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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Los Angeles Lovers

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Los Angeles Lovers

Kate Bosworth wraps her arm around fiance Michael Polish as they spend some time together on Tuesday (September 25) in Los Angeles.

The cute couple was all smiles while they were out on their romantic stroll.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

It was recently announced that Kate will be starring in the upcoming action flick Homefront!

In the movie, the blonde beauty will play the meth-addicted sister to James Franco‘s character.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish holding hands while walking around in Los Angeles…

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75 Responses to “Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Los Angeles Lovers”

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  1. 26
    Fashionista Says:

    I love her pants and shoes. They’re a couple in love and very happy. Good for them!
    @looselipz: Since when are jeans and a shirt effeminate?
    @sinca: ” mforman, please get some help. You need it. You are quite clearly deranged.” You can say that again!

  2. 27
    Karina Says:

    Love them!

  3. 28
    ladybug Says:

    @Fashionista: In love they may be but I don’t know other couples in love that walk around in public draped over each other like spider monkeys. Especially not adult couples.

    So they seem to be doing this for the cameras, which screams famewhoring and/or insecurity.

  4. 29
    Ilovemovies Says:

    A few months ago I saw Twin Falls Idaho. It’s genius. It was the Polish bros first film and hard to believe such young guys wrote a screenplay with such depth and sensitivity.

  5. 30
    mforman Says:

    What I think is so funny is the same trolls/stans (or maybe one in the same posting under various names), can only say the same things to me over and over.
    I said nothing that was not true. How interesting the paps are there for a “romantic stroll”, how interesting the hobbit is all of a sudden covering her hand (now you will say she doesn’t read these posts). You guys need a life or someone of quality to spend your energy on. You come on and offer no opinions, you just resort to insults, which I am not surprised since look who you love and follow and give no other reasons why other than, “oh she is so pretty, she dresses great, oh she is so thin”.
    In a way you prove the points the majority of us make, she is a useless waste of air and space, who is untalented, and has nothing in her life but a fellow famewhoring fiance. Lets see if a wedding ever happens, that shall be quite interesting to see.
    Also guys something quite interesting, I signed onto my JM account, because thanks to Cher I have purchased some of their hoops, and the have removed the creatures photo. When I used to sign on her usual open mouthed, ridiculous pose was there, wearing a JM bracelet, now all of a sudden they have a beautiful blue eyed model there, wearing a JM pc. This whole situation gets stranger and stranger each and ever day.
    I really feel JM is going to keep Cher and have her pick another one of her real A list clients, of which she has many. I think JM got tired of dealing with a Z lister, that has the reputation she has.

  6. 31
    sinca Says:

    @mforman: mforman, you clearly need help. Do you hear yourself talk? Using words like “creature” to describe a human? And why do you have a jewelmint account? Why do you follow evertyhign she does if you hate her so much? PLEASE GET HELP.

  7. 32
    Eww Says:

    Are those pyjamas she is wearing? Because whatever they are those pants are horrible.

  8. 33
    mforman Says:

    @sinca—-Your stupid, evil post doesn’t require a response but I will give you one.
    As I stated in my post my JM acct is due to Cher’s creativity, nothing to do with the creature, who does nothing but curate if she even does that anymore, which I doubt and is little by little not even wearing or being used in their advertising, even on their own website. Thank heavens it is Cher, who is amazing.
    Just look at what has happened to your hero since Cher has obviously stopped being invovled with her, she looks awful, even at NY Fashion Week.
    I have disliked her for a number of years and have always referred to her as a creature because that is what she is.
    I could just say she is a disgusting, unwashed, anorexic, selfish, self absorbed, famewhore, who has not one friend in HW after 10 yrs in this business, that is not on her payroll, she is known in HW as not only box office poison, but a pariah, she has gone after friends bf’s and husbands and never feels the need to apologize; but truthfully creature just sums that all up.
    You say I follow her well she puts herself and everything she does out there for all of us to read and laugh at, so I don’t have to look very hard.
    It you would like a small list of the people that she has used and abused here are a few: Ryan K, Cher, Kevin Spacey, Kat C, Krysten R and the list goes on and on.
    Please don’t come back with she didn’t cheat with Chris M, because I am sure that will be your next post, where did everyone she met through GP go after that disgusting display.
    I will say this again, she has said time and time again, “she will let nothing or no one stand in her way”, and boy oh boy has she proven herself time and time again.
    The two people I see needed help are you and of course the CREATURE. My goodness she blew off a childrens charity, to run around topless in Mexico and post the photos herself. Just like she had to with her ring and engagement “slip” (yeah right). Nobody even cares about her, except JJ who she pays very well, anymore that is why she does those stupid twitter posts.
    Remember one thing I am not alone in my dislike.

  9. 34
    Eresyn Says:

    These two are truly insufferable…and that outfit she’s wearing is horrible, i’ve got better clothes for cleaning my house!!!

  10. 35
    Where Lila? :/ Says:

    @Môd: I was wondering about Lila, she is so cute. And, what happened with her ‘brother’ siri, simba… something like that, the one that Orlando took?

  11. 36
    Jalouse Says:

    Kate’s pants are great. Even though print pants are very the style now I’m not really that into them but I love hers because they’re so understated. And I like this couple. They seem to be very supportive of one another. That’s nice.

  12. 37
    Macy Says:

    OMG she misspelled the cosmetic brand’s name AGAIN on her twitter. Even after she posted a picture of the product. WTF is wrong with this girl? Learn the damn name if you’re repping the brand!

    Kate Bosworth ‏@katebosworth
    First day of our SKI-II shoot! The star received VERY special treatment… ;)

  13. 38
    mforman Says:

    @Macy (#37)—–Of course her continued misspelling of the product is so embrassing and it has been more than once or twice. It seems she enjoys being known as a dummy, who cannot spell the name of the product she will be representing. The only time she will spell right is when she is signing her checks, believe me then there will be no mistakes.
    Though my favorite is still how she said she is such and fan and has been using the product forever.
    OMG!!!!!!!! This company should take a good look at her face and skin, before the photo shopping and really ask themselves if she is what they want.
    The photos of her a going to look so fake, it is going to be so sad and funny at the same time.

  14. 39
    Jen Says:

    @mforman: OMG, you have a sick obsession with everything Kate and you’ve completely lost it! I think you’re psychotic and dangerous. You live in some kind of fantasy world. Your girl Cher styled Kate for fashion week and did a good job I might add. Kate and Cher both design for JM. Just ask Cher. Cher is Kate’s stylist and good friend. All your other nasty accusations are nothing more than a result of your deranged delusions. Get your head out of your a$$! Get help or get lost!

  15. 40
    ladybug Says:

    @Jen: I’m pretty sure KB doesn’t actually ‘design’ for JM, she ‘curates’, which isn’t really the same thing in this instance. Does she have input? Yes. Does she design. Probably not.

  16. 41
    mforman Says:

    @Jen—Sorry Cher might have sent someone who works for her but she hasn’t personally styled KB in quite sometime. Cher has been working on her jean line and her clients that are actually stars and her BFF RHW. You can just tell that Cher isn’t involved in dressing the creature, look at what she looks like lately.
    The tweets between the two of them are rare and in between and to keep up appearances, that is so obvious.
    JJ used to show them together at least once a week doing something.
    JM has had two different creative meetings, since the last time the famewhore made sure to have Cher cropped out of the photos so she could show her hand with her stupid life partner ring.
    Those meetings didn’t include KB because little by little they are removing her. That is why no more ridiculous commercials, KB is not in the short videos that they offer on the website with each pc, and the best yet only Cher now makes the comments about the jewlery, nobody else. KB has never designed a pc, Cher has always shown her scrapebook where we see designs, KB has never offered a thing.
    You can make nasty comments about me and say things that are terribly untrue but that changes nothing. I have always backed up what I say.
    I am not obsessed with KB, she just throws all of her crap in our faces and begs for us to post. She cannot go to a supermarket without calling the paps first, KB loves all publicity good and bad and doesn’t care as long as she gets talked about.
    Why should I get lost if the creature didn’t want comments then maybe she should stop being a famewhore and actually try and do something that is worthwhile, she is a true disgrace and that is why she never moved from being below D list in HW.

  17. 42
    LOL Says:

    @Jen- don’t bother with mforman she is not going to change and is really quite harmless and funny with her constant posts. She just wants to make sure we know how VILE Bosworth is 24/7 on JJ. This is her forum ( I bet she’s wandered off on other KB gossip sites but they probably don’t entertain her rants like we do here.) The only thing that’s getting weird though is her thinking she knows Cher’s motivations.

  18. 43
    Jen Says:

    @ladybug: According to Kate and Cher, together they design for JM. And they discussed how in their travels they look for interesting items to inspire designs from pieces from ancient Egypt to very contemporary. Their contract should be up soon and I’ll bet they both leave JM. They have other things in the works.
    @LOL: mforman is soooooo crazy and I’m not at all convinced she’s harmless. You’d think she’s Cher’s BFF. She’d scare the he!! out of Cher. And this is what’s really bizarre, she truly believes she’s telling the truth when she has no idea what the truth is. Like Cher sent someone else to dress Kate for NYC Fashion Week! It’s very weird she thinks she knows Cher’s motivations or Kate’s for that matter. She believes her fantasies. That’s why I’m sure she’s psychotic.

  19. 44
    ladybug Says:

    @Jen: Yes, they’re going to say they design, because that sounds better. But she, and the other celebrities are considered curators. And some of them probably have more hand in the design of whatever they’re selling.

    “Celebrity endorsers are the drivers of this effort to make shopping on the web more enticing. In this role, the celebrities are often called “curators,” referring to the selecting and organizing of specific products and themes.”

    As I already wrote, does KB have a hand in it? Yes. Does she really design it? Probably not.

  20. 45
    Blackcat9 Says:

    “First day of our SKI-II shoot! The star received VERY special treatment… “Honey Boo Boo! PLEASE! All these folks on here talking about mforman being delusional and psychotic for speaking the TRUTH and then you have Kate calling herself a “STAR”! and unable t SPELL a SIMPLE name of a company kind enough to give her a job! Kate it’s CAPITOL S CAPITOL K then a DASH – ll that spells SK-ll ! Yes! There is definitely someone DELUSIONAL and PSYCHOTIC on here and it is NOT mforman. It’s Kate and her two (I’m feeling generous) DELUSIONAL and PSYCHOTIC STANS!

  21. 46
    Whycantipost Says:


    Does she refer to herself as ‘the star’? (could possibly misunderstand, if so, nevermind me asking xD)

    Completely random thought; we have threads where mforman doesn’t get bashed by any stan, and threads where she is bashed by every stan. I find it odd, looks like one person using different names. One person who is not into forman-bashing and just posting random ‘omg kate is so great’ stuff (aka Kate herself), and one who only focuses on attacking posters, especially mforman (prolly Casper the evil ghost/Polish). Or it’s contagious and for some very strange reason one stan inspires others to bash mforman (I think that’s not the case, that would be TOO coincidental).

  22. 47
    HAHAHA Says:

    @Whycantipost: Hello mforman/Blackcat9!

  23. 48
    hanna Says:

    mforman you are tatally completely bat-sh!t crazy.

  24. 49
    ladybug Says:

    @Whycantipost: There’s a certain pattern of behavior, isn’t there?

    It’s also interesting that sinca’s suddenly bashing mforman, when previously sinca had been posting comments like this:

    “sinca @ 08/27/2012 at 10:08 pm
    Long time no see to whatsherface and the serial killer dude. They must be super busy acting and directing.
    Oh, wait……”

  25. 50
    mforman Says:

    I have never posted under any other name. How come when people defend things I have said or also speak out against the creature, it is automatically assumed we are one in the same.
    The way we phrase things is different and sometimes we can post within 1 min of each other, we also have minds of our own, unlike the two stans/trolls that are here.
    You trolls/stans, who really seem to be one in the same or better yet people in the same small inner circle, always say the same things over and over again.
    We have asked so many times to tell us why you seem so in awe of a vapid, void, waste of air and you always come back with the same nonesense. Yet when we post we also bring up something different.
    @Jen (#43)—–RHW is Cher’s BFF, her distance from KB has been going on for quite sometime, but it seems you have that fantasy. The two of them tweet to each other all the time and the tweets are geniue, not just to keep up appearances. Who did Cher actually go to Coachella with this year and dress and hang out all weekend with and went a different weekend then KB went. You can look it up everywhere. Instead of picking on the things that I post, why not look into what KB is really like. Cher didn’t go with KB to Fashion Week instead she was at London Fashion Week with RHW and a bunch of her other true celebrity clients. Notice that KB wasn’t even there to support Burberry or Mulberry, I guess she is kissing those goodbye, because no Cher no freebies and no real top designers, soon she will say bye bye to Isabel Marant too.
    @Blackcat9— Let us not forget the “Star” was an honor student, who got into Princeton and was a champion horse rider. How in heavens sake can she keep spelling her new “big gig” name wrong. There is nothing to spell. The worse part is she doesn’t even check her tweets and try to make a joke, she feels she is to good for that (oh no how dare I say that, I must be delusional, LOL).
    @Whycantipost—-You are so right with both your theories, I really think you are right and it is one person using lots of different names. That person has no other things to say, they have no defense, just the same old tired stuff. I guess I am an easy target.
    @HAHAHA—How come whenever you post, it is usually to pick on me for some reason and you always accuse me of being other people, it is getting very, very old. At least come up with something new or just tell me why you come onto the creatures threads and tell me why you like her and feel the need to defend the famewhoring nothing.

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