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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dapper in a suit on the set of his film The Wolf of Wall Street on Friday (September 28) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor got into character as he filmed a night scene in front of Trump Tower.

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Earlier in the week, Leo was joined on set by his co-star Margot Robbie, who previously starred on the short-lived ABC series Pan Am.

The Wolf of Wall Street is about a New York stockbroker (DiCaprio), who refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration.

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Credit: Darla Khazei; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Joe


    If a really average porno model is stupid how stupid is her pr team?

  • Gay


    Yeah he was looking for american porno-poverty star with a contract with a major label. Of course he does understand that nobody except a ho can be his future wife or official gf.

  • Yeah!

    Taryn ‏@TarynT23
    Leonardo DiCaprio is also at 1Oak ? ….. Oh there BETTER be pics later ! B*tches don’t slip when they stalk that m*thaf*cka !

  • Geez

    Is Leo a sharholder at 1Oak or something?
    For almost 6 years NY always read about him partying at this very spot.
    It seems he practically lives there!

  • Yeah!

    I think he is good friends with the owner ( or one of the owners ) Richie Akiva. But it is sure one of his favorite spots in NYC.

  • Vegas etc.

    Wow, what a Double Standard. Erin goes to Vegas while Leo is presumed to be working on a weekend for WOWS and that’s OK. Now Leo goes to Vegas while his gf is on lockdown for a charity event and it’s a problem, he’s unsupportive and she’s dumb, etc. Let the idiocy that is JJ threads continue.

  • Geez

    Fair enough he’s pals with the owner. But damn! he seems to be constantly on the lash. I’m younger and I’m jaded/tired just thinking about it. lol

  • Yeah!

    @106: I don’t see the double standard. Erin had an important event going on in NYC but instead of showing some support Leo chose to go to Vegas ( and this is a cause he supports as well ). He had nothing like this going on when Erin was in Vegas. I don’t think it’s the same.

  • Sarah

    Leo is sure a steady client at 1oak!

  • Message

    I would guess his friend, the owner of 10ak, has an “understanding” with Leo. A mutual agreement of sorts. Leo brings the club a whole lot of attention by partying there. And they take very good care of him. With whatever (and whomever) he wants. Why would he go anywhere else?

  • @Message

    … and he makes sure Leo is protected and no pictures will be taken of him:)

  • Hush y’all

    @Vegas etc.:

    You’ve upset Erin’s friend again.

    She was on ‘lockdown’ for a charity event? That’s a piss poor excuse. This wasn’t the first time he bailed on her to party with his buds. What will the next excuse be?

    This would have been the perfect opportunity to show his support of a charity and his girlfriend. They would have benefited from his presence. He went to Vegas with his buddies. Again. Next!

  • Give me a break

    @Vegas etc.:

    Is that what Leo told Erin? If she accepted that excuse, she’s a fool. There’s nothing she could have contributed to WoWS filming. He could have supported GPP and her by showing up.

  • @112-113

    If he didn’t want to show up at the event in order to avoid crowds or for “privacy” purpose, he could have at least invited her afterwards to celebrate.

  • Whatever

    If you all were dating Leo you would be crying in your pillow every night because he didn’t do this or that (rolls eyes)

  • @115

    Dating Leo? You’re kidding right?.
    Leo would not spit on anyone here if they were on fire. Despite their ‘faux concern’ for his girlfriend or relationships, homeboy would need a restraining order against most of these posters!!!!!!

  • Yeah!

    @115&116: But of course you two are so much better than anyone else here yet you are always here reading comments!

  • @Yeah!(#117)

    LOL, well said.

  • @117

    Yep that’s right. That’s exactly what to deduce from that.
    Only I sadly can never match you as you practically live here.…….and your twin sister.

  • Philly

    Oh dear. Here we go again
    @Geez, @Message – interesting point. Are there certain nightclubs Leo solidly patronises? TBH I find his relentless carousing at almost 40 very unappealing. To Gerry Butler-esque *bleurgh* for my tastes.
    Django Unchained is what is about holding my Leo interest now.

  • Yeah!

    @120: Of course I do. At least according to you. Who cares that it`s far from the truth? It`s all about not agreeing with you and all of a sudden I`m everything bad. What does that link have to do with me or anything else here? Other than your twisted sense of humor?
    You know what to expect on JJ so if you don`t like it why do you read it? I don`t go to threads that I can`t stand or I just skip comments I don`t like instead of complaining.

  • Yeah!

    * My comment #121 was for #119 not #120.
    Another boring day on bz…

  • @115 – 116

    He made this relationship public. He played the loving boyfriend for photographers. He’s fair game for criticism. I don’t care what he, or his crazed fans who cry in their pillows when people dare to criticise him, think.

  • @123

    Loving boyfriend for photographers…??? With which girlfriend? because i have never seen him acted like a loving boyfriend well at least certainly not with his latest VS model.

  • @124


    Walking in the park in Australia? Zip lining in Mexico? Bicycling in New York? I’ve seen photos on JJ.

  • Philly

    Yep. And add the numerous photo ops with his mom happily in the picture – zip lining, biking, the dropping of hints in the NY Post and NY Daily News on how she loves Erin- within only 4 months of dating.

  • @124

    duh…he could have done all that with his male buddies. where is the “loving” part in these?

  • Yeah!

    I think @115-116 said it right. He PLAYED the loving boyfriend. I think that`s the keyword here. PLAYED. He ACTED like one for obvious photo ops.

  • @Yeah

    Exactly. Well understood. Some people are just pressed.

  • @Yeah

    And also if you add in all the titbits fed to the NY Post and NY Daily News among others it’s definitely to portray the image of the loving boyfriend.

  • Yeah!

    @130: Agreed. He does what an actor does best. Acts on and off screen. This is an(other) image he is selling. The loving boyfriend in a `model relationship`.

  • TBF

    I’m gonna play devil’s advocate on this last point.
    Playing the role or an image of model husband or boyfriend is not exclusive to Leo.
    Ben Affleck, George Clooney,even Johnny Depp and am certain many more in HW have double lives too. A lot of them do.

  • @132


    Of course they do, but that doesn’t make it right. There are righteous Leo stans who try to sell the idea that Leo is above that kind of behaviour. and use it to put down others. He’s not. He plays the game and he deserves to be called out.

  • Message

    @@132: You are absolutely correct. I would say that Leo plays the game almost better than anyone.

  • TBF

    I agree with you. I’m just not sure why he is being singled out. Leo is not married; he has not taken any sacred vows; or had children (as far as I’m aware); so he’s far less guilt for the transgressions common in not only Hollywood but 90% of sports stars, the golfers especially, they ALL play the game. Infidelity, star-f8ckers, social -climbers, baby mamas,etc its rampant. Leo’s modus- operandi is not exclusive to him but is extremely common. Then again maybe I’m jaded

  • @135

    Singled out? Have you seen the comments about Clooney? He’s not married, no children and says he never wants to, but people make the same comments.

  • Elle

    Has Leo officially dumped Bleetherton yet?

  • http://JOYEZZ no

    # 137 I don’t want them to break up,Erin is his most likeable gf so far

  • me

    @Yeah!: hey you dont know how they behave without the prying eyes of the paps!!

  • Yeah!

    No, I don`t. But their photos are photo ops and you don`t see genuine affection coming from him not even on sneaky tweet photos. It does seem like he is showing a good boyfriend image for the cameras. That`s what I referred to.

  • @135

    The crazy fans on here expect some sort of perfection from Leo, that he somehow is supposed to be and act differently than any other celebrity male is his position. Get over it. Famous and wealthy men enjoy dating younger women, most men envy them for doing so. Nothing new to see here.

  • Yeah!

    I honestly don`t think anyone is expecting perfection from him. Quite the contrary. Also the last time people `expected perfection` from him was when he didn`t show support for his gf. You say crazy fans expect perfection from him and some believe he is perfect and whatever he does is perfection. And as you said that`s nothing new.
    I do think that the bottom line is that people think differently and some can`t handle that. And don`t get me wrong I refer to both sides ( including myself even though I do make efforts to work on that ).

  • Fan

    They’re shooting WOWS at a country club. At least, this is where they were earlier tonight.
    Nicole Mattes‏@niknakk321

    The movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” is currently being filmed at my country club starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey.

  • Leo Fan

    NYU Nightlife ‏@NYUNightlife
    Getting cozy with Leo DiCaprio at The Darby
    1:38 AM – 6 Oct 12 · Details

  • Message

    The Darby is owned by the same group that owns 1Oak. Same rules apply.

  • Norma

    … i would love to know with whom was he getting cozy at 1:38AM at the Darby…?

  • @146

    I doubt the person was actually getting ‘cozy’. There won’t have been a tweet announcing it to the world. It’s more likely to be a figure of speech / slang.

  • Sarah

    Leo sure loves his favorite NY night clubs
    Newest York‏@NewestYork

    @NYNightlife Jay Z, Beyonce, Usher, Leonardo Dicaprio all at 1OAK

  • —-

    New York Nightlife‏@NYNightlife

    The dream team is at 1 OAK: Jay Z, Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio and Usher (via: @newestyork)

  • oak

    1oak again? that sure is his favorite! wonder who he was parting with?