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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dapper in a suit on the set of his film The Wolf of Wall Street on Friday (September 28) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor got into character as he filmed a night scene in front of Trump Tower.

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Earlier in the week, Leo was joined on set by his co-star Margot Robbie, who previously starred on the short-lived ABC series Pan Am.

The Wolf of Wall Street is about a New York stockbroker (DiCaprio), who refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration.

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Credit: Darla Khazei; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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738 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!”

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  1. 26
    @global citizen#17 Says:

    that vid was made last year. boy, does she take herself seriously or what?
    if leo finds the time to attend, he won’t be the only one I guess many people will attend the festival…. and it is not necessarily because of her.

  2. 27
    Fan Says:

    Thanks JJ. I think the filming ended in the early morning.

  3. 28
    oLeo Says:

    @Alicia , I prefer Leo.He is so interesting,so adorable,so unique,so doesn’t give a f*ck haha his eyes his smile his strut etc etc :D

  4. 29
    filipa Says:

    He loves asians :)

  5. 30
    Tua Says:

    @ punk OH. You’re welcome. Hahaha. Calm down and relax mate :)

  6. 31
    Fan Says:

    He was filming with Cristin Milioti -

  7. 32
    @Global Citizen Says:

    So Erin will be a host just as Selena Gomez, Sophia Bush, Olivia Wilde and Katharine McPhee. I guess the age average of the GC festival hosts will be 23, right?

  8. 33
    Enough Says:

    Please enough of these Global Citizen poverty whatever it’s called vids or links or names….!!!! It has nothing to do with Leo. This topic is about Leo filming late last night.

  9. 34
    Notyou Says:

    He deserves an Oscar. And very well deserved.

  10. 35
    No dog collar Says:

  11. 36
    @35 No dog collar?... Says:

    … you have to be kiddin’
    You actually expect her to give up on her best PR jewel…?

  12. 37
    rose Says:

    Why are people posting about Erin on this thread? It’s about Wolf on Wall Street night shoot. If you prefer Brad then go to Brad thread. Why come here if you don’t like the actor? Do you get a kick out of bashing Leo? I wouldn’t waste my time on people I don’t like. Leo is a great actor period. Always has been and he gets better each year, thanks Jared for the pictures.

  13. 38
    @35 Says:

    WTF? Studying and analysing her jewellery now? Staking out photos old and new? You are truly posessed and obsessed. Poor Leo that crazy woman on gawker is not the only one he needs protection from.
    His nutjob stans are obviously multiple.

  14. 39
    Yeah! Says:

    @36: PR jewelry? I don`t think many people – other than the ones who post here or on their bz thread – know about that necklace. That Leo`s old friend is the designer.
    This is my personal opinion but if it`s indeed a PR jewelry I don`t thin it`s PR for her relationship to Leo. More like to the designer. I just simply don`t ( want to ) believe that Leo would give basically identical gifts to his girlfriends. I don`t see him as jackpot as a boyfriend but I just don`t think he would do that. I haven`t seen one on Blake Lively or on Gisele. Bar wore it a lot in public ( maybe she still does but I don`t bother to read about her ) and Erin is also pictured a lot in the jewelry. Erin`s best friend has one. There was a link posted ( here or on bz ) to an article about her fav items. One was the necklace. I personally don`t think it was a gift from Leo and I don`t think it`s any indication of their relationship status. But as I said it`s JMO.
    About Global Citizen. Leo tweeted about it, Lukas and Jonah Hill are linked to the cause/concert so it`s not only about Erin.

  15. 40
    @Yeah! Says:

    I have to agree with almost everything you mentioned.
    As for the Global Citizen Festival, GETTYIMAGES have posted many pictures of the performers and the speakers. We can see Petra Nemcova, Olivia Wilde, Selena G., Katherine McFee, Katie Couric, John Legend…. but not a single photo of Erin.

  16. 41
    haha Says:

    @Yeah! Agree mostly, but I am sure that the neckalce was a gift from leo, I saw a erin insider/erin person say it was a holiday gift from him. Bar wore hers until they broke up, and hasn’t worn it since…so I guess erin is gonna do the same!
    I wonder what leos gonna do this weekend?

  17. 42
    Yeah! Says:

    Well, I stick to my opinion on this one.

  18. 43
    @haha Says:

    …??? Bar also wore the heart necklace by Jennifer Meyer (another possible gift from Leo) way after they broke up.
    There is no statement anywhere that Leo gave the necklaces to those girls as gifts. They could have bought them themselves simply because they liked what JM did. And I very well agree with Yeah! wearing the necklace has any indication of the relationship status.

  19. 44
    true Says:

    come on, the necklace was obviously a gift from leo, she has no association with jennifer meyer before leo, then when she meets leo, she starts wearing the necklace a few days after chrismas? Duh. An apparent erin insider says it was a gift from leo. Bar never wore the neckalce after the breakup, which was a gift from leo as well. Any person could get the correlation.

  20. 45
    LOL Says:

    …looking desperately boring…yawn!

  21. 46
    @44 Says:

    Sorry, but Bar had more than one necklace designed by Jennifer Meyer. And she did wear the heart one after they broke up. there are pics to prove it.

  22. 47
    @40 Says:

    you’re right. even JJ has a topic about Global Citizen Festival but no pics or mention of Erin.

  23. 48
    haha Says:

    @46 true she did wear teh heart necklace after, but I don’t think she wore the leaf one after the breakup, and on her BZ thread, apparently that was the one that leo gave her. Just thought I’d bring it up, it at least seems to me the necklace represents a status in the relationship.
    In the begining of august when she looked all pissy and leo was partying, she wasn’t wearing her necklace, then they got back together and it came back on. Just some things I noticed is all

  24. 49
    Yeah! Says:

    Obviously? Why? Jennifer could have given her after they met ( through Leo ). It has nothing to do with the fact that they didn’t know each other before Leo. I assume Bar didn’t know JM before Leo. JM gets publicity by these models wearing her necklace. Insider? You know this insider personally or you read it somewhere? I speak for myself but this is the first time I ever hear about inside info about Erin and Leo…
    I still stick to my opinion. How come Lively didn’t get this apparently uniform gift?

  25. 50
    Yeah! Says:

    @48: They got back together? They broke up just because there were no sightings or was it another inside info? I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rude but I think people talk way too much into this JM jewelry thing and jump into to conclusions. Now she has been wearing the necklace but there hasn’t been even one simple tweet sighting of them together since Labor Day weekend. I just think it’s too much fuss about nothing when it comes to that necklace. JMO.

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