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Diane Kruger: Big Apple Beauty!

Diane Kruger: Big Apple Beauty!

Diane Kruger heads out of her downtown New York City hotel on Thursday (September 27).

The 36-year-old actress made her way over to an awaiting car to deal with some of her luggage with the help of some hotel staff.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

Earlier in the week, Diane was in France promoting her film A Plan Almost Perfect (Un Plan Parfait) at a press conference.

Diane also recently signed on for a new FX television show titled The Bridge! This will mark Diane‘s U.S. television series debut. We can’t wait to check it out!

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# 1

she’s a pretty lady.

# 2
PLEASE TELL THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! @ 09/27/2012 at 3:06 pm

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# 3

She’s kind of cute, but she is not a beauty.
Katie Holmes has a prettier face IMO.

# 5

Yummyyyyyy! I think DIANE is gorgeous.

# 6

LOVE her!

# 7

What is NOT to love with this women- perfection.

# 8

She’s gonna be on TV? Coooooollllll…

# 9

y’all I’m IN LOVE with Diane Kruger

I love Diane Kruger and I think she’s prettiest.

I feel a lot better about today because I just found out Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger are dating.

I think diane is great
but katie and josh make a pefect couple

Diane Kruger. She’s flawless & Katie is nothing compared to her.

diane kruger is the most beautiful woman ever

Think Joshua Jackson will leave Diane Kruger for Katie Holmes? #CreekLove

Diane Kruger is so hot

omatthick @ 09/27/2012 at 4:19 pm

Diane Kruger is a show stopper.

She looks gorgeous in couture gowns. And she looks just as good or even better (IMO) rocking the army jacket and Doc Marten boots. You go girl!

Beautiful face

mega style crush on Diane Kruger

She id gorgeous and the few times I have seen her on TV , she seems like a lot of fun too…. some man is VERY lucky…:)

This woman is so so so sexy, beautiful, talented, I could go on….!

She is phenomenal…

How is she 36?! She’s GORGEOUS!

A beauty with roots – get it fixed. Looks horrid

Diane you are so stunning! What a beautiful woman!

she is awesome…

This woman just oozes sexuality, she is elegant and has the class to go with it. A true beauty to behold.

Genuinely beautiful and classy German lady

I love this woman. Classy, effortlessly elegant and naturally sexy. Brava!

My perfect woman….stunner!!!!

Simply gorgeous……

She always has and always will look great.

Wow…. That’s all I can say when looking at these this beauties!

Wow…. That’s all I can say when looking at these this beauty!

36?? Impressed!

Someone from her staff has to be writing these comments. there is no other reason why a b list celebrity’s photo would have more comments than any other photo of the day. plus all these comments are the same in different wording…. hollywood repulses in its artificiality

i think she is great she looks great for her age

pearlceleb @ 09/27/2012 at 5:03 pm

She is so HOT!!! And a briliant actress too – perfection.

diane kruger is my favourite person ever

she looks damn fine

This is a gorgeous woman, and a very smart one at that.

She does always look feminine, glamorous and sultry.

i love this look, wish i could pull it off!

valentino @ 09/27/2012 at 5:23 pm

She has her own style and it suits her. not one for following trends.

I love that she is such a clasical women. Absolutely flawless and clean cut.

I absolutely love this woman!

she’s joshua jackson true love

she’s so cute in this pics

diane looks terrific and i love her outfit.

Diane Kruger is always a sight to see


Gorgeous as always

The whole outfit looks really cool. i approve!

I LOVE HER .my girl crush

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, always, no exception. Iane is fantastically sexy

if all women looked like her i don’t think i could take it, just one of her is incredible enough

I would not dare to compare her to anybody else…Diane is unique…wonderful beauty!

love her, reminds me Grace Kelly.

simplemente hermosa…..she is perfect.

Diane Kruger is stunningly and breathtakingly beautiful but should smile more often!!! She’s too serious!

Her beauty has a timeless quality; and the most important thing about her, is that she’s EXPRESSIVE. Beauty that has character, and a face that stays with you. Haunting.

This woman never ages.

Maybe she’s in New York to kick Katie Holmes’ ass! She could totally take that homewrecker down any day.

Katie Holmes or Diane Kruger?….now there’s a man’s dilemma

The same delusional person has posted almost 99% of these nonsensical comments. She makes Diane look bad.

Good to see that the PR trolls are here again. Yet it STILL won’t make her an A list actress!

When did Diane get so old? She looks terrible, her skin and hair look lifeless. She is dressed like a younger woman would dress, not someone in her advanced age.


Advanced age? LOL, she’s 36. If you can’t wear jeans and boots at 36, society has come unraveled.

Kruger’s 1 fan posting over and over again. What a shock!

Diane looks ticked off, maybe she’s going to have a toe to toe with Katie.

Andamentothat @ 09/27/2012 at 10:25 pm

Where is Joshua? Something is off.. Maybe Joey and Pacey are getting back!

that woman deserves that loser let him stay with this skeleton bald

Wow.. look at all the fake comments The only way this nasty chick gets any attention

@Andamentothat: the two losers deserve each other they are not talented and lives of gossips because both do not have a successful career

All I can say is the idiot doing all the comments should soon get to bed so they can get up for school in the morning.

All I can say is the idiot doing all the comments should soon get to bed so they can get up for school in the morning.

Courtneydreamson @ 09/28/2012 at 2:16 am

@samara: There is nothing nasty about Diane you scuzzbucket anon loser, why don’t you tell crap like that to peoples face instead of hiding out anon and spreading your stupid crap?

Diane Kruger has that natural type of beauty that does not dissapear when no make up is used!


Diane Kruger is one of THE MOST beautiful women I’ve ever seen onscreen.

is she 36 for real? Damn……..that is what I call beautiful matures

Really cute coat on Diane Kruger

That what i call: B.E.A.U.T.Y.

She’s absolutely the most beautiful woman in the world. So unfair.

She is so talented. Diane makes french movies, american movies and now she will add tv-work on her list. WOW!!

Diane lookin hot as always

DIANE is absolutely gorgeous, so sensual and sexy.
If I looked like her I’d be a very happy lady!

Literally perfect looking.

A woman after my own heart.

I absolutely adore Diane Kruger, one of the few amazing actresses in Hollywwood. She is fantastic . Can’t wait for her new show to start !

strawberry @ 09/28/2012 at 6:51 am

Gorgeous gorgeous woman. Love the hair, love the look. Diane is working it!

Diane just gets better and better !!!!

She always look fantastic, she is very lucky.


Oh, my gosh! She is gorgeous! It must be so fun to be so beautiful – and talented.

Katie is blaugh. Diane not only has talent but she seems really sweet. Katie seems like she could be a real vixen. Tried to like her but something isn’t right. too conceited and not enough to back it up.

what a beautiful woman – she is soooo hot…..

She looks awful……………………………….

She’s insanely beautiful! Also very intelligent. Love her

she is oozing sexiness and gifted with amazing genetics. This is what I call a real woman.

Love her hotness!

this woman can make everything she wears look good.

fashionaddict @ 09/28/2012 at 8:42 am

Anyone know what jacket she’s wearing? I WANT IT NOW!!!

Katie Holmes has reconnected with former flame Joshua Jackson — and sources say the hunk’s longtime honey, actress Diane Kruger, isn’t happy about it.

Katie, 33, and Joshua, 34, were a couple on-screen and off while wilming the teen drama “Dawson’s Creek,” and he recently revealed that Katie reached out to him after divorcing superstar Tom Cruise. Now insiders say that “Troy” beauty Diane, 36, isn’t happy with the relationship.

“Diane has been dating Joshua since 2006 — just around the same time Katie married Tom,” an insider told The Enquirer. “Even though Joshua’s relationship with Katie only lasted a year, Diane knows that it burned red-hot. I think that bothers Diane deeply.”

Joshua, who now stars on the FOX show “Fringe,” once told pals: “Katie told me I was her first love and she would treasure it forever.” And Diane was said to be upset after Joshua confessed on the Candian talk show “George Stroumboulopouls Tonight” that Katie had telephoned him.

“Like any old friend, it was like, ‘Oh hi, how are ya? What’s going on? I had a kid,’” Joshua said, referring to Katie’s daughter Suri, 6. The chat was “nice,” he added. “It was very nice actually.”

And that won’t sit well with Diane. “That kind of talk will have Diane green-eyed with jealousy,” revealed the insider. “I think she wants Katie as far away from her man as possible so she doesn’t get a chance to steal him back!”


LOL. Diane has already issued a statement to say that this is all untrue and she is not bothered. Why should she be? It was something that happened 13years ago and when they were 19. The relationship Katie had with Chris Klein that lasted 5 years and they had an engagement was the more important one during her early 20′s.

@Jayne: I know that´s untrue. My “wow” was about how hard this Katie-Josh story is being pushed. They´re using this story for something.


Oh ok, sorry I misunderstood. Yes, totally agree with you. Talking about making something out of nothing.

Crazy Diane lover, wow!!! @ 09/28/2012 at 3:04 pm

That person who keeps posting all those comments has some SERIOUS psychological problems!!!!! I mean seriously who takes the time to post all of those comments literally pages just to make her look good simply because they like her!!! That person is out of their mind

I love Diane Kruger. She has just completely blossomed and got better with years. And now she also got this glow and confidence of a completely happy, fulfilled woman. Very healthy and very balanced.

the reason: JOSHUA JACKSON

diane looks stunning, fab and gorgeous!!!

I wish I was joshua jackson…What a lucky, lucky man he is

breathtakingly beautiful

Gorgeous gorgeous woman

Not sure who this lady is, but she needs to do something with her hair. She needs to see a colorist and have a deep conditioning treatment.

Gorgeous. Flawless human being.

Heidi's Love @ 09/28/2012 at 6:05 pm

@Crazy Diane lover, wow!!!: Jennifer Aniston posts crazy love comments about herself like a loony similar to this one you are talking about.

Hmmmm…maybe her oven is stuffed?


What’s funny is the fact that Diane had to release a statement saying she’s not jealous. Josh and Katie haven’t really talked to each other in 6 years. I think people as a whole have always wanted Joey and Pacey together, the fact that it happened for a brief period in real life gave them hope. Maybe people still want to relieve their youth through these two (Josh and Katie). Apparently people are more excited about Josh being with Katie, than the idea of him with her.

Apparently people are more excited about Josh being with Katie, than the idea of him with her.
And he will eventually end with neither of the two. Neither Diane nor Katie but with someone else. That´s what will happen. LOL

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