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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dapper in a suit on the set of his film The Wolf of Wall Street on Friday (September 28) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor got into character as he filmed a night scene in front of Trump Tower.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Earlier in the week, Leo was joined on set by his co-star Margot Robbie, who previously starred on the short-lived ABC series Pan Am.

The Wolf of Wall Street is about a New York stockbroker (DiCaprio), who refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration.

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Credit: Darla Khazei; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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738 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!”

  1. 1
    punk Says:

    # if Leo has a bad-hair day we shall all know about it thanks to the numerous shoots. thanks!! :))

  2. 2
    Tua Says:

    He has to thank his acting career for lifetime to Martin Scorsese. Because he is a dreadful actor.

  3. 3
    Cassie Says:

    @Tua: Leo has been a great actor since he was a kid and way before he met Scorsese. He has 3 Oscar noms, 1 Golden Globe, he worked with all the best directors and everyone wanna work with him, so maybe they know better than you who is a dreadful actor or not ;)

  4. 4
    punk Says:

    you are entitled to your opinions, just wonder what you’d be doing here? And so nice that you are more worried about Leo’s career than your own :))

  5. 5
    oLeo Says:

    his hair is wavy haha
    @Tua the critics don’t agree with you :)

  6. 6
    Message Says:

    Holy hotness.

  7. 7
    Indian Girl Says:

    There you go! Thanks JJ! I was hoping you’d post them here:).

  8. 8
    tom Says:

    looking good! Mr. Dicaprio!

  9. 9
    Tua Says:

    Hmm. no. I’m not worried about him at all. Its just an opinion. Btw Thanks for taking your time in my opinion. Lol

  10. 10
    punk Says:

    well that is fortunate. I don’t expect he’d be worried either. but thanks for noticing anyway :))

  11. 11
    lg Says:


  12. 12
    New bio Says:

    Has anyone read this new bio book out about leo?! Its says that his Dad did drugs around him all the time as a youngster and that when Leo was 6 his Dad told him how he lost his virginity at that age……also speaking of which it says Leo lost his virginity to an older woman when he was a teen, pretty interesting stuff!!

  13. 13
    lookin good Says:

    Haha if looks could kill leo….think they were filming sexx scenes, may explain the messed up hair ;)

  14. 14
    Greg Says:

    Lookin good leoooo

  15. 15
    pic Says: leo during the week…..ARM MUSCLES!!

  16. 16
    confim Says:

    @new bio….I’ve heard that about Leo losing his virginity before to a 32 year old woman he was only 17/18….clearly it turned him off older women for good haha!! Still pretty messed up though…

  17. 17
    global citizen Says: Erin’s global citizen vid….wonder will Leo go to the event this weekend…

  18. 18
    grey Says:

    #12 Dam thats some Christian Grey 50 shades of messed up shizz

  19. 19
    saz Says: This is an extract from said book, it was posted on the other thread before……lucky kristen is all i have to say! Anyway he’s looking so good lately, scorcese really brings out the best in him!! Also after reading an account from his Django co start on what a good kisser he is i officially CANNOT WAIT for that movie!! ROLL ON DECEMBER

  20. 20
    coco Says:

    This shoot seems to be going 24/7…..does he ever have time off??!

  21. 21
    wtf Says:

    Why and how did the only manage to get one pic, these are just the same pic from different zoom levels wer’re not that dumb…..hopefullt x17 etc will get more but still lokkin good leo #rantover

  22. 22
    nom Says: This pic actually makes me drool…….

  23. 23
    Alicia Says:

    Sorry, but I don’t find him so attractive and so talented as people say, i prefer Brad Pitt over him.

  24. 24
    @New bio Says:

    That’s just pieces taken from tabloids over the years.There is nothing new we don’t know…. unless no one has ever read the Star, People, Equirer…

  25. 25
    @global citizen#17 Says:

    that was filmed last year. god, does she take herself seriously in that vid or what.

  26. 26
    @global citizen#17 Says:

    that vid was made last year. boy, does she take herself seriously or what?
    if leo finds the time to attend, he won’t be the only one I guess many people will attend the festival…. and it is not necessarily because of her.

  27. 27
    Fan Says:

    Thanks JJ. I think the filming ended in the early morning.

  28. 28
    oLeo Says:

    @Alicia , I prefer Leo.He is so interesting,so adorable,so unique,so doesn’t give a f*ck haha his eyes his smile his strut etc etc :D

  29. 29
    filipa Says:

    He loves asians :)

  30. 30
    Tua Says:

    @ punk OH. You’re welcome. Hahaha. Calm down and relax mate :)

  31. 31
    Fan Says:

    He was filming with Cristin Milioti -

  32. 32
    @Global Citizen Says:

    So Erin will be a host just as Selena Gomez, Sophia Bush, Olivia Wilde and Katharine McPhee. I guess the age average of the GC festival hosts will be 23, right?

  33. 33
    Enough Says:

    Please enough of these Global Citizen poverty whatever it’s called vids or links or names….!!!! It has nothing to do with Leo. This topic is about Leo filming late last night.

  34. 34
    Notyou Says:

    He deserves an Oscar. And very well deserved.

  35. 35
    No dog collar Says:

  36. 36
    @35 No dog collar?... Says:

    … you have to be kiddin’
    You actually expect her to give up on her best PR jewel…?

  37. 37
    rose Says:

    Why are people posting about Erin on this thread? It’s about Wolf on Wall Street night shoot. If you prefer Brad then go to Brad thread. Why come here if you don’t like the actor? Do you get a kick out of bashing Leo? I wouldn’t waste my time on people I don’t like. Leo is a great actor period. Always has been and he gets better each year, thanks Jared for the pictures.

  38. 38
    @35 Says:

    WTF? Studying and analysing her jewellery now? Staking out photos old and new? You are truly posessed and obsessed. Poor Leo that crazy woman on gawker is not the only one he needs protection from.
    His nutjob stans are obviously multiple.

  39. 39
    Yeah! Says:

    @36: PR jewelry? I don`t think many people – other than the ones who post here or on their bz thread – know about that necklace. That Leo`s old friend is the designer.
    This is my personal opinion but if it`s indeed a PR jewelry I don`t thin it`s PR for her relationship to Leo. More like to the designer. I just simply don`t ( want to ) believe that Leo would give basically identical gifts to his girlfriends. I don`t see him as jackpot as a boyfriend but I just don`t think he would do that. I haven`t seen one on Blake Lively or on Gisele. Bar wore it a lot in public ( maybe she still does but I don`t bother to read about her ) and Erin is also pictured a lot in the jewelry. Erin`s best friend has one. There was a link posted ( here or on bz ) to an article about her fav items. One was the necklace. I personally don`t think it was a gift from Leo and I don`t think it`s any indication of their relationship status. But as I said it`s JMO.
    About Global Citizen. Leo tweeted about it, Lukas and Jonah Hill are linked to the cause/concert so it`s not only about Erin.

  40. 40
    @Yeah! Says:

    I have to agree with almost everything you mentioned.
    As for the Global Citizen Festival, GETTYIMAGES have posted many pictures of the performers and the speakers. We can see Petra Nemcova, Olivia Wilde, Selena G., Katherine McFee, Katie Couric, John Legend…. but not a single photo of Erin.

  41. 41
    haha Says:

    @Yeah! Agree mostly, but I am sure that the neckalce was a gift from leo, I saw a erin insider/erin person say it was a holiday gift from him. Bar wore hers until they broke up, and hasn’t worn it since…so I guess erin is gonna do the same!
    I wonder what leos gonna do this weekend?

  42. 42
    Yeah! Says:

    Well, I stick to my opinion on this one.

  43. 43
    @haha Says:

    …??? Bar also wore the heart necklace by Jennifer Meyer (another possible gift from Leo) way after they broke up.
    There is no statement anywhere that Leo gave the necklaces to those girls as gifts. They could have bought them themselves simply because they liked what JM did. And I very well agree with Yeah! wearing the necklace has any indication of the relationship status.

  44. 44
    true Says:

    come on, the necklace was obviously a gift from leo, she has no association with jennifer meyer before leo, then when she meets leo, she starts wearing the necklace a few days after chrismas? Duh. An apparent erin insider says it was a gift from leo. Bar never wore the neckalce after the breakup, which was a gift from leo as well. Any person could get the correlation.

  45. 45
    LOL Says:

    …looking desperately boring…yawn!

  46. 46
    @44 Says:

    Sorry, but Bar had more than one necklace designed by Jennifer Meyer. And she did wear the heart one after they broke up. there are pics to prove it.

  47. 47
    @40 Says:

    you’re right. even JJ has a topic about Global Citizen Festival but no pics or mention of Erin.

  48. 48
    haha Says:

    @46 true she did wear teh heart necklace after, but I don’t think she wore the leaf one after the breakup, and on her BZ thread, apparently that was the one that leo gave her. Just thought I’d bring it up, it at least seems to me the necklace represents a status in the relationship.
    In the begining of august when she looked all pissy and leo was partying, she wasn’t wearing her necklace, then they got back together and it came back on. Just some things I noticed is all

  49. 49
    Yeah! Says:

    Obviously? Why? Jennifer could have given her after they met ( through Leo ). It has nothing to do with the fact that they didn’t know each other before Leo. I assume Bar didn’t know JM before Leo. JM gets publicity by these models wearing her necklace. Insider? You know this insider personally or you read it somewhere? I speak for myself but this is the first time I ever hear about inside info about Erin and Leo…
    I still stick to my opinion. How come Lively didn’t get this apparently uniform gift?

  50. 50
    Yeah! Says:

    @48: They got back together? They broke up just because there were no sightings or was it another inside info? I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rude but I think people talk way too much into this JM jewelry thing and jump into to conclusions. Now she has been wearing the necklace but there hasn’t been even one simple tweet sighting of them together since Labor Day weekend. I just think it’s too much fuss about nothing when it comes to that necklace. JMO.

  51. 51
    haha Says:

    @yeah I Saw on an erin tumblr that erin is friends with, And the tumblr said that she knew from erins family that the e necklace was from leo. And yeah in the begining of August they obviously broke up. Erin moaned around, leo went out parting every night, her friends tweeted her support. Then they got on a weekend trip to nantucket then its back on. I think its pretty symbolic of the relationship. Do I think thats lame that a necklace stands for a status of a relationship? Absolutly. But its obvious thats what it is.
    As much as people would like to think its not symoblic of the relationship(lamely) it is.

  52. 52
    Yeah! Says:

    I respect your opinion but I absolutely disagree. About the necklace being the indicator of their relationship status. Because right now she wears it but they haven’t been seen together for weeks. Im not saying that they necessarily broke up just I don’t buy it that he gives them identical gifts and they are both ( Erin and Bar ) would use the same gift from the same designer to wear it according to their relationship status. Agreeing on disagreeing.

  53. 53
    haha Says:

    @yeah respect your opinion,
    but just because we haven’t spotted leo “out” with jonah in the past week or so does that mean that they have stoped hanging out? Which is quite shocking latley that leo has not been parting like he was for a while, which is what makes me think they’re still togethe, cause you know when leonardo is single. point is, just because they haven’t been spotted doesn’t mean anything. Same think with leo and lukas, kevin, jonah ect.

  54. 54
    Yeah! Says:

    I see your point but in Jonah’s case it’s a week and in Erin’s a little more than that. Leo was partying the last two or three weekends based on tweets. At the same time I don’t think it’s necessarily over. I know it’s contradicting I just think work ( and his friends ) are priority right now not her. Lame as you said it. Just like in NOLA. Also there have been Leo sightings in NYC with friends or alone ( bike rides, clubs, eating out ) but not with her for a while.

  55. 55
    @haha Says:

    FYI, Leo was spotted at 1oak last Saturday night. A certain “Vanessa” tweeted him being there. At the same time, Erin was in Vegas dancing with Lukas. I thought I’d mention it. Because Leo is still partying.

  56. 56
    haha Says:

    @55 leo has still been parting, just not as much as he does when hes single.
    @Yeah true, its been alot of stuff by himself. tho I will say to “actually” seems like she had to work..shocking I know. But since shes been back, shes been quiet(on her twitter account) and leos been quiet besides being on set. And with the necklace still being on, those are my reasons thinking their still together.

  57. 57
    Elle Says:

    Leo’s been spotted in Vegas. If he and Erin were still together he would have gone to the festival not flown across the country.

  58. 58
    Yeah! Says:

    @57: Also he was seen in a NYC club last night ( tweet just like the Vegas sighting ).

  59. 59
    me Says:

    aaaaaaararararagghhh!!!!!!!! who cares about necklaces and the endless conjecture of his relationship status., cant wait for his movie, wonder why he’s banging off so many movie at once, he’ll probably have a long, long break after all the publicity commitments are over.

  60. 60
    club Says:

    erin was probably at the club last night with leo, she didn’t tweet at all from the concerts last night. It seems to me she left her own event last night to go spend time with leo, nice.

  61. 61
    @club Says:

    ??? she did tweet.

  62. 62
    haha Says:

    true she did tweet, but at like 2 in the morning. She was probably there with leo…shes always there.

  63. 63
    @haha Says:

    …hmmm she is not always there. she sure wasn’t last week and the week before.

  64. 64
    Just thinking Says:

    @haha: They’re over. Why is it so in her case, people have to presume she must be with leo? Leo in vegas on a free weekend after days of working hard doesn’t rush to meet his “girlfriend” instead chooses to hang out with random people.

  65. 65
    Yeah! Says:

    @club: You can`t be sure whether she was there. You can assume. Tweets don`t mention her. Tweets rarely mention a tall blonde with him.
    @64: How do you know he was in Vegas? There was a tweet about him being in a club in NYC. He worked late on Friday night ( see above photos ) and I think he continues working tomorrow. Other than that other tweet what makes you think he was in Vegas and more importantly that they are over?

  66. 66
    sarah Says:

    the Vegas tweet is no less reliable than the NY one as both tweeted it was someone they know who saw Leo.
    Now, after all the excitement and preparation she was going through for her glorious couple of minutes of speaking to the crowd at the Global thing event, i just hope Leo attended the damn thing. after all, it meant a lot to her and like any normal boyfriend, it would be only natural for him to support her, no? or at least celebrate afterwards….

  67. 67
    Philly Says:

    I agree with everything you’ve said 100%.
    But I won’t waste time arguing it here if I were you.
    Where are Message, Canada Girl, Geez et al?

  68. 68
    Yeah! Says:

    @Philly: Do you really think it was an argument? I think it was a polite discussion between two people with different opinion. That`s not necessarily an argument.
    @sarah: I agree. Both the Vegas and NYC sightings were tweets and one of them has to be false obviously.

  69. 69
    @sarah Says:

    …both tweets can also be false.

  70. 70
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Philly: Here I am…!!! I’ve had a cold for the last few days, so I’m laying low. Plus I have been working my butt off. I’m at a new job and the learning curve is pretty steep. Fun though. I like the challenge.
    Wow. Leo does the 80s well. He looks really good. His face looks beautiful with that intensity. Oddly, the suit that he’s wearing is (semi) in style right now. There’s been a movement for a few designers towards looser fits along this vein. I personally look awful in clothes like this (tall, skinny gal), but he pulls it off nicely.
    I am very, very excited about Django. This is a complete departure for LD and I’m glad to see him take on a role that is dastardly and gritty. Plus, he’s taking a supporting role, which is a big departure. I recall Nicholson saying (and I’m paraphrasing here) that he would not dismiss a role because it was supporting. As long as he was working with interesting, dynamic people and had good material he would take the role. I’ve seen Nicholson in a lot of stuff – almost all of it actually – and some of the roles Nicholson took were diverse, to say the least, but it’s those roles and films that made him memorable.
    Hmm… I’m kind of wondering if Leo took this role to gauge how the audience accepts him with this type of material? He has the rights to “The Devil in White City”, which I really want to see hit the screen. Does anyone know what the deal is with “Brave New World”? It’s one of my favourite books and I’d like to see a quality movie made.
    Back to work. Later, Leo-fans.

  71. 71
    ROne Says:

    River Phoenix was a better actor and more beautiful. That is all.

  72. 72
    zeeke Says:


    What a load that biography is. Kristen would never talk like that. Leo is an immature ass with a Jekyll and Hyde personality. The only thing that has changed is he is getting fugly. The babyface is not aging well. Serves him right.

  73. 73
    FYI Says:

    ELLE(@57) was right. Leo was definitely in Vegas this weekend.
    Tweet from Robin Leach
    Robin Leach‏@Robin_Leach

    Interesting that #Leonardo Dicaprio in LV @wknd. Wonder if Titanic star saw #JustinBieber’s Titanic takeoff in MGM Sunday show?

  74. 74
    @73 Says:

    More from Vegas:
    Big weekend for #celeb visits at our #Vegas restaurant. @LeoDicaprio, @EthanSuplee and @WendyWilliams all dined with us yesterday!
    So you have your answer of where Leo was hanging this weekend.:)

  75. 75
    FYI Says:

    More tweet
    What does Leonardo DiCaprio eat when he visits Rao’s? Meatballs, seafood salad and lemon chicken to name a few. We hosted the Oscar-winner, along with Ethan Suplee and friends yesterday.

    So the tweet from the lady who mentioned her friend was partying with DiCaprio in a Vegas hotel room was absolutely correct.

  76. 76
    Huh? Says:

    @75, @73
    So what? Now what?
    You’re a desperate loon to be following his movements so obsessively!

  77. 77
    @FYI#75 Says:

    Here it was – from late Saturday night (Sept. 29)
    Kath Kirkcaldie‏@Kath_Kirk

    Friend just text me to casually say she’s just “chilling out in the hotel in Vegas with Leo Di Caprio”. Not annoying at all.

  78. 78
    @Huh Says:

    … a little frustrated?:)

  79. 79
    Yeah! Says:

    @76: All it takes is reading his bz thread. It`s all there.

  80. 80
    Huh? Says:

    A little desperate? Pic spamming not having the desired effect?

  81. 81
    Giddy Says:

    If Erin meant anything to Leo he would have been supporting her at the festival, not partying in Vegas with his friends. By choosing to go there just for a day and a half and not support her, he made a clear statement.

  82. 82
    Sarah Says:

    The funny thing is that Erin was in Vegas the weekend before while Leo remained in NY…???

  83. 83
    paradise Says:

    And I had Delmonico steak last night. Oohhh

  84. 84
    Philly Says:


  85. 85
    Well Says:

    I wish I had Leo’s drive and energy and health. Filming a late night scene, flying to Vegas the same day, partying and enjoying friends and good restaurants for two days and being back to work on an early Monday morning… I am very very jealous.

  86. 86
    Vegas Says:

    L’Erin is a very casual relationship. He does what he wants and she doesn’t bat an eye. If it works for them that’s good, but don’t try to sell them as a serious couple. They’re a relationship of convenience. She wants the notoriety that comes with being his official girlfriend, and he wants to divert attention from his afterhours activities with random club chicks.

  87. 87
    @Vegas Says:

    … can we call what you describe a “relationship”? What girl would actually accept this type of behavior from a guy? I don’t know many, for sure. Many

  88. 88
    @87 Says:

    Yes we can. Check other Leo jj posts. Especially 2010, this is EXACTLY how he operates and his girlfriends take it for the fame or no one would know who they were otherwise.

  89. 89
    Barfbot alert Says:

    Barf definitley did. She and her parents were always begging Leo to take her back after he dumped and cheated on her like they famously harrassed David Charvet when he dumped her too.

  90. 90
    Yeah! Says:

    @@Vegas: I agree with you but you opened up Pandora`s box about his ex…
    He picks his girlfriends based on several criteria like age, looks, occupation, low self esteem and accepting his ways. Erin is no exception.

  91. 91
    Vegas Says:

    Erin is American and has a contract with a major label. She may not put up with him for five years like Bar did. On the other hand, she and Leo had mutual friends before they started being photographed together. They could have had arrangement from the start of their relationship. If he wants to get married, this could be the kind of wife he is looking for.

  92. 92
    Vegas Says:

    I opened up a Pandora’s box? I didn’t bring up his past relationships. What he was doing in Vegas last weekend has no bearing them. Bar was no different, but she is in the past.

  93. 93
    Yeah! Says:

    She might have a contract with a major label but she is pretty far from a major career even with a famous boyfriend. I doubt he is looking for a wife and I also doubt he would marry an obedient puppy ( if he ever gets married ).
    The Pandora’s box comment was for @Vegas #87.

  94. 94
    @Yeah Says:

    Because you don’t think her career is doing well – and I assume you would say the same of the next Leo girlfriend – does not remove from the fact that she appears to be doing well compared to before. Sorry

  95. 95
    Philly Says:

    Thanks for your input, interesting analysis.
    *Waves* @Canada Girl

  96. 96
    Yeah! Says:

    No, I don’t think her career is going that well. What makes you think she has a major career going on? I don’t see her in fashion magazines and not that much at VS. I know she walked at fashion week but I honestly don’t see a rising star or a major career. This is just my opinion and I don’t really care about your assumptions. Sorry. People disagree and there’s nothing wrong with that. :)

  97. 97
    @Yeah Says:

    ‘People disagree and there’s nothing wrong with that’ – True and I was disagreeing with you but you obviously could not handle that. Hence a mini essay on how a flop Erin is from Leo’s most deranged fan.
    And if you don’t care about my assumptions Leda why respond?

  98. 98
    Philly Says:

    Agreed on all counts and I don’t believe Kristen would have said that either.
    @97 Do what I and some others do. Respond to some and ignore those you dislike. Saves this thread from rancour and turning.

  99. 99
    Yeah! Says:

    I can handle different opinion. I was simply posting my opinion without trying to convince anyone to agree with me. Like the other day about the significance of Erin’s necklace. We disagreed yet we could have a normal conversation without insulting each other or forcing our opinion on each other. I hoped it can happen again but apparently not in your case. Having a discussion about something we disagree on is not being able to handle different opinion and it automatically turns me into ‘the most deranged fan’ according to you. Interesting that it only happens when you are around.
    For the record I never said Erin is a flop. It’s your way of putting my opinion the she doesn’t have a major career going on. That’s how you read my comment but that’s not how I meant it.

  100. 100
    Sarah Says:

    So despite our differences of opinions towards the type of relationship Leo has with his VS model, we all agree on one thing: he wasn’t around when she spoke at her very important Global Citizen Festival that lasted two days in NY, even if Leo is filming in NY at the moment. Instead, he prefered to spend the weekend in Vegas with friends. Right? If Erin is ok with this, in my book, she is way more stupid than I imagined.
    Even old married couples who live under mutual agreements try their best to at least support what is important to their mates.

  101. 101
    Joe Says:


    If a really average porno model is stupid how stupid is her pr team?

  102. 102
    Gay Says:


    Yeah he was looking for american porno-poverty star with a contract with a major label. Of course he does understand that nobody except a ho can be his future wife or official gf.

  103. 103
    Yeah! Says:

    Taryn ‏@TarynT23
    Leonardo DiCaprio is also at 1Oak ? ….. Oh there BETTER be pics later ! B*tches don’t slip when they stalk that m*thaf*cka !

  104. 104
    Geez Says:

    Is Leo a sharholder at 1Oak or something?
    For almost 6 years NY always read about him partying at this very spot.
    It seems he practically lives there!

  105. 105
    Yeah! Says:

    I think he is good friends with the owner ( or one of the owners ) Richie Akiva. But it is sure one of his favorite spots in NYC.

  106. 106
    Vegas etc. Says:

    Wow, what a Double Standard. Erin goes to Vegas while Leo is presumed to be working on a weekend for WOWS and that’s OK. Now Leo goes to Vegas while his gf is on lockdown for a charity event and it’s a problem, he’s unsupportive and she’s dumb, etc. Let the idiocy that is JJ threads continue.

  107. 107
    Geez Says:

    Fair enough he’s pals with the owner. But damn! he seems to be constantly on the lash. I’m younger and I’m jaded/tired just thinking about it. lol

  108. 108
    Yeah! Says:

    @106: I don’t see the double standard. Erin had an important event going on in NYC but instead of showing some support Leo chose to go to Vegas ( and this is a cause he supports as well ). He had nothing like this going on when Erin was in Vegas. I don’t think it’s the same.

  109. 109
    Sarah Says:

    Leo is sure a steady client at 1oak!

  110. 110
    Message Says:

    I would guess his friend, the owner of 10ak, has an “understanding” with Leo. A mutual agreement of sorts. Leo brings the club a whole lot of attention by partying there. And they take very good care of him. With whatever (and whomever) he wants. Why would he go anywhere else?

  111. 111
    @Message Says:

    … and he makes sure Leo is protected and no pictures will be taken of him:)

  112. 112
    Hush y'all Says:

    @Vegas etc.:

    You’ve upset Erin’s friend again.

    She was on ‘lockdown’ for a charity event? That’s a piss poor excuse. This wasn’t the first time he bailed on her to party with his buds. What will the next excuse be?

    This would have been the perfect opportunity to show his support of a charity and his girlfriend. They would have benefited from his presence. He went to Vegas with his buddies. Again. Next!

  113. 113
    Give me a break Says:

    @Vegas etc.:

    Is that what Leo told Erin? If she accepted that excuse, she’s a fool. There’s nothing she could have contributed to WoWS filming. He could have supported GPP and her by showing up.

  114. 114
    @112-113 Says:

    If he didn’t want to show up at the event in order to avoid crowds or for “privacy” purpose, he could have at least invited her afterwards to celebrate.

  115. 115
    Whatever Says:

    If you all were dating Leo you would be crying in your pillow every night because he didn’t do this or that (rolls eyes)

  116. 116
    @115 Says:

    Dating Leo? You’re kidding right?.
    Leo would not spit on anyone here if they were on fire. Despite their ‘faux concern’ for his girlfriend or relationships, homeboy would need a restraining order against most of these posters!!!!!!

  117. 117
    Yeah! Says:

    @115&116: But of course you two are so much better than anyone else here yet you are always here reading comments!

  118. 118
    @Yeah!(#117) Says:

    LOL, well said.

  119. 119
    @117 Says:

    Yep that’s right. That’s exactly what to deduce from that.
    Only I sadly can never match you as you practically live here.…….and your twin sister.

  120. 120
    Philly Says:

    Oh dear. Here we go again
    @Geez, @Message – interesting point. Are there certain nightclubs Leo solidly patronises? TBH I find his relentless carousing at almost 40 very unappealing. To Gerry Butler-esque *bleurgh* for my tastes.
    Django Unchained is what is about holding my Leo interest now.

  121. 121
    Yeah! Says:

    @120: Of course I do. At least according to you. Who cares that it`s far from the truth? It`s all about not agreeing with you and all of a sudden I`m everything bad. What does that link have to do with me or anything else here? Other than your twisted sense of humor?
    You know what to expect on JJ so if you don`t like it why do you read it? I don`t go to threads that I can`t stand or I just skip comments I don`t like instead of complaining.

  122. 122
    Yeah! Says:

    * My comment #121 was for #119 not #120.
    Another boring day on bz…

  123. 123
    @115 - 116 Says:

    He made this relationship public. He played the loving boyfriend for photographers. He’s fair game for criticism. I don’t care what he, or his crazed fans who cry in their pillows when people dare to criticise him, think.

  124. 124
    @123 Says:

    Loving boyfriend for photographers…??? With which girlfriend? because i have never seen him acted like a loving boyfriend well at least certainly not with his latest VS model.

  125. 125
    @124 Says:


    Walking in the park in Australia? Zip lining in Mexico? Bicycling in New York? I’ve seen photos on JJ.

  126. 126
    Philly Says:

    Yep. And add the numerous photo ops with his mom happily in the picture – zip lining, biking, the dropping of hints in the NY Post and NY Daily News on how she loves Erin- within only 4 months of dating.

  127. 127
    @124 Says:

    duh…he could have done all that with his male buddies. where is the “loving” part in these?

  128. 128
    Yeah! Says:

    I think @115-116 said it right. He PLAYED the loving boyfriend. I think that`s the keyword here. PLAYED. He ACTED like one for obvious photo ops.

  129. 129
    @Yeah Says:

    Exactly. Well understood. Some people are just pressed.

  130. 130
    @Yeah Says:

    And also if you add in all the titbits fed to the NY Post and NY Daily News among others it’s definitely to portray the image of the loving boyfriend.

  131. 131
    Yeah! Says:

    @130: Agreed. He does what an actor does best. Acts on and off screen. This is an(other) image he is selling. The loving boyfriend in a `model relationship`.

  132. 132
    TBF Says:

    I’m gonna play devil’s advocate on this last point.
    Playing the role or an image of model husband or boyfriend is not exclusive to Leo.
    Ben Affleck, George Clooney,even Johnny Depp and am certain many more in HW have double lives too. A lot of them do.

  133. 133
    @132 Says:


    Of course they do, but that doesn’t make it right. There are righteous Leo stans who try to sell the idea that Leo is above that kind of behaviour. and use it to put down others. He’s not. He plays the game and he deserves to be called out.

  134. 134
    Message Says:

    @@132: You are absolutely correct. I would say that Leo plays the game almost better than anyone.

  135. 135
    TBF Says:

    I agree with you. I’m just not sure why he is being singled out. Leo is not married; he has not taken any sacred vows; or had children (as far as I’m aware); so he’s far less guilt for the transgressions common in not only Hollywood but 90% of sports stars, the golfers especially, they ALL play the game. Infidelity, star-f8ckers, social -climbers, baby mamas,etc its rampant. Leo’s modus- operandi is not exclusive to him but is extremely common. Then again maybe I’m jaded

  136. 136
    @135 Says:

    Singled out? Have you seen the comments about Clooney? He’s not married, no children and says he never wants to, but people make the same comments.

  137. 137
    Elle Says:

    Has Leo officially dumped Bleetherton yet?

  138. 138
    no Says:

    # 137 I don’t want them to break up,Erin is his most likeable gf so far

  139. 139
    me Says:

    @Yeah!: hey you dont know how they behave without the prying eyes of the paps!!

  140. 140
    Yeah! Says:

    No, I don`t. But their photos are photo ops and you don`t see genuine affection coming from him not even on sneaky tweet photos. It does seem like he is showing a good boyfriend image for the cameras. That`s what I referred to.

  141. 141
    @135 Says:

    The crazy fans on here expect some sort of perfection from Leo, that he somehow is supposed to be and act differently than any other celebrity male is his position. Get over it. Famous and wealthy men enjoy dating younger women, most men envy them for doing so. Nothing new to see here.

  142. 142
    Yeah! Says:

    I honestly don`t think anyone is expecting perfection from him. Quite the contrary. Also the last time people `expected perfection` from him was when he didn`t show support for his gf. You say crazy fans expect perfection from him and some believe he is perfect and whatever he does is perfection. And as you said that`s nothing new.
    I do think that the bottom line is that people think differently and some can`t handle that. And don`t get me wrong I refer to both sides ( including myself even though I do make efforts to work on that ).

  143. 143
    Fan Says:

    They’re shooting WOWS at a country club. At least, this is where they were earlier tonight.
    Nicole Mattes‏@niknakk321

    The movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” is currently being filmed at my country club starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey.

  144. 144
    Leo Fan Says:

    NYU Nightlife ‏@NYUNightlife
    Getting cozy with Leo DiCaprio at The Darby
    1:38 AM – 6 Oct 12 · Details

  145. 145
    Message Says:

    The Darby is owned by the same group that owns 1Oak. Same rules apply.

  146. 146
    Norma Says:

    … i would love to know with whom was he getting cozy at 1:38AM at the Darby…?

  147. 147
    @146 Says:

    I doubt the person was actually getting ‘cozy’. There won’t have been a tweet announcing it to the world. It’s more likely to be a figure of speech / slang.

  148. 148
    Sarah Says:

    Leo sure loves his favorite NY night clubs
    Newest York‏@NewestYork

    @NYNightlife Jay Z, Beyonce, Usher, Leonardo Dicaprio all at 1OAK

  149. 149
    ---- Says:

    New York Nightlife‏@NYNightlife

    The dream team is at 1 OAK: Jay Z, Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio and Usher (via: @newestyork)

  150. 150
    oak Says:

    1oak again? that sure is his favorite! wonder who he was parting with?

  151. 151
    Yeah! Says:

    It seems like 1OAK is definitely his favorite spot.
    I wonder if Erin was with him or not. It`s been weeks since the last sighting. Until I read about the breakup I assume they are a couple but it`s weird that they went from obvious photo ops to no sightings at all. Leo is seen from time to time but never with her?
    By the way there is another ( I think BS ) story about them in InTouch. It`s about Leo`s weight loss and they give all the credit to Erin. According to them Erin helps him keep fit by buying him fruit and veggies and keeping him active. Walking, biking and soulcycle classes. All these activities together in NYC but not a sighting of them together? But I found it stupid to say that his slim down for a role is Erin`s credit… The before photo is from May and it says it`s from the `Monte Carlo` set which is a big mistake and kinda embarrassing. It seems like it`s from the Django set.

  152. 152
    Sarah Says:

    @Yeah!(#151) – LOL… what else can you expect from InTouch other than crap unreliable stories?

  153. 153
    Yeah! Says:

    I know… I checked out the magazine and I was just laughing. It seemed like BS from the beginning… I don`t even know why I posted it!

  154. 154
    Fan Says:

    My instinct tells me that they are in an “off” period like they were from March to May. No sightings, no pictures, no reports. Instead of this, she’s spotted in Vegas while he’s clubbing in NY and the week after it’s his turn to fly to Vegas for the weekend while she’s having an important event in NY… so is she the one avoiding him or the him avoiding her? Go figure.

  155. 155
    @Yeah! Says:

    lol, InTouch is hilarious!

  156. 156
    Yeah! Says:

    It`s possible… I wonder if it`s gonna last past WOWS. He tends to take a break while working and then resume the `relationship`. I bet he needs a companion for the award season…

  157. 157
    Yeah! Says:

    @155: Isn`t it? They even found someone from the soulcycle class to talk to them about how focused Leo is. And of course a friend but not a sighting or a tweet about their story. Ridiculous. I have to say it`s VERY pro-Erin…

  158. 158
    @156 Says:

    I agree. Its been his M.O in ALL his relationships.
    Partying non stop. And after filming its back on.
    Could you please give more detail on the In Touch story? Thanx

  159. 159
    Yeah! Says:

    @158: That`s basically it. If you date a VS model you have to look good ( I think I forgot to mention that epic sentence ) and Leo`s slim down is basically Erin`s credit. The article mentions that Leo tends to lose weight for his roles then he quickly gains it back ( like after Django he gained some ). Now he looks good in his new movie and that`s because of Erin and her efforts… As I said VERY pro-Erin. Other than that I think I wrote down everything. I don`t have the issue – waste of money. I just read it at a newsstand.
    Yeah, he did this before. Puts them on ice while working so he can party and then they are back on duty. That shows what a tremendous respect he has for his girlfriends and how controllable they are with absolutely no self esteem.

  160. 160
    Sarah Says:

    Just curious to see how and where he will celebrate his birthday which will be in 5 weeks exactly. Will he attend the VS after-party show this year…???

  161. 161
    @Yeah!#159 Says:

    … just like obedient trained dogs.

  162. 162
    Yeah! Says:

    @160: Maybe… I wonder if he will order something ( or someone ) from this year`s catalog.
    @161: Exactly. He has no respect for them but I just don`t feel sorry for his girls at all.

  163. 163
    Leo Fan Says:


    Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Makes Him Diet: “To date a Victoria’s Secret model, you’ve got to look the part — or at least that’s what Erin Heatherton told Leonardo DiCaprio!” DiCaprio has been looking exactly like Jack Nicholson lately in the candids from the Martin Scorsese movie he’s currently shooting, The Wolf of Wall Street. “The actor, 37, recently shed 20 pounds” with classes at SoulCycle (LOL), bike rides, and walking. “In the past the actor would crash diet before a movie and then gain it all back afterward, but Erin’s changed all that.”

  164. 164
    oak Says:

    have a feeling she was probably with him….while there haven’t been any official sightings, shes always there…just never mentioned. Its happened a billion times before. Shes also had her mouth shut on twitter for the past couple of days, which we all know she shuts up when shes with leo.

  165. 165
    @163 Says:

    Thank you.

  166. 166
    @oak #164 Says:

    it is not necessarily so. she’s been tweeting photos of her with Jennifer Meyer, Nikki Erwin, Ethan Suplee and even Kevin C. while she was vacationing or partying with Leo and his friends.
    and people tweeting from 1oak do know who she is.

  167. 167
    @166 Says:

    nobody knows who she is…..unless you follow leos personal life emensly or worship victoria’s secret, you’d have no idea who she is.

  168. 168
    @Yeah! Says:

    @160: Maybe… I wonder if he will order something ( or someone ) from this year`s catalog.
    LOL! For this, he will have at least to get rid of the current one, first.

  169. 169
    Yeah! Says:

    It doesn`t matter wether people know her or not. A tall blonde could be mentioned but she isn`t. Even when there is no mention of her there were tweet photos of them or she was mentioned by NY Post or something. Nothing like that… As I said until there`s no breakup news I believe they are together ( thinking she is put on hold for now ) but her not being mentioned doesn`t really mean anything.
    @168: Do you think his next one is going to be any better? Do you think he is going to try a decent one this time? What are the chances???? Probably zero. Tall, blonde, young, no self esteem, controllable… Does it even matter if it`s Erin or someone else?????

  170. 170
    Huh? Says:

    @167. I agree with you and I don’t understand why this very conversation pops up in every Leo post. Wishful thinking – what jewellery is she wearing? is she clubbing with him or not? what/where is she tweeting? what colour are her eyes? Till we again see them together a few weeks later. As has been standard, IMO.
    @169 – You’ve pretty much said it. All true

  171. 171
    haha Says:

    @yeah shes not been mentioned at all alot and it turns out she was there. Alot of times the tweets don’t say anything about a tall blonde, and it turns out she was there. Take the candela lunch thing. There were tons of tweets saying leo was eating lunch at candela, and no mention of erin, or even a “tall blonde” with him. Then the next day we find out not only was she there, but she was caressing his face. lol

  172. 172
    hahaha Says:


    What we can say? Erin is irrelevant and unless they see him being affectionate with her in a place no one would guess she is his gf or she is with him.

  173. 173
    Yeah! Says:

    Exactly. She is not mentioned but usually – one way or another – it came out that she was there. But not in the past 4 weeks… or since Labor Day weekend. No photos, no tweet photos, no sightings from any sources saying that she accompanied him. Erin is irrelevant I agree but I think it`s strange that not even a blonde is mentioned in the Leo sightings ( if she is there ). Even if they are not affectionate.

  174. 174
    Sarah Says:

    well just the fact that he remained in NY while she was in Vegas and he was in Vegas while she was speaking at the Global Citizen Festival CLEARLY confirms that they are actually on an “OFF” stade of their so-called relationship. That is If any relationship is still ever existing.

  175. 175
    @Sarah(#160) Says:

    … and where and how will he be celebrating Halloween?

  176. 176
    Me Says:


    Apparently they have been more off than on :/

  177. 177
    Huh? Says:

    Keep wishing and dreaming that there is/ was NEVER a relationship. All those pics of them together in America and abroad with family and friends never happened . All those pics and fed pieces to the NY post and daily news were also illusions. Still desperate? Why do I suspect the ‘Leo fans’ making these claims are the usual pic spammers?

  178. 178
    Huh? Says:

    Keep wishing and dreaming that there is/ was NEVER a relationship. All those pics of them together in America and abroad with family and friends NEVER happened . All those pics and fed pieces to the NY post and daily news were also ILLUSIONS. Still desperate? Why do I suspect the ‘Leo fans’ making these claims are the usual pic spammers from b4?

  179. 179
    LOL Says:

    I had the same thought I will laugh my **** at these ahem – ‘Leo fans’ – (not you Yeah) should he marry Erin. Their efforts, bi tch iness and tears all these years for naught LOL

  180. 180
    ---- Says:

    … should he marry Erin…” yeah right. he is so interested in marrying her, he flew to Vegas to party while she was giving the speach of her life at the global citizen event and above all, she bought herself a new condo and moved in all by herself. talk about a couple with a future.

  181. 181
    LOL Says:

    So concerned?? LMAO. Tha’ts why the two words ‘should he’ were inserted into the point. But obviously had you rattled. Great. Keep following her every move and praying. Keep the hope alive!

  182. 182
    speech Says:

    Erin’s speech , and what is 0:11? was she expecting some screams or what ?

  183. 183
    @speech Says:

    incredibly boring…

  184. 184
    @speech Says:

    Obviously, that’s why when she’s doing VS events all they have her do is blow kisses and wave bras in the air. I’ve never heard a more boring individual.

  185. 185
    @@speech Says:

    she has to be more efficient than a sleeping pill.

  186. 186
    Elle Says:

    They have to be off again. She’s just holding on hoping that he’ll come back.

  187. 187
    boney mcgee Says:

    Just a thought..
    Wouldn’t it make more sense that the people who click on a photo of Leo & end up commenting here be a tad on the anti side when it comes to him supposedly having a girlfriend (1. period. but also a girlfriend) who’s immensely boring and prepubescent etc etc than being fans of said girlfriend? I’m so confused by the people who come here & complain if we aren’t all in love with her. Ummm what fan of a male celebrity goes and decides to worship his non famous girlfriend? Quit getting your knickers in vs knots if ppl pay her out. To me it’s a far more normal reaction than randomly becoming a fan of someone you have never ever heard of before. I mean Bellazon gives me a freakin tooth ache. It’s WEIRRRDD!!!! They’re like Stepford wives over there.

  188. 188
    @speech Says:

    That “speech” , starts awkwardly , ends awkwardly !

  189. 189
    Ha! Says:

    Keep wishing and dreaming that Leo and Erin are a grand romance. All those pics of them together in America and abroad with family and friends happened with all his other girls and he still behaved like a single man when he wanted to. All those pics and fed pieces to the NY post and other places are cover for his ******** around. I’m not desperate and don’t care if he marries or moves in with Erin. I don’t believe deserve better and he should treat her better for her services. I can’t stand the pic spammers and believe one of them is a bitter Bar fan.

  190. 190
    ?? Says:

    Haha, what a lot of miserable, bitchy, jealous high school girlies you sound…grow up.

  191. 191
    Sarah Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz were spotted celebrating Naomi Campbell’s new series “The Face” at the Darby on Friday night. DiCaprio arrived with a posse of guy friends, and we hear Campbell “had a playful catwalk dance-off with designer Zac Posen and legendary runway modelPat Cleveland” on the dance floor. The supermodel hostess Campbell also partied with her “Face” co-stars Nigel Barker, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha. “Everyone was in really good spirits, dancing around and singing,” said a spy, noting Campbell and Posen “tore up the dance floor.” The show airs in February on Oxygen.
    So very obviously, Leo was there without Erin…. once more.

  192. 192
    Philly Says:

    Agree 100% with every thing you’ve written and also your last observation.

  193. 193
    Yeah! Says:

    Here we go again with the Bar fans… Who cares if it`s a Bar fan posting about her? What does it matter? Is this ever going to end?
    Thanks for the Post article. If she was there NY Post would have mentioned it for sure…

  194. 194
    On ice Says:

    Well if he’s puting her on ice till after WOW then we will get a nice little break! : ) Stop fighting people its gonna end just like the others, that we can all agree on..: )

  195. 195
    @Yeah Says:

    And here we go again with you starting another round while hilariously saying ‘who cares’. People can write whateva they f8ck they choose / write about peoples motivations / make any observation / call out whom they please and quite rightly. If it ticks you off ignore it. Rather than have another fight derail the thread AGAIN.

  196. 196
    Yeah! Says:

    Who said that you can’t write whatever you want? I didn’t so what’s your problem again? You can post whatever you want and I can post whatever I want. You just can’t handle when people have negative reaction to your comment! Grow up! I’m not starting anything I simply had an opinion that doesn’t agree with you! If my comment ticks you off ignore it rather than derailing the thread with another fight! Sounds familiar?

  197. 197
    @Yeah Says:

    “You just can’t handle when people have negative reaction to your comment!” – And YOU cant handle it when people have another negative reaction to YOUR comment.
    You cant ignore the comments that tick you off but all else should ignore the comments that tick them off, if it comes from you? Not happening. Deal?

  198. 198
    haha Says:

    well I think things have cooled, still not sure if they’re broken up though. we would probably see her out socializing without leo if it was a full on breakup, but she hasn’t really. once I see leo out alone, and erin without leo at the same time, then I’ll 100% believe it. but for now, I think they are cooling. I know in touch isn’t the most reliable, but if people are still reporting these stupid stories, its just as easy for them to get the scoop that they’ve broken up, if not easier than their stupid stories they get the supposed “scoop” on. So I think they’re still together, just cooling it down.

  199. 199
    Yeah! Says:

    Deal? With you? Don’t make me laugh! Wait, you do… I had a response to your comment you didn’t like. You could have ignored it but instead you attacked me. What do you expect? Not to respond? Come on! Also I talked to YOU not to ‘all else’. Sorry but whatever works in the case of ‘all else’ doesn’t work with you.
    Now have a nice day and let’s just ignore each other from now on. I’m not in the mood to continue this pointless fight again. Deal? I assume not…

  200. 200
    @198 Says:


    But what about the NYFW parties she attended alone and while Leo was partying with Jonah and his other pals at another club?

    Or Erin going to Vegas one weekend while Leo hung out in 1OAK and the next week Leo goes to Vegas while Erin attempted to give an important speech in Central Park?

  201. 201
    @Yeah Says:

    Deal – as in you will deal with it. It was not a request. Don’t flatter yourself.

  202. 202
    Yeah! Says:

    You keep making me laugh. It’s cute how you stick to your double standards. Well, have a nice day!
    @speech: She is definitely not a public speaker and that makes it pretty awkward. I like the cause but she sounded robotic and it didn’t sound like she believed a word she said.

  203. 203
    @Yeah Says:

    And Leda as always keep telling yourself it’s only one person (me) that calls you out on it. Whateva makes you feel better. You talked to me, and I responded, and always will.

  204. 204
    @Yeah Says:

    You have a nice day too – in the same spirit as I was wished one.

  205. 205
    Yeah! Says:

    What are you talking about again? More than one person ‘calling me out’? Are you on something? The broken record is on again! Surprise surprise! Yet another boring period on BZ!
    Keep answering if that’s what makes you happy! But of course it’s always me who derails the thread! LOL
    On topic: I also think she is put on hold. Again. Second time this year!

  206. 206
    @Yeah Says:

    “Keep answering if that’s what makes you happy!” – LOL Same to you
    And no not everyone that calls you out is from big bad BZ. No matter how many times you keep telling yourself that. Your BZ paranoia implies you are the one who might n=be on something not me,

  207. 207
    Philly Says:

    Oh dear. Ignore it please. It’s what I do. Connect /chat with those you like
    @Message 10ak and Darby are owned by the same people? Did not know that. Thanx

  208. 208
    Sarah Says:

    isn’t it a little more than “cooling”… sounds more like ignoring one another.
    totally agree.

  209. 209
    Elle Says:

    The NY Post also mentioned Leo was at Jay Z’s party, and listed every celebrity there, no mention of Bleetherton. And she’s staying up late tweeting things about Pisces caring about who they’re with. She got dumped and she’s sitting home in mourning, waiting for Leo to come back to her, while he’s finding the next one.

  210. 210
    Yeah! Says:

    I guess me believing that the one person calling me out is from BZ ( I’m pretty sure I’m right about it ) is the same as being convinced that Bar fans post her. I don’t see any difference but in my case I’m on something! Double standards! But at least I’m not referring to something imaginary ( #203 me saying its just one person calling me out ).

  211. 211
    @Yeah Says:

    Ah the double standard arguement. *205, you saying I was on something is fine. Me responding that it is you on something is however Double Standard. Keep telling yourself I’m from BZ it matters not Leda and I /Philly /Ha! will keep calling out the Bar fan whether you like it or not.

  212. 212
    Sarah Says:

    Thanks Elle:
    Following Jay-Z’s eighth and final show at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn Saturday night, a crew of about 40 headed to club 1Oak to celebrate with the rapper. Spies say that a VIP group arrived a little after 2 a.m. at the Manhattan club that included Jay-Z, wife Beyoncé, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kelly Rowland, Usher, models Irina Shayk, Jessica White and Tyson Beckford, hip-hop mogul Steve Stout and Lindsay Lohan. Jay and his guests drank D’usse, the rapper’s new Bacardi-produced cognac, a spy said, adding that, “Everyone partied till after 4 a.m.” Earlier, Beyoncé had joined her husband onstage for booty-shaking renditions of “Crazy in Love” and “Young Forever.”
    So here you have both Leo’s weekend sightings already reported by tweets…. and very obviously “NO MENTION” of Erin.
    Make your own conclusion.

  213. 213
    Yeah! Says:

    The double standard remark referred to the theories. Bar fans posting here, BZ people picking on me. You make it sound like if I believe in a theory it’s ridiculous but it’s different in your case. Also you being on something referred to comment #203 that didn’t make sense at all. You used it in a diff context but me making a sarcastic remark about it bugs you. OK!

  214. 214
    @Sarah Says:

    The last sighting with picture of the two was Sept. 1st. –
    thanks for bringing both PageSIx articles confirming the Darby and 1oak tweets.

  215. 215
    cooling periods Says:

    Cooling periods are always so exciting! Keeps everyone guessing…. They will eventually be OVER for GOOD( sorry Erin fans you know its gonna happen don’t even front like you don’t know so be prepared) and its still exciting to guess…And my bet is it that they won’t make it out of this year alive!!!… L’Erin shall be no more!!

  216. 216
    my guess Says:

    still together, cooling things down.

  217. 217
    @216 Says:

    @my guess</a cooling down till its over….its gonna happen…

  218. 218
    Giddy Says:

    They totally broke up. The only person that thinks they’re still together is that psycho Erin Stan, that runs that fake tumblr, she tries to pretend is “official” and that she is friends with Erin. She’s the only one saying they’re still together and touting a future marriage.

  219. 219
    Message Says:

    I don’t know why there is an argument about whether or not they are still together. She means nothing to him. That’s been clear to us this whole time. On or off, he treats her like $hit. She can be he official girlfriend all she wants. It means nothing. Leo doesn’t care about her… Not even a little bit. He only cares how the relationship makes him look. That’s all.

  220. 220
    dicap fan Says:

    does someone know when the WOWS is supposed to end filming? November? December?

  221. 221
    ---- Says:

    some chicks love when they’re treated like sh*t and even ask for more…

  222. 222
    Leo Fan Says:

    Almost exactly one year ago (Oct. 4 2011), People mag, USweekly, Lainey, E!… they all reported about the official split between Blake and Leo. It was also mentioned that she was spotted taking the train the weekend before to meet Ryan R. to Boston who was filming a movie.
    I recall this piece of news, because when the columns announced Leo/Blake break-up, the two clearly had broken-up before Oct. 4.
    Just assuming here, that it is maybe a question of weeks or days… or hours before People or another news agency reports an Erin/Leo split. Just saying.

  223. 223
    @222 Says:

    The same happened with Bar. They broke up long before the official announcement.

  224. 224
    Philly Says:

    Hey there Message.
    O/T, but I just read the Katy Perry/John Mayer break up goss and if true, am amazed at how SIMILAR he and Leo are vis a vis relationships. Basically John treated Katie P like a glorified bootie call, off/on. She kept going back to him but he still was not prepared to commit. And if someone as relatively successful/rich as Katy Perry (we wont get into talent) can accept such behaviour, (esp after marrying a douche like Russell Brand), I guess ambitious models can.
    Prob why Leo dates them in the first place anyway.

  225. 225
    @#223 Says:

    … and with Gisele as well.

  226. 226
    @Giddy Says:

    @Giddy: hahahahahahah Giddy thanks for the LOLZ sooo truuuee lol

  227. 227
    @222-225 Says:

    He doesn’t announce splits until he has a new girl waiting in the wings. Bar showed up a few weeks after his split with Gisele was announced. Blake showed up a few weeks after his split with Bar was announced. Blake interrupted his pattern when she found someone new before he did.

  228. 228
    you said Says:

    ” Blake interrupted his pattern when she found someone new before he did.”

    Yuuuup, sure did….

  229. 229
    Philly Says:

    Yep. That’s why the whole stuff with Erin is sobering to watch. It was a revenge move with NO genuine feelings involved on his part.
    I actually find it sad for all involved.

  230. 230
    @Giddy Says:

    OMG, so true!!! I thought I was the only one that thought she was a complete psycho!!!

  231. 231
    Message Says:

    @Philly: Hi, Philly! Couldn’t agree with you more. He was using Erin from day one. And, it’s absolutely disgusting that you can jusitfiably compare Leo to John Mayer. He makes my skin crawl, but really, Leo is no different. He just runs a tigher ship than Mayer.

  232. 232
    Heart Says:

    Leo=John Mayer? Only in his and his fans dreams. No way! Not in this world. You are all pushing this thing too far. Lets get real, folks. Leo is way better, polite and reserved, he doesn’t talk about his life or his ex in public. John is really pathetic.

  233. 233
    MO Says:

    I’m not a Meyer fan, but he is more honest about who he is and the life he lives.

  234. 234
    jejijo Says:

    @Heart: john lets his fly remain open for all to see, Leo is good at keeping his fly zipped up for appearances to the world.

  235. 235
    Heart Says:

    Everyone has the right to think different. But in my point of view, Leo is very honest in the things he does and all the women he dates know he is not looking for marriage right now and that he loves partying with his fellas. In fact, I believe this was the reason why Blake left, she wanted to marry (which eventually happened), but saw that Leo was not interested in settle down (or maybe she was just waiting for Ryan and the whole thing with Leo was just a summer fling). People overvalue gossip (yes, because nothing has been proven). They say she kicked Leo out of her life, but hey he was not one bit worried when she left. He was caught with that model Anna Maria Jagodzinska (I googled,obviously, her name is too complicated lol) before they broke and we had sightings of him in clubs partying with a bunch of models. People call Leo immature because he does not want to get married and keeping dating models. I believe if this life makes him happy, whatever. Not everyone is marriage material. When are we going to realize that marriage is not for everyone? Well, these were just my two cents. I really do not like to comment about personal life of anybody because I am not in their shoes.

  236. 236
    yea Says:

    @Heart well said :)

  237. 237
    @Heart Says:

    All you’ve done is confirm him as a shallow modleizer who seeks his own gratification no matter who he hurts. And the vidoe of him begging that papparrazzo no to use the film (a first for Leo) shows he cared.

    No one is saying he hs to get married. Its not for everyone. But most cofirm Leo is a sleazy as John Mayer. And he is.

  238. 238
    Huh? Says:

    You don’t like to comment on peoples persoanl oves, and you judge us for our own conclusions. But judging by YOUR post you clearly follow Leo’s personal life to the extreme and make YOUR own conclusions on his actions/decisions on the basis of gossip. You don’t know the man personally either. What’s the difference?

  239. 239
    Message Says:

    Something good to talk about… The new Django trailer came out. Seriously, it looks ah-mazing. Looks like Leo killed it as Calvin Candie. Can’t wait to see it!!!

  240. 240
    Winnie Says:


    IKR? He doesn’t care about his girlfriends and that makes him a good person? Too much importance is placed on gossip but believe the gossip I repeat? It sounds like a Leo apologist who needs him to be seen as a “winner” no matter what.

  241. 241
    Heart Says:

    Wow! Can you read? I don’t think so. In no time I said I don’t read gossip and that I don’t follow his personal life, I just said I don’t like to comment on it because my own life is so much more important to me that I am concerned only with myself. That was just an OPINION. Here there’s no winner or loser (though I feel like one for wasting my time commenting on it). This is not a competition, I do not need thumbs up to feel better about myself. And I am not here trying to change anyone’s opinion. I read some comments (agreed with some, disagreed with others) and I felt the desire to post MY OPINION, but after reading the last comments was clear that here we can not have a healthy discussion.


  242. 242
    @241 Says:

    Take heart, Heart and don’t dismay. This is not the place for healthy discussion about anything!! I was accused of being Erin, her PR, being a Bellazon freak, a loser Leo fan, *you name it* just for being supportive of Leo and his current gf. I’ve heard it all and I’m sad to see that it is happening to other people. Don’t worry, only the haters stick around here, so that’s pretty much all you’re going to find on JJ. Cheers.

  243. 243
    bum Says:

    By Mike Walker
    Published on: October 11, 2012

    BURN, LEO, BURN! Bummer for LEONARDO DICAPRIO, who was set to film a nude scene with four sizzling, naked hotties for his new “Wolf of Wall Street” flick when no-nonsense director MARTIN SCORSESE decreed that he and the nude beauties should get comfy with each other before cameras rolled.

    “Leo shrugged, dropped his towel and strolled over to the naked girls,” said My WolfWitness.

    “Plopping himself down on a black marble bench to chat, he suddenly howled and leaped up, clutching his butt!”

    Massive camera lights had heated the marble bench to stovetop temperature – and suddenly, Leo was the sizzling, naked hottie, sporting his flash-fried-on-the-barbie bum!

    Said my source: “The on-set nurse rushed over to slather aloe cream on Leo’s burned behind. And after a brief break, the thick-skinned star was ready to shoot his hot nude scene.”


  244. 244
    Yeah! Says:

    The source is National Enquirer. Even though the story is funny I just don`t believe anything from that source.

  245. 245
    bum Says:

    yeah.. me too actually.

    to be honest, i don’t even think leo’s doing a nude scene for this film.
    the information released was that there would be ‘illicit’ scenes. but then all the reports titled it as ‘leo to get naked’.

    so to be honest, i dont even think leo will be going the full monte.

  246. 246
    oh lord Says:

    @bum: I’m praying that he wont show us his peenyweeny. I tell you that boy needs chuch!

  247. 247
    dumb Says:

    I can’t believe people believe stuff from the national enquirer. male full frontal = nc-17 rating and there is no way any actor will want that since it kills any kind of box office potential for a movie. Besides, I can’t believe how much they’re playing up the “leo will be naked!” angle.. shows how little they know about him because he’s been naked onscreen before.

  248. 248
    ?? Says:

    Yep @@241: O yes so right, no healthy discussions here, only nasty women who sound like jealous high school girls, they just love to hate… i’ve been accused of being Bar, Adi and a bar flack, too funny!!

  249. 249
    so Says:

    still no new sightings or pictures of Leo with the pot of glue?

  250. 250
    nicole Says:

    I don’t know why, but the “glue” appears to be less sticky lately…

  251. 251
    maybe Says:

    she need lots of rest to prepare for vsfs
    so no late night partying

  252. 252
    nicole Says:

    Not even a date at the restaurant or a biking ride? Nothing….

  253. 253
    @248 Says:

    I guess only you consider your comments less nasty? When you´re always here bitching about Bar, JJ users and everybody who just like Leo, give a damn about your beloved Erin.

  254. 254
    Yeah! Says:

    I doubt it`s about the VSFS. This is so typical of Leo. While working he likes to focus on work and party. His private life and current girlfriend is put on hold. That`s how important they are to him. This is not the first time. It was the same while working on Django and several movies in the Bar era.

  255. 255
    @Yeah!#254 Says:

    I also noticed with the years that his girlfriend is never his priority especially when he’s filming. But what is particular in this case, is that the girl he is (supposed to be) dating lives in the very city he is working. In the past, it was more understandable since he was usually filming abroad, and the girl didn’t have always a free agenda to visit him. But now…. and above all he never showed up when she gave her speech at the GCF instead he went to party in Vegas with friends. That’s quite on hold for me.

  256. 256
    @Yeah Says:

    I agree 100% with you. Leo posts of old ( 2009-2010 especially) shows the same selfish behaviour and a willing participant girlfriend taking it.
    Same old same old.
    I also think he’ll be campaigning for an Oscar this year and would probably prefer as little attention to his private life as possible.

  257. 257
    ?? Says:

    @@248: you are such an idiot! i dont give a damn about bar, Erin or any of his girls, I just love Leo the actor, plus love to laugh at you sickos!!

  258. 258
    @257 Says:

    @??: whatever you say Pot

  259. 259
    Yeah! Says:

    There was a Leo sighting last night on Long Island ( Manhasset ) at a sushi restaurant. His company? A bodyguard.

  260. 260
    ! Says:

    NY Nightlife Girl‏@NYnightlifegirl
    Hangin with leonardo dicaprio at @1OAKNYC @NYNightlife
    3:37 AM – 14 Oct 12 · Details

  261. 261
    Sarah Says:

    @Yeah! – So Leo went to eat sushi on a Friday night with his bodyguard.
    @! – Another Saturday night partying at 1oak!

  262. 262
    ---- Says:

    …and still without the tall blonde VS model….

  263. 263
    Norma Says:

    May I add a comment here. From her Twitter, we can see that the “nightlifeGirl” is rather cute:)

  264. 264
    the bellafreaks Says:

    The bellafreaks are commenting that something seems off with L’Erin. Ya think!?!?!? hahahahahaha

  265. 265
    Leo Fan Says:

    Thanks ! that’s pretty much revealing of how Leo wants to spend his weekend lately.
    NY Nightlife Girl‏@NYnightlifegirl
    Hangin with leonardo dicaprio at @1OAKNYC @NYNightlife
    3:37 AM – 14 Oct 12 · Details

  266. 266
    regardless Says:

    They’ll probably be back on by award season…..he always has one during award season..

  267. 267
    unless... Says:

    He gets a new one by then! A prettier, less boring and classier one! What are the chances????

  268. 268
    award season Says:

    More than likely they’ll stay together through award season…because unless breakup news comes soon, he only has a month or two to find a new one…It might just be convenient to for leo to keep erin for that..

  269. 269
    lol Says:

    why does he has to have gf for award season?
    I hope to see new pics of the cute couple soon : )

  270. 270
    ???? Says:

    Cute couple? Who are you talking about? You must be on the wrong thread!

  271. 271
    award season Says:

    @lol because having a GF makes him look better in the eyes of award voters. He’s never been single during an award season.

  272. 272
    award season Says:

    @lol because having a GF makes him look better in the eyes of award voters…hes never been single during award season.

  273. 273
    Who know Says:

    Ithink they broke up,erin tweeted about Taylor swift song maybe it the “we are never ever getting back together” :))

  274. 274
    LOL Says:

    @Who know:

    Tweet song lyrics to your ex boyfriend? How old is she?

  275. 275
    Philly Says:

    @award season:
    That’s what I believe to.
    I think most of the assumptions here are waaayyyy premature.

  276. 276
    and then... Says:


    she still won’t be good enough for some of you. face it, he’s a lousy boyfriend. no one like the person you describe is going to put up with him for long. if he wants better, he needs to behave like a man who deserves better.

  277. 277
    unless... Says:

    You are right. I guess his girlfriends are `not good enough` for some of us because some of us would like to see him as a not lousy boyfriend who behaves better and dates women more suitable for him. I do agree with you. It`s all about Leo not the girl.

  278. 278
    Sarah Says:

    I think the expression “putting her on hold” till the award season is very degrading towards Erin. What kind of woman would actually accept this type of behavior from a guy. Unless she is extremely controllable or idiot.
    Where is Erin btw?

  279. 279
    Huh? Says:

    “who behaves better and dates women more suitable for him” – From Leo’s behaviour over the years pray who is ‘more suitable’ for him??
    And why does he deserve someone ‘more suitable’ whatever that is???

  280. 280
    @#278 Says:

    @Sarah – some have mentioned that she is preparing her manly abs for the very intellectually-oriented Victoria’s Secret Show in a couple of weeks. Wow… her mind and body are too busy to do anything else.

  281. 281
    unless... Says:

    Well, it seems like you took that out of context and you ignore that I implied that he should change to go after someone more decent. What is more suitable? I guess it wasn’t said enough over the years.

  282. 282
    It's All Connected.. Says:

    So what I find interesting here..
    is that some poster by the name of erinangelwings is of the understanding that erin reads her blog/ fansite/ i dont know what it is, and has just posted on bellazon that she’s been getting messages regarding ‘the leo forums’ negative speculation on Erintardo. 1.) i would assume ‘the leo forums’ is this forum yo! (as bz is sickly sweet and moderated as f*ck). 2.) her response to it was pretty telling. As vague as she might think she was, it’s quite clear that she thinks they’re caput. Sorry Erin, you need smarter friends.

  283. 283
    lol Says:

    @ Who know no such tweet

  284. 284
    Yeah! Says:

    @282: I had that feeling, too. For me it`s unbearable to read her comments but I was curious so I suffered through her latest piece. My first thought? If everything was OK she would have assured the bz people everything is right ( not that I consider her particularly reliable ).

  285. 285
    what! No E necky!?! Says:

    to 282 and 284

    You guys are so right. B*tch was like “I dont want to talk about them” Really b*tch?! Since when? They way she writes it sounds like she’s depressed about the state of their affairs. Not a very good prognosis if you’re a Erintardo fan!

  286. 286
    E Says:

    Erin hasn’t been seen lately wearing the E necklace he gave her.

    Leo needs to stop playing games. Save the PR for a serious relationship, or act like a serious boyfriend. Heatherton is a low profile model. Their relationship would have flown under the radar without his PR staging photos and planting stories from the beginning. What was the point of all that?

  287. 287
    ---- Says:

    @E -
    … maybe a little mascarade to hide something else.

  288. 288
    Party Boy Leo Says:

    I see Leo can walk and chew gum. haha

    Leo spotted at TOY New York. That’s where this guy is celebrating his bday

    DJ Whoo Kid ‏@DJWhooKid
    Leonardo Dicaprio in the building !!! @AveASoundcheck Let’s go NYC!! Happy b Day to me

  289. 289
    Sarah Says:

    Leo, the party boy sure never misses an occasion to have fun, doesn’t he… even on a Monday night.

  290. 290
    blinds Says:

    What about the two blind gossips that were generally assumed to be Leo and Erin getting engaged? I could see if it was published crap that it was just made up, but the two blinds coming out at the same time was unusual?! Right?

  291. 291
    Yeah! Says:

    If they were just made up published crap what does it matter that they came out the same time? Also they were blind items that were ASSUMED to be about them but it doesn’t mean they were about them. I personally don’t see your point bringing it up again…

  292. 292
    @291 Says:

    Uh because this is a public forum and we are talking about their relationship? The relevancy lies in the subject matter. You just don’t like it because it is about them getting married so therefore you don’t see the point. What else is new? Don’t even get into it with me Leda because I will take you to town and thrash you.

  293. 293
    Yeah! Says:

    No, it`s not about them getting married. It`s about two blind items you ASSUME is about them and has nothing to do with this thread. I do not see the point in bringing it up again and that makes you all so worked up again. What else is new? My comment wasn`t offensive. Once you say the blind items are made up crap then you wonder about their significance. Me not seeing your point is a sin. Whatever you say!
    Don`t even get into it with you because you will take me to town and trash me? What are you blabbing about again? Try to deal with negative responses to your comments since it`s a PUBLIC FORUM and people can disagree with you. Can you handle that?

  294. 294
    Yeah! Says:

    `don`t even get into it WITH ME` This is a public forum and I responded to a comment. It`s nothing personal it was a response to a comment. It`s you who take it to a personal level. If you post on a public forum prepare yourself for response you may not like instead of throwing a hissy fit.

  295. 295
    @293 Says:

    Yes, I can handle it but apparently you can’t. LOL Have a nice day wacko

  296. 296
    Yeah! Says:

    Sure you can, drama queen! lol

  297. 297
    So Says:

    So does anyone have any meaningful comments about the blinds? Or all you all just hanging on to a thread of hope that they “broke up” because they haven’t been seen together?

  298. 298
    Oh by the way Says:

    Leda, I’ve noticed your comments on the bellazon thread and that everyone just ignores them. LOL. IT’S HILARIOUS

  299. 299
    Yeah! Says:

    And do you know what’s even more hilarious, genius? That I don’t post on bellazon! How about that? I’m registered there as Leda and I can assure you that you don’t see comments from me! But whatever you say, Dana queen.
    PS: isn’t it hilarious how people ignore your weak effort trying to push that old and stupid blind item topic? It’s so funny!

  300. 300
    Yeah! Says:

    *drama queen

  301. 301
    No Says:

    It’s because it’s not YOU posting as multiple people and trying to produce a fake thread of hate. I’ll wait til they come around. And it doesn’t matter what you say because I don’t believe anything you say. I can spot your posts from a mile away and I know it’s YOU. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  302. 302
    Yeah! Says:

    LOL! Of course you know it`s me, drama queen. Everyone in the world who is not you is me! LOL! And I bet you have proof! Are you aware of how stupid you sound? Stick to your theory if that`s what makes you happy but until you can prove it you are just a weak voice trying to stir up the JJ thread ( = boring day on BZ ). That`s my theory.
    You don`t believe anything I say? My life is in ruins! lol I bet people believe you and your hissy fist… Grow up!

  303. 303
    whatevas Says:

    They’re going to break up now or later or maybe they already did. Leda or whoever is just telling it like it is. You mad huh? Erintardo shall be no more. You still mad?! Leo isnt gonna marry this b*tch …
    I shouldnt even have to type that but some people have like one working brain cell… If he didnt put a ring on Gisele … and gisele is like > than Plain Jane.

  304. 304
    Blinds Says:


    Blinds could be about another couple. Could be made up. Could be based on the same source. Could PR to keep her happy while he does what he wants. Could be PR to keep people guessing while they sort their relationship.

    If Bar is any indication, he likes to keep his regular doormats in reserve for when he wants their services.

  305. 305
    Yeah! Says:

    I think someone is just trying to stir things up here again. I don`t know what is their relationship status right now but I highly doubt Erin is the one for Leo. Far from that but that doesn`t mean they are over ( yet ). I don`t know and I don`t wanna guess. I did that a lot in the Bar era and I won`t go there again. That`s all.

  306. 306
    @304 Says:

    I don’t think Erin is sticking around to be a “doormat” if that even is what she is. She has a bigger career than Bar ever did and doesn’t have Leo as her only option. Bar was nothing without Leo and she knew it, that’s why she stuck around. Blake took off and married someone else. I highly doubt that Erin is a doormat, and if she is she won’t tolerate it, she has much more character than Bar and won’t be stuck without a date if they do break-up. It is too early to tell, Leo may be having some fun but there is no evidence of cheating so far since they have been together. I think they are both just very busy.

  307. 307
    Yeah! Says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t see a bigger career here. I don’t care about Bar or her career but I don’t see Erin more successful than her. At all. Erin has no appeal as a model and her career is just so-so. She does need Leo and I do think she is like Bar in more ways than you would think. I see your point in comment #306 but personally think you overestimate Erin.

  308. 308
    Philly Says:

    @306 – I agree. Not a popular opinion, but break up talk I think is way premature.
    @304 – Good points. But I think the blinds WERE about them and I believe they were deliberately planted.

  309. 309
    ---- Says:

    @306 “…they are both just very busy.”…? Give me a break. So Leo was obviously too busy partying in Vegas for the weekend to attend Erin’s speech in NY at the Global Citizen event? The excuse of “too busy” is ridiculous. Both live in NY for the moment and no sighting in restaurants, clubs or even stores where reported of the two together. Be realistic, will you?

  310. 310
    . Says:

    @—-: This

  311. 311
    gangnam style Says:

    @—-: of course if they were in different countries it would be the distance now that they’re in the same place its that they’re “too busy” Busy having fun apart.
    Yeah, Erin is too busy dancing to gangnam style in Vegas! lol here is the video! She def needs some dancing lessons.

  312. 312
    vagabond Says:

    @Philly: I’m curious to know why you think they were planted and by who?
    I noticed that since the blind items came out that we really haven’t had any gossip about them.Like the moving in/his mom loves her crap, that we were getting earlier.IJust that lame story about her helping him lose weight.It’s been kind of a dead zone,and nothing really to support the BI’s?I’m also wondering why none of the gossips have mentioned anything about the GPP thing.I guess its being saved for a break up story?lol

  313. 313
    Philly Says:

    I don’t believe BIs except Lainey’s who tends to be accurate. They say the same things over and over – secretly gay, drugs, abortion, couch yada yada – with a bit of extra thrown in
    But the fact that those 2 blinds appeared within DAYS of each other; different details but essentially saying the same thing – trashing out a pre-nup over lunch / ordering an engagement ring was way too much of a coincidence, esp considering how any dr*gs related blind about Leo are often taken down very sharpish (e.g imdb allegations).
    And like you rightly said and strangely so, we have not heard much about their love bomb since like ‘moving in & his mom loves her’
    IMO it had to do with Blake’s surprise wedding which followed week and some days after these blinds appeared. Leo’s people probably had a heads up and I won’t elaborate further but it follows the Leo/Erin pattern – NY Daily news Blake/Ryan pics – Leo and Erin biking pics; Utah park pics / Veruca park pics & zip lining pics; TMZ fake wedding story / Leo and Erin moving in, thinking of having baby story; e.t.c
    Message, if she pops in, would tell also you one always followed the other.
    I do believe break up talks are premature but thats cause I see this as a very casual relationship. I mean it’s been a year and has Leo even met her family? There is no oomph/passion. Erin was purely a revenge/rebound move, that’s just teetering on. But I wish them well.

  314. 314
    boney mcgee Says:

    Let me get this straight..
    people actually believed those blinds, 6 months after a then-single Leo stated himself that he couldn’t see himself getting married. ..sooo he says that quite clearly, then rebounds with a random and then a few months later you believe anonomous stories that say he’s super psyched about a wedding. ??

    All i keep thinking about is Kate Winslet during RR junket saying that you can’t push Leo. If you really start at him about something he’ll want out & go in the complete opposite direction. I can’t help but think the wedding rumors (if he ever even heard them himself) would have, if anything, turned him off Erin.

    ..he’ll always be boney mcgee

  315. 315
    vagabond Says:

    @Philly: Thanks for your thoughts on it.I have a very hard time believing Blinds as well.As you pointed out most of the blinds have a scandalous vibe to them,and this just doesn’t.Makes it even more fishy to me.I have read messages comments about his pr counter acting his X’s pr before.I was half expecting to see pictures of the two after the Blake/Ryan marriage,but we got nothing?I agree,I definitely think this a pretty casual relationship.
    Off topic but its funny that Lainey’s blinds have been accurate,since some have said she was full of
    Hope all you Leo fans have a good weekend!

  316. 316
    Leo DiClubio Says:

    Ally Finkel ‏@afink0228
    Not real life that @JLuuuRawr is at the same club as both Jonah Hill AND Leonardo DiCaprio right now #casual
    1:49 AM – 20 Oct 12 · Details

    Troy Gordon ‏@TheTroyReport
    Leo dicaprio at SL
    1:40 AM – 20 Oct 12 · Details

  317. 317
    haha Says:

    the blindes are definetly suspicious. two blindes coming out coming out so close to eachother, saying the same thing. it could be pr. it probably was. i wouldn’t be surprised if he retaliated against blake and got married in secret just like her. not saying erin is the one, but i could see leo doing that.
    also not saying blindes are reliable, but considering lainey gossip’s are almost always reliable, you can’t help but to consider the other ones.

  318. 318
    Geez Says:

    Very true
    @316 – Is Jonah Hill the new co-captain of the p*ssy posse?
    Has Lukas been demoted/

  319. 319
    Sarah Says:

    Another Friday night, another NY clubbing tweet:


    @sarazacharias Leonardo dicaprio and Jonah hill. Then lil Jon was at the table next to us

    I HATE when I’m at a table with someone famous. The table is always crowded as ****! 😒

    Jess Lu‏@JLuuuRawr

    “@afink0228: Not real life that @JLuuuRawr is at the same club as both Jonah Hill AND Leonardo DiCaprio right now #casual”😳😳CAN’T VEESTHE

    …and some still insist on believing he is dating Erin Bubley..??

  320. 320
    haha Says:

    I think they’re still dating, i just think its a pretty casual relationship. i think they’re probably just cooling off during wolf, and shes got a fashion show. i bet when thats done erin will be all around leo again. something odd I’d point out, erin has been not her usual tweeting pics of dog 24/7 self.

  321. 321
    LOL Says:

    No one is ‘insisting’ anything. Some of us simply recognise this as typical Leo behaviour like was ALWAYS the case in the past.
    See posts 290 – 300.
    Leo nightclubbing non stop while having a ‘girfriend’ is not news.
    Nothing has changed.

  322. 322
    LOL Says:

    I meant posts #250 – 260. Its the same script of the past years

  323. 323
    Sarah Says:

    @LOL –

    The difference is that his clubbing is mostly constant now. In the past his clubbing sightings were intersected with sighitngs with his girlfriends.
    You think it’s normal that no sighting, picture of the two together were reported for the past 7 weeks? I don’t.

  324. 324
    Leo Fan Says:

    How long did it take for the gossip columns to report the official breakup of Blake and Leo after their last pictures were posted together? She visited him in Sydney during her birthday weekend in August… and the report of the split was mentioned on October 4.

  325. 325
    LOL Says:

    Well, some of us clearly remember it differently.

  326. 326
    @LeoFan(324) Says:

    i think they had no choice to report the breakup since she had already started to date Ryan R.
    in Leo/Erin case, there is no hurry to report the breakup. her rep knows how it will cost her client’s career. think about it.

  327. 327
    haha Says:

    @326 but I don’t think they broke up. I think they are cooling down, but I don’t think they officially broke up.

  328. 328
    @haha Says:

    #327 – you are welcome to believe whatever you want.

  329. 329
    haha Says:

    I think the people who want to believe they offically broke up, but its just a leo pattern. cooling down during the movie, then heating back up when it begins to wrap. breakup talk is too quick, its just the same leo pattern as when hes got a GF.

  330. 330
    Sarah Says:

    what do you mean cooling down? give me an example of when he was cooling down while he dated Gisele and Bar…???? there were plenty of sightings and pictures of the him with his girlfriends at the time.

  331. 331
    Sarah Says:

    … I meant when he was filming.

  332. 332
    to haha Says:

    It would be comprehensible if the film would be shot abroad or on the other side of the continent, but Leo is working in the city she lives in.

  333. 333
    @330 Says:

    There are MANY examples right here on JJ , of Leo at Teddy’s nightclub and lOVA while he was dating Bar. There were also many tweets of him in Vegas with Redheads, Blondes as well just like now. Look up Leo posts of 2010 it’s all there. But you are free to believe he was a faithful loyal boyfriend while nightclubbing then. Some of us remember differently

  334. 334
    who cares Says:

    cooling down not cooling down break up didnt break up SHE WILL GET DUMPED IN THE END!!! WE ALL KNOW IT. I personally think they will break up this year if they havent already.

  335. 335
    yes Says:

    @to haha: yes what is up with that?? SOMETHING IS OFF…

  336. 336
    @333 Says:

    no only Bar but also when he was dating Gisele.

  337. 337
    Sarah Says:

    King Williams‏@IamKingWilliams

    I’m beating Leonardo DiCaprio in bowling right now! W/ @the_original_MH samsto @ Bowlmor Lanes Union Square

  338. 338
    Sarah Says:

    More tweets

    Johnzo West ‏@JohnzoWest
    Whiskey and E-cigs with Leo Dicaprio… Good times.
    Lil Bit ♏‏@SoMuChSouLx3
    Just took a drink order from Leonardo DiCaprio!!!! i have died and gone to heaven �� lmao
    10:00 PM – 20 Oct 12 · Details

  339. 339
    bros before hos Says:

    Claire Burns ‏@clairelbs
    @BethRigler & I decided to grab some tacos before calling it a night, then Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, & Lukas Haas decided to stop by…

  340. 340
    Leo Fan Says:

    looks like Leo is having a very good time…

    SirMichael Fernandez‏@SirMichaelF

    Leonardo dicaprio at La Esquina partying wit me And the women that showed up for him …. Ummmm WOWSERS. I like being speechless… Y not

  341. 341
    Elena Says:

    Ha, I just read an old Leo interview on BZ and he said :
    “I like girls that make me smile. If they can make me laugh, even better. I’m more into personalities than looks but I do go for pretty girls who look at me for my personality and not my wallet. I like honest girls. I dont’ like ones who pretend not to know me, but do.”
    I guess he got over that whole personality thing pretty quick.

  342. 342
    wtf Says:

    why is the threads related to his work gets so little comments but the pap pics one get hundreds of comments???
    you all only care bout his personal life but ignore his work!!!

  343. 343
    Elena Says:

    @wtf: I think it’s because most of his work-related aren’t just about him, so the discussions tend to stick to the posts that are solely his and they just happen to usually be paparazzi photos. Although I do agree with you, it’s a pity that he doesn’t get a lot of recognition for his work, he should really be the most successful and highest paid actor today. Oh, wait…

  344. 344
    Sarah Says:

    gee, what a busy fun night Leo had ..
    Matt Govendo‏@mgovendo

    Just saw Leo dicaprio at avenue …top 5 actor right there

  345. 345
    Sarah Says:

    King Williams‏@IamKingWilliams

    The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio just showed up & started bowling w/ us maybe the best random moment ever!

  346. 346
    busy Saturday night Says:

    Marie Etienne‏@NycRealtorMarie

    Veronique’s birthday dinner. Celebrity sighting: Leonardo DiCaprio (@ La Esquina w/ 6 others)

    SirMichael Fernandez‏@SirMichaelF

    Leonardo dicaprio at La Esquina partying wit me And the women that showed up for him …. Ummmm WOWSERS. I like being speechless… Y not

  347. 347
    pic of Leo Says:

    There is a pic of Leo with two women from bowling. Head over to bellafreaks if you want to see it. Seems like he was busy having FUN indeed! : )

  348. 348
    ---- Says:

    …so are the naive dreamy Erin/Leo fantasizers still persist on believing the two are simply cooling?
    thanks for all several interesting tweets everyone.

  349. 349
    Sarah Says:

    So obviously after his Wolf of Wall Street Bowling night, he went to his usual Saturday nightclub habits :)

  350. 350
    cxz Says:

    @Sarah: yuuuuuuuuuup

  351. 351
    busy Saturday night Says:

    Marie Etienne‏@NycRealtorMarie

    Lazily enduring hangover Sunday. But the night was well worth it. 4 parties and Dicaprio sighting. Oh what a night

  352. 352
    @348 Says:

    Like someone else said, she’s never spotted but she’s always there. :-D
    Erin doesn’t strike me as someone who goes clubbing every weekend. Plus I think I read somewhere that she doesn’t drink a lot of alcohol. Prepping for VS, I doubt she’s into the bar/club scene right now.

  353. 353
    Yeah! Says:

    Does she strike you as someone who goes out for dinner or lunch, who goes shopping or ride her bike? Because there were sightings like those before but not now!

  354. 354
    @353 Says:

    Yes, I’m ignoring you. :-D

  355. 355
    Yeah! Says:

    @353: Ok, thanks for answering a perfectly reasonable question. But whatever you feel like doing! :)

  356. 356
    Really...?? Says:

    @348 – where did you read she doesn’t drink a lot of alcohol? You think someone sober would have such a behavior?

  357. 357
    @356 Says:

    There’s actually nothing wrong with that picture. That designer is gay and they are most likely f*g hags. ‘have such a behaviour’ what does that even mean. Stuff like this from “Leo fans” make me root for Erin. I guess the sl*t shaming / cig smoking (like other Leo exes who smoked) are next.

  358. 358
    @#357 Says:

    Nothing wrong with that picture? So because the guy is gay, she’s giving him permission to grab her butt on a red carpet in front of everyone…??

  359. 359
    Yeah! Says:

    So just because the guy is gay it’s acceptable to act and be photographed like that! Wow, you certainly have some standards… And you complain about the pictures posted here? Erin is responsible for her actions and these are not photoshopped. It is what it is.

  360. 360
    @358/9 Says:

    You’re right Yeah. My standards don’t match yours as long as they attack , it is what it is and long may that continue.
    Here’s is one of the GREATEST supermodels of all time and a happily married mother of two. Who also happens to be Leo’s ex and considered to be his greatest love in a ‘scandalous shot’ and ‘allowing’ hersef to be snapped. I don’t see the big deal
    I’m not #354 or Philly but I also now won’t respond to whatever you say.

  361. 361
    Yeah! Says:

    1. What does Gisele have to do with this? Has anyone talked about her or said she is above Erin ( even though as models they clearly shouldn’t be compared )? You brought her into this without reason.
    2. Erin also has nude photos so I don’t really see your point. By the way the Gisele photos seem to be behind the scene shots meanwhile Erin’s… Red carpet or movie premiere.

  362. 362
    moi/tbell Says:

    my opinion as an experienced Leo watcher is that this is cooled down or over. He got bored. We would have seen them all over the place if not. Yes, he could have been effing her in private but I doubt.

    Cosign with those pointing out it was over with Bar for six months before the announcements, that is true,and also that he doesnt announce until he has pounced on another under 25 blonde thing that is willing to see him. If the glove doesnt fit you must acquit. agreed with that, from what we are seeing he is partying hard in the same city without her, now for like a month.

    There is this blind in CDAN that I thought might have been about bar—it was about some woman who was in town at the behest of some man that was paying her I’ll post the link, it does sound like Bar a lot, she overpriced herself for one thing, but it is hard to tell. Could be pam Anderson but she obviously has a home in LA already.

    although it is credible it is the french chick it sounds like barfie.

  363. 363
    moi/tbell Says:

    Erin was shot yesterday in the West Village–the loathsome part up near Hudson it looks like,not the cool High LIne part…..the former meat packing district. The trendy, expensive cutesy area.

    She looks miserable and I am saying break up not make up. She is by her lonesome. Lily Aldridge looks like crap too. But she is new mama so she is allowed.

  364. 364
    Leo Fan Says:

    @362 – Some Leo fans have obviously more experience as Leo watchers.

    It didn’t take 6 months between the last sightings of Leo/Bar and the announcement of the breakup. The announcement was reported in May and there was pictures of the two in February taken of them on Leo’s motorcycle in LA. In April they were seen both at the JFK airport flying from Paris.

    You made your point of being obsessed with Bar…. but at least, try to come up with the right info.

  365. 365
    @364 Says:

    @Leo Fan:
    And some ‘Leo fans’ choose to re-write history to dela with their grief, and you, like tbell made your point about being obsessed with Leo’s other girlfriends post-Bar. Even when its the wrong info. But they were not spotted together in March and with tweets Leo was out club hopping through most of April with Lukas,and girls in the back of the and Lukas’s car. Not forgetting the and Bradley Cooper also where he famously got a ‘chair dance’ from a stripper at a bash with Bradley Cooper in April.
    Same old Same old.

  366. 366
    LOL Says:

    What you said. Leo to me is being typical ole Leo. If C/G, KS, vagabond were still around to recollect past Leo posts, they would say the same

  367. 367
    Message Says:

    In the back of Lukas’ car? I must have missed that one… What was that all about?

    Oh Leo… He is just too much sometimes!

  368. 368
    Leo Fan Says:

    Seems like the same idiots insist on choosing gossip stories over facts. Nothing will change.

  369. 369
    @368 Says:

    @Leo Fan:
    Seems like the same desperate idiots choosing wishful thinking and conjecture as facts. No recovery even after 2 years. Nothing will change

  370. 370
    Philly Says:

    Hi Message,
    Have you seen the second Django trailer? What do you think?

  371. 371
    _^^_ Says:

    …do I sense a little tension from the desperate Erin/Leo fantasizers? A little frustration, perhaps?

  372. 372
    Barcelona WAG Says:

    Almost 2 years no change. LMAO

  373. 373
    Philly Says:

    @Message – It said in the trailer that the movie was coming out next year. I thought the HW sheets said Dec 26

  374. 374
    moi/tbell Says:

    @Leo Fan: WRONG. He decided to break it off in November according to Incog on LSA, which I believe, had a few goodbye effs and gave her a condo in Israel as her going away gift, same with Gisele. The breakup was “announced” in May because he had Blake Lively lined up, had been doing the usual texting scenario, and the weekend it was “announced” he was seen coming from Blake’s apartment in NY. In November they had some blow up, she was stalking him on the phone, there was a scene of him coming out of some club somewhere looking like he wanted to kill someone and he uncharactreristically shoved a pap out of the way. Think it was that night it was really over. Then Ted C posted about him cheating all over the place. Pay attention!

    He decided he was exiting, but took his time, kept the p*ssy around on backup, but was texting other girls and ******** other party girls in LA. The name of one was published here, I forget what it was but I looked it up and found a likely candidate on Facebook, some former “door girl” in LA.

    According to incog he went to Israel because his mother wanted to see an old family member, he checked out the beach condo that Bar was getting as her “no hard feelings, you got a condo out of it” gift. Gisele got one too. Bar was not happy because he was basically openly “Cheating” at this point hooking up with whomever he wanted.

  375. 375
    moi/tbell Says:

    @Leo Fan: sometimes, when you are an adult, you take your time with things, you get ready for a breakup of a long term relationship, start moving away emotionally and also you want to avoid a firestorm and fall out….this is why he did it that way. Also the p*ssy was still 25, before its sell date.

  376. 376
    moi/tbell Says:

    My post was somehow magically deleted, (hah) but the long and short of it, yes, he did break up with Bar six months before he was officially outie, but that is how people do things sometimes. You get ready for the divorce then you do it. You know it is coming, you just decide, and if you have a few effs before the real end so what.

    This girl was filler. My prediction is he’ll be a happy hooker for a while with everything and the kitchen sink, in a year or two or a couple of months look for a longer term rel. He has been basically dating the same girl over and over for 15 years, with quality of character going down and opportunism going up with each one almost. He can take a break now for a bit.

    I don’t thie CDAN post is barfie, but IT SOUNDS LIKE HER. She admitted in that Israeli mag that she would go to Vegas with some guy for the right money, and an entertainment journo was following up on stories she went to parties with rich men for cash. She’s always wanted to live in LA too….and she overprices herself as does her mother. Her Mom packed her off at 16 to live with David Charvet in Paris–there is no statuatory rape in France, that is why Polanski lived there for decades, and he wouldnt get in trouble for it. Of course David Charvet happily married the mother of his FIVE CHILDREN recently, Brooke Burke. So it sounds like her, but i dont think it is her…

    YET. Bar is going to go the way of yacht girls like Tara Reid, Victoria Silvestedt, Pam Anderson, etc, who have one commodity, their bums.
    It’s not Bar I am obsessed with but the dirt, which is overflowing in her case.

  377. 377
    moi/tbell Says:

    @@368: same old barfie crew, wishing their version was true. And haven’t seemed to let go either.

  378. 378
    moi/tbell Says:

    Ok, I really have nothing vested in or truly against Erin, just want to see him with someone/something I like more. May never happen, but I am laughing reading all those tweets of him bowling and so forth….
    if you remember the Wayans movie White Girls (I have to admit I did, my boyfriend had it on, I liked the dance off RUN DMC scene) when one of them said “Oh my god, you are SUCH A BOOTY CALL.”

    the thing is more and more I think he doesnt even really like women. Hetero yes, or leaning hetero, but doesnt really like/value their company, seems them as a commodity, a perk of his rock star job.So they have to be HIGH QUALITY hoes. It’s been going on since celebrity, particularly HW, was invented.They have the power and they use it and treat others like dirt when allowed to. Reread that stupid post about how Erin had to stay in a hotel miles away….made me remember that.

  379. 379
    moi/tbell Says:

    Anyway, found a whole new spate of Blind Items by some diva on LSA, real good stuff so I am going to go read that. Also the blinds on CDAN have been good, there was one about T Cruise and Travolta –it mentioned how Travolta’s career stalled post SN Fever because it was an open secret in HW he was gay. I always wondered about that because he went from mega hit down to zero in like 4-5 years. Apparently someone like Matt Dillon told Tom to woman up or be cast out like JT. Rock Hudson was also an “open secret” in LA, he lived with his “roomate” Bob Preble for example. J. Edgar Hoover (there is the Leo tie in) had a file on Hudson you can read it online in the FBI reading room.

  380. 380
    moi/tbell Says:

    Remember this epic,

    that people thought was lukas haas because he got left out of the Egypt junket. anyway rings true to me, I wish incog would come back but I got the feeling she is west coast and the erin stuff is all east coast, and he was never really serious about anyway. Like Ted C said, he is not part. seriously about this one either, he never is.

  381. 381
    moi/tbell Says:

    Look for Miranda Kerr /Orlando Bloom break-up soon, (let’s see how reliable CDAN is) also Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale on the rocks…and Jonathan Rhys Meyers is heading towards a crash…

    well lets see. The entire gossip world was right about TomKat and John Travolta….sorry, my point is the gossip crowd has been right about LEO in the past too, many times.

  382. 382
    LoveBarLove Says:

    Bar will always be the cutest of all the Leo’s exes! Go Bar. I love you!!! You’re both brains and beauty! And your body is sick! Would die for it!!

  383. 383
    moi/tbell Says:

    @LoveBarLove: as I was saying, hello Tzipi ! How’s it hanging beyotch?

  384. 384
    Huh? Says:

    Why are her fans posting here about can’t get a date Bar?
    Even Barca girlfriends have called her out LOL,363b91c8e516a310VgnVCM5000009ccceb0aRCRD.html
    As always Gisele/Blake fans moved on.
    Only Erin/Bar fans rattle out their Leo DiCap desperation.

  385. 385
    Huh? Says:

    LOL. I know right? They can NEVER leave Leo alone.
    Same deal with David Charvet

  386. 386
    hohoho Says:

    desperate and shameless,363b91c8e516a310VgnVCM5000009ccceb0aRCRD.html

    Bar Refaeli poses with Xavi Hernandez
    Photo: Twitter: @BarRefaeli


    The model Bar Refaeli has become the object of the wrath of some of the wives and girlfriends of Barcelona players. The top model walks around Camp Nou very often and is a declared Barcelona fan. She even posts her photos with the players on Twitter. The image posing with Xavi Hernandez is the last one she has posted.

    After the rumor that Refaeli was dating defender Dani Alves, the Brazilian was quick to dismiss the gossip about a relationship with the Israeli model, but her constant walks around Camp Nou have created discomfort in some of the Barcelona players’ significant others.

    Cesc Fabregas girlfriend, Lebanese model Daniella Semaan posted a tweet that was clearly directed to Refaeli. It translated: “The obsession of some models with certain players is becoming ridiculous. A little respect, please! “. The comment was retweeted by Julia Vigas, Thiago Alcantara’s girlfriend.

    Refaeli had previously posted photos with Gerard Pique and Cesc Fabregas and both players were quickly to deny any involvement with Refaeli.

  387. 387
    hhh Says:


    Bar Refaeli poses with Xavi Hernandez
    Photo: Twitter: @BarRefaeli

    The model Bar Refaeli has become the object of the wrath of some of the wives and girlfriends of Barcelona players. The top model walks around Camp Nou very often and is a declared Barcelona fan. She even posts her photos with the players on Twitter. The image posing with Xavi Hernandez is the last one she has posted.

    After the rumor that Refaeli was dating defender Dani Alves, the Brazilian was quick to dismiss the gossip about a relationship with the Israeli model, but her constant walks around Camp Nou have created discomfort in some of the Barcelona players’ significant others.

    Cesc Fabregas girlfriend, Lebanese model Daniella Semaan posted a tweet that was clearly directed to Refaeli. It translated: “The obsession of some models with certain players is becoming ridiculous. A little respect, please! “. The comment was retweeted by Julia Vigas, Thiago Alcantara’s girlfriend.

    Refaeli had previously posted photos with Gerard Pique and Cesc Fabregas and both players were quickly to deny any involvement with Refaeli.

  388. 388
    @385 Says:

    Just like you and tinkerbell can never leave Bar alone! Why was it necessary to bring her up again? Because Jared had a post about her yesterday? Is that what brought tinkerbell out of hiding? What does Bar have to do with this thread?

  389. 389
    @388 Says:

    Nothing. Tinkerbell was clearly in a monologue with no response from anyone (it would seem) till a fan/stan of the ex decided to post in a dig at other Leo girls. That did not offend you for some reason. And now apparently ‘we’ (the conspiracy) are attacking your favorite. I cant even.

  390. 390
    Geez Says:

    Hi Message, Canada Girl, Philly, the fame monster! Long time
    LOL @moi/tink causes carnage then exits.

  391. 391
    Philly Says:

    Hi Geez- Most of those you mentioned don’t check in that often. Seeing what the Leo threads eventually become can’t blame them.
    I seriously need to dissect the Django trailer.

  392. 392
    @390 Says:

    My favorite? Why? Honestly what makes you think that? Because all I said was I don`t understand why is she the topic here and what does she have to do with the thread? That`s what you took from that? That I`m her fan? Really? Or just because I said you and tink won`t leave her alone? That`s a plain observation and I don`t think it makes her `my favorite`.
    Tink brought up the Bar topic again so is it really a shocker that a fan of hers responded? She opened up Pandora`s box again ( for no reason ). I`m happy Bar is not with Leo anymore and that`s why I personally don`t wanna read about her anymore.
    I think there is even a possibility that comment #383 was posted just to annoy tink&co and it`s best to be ignored.

  393. 393
    @389 Says:


  394. 394
    Elena Says:

    Tink, you do realize that instead of posting 20 comments in a row you can just say everything you want to say in one comment, right?

  395. 395
    Sarah Says:

    More tweets about Leo’s fun weekend – these ones about Sunday night.


    holly byrd‏@hollymariebyrd – Oct. 21

    On another note, Hanging with Leo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill was sort of amazing tonight! 😱❤❤❤


    Kristin Eichenberg‏@kristin_eichenb – Oct. 21

    Sure i guess its normal to dance with Leonardo Dicaprio and then go watch Harry potter with @JonahHill at his loft?? #FITstorytime

  396. 396
    Leo Fan Says:

    Briana cabral‏@Bootyshakenbri
    Dinner Party for Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jay Z and Beyonce! No pressure or anything! – 22 Oct 12

  397. 397
    LoveBarLove Says:

    @@390: she is too easy to annoy, fell right for it,dummy. My hands are red, you caught me! : ) sorry guys…

  398. 398
    Maybe Says:

    There was an article recently that Erin wanted a “casual” wedding. In it she mentions that all of her friends are getting married. Maybe with Lily having a baby and all, she wants to settle down. If Leo doesn’t snatch her up she will go the way of Blake and find someone else. She’s only 23, goodness.

  399. 399
    @398 Says:


    She has been dating him for a year, less if discount the months Off and she aims to settle down? I also doubt that Leo is looking snatch her up JMO

  400. 400
    Philly Says:

    It’s in this weeks Hello Magazine. Erin’s modelling some Spanish bridal fashion line, hence the marriage/wedding tract. It reads as an off the cuff remark rather than any statement of intent or wish, IMO.

  401. 401
    NY Daily News Says:

    BUMMER!! She should have gone to this…would have been funny.

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s model girlfriend Erin Heatherton skips Angel Ball gala and chance to face his ex Bar Refaeli

    How convenient.

    Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton suddenly came down with a debilitating case of the cramps Monday, forcing her to miss the A-list-fueled charity gala Angel Ball at Cipriani on Wall Street. That spared her the agony of spending the night stuck in a seat near Bar Refaeli, her boy-toy Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend.

  402. 402
    Yeah! Says:

    ‘her boy-toy’??? That’s hilarious! Shelooked just fine Sunday. Was it the cramps that kept her ( for the past couple of weeks ) from going out with Leo?

  403. 403
    moi/tbell Says:

    @Elena: yes, but I dont think of them all at once, sorry, they are “afterthoughts.” the israeli dumb asses thought I was responding to myself.

  404. 404
    moi/tbell Says:

    @hhh: She was definitely after Shakira’s bf Gerard Pique–apparently Shakira found that Bar had called Pique twice in his phone records–that didnt quite work out for her. Supposedly she went after Adam Levine too to get back at Anne V for messing with Leo when Bar and Leo were on hiatus. She can’t get her own man so she goes after others.

    I am still wondering though, why can’t she get a date? Seems like a simple thing to do, most people in their 20s get dates just by going through life…is it because guys know that leo will be a hard act to follow, is she seen as a reject, damaged good because he dumped her, or is the word out about her gold digging tendencies? or is it all the bad press in Israel that people stay away from her?I mean seriously, if she was a nice, everyday person I am sure she would find a date or too, but I guess she has a high minimum income level to meet for one thing, that and she’s dated all the young, rich Jews already.

    So why is it Tzipi? Still making those phone calls to set Barfie up?Why can’t the Maxim 100 “worlds hottest woman” get a date, I mean like even one in a year and a half?

  405. 405
    moi/tbell Says:

    @NY Daily News: wow, she actually said cramps, as in menstrual? she wanted to get out of this baaaaddd. I wonder why? Is it because she has already broken up with Leo and doesnt want to answer questions about it, or does she know bar is a mega ***** and doesnt want to deal with it in public?

    I wouldnt have been in agony at all. I would have A. commiserated or B. dressed to the nines and pretended not to know who Bar was. I would have been, and you are? Would have enjoyed it.
    Maybe it is like Bar and Gisele.I read somewhere that Gisele’s VS contract negotiations broke down because one of her stipulations was that she would NEVER be on the runway the same time as Bar. Didnt want to be in the same category as Bar, didnt want to dilute her brand. This is funny though. I would have said flu personally.

    Funny about the WAGS and Bar.

  406. 406
    Yeah! Says:

    @404: What I’m still wondering about is why do you still have to talk about Bar ruining the thread for everyone? If she is so horrible why are you wasting time on her giving her attention? Why don’t you understand that this thread has NOTHING to do with her and people might be sick and tired of your endless essays on Bar?

  407. 407
    Yeah! Says:

    @tbell: I can’t figure it out why cant you let it go? Aren’t you happy that Leo is not dating her anymore? I am and that’s why I hate it when she becomes the topic of the Leo thread again with no particular reason. I’m just happy we don’t have to bother about her. Over a year and a half after the breakup. What is it about her that makes you so obsessed and why do you have to vent on a Leo thread? I know you can post anywhere since it’s a public forum but it has to be more. I have no intention to start a fight and I don’t like Bar any more than you do. I’m just curious…

  408. 408
    Calm down Says:

    No one is ruining anything. The article mentioned Bar and she was commenting on that.

  409. 409
    Yeah! Says:

    I do think she is ruining the thread. There was no reason to bring her up yesterday or today and she has nothing to do with the thread. And it`s one thing that the article mentioned her and another to read essays about her and her mother. It goes beyond that Daily News article. She is turning this Bar thing into a reoccurring nightmare…

  410. 410
    The Hello Bridal photos Says:

    She did that bridal dress photoshoot in Sevilla, Spain back in June.

  411. 411
    The NY Daily News factor Says:

    This piece from NY Daily News is just crappy gossip. I’m sure Erin wasn’t invited in the first place to that charity event. Period.

  412. 412
    guess who Says:

    @The NY Daily News factor: I am sure she was invited to the ball, but after reading all the crap bar et al posted about her repeatedly probably wanted to prevent projectile vomiting in Bar’s direction, which makes sense. Avoid scenes, sitting around someone you want to smack for a couple of hours but can’t is a pain. Or she broke up with Leo and doesnt want to discuss it.

  413. 413
    @guess who Says:

    didn’t we see Erin attending other events last week? I mean why wasn’t she afraid to be asked about the breakup at those events?

  414. 414
    guess who Says:

    @Yeah!: You mistake strong dislike for obsession. It’s just that Bar’s antics amuse me–it’s an open book for how not to live your life. Read the stuff about Barcelona. Bar is a nasty piece of work in many ways, so is the mom, and I dont mind putting her bum on the barbie once in a while. After all, they are still writing the “Bar is so gorgeous” crap on the new Angel Ball thread…woefully transparent and sad. It just amuses me, especially when she wears shower curtains to an event like this.

    and no I am not going to let it go, but I only post online, I am not out to get barfie dear really but I just like to post a differing opinion than the Israeli perfection crap that Bar herself posts.

    Erin, if you read this, and I think you are here once in a while, good move. Why sit in the same room as this piece of crap all night? It would have been risking negatIve publicity and fall out and it was smart to strategically sick out.

  415. 415
    Yeah! Says:

    @413: Where do you get this stuff? You must be following Bar really close to know what she allegedly posted about Erin. Why do you follow someone who you despise so much? And how do you know how Erin feels about her? If you THINK that`s the case is fine but you put it like they are facts. If Bar posted all kinds of crap about Erin as you claim I think we would have heard about it like her issue with that Irina model. Can we et over Bar? It`s not worth wasting time on her.

  416. 416
    guess who Says:

    @Yeah!: first off there are no “leo” threads and no “bar” threads–who said you can’t talk about more than one thing if you want?

    It’s just the funny story about erin not showing and how well the barcelona WAGS have pinned Barfie today that brought it up.

    I’ve just hated the entire Refaeli clan ethos from day one and dont mind dragging it behind a truck once in a while. It would take me too long to reiterate why I dont like them, if you go read some old threads here that should be enough.

  417. 417
    Yeah! Says:

    @414: By now it reads obsession. Leo and Bar broke up over a year and a half ago and if you still follow her every step… That`s beyond dislike. I don`t wanna read the Barcelona stuff because I DON`T CARE. She is the past and her Barcelona stuff has nothing to do with Leo now. If you care it`s fine but why do you have to bring it here????? Does it seem like anyone else still cares about her? Not to me…
    FYI maybe – just maybe – people who post on her thread and they like her … here is a wild guess… might actually like her? Because not everyone is like you and not everyone shares your hatred towards her? I never liked her but I believe she has fans. So what? Those people are entitled to have an opinion and to post it. It doesn`t make everyone Bar or Tzipi…

  418. 418
    guess who Says:

    @@guess who: It’s not about the alleged breakup, which hasnt been in the media at all and may or may not exist.

    Put yourself in Erin’s shoes, and assume she has some common sense and an iota of maturity. You are a model with a high visibility brand contract, and you are doing pretty well. Well enough to afford a condo in the West Village, for one thing, that means millions. You are young, and you know how much PR counts for your bottom line.

    Everything is copasetic except you know your boyfriend’s or ex-boyfriend’s, whatever the case may be ex girlfriend has been slanging you over and over on JustJared.Which she has, it is obvious. Now you have to go and face the person that has been doing this at a large public event, and you feel like smacking the crap out of her. And you know that also the paparazzi and gossip media will take any little thing and make it bigger. You are making millions at 23 and decide it is not worth it, so you sick out. I would too.

    Could be even Leo told her not to go, if he is still around which I dont think he is. He has been acting very post break-up tomcatting around and she looked miserable on Sunday.

  419. 419
    Yeah! Says:

    No Leo threads? So what is it then? And who said you can`t talk about Bar here? I ASKED why do you feel the need to trash this thread with her even though she is not relevant to him anymore? From time to time people show up with the Bar obsession even though she has nothing to do with the content of the post and just keep pushing the exact same old stuff again. Reoccurring nightmare. A wound that can`t heal because someone always reopens it. I just would like to know why? But as usual there is no answer…

  420. 420
    guess who Says:

    @413: Where do you get this stuff? You must be following Bar really close to know what she allegedly posted about Erin.


    Why do you follow someone who you despise so much?


    And how do you know how Erin feels about her? If you THINK that`s the case is fine but you put it like they are facts.

    I am guessing, but honey nobody doesnt go to an NYC photo-op because of CRAMPS. It’s obvious what is going on here. Try and keep up !

    If Bar posted all kinds of crap about Erin as you claim I think we would have heard about


    it like her issue with that Irina model.


    Can we et over Bar? It`s not worth wasting time on her.


  421. 421
    @419 Says:

    Why can’t you leave Tink to post whatever she wants? Ignore it rather than start a fight with yet anther poster. You’re fine when nude pics of Erin which have nothing to do with the post are linked here and get hysterical and angry when others question it because ‘it’s done to Leo’s girls’ ‘it’s a public forum’. But when other stuff that has nothing to do with the actual thread – and lets face it how many posts here are actually discussing WOWS – there’s no qualms.

  422. 422
    guess who Says:

    @Yeah!: I have been accused of “ruining” the thread many times to shut me up. It didnt seem to work then, it isnt working now.

    Let me quote Robbie Coltrane on Cracker.

    Why do you drink so much?
    I LIKE IT !

    Why do you smoke so much.

    I LIKE IT !

    Why do you gamble so much?

    I LIKE IT !

    I think Bar and Tzipi’s morals suck and are deluded about their place in the world, so I enjoy sticking a pin it in. WHOOOOOOOOSHHHHH there it goes around the room.

    I feel like I am making the world a better place when I give barfie some shade. She can take it come on, how long has it been?

  423. 423
    guess who Says:

    FYI maybe – just maybe – people who post on her thread


    and they like her … here is a wild guess… might actually like her?


    Because not everyone is like you and not everyone shares your hatred towards her?


    I never liked her but I believe she has fans.


    So what? Those people are entitled to have an opinion and to post it.


    It doesn`t make everyone Bar or Tzipi…


  424. 424
    guess who Says:

    PS These are folks who even pretended to be black and Indian on here because they were worried some of their racist statements would be made public, like “Palestinians are animals” and “Michelle Obama looks simian.” After the break up security and PR around Bar tightened…just go back a bit and read.

    I’ll leave it alone now, but gossip travels in the model world, it’s small enough and it is an occupation where people know each other. Erin knows who is dissing her, trust me. As Fishina said, Bar went after Kate Upton and Brooklyn Decker because she was jealous of them…people in the “industry” know what she is.

    Why do you think she can’t get a date? Men know she’s trouble too.

  425. 425
    I've always wanted to know.. Says:

    How much of ‘Entourage’ did you guys think was based on stuff that’s happened to Leo?
    Produced by Wahlberg, sometimes directed by Connolly.. They would have been giving him more shout-outs than the public would ever know. I honestly think a lot of the storylines would have been sparked by Leo stories. Weren’t there “Perfect 10″ models in the first couple of seasons or something?

  426. 426
    guess who Says:

    @I’ve always wanted to know..: this is actually a good question but I never watched the show. Is it on Netflix or on some Russian bootleg site or something?

    They could be Leo stories or also drawn and exaggerated a bit for the series. I guess I can read plot synopsis on IMDB right?

  427. 427
    I've always wanted to know.. Says:

    There are little trivia facts I find funny –
    like that the first house that they used to film at that was meant to be the A-lister’s place where they all lived was actually filmed right next door to Leo’s actual house. In a scene i remember, they club golf balls from the roof to the neighbour’s house. -pretty sure they were hitting them into Leo’s place.(and you can actually see it) -too funny.
    It really seems to me that the whole show is Leo’s friends shouting out to him & having a joke about it.
    Also the guy that played the a-lister said that his character had the ‘personality traits’ of Leo. -they’d done that on purpose.

  428. 428
    haha Says:

    Tink, you are beyond boring ! if bar does visit here, she must be laughing her head off at your obsession with her.

  429. 429
    Yeah! Says:

    @421: Why can’t you leave me to post whatever I want? I had a question to Tinkerbell and not to you but here you are bugging me again. Take your own advice and ignore my comments if you don’t like them!
    Since Erin is dating Leo ( intil there’s breakup news I believe that ) I guess she has more to do with the thread than his ex.
    ‘Hysterical’? What’s so hysterical about asking questions? You need some new vocabulary, sweetie because you are just as boring as Erin.

  430. 430
    @429 Says:

    Same to you. Leave Tink to post whatever she wants. Your complaints against her are also boring, tedious, and ironic since you are so similar. Not that you self aware.

  431. 431
    Yeah! Says:

    I`m so similar to tink? Because I post about Leo`s ex endlessly. Right. Do you know who is similar to tink? You, honey. You don`t do anything but complain about me. You never have anything to add to the thread you just keep picking on what I say. How about that as ironic? Not that you are self aware… LOL!
    I didn`t start a fight and if I`m not mistaken I even emphasized that in my complaint. I explained why I `complained` about tink without being offensive. But it`s not like you care. If the comment is from me you go after it. How about that for boring? You are after me just like tink is after Bar.
    Again: leave me to post whatever I want and if it`s about my dislike over tink`s comments than that`s what I`m gonna post and you should just take your own advice. Have a good one!

  432. 432
    @431 Says:

    Not at all, its only important t you to attack Leo’s current. You’re not asking for the b8tching to stop you just want it focused elsewhere. You’re no better. Same to you. I will post whatever I like and when its tink’s right to post whatever she wants. So be it. Go on Tink

  433. 433
    Yeah! Says:

    Of course that`s what`s important! That I attack Leo`s current nobody else. Whatever you say, drama queen. I ask for the endless Bar-talk to end and I explained why. Keep ignoring it, you are good at that. Post whatever I like, tink can post whatever she likes ( I didn`t question her right and I said it in one comment but you don`t care as usual – instead you just make things up ) and I can post whatever I like regardless of your non-stop whining.
    For the millionth time I ASKED tink why she keeps pushing it but you turn it to something completely different. So you can b*tch about something. So be it. Whatever makes you happy! LOL!

  434. 434
    Yeah! Says:

    *Post whatever you like, tink…

  435. 435
    Message Says:

    @I’ve always wanted to know..: I absolutely loved the show Entourage. It was really well done, and gave a lot of insight into what it’s like in Hollywood. I also think it gives a TON of insight into what it’s like to be Leo… Which is why I am not deluded about how he is in private. And, why I believe he has the hardest working PR team in the business. He really leads that kind of lifestyle. It’s fascinating, but most of us have a different moral code.
    Oh, and hey @Philly! I think the new trailer for Django is awesome. The more I see Leo in action as Calvin Candie, the better I think it’s going to be. I like the dynamic between Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx. I actually can’t wait to see how Calvin gets it in the end. There’s a lot of buildup of how the two main characters take down Candyland. Should be fun!
    Have a great day, all.

  436. 436
    Ignore Says:

    If I were you all I would ignore this creaton. People don’t argue by themselves. When you respond to the creaton that’s when it gets fired up, that’s its juice. She acts like what she saying is factual but it isnt. Everything its saying is bullsh*t…so ignore, that’s what I will be doing from now on…

  437. 437
    Leo & Madalina Says:

    Another saga from the Leo love life files:
    Its interesting the certain stories (no matter how plausible or inplausible) his PR goes out of their way to deny and the ones they don’t.

  438. 438
    Elena Says:

    @Leo & Madalina: Lol sure, of course Leo is mad because Gerard Butler is dating a model he briefly dated more than a year ago. Cause he clearly gets so invested in his relationships.

  439. 439
    vagabond Says:

    I didn’t know Leo had a bromance with Gerard.LOL!!I’m still on the fence about Leo and Madelina even”dating”. Sounds like someones trying to drum up business.Which would work if these two weren’t both notorious man ho’s.
    The Daily News story lost me when they called Leo a boy toy.They’ve had crap stories before so not sure I’m buying this one.

  440. 440
    ---- Says:

    wasn’t Madalena a very brief fling he had after his “official” split with Blake? I do recall though she was with him when he flew back from Sydney and was seen at his birthday party in NY.
    …. till he met his easiest catch and lay at the VS after-party.

  441. 441
    LOL Says:

    I personally doubt he was ever actually with Madalena.
    Those Aussie balcony pics were so blatant to be staged.

  442. 442
    guess who Says:

    well the important question is is he or is he not still dating Erin?

    I think not. It has been too long since there was sighting and they have been in the same city for too long. I think she got pissed he was ignoring her, saying it was because of the filming and then going out and partying without her anyway, and she got clingy and real feelings came out and he dumped her. That is why he it out C*****ed to the gills, she is running around the West Village with her girlfiend looking stressed and she didnt go to the stupid ball thing. But you know he is the king of break up and make up too.

    Can I get a witness?

    Vegas says the odds are 3-1 in favor of a break up.

    Can we take a poll?I mean it is not a matter of “yes of course they are still on” because you have no proof of that it is:

    A. Yes, broken up went on too long anyway
    B. They might still be in limbo, “taking a break” or he is “working”

    Which is it folks, let me know.

    BTW Miranda is hoing around on Orlando, they are going to break up which is sad. You heard it here ! I was like if you are sick of him pass him over here ! Apparently he is with the kid more than she is, she is not crazy about motherhood. Its effed up.

  443. 443
    Sarah Says:

    @guess who -
    because of the lack of sightings/pictures and too many Leo partying without her, I am tempted to believe that
    A) they have decided to move on to their separate ways. if it is a “break”, it looks like a long one.

  444. 444
    More Bowling game report Says:

    From last weekend’s game
    From NY Post
    Leonardo DiCaprio with Lukas Haas and Danny A at Bowlmor Union Square celebrating with the cast and crew of the Martin Scorsese film “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Spies said Leo was “playfully competitive” and bowled 177 in his first game . . .
    @guess who (#442)
    the option A seems realistic.

  445. 445
    @442 Says:

    Going by Leo’s track record – Option B

  446. 446
    Gossip Cop Says:

    I find it very interesting that Leo’s PR (or whoever the source is) went out of their way to deny the Madalina rumor and the Leo wants to get back with Bar rumor, but they never say anything about the Leo wanting to settle down and start a family, he and Erin moving in together, etc. It seems like anything dealing with the current is off-limits.
    I personally think they are “still together.” It seems to me that they have decided to keep their professional lives separate. He hangs out with co-stars and goes bowling with the cast and she attends her charity events and modeling appearances solo.
    Things are going to get busy, Leo will be actively promoting his December film and then it’s awards season. Erin has the VS show. I repeat, these are two very busy and successful people, very common for celebrities. Just because they aren’t seen together all the time doesn’t mean they aren’t dating anymore.

  447. 447
    Geez Says:

    @Gossip Cop:
    My views exactly. Its not a popular opinion here though
    We have been fed a multitude of Leo/Erin stories from trashy tabloids.
    NOT ONE has been denied by his team.
    They were eager to go to the Cop for many stories you mentioned – Leo seems to want to distance himself from Madalena IMO – and emphatically denied that crazy one about Leo wanting to recrut Robert Pattison to the p8ssy posse ( I thought it strange they bothered to deny that one, as it was obviously BS).
    My take – true or not – his people are more than happy for the Erin stories to be there and are probably planting them

  448. 448
    not true Says:

    @Gossip Cop: leo has been biking, going to clubs doing things not related to his works as well as borington has been out and about with her friend lilly, she’s walking down a fcking runway not finding the cure for cancer…oh please…the no time thing and “busy” thing is BS

  449. 449
    not true Says: yeah she looks she’s so busy here, and every other day Leo is at the club, not filming, not saying that they’ve broken up but the busy excuse is bullsh*t

  450. 450
    sarah Says:

    Oh please… the “busy” excuse is totally bs. funny don’t you think that he went to Vegas and she went to Vegas but separately…??? and it was not her or his career that sent them to Vegas? the guy prefered to party with his boys in Vegas while she was giving a speech in NY… c’mon girls, be realistic.

  451. 451
    We'll see Says:

    We shall see who is right in the end now won’t we? All I’m saying is, there are no break-up rumors, there is no report of break-up, there is no evidence of Leo cheating or dating other people and same for Erin. Yet, Leo’s “team” is hell-bent on shooting down crazy stories that are unrelated to Erin and their relationship.


    Hahahahahaha, Bye, have a nice weekend.

  452. 452
    Yeah! Says:

    Verdict? And who are you to tell what`s the verdict? The whole they are busy theory is sheer stupid. They are in the same city yet they have time to hang out with anyone but each other… Also Leo`s team is hell bent on shooting down crazy stories? A `so called friend` would be Leo`s team? Well, whatever feeds your fantasy! ;-)

  453. 453
    Yeah! Says:

    How is saying `it`s not true` mean `went out of their way`? A little exaggeration to claim that… and there`s nothing interesting about it unless it`s another boring day on bz. So easy to spot them!

  454. 454
    @452 Says:

    OK Yeah! I think you are the one with false fantasies. At least mine are realistic. You always claim Erin’s career is “not so great.” Well she just signed on to do XOXO’s ad campaign. I would say things are going pretty well for her in real life as opposed to the delusions in your head.

    And my theory was based on PR moves, go back and read again. But of course you and your cronies with pea brains latch onto the “busy” comment because it suits your purposes. :-D Whatever you say!!

  455. 455
    Yeah! Says:

    @455: XOXO???? Wow, now she is a real `supermodel`! LOL! I bet that insane campaign is what is keeping her so busy that she can`t go out for a dinner with her boyfriend. You and your `realistic` theories make me laugh! You and your fellow delusional bz people feel so superior and you think you know everything `based on PR moves`. Well, whatever suits your purposes over there! PR or not the `they are busy` theory is stupid. Whatever it is ( I`m not sold on the breakup I think she is on hold until she is told to jump again ) it`s definitely not being busy. He has time to hang out with his buddies but not with his precious girlfriend. Yeah, he is so busy! Whatever makes you happy!

  456. 456
    Message Says:

    This relationship with Erin has been casual this whole time. He doesn’t need to break up with her. She is willing to let him do whatever he wants, and he gets to use her (on many levels) when he needs her. In return, she gets to be the one everyone talks about. I mean, we are still talking about her, even though there have been no sightings in a while. She still is getting publicity from the occasional stories in the press about their relationship (which, as people have stated, are never denied by Leo’s team). I think it is too soon to declare them broken up. They may not see much of each other lately, but neither have a problem with the public perception that they are still a happy couple. And, like many others, I believe we will see more of them being that happy couple, when its convenient and/or necessary for Leo professionally. It is what it is. Until then… He gets to have his fun. Just Leo being Leo!

  457. 457
    Yeah! Says:

    @457: I see your point except for the happy couple part. Honestly when did you see them as a happy couple? Happy? Or a couple? ( Unless you post on bz… )

  458. 458
    Message Says:

    @Yeah!: wow, that was a quick response! Already with the thumbs down, too. Because I said happy couple? I actually agree with you, I don’t ever recall them looking genuinely happy. Surely, not by my standards. But general public perception (not those of us that follow Leo as fans) is that they are indeed a couple, and do like each other. That’s what I mean. Most of us here know better…

  459. 459
    Yeah! Says:

    I didn`t thumb you down! I absolutely agreed with your comment even though I have never seen them as a happy couple. That`s the image they were trying to put out there and I assume that`s why you used that term. We are absolutely on the same page! :)

  460. 460
    Elena Says:

    @We’ll see: VERDICT: Who cares. It doesn’t really matter if they’re together or not (I personally think not). There haven’t been photos, twitter sightings, anything for months now, and generally if you like a person you want to spend time with them at some point. So really, their relationship status is irrelevant, the countdown clock is already running or has already run out.

  461. 461
    SMH Says:

    Yeah because we all know that you can only hang out with someone when there are twitter sightings, tabloid gossip and someone takes your picture! Because if it doesn’t hit your consciousness when you hit refresh on Page Six in the morning then it doesn’t exist! Keep dreaming guys and gals.
    And no I don’t post on Bellazon threads….wrong again!! As always!! :-P

  462. 462
    ---- Says:

    @More Bowling game report (444)

    Thanks for more. So it wasn’t just a cast and crew Wolf game. Lukas joined Leo and Danny A. No wonder why they went to Avenue (or 1oak) afterwards.

  463. 463
    Danny A Says:

    hmm. Unlike Lukas Haas who has nothing to do with the movie (cast or crew), Danny A has a small part in WOWS. But he is mostly one of Leo’s close friends. the tweeters don’t mention him because they have no idea who is is, but i’m sure Danny hangs with Leo whenever people tweet a sighting of Leo partying or clubbing at 1oak or Avenue.

  464. 464
    LOL Says:

    Ah I see Lukas is back with Leo. All is well in the world!

  465. 465
    @452 Says:

    Why get so aggressive with 451? H/She just said it was their own verdict. Did not say it was gospel truth. Sheesh
    And everyone here who does not **** at Erin/Leo relationship are not all conspirators from BZ. smh

  466. 466
    LOL Says:

    You don’t wanna open up that can of worms. Go read up past Leo threads instead, says it all.

  467. 467
    BZ Says:

    I doubt people from BZ even come here to post. Why put up with the abuse when you can get all your warm fuzzies about Leo over there.

  468. 468
    Yeah! Says:

    @462: It`s not only about twitter. It`s been 2 months since their last sighting together. There were sightings of Leo on other sources not just on twitter but never with Erin. In NYC where it was so easy to photograph them riding their bikes in summer. As I said I`m still not convinced there was a breakup but seriously if you still think it`s just about them `being busy` then you are in denial.
    @466: Read that comment. The way she put it doesn`t read like her `own verdict`. I do believe people should post their opinion and put it that way. That comment wasn`t written like that…
    I also believe that it`s people from bellazon posting here. I bet it`s them…

  469. 469
    @468 Says:

    You do realise with this common refrain of “they’re all from bz” you now sound like Tink. Anyone who thinks/interprets differently from your view is apparently part of a cabal, or a sect, its not simply other individuals who like either Leo/Erin and have their own opinions. JJ is not that important, dark forces don’t need to come on some showbiz blog to cause mayhem on the basis of mindless gossip.
    No shade here. I do not agree at all with your suspicions, and you ABSOLUTELY have the right to them. Am simply pointing out the irony.

  470. 470
    Yeah! Says:

    You do realize I didn`t say “they`re all from bz”, right? I talked about people posting there but I think it`s one of them posting here ( and I have reason to believe in my theory not just suspicion ). Also what`s so wrong with them posting here? All I said was it`s easy to spot them and I do feel they think they are superior to JJ posters. But I never said “they`re all from bz” because that`s not what I think.

  471. 471
    guess who Says:

    From CDAN.

    Most posters think it is Bar, and no I am not one of them.

    This foreign born A list model was at an event recently. She has dated some big names in the past and is one of those rare models who people know the name of. Anyway, at this event she was approached by a handler for an A+ list R&B singer. The handler said that _______ would love for the model to come sit next to him and have a drink. The model said, “Sorry, but I don’t like being around black people very much and there is no way I would date one or have people think I date one. So, thanks, but no thanks,” and walked away.

  472. 472
    Odd Says:

    @guess who:
    Bar – ‘A’ List??? *eye roll*

  473. 473
    Busy Says:

    Most BZ fans have given up on the idea of Leo and Erin as a real couple. There’s one stan who clings to every shred of hope and always uses the busy excuse, but that’s it. Busy would be more believable if they weren’t in the same city most of the time and he wasn’t seen out with his boys every weekend.

  474. 474
    Yeah! Says:

    @471: WHO CARES?
    @473: You are absolutely right!

  475. 475
    Busy Says:


    I couldn’t agree more. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of them and I don’t care. It doesn’t speak well of them, but if that’s the kind of relationship they want, that’s what they deserve.

  476. 476
    Interesting Says:

    … you make good points. What do you think of this theory?
    The intensely private Scarlett Johanson constantly fed info on her boyfriend, Nate Naylor, to People and NY Post. We had pics of them walking the NY streets, kissing on the beach, having dinner in dimly lit cafes e.t.c With PR outlets claiming they had been dating for 5 months even though that week was the first time anyone had heard of them together. Then when her Ryan R remarried and officially moved on, its confirmed a few days later that Scarlett and Nate Naylor have split.
    I kinda see it similar to the Leo/Erin situation. I agree with the poster that said she was a rebound/revenge move. Now that Leo’s ex has officially moved on, he’s not bothering to play a charade anymore. I’m not saying they have split but the fact that he’s partying so openly and there have been no staged pics possibly means Erin like Nate was only to serve a purpose and the mission failed.
    Maybe Leo and ScarJo should get together. LOL

  477. 477
    @#476 Says:

    LOL now that you mention it, it makes perfect sense. She likes older men and bad boys, and Leo would be a big step up from Sean Penn. But Leo likes tall, thin blondes. I hope he makes an exception for Scarlett. Two former child stars and gamers who get around. Team ScarLeo!

  478. 478
    Leo is busy Says:

    Visiting an art gallery with his ‘bros before hos’ pals…

  479. 479
    Leo & Luke Says:

    the only couple that matters.

  480. 480
    and Erin is busy Says:

    at someone’s bar mitzvah. Gallery pic was about a week ago… Everyone is very busy as you can see…!/mochera200/media/slideshow?

  481. 481
    Sarah Says:

    ??? Busy with doing things their separate ways instead of doing these things together like any normal couple, right.

  482. 482
    guess who Says:

    @Interesting: Leo and Scarjo would be interesting as they are both self centered and shady.

    BUT as for Leo doing something for revenge, he doesnt CARE enough about these women to do something for revenge. That’sjust silly. And there is still a never ending supply for him. I am actually more curious about who is going to be next? It might be something interesting this time, as it would cause controversy to go and nab the next VS chick in front of Erin, and women have a way of ganging up on guys who have messed with a friend of theres.

    It’s over quietly I think, Leo doesn’t have to make an announcement every time he wipes his dcik off. We’ll probably see HER with a new guy before it is announced.

    You know, part of the reason I think some of his roles seem so fake is because we know Leo doesnt have deep feelings of loyalty to anyone, so when he cries has his breakdown at the end of Shutter Island for example…you don’t feel for him. It’s hard to see a confirmed bachelor as a mourning husband/father…it’s hard to buy his emotions when you know he has no real feeling for anybody but himself. Probably hurts him with the awards—he can do it superficially but no one believes the feelings are real. They arent.

  483. 483
    guess who Says:

    Maybe he’ll go out with Miranda Kerr once Orly dumps her and gets custody. How bout that?

    Seriously he has go to get out his comfort zone, dumb 20 year old model next time, the old formula aint working. But maybe he’ll ho around a few months and have fun. Really, he should just let the cat out of the bag and not even pretend and do a James Woods.

  484. 484
    @482 Says:

    I deffo for sure believe he cares.
    You under-estimate his vindictiveness and over-estimate his emotional maturity.
    Most bizzarely you talk as if you known the man personally

  485. 485
    Yeah! Says:

    This comment is priceless!

    Leo & Luke … the only couple that matters! You couldn`t have said it better! Even if the `lovebirds` show up together again ( for certain reasons other than mutual attraction ) at least it`s obvious by now what this `relationship` really is and how much it means to him.

  486. 486
    and Erin is busy Says:

    @Sarah: I know I was being sarcastic : )

  487. 487
    Sarah Says:


  488. 488
    guess who Says:

    @@482: Oh, and you’re his BFF, right? But I don’t believe he really does care and why get back at some silly girl that can be replaced easily? I could see him being a little petulant now and then…but if you are so all knowing, do tell.

    I think he was glad to ditch blake, glad to get rid of bar and had to do it brutally with a replacement so she didnt try to cling and get back, and this one he doesnt really care about and they are caput.

    Back up your statement about vindictiveness if you have tea spill it.

  489. 489
    guess who Says:

    @guess who: BTW, broke up with Blake Labor Day didnt start seeing dumb bum until December. And I dont think he was crazy about Blake either.@and Erin is busy:

    Yeah they are busy going their separate ways and not being a couple.

  490. 490
    Yeah! Says:

    @489: I don`t think it was about the breakup with Blake rather about her moving on with Ryan Reynolds very quickly. He needed someone to `move on with` in public. JMO.

  491. 491
    CanadaGirl Says:
    Let’s not forget to be PC with the costumes this Halloween.
    *cough* (side eye)
    Have a good night, y’all.

  492. 492
    CanadaGirl Says:

    (refer to #6)

  493. 493
    482@ Says:

    yu lot *ahem guess who* act and sound as if you’ve met him personally and walk in his shoes! oh that’sright!!! you haven’t.stop casting stones…remember they get thrown back!

  494. 494
    @489 Says:

    His announcement on the Blake break up was in October, when news/gossip of she and Ryan R came out, we suddenly started getting close up pics of Leo on his balcony with an assortment of women – Madalena, Vested blondes etc. Odd considering he had moved out of that place to SPECIFICALLY avoid the paps, using body doubles and travelling through underground car parks yet now he was happy to show off to the photogs.
    The staged park pics with Erin came out in December, a week after the Blake/Ryan staged park pics. Erin had been in Sydney earlier (judging by the boxing contest video we saw of them) suddenly however there were now upshot pics of them in Veruca park.
    I don’t know the man but the sequence of events was highly amusing and not coincidental IMO. I agree with 476.

  495. 495
    Philly Says:

    I like your theory. That Scarlett /Naylor thing was weird IMO.
    Big wave @Canada Girl
    Very surprised Leo was not at the LACMA Gala. He’s gunning for an Oscar for Django right? I would have thought in working towards that it would be important for him to look like he was going to the right places, pressing the flesh, and doing everything by the book a la Ben Affleck.

  496. 496
    Yeah! Says:

    @Philly: I`m not 100% of course but it might have to do something with the weather here on the east coast. A huge storm is approaching NYC which is going to make travelling impossible for a couple of days ( returning from LA )… Maybe that`s the reason why?

  497. 497
    and then.. Says:

    on Octo 4th..blake announed the broke-up first at US Weekly..Leo confirmed it at People on Octo 5th ..

  498. 498
    Philly Says:

    I see. You guys stay safe. Scary. No tornadoes over in the UK. Thankfully@@489:
    Well remembered. Don’t forget when he was going boating with Tobey, Jennifer, Irmelin and cancelled (looking miserable) last minute because of the paps. Then a couple of days later, a 360 degree turn, we were inundated with pics of Leo and various babes, on the verranda, on some beach, very blatant, no baseball cap, no body double, no hiding. hmmmmmmm

  499. 499
    Yeah! Says:

    I would have gone to LA in his place… I doubt Wold will continue filming at the beginning of the week so he would be better off in LA waiting out the storm.

  500. 500
    Heart Says:

    Leo does not campaign for Oscar. Ben Affleck looks like a fool in recent months: photos with the kids, romantic dinner with his wife, traveling. I believe this is the reason why Leo still does not have an Oscar. He always does some interviews, but that’s it. Harvey Weinstein will campaign for Leo.

  501. 501
    guess who Says:

    @CanadaGirl: CG are you referencing the famous Bar Refaeli black face “rapper” costume that dropped jaws everywhere…the one with the afro wig?

    OK, Leo was at LACMA with Karlie Kloss last night. SHe was the VS Angel he wanted originally the night he met Erin…the one he had his eye on. So maybe they’ll hook up now. She is all of 19 so I bet they’ll have a lot to talk about. Bet they’re texting already and Erin is done. Yes, he might be campaigning but so what. I bet he’ll try with Kloss, bet he did last night ! He’d have less of an opportunity with her at a VS function with Erin glowering in the background and a lot of the “grils” turned against him.

    Still think Miranda could be next once Orly kicks her out.

  502. 502
    guess who Says:

    @CanadaGirl: yep, I see. Too bad a certain person is too dumb and too racist to realize that. That picture of Bar was originally on it’s still on Lipstick Alley somewheres.

  503. 503
    guess who Says:

    @Philly: He was there. Read the blurb. He was hosting. I would bet his dad likes Ruscha—so do I, I love Ed Ruscha.

  504. 504
    guess who Says:

    @@489: I disagree that he really cares all that much about one upping Blake Lively or anyone else on anything. Someone here was insisting he went with BLAKE and ERIN to make BAR jealous. Does that read right to you?No it doesnt. THEY ARE ALL INTERCHANGEABLE. It’s about having a high end sperm receptacle and/or having eye candy for some public shots.But I doubt it is as staged as you think. He just doesnt care about these hos, not really. Not anymore. One is as good as another.

    Yeah, we’re expecting bad weather. Lovely commute tomorrow the wind is already kicking up.

  505. 505
    guess who Says:

    @Heart: Ben is supposedly cheating a lot on Jennifer, with Blake for one although that is inthe past. That is why he was seen spotting a black eye after the nudie pix for blake came out. Electra boffed Daredevil a good one. He may play Mr. Clean but he has the cheating gene, poor Jenn with like eight kids.

    Leo doesnt have an Oscar because nobody believes that he is capable of any real emotional depth based on the way he lives. Also, he doesnt have to work hard to get roles or get movies out. His early commercial success might have jinxed him for a while. I doubt we’ll see him with the flip flop daisy duke girl at anything official any time soon. The new girl, whomever she is, will debut after awards season.

  506. 506
    LACMA Says:

    Sorry to interrupt your fan fiction Stinker, but he wasn’t at the LACMA benefit. The offcial reason given was his filming schedule, but the inclement weather probably have had something to do with it. Hurricane Sandy isn’t expected to hit NY as hard as Jersey, but flights have been canceled as the storm approaches and there will be travel delays once they resume.

  507. 507
    @guess who Says:

    Ben cheated on his wife with other actress … not Blake…… you’ve got the wrong info…..

  508. 508
    Search Says:

    Some people here need to go look at the old threads from the summer. ALL that Leo does is on some vindictive, petty stuff, INCLUDING those very first photos with the two of them on the boat. He is constantly trying to one-up someone. Bar was all over Cannes, posing for the cameras and partying so Leo decided to put out his hey I’m happy too photos out for the press. Too many people are forgetting the fact that the razzi was camped outside that yacht BEFORE Blake stepped foot and it and Leo was grinning and smiling towards them before she got there. He is such a one-trick pony.

  509. 509
    @#507 Says:

    @@guess who:

    Rumour has it Affleck cheated with Rebecca Hall while he directed her in The Town and Lively was their cover. Rebecca didn’t have a boyfriend at the time and she skipped all the group press junkets when the movie came out. She is with Sam Mendes now. Rumour has it their relationship started while he directed her in a theater production. He was married to Kate Winslet at the time.

  510. 510
    @508 Says:

    The problem with that theory is that Leo had already long moved on. He had nothing to prove. There were rumors of him coming out of Blake’s apartment post -Met and tweets of him Blake and Tobey hanging out together BEFORE Cannes show.
    I’m not saying he’s not petty or vindictive but Bar’s posing seemed to be more her putting an “I will survive” act after being so publically cheated on rather than Leo actually giving a toss.

  511. 511
    Philly Says:

    Its really odd that Rebecca Hall does not get called out for her behaviour while other actresses I imagine would be torn to shreds. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were cheating on their other halves before getting married but they also did not get censure/hassle.
    Some people are just…….lucky I guess.

  512. 512
    guess who Says:

    @Search: I didnt read that at all. What I saw was he was happy to get rid of barfie, that he had been chatting up blake for a while and he was happy to be with her. I just dont think he really cares enough about barfie to care what she thinks, sorry. And he is always in the drivers seat in any relationship he is in, he makes sure of it. There is very little these girls can do to make him jealous or even give a damn. So the paps caught him with Blake. HE is the one that they follow around. BAR on the other hand had like 8 different posts here this weekend…her agent Scott had to follow her around with a camera to make her look like she still mattered.

    At that point Leo didnt give a damn about barfie or what she though, just wanted her gone for good. Sorry, but I really doubt he can be made seriously jealous or hurting by any of them. I think the only one that could do that was Gisele and by that time she really had moved on, wasnt trying to make anyone jealous, she just found someone that fit her more.

    These childish “jealousy” games are signs of immature people and immature relationships, you can’t manipulate a man into loving your doing what you want, letting you move in or marry you. .Either he does or he doesnt want to…in barfies case he didnt want to, the end. Got ready for the final ditch and ditched her.

    The lesson of the story is if you want to get married and all that you can’t date leonardo di caprio…Gisele and Blake are proof. However if you are barfie and have a nasty rep and bad PR you are not going to be able to hook up again so soon or so well probably ever. That is the moral of the story.

  513. 513
    guess who Says:

    @Search: Nah, the one who is vindictive and trying to one-up is Bar, that was obvious the whole time….but she couldnt make Leo “jealous” or get him back because he just didnt like her that much to begin with. He got a replacement part and swapped her out. Those photos WERE NOT staged to hurt barfie, but maybe they were passively ALLOWED so the world, and BAR got the message. Dont call me for months trying to get back like last time, it won’t work I’ve moved on.

    Same thing with Erin, he had a nice piece of ass and didnt mind if the paps caught them in Australia, but they do follow him everywhere whether he wants it or not. People like Bar have to stage their “importance.” Leo doesnt.

  514. 514
    @512 Says:

    @guess who:
    Sometimes you blabber but sometimes you hit the nail on the head, thats how I rememeber it to.

  515. 515
    guess who Says:

    @@#507: For all we know it was Blake AND Rebecca, I have my doubts about Sir Ben and dont think that marriage will survive two more years….. I think Jen gets really hurt and angry….but supposedly Affleck was one of the guys who got the nudie photos and the black eye was the weekend after they came out. Feel sorry for Jennifer, feel sorry for Orlando.

    I’m taking bets on JennBen not making it out of 2015. Jennifer is a good girl and a true believer, she’ll try to make it work…but I don’t know word seems to be creeping out.

  516. 516
    Yeah! Says:

    @512: I don`t think PR is about what Bar thinks or if Leo cares about what his exes think. It`s about the public perception of his relationships and his breakups. It`s about bloggers drooling over Bar`s hot body saying Leo is a fool for breaking up with her. That`s why he goes for photo ops or got out of hiding with Blake after the breakup.
    @ @512: Isn`t it annoying? Tink has been like this for years! She has a comment that`s spot on and then she goes overboard or starts talking about irrelevant stuff! I just get annoyed and won`t read her comments even though she does make sense! Also she talks about Leo like she knows him very well personally. That is also annoying!

  517. 517
    Sarah Says:

    The lady spotted Leo at Darby last night (Saturday)
    Pauldine France‏@pauldine

    Twice in a week….I’m on the table next to Leonardo Di Caprio. This time at Darby for dinner. dude is going to think I’m following him.

  518. 518
    @#511 Says:


    Selective memory syndrome. Garner allegedly cheated on her husband Scott Foley with her Alias co-star Michael Vartan, and on Vartan with her Daredevil co-star Ben Affleck. The relationships came one right after the other, and she was pregnant when she married Affleck.

  519. 519
    real news appreciated Says:

    @Sarah: Thanks for the REAL news and not the FAN FICTION that some Crazies spew

  520. 520
    Huh? Says:

    @real news appreciated:
    I guess an upteenth tweet about Leo in some nightclub, – SHOCKER!, – is considered ‘REAL news’ by some.
    If this thread has CRAZIES spewing fan fiction why read it? Go to a sane thread/forum where you don’t have to deal with CRAZY. No one is being coerced. CRAZY attracts CRAZY. So you must be a CRAZY FAN too.

  521. 521
    Sarah Says:

    @real news appreciated:
    … my pleasure:)

  522. 522
    guess who Says:

    @512: I don`t think PR is about what Bar thinks or if Leo cares about what his exes think. It`s about the public perception of his relationships and his breakups.

    It`s about bloggers drooling over Bar`s hot body saying Leo is a fool for breaking up with her. That`s why he goes for photo ops or got out of hiding with Blake after the breakup.

    You just played yourself, again, NO ONE drooled over Bar’s hot body or said Leo was a fool. They knew “hot” models and bikini bodies are a dime a dozen in Leo’s world and he’d get another. In fact there was general rejoicing on part of Leo fans/stans.

    No, no, NO. He doesnt even care what the public perceptions of his relationships or girls are or he would have dated some Oscar winning actress instead of the bikini bimbos he does date. He thinks its unrelated but its WRONG. He won’t win an Oscar while he’s still dating lingerie models because no on can take him seriously as an ARTIST or a GROWNUP the way he acts in his non professional life.Makes him seem like a HIMBO.

    Out again at Darby?Trust me, he’s trolling.He and the latest bimb had a falling out, or he just got sick of her.I think she realized when he was in the same exact city and didnt want to play house with her she got the news that she was a booty call, and since most girls of average intelligence figure this out and take objection to it (bar didnt) she has taken her leave. Trust me on this. They are done.

  523. 523
    guess who Says:

    @Yeah!: I just get annoyed and won`t read her comments even though she does make sense!

    Accent on “DOES” make sense.

    It’s your funeral. You read/believe what you like. And I dont know HIM personally but I know men LIKE him and the LEOs of the world very well. His actions are pretty transparent unless you are still in Cinderella la la land about men, love, and relationships. And also about the way things work in the world.

    Why go out with 23 year old models? Because his place in the industry and who he is means he has all the power, emotionally, economically, professionally and physically.(sexually) He doesnt really have to give a sh$t. He gets really pretty pu$$y that he can get rid of and replace once they start to want a real relationship. Why 3 under25 olds in the last two years? Because they won’t make emotional demands.Then out the door when they do.They also dont have the experience to know BS when they hear it, like “I’m just too busy the next 2 months” grown women hear that and they are like, enjoy it….but I wont be here when you are ready. See ya ! Theydont even need to make a big deal of it, they just write him off and move on.There are no screaming fights, no “making someone jealous.” If you have to do that it is not worth keeping.

  524. 524
    Yeah! Says:

    @tink: Whatever. You act like you have everything about Leo all figured out, you talk about him like you know him or what’s going on in his head. It’s quite ridiculous. I’m done reading your comments….

  525. 525
    Yeah! Says:

    No, the emphasis is not on ‘she does make sense’. It’s on ‘she goes overboard or starts talking about irrelevant stuff’. Or that you act like you know everything including Leo.

  526. 526
    IKR Says:

    @guess who:
    Especially considering he by this time had already banged half of the SI models – including Anna V and Julie Henderson – . Leo was probably more like ‘been there, done that, bought the T shirt’!

  527. 527
    question Says:

    apparently lily aldridge and erin are staying in a hotel together to keep away from the threats of the storm coming in NY. if Erin and Leo would have still been together, don’t you think she would have prefered to be with him? what do you think?

  528. 528
    guess who Says:

    @Yeah!: honey, some things are universal. And some things are just obvious to people who have been out and about in the world and aren’t children still believing in Sleeping Beauty.

    I know how he acts, and I know men, including men with money and power. And I know men LIKE Leo, that’s all I need to know.

    I’d actually prefer it if you didnt read my comments or respond. You are just visiting this planet apparently

  529. 529
    Yeah! Says:

    Get over yourself tink. You think you know everything and you are above everyone. Guess what? You are not. `your are just visiting this planet apparently` Are you for real? Or rather are you talking about yourself? ` peple who have been out and about in the world` `i know men` You THINK you know everything but I doubt you are even remotely close to that. But whatever feeds your theories, honey. Keep writing endless essays about … who cares what? if that`s what makes you happy. LOL!

  530. 530
    guess who Says:

    @Yeah!: Yes, as a matter of fact I know a lot. Not stuff we would like to believe, but generally the unfortunate truth. You grow up and stop believing a lot of the nonsense you were taught in fairy tales, sorry. And you start knowing a few things about men too. I am sorry you havent caught on yet, but some guys just cant be or arent good partners for a real relationship. He is one of them. Sorry, wish it was different.

    I can’t possibly see why you dont realize this. I had Leo figured out in like 1999. He could date the most “beautiful”woman in the world and it still wouldn’t help, the problem is with him. Love if it was different.

    And yeah, I do KNOW this and I am NOT wrong. Sorry you’re not there yet.

  531. 531
    Yeah! Says:

    blah blah blah blah blah. Sorry but that`s all I see. Again: get over yourself, tinkerbell.

  532. 532
    @527 Says:

    I think Erin would not tweet about her wherabouts/discussions with Leo. He would forbid it. And you are creepy obsessed – with faux concern – in following her EVERY tweet/movement to assess their relationship. That’s what I think

  533. 533
    @Yeah Says:

    You wrote earlier that you won’t read or respond to Tink.
    She has asked you not to and prefers it that way.
    So why continue and aggravate yourself? Skip her posts, problem solved

  534. 534
    Yeah! Says:

    @question: Oh, come on! They are just way too busy to wait out the storm together! In the same city that basically shut down entirely they are too busy to find each other. Just like last night in The Darby! And all of a sudden following Erin is `creepy obsession`. OK.
    @532: Erin was tweeting while they were on vacation on the Bahamas or in a restaurant with Leo and Ethan in September. Wasn`t it forbidden back then?

  535. 535
    guess who Says:

    @Yeah!: You think you know everything and you are above everyone

    I just know everything about this instance. Quantum mechanics I only know the basics off, and god help me with like C++ programming or Mandarin Chinese, otherwise yes, I do KNOW WHAT YOU APPARENTLY DO NOT. Sorry!

    And what are we arguing about anyway?The fact that he doesnt really care about his bimbots?Honey, he’s always used them like kleenex. What is there to know? He didnt care what Bar thinks…if she thinks.
    She did not have the power in the relationship, he did. Enough said. I hardly think what he did two years ago counts. And here’s a BIG SECRET he doesnt care about ERIN really either ! Who knew ! :)

  536. 536
    Yeah! Says:

    @534: Skip my posts and your problem is solved. I don`t really care about your opinion or advice so…

  537. 537
    Yeah! Says:

    blah blah blah blah blah

  538. 538
    @534 Says:

    Evidently not as Jennifer Meyer was also included in the pics. And we also had staged pap shots of Tobey and Leo snorkelling shortly after so I guess her was happy for his whereabouts to be documented.
    I see your in a fight with yet another poster as usual. Do me the favour you promised Tink don’t read or respond to me.

  539. 539
    guess who Says:

    @question: The whole storm thing is really overrated. I am sitting in here in Brooklyn laughing because I’ve been through hurricanes and blizzards and it is a bunch of nothing. We shut down AT MOST 24 hours and then we are back running. This is a big tough ass city and mother nature is not that tough here. I am listening to the wind as I write this. The only thing we really have to fear is a major act of terrorism,and I NEVER discount that ever however. The only time we really got messed up with a disaster was that, I mean for months people couldnt go home below Canal Street.

    Erin lives in the West Village, so close to the water, probably inside the flood plain, so they do have to warn her and everyone else that they could get flooded….but the last time it was a big nada. This is only a Force 1 hurricane,no biggie.And it wont even hit for a while.

    He lives by the river too, but alas, you SEE THEY HAVE BROKEN UP OR HE DOESNT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT HER. EITHER ONE TAKE YOUR PICK. Or he is drunk in a club and not paying attention. Or, he’s at another hotel with hisown BRAND NEW BOOTIE or jump off.

    Sorry, Charlie, but they ova.

  540. 540
    Yeah! Says:

    As for the first part of your comment I have no response since I have no idea what you are talking about…
    Other than that take your own advice. As you pointed out I `have a fight` with someone else so why don`t you stay out of it? You can ignore my comments and feel free not to respond! :)

  541. 541
    guess who Says:

    It doesnt matter what they did when, where there is no smoke, no fire. If she was with him she couldnt talk about it, but she isnt. If people are truly close, when there is a storm or big disaster they go to the closest person, usually the sig. other. They are over.

    And know I am not above anyone, I just know more than you do. But I get a kick out of you silly responses.

  542. 542
    guess who Says:

    @Yeah!: duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh I’m stupid and naive and deep down I know it but I can’t admit it to myself yet.

    Yeah !

  543. 543
    @540 Says:

    You obviously can’t understand s8it. I was not involved in your fight I said as its typical of you to start arguments, I would let it drain out.
    Where the fcuk did you get from that I wanted to referee anything?

  544. 544
    #guess who Says:

    @guess who:
    Its Leda/Spot On/lmao/whateva as usual.
    Truly hateful wench. The ***** is always up in someones face and anyone that calls her is from ‘bz’. I’m surprised a sane person like Philly responded to her and wished her saftey in the Hurricane (wrong call), cos she vowed never to. Must have been a momentary lapse

  545. 545
    guess who Says:

    @@534: He is not orchestrating this crap as much as you would like to think. They follow his 24-7 and it shows instances from his life. When he is sort of ashamed of someone, he hides them like his bimbos, or prohibits them legally from talking about him, like his bimbos. That is it. He doesnt have a gag order on Kate Winslett or anyone he respects. Otherwise who cares. The one he was most ashamed of was Bar…..he made her put her coat over her face and dumped her because she was going to open a verified twitter. she had them before,all the time, opened and closed them all the time when she got in trouble from him or her agency, but he couldnt even trust her to maintain a twitter account without trying to exploit him,make a fool of him or of herself, and you can see she has certainly done the latter.

  546. 546
    guess who Says:

    @#guess who: I dont even really care but to me it just obvious. Extremely rich, powerful man dates younger powerless women… for their looks and youth and discards at will. What does that does that say to you? If he was old and ugly and not a movie star they might have some power but as it is they just dont, he does, and he just doesnt have to care. That is why Erin is alone right now in the middle of a federally recognized disaster (Obama signed) not with his highness. There is nothing she can do to make him “jealous.”

  547. 547
    guess who Says:

    bored, been in all day because of storm.

  548. 548
    guess who Says:

    wait, isnt he out at the Darby? Such regard. He parties, Erin takes refuge in hotel. Nice.Together they are not.

  549. 549
    Yeah! Says:

    Oh, the broken record is back! Woo-hoo! Lets read about old screen names and made up lies! Nothing new as usual, snoozefest and lack of vocabulary! zzzzzzzz I’m surprised we haven’t heard from the drama queen, posting the exact same stuff, earlier. What’s next? Let me guess! Something completely irrelevant like old websites where I don’t post anymore! Or she is going to make up something that naturally she can’t prove. I can’t wait! lol
    And all the fuss about pointing out something about Tinkerbell that others noticed as well. What’s new?

  550. 550
    #549 Says:

    I don’t need to prove anything or rewrite jack, the past Leo posts tell the story. Along with posters behappy,Philly You dish out agressive BS and then when its thrown back at you go ‘drama queen’ ‘unproven accusations’. Well attacks cut both ways and I cant wait to start another round.

  551. 551
    @above Says:

    @Yeah!: she does sound like a broken record. She’s like the crazy aunt that everyone has in their family. She’s the crazy aunt for the Leo threads. lol None of Leo’s gfs are victims. We all have freedom of choice, the freedom to walk away, the freedom to stay or the freedom to do nothing..

  552. 552
    Philly Says:

    OMG. I saw there was another page and thought it was Leo goss/analysis but it’s another fight. WTH? Appreciate the heads up but whatever happens or is said please don’t respond and let the thread get derailed. AGAIN. Well off to shut-eye,its vereryy late here

  553. 553
    #above Says:

    Oh look it’s Leda’s ***friend always here to have her girls back and parrot her words the moment someone calls her pal out. Calling others cray. Oh the irony. Sorry Philly could not resist.

  554. 554
    leofan Says:

    I, for one, like Tinkerbell’s posts. At least she gives information and analysis as opposed to childish one-liners.

  555. 555
    Yeah! Says:

    Oh, look, it’s the broken record again! Get back to the present, sweetie, update yourself and let the old Leo posts go! That’s just an excuse for you to come after me and be the ‘crazy aunt’ ( indeed that’s what you are )! If someone agrees with me and calls you out that’s ‘crazy’ unlike the bunch of people you ALLEGEDLY speak for. lol Same old, same old! You put me to sleep with your comments! Have fun derailing the thread even more ( and then please complain about it by bringing up old screen names. It makes so much sense! lol )

  556. 556
    Yeah! Says:

    By the way why was it necessary to bring Philly into your new hissy fit? It was no big deal and I`m happy there was a little conversation without any major issue but you turned it into something completely negative. Congrats! And do you even know what my `fight ` is about with tinkerbell? Does it even matter to you or is it just an excuse to come after me? And of course if someone agrees with me you immediately go after that person calling her names. That says a lot about you but you think you are awesome and you are the cyber bodyguard of the Leo threads against me. Rather a cyber bully!

  557. 557
    @556 Says:

    I’m the cyber bully? You came after me and I retaliated as I ALWAYS will and all of a sudden your a victim? WTF? I like Philly and gave her the heads up/memory cause your ranting BS showed/reminded of the truth.
    As I said of the earlier posts showed I’m not the only one onto you and I wont back away from a fight but yeah you and your puppy above can hold on to me being the crazy aunt. Whatever makes you feel good! The earlier meltdowns show whose crazy!

  558. 558
    @556 Says:

    Oh and the fact that the first post of the day – and it would seem some hours later – is you starting some self defence ish pretty much prove I ain’t the only one derailing the thread. Deflect any ‘advice’ for me to your own self.

  559. 559
    @556 Says:

    “If someone agrees with me and calls you out that’s ‘crazy’” – As opposed to you calling others including Philly crazy lmao when you were having your meltdown and how all the thumbs down were proof of everyone lying against you! And your invectives but now apparently ‘everyone agrees’ with you and I’m the bully. Mmmk
    Ah selective memory.

  560. 560
    Yeah! Says:

    Yeah, you are the cyber bully. I didn`t go after you, genius. I had an issue with tinkerbell ( something that others noticed as well ) and then you showed up and started your usual old screen names broken record. Saying that I went after you is another lie and just stupid. As usual.
    Philly didn`t need your heads up. It was a completely innocent little conversation without `ranting` ( you seriously need some new words in your vocabulary ), had nothing to do with you or with past issues. But you managed to turn it into something completely unpleasant. Good job!
    And of course the broken record continues and you, like a ( self appointed ) savior, speak for everyone. Yawn! Not to mention being obsessed with the past and old comments. Seriously you are a brain freeze you are so boring.
    You started this fight, you came after me and since you are so obsessed with past comments I said loud and clear I will defend myself agains the JJ cyber bully. You started derailing the thread by coming after me for something you have nothing to do with, by turning absolutely harmless things into something negative and calling names. Keep going on, cyber bully! I will defend myself against you! You don`t care about the thread or all those people you allegedly represent. You just need an excuse to come after me. You are just as obsessed with me as tinkerbell is with Bar. You are a creep!

  561. 561
    Yeah! Says:

    Obsessed much? That`s how you spend your time? Going after old threads and comments? You are like tinkerbell!
    Yes, you are a cyber bully and you proved it yesterday. There was no reason for you to `call me out` or turn my conversation with Philly into something bad. But you did it anyway and that proves you are a bully. You are bored and you have nothing better to do so you come after me. Keep fixating on me, drama queen, I`m not going anywhere. :)

  562. 562
    Yeah! Says:

    It`s interesting that the thread turns into this ridiculous fight only when you show up! I don`t even post that much anymore and based on the thumbs up it seems like I get along with people and some like my comments.
    I even said yesterday that tinkerbell does make good points but she goes overboard. The issue that started this stupid fight again was that she talks about Leo like she knows him or what`s going on in his mind. That was noticed by others as well and it does bother me, too. That`s why I got into a `fight` with tinkerbell. Obviously everyone is entitled to have an opinion but I think opinion should be presented as opinion not the style tinkerbell puts it. That`s all. But it`s turned into something completely irrelevant and pointless again thanks to you.
    You blow things out of proportion so much. You get worked up over the smallest thing and all you do is bring up the past. Yes, I had nasty comments in the past, I couldn`t handle when someone disagreed with me. I never denied that but it changed. I did make an effort to learn from my mistakes . And that`s the part you ignore. People do disagree from time to time but you fixate on the past so bad that you just can`t see how things are different now.

  563. 563
    @561 Says:

    Obsessed? Oh thats good.Those links are available at a drop and contradict your now claim of being a righteous victim that apparently everyone agrees with otherwise I call them crazy.
    Previous page you were having it out with Tinkerbell ( who I’m now like LOL) and later some other person This page its me, and I’m the one with the problem? I’ the aggressive bully? lol Your starting the threads with yet another roadreel suggests you might be bored as well and I’m not going anywhere either.

  564. 564
    @562 Says:

    That’s not true. I enjoy reading posts here and the debates that go on. You insist I post to solely come after you? How do you know what my other posts are? I don’t like derailing the thread anymore than others. I like Philly, Message, Canada Girl, epk, vagabond. I find Tink amusing like 554 and as I said underneath 95% of her ramblings she hits it out of the park with 5%. But simply because I don’t respond to your posts does not mean I just show up to bother you. As I said you came after me and I responded. You responded and I responded ………..

  565. 565
    LOL Says:

    Meltdown @560. Beefing with Tinkerbell and #guess who on page 22
    Now defending itself against a ‘bully obsessed creep’ on page 23.
    Same applies to her. And the usual suspects ruin it for everyone else. Cheers

  566. 566
    Yeah! Says:

    Then you know what? Get a screen name instead of using numbers! Maybe in that case it would be possible to know who you are! Have the decency to do that instead of just using numbers! Prove what you claim just once! It`s only you fixating on me and you come after me whenever you have the chance regardless of what the issue really is. I had a specific issue with tinkerbell and again I did say she makes sense BUT there was one thing that bothered me about her comments. Now you put it I don`t like her comments in general. Another made up stuff. But you come after me for daring to disagree with tinkerbell. It was no big deal, it had nothing to do with you but you came after me. Bully!
    I doubt there was `another person` other than tinkerbell and you. What I had going on with tinkerbell was not that big of a deal and you turned it into something more than that. You are a bully and yes, you are obsessed. Get over it and get over yourself! :) I had an argument with tinkerbell and I`m defending myself against you again. Keep listing my `enemies`. Finally you moved on from listing screen names and websites to the list of my enemies. Just as boring as before.
    @LOL: I`m a living person so have the respect not to refer to me as `itself`. Basic intelligence!

  567. 567
    @566 Says:

    And you are a historically aggressive bully who is equally obsessed, and brooks no issednt but in her psyche is has managed to become a victim. What BS. And don’t instruct me to get a name or number on jj its not your f8cking place. I’ll post as I choose as has always been the case.

  568. 568
    Geez Says:

    @LOL – Sometimes I can hate this place. *eye roll* I’m out!

  569. 569
    @568 Says:

    The atypical meltdown 560 -562, shows I don’t have to prove anything.
    The proof is in the pudding till more follows this, which she has been bullied into by an obsessed bully who bullies obsessively just like Tinkerbell!!!!!! Waves @Geez and Philly

  570. 570
    Message Says:

    What. Is. Happening. Oh my goodness. Just wanted to tell everyone on the east coast to stay safe during the storm. Hopefully it is not as big of a deal as they are making it out to be. Hopefully we will have some new Leo news/pics after it has passed. Take care of yourselves… And stop the madness!!

  571. 571
    Philly Says:

    Hi Message!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you live in NY? Stay safe.
    As I said we don’t have to deal with this in the UK. Terrifying (Wonder how it’ll affect the election). @569 girl please let it go. Please, don’t respond. Hi @Geez Long time. Only Canada Girl left, hope she’s OK.

  572. 572
    Yeah! Says:

    Still doesn`t have the intelligence to use actual screen name to prove she is an otherwise active member of this thread. I don`t have to prove anything. Defending myself is a meltdown, she speaks for so many others who rarely have her back but as soon as someone backs me up the name calling starts. That says a lot about you! Clearly you are above your own rules. You don`t even have an idea what you are BULLYING me about you just have to push it further and further. You butt into things that are not your business and whine about it endlessly.
    You call it meltdown I call it defending myself against you. Do mankind a favor, buy a dictionary to learn some new words, mind your own business and stop bullying others. I never said I wasn`t like that but of course you put it that way. I DID it you still DO it. I had a disagreement that your turned into something completely negative and then you whine about it. Good job again!

  573. 573
    @572 Says:

    I speak for other who rarely have my back? Mmmk – Your hysterical posts only show you defending yourself. How many have your back? Your calling me names in your sick head is not sign of hassling/bullying its protecting yourself and mankind
    ‘You butt into things that are not your business and whine about it endlessly’. – The liar rewrites history again to portray herself as assailed.
    A fight with you calling me names IS my business *****. It need not end you come after me and I’ll retaliate.

  574. 574
    @572 Says:

    Oh and using names or multiple pseudonyms is not proof of intelligence stupid cow. As you are proof of. I don’t have to prove am an ‘active’ member of the thread (huh?) to you this is just a showbiz blog and not an outlet for repressed issues like some.
    And btw you still DO it not DID it as these posts pretty much prove. No change

  575. 575
    @Yeah! Says:

    Oh the irony. Yeah! can’t stand when other people act like they know everything.
    Hmmmk, let me let that sink in for a moment.
    Yet she seems to “know” that people from BZ post here. Well I’m not from BZ, so you are wrong, despite your crazy theories.
    Yeah! read this real close. If you developed some sort of paralysis and couldn’t type anymore I’m pretty sure NO ONE would care or even wonder where you went. Everyone else, even people I don’t agree with, have something to say. Your posts are generated by someone with the IQ of a gnat and maturity of a two-year old. Get an effing clue, OK? That is all.

  576. 576
    @575 Says:

    Careful, Leda will think you and I are the same. You see anyone that stands up to an aggressive remark/post from her is apparently “only one sick obsessed individual related to Tinkerbell and from bz” “starting fights against her because they are obsessed bullies”. She and her multiple personalities is however the bastion of sanity and never at fault. You have been warned, prepare for take off.

  577. 577
    Yeah! Says:

    Oh, you think you would be missed? Drama queen who is always on someone else`s case! Why don`t you get lost and let`s see who is going to miss you? You turning something small into something negative blown way out of proportion? You think you add so much to this thread by starting these fights about things that are not your business?
    BTW posting about a celeb like his is your best buddy and having a theory ( I did say that. Why don`t you go back and look up that comment of mine where I emphasized that this is my theory / opinion / belief and not a fact? ) about who post here are two different things. But you just have to pick on something so you can keep pushing this nonsense further and further.
    If someone here needs a clue it`s you, honey. Go and actually read my comments. You will discover how many times I emphasized that what I post is my opinion and even when I disagree with someone I keep pointing that out. Or when I have a `fight` I always put there that everyone is entitled to have an opinion and post it here. I bet your won`t post a link to those comments, right? That will be ignored. If my comments seem like ( TO YOU ) that they are generated by someone with a low IQ what can we tell about you? Lack of vocabulary, reading comprehension is not your strong point either, lying…etc. Wow, you are the sh*t around here! LOL!

  578. 578
    Yeah! Says:

    Oh, now it`s two of you. Of course both of you ( cough cough ) without the intelligence to use real screen names. Now it`s believable that it`s more than one person. LOL!

  579. 579
    @578 Says:

    That’s right . As always tell your self its only one self conversationalist. Deja Vu. Spot on as always. Lmao

  580. 580
    @578 Says:

    And yep having screen names is on par with nuclear physics. If using ‘real screen names’ as demanded by her (like anyone knows whose name is real or not!) and then multiple pseudonyms is NOT a sign of intelligence, then I dunno what is.

  581. 581
    Yeah! Says:

    Demanded? I ASKED why don’t you use actual screen names and didn’t demand it, genius. You just keep showing people how messed up you are by twisting everything to your own liking.
    I don’t have to tell myself anything. I dont have a reason to believe hat its indeed more than one person because of the way you post. You expect me to take your words for a lot if things. You claim a lot of things about me but you never prove anythinh. Now that’s intelligent! lol If you had a shred of intelligence it would have shown up in your comments. Guess what? It hasn’t!

  582. 582
    @581 Says:

    I think your millionth post proves how messed up you are not me, so I don’t have to add anything on that score.
    You’re free to believe #@Yeah and me are one and the same, who said to take my word for it? That my apparent ‘shred of intelligence’ which does not show up in you reading my posts only speak in my favor.

  583. 583
    We don't need to Says:

    We don’t need to use our real screen names. Apparently, you are psychic you know who is coming from where and who’s who. And yes 582 is correct, it is not only one person disagreeing with you. What a shocker.
    I am the same poster that posted #575, someone else posted the other comments since.

  584. 584
    Yeah! Says:

    Sure, that’s how you see it. You think I’m messed up but here is the thing. Others might see you constantly starting fights with me about the smallest thing, repeating the same old irrelevant stuff, making accusations and lies without ever proving it. How does that sound to you? Not messed up at all I guess? lol
    No, no shred of intelligence. your self or yourself? Everyone makes mistakes including me ( English is my second language and im aware i mess things up ) but someone trying to prove her intelligence with mistakes like that in a sentence….

  585. 585
    @584 Says:

    Huh? ‘that’s how I see it’. You do realise you called me messed up first right. Maybe you should read your post 581 again
    And I was trying to prove my intelligence? I thought I was quoting what you threw at me verbatim to negate a point but apparently I was trying to prove my intelligence. Good to know.

  586. 586
    Yeah! Says:

    When did I say you NEED TO use real screen names? For the millionth time I asked why not? Why don’t you read or try to understand my comment? If you want people to believe that it’s not the same person attacking me why don’t you try to prove it ( for once )? Simple SUGGESTION ( not demand or stuff like that ) by using different screen names? And again ( to make it easy to understand for some ) you don’t need to.
    Also why don’t you read my comment ( seriously it seems like you have problems with reading or understanding what you read ) my comment that I THINK / BELIEVE that some posters are from bz? Do you u dersand what I’m saying? That I don’t know for sure but ths is what I think? Get it ( finally )?

  587. 587
    Yeah! Says:

    What’s you problem? You see me messed up and ‘that’s how you see it’ referred to that. That’s it’s only your opinion about me ( of course I don’t give a d*mn about it ) and I gave you a picture how others might see you. It’s pretty simple! :)

  588. 588
    Because it's too much fun Says:

    HAHAHA. Yes everyone needs to act the way you want them to act, say what you want them to say and think the way you want them to think.
    Go to China and sign up for the communist party because you obviously don’t know how to embrace a difference of opinion or any opposition to your views.
    And you know what, I’ve wasted enough time reading your stupid comments to know that you are almost ALWAYS wrong.
    Please, keep posting your screen name so I can skip your comments from now on.

  589. 589
    LACMA Says:

    I really think Leo showed poor form not going to the LACMA event. I think he originally had to work for WOWS but when that was canceled and with the coming storm, he could have gone to LA to escape the storm and attend the event. Flights were still going on at that point. When I saw Steven Spielberg was there with Tom Hanks and all the other stars and also considering that Leo co-chaired the event., I thought he effed up on this one, sorry. And I’m really surprised too. Usually Leo does the ‘right thing’ when it comes to his career and show biz type stuff. I dunno, he’s slipping.

  590. 590
    Philly Says:

    Why do you think that is? The news on the storm is all over bulletin boards here, so I thought it was legit safety reason.
    But if Spielberg and Hanks deigned to show? Then I dunno.

  591. 591
    Yeah! Says:

    Storm was a possibility. It’s not just getting out of NYC but coming back as well. This storm is going to cause a lot of damage and possibly will effect transportation. Maybe they worked until the last minute to make up some time they will lose because of the hurricane… and i assume they will resume filming asap. But that’s just a guess. I think right now his main focus is WOWS and will focus on campaigning later.
    I think Leo takes his work responsibilities seriously so probably he had a good reason not to go. JMO.

  592. 592
    @Philly Says:

    The only reason I can think of is he originally wasn’t going to attend because of work and then when filming got canceled he felt he was off the hook so he didn’t go. I doubt it was because of travel issues. People had plenty of time to leave NYC.

  593. 593
    Yeah! Says:

    @Because…: Don’t worry I will post my screen name just like everyone else besides you. I wonder why is it such a big deal for you and not for the others. And THANK YOU for skipping my comments. I’m glad to hear that so you won’t pick on the smallest possible thing and you won’t turn it into another pointless fight.
    PS: That’s right, I want everyone to agree with me and say what I want to them say. That’s why I use JMO, I think, I believe, you have your opinion and I have mine…etc so much. To force you and others to agree with me and say what I want you to say. It makes perfect sense. :eye roll:

  594. 594
    Face it! Says:

    Leo has been with a crap attitude all year. With ****** excuses he also missed Sag Awards, Titanic premiere, Comic-Con, refused to speak with the press in Mexico.

    He was always very professional abit his work but here is a guy who I think is still hurt by Oscar snub.

  595. 595
    THE TURTLE Says:

    What was that? Did somebody say something? There you go, my screenname is THE TURTLE.

  596. 596
    Huh? Says:

    I have to disagree. He HAS developed a c****y attitude it would seem, but I doubt its cause of an Oscar snub. Why do people think EVERY action Leo takes is looking toward an Oscar? And if that were the case would his current actions not only HURT him further towards Academy recognition?

  597. 597
    @596 Says:

    His mid-life crisis is in full swing.

  598. 598
    Leo in hotel Says:

    Pay back is a ***** ‏@JEFF_BMF
    Leonardo dicaprio staying in my hotel in his #foreigncar #richniggasonly

    I wonder where?

  599. 599
    The Mandarin Says:

    Looks like he’s staying at the Madarin hotel in NY. I wonder where Erin is staying.

  600. 600
    Yeah! Says:

    The Mandarin Oriental in NYC ( one of his other tweets mentioned the name of the hotel ).

  601. 601
    Hmmm interesting Says:

    Erin is also staying at a hotel in uptown and the Mandarin is in uptown too. Very interesting.

  602. 602
    Yeah! Says:

    Well, there are a lot of hotels uptown.

  603. 603
    Sarah Says:

    yes interesting indeed. Especially since she is staying with her friend Lily Aldridge.

  604. 604
    for the ones interested Says:

    did you notice that the BZ fantasizer freaks chose to not report the tweet that was posted here by sarah on sunday?
    The lady spotted Leo at Darby last night (Saturday)
    Pauldine France‏@pauldine

    Twice in a week….I’m on the table next to Leonardo Di Caprio. This time at Darby for dinner. dude is going to think I’m following him.
    I wonder why:)

  605. 605
    guess who Says:

    @Hmmm interesting: Interesting, the plot thickens. But I think if they were truly together they’d be together now. His pad in nYC is the Riveriew–I’m going to guess it is on the River—probably lower far west side and that is the reason he “evacuated” he is in the flood plain. – region A. The wind is crazy outside and a piece of siding separated from the house and is banging on the side….high winds but otherwise a bunch of hoopla. What bothers me is all the broke folks in regiona A who can’t just go to an expensive hotel…

    Both of them live far west side near the river, so that is why both left.


  606. 606
    Leo moved to hotel Says:

    I am sure all he cast and crew members of WOWS movie are taken care of and they were all moved in uptown hotels on the production’s expenses.

  607. 607
    @Sarah Says:

    Lily is staying with her husband Caleb and child Dixie in the same hotel but not in the same room. Come on people please. Erin’s twitter said she was with them but do you really think she is staying “with them.” Uh, no. She is probably in the same hotel and went to their room to say hello. I personally happen to think she is with Leo.

  608. 608
    @guess who Says:

    Yep it’s tough taking a mini-vacay at the Mandarin hotel. All the regular folks get to sleep in cots at a nearby high school. No spa treatments there!

  609. 609
    Sarah Says:

    @#607 – if you absolutely want to believe it, go ahead.
    @#604 – lol…. it doesn’t fit in their agenda:)

  610. 610
    Huh? Says:

    @for the ones interested:
    No offence but Leo being spotted at the Darby is really news?
    Unless there is a story of him accepting a lap dance, or throwing up on someone before slapping a waiter, then how are the JJ fantisisers any better, from thinking Leo ‘@Darby is news?

  611. 611
    lili Says:

    Erin’s brother and sister also live in NY. they must have joined her or depending on where they live, she is the one who went to meet them.
    As for Leo, i’m sure Lukas or Danny A must be sharing his Mandarin hotel suite^(his buddies come first).
    the wolf filming is not the only movie who got interrupted because of sandy.

  612. 612
    lilly lilly lilly,....and Says:

    lilly lilly lilly..
    Erin is all about the Lills . Leo isnt with her. She and Lilly go skipping in the meadows! She and Lilly go to fahsionista events..She and Lilly go to the market with the baby! The baby and Lilly and Erin all go shopping.. And now she’s listening to country songs playing while playing with The Baby. No wait…COUNTRY SONGS!!! So where’s Leo? Hiding in the bathroom?!? Nope, he aint there folks!! Now Leo and Lukas…thats more realistic! So for all those who were looking for a second October surprise this aint it. : )

  613. 613
    Sarah Says:

    according to this tweet, they’re filming tomorrow.

    Maximiliano Cortes‏@maxcorteslive

    My mom is working on a Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio film tomorrow. WHAT.

  614. 614
    effoffsandy! Says:

    leo’s at the mandarin oriental with luke, jonah, and danny a, a fully stocked bar, and some club chicks he and danny keep on speed dial. that’s closer to the truth. it’s nice to believe he’s the kind of guy who thinks of his girlfriend at a time like this, but there’s many reasons not to believe that. you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you do.

  615. 615
    @#604 Says:

    @for the ones interested:

    If he was with Erin at the Darby, she would have been all over that tweet.

  616. 616
    for the ones interested Says:

    good observation…lol, I should have thought about it.:)

  617. 617
    Erin’s brother Says:

    Jeff Bubley ‏@JeffBubley
    Eddie and I are braving out the storm in midtown

  618. 618
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Hey, Tink.
    I’m thinking of you, hon. Hope all is well.

  619. 619
    CanadaGirl Says:

    We’re starting to get hit with rain and wind atm. Not that it’s anything like what you’re getting but transformers are blowing, and I’m bracing for the possibility of no power.

  620. 620
    @#610 Says:

    I don’t care if he’s still with Erin or not. If a casual relationship is all they want, that’s what they deserve. If they’ve split, the next girlfriend won’t be much different. But you have to admit their behaviour lends more credence to the assumption that they aren’t together. I hope everone is safe and their homes are are not damaged. That’s what really matters. Take care east coasters!

  621. 621
    guess who Says:

    @CanadaGirl: thanks I am at the HIGHEST point in Brooklyn, top of the slope of Park Slope, and I’m cool but I am listening to the FDNY scanner at

    you can hear what is really going on. NYU hospital is being evacuated, Bellevue is close. They are evacuating premature babies down the back stair….and the Con Ed station at 14th street blew up and everything below 23 rd street is dark, including Wall Street which is flooding.

    Erin was smart to leave, a sea wall was breached and the FDR flooded next to west village. But other people having a tough time tomorrow…I already volunteered to help at JanesCarousel—the DUMBO Carousel might be submerged by now. Everyone is talking about it on Twitter.

    There is a fire at President and Hoyt on the scanner—its downed electrical lines and electrical fires….all over the freaking place. Cant believe how calm the dispatchers are–they really are heroes, dont appreciate them enough. I used to live on President, but this part is in Crown Heights….

    We’ll get over it fast but that crane that was going to crash is around the corner from my work….they are worried about the damn “Freedom Tower” crane at the WTC it is 1,000 feet in the air. It will be interesting to go out tomorrow once the wind and rain is down….

  622. 622
    Saturday Night sighting Says:

    Saturday night, Leonardo DiCaprio and Lindsay Lohan held court at opposite ends of the Top of the Standard. Spies said Lohan was dressed up in a large floppy hat, red wig and glasses, while Leo wore a mask, but still hid under his trademark baseball cap.

    But Leo certainly did have one partygoer fooled, who was overheard saying, “Wow that guy looks just like Leo — what a great costume!”

  623. 623
    Elena Says:

    @Saturday Night sighting: Hahaha, I forgot it was Halloween weekend and was sooo confused by that blurb until I got to the end. (At first I was just like oh, Lindsay Lohan is still crazy, but once I got to the Leo wearing a mask part I was like what in gods name was going on?!?!)

  624. 624
    Sarah Says:

    thanks for the NYPost sighting, #622. So he was spotted at two different places on Saturday night. First at The Darby and then he went to celebrate Halloween. Another busy night, Leo….

  625. 625
    Yeah! Says:

    I hope everyone is well after Sandy’s visit…. Lots of fallen trees around me :(
    @ @Sarah: It’s a big storm and her apartment is downtown so under these circumstances it’s not a big deal to stay with a married couple. Also she hasn’t been spotted with Leo for weeks!!!!! She was barely mentioned before but one way or another it came out that she was with him. Nothing like that since Labor Day weekend.

  626. 626
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Glad to hear that you’re higher up. There was a lot of water judging by the pictures.
    Not much happened here. I was given a pause that’s for sure, but other than high winds and rain, we got off lightly. Had to go in to work. *sigh* (thinks longingly of winter of 2010-11 when had a week off work)
    Well… back to slaving over my iMac. (head desk)

  627. 627
    Sarah Says:

    looks like Leo was riding his electric car in NY on sunday

  628. 628
    lol Says:

    and when tweets come out placing leo with erin…the comments here just stop, loll

  629. 629
    Sarah Says:

    @lol… what tweet?

  630. 630
    @lol Says:

    I know right. It does not fit some of the, ahem, ‘Leo fans’ agenda.
    Thumbs down away.

  631. 631
    vagabond Says:

    Hope all you guys on the east coast are doing all right.
    @Sarah: There is a tweet that Leo was at Lavo,also Gerard Butler.Same tweeter said He was sitting at a table full of models.Erin and the other angels had a girls night out at Lavo also.So he was probably sitting with her/them.That’s just what i read off BZ.I guess if he wasn’t sitting with her we’ll find out soon enough.

  632. 632
    #630 Says:


    It was quiet long before last night. I didn’t see you posting.

    Thanks, vagabond. Assuming they were there together, I’m not going to praise him for doing what he should be doing as a boyfriend.

  633. 633
    Sarah Says:

    sitting at a table full of models…? this is what he’s been doing for months whenever he’s spotted partying in nightclubs. was the “tweeter” specifiying he was sitting next to one in particular? and is it possible to post that tweet here, please? just curious to see from who it comes from.

  634. 634
    Necklace Says:

    What are the chances that he was sitting with another group of models? Besides Erin is wearing the dog collar again.

  635. 635
    LOL Says:

    Everything else aside.
    That’s actually a nice picture. Candice is gorgeous. I always like seeing it that there are genuine friendships in a business as b*chy as modelling.

  636. 636
    Lavo, Leo Says:

    The dog collar lol! It really is BarLeo, part 2. I don’t care about them, but it is always good to see Leo behaving like a real boyfriend. If only it would last!

  637. 637
    Yeah! Says:

    1. The dog collar… She was wearing it while there was no sighting of them together for weeks. I still don`t think it`s the relationship indicator ( Bar was wearing hers after the breakup ).
    2. I didn`t believe in the breakup theory I thought they were off / she is on the back burner while he is working and relaxing. One thing was missing from a real Leo breakup. The other women. There was no sighting of him partying with other women. Just think about Sydney…
    3. There was a tweet photo a while ago that her friend, Lily posted. I was 100% positive it was Leo with Lily on the photo I even commented about it here. Popsugar also said it was Leo but it turned out it was Lily`s husband. Up today I believe it was Leo because to me the guy looks a lot like him. Isn`t it possible it was him out with the VS angels? Just an idea…

  638. 638
    paula prentiss Says:

    you sure have good eyesight to spot a necklace on that skinny giraffe neck. but really, hasn’ t she been wearing that ugly necklace on and off? i have lost count of the posts discussed on that necklace – wearing it, not wearing it. what does that have to do with leo being spotted at the nightclub?

  639. 639
    Sarah Says:

    3. well that makes a lot of sense. i remember how that photo of Caleb was mistaken for Leo and seriously. and you know what? Caleb happened to be partying with Lily and the VS girls at LAVO last night. talk about a coincidence:)

  640. 640
    Yeah! Says:

    It is just an idea. I was 100% sure it was Leo on that photo ( in a baseball hat ) but I was told I was wrong. I`m still on the fence by the way they look so much alike. Also Leo out with a bunch of VS models on a girls` night out? Maybe it`s just me but it doesn`t sound like Leo to me. Lily`s hubby looking a lot like Leo and Leo not being the kind of guy who would go out like that makes me wanna wait for another sighting… I`m not saying it is not true so don`t get me wrong! I didn`t even believe that they broke up ( yet ) but I`m not sold on this one yet. I just need more proof that they are still on.
    @lol: Tweets… you know how tweets are. pro Leo&Erin people obviously like this and believe it`s true and they ignore the Leo alone & partying ones, the anti Leo&Erin ones hate it and focus on the Leo partying tweets. What`s new?

  641. 641
    Leo Fan Says:

    Tara ‏@TJGpages – 27 Oct 12
    Spotted Leo DiCaprio breezing through the Warhol exhibit at the Met. Stars, they’re just like us! Also, the exhibit is pretty good.

  642. 642
    Lavo Says:

    I never really cared either way if they were together or not, but you guys know there most likely won’t be any pictures of them together. Them showing up at the same club does not their still together make, BUT all the clubs in the city(I’m sure there were others open) and they end up at the same one? Not a coincidence. I imagine if they had broken up how awkward that COULD have been. Maybe it wasn’t, they could have spotted each other and then kept to their own corners.

  643. 643
    Lea Says:

    I dont see the necklace on the picture!!!are u sure she is wearing it???!?

  644. 644
    Yeah! Says:

    @Lavo: NY Post has an article about this Lavo night and Leo was there. No Erin mentioned which is odd because Post seems to love her and mentions her a lot. Anyway my point is that after this storm I don’t think a lot of clubs were open so it could be more than a coincidense.

  645. 645
    Huh? Says:

    These comments only prove #628 was right. I don’t care either way and agree with Philly and Message opinions. But these posts are simply rationalising a situation to fit the hope/prayer/wish that they have split. IMO

  646. 646
    Post Says:

    While much of New York nightlife has ground to a halt because of the hurricane and power blackout, Lavo in Midtown managed to open its doors on Tuesday night, attracting the lucky few who were not hit hard by Sandy and still had the energy or the will to party. Leonardo DiCaprio — who like Batman speeding around Gotham was spotted driving around the empty streets of Manhattan in his electric Fisker Karma sports car in the hours before the storm hit — held court at one table while Gerard Butler was at another. Also spotted were Maxwell, John Legend with his fiancée, Chrissy Teigen, and Victoria’s Secret models including Doutzen Kroes and Candice Swanepoel.

    *Seems they were all there. I mean what are the odds the 2 VS Angels Doutzen and Candice took pics with the other 2 Lily and Erin and then went to another club?
    *The fact that the Post keeps mentioning Leo’s Fisker Karma deal today and yesterday (glowing remarks about its capabilities during a storm) seems like promotional tactics for the Car company seems rather than news/goss.

  647. 647
    Yeah! Says:

    Yeah, it was Leo and they were at the same club. What I find interesting that Post didn`t mention her at all. There are Erin sightings in Page Six a lot and they reported about them out together before…
    I didn`t believe the breakup anyway ( as I said because of the lack of other women around him ) but honestly who thinks this is going to last or they are serious? I thought Leo completely lacked chemistry with Bar but this is worse than that. I tend to believe that PR theory that was mentioned before ( Lively, moving on, wedding…etc ). Even if it`s still on clearly work is more important to him than maintaining a relationship. JMO.

  648. 648
    Sarah Says:

    have you thought that the Post’s source could also mistake Lily’s hubby for Leo? it wouldn’t be the first time one of Murdoch people had their report wrong.
    besides, the Post didn’t mention with whom Leo was with…

  649. 649
    Geez Says:

    All you said, 647. My opinions exactly.

  650. 650
    Yeah! Says:

    @Sarah: No, I haven’t thought about that but it is possible. It could be the case of mistaken identity….

  651. 651
    Message Says:

    I don’t know why it’s a big deal if they were finally spotted together the other night. We all know where she stands. We all know how he treats her. If she finally got some face time with him, who cares? Doesn’t matter what the status of their relationship is… He does whatever he wants to do, whenever he wants to do it. There is absolutely no emotional investment on his part. I mean, there may not even be any genuine feelings at all on his part. I don’t know. Seems like a horrible relationship to me. He just doesn’t give a $hit.

  652. 652
    haha Says:

    well it seems they’re back together, or are at least still together…but it doesn’t really matter. like someone everybody else has said, it probably won’t last. I hope leo wakes up and decides to settle down at some time soon…i’m not a fan of erin, but it would be nice if he finally decided to get serious and show some maturity.

  653. 653
    @Post Says:


    #1 Work, Lukas
    #2 Clubbing and PPosse bros
    #3 Fisker Karma, or latest toy
    #4 Erin, or latest lay

  654. 654
    ??? Says:

    … was there a sighting of Leo and Erin together anywhere? I guess I’m missing something here or I’m not following properly because I have not seen anything written about the two in the news? Have you? If so, can you please link the news or pictures or articles?

  655. 655
    guess who Says:

    It is not obvious what necklace she is wearing in the picture. NY is closed down, or was last night. There were no lights below 34th street, I mean at all. I’ve never seen it so ghostly, so yeah a bunch of displaced and overpaid morons like this might all get together and go to a club in Midtown because the other ones were in the blackout zone. I’m on the fence, could be they just ended up there, but I am still going with a civil breakup, one that allows them to be in the same place without overt bitchiness. Erin’s avoidance of Bar seems to be indicative that she is smart enough to keep it neutral. Other than than she reminds me of a 70s hollly hobbie doll– you can just see her in Earth Shoes baking bread somewhere.

    Lavo is around the corner from me I go by every day. No desire whatsoever to go in be “cool” and waste money.

    I’m “agnostic”on this..I dont know. wait and see. But that aint necessarily the “dog collar”necklace— it is ugly but you can’t see the center part. It’s a DUMB girlie photo. So much blond I’m going blind.

    Things will be back to normal on Monday, so we’ll see. The subways are back but still messed up. Walked over the bridge yesterday. See what happens/if there are any sightings this weekend–I am going to guess NO. He will be back to filming but there wont be any.

    I would have liked to go to the Warhol exhibit thought…not for the warhol but to go with Leo would be fun.

  656. 656
    LOL Says:


    As vagabond said there was a sighting of Leo in Lavo. and also there are pictures of Erin and her friends in Lavo but could have been sitting at a different table. Lavo was the only club that opened that night? Could have been full of models besides them. How come the NY Post no mention them together?

  657. 657
    Sarah Says:

    Actually there was another picture of Erin, her VS angels and two guys taken also on Tuesday night at Lavo.
    As yesterday (Halloween night), apparently Leo was spotted at Cipriani partying with Jonah.

  658. 658
    Lavo Says:

    That looks like Lily’s husband and maybe that is Candice’s bf? Might be but it doesn’t look like it. Like I said it’s no coincidence that they were at the same club, but the fact that it wasn’t mentioned that they were together is weird. Hell Erin wasn’t even mentioned. Only Doutzen and Candice(who I heart by the way). There are even pictures of her being there. Maybe Leo’s PR at work? Leo to me when he’s around either looks bored out of his mind, annoyed or like he can’t be bothered. Does he even like this girl? Not as in like as a relationship, but just like as a person?

  659. 659
    Opinion Says:

    from what i understand, Lavo was one of the rare spots that was open in NY on Tuesday night. Leo went to spend some time as usual with his buddies where he was seen with models (not all models are VS models) and obviously, he didn’t join Erin with her group, because it would have been mentioned, tweeted and reported. The page six wrote Leo was there, as well as Doutzen and Candice but it never said they were together.

  660. 660
    @Sarah Says:

    you’re right… he was spotted at Cipriani’s. and the Post used the exact words mentioned by a tweeter, btw. weird, isn’t it? anyway here is the article
    so leo came surrounded by 15 models…. I wonder if they were the same bunch he was seen with the night before at Lavo. if you notice, there is no word that borington was among them. so she wasn’t…..

  661. 661
    Disgusted Says:

    How nice to see these celebrities partying and spending huge amounts of money on booze and costumes while many people in NY are without power, food and running water. No, they do need to celebrate, party, flirt with models and dance till 6 in the morning.
    And these vapid people attend the “so-called” charity events one after the other..
    And they are the ones who are pushing Obama for another win. So disgusted by these people.

  662. 662
    Disgusted Says:


    Take your political rants and agenda elsewhere. The rich will always live differently than the average Joe, celebrities or not. Most go on vacation rather than ride out a storm.

    Power was out, transportation was down, roads were closed, non-emergency vehicles were told to stay off streets, residents had been told to evacuate, most businesses were closed, and it was nighttime. They could have fled to warmer climes but they stuck around to patronise local businesses that were open.

    The first big benefit is tonight. The best way for them to help is to write big checks to disaster relief agencies.

  663. 663
    @Sarah Says:


    Erin has to share a table with 15 models and his friends for him to go out with her?

  664. 664
    famous Says:

    ohnest to god i think some people are far too obsessed with this ‘couple’ its not like they are doing anything worth watching or mentioning! it takes alot of time to seek out where they are ! i’m just saying don’t let people famous or not rob you of your time!

  665. 665
    Post Says:


    Typical Pavlovian response the Post was looking for. Weren’t there more important stories for their reporters to be covering??

  666. 666
    @#664 Says:


    Don’t like today’s gossip? You’re on a celebrity gossip site, 20 something pages deep. If you really believe that, what are you doing here?

  667. 667
    you guys are funny Says:

    It is truly a lesson in denial reading the posts about this couple when people can’t handle the truth. LOL. Articles mention stars like Leo and Gerard Butler because those names are recognizable by millions of people. It gives the article that star power to say wow, look who was here doing what. Mentioning that he was with his girlfriend (obviously, nobody really wants to hear about that – ahem) isn’t going to add anything to the article. They aren’t writing it for you guys, crazy fans who want an investigative break-down of exactly where Leo was sitting, with who and are they still together? MOST PEOPLE DON”T KNOW OR DON”T CARE. And neither do the journalists.
    Another thing to remember, it is much better for a famous single actor’s career not to be so identified with his girlfriend. I never really followed Leo that closely even though I was a fan. He was with Bar for 6 years and I never even knew who she was and wouldn’t have recognized her if I saw her walking down the street. The only reason I knew about Giselle is because he took her to the Oscars. If you take a girl to the Oscars, the entire universe is going to know who she is. I believe this is part of the reason why her career is still going strong to this day. I can still remember Giselle walking down the red carpet in that white dress.
    Anytime tweets, posts or articles mention Leo with models, that means Erin was there.

  668. 668
    @#667 Says:

    You’re in no position to criticise them. You’re still talking about Gisele going to the Oscars 10 and trying to credit Leo for making her famous. Gisele is smarter works harder than many of her peers. Photographers, designers, and fashion editors love her. She knew when to let Leo go and was able to move on. He is but a footnote in her story.

  669. 669
    now Says:

    so now erin is not tweeting nonstop on twitter…i guess getting back with leo means silence for her social life.

  670. 670
    @668 Says:

    You don’t understand the power of over a billion people watching a television show like the Oscars. I think Giselle is great. No doubt she got a boost by face and name recognition. If you think otherwise you are naive.
    I’m not talking about them. You just use that as distraction.
    That’s what I’m really talking about. :-D

  671. 671
    Ghost Says:

    The Post and other papers had no problem recognizing Erin earlier this year.

  672. 672
    @670 Says:

    I still don’t care, whether you like it or not. If ot makes you happy, great. I’m on board with Message and the others who know it doesn’t matter. That won’t stop me from pointing out your hypocrisy.

  673. 673
    Yeah! Says:

    15 models? Wow, that sounds like fun! And again no mention of Erin! Well, only those can`t see the obvious who can`t see the obvious. I don`t see any logic whatsoever in comments like `you guys are funny` or how this person got to the conclusion that if Leo is mentioned somewhere Erin was there, as well. What?????????????????
    The other day with the allaged Lavo dinner people were laughing that there were lack of comments. Now it sounds like sour grapes! I`m missing out on all this fun because I still don`t have power…
    To the genius who criticizes celebs for partying while New Yorkers suffer. What are they supposed to do? Get on trucks and start fixing power lines or what? I doubt there`s much they could do other than giving money… I am without power since Monday night but I don`t see how my situation would be any better if Leo wasn`t out partying. But I`m pissed to see the cover on NY Post that huge generators are set up to help the Sunday marathon meanwhile people are still without power. But that`s off topic so sorry about that!

  674. 674
    Yeah! Says:

    A sighting from Us Weekly:

    `Leonardo Dicaprio making ladies swoon while walking around in his underwear at the Prada Store in Manhasset, New York.`
    How about that? lol

  675. 675
    @673 Says:

    Everyone was in costume. How could they identify Erin in a gaggle of 15 models all tall thin and many blonde wearing wigs, masks and other costumes?

  676. 676
    @you guys are funny Says:

    Correction, the Post and its sources knew very well Bar Refaeli and they always reported her when she was with Leo. they wrote where they were partying, dancing and mentioned when they were with common friends. Same thing with Blake Lively.
    SInce Erin’s name was brought in their columns several times before, they sure know who she is.
    Have you also noticed how PEOPLE Online never reports sightins of Leo and Erin any longer.

  677. 677
    Yeah! Says:

    * Only those can`t see the obvious who DON`T WANNA SEE THE OBVIOUS.

  678. 678
    @667 Says:


    If Erin was there, for what he needed the others 14 models?

  679. 679
    Yeah! Says:

    @ @673: A NY Post sighting is not necessarily about who is recognized. In Leo`s case maybe since he is an A-lister but others ( like Erin ) use their PR team to put those sightings there. Otherwise she would never be mentioned anywhere so costume or not it`s still doubtful she was one of the 15 models. Leo is a well-known modelizer who is surrounded by models. When he is in a relationship why would he have a bunch of girls with him if he is with his girlfriend? How often did that happen with Bar or Gisele? Loads of other models while out with this girlfriend?
    @now: Erin was tweeting while she was with Leo before ( at a dinner with Ethan…etc. ) so I don`t really think her twitter activity is any indication of whether they are together or not.

  680. 680
    @679 Says:

    Quotes by you:
    1) “so costume or not it`s still doubtful she was one of the 15 models”
    2) * Only those can`t see the obvious who DON`T WANNA SEE THE OBVIOUS.
    ‘Nuff said.

  681. 681
    ---- Says:

    15 models? LOL! I believe Leo is getting more demanding as he gets older…:) Too funny.

  682. 682
    interesting tweet Says:

    Pauline ‏@paulineeeee_
    I never knew that Erin Heatherton and Leonardo DiCaprio are dating!!

    It’s been almost a year. See? Fans don’t necessarily know.

  683. 683
    @676 Says:

    @@you guys are funny:

    That was when they were pimping their relationship in the papers. There were times they were the only ones who noticed her. I don’t know the motive behind it, but the only thing that’s obvious is it stopped and he started being seen without her. That’s why I’m with Message. There’s not a serious relationship, just more of the same.

  684. 684
    People mag online Says:

    I just did a search on the website and there are two photos there of Leo and Erin together. Hawaii and biking in NYC. Let the misinformation campaign continue.

  685. 685
    Party hardy Says:

    More party news:

  686. 686
    @682 Says:


    They stopped pimping their relationship to the papers around the same time Leo started going on vacations without her.

    She didn’t know they were dating, but she knows her name. She would recognise her if she saw her.

  687. 687
    @#684 Says:

    Gee, that’s it..?? So that’s all what People has under Leo and Erin news/photos? After almost 11 (supposed) months of dating? Pathetic.

  688. 688
    @687 Says:

    First it was nothing. Now it’s pathetic that it’s only two. Uh huh.

  689. 689
    you know what's pathetic? Says:

    The way People constantly referred to Bar as his on-again, off-again girlfriend. HAHAHAHAHA

  690. 690
    @688 Says:

    First it was a lot. NY Post and E Online and other sites had stories and pictures of their great romance. Then it dwindled to nothing.

  691. 691
    IKR Says:

    Yeah that was funny. Even People knew the reality of the situation.
    I wouldn’t bother counter pointing if I were you. If People write about them ‘Its PR’. If they don’t ‘Its Splitsville’. Never mind ALL the stories in the NY Post and other weeklies talking about how Irmelin Loves Erin, pics of Erin zip lining and biking with Leo’s family in less than a year of dating, them moving in together, having babies which are NEVER denied by Leo’s PR team. Folks pick and choose what to remember to fit their dreams and hopes.

  692. 692
    @683 Says:

    My feeling is the more private a couple becomes, the more serious it is. Somewhere along the way they decided to become more private. I don’t see that as meaning the relationship is less than it was before. On the contrary, it makes it seem like it is getting more serious. If I were dating a famous person I would much rather stay in than go out any day of the week.

  693. 693
    IKR Says:

    Google translate for Hebrew going awry?
    Its possible the other models were for his pals/ friends; Lukas, Jonah or shock horror with Erin. It does not mean he was taking them all on for an orgy post bash!

  694. 694
    IKR Says:

    Don’t write that. Just sit back and wait for the heads of the “Leo fans” to explode once they are spotted together again. We’ve been here before when Leo was in NOLA with Django. Lets all obsess/deconstruct on their tweets and movements and spit and insist they’ve broken up.

  695. 695
    xXx Says:

    Leo Dicaprio recently visited the “I Dread to Think” exhibition at Anna Kustera and Kravets/Wehby Gallery in New York City.

  696. 696
    LOL Says:

    Tinkerbell COME BACK!
    At least you’re funny and sometimes astute with your crazy.
    You also remember Leo stuff well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  697. 697
    @696 Says:

    That’s cuz Tink always says they’re done. She’s a wishful fantasizer too.

  698. 698
    private Says:

    except he wasn’t private. he was out doing his thing, and doing it more than ever. he even picked up a new posse member. jonah split with his girl in favour of partying with leo and his posse.

    barfans made the same excuses. it’ll end the same way unless by some miracle he grows up.

  699. 699
    Party times Says:

    Lukas is in LA and Jonah so says the article was with a model too. We are talking about 15 models that what? He decided to give a ride to the party? All this reminds me Sydney, when reports came out of him in clubs with different models, and people in denial claimed that he was still with Blake but we know how it turned out.

  700. 700
    Irmelin Says:

    I haven’t seen Irmelin with Leo lately. I wonder if they are still together???

  701. 701
    Yeah! Says:

    Some people are still in denial! Keep waiting for another sighting! What’s that going to prove? That they are becoming ‘more private and more serious’? ( that was a funny comment ) Even if it’s still on you must see what this ‘relationship’ really is. You can laugh at comments here as much as you want it won’t change anything…

  702. 702
    Mama knows best Says:

    Stay away from sonny boy when he’s busy unless she has to make an appearance for damage control.

  703. 703
    @#683 Says:


    You would rather stay in. Leo would rather party all night with his crew. With or without Erin.

  704. 704
    Philly Says:

    @Mama knows best:
    LMAO. You’re funny! Stick around

  705. 705
    @699 Says:

    He was still with Blake only she was far away. She dumped him because of that. No evidence of Leo cheating thus far. I don’t think Leo is going to do a repeat of what he did with Blake. He lost her and she embarrassingly for him moved on and married someone else. He’s being good.

  706. 706
    Philly Says:

    Yep that’s what Message and Interestingly said. And I 100% concur.
    Blake was the first girl since Gisele who was not ready to put up with his on/off crap. She left him moved on a la Gis, and he’s being playing catch up since.
    I’m not concerned with whatever is tweeted. Erin is not going anywhere whatever Leo does. I had never seen her in British magazines until Leo, now she features and I understand she’s signed on to a new campaign. Sh’e gone from the Invisible VS Angel to Candice’s partner.
    He’s great for her career. She won’t dump him whatever happens.

  707. 707
    Geez Says:

    Funny you should mention Jonah.
    US Weekly had a picture of him last week with a new ‘model love’ after dumping Dustin Hoffman’s daughter. I guess he really is learning from the Master. Sad.

  708. 708
    Yeah! Says:

    @ @699: Leo with Lively is not really the same relationship as Leo and erin. As much as I hate to admit he was attracted to Lively. That major component is missing now. Erin was picked up for PR reasons post Lively breakup.

  709. 709
    Geez Says:

    They went skiing in Montana last holiday right instead of his usual Cabo? Cabo was saved for Easter. I wonder how Leo’s going to play his private life when he starts campaigning for Django. Maybe we’ll get courtside basket ball pics. Tee Hee

  710. 710
    lily Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton are letting go.

    After about ten months of dating, the Great Gatsby star, 37, and the American supermodel, 23, are going their separate ways.

    PHOTOS: All of Leonardo DiCaprio’s women

    “They split a few weeks ago,” a source close to the couple tells Us Weekly. “There’s no bad blood -– they still care about each other a lot.”

    DiCaprio and the Victoria’s Secret stunner first stepped out in December of last year, a few months after he and Blake Lively ended their spring and summer romance. At issue in this relationship? “They’re both just really busy, they had crazy schedules,” the source explains.

    PHOTOS: Leo and Blake’s whirlwind romance

    Indeed, DiCaprio traveled the globe in 2012, shooting Great Gatsby in Australia, then Django Unchained in New Orleans, and then the Wolf of Wall Street in NYC. “They still love and respect each other very much,” the source says. “It was just time to move on.”

    PHOTOS: Stars who’ve romanced models

    Heatherton isn’t DiCaprio’s first supermodel love: He dated Gisele Bundchen from 2001 to 2005, and Bar Refaeli from 2006 to early 2011.

  711. 711
    Interestingly... Says:

    I called it.
    Scarlett and Nate split.
    Leo and Erin follow.

  712. 712
    OMG Says:

    What is true? Seriously. Now US Weekly is a reliable source?

  713. 713
    NOOOO??? Says:

    thanks lily for sharing the news. I had to laugh at “They’re both just really busy, they had crazy schedules”. Yeah, he’s so busy at partying from Vegas to NY with friends and models. LOL!

  714. 714
    Yeah! Says:

    @OMG: Are you serious? You still stick to the fairy tale? I think it was Us Weekly that broke the news that Leo and Lively broke up! And honestly who didn’t see this coming? Anyone surprised?

  715. 715
    sarah Says:

    of course no one is surprised. except the fantasizers who insist on living in the surreal dream.
    Yes it was US Weekly who reported first on October 4, the break up of Leo and Blake.

  716. 716
    Me Says:

    so the news is just confirming what I was trying to say. Leo was indeed spotted at LAVO on Tuesday night, but was there with his own gang of models and friends. Erin was at LAVO with her VS friends but they never mingled. Comprende? Capice? Compris? Got it?

  717. 717
    Scar & Leo Says:


    I didn’t believe you, but it looks like you might have been right. I feel very bad for Erin and ScarJo’s ex if that’s what was really going on, and a little bad for Leo and ScarJo too.

  718. 718
    You're so smart Says:

    Yeah because predicting a break-up is so hard to do. YOU ALL MUST BE GENIUSES. I’d rather wait for confirmation seeing as how they just went out this past week. I think someone jumped the gun.
    Oh let’s not forget, he really does want to get back together with Bar. The stories about Leo are so wild that who really knows. Until I see either of them stepping out with other people, I think it’s trash.

  719. 719
    not smart, conscious Says:

    predicting this break up announcement was easy as pie. it took no special insight. you just had to keep your eyes open and not let yourself get caught up in pr or your own fantasies.

    if he wants a real relationship he needs to be a good friend and boyfriend. but maybe that’s not what he wants. there’s nothing wrong with not wanting a serious relationship, or marriage. but he probably shouldn’t bother with women who do want a serious relationship, and the pr is a waste of time.

  720. 720
    @719 Says:

    Rolls eyes. Please. All of his stans will predict break-up with ANY girl he goes out with. Stop acting like they knew something all along or that they didn’t get caught up in the PR game. If they weren’t caught up, they wouldn’t be here.
    Is this PR? Makes Erin look like a sweetheart and Leo look like a total douchebag. I’m thinking Leo doesn’t give a hoot about PR. He’s really making himself look bad lately.

  721. 721
    @720 Says:

    I agree with you, Leo is looking more and more like a douche but neither I feel sympathy or sorry for Erin when she knew very well in what she was getting into from the beginning.

    Both got what they wanted from this arrangement. Perhaps Erin was more emotionally involved more than Leo but what she expected? She was dating a womanizer.

  722. 722
    @721 Says:

    I don’t think so. They dated long distance for a while. Did some fun stuff. When he had time off and was in NY they went out, went to plays, etc. did the whole summer vacay thing but still just fun. When he then had to work in her city and still did his Leo thing, I think that’s when she finally realized what the real him was all about. I don’t think she knew all along or if she heard anything she ignored it because she genuinely liked him.
    He is a douche. Not looking more and more. He is a douche period. He broke it off because what’s coming up? His birthday, the VS show, the holidays, his big movie premiere, the Oscars. He was either going to have to make a show of their relationship or get rid of her and he couldn’t make that commitment. I really think this makes Leo LOOK BAD. REAL BAD. It makes Erin look smart. Erin will not suffer publicity wise because of this. I seriously hope she doesn’t get back together with him. She can do better.

  723. 723
    @722 Says:

    Sorry but If I being fan of Leo can admit that any intelligent woman would be much time around a assh*le like him. Behaving as he behaves with his girlfriend. You like an obvious Erin’s fan should admit if she had been smart , would have dumped him at his first rudeness as not waiting for her in Mexico, missing her brother’s birthday, not support her at the Global event, not even pose properly next to her in a picture at La Marina. For me, he was doing his usual and she took it. So there is not victims here.

  724. 724
    @723 Says:

    Things are not always so cut and dry when feelings are involved. The girl is not to blame, she’s young and star-struck and inexperienced in life compared to him. He’s been famous for a long time. He should think twice about dragging a girl through his fame roller coaster and being an obvious d-bag. If anyone is a victim, it is Erin. I wouldn’t touch Leo with a ten foot pole. He’s gross.

  725. 725
    Yeah! Says:

    @ @723: Oh, come on! Boo-hoo! Don`t make a victim out of Erin. She has been modeling for a couple of years and she knows the business and how these relationships work. Get real! She wanted a famous boyfriend and she went with a team that likes to sell its clients through PR relationships. Nobody forced her to do that or to start dating a well-known womanizer. Leo has a reputation of being a modelizer. She went for it and don`t think she is so naive and inexperienced. I think that fact that she looks young deceives you. If what you are saying is right she has lived under a rock until she met Leo or she is dumb as a rock. But she is no victim. I personally don`t think she is dumb or she didn`t know… She was up for it and that`s all.

  726. 726
    @725 Says:

    Oh now Erin is some kind of smart and savvy model/business person because she ‘sold’ herself for a PR campaign. Get over your effing self. You’ve been saying she is dumb naive and boring this whole time. Nice how you flip flop when it is convenient for you to make your points. Once again the biggest hypocrite of them all – Leda.

  727. 727
    Yeah! Says:

    @726: I never said she was naive and I didn`t say she `sold herself for a PR campaign`. That`s twisting my words to your liking. Again. What a surprise! lol I said she has a PR team that likes to make the clients happen by focusing on relationships like this. There is a difference. But regardless what I say you are growing to throw another hissy fit and keep whining. Just like you always do, drama queen! lol

  728. 728
    Yeah! Says:

    And take your own advice and get over yourself! And your freaky obsession with my comments!

  729. 729
    who's obsessed? Says:

    Ya came back two days later to get in the last word, as always! There is no difference between what I said and what you said. Maybe different words but same meaning. You just don’t know how to make an argument out of anything so you always says people twist your words or you didn’t say what they said you said. Unless they repeat your exact same phrases you don’t have the ability to understand anything that is basically the same but worded differently. What are you using a translator or something? Because that is the only way someone could mistake what I’m saying for something that was not said when it clearly was.
    And Leda, I believe it is you that is obsessed with my comments girlie. Not the other way around. I happened to be here and noticed that you responded two days later which I find highly amusing. And what is also amusing is your inability to comprehend what it is you are reading. Clearly you are also the one that thumb up your own comment.
    But of course you will deny that and accuse me of having it all figured out and that I know everything. Don’t bother responding because I already know what you will say. I could probably write the comment myself.

  730. 730
    #729 Says:

    @who’s obsessed?:
    That’s Leda for you. She’s fcuking insane. With Leo and his previous girlfriend she went on website after website on a rampage screeching ‘hideous… faced disaster…..’. She was eventually banned from BZ cause they could not handle her crazy. Her target is Leo’s girlfriend. No human being with a fulfiled life would care so much about who a man dates . She’s truly psychotic here popsugar, celb&tchy everywhere. Lets hope she dies soon.

  731. 731
    Yeah! Says:

    1. I responded 2 days later because my life is not around you and your stupid comments. I have to point out that YOU RESPONDED TO MY COMMENT 2 DAYS LATER. How about that? Are you really this stupid to throw something in my face that you do as well???? It`s 4 days later now so I wonder what kind of rage is that going to induce? ( For the record: I was done with this thread but someone found this pathetic conversation so hilarious that she had to post the link on a new thread. )
    2. It`s not about the last word. It`s about the fact that as long as you insult me I will defend myself. I said this before but you ignored it as usual. There`s nothing I can do about that.
    3. For the rest of your comment I will quote you: `Don’t bother responding because I already know what you will say. I could probably write the comment myself.`
    @730: Do you know what`s the date today? How about yapping about something NOT FROM THE PAST for a change? Your death wish just shows everyone what a sick and low life person you are. It shows your true colors.
    You two think that it`s so much fun to read your comments and you do a favor to the other JJ readers by starting these pathetic and stupid fights over and over again? Think again!

  732. 732
    Yeah! Says:

    *3: You think your comments are not predictable? Broken record!

  733. 733
    @Yeah! Says:

    I was here looking at the thread for a different reason. You actually came back to post. You’re the loser. And I agree with #730. You’re nuts. I hope Leo does come out of the closet so you will lose your sh*t even more.

  734. 734
    Yeah! Says:

    Of course you were looking for something else! lol And I’m the loser! You are hilarious! What applies to me doesn’t apply to you. Sure! YOU calling me nuts is priceless! Thanks for the laugh! Agreeing with someone like #730 shows what kind of loser and suck person you are!
    Bye now! ;)

  735. 735
    Yeah! Says:


  736. 736
    @Yeah! Says:


  737. 737
    Yeah! Says:

    @736: look who’s talking!

  738. 738
    Lynda Says:

    Leo is the whole package. That’s what keeps us watching.

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