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Katie Holmes Picks Suri Up From Ballet Class

Katie Holmes Picks Suri Up From Ballet Class

Katie Holmes shows off her stripes while out and about on Saturday (September 29) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress stopped by a local dance studio and picked up her adorable daughter Suri, 6, before heading home.

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In case you missed it, make sure you check out Katie‘s former Dawson’s Creek co-star Joshua Jackson chatting about a recent conversation they had while he was doing an interview on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.

FYI: Katie is wearing the Roger Vivier Prismick Flats.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes picking Suri up from ballet class…

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Credit: Jayme Oak; Photos: INFdaily
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    this is the absolute complete truth, THIS IS NO JOKE!!!!!
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  • Suri the meal ticket

    Gosh, Kho looks so old!

  • tsquared

    This is the way to do it, to protect Suri from the paps. She somehow got Suri to the ballet lesson w/o the paps and then immediately leaves and gets in a car. No parading around for pap ops.

  • jenn

    @Suri the meal ticket

    Yes, she looks much older than what she is.

  • Tam

    She picks her clothes from the trash, obviously.

  • DB

    Why, Why, Why is this even NEWS?

    When she gets a part in a movie and is doing press for it, then THAT would make sense being called news.

  • Sarah

    I think the divorce is the best thing that could have happened to Suri. Just look at the difference in her life between this year and last year. Last year she was totally sheltered, no friends, homeschooled by Scientologists, only allowed to dress in fancy clothes, now she is going to school, making friends, acting like a normal little girl. It is obvious to see who was driving that old way of raising her. As for Tom, he’s not even bothering to see her so what kind of father is he anyway?

  • Hamlet

    Where are you getting that she had no friends and was only allowed to dress fancily, #7? So what if she was being homeschooled?

    He’s the kind of father that provides for his kids and by being a responsible employee on projects

  • Lolia

    Suri is so cute! The most beautiful baby in the world! Not like the ugly child of Jessica Alba and fat harper beckham

  • tsquared


    Hamlet you are such a cult member and such a twit. Do you honestly think adding to his $250 million fortune is being a responsible parent? Do you honestly think that the movie will shut down if he leaves London on a Friday night and returns on a Sunday? His private jet has a friggin’ bed in it. He can sleep there. But don’t forget your idol has said he needs no more than four hours of sleep a night, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

    And Tom already has $250 million dollars in his bank account. Exactly what is he providing for his kids? How much do they need? Although extravagant they don’t seem to be like the Trumps with gold faucets, cribs etc. So how much more money does he need to provide for them.

    And Hammie you really are an idiot if you think going for what is now TWO months without seeing your daughter at age six is okay. At this young age children change from day-to-day, week-to–week. And he is knowingly missing all of this. How stupid is that? Really stupid if you ask me. Not to mention she needs her dad in her life on a regular basis. Ask any divorced kid who isn’t a spoiled twit if they’d rather have more money or their dad in their lives. What exactly do you think they would answer.

    So shame on you Hamlet for defending an indefensible absence. If he was a soldier fighting for his country, or a business person (blue or white collar) that had to go overseas for a couple of months in order for the family to survive, that would be fine. But you defend someone with $250 million dollars (that is the public numbers it could be higher), their own private plane, and as you have pointed out–the most popular actor in the world–you defend his choice not to visit Suri because he has to make more money and the entire planet will shut down if he flies off for a day or weekeknd?

    Your obsession with him shames you as a person.

  • Margie Cisneros

    She needs a makeover! Complete overhaul of image. She looks double her age. She looks frumpy and ill kept. Yes, she is busy taking care of Suri, I get that. I wont comment on her motherly obligations because I only see her running all over New York with her daughter. But she is losing her sense of self. The sense of who she is; what she is all about. As an actor, it matters how the public sees her, the image we are looking at, on a daily basis it seems, is not one that exemplies who we would want to see in a movie or on Broadway. She looks old beyond her years. She looks worn out and haggard. Now, even if we see her in her most beautiful, made up glory on the cover of a beauty magazine, we remain unimpressed, because we already have a vision, we know, who the real KH is. She is the gal with the juxtaposition of silly garments thrown on when she is out. Outfits that not only don’t make sense, but look excruciatingly unflattering on her. A gal that bunches her uncombed hair peppered with grays, into a sloppy pony tail. One who won’t swipe some Vaseline on her dried up lips, to liven up her face. Does he even wash her face to get the cobwebs out of her eyes in the mornings?? An actress and so called fashion designer that doesn’t take the time to zipper up her silly boots. Even when she knows her photos WILL be taken. I do feel ad for her. I think she relies on her child for companionship. And even though she may have projects coming up, she is there for the job. Not to give to the public, or her fans, a piece of the Katie Holmes we would all love to see. The look of a professional who is true to who she is. Someone with signature qualities that we can admire her for. KH is empty, boring and non eventful. She seems very lost. I hope she finds herself. For the sake of her. If not, she should hang up the gloves and find a place in a normal society outside of Hollywood.

  • Gun Svenson


    You must be obsessed by Katie to write all coments about her clothes or legs and so on,,,,
    What is the point?
    Ok aperson dresses bad and have ugly legs,what are they supposed to do?Jump from the tower?
    No i must say before i didnt like Katie but now she is up to something,,maybe she wants to be photografed to tease Tom?And maybe she dosent care?
    Well i like Tom too hes a great actor

  • Gun Svenson

    And i really like her brown boots but she should straighten her body and not be embarrased about her length.Suri is very beautiful

  • Todd

    As along time employee of a huge dept store, both in L.A. and New York, I have had many, many encounters with K Holmes. Our store is one of her favorite stores, where she has practically lived at for years. Until her divorce. She no longer comes in with the frequency as before. If at all. She used to shop blindly. The sky was the limit. I believe she probably is in a very different financial place now. She did seem lonely then, as she does now. With the exceptional appearances with her mother, her outings were either alone or with Suri. I never once saw her with a friend or companion. I agree, KH needs more friendships. She seemed lonel back then. By the looks of photos, it’s evident her life has become that much more isolated.

  • Sincerely concerned

    She seems very lonely. Hopefully her confidence coach is helping her to be happy with herself. Understood that she is going through a lot now. But

  • chippy


    who cares what you have to say Hamlet?

    Do you have an altar set up in your apt of Tom and Katie?

    Take your blinders off.

  • ck

    who makes her black bag?