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Alexander Skarsgard - HBO's Emmys After Party!

Alexander Skarsgard - HBO's Emmys After Party!

Alexander Skarsgard suits up for HBO’s After Party following the 2012 Emmy Awards at the Pacific Design Center on Sunday (September 23) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 36-year-old True Blood actor was joined at the event by Kate Walsh, Chloe Sevigny, Bridesmaids actress Ellie Kemper, and Lucy Liu, in an Atelier Versace gown, Ofira jewelry, and a Jimmy Choo bag and shoes.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

The night before, Alexander was spotted all smiles leaving the Chateau Marmont after a night out at the celeb hot spot.

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard and others at the HBO After Party

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Credit: Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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# 1

Holy shiny forehead! Get some blotting papers.

# 2

Male escort,Unemployed,Serial dater,boring,crap,overrated, partier and heavy booze swigger

Signing off

# 3

Male escort,Unemployed,Serial dater,boring,crap,overrated, partier and heavy booze swigger

Signing off

# 4

Good that he have a blast :) Alex looks great in this suit, happy aand relaxed :)

# 5

@Irene: Took a while to sign off, didn’t you?

How exactly can one be, at the same time, both a male escort AND unemployed? Aside from the rather pesky fact that he’s not actually unemployed, TV series and movies as proof of that?

# 6

@Canuck: You’re asking a troll to be logical? :)

# 7


I Thought male escort was still employment and then unemployed? He has a tv show tb Mmmm you don’t make sense
I am assuming your some mangy or Moyer fan ?

# 8

@No sense: Not necessarily, we do get trolls just to troll, not because of someone else on TB.

# 9

Whatever little trolls… He can escort me anytime… :p

somali girl @ 09/24/2012 at 9:21 am

He looks like the guy from ***** eye for the straight guy.

Bumblebee @ 09/24/2012 at 9:26 am

A man with limited wardrobe but unlimited sexiness! I love his tie, i think he wore it for the premiere of Battleship.

Does anyone think the HBO background is too distracting. Looks like some background from some Bollywood dance show! In a colourful, Indian design way !

@ladybug: Oh yes, silly me!

He really looks great in grey !!! love him !!!

@Bumblebee: The suit he’s worn before as well. At least it fits him.

And yes, the background is waaay too distracting, not a good color/pattern to be the backdrop of RC photos.

Glad he got to go to one of the parties. He looks great. Those non stop restaurant sightings in LA are doing him good. Looks like he’s packing some weight back on.

What women? @ 09/24/2012 at 11:09 am

I really don’t see any women leaving with Alex, she could be just someone leaving at the same time as them? Alex is at an industry event potential casting directors, producers I really don’t think he will be flirting the night away when he wants to get some name recognition.

Unless I see a video of that women i can bearly see behind Bjorne getting to the car.
To me Alex clearly arrived at left with Bjorne and only Bjorne, but that doesn’t mean Alex isnt getting his bed warm at night by some lucky women .

To me it looks like Alicia V.

I don’t see how anyone could possibly tell who that is. You can barely see anything, just the tip of an eyebrow. I love how any women in a 5 foot radius is automatically connected to him. It’s a party, there are people everywhere. Maybe she was with them, and maybe she was just a random party goer leaving the building.

You guys have to stop. Alex and Bjorne went to an industry function where actors meet and mingle with directors, producers, writers and such, that is why they go and becaue a woman left at the same time, that is it, they are his date. My goodness, @Susie all you see is not even a complete eye and you say it is Alicia V, that is truly ridiculous.
It could also be Bjorne’s wife Lisa, since she is directly behind him.
There is absolutely no way to tell.
I think he amazing in grey and blue, oh who I am kidding the man is just the most gorgeous thing on this planet, no matter what he has on.

@Pic: LOL! Bjorne, that name makes me ROFL every time I hear it! Wonder if a lot of Swedes are named Bjorne. Would be hilarious! :D

Alex again!Too much for my ovaries to handle! <3

@Lana: It means bear, and it’s also part of the name of Alex’s newest brother.

@Macy, what you can’t tell that’s it’s Alica from that pic! :)

5 feet radius, more like 10,20, 30, 40. Some commenters just can’t help themselves.

I love him in gray, or anything really.


Lots of Swedes are named Bjorn actually, without ‘e’ at the end.

Stellan named his new son Kolbjörn/Kålbjörn which means Coal Bear/Cabbage Bear in English. I mean, seriously, what was he thinking?? That poor kid! It could actually be the worst name ever. I’m Swedish and I’ve never heard of that name before. I can’t believe that Stellan’s wife, who is Irish, could think that Kolbjörn (LOL!!) was a good name. *smh*

DailyNightly @ 09/24/2012 at 5:36 pm

I read that the name meant “black bear”.

No, it doesn’t mean black bear. Black bear in Swedish is “Svart Björn”.
Someone just told me that Kolbjörn is an old Viking name. That is kinda cool but it’s still a horrible name, lol.

LOL no kidding. Poor guy must get so tired of the constant speculation.

Aww, poor little Cabbage. LOL!

True Blood stud Alexander Skarsgård hung out with costar Lucy Griffiths and Newsroom hottie Olivia Munn early in the night, but did some solo laps around bash towards the end of the party.

@e online:
Isn’t Olivia Munn dating Alex’s friend Joel Kinnaman?

@e online: Almost posted this, waiting to see how long it takes for some to start the LG rumor stuff again.

@Pippi: Yes she is. JK is now filming in Toronto (?) and couldn’t make it.

Joel is also the brother of Alex’ ex-girlfriend Amelia Glas Drake (the prettiest of all his gf’s IMHO).

@e online:
Not surprising since it was an HBO party that LG was there. Sam Trammel was there as well.

lucy&alex @ 09/25/2012 at 2:38 pm

they have been a couple all this time and are just good at hiding it.

I am pretty sure that they did it. But that they are à couple. NO!

@Iris: he’s not a male escort or unemployed. where do people get this sh$t? i think he’s gorgeous.

@Macy: So was Dennis O’Hare.
But trolls gotta troll.

Intresting? @ 09/25/2012 at 7:16 pm

It’s interesting that the only woman he’s been repeatedly and actually seen with this whole year is Lucy, and they spent their time with Joel’s girlfriend. Very cozy.

@Interesting?—-What are you talking about? AS the poor man has been thrown together with a whole bunch of different women this year. It seems if he is in line or walking out of a door at the same time as a woman then he is put with them.
AS says the same thing, that he cannot shake a womans hand without being linked to her somehow.
The tabloids love linking him, not matter what the truth.
Lets just enjoy the fact that he is one of the most talented actors around, but also one of the most handsome.

Alex is in NYC right now at some parties according to Meatballs tumbler.

Lafayette @ 09/26/2012 at 3:17 am

Blot your face fool!

Well? Model Annie v lives in ny he is visitin ny more oftan or he has a gf their he is spendin time with.


She may live there, but shes in Paris now for fashion week as per her twitter. So sorry….. #FAIL !

He may be in NY for some photo shoot or true blood event.

@^: Troll needs to keep up, Anne V (or her people) finally put the kibosh on those rumors months ago.

@Macy, the jewelry that one man is wearing is very distracting.

Life & Style Magazine reporting that Alex & Olivia Munn was spending a lot of time together .He was touching her arm whispering in her ear ,cracking jokes . They are a couple they claiming . Now we all know that it is not true because she is dating Alex friend Joel Kinnaman Unless they broke up . Now the dress she had on was hardly enough to cover her breasts so they assume Alex is trying to get with her . Me i don’t believe it . First LG now her . They need to stop with these stories . .

Well even in my opinion the OM rumour is a disgusting piece of gossip. She is with Alex friend. Everyone has seen their lovely fotos.
And really – OM? I can’t stand that woman. She is very aware of self marketing. I could imagine her taking advantage of the party due to her mission of getting papped.

@Susie: Alex can’t talk to no women in these tabloids eyes …. Sad . They are so desperate to sell a story .

AS is just a big flirt. Don’t take it so seriously.

@hmmmmmmm: I suspect AS wasn’t even flirty with her, though the voices inside the head of L&S’s ‘source’ probably think AS’s talking to someone constitutes flirting.

@ladybug- I think he was flirty but innocent kind of flirting. Besides OM is funny gal herself and they surely have hung out before since she’s going out with Joel.

@hmmmmmmm: Let me clarify-AS can be very extroverted and touchy-feely and I think that people can interpret that as flirting even when he’s not, especially considering that the person he’s supposedly flirting with is the gf of a friend.
And I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘source’ was someone who read the E! article and then just made stuff up, and wasn’t even there and so would have no idea how OM and AS were actually interacting.

@ladybug- Besides if anything AS we all know according to the Alex mo of dating it would be LG he was with because she was ignored. LOL.

Disgusting. @ 09/26/2012 at 2:25 pm

And OM made sure it got out to the press, she knew what she was doing poor Joel. Working hard why she is trying it on and Alexander should now better that she is with Joel wants wronge with a single lucy not famous enough for him

@Disgusting.: Why are you blaming AS for a made up story?

To my -1 come on get a sense of humor why don’t you.
@ladybug- @Digusting is just trying to stir things up. Really? a master plan of what?

Didn’t he say recently that he’s single? My only suspicion is him and Lucy might be friends with benefits. But I don’t think he has a serious gf right now.

If it’s true he’s now with Olivia Munn, I have to question his intellect and judgement. Did he not learn anything from dating Kate Bosworth? Isn’t Olivia even worse than Kate in the famewh*ring department?

@xyz: So you believe L&S, a publication with even more credibility issues than the Enquirer, that Alex was actually full-on flirting with his friend’s gf?

@Lafeyette (#43)—-It was 100 degrees that night and even hotter on the carpets they had to walk down from all the lights, so he probably kept blotting his face but AS just couldn’t stand there in pictures with a towel on his forward. Come on.
OM (poor Joel’s own little famewhore) and Joel are still going hot and heavy and these disgusting magazines just want to do this to AS in anyway they can, because they know the mention of his name sells magazines. It is just getting more and more ridiculous with each new so called report, because you can tell the horrible magazines get more and more desparate, soon they are going to start hooking him up with waitresses or valets, just to get his name in their disgusting papers.
I know I have said this before, but his talent and personality and the fact that he is so humble and so well liked by everyone, have made him what he is, of course the fact there is no one more gorgeous than him has not hurt, LOL.

As for Lucy G, I seriously believe like he said he is single right now and enjoying it.
I think he is truly concentrating on up and coming projects and the promotion of TB in Europe. Also, I am sure he is going to go home for a bit and just relax.
Also he has a new home he has to set up and organize the way he wants, he is a truly busy man from all that I read and I think he truly enjoys his downtime with his family and friends.

According to the creme de la creme journalist of the Star or the Enquirer or the likes Alex is banging everything that moves and does not escape up on a tree. I am surprised he finds time to do some work.

A@Swanen: But, according to the troll at the beginning of the thread Alex doesn’t work! :)

And JJ’s now posted that this rumor isn’t true. I wonder who’s PR contacted him?


Yeah, yeah, I forgot that he is a male, unemployed escort. Poor dude.

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