride will be in it for the$$$! Best to marry someone close to his age or not marry!!!!

    He always like those trophy wives…