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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Big Apple Dinner with Henry!

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Big Apple Dinner with Henry!

Daniel Craig and his wife Rachel Weisz go out for dinner with her son Henry on Thursday (September 27) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 44-year-old actor and 42-year-old actress went to the gym together for a joint workout session.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Daniel Craig

In case you missed them, check out some brand new stills of Daniel going shirtless in his upcoming James Bond flick Skyfall, which hits theaters on November 9.

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz out for dinner…

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daniel craig rachel weisz big apple dinner with henry 01
daniel craig rachel weisz big apple dinner with henry 02
daniel craig rachel weisz big apple dinner with henry 03
daniel craig rachel weisz big apple dinner with henry 04
daniel craig rachel weisz big apple dinner with henry 05
daniel craig rachel weisz big apple dinner with henry 06
daniel craig rachel weisz big apple dinner with henry 07
daniel craig rachel weisz big apple dinner with henry 08
daniel craig rachel weisz big apple dinner with henry 09
daniel craig rachel weisz big apple dinner with henry 10
daniel craig rachel weisz big apple dinner with henry 11
daniel craig rachel weisz big apple dinner with henry 12
daniel craig rachel weisz big apple dinner with henry 13

Credit: Guillermo Bosch; Photos: INFdaily
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  • suz

    God, he’s not a handsome little fella is he? He’s got his father’s looks – and he was no looker either.

  • ellen

    i love this couple. they always look happy and never show off their relationship. i love that he married within his age group and that she isn’t some plastic surgeried bimbo.

  • Vanessa

    This couple is soooo HOTT!!!!

  • Pretty Pics

    She’s gorgeous.

  • Rachel Girl

    Did Henry get a haircut? So cute!!

  • Rachel Girl
  • Kaif

    They’re awesome together and they’re meant to be with each other. They’d make a cute couple. :D

  • Launa

    They seem really happy together, which I’m glad. They are so in love – you can tell just by how they look at each other. I’m jealous.

  • Lori

    His face always relaxed into a smile when he is with Henry , maybe he wants to be a good stepfather to her son. Love them.

  • Sara

    Henry’s really sweet enough to eat. He looks like an angel looks! Why so adorable?

  • liikkei

    Well, i’m so glad they look kind of real. Needless to say, they are very down-to-earth people.

  • Fariz

    Jared, those pictures are absolutely lovely and thank you for sharing! Happy weekend :-)

  • supermomonga

    I love all three and think they look really great together, seems like chemistry going on!

  • Maria

    @suz: Disagree! He looks so freaking hot on screen. There’s no need for him to be Bond in his real life. He feels happy to being Rachel’s husband and Henry’s father.

  • Amy

    Daniel looks so very happy with his family! BTW why do twitters think that Daniel is hosting on SNL tonight? Daniel and Muse are on october 6th, so next week!

  • Jen

    Aww, so nice to see them together smile!! :)

  • Cris

    How adorable.. Daniel seems like kids a lot ya….. he must be a good dad and support Henry!

  • saintjean

    oh, his sneakers are irresistibly cute! hehe.

  • mary

    I always enjoy seeing photos of Daniel and Rachel together. They both look so happy. And Henry is so cute.

  • Monica

    suz, WTF?!
    Where does a handsome man live if he’s not handsome!>>>>>

  • Helen

    Attractive couple. I approve. Because Daniel/Rachel don’t have a stupid nickname!!!!

  • Yujin

    Amazing!! So much fun and beautiful moments captured. I’m in love with this family, so adorable and cute i just want to hug them forever!

  • Jilia
    Look at the back of his head. His hair has grown out a bit, hasn’t it? Yaaaaaay!

  • terry

    What great pics to wake up to. Nice they start taking Henry out. He seems to enjoy the attention tough. Unlike his stepdad LOL. Great couple.
    Final off days for Daniel, too.

  • Kate

    I am so happy for both Daniel and Rachel. They make such a beautiful and sexy couple. I wish them the best, hope that they last forever.

  • Best 007

    Leaner, meaner, out of control: Daniel Craig says new James Bond film Skyfall is best 007 can be. Get ready for the latest James Bond film – as it hits our screens at the end of October.


    Daniel’s a beautiful man, inside and out. the cutest person you will ever meet and he is loved by everyone. he is shy, sweet and gets nervous but is so nice, it’s surreal how much ladies will love him. the greatest guy ever.

  • Mike

    Just booked our tickets for Skyfall! 27&28!! So excited, I can’t contain myself!!!!!!!!! Yeeeeeees!!

  • Mike

    The boy looks a bit like Henry. I love this film!

  • Ana

    I’m glad to see they all having a good time. They look so relaxed and happy!!

  • Guinness

    Fio, didn’t you post the nekkid mirror pic two days ago? thank you! It looks as tho the paps were taking pics of her son rather than Bond or her….hhhmmm. Or Bond with her son. whatever. The paps didn’t bother them too much I hope, cuz otherwise we wouldn’t have pics of him!!!!
    I love after exercise pics….um.( I am damn glad I dont’ have pap pics after I go exercising-one could use those pics to warn kids of who is NOT ok to approach in case their ball goes into their yard. ) And his calves are too thick for the delicious looking warm up pants he is wearing…so comfy and loose fitting around his wonderful torso area I dream about… Forget Mr. Ford pants—these are my favorite on him. (or off him. dah, huh, Mendel??)

    He is gonna be busy this week–training for SNL and on Yimminey Kimball? damn, alot of morning training for Rache–oooohhhhwwww. lucky girl. luckky luccky lucky lucky girl.

    Mendel–will you please see who you can talk to about getting him on the Simpson’s?? He still has to accomplish that. Fio has gone through all her contacts I think…??? I couldn’t convince him for Bilbo’s cousin–to play “Hobbit Hero”- a sort of Bond hobbit character. Dan said Tom refused to make hobbit vests, or any other pants Dan would wear, out of linen/cotton, the material of choice for Hobbit clothes. So THAT deal fell through. I TRIED!!! You know how designers are particular in their materials. Damn primadonnas they are.

  • Guinness

    yes, awake late.
    we all got issues, man!!

    I love that they combine the old with the new.
    Has anyone asked Dan if his clothes determine the mood he is in? or the mood he is in determines the clothes?
    Look at the pics in the tumblr… the look on his face when he wears his leather jacket? wow.
    And the “I’m approachable and lovable and respectful smirky no teeth lip smile” sweater he wears in the SkyFall interview thingy…
    And then the pics with his newsboy cap on–always piercing eyes into the pap, protectiveness, and then eye avoidance.
    and when he is tux mode–its all business, red carpet, and Bond and rare smiling…

    what does he wear to make him grin ear to ear?
    ah, if I have to answer that, you aint paying attention. huh.

  • Fio
  • Fio
  • Fio

    Look who’s back: Daniel Craig returns as Bond in Skyfall – but can 007′s 23rd big-screen outing live up to the hype?
    Daniel’s stunt double
    By Jon Wilde in Adana, Turkey
    A few yards away, a man standing on the roof of a train, perched midway across a 300ft-high viaduct, is about to hurl himself into the abyss.
    My reckless companion is 30-year-old stuntman Andy Lister. This is his biggest and most challenging job to date. His plunge will form the thrilling climax to the pretitle sequence of Skyfall, as Bond takes a bullet from a most unexpected quarter and seemingly falls to his death.
    We are on the Varda Viaduct, a 560ft-long arched bridge traversing a deep canyon in the remote Adana Province of southern Turkey.

    ‘We’ve completed ten weeks’ intensive rehearsal for this one scene,’ Lister told me earlier.
    ‘Daniel and I sat down and discussed the fight scenes on the train in minute detail.
    ‘In the scene we’re about to film, Daniel has fallen from the train and I need my movements to match Daniel’s as closely as possible. I’ve studied how Daniel runs, how he walks, how he fights. But they’ll still need to do a face replacement in post-production to make me look exactly like Bond.’
    But the risks are high.
    ‘Daniel did the initial shot where he falls a few feet from the train,’ says Lister.
    ‘The rest is up to me. It’s better that I get hurt than Daniel. If he gets hurt the movie comes to a standstill.’
    Crew members attach Lister’s four-point harness supported by two super-strength Tech-12 cables to the giant crane observing the scene from overhead. The sun disappears behind clouds just as we’re ready to shoot.
    The lighting, which must identically match when Craig did the same scene a few days earlier, is now wrong.
    Finally the sun appears from behind the clouds and we’re ready to shoot. The camera helicopter hovers, then zooms in perilously close to the bridge.
    Nervous anticipation stirs among the crew. With his back turned away from the bridge, Andy Lister steadies himself on top of the train, takes a deep breath and then plunges down at breathtaking speed towards the waterfall below.
    Midway, he slams to a halt and, for the next five minutes, dangles in mid air like a puppet while the 200-strong crew break out into a bout of backslapping and high fives.

  • Fio

    Bond special: 007 goes underground, Stig and the stuntmen, in the line of duty and the explosive showdown
    Stig and the stuntmen
    Bond drives the kind of cars that most of us can only dream about.
    As well as the silver Aston Martin DB5, which has appeared in five previous films, Skyfall also features the Jaguar XF and Land Rover Defenders, the latter specially adapted with ‘pods’ on the top allowing stunt drivers to control vehicles while the actors are filmed at the wheel.
    BEN COLLINS (stunt driver, formerly ‘The Stig’ on Top Gear) Daniel is a bit of a petrolhead. I’ve had a lot of fun with him training on airfields and I can tell you he’s got a very heavy right foot! I took him round with the Aston Martin DBS, which is a hell of an aggressive car to drive if you are not a racing driver. He had me wincing. He’s very brave.
    In the line of duty
    JAVIER BARDEM Daniel Craig really knows how to do this and his commitment is incredible. I would arrive on set at 7.30am and he would just be coming out of the gym – and he’d been in there since 6am, after finishing the night before at 11pm. He’s such a great actor too. I was amazed at the quality of what he does.
    GARY POWELL (stunt co-ordinator) Daniel did a lot of his own stunts in Skyfall – riding motorbikes, fighting on the train and in the underground. The train sequence we filmed in Turkey was the most challenging for him – he was flying along at 50mph fighting other actors, at one point 300ft up going across a bridge. That’s intimidating for anyone.

    JANY TEMIME (costume designer) Bond has to be perfectly dressed. He has five suits in total, in blues, greys and black for the tuxedo. The jackets were adapted to accommodate Bond’s gun. But what you see on screen is a fraction of what we had to make. In total we made 200 suits for Daniel and his stunt doubles, all in various stages of distress.

  • Fio

    ‘I was too shy to say hello to Daniel Craig’: Naomie Harris on overcoming nerves to be a Bond girl
    I was too shy to say hello to Daniel.
    I was walking down the hall past where he was having a costume fitting and the assistant director said to me, ‘Do you want to say hello?’ I’m a bit shy, so I said, ‘Well, he’s busy so I won’t disturb him now…’ I just kept walking. Daniel came running out and followed me down the hallway, saying, ‘Where are you going, silly?’ Then he gave me this massive hug and kiss. That kind of sums up my experience of working with Daniel.

    In preparing for Bond I learned how to give an authentic wet shave.
    As well as weapons training, tactical driving and how to exercise, I was taught how to shave by an experienced barber for an intriguing scene with Daniel…

  • Fio

    Daniel Craig ‘looks like he could kill a man’ says James Bond co-star Dame Judi Dench
    Some female fans were won round to Daniel Craig’s portrayal of James Bond by his appearance in swimming trunks in his first 007 outing, but for co-star Dame Judi Dench his appeal lies in the fact that he looks “like he could kill a man”.
    Dame Judi, who plays spymaster M in the film franchise, said Craig was “quite intense” and “fantastic at doing action”.
    She said that while he retained some of the humour essential to the part, he was a “James Bond for today”.
    “I also think he feels like a Bond who could kill a man,” Dame Judi told November’s issue of GQ magazine.
    “That was a conscious decision, really, in the same way that you don’t talk about Bond girls any more, you talk about Bond women. It’s moving with the times.”
    Craig has been seen as a more menacing version of 007 after the clonking double entendres of earlier films exemplified by the eyebrow-arching Roger Moore.
    His Bond debut in Casino Royale opened with a brutal black-and-white fight scene showing the character as a cold-blooded killer.
    However, Dame Judi also spoke about the lighter side of the actor.
    She said: “Perhaps somebody who doesn’t know him might think he was very serious, and he was tense when I first met him, but, gradually, you find he has this sense of humour, which is irresistible.
    “He’s very focused on set, very focused indeed. And he’s quite intense. But, as I say, quite funny too, so the tension is never so much that it affects another person.
    “Of course, Daniel is fantastic at doing action. When I see so many of the stunts he does, I say, ‘You can’t have done that!’ And he’ll say, “Yes, I did.” He’s very impressive.
    “I don’t know what makes him want to do his own stunts, he just likes doing them! He loves to have a go. But he’s so brave.”
    The new Bond film, Skyfall, is out later this month.

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    “It looks as tho the paps were taking pics of her son rather than Bond or her….hhhmmm. Or Bond with her son. whatever. The paps didn’t bother them too much I hope, cuz otherwise we wouldn’t have pics of him!!!!”
    Henry always seems to be in a good mood. Henry friendly to paps while as if Daniel seems to be killing paps. lol

    Adele tweets from the recording of the James Bond theme song for SKYFALL… So happy :)

  • Fio

    Daniel covers GQ November Issue

  • Fio
  • A

    iguhdigsjkgsdkjrgrskdjgnsrljnseriun nawwwwwwsssss!!!!!!! FAVE CAHPAL EVAHHHH ^.^ <3

  • Elle

    Great magazine covers! Daniel looks so gorgeous!!!!!! :’)
    I really hope Esquire learns something from those magazines! What was that all about?

  • Fio

    Daniel speaks Russian in SONY CM.

    Sony в новом фильме “007: координаты Skyfall”

  • Fio
  • Guinness

    sweet baby Hayzues! Fio’s back at work! yey!!
    thank you Fio!
    so, Dan is a leadfoot, Dan has an irresistable humor. Dan spends 4 hours a day as a gym junkie (cuz he likes the choco’late and the Guinness!!). and ya know, if some of us 40+yr old people could afford being a 4hr gym junkie, I wonder if we could attain the body he is sweating out? Dan can fight on a train going 50 mph(65kmh?) whilst going over a very high 300 foot drop. He loves to have a go. He loves making movies. AND he should be nominated “artist of the year” by every concievable award show there is. . he accomplished it.

    and Damn, this movie is leading in technology…and cast…I wonder if we could throw our friends across the pond a statue or two this time around? hhhhmmmmm

    i have seen the above pic before, but couldnt get it to run…hopefully its new to you! its cool. it flashes Dan for a milisecond…

  • Amy

    @Fio: Thank you for the link. Sounds stunning so far! She actually has such an incredible/strong voice..Can’t wait to hear the full track!

  • Rie

    I want to listen the whole song.. so I have not yet heard the preview. I can’t wait for Friday!

  • Fio

    Preview of Adele’s James Bond theme Skyfall emerges online
    A clip of Adele’s James Bond soundtrack for Skyfall has surfaced online.
    She confirmed on October 1st that the song will premiere in full at 00:07am on Friday, October 5th, however in the meantime a snippet of the track has emerged on the internet.

    Written by Adele with producer Paul Epworth Skyfall, from the 23rd Bond film of the same name, is available to pre-order now on iTunes.

    Lyrics from the clip include: ‘Let the sky fall/ When it crumbles/ We will stand tall/ And face it all together.’

    Despite Bond being a British institution, Adele admitted she was initially unsure of taking on the task.

    ‘I was a little hesitant at first to be involved with the theme song for Skyfall.
    ‘There’s a lot of instant spotlight and pressure when it comes to a Bond song,’ she admitted, but after reading the script and coming up with ideas ‘it ended up being a bit of a no-brainer to do it’.
    The Someone Like You singer said that the project was really exciting, adding ‘when we recorded the strings, it was one of the proudest moments of my life’.
    Adele’s Skyfall theme has been described by OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder as ‘the best Bond song in my lifetime’, claiming it should be awarded an Oscar.
    The track has also been welcomed by James Bond fans, with Ajay Chowdhury of the James Bond International Fan Club saying: ‘There are three types of Bond song – one is bold, brassy and sexy like Goldfinger, another is reflective and mournful like You Only Live Twice, and the third is anthemic and adventurous like Live And Let Die.
    ‘Adele’s song is very definitely reflective and mournful. Co-written by her and Paul Epworth, with an arrangement by Epworth and JAC Redford, this 50th anniversary theme is Bondian but very Adele too.
    ‘It’s a beautiful ballad that promises to become a Bondian classic. I can imagine it in the film, underlaid by Daniel Kleinman’s titles – Bond fans are in for an aural treat.’

  • Fio