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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dapper in a suit on the set of his film The Wolf of Wall Street on Friday (September 28) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor got into character as he filmed a night scene in front of Trump Tower.

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Earlier in the week, Leo was joined on set by his co-star Margot Robbie, who previously starred on the short-lived ABC series Pan Am.

The Wolf of Wall Street is about a New York stockbroker (DiCaprio), who refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration.

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Credit: Darla Khazei; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • haha

    @yeah I Saw on an erin tumblr that erin is friends with, And the tumblr said that she knew from erins family that the e necklace was from leo. And yeah in the begining of August they obviously broke up. Erin moaned around, leo went out parting every night, her friends tweeted her support. Then they got on a weekend trip to nantucket then its back on. I think its pretty symbolic of the relationship. Do I think thats lame that a necklace stands for a status of a relationship? Absolutly. But its obvious thats what it is.
    As much as people would like to think its not symoblic of the relationship(lamely) it is.

  • Yeah!

    I respect your opinion but I absolutely disagree. About the necklace being the indicator of their relationship status. Because right now she wears it but they haven’t been seen together for weeks. Im not saying that they necessarily broke up just I don’t buy it that he gives them identical gifts and they are both ( Erin and Bar ) would use the same gift from the same designer to wear it according to their relationship status. Agreeing on disagreeing.

  • haha

    @yeah respect your opinion,
    but just because we haven’t spotted leo “out” with jonah in the past week or so does that mean that they have stoped hanging out? Which is quite shocking latley that leo has not been parting like he was for a while, which is what makes me think they’re still togethe, cause you know when leonardo is single. point is, just because they haven’t been spotted doesn’t mean anything. Same think with leo and lukas, kevin, jonah ect.

  • Yeah!

    I see your point but in Jonah’s case it’s a week and in Erin’s a little more than that. Leo was partying the last two or three weekends based on tweets. At the same time I don’t think it’s necessarily over. I know it’s contradicting I just think work ( and his friends ) are priority right now not her. Lame as you said it. Just like in NOLA. Also there have been Leo sightings in NYC with friends or alone ( bike rides, clubs, eating out ) but not with her for a while.

  • @haha

    FYI, Leo was spotted at 1oak last Saturday night. A certain “Vanessa” tweeted him being there. At the same time, Erin was in Vegas dancing with Lukas. I thought I’d mention it. Because Leo is still partying.

  • haha

    @55 leo has still been parting, just not as much as he does when hes single.
    @Yeah true, its been alot of stuff by himself. tho I will say to “actually” seems like she had to work..shocking I know. But since shes been back, shes been quiet(on her twitter account) and leos been quiet besides being on set. And with the necklace still being on, those are my reasons thinking their still together.

  • Elle

    Leo’s been spotted in Vegas. If he and Erin were still together he would have gone to the festival not flown across the country.

  • Yeah!

    @57: Also he was seen in a NYC club last night ( tweet just like the Vegas sighting ).

  • me

    aaaaaaararararagghhh!!!!!!!! who cares about necklaces and the endless conjecture of his relationship status., cant wait for his movie, wonder why he’s banging off so many movie at once, he’ll probably have a long, long break after all the publicity commitments are over.

  • club

    erin was probably at the club last night with leo, she didn’t tweet at all from the concerts last night. It seems to me she left her own event last night to go spend time with leo, nice.

  • @club

    ??? she did tweet.

  • haha

    true she did tweet, but at like 2 in the morning. She was probably there with leo…shes always there.

  • @haha

    …hmmm she is not always there. she sure wasn’t last week and the week before.

  • Just thinking

    @haha: They’re over. Why is it so in her case, people have to presume she must be with leo? Leo in vegas on a free weekend after days of working hard doesn’t rush to meet his “girlfriend” instead chooses to hang out with random people.

  • Yeah!

    @club: You can`t be sure whether she was there. You can assume. Tweets don`t mention her. Tweets rarely mention a tall blonde with him.
    @64: How do you know he was in Vegas? There was a tweet about him being in a club in NYC. He worked late on Friday night ( see above photos ) and I think he continues working tomorrow. Other than that other tweet what makes you think he was in Vegas and more importantly that they are over?

  • sarah

    the Vegas tweet is no less reliable than the NY one as both tweeted it was someone they know who saw Leo.
    Now, after all the excitement and preparation she was going through for her glorious couple of minutes of speaking to the crowd at the Global thing event, i just hope Leo attended the damn thing. after all, it meant a lot to her and like any normal boyfriend, it would be only natural for him to support her, no? or at least celebrate afterwards….

  • Philly

    I agree with everything you’ve said 100%.
    But I won’t waste time arguing it here if I were you.
    Where are Message, Canada Girl, Geez et al?

  • Yeah!

    @Philly: Do you really think it was an argument? I think it was a polite discussion between two people with different opinion. That`s not necessarily an argument.
    @sarah: I agree. Both the Vegas and NYC sightings were tweets and one of them has to be false obviously.

  • @sarah

    …both tweets can also be false.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Philly: Here I am…!!! I’ve had a cold for the last few days, so I’m laying low. Plus I have been working my butt off. I’m at a new job and the learning curve is pretty steep. Fun though. I like the challenge.
    Wow. Leo does the 80s well. He looks really good. His face looks beautiful with that intensity. Oddly, the suit that he’s wearing is (semi) in style right now. There’s been a movement for a few designers towards looser fits along this vein. I personally look awful in clothes like this (tall, skinny gal), but he pulls it off nicely.
    I am very, very excited about Django. This is a complete departure for LD and I’m glad to see him take on a role that is dastardly and gritty. Plus, he’s taking a supporting role, which is a big departure. I recall Nicholson saying (and I’m paraphrasing here) that he would not dismiss a role because it was supporting. As long as he was working with interesting, dynamic people and had good material he would take the role. I’ve seen Nicholson in a lot of stuff – almost all of it actually – and some of the roles Nicholson took were diverse, to say the least, but it’s those roles and films that made him memorable.
    Hmm… I’m kind of wondering if Leo took this role to gauge how the audience accepts him with this type of material? He has the rights to “The Devil in White City”, which I really want to see hit the screen. Does anyone know what the deal is with “Brave New World”? It’s one of my favourite books and I’d like to see a quality movie made.
    Back to work. Later, Leo-fans.

  • ROne

    River Phoenix was a better actor and more beautiful. That is all.

  • zeeke


    What a load that biography is. Kristen would never talk like that. Leo is an immature ass with a Jekyll and Hyde personality. The only thing that has changed is he is getting fugly. The babyface is not aging well. Serves him right.

  • FYI

    ELLE(@57) was right. Leo was definitely in Vegas this weekend.
    Tweet from Robin Leach
    Robin Leach‏@Robin_Leach

    Interesting that #Leonardo Dicaprio in LV @wknd. Wonder if Titanic star saw #JustinBieber’s Titanic takeoff in MGM Sunday show?

  • @73

    More from Vegas:
    Big weekend for #celeb visits at our #Vegas restaurant. @LeoDicaprio, @EthanSuplee and @WendyWilliams all dined with us yesterday!
    So you have your answer of where Leo was hanging this weekend.:)

  • FYI

    More tweet
    What does Leonardo DiCaprio eat when he visits Rao’s? Meatballs, seafood salad and lemon chicken to name a few. We hosted the Oscar-winner, along with Ethan Suplee and friends yesterday.

    So the tweet from the lady who mentioned her friend was partying with DiCaprio in a Vegas hotel room was absolutely correct.

  • Huh?

    @75, @73
    So what? Now what?
    You’re a desperate loon to be following his movements so obsessively!

  • @FYI#75

    Here it was – from late Saturday night (Sept. 29)
    Kath Kirkcaldie‏@Kath_Kirk

    Friend just text me to casually say she’s just “chilling out in the hotel in Vegas with Leo Di Caprio”. Not annoying at all.

  • @Huh

    … a little frustrated?:)

  • Yeah!

    @76: All it takes is reading his bz thread. It`s all there.

  • Huh?

    A little desperate? Pic spamming not having the desired effect?

  • Giddy

    If Erin meant anything to Leo he would have been supporting her at the festival, not partying in Vegas with his friends. By choosing to go there just for a day and a half and not support her, he made a clear statement.

  • Sarah

    The funny thing is that Erin was in Vegas the weekend before while Leo remained in NY…???

  • paradise

    And I had Delmonico steak last night. Oohhh

  • Philly


  • Well

    I wish I had Leo’s drive and energy and health. Filming a late night scene, flying to Vegas the same day, partying and enjoying friends and good restaurants for two days and being back to work on an early Monday morning… I am very very jealous.

  • Vegas

    L’Erin is a very casual relationship. He does what he wants and she doesn’t bat an eye. If it works for them that’s good, but don’t try to sell them as a serious couple. They’re a relationship of convenience. She wants the notoriety that comes with being his official girlfriend, and he wants to divert attention from his afterhours activities with random club chicks.

  • @Vegas

    … can we call what you describe a “relationship”? What girl would actually accept this type of behavior from a guy? I don’t know many, for sure. Many

  • @87

    Yes we can. Check other Leo jj posts. Especially 2010, this is EXACTLY how he operates and his girlfriends take it for the fame or no one would know who they were otherwise.

  • Barfbot alert

    Barf definitley did. She and her parents were always begging Leo to take her back after he dumped and cheated on her like they famously harrassed David Charvet when he dumped her too.

  • Yeah!

    @@Vegas: I agree with you but you opened up Pandora`s box about his ex…
    He picks his girlfriends based on several criteria like age, looks, occupation, low self esteem and accepting his ways. Erin is no exception.

  • Vegas

    Erin is American and has a contract with a major label. She may not put up with him for five years like Bar did. On the other hand, she and Leo had mutual friends before they started being photographed together. They could have had arrangement from the start of their relationship. If he wants to get married, this could be the kind of wife he is looking for.

  • Vegas

    I opened up a Pandora’s box? I didn’t bring up his past relationships. What he was doing in Vegas last weekend has no bearing them. Bar was no different, but she is in the past.

  • Yeah!

    She might have a contract with a major label but she is pretty far from a major career even with a famous boyfriend. I doubt he is looking for a wife and I also doubt he would marry an obedient puppy ( if he ever gets married ).
    The Pandora’s box comment was for @Vegas #87.

  • @Yeah

    Because you don’t think her career is doing well – and I assume you would say the same of the next Leo girlfriend – does not remove from the fact that she appears to be doing well compared to before. Sorry

  • Philly

    Thanks for your input, interesting analysis.
    *Waves* @Canada Girl

  • Yeah!

    No, I don’t think her career is going that well. What makes you think she has a major career going on? I don’t see her in fashion magazines and not that much at VS. I know she walked at fashion week but I honestly don’t see a rising star or a major career. This is just my opinion and I don’t really care about your assumptions. Sorry. People disagree and there’s nothing wrong with that. :)

  • @Yeah

    ‘People disagree and there’s nothing wrong with that’ – True and I was disagreeing with you but you obviously could not handle that. Hence a mini essay on how a flop Erin is from Leo’s most deranged fan.
    And if you don’t care about my assumptions Leda why respond?

  • Philly

    Agreed on all counts and I don’t believe Kristen would have said that either.
    @97 Do what I and some others do. Respond to some and ignore those you dislike. Saves this thread from rancour and turning.

  • Yeah!

    I can handle different opinion. I was simply posting my opinion without trying to convince anyone to agree with me. Like the other day about the significance of Erin’s necklace. We disagreed yet we could have a normal conversation without insulting each other or forcing our opinion on each other. I hoped it can happen again but apparently not in your case. Having a discussion about something we disagree on is not being able to handle different opinion and it automatically turns me into ‘the most deranged fan’ according to you. Interesting that it only happens when you are around.
    For the record I never said Erin is a flop. It’s your way of putting my opinion the she doesn’t have a major career going on. That’s how you read my comment but that’s not how I meant it.

  • Sarah

    So despite our differences of opinions towards the type of relationship Leo has with his VS model, we all agree on one thing: he wasn’t around when she spoke at her very important Global Citizen Festival that lasted two days in NY, even if Leo is filming in NY at the moment. Instead, he prefered to spend the weekend in Vegas with friends. Right? If Erin is ok with this, in my book, she is way more stupid than I imagined.
    Even old married couples who live under mutual agreements try their best to at least support what is important to their mates.