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Diane Kruger: 'A Plan Almost Perfect' Press Conference!

Diane Kruger: 'A Plan Almost Perfect' Press Conference!

Diane Kruger and her co-star Dany Boon attend a press conference for their French film A Plan Almost Perfect (Un Plan Parfait) on Monday (September 24) in Lille, Northern France.

The 36-year-old actress plays a successful woman in love who tries to break her family curse of every first marriage ending in divorce, by dashing to the alter with a random stranger before marrying her boyfriend.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

Last week, it was announced that Diane signed on to star in The Bridge, a television pilot for FX!

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diane kruger a plan almost perfect press conference 02
diane kruger a plan almost perfect press conference 03
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Photos: Francois Lo Presti/AFP
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108 Responses to “Diane Kruger: 'A Plan Almost Perfect' Press Conference!”

  1. 1
    sedrik Says:

    Diane looks so beautiful!

  2. 2
    cee Says:

    dayum homegirl looks good.

  3. 3
    lou Says:

    An amazing actress. I get excited when I hear her name in upcoming films!!

  4. 4
    karen Says:

    She looks so gorgeous and young. Love her glowing skin.

  5. 5
    aj Says:

    freddy wasn’t killed by the parrents but by a police officer. it is in freddy’s nightmares

  6. 6
    JD Says:

    Looking beautiful Diane.

  7. 7
    jj Says:

    Robert is the only Freddy Krueger! Everyone knows that,even those who disagree.And this is the best fanmade EVER! epic job there <3

  8. 8
    khh Says:

    How the hell is he even the same as freddy? Stop being a dumb ass

  9. 9
    hhhh Says:

    if freddy attacked me in my dream you ogtta remember its your dream give your self superpowers and turn him human and kick his ass

  10. 10
    lafff Says:

    I like the old Fred Kruger who just killed kids and not molested them

  11. 11
    puzzle Says:

    Her blonde hair looks amazing with her skin tone. Diane is just fabulous.

  12. 12
    hhhh Says:

    i love freddy krueger best horror character of all time ive been watching him since i was 3 or 4

  13. 13
    cluadice Says:

    She’s a fantastic actress. She always acts with such grace and emotional vulnrability. I think she’s just awesome.

  14. 14
    lll Says:

    my name is freddy :3

  15. 15
    aliya Says:

    I like what she’s wearing. Very casual and laid back and girly.

  16. 16
    lloooo Says:

    freddy.. your friendly neighborhood pedophile

  17. 17
    lloooo Says:

    freddy has some serious acne! :P

  18. 18
    ççp Says:

    someone made a mistake of calling Freddy immortal witeh he’s not

  19. 19
    cony Says:

    Freddy was killed mostly by women witch for freddy is embarrassing

  20. 20
    mark Says:

    She’s beautiful and always looking so happy and in great place.

  21. 21
    cony Says:

    Put Freddy in shackles and lock him inside a bunker. He won’t die, but he can’t escape!

  22. 22
    emrah Says:

    beautiful and a fabulous actress

  23. 23
    hhhh Says:

    hes not too bad at fightig in the real world either, as seen on freddy vs jason

  24. 24
    dol Says:

    She’s so hot and effortlessly cool

  25. 25
    lloooo Says:

    I don’t get why Freddy is soo vengeful. He was in fact guilty of killing children even though he was aquitted

  26. 26
    hhhh Says:

    i really miss old freddy. r.englund was awesome

  27. 27
    leon Says:

    I’ve started to really like her.

  28. 28
    woot Says:

    I want to be BFFs with her so bad. She’s so pretty man.

  29. 29
    cora Says:

    She looks great! Good for her! Hope she’s around for a long time, because she has beauty AND actual talent.

  30. 30
    julien Says:

    Un plan parfait c’est vraiment une très bonne comédie et Diane Kruger est vraiment magnifique !

  31. 31
    ail Says:

    Diane Kruger!! Love her!!!

  32. 32
    ray Says:

    She looks great. I can’t wait for her new tv-show to start filming.

  33. 33
    zain Says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous!!! Her figure is amazing and she’s quite talented as an actress.

  34. 34
    starsh Says:

    Her face is exquisite. On you tube there are some interviews where the cameras pan very close to her face and she’s very beautiful. That skin.

  35. 35
    kaylee Says:

    I like her outfit, i think its cute, she looks lovely

  36. 36
    dizzzy Says:

    She wears what she wants and what she feels confortable with. And nobody should judge her. She’s amazing!

  37. 37
    dance Says:

    diane kruger is hot. So glad she is career is doing so well.

  38. 38
    dance Says:


    *her career

  39. 39
    thomas Says:

    Look at her face. Diane Kruger is too pretty

  40. 40
    Elisa Says:

    I live in Lille and I was there ! Dany is a very popular actor and humorist here in Northern France :) He striked a pose with every one at the end of the movie.. Amazing guy!

    Diane looked so beautiful.. But she’s not that tall ! I thought she was taller. Sadly, she had to leave early so no pictures with her!

    Anyway, it was a great movie, I really enjoyed it and it was amazing to see Diane and Dany for real !

  41. 41
    Nightwish Says:

    Hey freddytroll, why don’t you go buttf*ck yourself with a broken bottle today, or stick your hand in the gears of a combine. Chum the water for an hour off shark island and jump in, or maybe inject a few viles of propofol. You would be doing mankind a big favor.

  42. 42
    Nightwish Says:

    Forgot to mention how fantabulous Diane looks!

  43. 43
    Betty Says:

    Diane’s obsessed troll is back. Get a life.

  44. 44
    Anon Says:

    Oh oh Diane, Katie’s back. She’s trying to reconnect with the first love of her life and the father of her child.

  45. 45
    nomi Says:

    sooo sexy! and great actress.

  46. 46
    willanka Says:

    Wow, she looks WAY better in her casual clothes than in all those officiall outfits.

  47. 47
    bb Says:

    My new girl crush!!! Love her

  48. 48
    shh Says:

    i love you Diane! She was amazing. Definitely one to watch as an actress!

  49. 49
    zoe Says:

    She’s so refreshing!

  50. 50
    george Says:

    Fantastic actress. She will go far in life. Wish her all the best and can’t wait for her next movie.

  51. 51
    ne Says:

    Seriously perfect right here. : Such a beauty too!

  52. 52
    katnip Says:

    She’s beautiful and sexy, as usual….

  53. 53
    sprout Says:

    She sure cleans up well! Can’t wait to see the film

  54. 54
    Mull Says:

    I swear she just gets more beautiful one day after the other. One of the most beautiful Women I have ever seen!

  55. 55
    alen Says:

    always amazing! love her!

  56. 56
    agolla Says:

    So sweet!

  57. 57
    frankie Says:

    She’s one of those rare people who are beautiful on the inside and the outside, love her persona!

  58. 58
    sancunce Says:

    diane is a wonderful dresser, always looks so ladylike which is rare nowadays.

  59. 59
    charlatan Says:

    She’s gorgeous.

  60. 60
    vergara Says:

    so elegant,so reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour.

  61. 61
    c Says:

    shes amazing beautiful

  62. 62
    the red Says:

    exceptionally pretty.

  63. 63
    emma Says:

    Diane Kruger is the true natural beauty of hollywoodl, she oozes class!

  64. 64
    barbara Says:

    Really cute, she should smile more.

  65. 65
    shaki Says:

    Wonderful cute clothes. She looks amazing and I wish I had her wardrobe!

  66. 66
    doha Says:

    Just stunning! This girl and everything about her is stunning. Wish her all the success in her future!

  67. 67
    dylan Says:

    Diane is such a great actress. One to watch out for.

  68. 68
    fitting Says:

    I love Diane she seems so down to earth. I love her laid back style as well.

  69. 69
    honour Says:

    Naturally a thin lady, hence the fact she was a former model.

  70. 70
    citizen Says:

    dianeis a fabulous actress and beautiful .

  71. 71
    malika Says:

    I absolutely love Diane Kruger. The girl is mesmerizing.

  72. 72
    raw Says:

    Can I borrow some of the elixir of eternal youth she has been drinking? What an icon.

  73. 73
    al Says:

    she’s tiny, but looks great

  74. 74
    peco Says:

    Glammed up or natural, she’s beautiful.

  75. 75
    gwen Says:

    She looks nothing like 36, probably 26 max , good genes!

  76. 76
    puppins Says:

    She’s sooo perfectly flawless and I would totally fall for her! She’s so beautiful.

  77. 77
    fox Says:

    She’s beautiful btw, prettiest face ever.

  78. 78
    andrew Says:

    she is drop dead gorgeous! She just has a very handsome face,

  79. 79
    christine Says:

    Looks fabulous is fabulous

  80. 80
    chic Says:

    It’s so nice to see an actress pale and proud of it! Diane is beautiful and her skin looks incredible. She is sporting a youthful, glowing skin.

  81. 81
    video Says:

    danny et diane à Lille:

  82. 82
    paloma Says:

    Que bonita la pelicula Obsesion. Que asco dan. Impresionante Diane Kruger.

  83. 83
    TR Says:

    She looks adorable! Loving her hair like that!

  84. 84
    info Says:

    So pretty! So excited projects for fine actress!

  85. 85
    rowan Says:

    Diane kruger is where its at.

  86. 86
    médéric Says:

    Diane Kruger est juste sublime !

  87. 87
    diamonds Says:

    I can’t get enough of her chic celebrity style, both on and off the red carpet.

  88. 88
    julio Says:

    Diane Kruger est magnifique !!! ma femme parfaite

  89. 89
    goes blue for W magazine Says:

  90. 90
    devon Says:

    She looks fantastic. As usual!

  91. 91
    OMG Says:

    Her French troll is still churning out the fake compliments as usual. At least Diane doesn’t look quite so “balding” here.

  92. 92
    paris Says:

    She looks great! Diane can pull off any the look.

  93. 93
    Courtneydreamson Says:

    Too bad for the trolling both ways ruining things, because Diane really deserves credit for how beautiful she looks in these pics.

  94. 94
    united Says:

    In my opinion she always looks damn classy.

  95. 95
    bou Says:

    this is Diane Kruger! She could wear a bin-bag and still look £million!

  96. 96
    interview Says:

  97. 97
    bet Says:

    i just adore diane kruger.

  98. 98
    uma Says:

    She looks GREAT! She is beautiful on the outside and seems to be beautiful on the inside as well!

  99. 99
    uma Says:

    She looks GREAT! She is beautiful on the outside and seems to be beautiful on the inside as well!

  100. 100
    meride Says:

    Look del día inspirado en la magnífica Diane Kruger :) camisa de mezclilla, leggins negros y camisa blanca. Buen día!

  101. 101
    m.bauder Says:

    a beauty!

  102. 102
    dear Says:


  103. 103
    What a joke Says:

    EVERY time we see a post about Diane, the same person posts at least 95 comments in regards to the article. In all actuality, there aren’t enough people who know who she is or who care who she is to warrant her very frequent appearances on this site.

  104. 104
    I Know Says:

    @What a joke: It’s a crazed French troll that keeps posting this nonsense. It’s so obvious..they have a very limited vocab in English which is why the posts are pretty much the same written in simple language with the same tone. It’s very obvious. This woman doesn’t have enough fans to fill a thimble much less enough to post hundreds of favorable posts.

  105. 105
    ddd Says:

    @What a joke: Well, Joshua Jackson´s fans (that usually write comments on Diane´s posts) are way to busy with “Katie Holmes called Joshua” news. LOL

  106. 106
    fern Says:

    i certainly will watch this movie!

  107. 107
    koek Says:

    flawless and talented woman

  108. 108
    ray Says:

    Diane Kruger is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen-her beauty is mesmerizing! And she always looks classy and radiant.

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