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Jessica Alba Tweets Emmy Awards Reactions!

Jessica Alba Tweets Emmy Awards Reactions!

Jessica Alba runs ahead of her family to take some pics while hiking in the park on Saturday (September 22) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 31-year-old actress snapped pics of hubby Cash Warren and little ones Honor and Haven on her phone.

Later in the weekend, Jess and some gal pals hit up a dance studio for some fun exercise!

Jess tweeted all of her thoughts about the 2012 Emmy Awards. Here are some highlights:

“u better werrrk amypoehler #sexy #emmys,” “#Emmys Julianne Moore flawless performance #gamechange,” “#Emmys -the most beautiful @KerryWashington,” and “#Emmys @ZooeyDeschanel @hellogiggles -looking super CUTE! -love the dress!”

FYI: Jess is using her Orbit baby stroller G2! Cash is wearing a Champions Moto t-shirt.

30+ pictures inside of Jessica Alba and her family on a weekend hike…

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jessica alba family hike 01
jessica alba family hike 02
jessica alba family hike 03
jessica alba family hike 04
jessica alba family hike 05
jessica alba family hike 06
jessica alba family hike 07
jessica alba family hike 08
jessica alba family hike 09
jessica alba family hike 10
jessica alba family hike 11
jessica alba family hike 12
jessica alba family hike 13
jessica alba family hike 14
jessica alba family hike 15
jessica alba family hike 16
jessica alba family hike 17
jessica alba family hike 18
jessica alba family hike 19
jessica alba family hike 20
jessica alba family hike 21
jessica alba family hike 22
jessica alba family hike 23
jessica alba family hike 24
jessica alba family hike 25
jessica alba family hike 26
jessica alba family hike 27
jessica alba family hike 28
jessica alba family hike 29
jessica alba family hike 30
jessica alba family hike 31
jessica alba family hike 32

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  • Aretha

    I am so sick and tired of looking at this famewh*re with her family! Please Jared, I know it is so easy to find pictures of her, but frankly…. she is so boring and her kids are not good looking.

  • Fortnite

    Already 31 years old? She looks younger.

  • Yohji

    She’s annoying.

  • Claudia

    Haven is not in the mood lol
    They really look happy and close like a family. Love to see something like that. The girls are cute! :))

  • http://firty yesgirl

    She is so talanted

  • kel

    So sick of seeing her and her boring family.

  • Judith

    Haven is every day uglier…

  • Tamara

    Her husband has really strong genes. Even her red haired baby looks a lot like him.

  • rachel

    she is a good mother

  • Tessa

    Her Emmy tweeting is the most work she’s done in Two years.
    If her husband had an ounce of input it would be the same for him.
    What in the world did that guy do anyway?
    More photos of them not doing anything.
    Nice life.

  • Cooool

    I did not know cash was half black.
    That means the girls are half white, a quarter black and a quarter Hispanic. That’s crazy awesome.

  • Paul Green

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  • Li

    It’s so nice to see them happy and relaxed. Super cute family.

  • Jean

    Aretha @ 09/25/2012 at 6:48 pm #2

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    I am so sick and tired of looking at this famewh*re with her family! Please Jared, I know it is so easy to find pictures of her, but frankly…. she is so boring and her kids are not good looking.
    I accidentally thumbs-up your comment I posted here. DISREGARD ONE OF YOUR THUMBS-UP.

  • Jean

    @Tamara: #9

    Haven looks like a pale version of Jessica.

  • cici

    He’s not half black, where did you see that?

  • Rodriguez

    Jessica is not half Hispanic where did you get that?

  • Karen

    @Rodriguez: True, Jessica considers herself American only and she has a Danish mother.

  • Hanna

    Is Honor posing to the paparazzi?
    I always find it so sad when celebrity kids start to “respond” to paparazzi. That is just not right.