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Jennifer Garner: Ben Affleck Has 'Wonder Sperm'!

Jennifer Garner: Ben Affleck Has 'Wonder Sperm'!

Jennifer Garner makes an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which will air on the Thursday (September 27) episode.

The 40-year-old Butter actress talked about whether or not she would have more children with her husband Ben Affleck.

“I definitely…I plan to be done. But my husband is kind of a wonder sperm kind of guy,” Jennifer said. “You never don’t know. You just have a look at him..anyway…”

Jennifer also talked about the differences between having boys and girls.

“I mean, they didn’t pee in my eye,” Jen said referring to Violet and Seraphina. “I don’t know if it’s because he’s a boy. I don’t know if it’s because he’s my third and I forget that I have him…You know you’re just dealing with two and then you think, I put a baby down. I swear I put a baby down somewhere.. And you kind of walk through the house. There you are and he’s just happy as can be.”

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses.

Also pictured inside: Jennifer arriving a LAX to catch a flight out of Los Angeles on Wednesday (September 26).

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  • DB

    What an odd, odd little comment. :)

  • Crasty

    Sweet! He peed in her eye! lol

  • XxXxX

    O.o wonder sperm, really??

  • Rebecca

    well he is cute.

  • DB

    Perhaps is Wonder stuff can impregnate her from across the room and bypass her resistance to a 4th child?

    Regardless, if they do have a 4th, then BEN should have to be the one to squeeze a watermelon out of his private parts. She’s given enough for the cause…


  • lauren

    how come we never get pic of jen and ben together at all?

  • XxXxX

    I’m confused. What does she mean with the “wonder sperm” comment? That her dude is just so hot that she can’t help getting pregnant again? Or that his sperm is so powerful that he’ll get her pregnant again because well, he’s a boss (if you see what I mean) ?? xD …………. either way, it sounds weird.

  • Come on…

    Wonder sperm? Really? Did you see your old daughter?….

  • Jenny

    She says many weird stuff that we have already seen in movies

  • Josephine


    Probably it means that they might not plan a baby and use birth control regularly, but she can never be sure if she won’t get pregnant again. A friend of mine said the same thing jokingly after she got pregnant despite using a double birth control (awkward to say such thing even to a friend but on a tv?), so I guess one of the young Afflecks was conceived similar way and she cannot eliminate the possibility it will happen again.

  • ace11

    They should have asked her about J-LO

  • Shamrock

    I’m confused, and do not understand the comment about a wonder sperm kind of guy bit. Guess, we will have to tune into the “ELLEN show” tomorrow.

    Also, if Jennifer is set against having more kiddos, she can seek help from the doctor or better yet, Ben can have it snipped:) That will take care of things in a jiffy!!

    Best to both of them on their films, “BUTTER” AND “ARGO”.

  • Lissa

    Jennifer Garner and her silly comments, maybe for her it’s a wonderful sperm but not for the world. She should keep that comment to herself… She just thinks that Jlo still wants her man….but Jlo has moved on, and specially after all the trashing that Ben has done….

  • Kate

    @lauren every other site has pics of them together from today or yesterday. JJ seems to like promoting the idea that they are never together.

  • Effy

    Wonder Sperm? Why would someone publicly say that?

  • Hope

    She’s such a hillbilly. Once upon a time a wie would say she was afraid to pass her husband in the hallway for fear of another baby. Now it’s wonder sperm. TMI Jen!

  • Frontside Ollie

    Wonder sperm…. it’s like bubble gum, rarely to be swollowed.

  • rachel

    she needs to shut up. It looks like she needs publicity everyday with her kids.

  • Anon

    something is just not right with them…..

  • Jasmine

    You all are so uptight. These are funny ass comments she made. Jen’s a funny lady, I love reading/watching her interviews! Nothing odd about what she’s talking about. Millions of people have her experiences with kids and with getting pregnant. Ease up people!

  • helen

    they also make wonder condoms

  • April

    @Jasmine: Finally a mature comment regarding her interview. She is having fun while promoting a movie and idiots who are without a sense of humor should keep their mouths shut and not everyone know how dimwitted they are.

  • April

    sorry, for missing words in my previous comment but I will also take the time to say how amazingly beautiful, funny and sweet Jen is and how clever she is at keeping her business private by making jokes. Lighten up folks, it’s just a cute and funny interview. Not that deep so try not to get your undies in a bunch.

  • Joe

    Such Victorian era morality in this comment section. Pathetic.

  • nepenthes

    @Joe: What’s really pathetic is this biatch whoring and pimping her kids every day the way she does. Can’t get any more pathetic than that!

  • LFR

    Three is plenty… the planet is overpopulated now.

  • http://Comcast Bev

    She is pathetic. What a stupid remark. She is the only woman in the world that has given birth to three children ?? Sickening remark.

  • Cleo

    I’m sorry, but it is not done to do this weird saying in public.

  • Joe

    Also, I love how all of these negative comments contain the same broken english, yet have all been posted by ‘different’ people. riiiiiight.

  • sandy

    Thank you!! @JOe and @Jasmine and LOL! @ frontside

    She didn’t say anything offensive.Get a grip people.Usually Jennifer is so PG and boring but she’s been really funny lately in her interviews.So she’s hot for her husband .Can you blame the girl?.Any red blooded woman would agree Ben is irresistible!

  • Leila

    This comment has no sense of humor, to me it’s really low and embarrasing!! If I was Ben I would control this lady, everytime she speaks some garbage comes out of her silly little ugly mouth..

  • MelissaG

    WTF…?? This woman sounds so desperate to have people think she and her husband have the strongest, sexiest marriage ever by making stupid comments about their sex lives. Notice how he doesn’t spill bedroom secrets in interviews. In fact, he rarely says anything about the missus unless he has a new film coming out. Lady, give it up! You sound so ridiculous! We get it–your husband likes to “get it on.” If he’s got such wonder sperm, it’s a safe bet he spreads it around….