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Lady Gaga Bares Underwear-Clad Body for Little Monsters

Lady Gaga Bares Underwear-Clad Body for Little Monsters

Lady Gaga shows off her body in just her underwear in these new photos posted to her website

“Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15,” the 26-year-old singer wrote as a caption. “But today I join the body revolution. To inspire bravery. And breed some motherf**king compassion.”

Also pictured inside: Gaga arriving at Le Bourget airport in France wearing satin pajamas and a fur coat on Monday (September 24) and signing autographs for her fans outside her hotel in Hannover, Germany later that day.

FYI: Gaga is wearing Brian Atwood shoes while signing autographs.

10+ pictures inside of underwear-clad Lady Gaga

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lady gaga bares underwear clad body for little monsters 01
lady gaga bares underwear clad body for little monsters 02
lady gaga bares underwear clad body for little monsters 03
lady gaga bares underwear clad body for little monsters 04
lady gaga bares underwear clad body for little monsters 05
lady gaga bares underwear clad body for little monsters 06
lady gaga bares underwear clad body for little monsters 07
lady gaga bares underwear clad body for little monsters 08
lady gaga bares underwear clad body for little monsters 09
lady gaga bares underwear clad body for little monsters 10
lady gaga bares underwear clad body for little monsters 11
lady gaga bares underwear clad body for little monsters 12

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59 Responses to “Lady Gaga Bares Underwear-Clad Body for Little Monsters”

  1. 1
    Ew Says:

    Anything for attention

  2. 2
    ana Says:

    stefanie germanotta :)

    ps : sorry for the spelling

  3. 3
    jess Says:

    Sometimes I am convinced this woman is straight up insane or at the very least on drugs.

  4. 4
    Annie Says:

    Bulimia and anorexia – well that really sucks for her if true, but the thing is I highly doubt it is. Why? Because this is just a standard trickcelebs trot out either when people criticize them for gaining weight and want everyone to STFU or when they just want a quick attention grab. Snookie did the same thing. For the most part Gaga fluctuates but has been gradually gaining weight since she got famous, not really how I’d predict a bulimic-anorexic would react to fame. Too bad there is no excuse to throw out there for celebs when they get accused of being too skinny “I struggled with fatorexia for years, then I just gave up striving to be fat and embraced the skinny!!!”.

  5. 5
    Lol Says:

    “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15″

    Yet every single picture of her during her younger years show nothing but, what a compolsive liar and an attention seeker.

  6. 6
    kel Says:

    @Jess My thoughts exactly. She’s crazy.

  7. 7
    Karen Says:

    WTF o_O ?

  8. 8
    Nat Says:

    If she really had bulimia and anorexia, I think she would have talked about it a long time ago. She keeps talking about how she used to be bullied and an outcast, why would she just say that now?

  9. 9
    lafamepoma Says:

    i don’t think she was anorexic…. but i love her anyway

  10. 10
    original miley Says:

    if u put ur hands over ur head, of course ur going to look thinner! plus, in the photo where she’s stretching u can see the belly she’s hiding in the one she have her arms over her head…

  11. 11
    Tiffany Says:


    “Lol”, you are a fool if you think that you can tell whether a woman has an eating disorder by looking at her pictures. This comment section shows just how much people need to be educated about these issues.

    To Annie, Gaga has said before that she had eating disorders in high school. This isn’t the first time she has spoken out about it.

  12. 12
    seriously?? Says:

    ummkay?? what an attention seeking you know what.. just like Rihanna.

  13. 13
    tara Says:

    WHAT is the point of these pictures???

    If she was fat I would maybe see the point but she’s not…
    …so why are you showing your flawless body for everyone and acting like you’re making some sacrifice??

    Pointless. Stupid. Attention-seeking child.

  14. 14
    The Real Emma Says:

    Gaga, you loser! More fur? Seriously? And not even wearing it for warmth, just dragging around dead animal parts around for attention.

  15. 15
    Annie Says:

    One day she tells us she loves a few extra pounds and couldn’t care less about weight, the next day she’s a struggling anorexic. She also wants us to believe she’s this musical prodigy who shot to fame overnight, yet her other story goes she spent years and years living with cockroaches struggling while everyone told her she’d never make it. Her stories NEVER match, they are ALL total b.s. She really needs attention at all times, that’s the only constant.

  16. 16
    jmho Says:

    Step down you idiot.

  17. 17
    jmho Says:

    Sorry, I was talking to gaga not the other posters. She is an idiot!

  18. 18
    omd Says:


  19. 19
    Danae Says:

    If she made up a story about her eating disorder, she’s worth NOTHING. It’s a serious matter, babe, and you seriously have no idea what is going on behind it.

  20. 20
    Annie Says:

    @Tara – her body always looks absolutely normal to me, I’ve never seen any drastic fluctuations which would suggest an ED. Sometimes she looks more fit and toned, sometimes flabbier, but so what, I’m sure the same is true for everyone.

  21. 21
    BRIT Says:


  22. 22
    Delphine Says:

    So she gained a few pounds and has to turn herself into a victim and make a cause out of it? It’s not a big issue and she shouldn’t act like it is. Part of being a celebrity is being watched and criticized. Let it go, Gaga, and lay off the drugs.

  23. 23
    Mariah Says:

    So when GaGa was a thinner woman she glorified thinness (“popstars don’t eat”) and fashion, but now that she has gained a little bit of weight, she becomes an icon of loving oneself and body acceptance? Sorry, but no. At the end of the day, GaGa is a young, thin, wealthy white woman with legions of fans who hang on her every word and outfit. How is that brave? I don’t think what she’s doing is courageous at all, especially when there have been so many celebrities before her that have done the same. Sorry, Lady Gaga, you don’t get bonus points for stepping onto an extremely worn path.

  24. 24
    katie Says:


  25. 25
    somali girl Says:

    Little monsters? She’s the monster, she looks like a drugged up MONSTER.

  26. 26
    Annie Says:

    “Pop is all about starvation! I’ve been struggling with eating disorders my whole life! I was bullied! Poor Me!!!!” Anything to stir up faux controversy for a cheap attention grab. I notice her “provocative” statements are only ever along the safe, well worn path, she never says anything controversial that would REALLY make people think or get them talking.

  27. 27
    Annie Says:

    “Pop is all about starvation! I’ve been struggling with eating disorders my whole life! I was bullied! Poor Me!!!!” Anything to stir up faux controversy for a cheap attention grab. I notice her “provocative” statements are only ever along the safe, well worn path, she never says anything controversial that would REALLY make people think or get them talking.

  28. 28
    John Says:


    While that may be true, people like you keep giving her attention by looking at these pics and commenting, so I say job well done to her.

  29. 29
    Annie Says:

    She’s here whether I like it or not mate, so I may as well say how I really feel. I’d gladly totally ignore her if only I knew 100 million others would join me and it would actually get rid or her for good.

  30. 30
    Mary H. Says:

    One minute they love their bodies and don’t give a f*** about those who don’t, the next day they play the victim. When will this madness end? I’m tired of hearing eating disorders and bullying when the people preaching about it where the bullies themselves (i.e. Demi). NEXT.

  31. 31
    Autumn Says:

    Excuse me? She says we need to “breed some compassion”?- let’s start by removing that disgusting fur coat/thing off of you.
    Compassion starts with compassion for ALL living things.

  32. 32
    Heather Says:

    Compassion? Maybe she should show some compassion to the animals that are skinned alive to make her ridiculous furs. Poor Lady Gaga! I don’t think so….

  33. 33
    Marieme Says:

    To think I actually had a degree of respect for her in the beginning. Now she’s revealed herself to be a complete nacissist, egomaniac and hypocrite. I hope her career dies and she goes away SOON. So sick of people like this seeking fame to soothe unmet needs in childhood. F*uck off, fur hagg!

  34. 34
    lauren Says:

    If she were brave than she wouldn’t be sucking in her stomach in that side picture. She’s by no means fat but she obviously isn’t comfortable w/ her stomach area or she wouldn’t be sucking it in.

  35. 35
    somali girl Says:

    @Heather: totally, those beautiful animals only died so attention whores like her can wear their skin.

  36. 36
    VICTORIA Says:

    GAGA The GREAT !! She’s not fat and just making a point. I know Madonna is somewhere saying what about me when are you going to talk about me. Sorry Madonna, Gaga is on everyone’s mind, even people magazine. She may get the cover for this week issue of People. It looks like Gaga already lost weight. She goes up and down and she’s proving, she’s human live everyone else. Vince Herbert, Gaga’s manager just confirmed the old 54 Madonna reached out to Gaga to make an appearance on Madonna’s MDNA tour but Gaga said no because she’s busy with her Born This Way Ball Tour. Tell me Madonna’s fans, who’s doing the butt kissing now. Gaga you amaze me.

  37. 37
    DB Says:

    I actually like her body at the weight she is at in the pics. She looks fine. Normal. Has a booty. :)

    Most importantly, she looks pretty healthy to me.

  38. 38
    shelly nick Says:

    Speaks of compassion, yet wears fur. That, is something I have no tolerance for. Who cares about her extra pounds. And stop wasting good meat!

  39. 39
    Liz Says:

    For those who are saying that she is bluffing about having been anorexic or bulimic – if you haven’t been there yourself, you don’t have room to talk. You don’t have to be stick thin or near death to suffer from the effects of anorexia and bulimia. It is a mental and physical disorder, and many people who have it are or ‘normal’ weight. Some are even overweight. I am recovering on both counts and I can attest to the fact that the mental aspect doesn’t really go away. It may die down for a bit, but things like knowing the calories of every food or drink that I take in is a symptom of that. Exercising to ‘make up’ for eating too much, and eating less, etc., are also symptoms of that. And I’m at a healthy weight. The lifestyle portion I’ve yet to fully embrace. It never goes away. I give her credit for speaking about this, although I wish she was more consistent in her actions. But then again, we all have room to grow up — I hope this is a pivotal point for her to do so.

  40. 40
    Looselipz Says:

    What a complete creep to post those pics…if she was truly empowered by her fat self, she wouldn’t fel the need to defend her body.

    I’ll tell you how to lose a quick 30 pounds Lady GagGag….she’d the Fur you contradictory shameless jerk.

    Rant over!

  41. 41
    toni Says:

    She needs to take a break after her tour is over(OT, but Rihanna needs to do the same too).
    She’s starting to look pathetic and her antics aren’t shocking anymore. It’s starting to look boring and sad.

  42. 42
    toni Says:

    Also she’s a hypocrite through and through and liar to boot. She has around a million different stories about her teenage years that never add up together. I really don’t understand how her fans still flock to her because she’s nothing but a fake.

  43. 43
    Born this way my @ss Says:

    HAHA she’s b.u.t.t.h.u.r.t about her Amsterdam concert disgusting pics so she feels the need to release better looking ones while still trying to make us believe she doesn’t care. She SO cares lol she’s transparent. Anyway no matter how much she tries to deviate attention from her ugly mug with so called artsy outfits or how skinny or chubby she is she’ll always be an ugly looking girl and her million $ and coke intake can’t change that.

  44. 44
    helen Says:

    I feel like she took those 4-6 days since press called her fat to lose weight and then display it to us to prove that she isnt in fact fat

  45. 45

    At one of her concerts she wore a previous outfit that was (now) two sizes two small, and it was very unflattering. Lots of fat comments followed. I think all the insults hurt her, so she took these pictures as a way to defend against them, to say “I’m not fat.”

    All of it could have been avoided, however, if she had just looked in the mirror (sober) before she went out on stage.

    A person can never go wrong wearing too many clothes, but wearing to little is a recipe for disaster.

  46. 46
    Lucia Says:

    She’s not talented, and too skinny god! somebody feed her!
    Can’t you see? all her lyrics are the same!
    Po po poker face, ale alejandro, ju das ju daas, ma ma ma marry the night, the edge the egde the edge of glory, pa pa pa parazzi, stop telephonin’ me eh eh eh eh eh, ju ju just dance!
    OHH look! I made a megamix in 2 seconds!
    Come on Gaga! give me a break!

  47. 47
    sarah Says:

    i think its great that she is confronting this issue, and really negative that people are posting comments that she is just attention seeking, who cares if she is attention seeking, she is still helping and raising awareness for eating disorders and showing that you don’t have to be a size 4 to be pretty

  48. 48
    Dani Says:

    so much compassion , yet wearing a fur coat….

  49. 49
    sarah Says:

    i think she is a lovely person, she has done a lot of great things like helping to stop gay marriage from being illegal in America, she’s raised over a billion dollars for aids and her total profit from her australia tour was donated to the fukushima releif fund to help those dislocated from their homes :)

  50. 50
    Christina Bodylera Says:

    Christina Aguilera should consider getting some restraining order against Lady Caca.

    It’s unsettling and strange how Lady Caca insists to rush to do anything Christina Aguilera is doing.

    Christina says she loves her body and tells people to love their own bodies no matter what?
    Lady Caca copy/pastes that.

    Lady Caca is a lunatic, she and Interscope are obsessed with Xtina. Ever since Xtina put Lady Caca on the map, back in late 2008.

    And of course, nobody will bat an eye! When people copy Xtina, nobody ever says anything.

    This is blatant trolling.

  51. 51
    Lady Caca wants to be Xtina Says:

    This clown is foking mental. Who the fok is even talking about Lady Caca’s weight? I’ve haven’t heard or read anything!

    Lady Caca was certainly never attacked the way Xtina has been attacked by the media.

    Yet Xtina remains confident and a flawless b*tch, while Lady Caca cries and cries like the poor little victim she supposedly is.

    WTF, this is a joke.

  52. 52
    Lady Bipolar Says:

    Lady Whatever is more mentally deranged than Britney Spears.

    Lady Germ drinks Whiskey, does drugs, is bullied and now she is a anorexic and bulimic mess??

    Someone send this psycho to rehab. She has no functional brain.

    Didn’t Lady Bipolar once say that “popstars don’t eat”, on Twitter?
    She is sick and stupid.

  53. 53
    hue Says:

    normal looking woman…
    why anybody want`s to be a celebrity?

  54. 54
    seila Says:

    this is so weirddd

  55. 55
    me Says:


  56. 56
    Lady Mierda Says:


    Lady Caca is a mentally unstable individual. There is nothing else going on.
    You have to be seriously sick in the head to be obsessed with fame in the first place and doing and saying really foked up things just to achieve the wack fame.
    Lady Caca is a psycho and a clown. She is not the first and won’t be the last, unfortunately.

  57. 57
    Dirkstar Says:


  58. 58
    lady stupid Says:

    Lady Caca is so wack, a foking joke.

    She is so painfully stupid, it’s unbelievable how some people actually take her seriously.

  59. 59
    Lili Says:

    Looks like Amy Winehouse!!

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