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Alexander Skarsgard & Olivia Wilde: Encounter Fragrance Launch!

Alexander Skarsgard & Olivia Wilde: Encounter Fragrance Launch!

Alexander Skarsgard suits up for the global launch of new Calvin Klein fragrance Encounter at the McKittrick Hotel’s new rooftop garden bar, Gallow Green, on Thursday (September 27) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actor was spotted posing for photogs with the gorgeous Olivia Wilde.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skargard

Alexander is the face of the fragrance’s advertising campaign.

Following the party, all guests were invited to experience a thrilling performance of “Sleep No More” – the award-winning theatrical experience that reinterprets William Shakespeare‘s Macbeth through a film noir lens. The event reflected the similar film noir style of Encounter’s advertising campaign.

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alexander skarsgard olivia wilde encounter fragrance launch 01
alexander skarsgard olivia wilde encounter fragrance launch 02
alexander skarsgard olivia wilde encounter fragrance launch 03
alexander skarsgard olivia wilde encounter fragrance launch 04
alexander skarsgard olivia wilde encounter fragrance launch 05
alexander skarsgard olivia wilde encounter fragrance launch 06
alexander skarsgard olivia wilde encounter fragrance launch 07
alexander skarsgard olivia wilde encounter fragrance launch 08

Credit: Madison McGaw; Photos: BFAnyc
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  • win2000

    Her head looks huge in those pictures. I could swear she was head swapped in pic no. 5. I adore Olivia, but either she needs to gain a few pounds to balance her body structure or the quality of the photographers in NY is really going downhill.

  • yurrc

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  • Straight

    Siren rising out of the deep, green sea.

  • Straight

    Alexander is always so wooden…nice guy though, from his interviews…

  • bumblebee

    Nice pics. Though they left out the most interesting ones with Jack Mcbrayer out !
    Bip ling looks so sweet in the picture.
    @win2000- exactly! I almost thought she was photoshoped onto the body.

  • rachel

    they will make a beautiful couple

  • Lilla

    So handsome! The pictures of him & Jack McBrayer are so funny! I really like Olivia’s dress, she looks beautiful!

  • Iris

    Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Alex, but what is wrong with him here? He looks like a Swedish deer caught in headlights in all the pics. What gives?

  • Housekeeping – you forgot to post this to the Alex section.

  • helen

    kinda looks like she is going to a fancy pool resort for a pool party and not a night event

  • =)

    wish them the best!

  • Strange

    Hello handsome . Olivia dress is beautiful . Pure hotness . Wish Jack pictures were there too. Beautiful pictures .

  • Preppy

    She has the most beautiful eyes in the world.

  • Joe


    This is what I came here to say. beautiful.

  • ladybug

    “The 36-year-old actor was spotted posting for photogs” Posing, not posting, JJ.

    @bumblebee, the ones with Jack were the best, so of course for some reason JJ leaves them out.

    @rachel, AS and OW will make a beautiful couple? Meaning they should date? I don’t think her boyfriend Jason Sudeikis will like that.

    @Iris, he looks better in the video than the stills:

  • Preppy

    @ Joe
    Sorry, for stealing your comment. :-)

  • Rose

    I had an encounter with him in my dreams last night and will be having another tonight.

  • Klara

    Olivia’s jaw though…

  • NY

    After a three-week reign that started during Fashion Week, Chez Andre will close Saturday night, ending its reign as the city’s hottest club. “True Blood” star Alexander Skarsgard won’t miss the hotspot’s farewell bash. “I’m in New York until Sunday and I’m gonna party it up — boom!” he told Confidenti@l at — where else? — Chez Andre. Skarsgard boogied until early Friday morning, but should have checked his dance moves. He knocked down someone’s drink, and was too busy twirling a pretty brunette to notice.

  • Macy

    He does look better in the video than the photos. I’m not sure why but he usually does this weird stare in pap and fan photos, as opposed to professional photos for magazines and whatnot. It’s like he opens his eyes extra wide and his mouth is tight. I wish he’d smile more in photos, he’s got such a good one!

  • Not cool

    I bet he didn’t tell the brunette whom he took home for the night Which he clearly did she was an ugly chick, just get what he wants out of her poor girl, considering he considers Swedish women to be better looking in the whole world and the rest of the chicks to be ugly

    Go back to sweden Alex we don’t want your fauxness and famewhoring


  • MJ

    @Not cool:
    Seriously calm down, I am sure he didn’t hold her against her will if you have such a problem quit him. He is not the worst thing in LA or NY and why should he go home when people and companies want to work with him. According to his work friends and fans he is a lovely guy.

  • Get over it @21

    @Not cool:

    Where in that article did it say he took her home for the night? Clearly were not reading the same article he danced with a pretty brunette that doesnt mean he shagged her jeez for crying out loud, Would you turn him down for a boogie on the dance floor? I don’t think so.
    Alex is not dating anyone at the moment and is a fun loving flirty guy get a few beers down him, and that makes him single in my book, he is entitled to dance and shagg whom ever he chooses and clearly the brunette women caught his eyes for a night on the dance floor that doesn’t mean he scored in bed with her.
    Quit Alex if you don’t like his choice of life style and dates

  • Linda

    @win2000: ITA! Plus the fact that I saw Olivia in person last year and her face is VERY large and square. Kind of flat too. It actually looks really weird.

  • Texas Swede

    @Not cool: Do you know what is not cool in my book? Someone who reads things that are not said into an interview and then tries to convince others it was there.

    Last time I heard it was patriotic to think where you came from things were the best. And we all know Alex is proud of where he came from.

    At no time in the article you referred to did he make any remark about any women anywhere being ugly or undesirable. You jump to and are pushing that conclusion yourself.

    What is your real problem with Alex? This one is so very pre-teen. NOT COOL AT ALL NO COOL.

  • Olivia is gorgeous

    Olivia has stunning eyes, skin and her face is extremely gorgeous and exotic. I too have seen her in person–she’s just as beautiful as she is in pictures.

  • Jamie

    @Olivia is gorgeous: Umm…okay. Let’s see; HUGE head and face with a too small body, practically no boobs, an enormous forehead and let’s not forget – that MASSIVE man jaw. Yeah right, very beautiful LOL.

  • V

    Olivia looks like a greek goddess, she’s so beautiful and they will make a beautiful couple too :)

  • V

    Olivia looks like a greek goddess, she’s so beautiful and they will make a beautiful couple too :)

  • ladybug

    @Texas Swede: I think Not cool needs a hug, plus some reading comprehension lessons :)

    @V, Olivia has a boyfriend.

  • Macy

    LOL, true enough. Hugs all around!

  • Tweet

    tweet from New York on Friday afternoon:

    sara @sarrible:

    I think I just saw Alexander Skarsgard on West Broadway.  If so, he is REALLY tall.  And looked hungover.

  • Texas Swede

    @ladybug: Well said.

  • Blind item

    From CDAN
    Peeps are guessing Alexander skarsgard and Olivia Wilde

    This actress is C list probably. Almost everyone knows the name, but you would have a tough time thinking about movies she is in or putting a name with a face. What you would know is who she is dating. If you see photos of them, they are all over each other. He especially needed someone normal after his last relationship. She needed someone normal after hers but for different reasons. So, if they are all over each other all the time, then how come the other night she went home with a B+ television actor with A list name recognition. She told her friend that she just wanted a really hard body sometimes. That it is just sex. Nothing more.

  • ladybug
  • Canuck

    @Blind item: Wouldn’t Alex be considered TV and movie in CDAN’s world? He usually mentions if they do both.

  • Not Alex and Olivia

    @Blind item:

    Hmmmm Alex and Olivia Wilde have just met and were NOT all over each othe( see video) and Alex was partying all night until the wee hours of friday morning and dancing with a mystery brunett( see artical)
    No news of him going home with anyone it would have been reported by now.
    And alex does both tv and movies and Olivia Wilde is to classy to cheat on her bf and she is no C list actress that’s up Kate bosworth’s ally cheating lol

  • London fields ?

    Did anyone else catch this
    Olivia Wilde asks Alex at the NY Encounter launch bash, “I’d like to talk to you about London Fields…”

  • ladybug

    @London fields ?: Yes, that was pointed out on another site. I’m too tired to look, but I think someone mentioned back when he was spotted with it that there are rumors of making into a movie.
    So now it I really have to read it.

  • ladybug

    Apparently he likes the smell of citrus on a woman:

  • Macy

    He was reading it. It might be interesting, since it’s a dark comedy of sorts. Perhaps that’s what he was hinting about doing a comedy.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: And so now I’m looking for a library copy and come across that one of our affiliated libraries has a copy of the 2004 screenplay attempt by David Cronenberg. And last year it got a director:

    But they’re probably starting almost all over now.

  • Macy

    Maybe. Though perhaps she just wanted to talk to him about the book and not being in a movie. Who knows? Though it would be cool for him to do something like that, rather than super dramatic all the time.

  • §

    New pics from CK Encounter at Berlin ‘Soho House party… on santress: