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Jared Followill & Martha Patterson: First Wedding Photo!

Jared Followill & Martha Patterson: First Wedding Photo!

Check out the first official photo from Kings of Leon rocker Jared Followill‘s wedding to model Martha Patterson.

The 25-year-old bass guitarist tied the knot with Martha, 21, in a private ceremony on Saturday (September 29) in Charlotte, Tenn.

The reception featured a beautiful firework display and a five-tier strawberry cream cake, sources tell The couple worked with event planner Sharon Sacks, who helped plan Jared‘s brother Caleb Followill‘s wedding to Lily Aldridge.

The groom sat next to his BFF, entrepreneur Douglas Chabbott, and Mona frontman Nick Brown. The bride and her mother danced to the Carrie Underwood song “Mama’s Song” during the evening. One of the highlights of the reception was when guests danced to the “Copperhead Road” line dance.

Some of the featured drinks of the evening were “The Firefly,” which was made with sweet tea, vodka, and fresh lemonade, and the “Champagne Cocktail,” with sweet cube and aromatic bitters. Each guest took home a jar full of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

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Photos: Michael Howard
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  • Effy

    Cute! Good for them, it’s their life. Though her head looks too big for her body…

  • maria

    btw, maria #37 is not me.

  • maria

    She really looks like young Jennifer Aniston..

  • Vay

    @C: Oh wow. Real impressive (insert sarcasm). Looks like a glamour shot.

  • Jane

    Everyone is comparing her to Lily – ???. I think she is much better looking than Lily. I don’t get it.

  • Sophia

    Well, good luck to them although I think she is waay too young (both are actually and they have known each other for only about six months only…. I think. Doesn’t exactly scream this marriage is going to be about longevity. Anyway it’s their lives. Oh…not jealous. I’m not really even a fan of his and I’ve never heard of her.

  • Snoop

    they look lovely and i hope they make each other happy. from following on twitter i think she seems v funny and cool, don’t know what all the commotion is about. and she is stunning, come on! i’m sure there are other nice shots where the wedding dress looks to fit well…release more photos!

  • thewriter

    Something tells me these guys (Kings of Leon) are only interested in models. LOL…This will only last until they hit 35, maybe 40? Then they’ll do what every rocker does, look for a new arm candy.

  • A

    @thewriter: Only two of four are married to models…and one of them isn’t an actual professional model so that makes it one of four.
    Nathan and Matthew aren’t with models and Jared isn’t with a professional model, so that makes it one. Caleb.

  • rikki

    well i think she’s cute. they’re a goodlooking couple. but ahh man, she’s only 21! and as far as i know, they haven’t even been a couple long. this is the Followill brother that has been around the block… ew. still, i wish them well.

  • Alexandra

    @maria: That’s what I said in another comment. People don’t say she is a bad person, but they have been following twitter and instagram stuff over the past few months and it was not positive. Even though I’m not a KOL fan myself, btu interested in all these reactions, I had a lot of talks with fans so far. And believe me, most of the people would love to like her, because they love Jared and they want him to be happy. Of course, fangirls are little *****, but that’s not the majority. Those are the girls that tweet Jared directly they want him.
    Martha, or mainly her friends, get into fights with fans, and you see that even right now that her family/friends entered the fanzone. Why doing that if you claim you don’t care? It’s not healthy. You can’t compare your feelings towards your cousin or sister with what fans think. It’s so stupid. I would rather enjoy that my best friend or a family member is happy, than going through every kinds of comments and keep saying how awesome that girl is, because it makes you look silly. And that is what keeps this “fight” going.

  • Cassandra

    She is exquisite. So lovely. Natural and radiant.


  • Lottie

    Such a weird wedding photo to release. I’d have thought there would be something more intimate, instead she looks likes she stealing the limelight.
    I don’t have any problem with this girl at all but I haven’t heard particularly nice things about her, there seems to be an ego there, but then Jared has one too so perhaps it’s a match made in heaven.

  • florence

    she is pretty but he is so gorgeous it’s kind of overpowering her.

  • A

    He has been engaged once before….I wonder why they broke the engagement? Did someone cheat? Just wondering.

  • eva

    they look great!

  • maria

    I understand your point, thanks for saying it politely.
    I still think all this criticism is exaggerate, especially since it’s all focused on saying how ugly she and her dress are (which I believe is just ridiculous, since she’s looking amazing and at least 80% of us would probably kill to have a body like hers).. It makes no sense to me: the girl is tweeting nasty thing so I’m going on gossip sites to say that she’s ugly and her dress bad taste, bla, bla, bla..
    But- ehi!- to each their own..

  • Dana

    They are such a great couple! She is really beautiful … I prefere a bride like her …so natural …

  • jennie87

    Are you all jealous or what???
    She’s WAY prettier than Lily! Lily is ugly and plain boring – just like her dress at her wedding.
    This girl has a wonderful dress and from her tweets she seems funny and sarcastic, just like Jared. While Lily is beyond boring , I even stopped following her. Lily is like “goodmorning xoxo” “happy birthday :) ” “I’m doing yoga , yay” and stuff like that. Besides she can’t even write without misspelling a couple of words every tweet.
    Martha is funny and looked amazing” and so did her beautiful dress. The girl has got some spine, can’t say the same about your beloved Lily.

  • A

    @jennie87: How mature of you to compare the two *heavy sarcasm*-
    I think Lily is sweet and adorable, even to her fans.
    How can you dislike Lily!? Seriously…she’s like the sweetest girl ever.
    I don’t have anything bad to say about Martha because unlike you I don’t pit women against each other like an immature twat.
    Also, Lily is far from ugly. That girl is gorgeous and has a lovely bone structure that photographs well. I bet if she was a little taller she would be doing high fashion just like her sister but be even more successful!
    As for her dress, I thought it suited her frame well. I don’t like Martha’s dress all that much….the top part looks like lingerie, like a bustier. A dress unfinished.
    The feathers are lovely though.

  • Emily

    I think YOU ALL need to get some lives and seek professional help for your obsession! You don’t know these people and you NEVER will. Stop talking like you know them, it’s disturbing! Get off your computer, stop stalking, and live your own damn lives! You can be a fan, but there is a fine line between fan and stalker.

  • CarleeJ

    @TexasLady: The thing is Martha was rude to begin with to the fans. Nothing that you say is going to change their opinions about her and your comments are making Martha look quite pathetic. I’m sure she is a nice person but she just didn’t know when to insert her foot into her mouth. Jealousy is not a pretty thing and it just shows her insecurity in their relationship. Maybe she needs to take some advice from the lovely Jessie, Lily, and Johanna. I hope for Jared’s sake it works out. After all, she did control his wild ways. All in all she looks killer and I’m sure the wedding was beautiful.

  • CaliforniaLady

    I think it’s HILARIOUS how Alisa posted stuff about him on Instagram before the wedding. Jared & her were such a cuter couple! Lily, Johanna, and Jessie are 10000000000000000000x nicer than Martha. She needs to take some tips from them. Most people would like her if she wasn’t a meanie head in the start. Whatever though, hope it works for Jared’s sake.

  • What

    @CaliforniaLady: What did she post on instagram?

  • Emily

    PSYCHO’S! YOU ARE ALL PSYCHO’S! Are you actually looking at what you are typing! You do NOT know Lily Aldridge, Johanna Followill, Jessie Baylin, or Martha Patterson, and if you did, I am sure they would never be friends with people who are so mean and weird! All you little weirdos need help, you are cray, cray!lol

  • Angela

    I think martha looks beautiful! And it is a shame that people are so mean to someone they don’t know. I guess its the nature of the beast. I for one refuse to spread unnecessary negativity into the world. Congrats to them!

  • Katie

    Tbh, it was Martha’s friends, not herself, getting into ‘fights’ on twitter with some fans. It’s only naturally to want to protect or defend people close to you – I did read some of the tweets people sent her and some of the things people say is just ridiculous. People complain that they post too many personal pictures on instagram but millions of other couples do so. They just get hate because Jared’s in a popular band. All things aside- he look’s handsome and I like that fact she didn’t go over the top with the jewellery or makeup. I did prefer Lily’s dress though.

  • Ryanne86

    The people who are rude deserve to have their lives looked at under a microscope! It’s so easy from behind a fake name with no picture. People getting on to Martha for “not being a model” should just drop it. She’s never come out and introduced herself that way, anyhow. It’s random people like you and I that let our fingers go on these keyboards that labeled her, and it stuck. She’s absolutely stunning! Are you blind?! Of course she could be a model. Mind you as well, she’s only 21. If you’re not seeing her in print, that very well may be why. She’s so young. You all may put your foot in your mouth when you see her being successful. Jealousy is always an ugly color.

  • @Ryanne86

    Do you live under a rock? Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, Barbara Palvin and even Kate Upton, are all models under the age 21 who are far more successful than this wannabe.You don’t label yourself as a model or even associate with the word if you have absolutely no experience in this field! Being just skinny and tall does not mean you can be a model. How ignorant can you possibly be?

  • noname

    Martha does not owe you people anything. Get over this whole “she did not get off on the right foot with the fans” crap. Who the hell are you? I’ve only ever seen her and her friends bullied on twitter. It’s pathetic and sad. He’s married, he’s happy, and you never had a chance. Move along. I think those kids in One Direction are single. Try and marry one of them, k?

  • muze

    She is a million times prettier (and taller) than lily. I can’t believe you guys would even compare martha to her. Although i must admit this picture of her looks a little unflattering. looked like she got a tan or maybe it’s the lighting or whatever but you should definitely check out her other pics. She’s a goddess. You should see her next to lily too. Then you comment.