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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dapper in a suit on the set of his film The Wolf of Wall Street on Friday (September 28) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor got into character as he filmed a night scene in front of Trump Tower.

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Earlier in the week, Leo was joined on set by his co-star Margot Robbie, who previously starred on the short-lived ABC series Pan Am.

The Wolf of Wall Street is about a New York stockbroker (DiCaprio), who refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration.

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Credit: Darla Khazei; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Yeah!

    It seems like 1OAK is definitely his favorite spot.
    I wonder if Erin was with him or not. It`s been weeks since the last sighting. Until I read about the breakup I assume they are a couple but it`s weird that they went from obvious photo ops to no sightings at all. Leo is seen from time to time but never with her?
    By the way there is another ( I think BS ) story about them in InTouch. It`s about Leo`s weight loss and they give all the credit to Erin. According to them Erin helps him keep fit by buying him fruit and veggies and keeping him active. Walking, biking and soulcycle classes. All these activities together in NYC but not a sighting of them together? But I found it stupid to say that his slim down for a role is Erin`s credit… The before photo is from May and it says it`s from the `Monte Carlo` set which is a big mistake and kinda embarrassing. It seems like it`s from the Django set.

  • Sarah

    @Yeah!(#151) – LOL… what else can you expect from InTouch other than crap unreliable stories?

  • Yeah!

    I know… I checked out the magazine and I was just laughing. It seemed like BS from the beginning… I don`t even know why I posted it!

  • Fan

    My instinct tells me that they are in an “off” period like they were from March to May. No sightings, no pictures, no reports. Instead of this, she’s spotted in Vegas while he’s clubbing in NY and the week after it’s his turn to fly to Vegas for the weekend while she’s having an important event in NY… so is she the one avoiding him or the him avoiding her? Go figure.

  • @Yeah!

    lol, InTouch is hilarious!

  • Yeah!

    It`s possible… I wonder if it`s gonna last past WOWS. He tends to take a break while working and then resume the `relationship`. I bet he needs a companion for the award season…

  • Yeah!

    @155: Isn`t it? They even found someone from the soulcycle class to talk to them about how focused Leo is. And of course a friend but not a sighting or a tweet about their story. Ridiculous. I have to say it`s VERY pro-Erin…

  • @156

    I agree. Its been his M.O in ALL his relationships.
    Partying non stop. And after filming its back on.
    Could you please give more detail on the In Touch story? Thanx

  • Yeah!

    @158: That`s basically it. If you date a VS model you have to look good ( I think I forgot to mention that epic sentence ) and Leo`s slim down is basically Erin`s credit. The article mentions that Leo tends to lose weight for his roles then he quickly gains it back ( like after Django he gained some ). Now he looks good in his new movie and that`s because of Erin and her efforts… As I said VERY pro-Erin. Other than that I think I wrote down everything. I don`t have the issue – waste of money. I just read it at a newsstand.
    Yeah, he did this before. Puts them on ice while working so he can party and then they are back on duty. That shows what a tremendous respect he has for his girlfriends and how controllable they are with absolutely no self esteem.

  • Sarah

    Just curious to see how and where he will celebrate his birthday which will be in 5 weeks exactly. Will he attend the VS after-party show this year…???

  • @Yeah!#159

    … just like obedient trained dogs.

  • Yeah!

    @160: Maybe… I wonder if he will order something ( or someone ) from this year`s catalog.
    @161: Exactly. He has no respect for them but I just don`t feel sorry for his girls at all.

  • Leo Fan


    Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Makes Him Diet: “To date a Victoria’s Secret model, you’ve got to look the part — or at least that’s what Erin Heatherton told Leonardo DiCaprio!” DiCaprio has been looking exactly like Jack Nicholson lately in the candids from the Martin Scorsese movie he’s currently shooting, The Wolf of Wall Street. “The actor, 37, recently shed 20 pounds” with classes at SoulCycle (LOL), bike rides, and walking. “In the past the actor would crash diet before a movie and then gain it all back afterward, but Erin’s changed all that.”

  • oak

    have a feeling she was probably with him….while there haven’t been any official sightings, shes always there…just never mentioned. Its happened a billion times before. Shes also had her mouth shut on twitter for the past couple of days, which we all know she shuts up when shes with leo.

  • @163

    Thank you.

  • @oak #164

    it is not necessarily so. she’s been tweeting photos of her with Jennifer Meyer, Nikki Erwin, Ethan Suplee and even Kevin C. while she was vacationing or partying with Leo and his friends.
    and people tweeting from 1oak do know who she is.

  • @166

    nobody knows who she is…..unless you follow leos personal life emensly or worship victoria’s secret, you’d have no idea who she is.

  • @Yeah!

    @160: Maybe… I wonder if he will order something ( or someone ) from this year`s catalog.
    LOL! For this, he will have at least to get rid of the current one, first.

  • Yeah!

    It doesn`t matter wether people know her or not. A tall blonde could be mentioned but she isn`t. Even when there is no mention of her there were tweet photos of them or she was mentioned by NY Post or something. Nothing like that… As I said until there`s no breakup news I believe they are together ( thinking she is put on hold for now ) but her not being mentioned doesn`t really mean anything.
    @168: Do you think his next one is going to be any better? Do you think he is going to try a decent one this time? What are the chances???? Probably zero. Tall, blonde, young, no self esteem, controllable… Does it even matter if it`s Erin or someone else?????

  • Huh?

    @167. I agree with you and I don’t understand why this very conversation pops up in every Leo post. Wishful thinking – what jewellery is she wearing? is she clubbing with him or not? what/where is she tweeting? what colour are her eyes? Till we again see them together a few weeks later. As has been standard, IMO.
    @169 – You’ve pretty much said it. All true

  • haha

    @yeah shes not been mentioned at all alot and it turns out she was there. Alot of times the tweets don’t say anything about a tall blonde, and it turns out she was there. Take the candela lunch thing. There were tons of tweets saying leo was eating lunch at candela, and no mention of erin, or even a “tall blonde” with him. Then the next day we find out not only was she there, but she was caressing his face. lol

  • hahaha


    What we can say? Erin is irrelevant and unless they see him being affectionate with her in a place no one would guess she is his gf or she is with him.

  • Yeah!

    Exactly. She is not mentioned but usually – one way or another – it came out that she was there. But not in the past 4 weeks… or since Labor Day weekend. No photos, no tweet photos, no sightings from any sources saying that she accompanied him. Erin is irrelevant I agree but I think it`s strange that not even a blonde is mentioned in the Leo sightings ( if she is there ). Even if they are not affectionate.

  • Sarah

    well just the fact that he remained in NY while she was in Vegas and he was in Vegas while she was speaking at the Global Citizen Festival CLEARLY confirms that they are actually on an “OFF” stade of their so-called relationship. That is If any relationship is still ever existing.

  • @Sarah(#160)

    … and where and how will he be celebrating Halloween?

  • Me


    Apparently they have been more off than on :/

  • Huh?

    Keep wishing and dreaming that there is/ was NEVER a relationship. All those pics of them together in America and abroad with family and friends never happened . All those pics and fed pieces to the NY post and daily news were also illusions. Still desperate? Why do I suspect the ‘Leo fans’ making these claims are the usual pic spammers?

  • Huh?

    Keep wishing and dreaming that there is/ was NEVER a relationship. All those pics of them together in America and abroad with family and friends NEVER happened . All those pics and fed pieces to the NY post and daily news were also ILLUSIONS. Still desperate? Why do I suspect the ‘Leo fans’ making these claims are the usual pic spammers from b4?

  • LOL

    I had the same thought I will laugh my arse at these ahem – ‘Leo fans’ – (not you Yeah) should he marry Erin. Their efforts, bi tch iness and tears all these years for naught LOL

  • —-

    … should he marry Erin…” yeah right. he is so interested in marrying her, he flew to Vegas to party while she was giving the speach of her life at the global citizen event and above all, she bought herself a new condo and moved in all by herself. talk about a couple with a future.

  • LOL

    So concerned?? LMAO. Tha’ts why the two words ‘should he’ were inserted into the point. But obviously had you rattled. Great. Keep following her every move and praying. Keep the hope alive!

  • speech

    Erin’s speech , and what is 0:11? was she expecting some screams or what ?

  • @speech

    incredibly boring…

  • @speech

    Obviously, that’s why when she’s doing VS events all they have her do is blow kisses and wave bras in the air. I’ve never heard a more boring individual.

  • @@speech

    she has to be more efficient than a sleeping pill.

  • Elle

    They have to be off again. She’s just holding on hoping that he’ll come back.

  • boney mcgee

    Just a thought..
    Wouldn’t it make more sense that the people who click on a photo of Leo & end up commenting here be a tad on the anti side when it comes to him supposedly having a girlfriend (1. period. but also a girlfriend) who’s immensely boring and prepubescent etc etc than being fans of said girlfriend? I’m so confused by the people who come here & complain if we aren’t all in love with her. Ummm what fan of a male celebrity goes and decides to worship his non famous girlfriend? Quit getting your knickers in vs knots if ppl pay her out. To me it’s a far more normal reaction than randomly becoming a fan of someone you have never ever heard of before. I mean Bellazon gives me a freakin tooth ache. It’s WEIRRRDD!!!! They’re like Stepford wives over there.

  • @speech

    That “speech” , starts awkwardly , ends awkwardly !

  • Ha!

    Keep wishing and dreaming that Leo and Erin are a grand romance. All those pics of them together in America and abroad with family and friends happened with all his other girls and he still behaved like a single man when he wanted to. All those pics and fed pieces to the NY post and other places are cover for his screwing around. I’m not desperate and don’t care if he marries or moves in with Erin. I don’t believe deserve better and he should treat her better for her services. I can’t stand the pic spammers and believe one of them is a bitter Bar fan.

  • ??

    Haha, what a lot of miserable, bitchy, jealous high school girlies you sound…grow up.

  • Sarah

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz were spotted celebrating Naomi Campbell’s new series “The Face” at the Darby on Friday night. DiCaprio arrived with a posse of guy friends, and we hear Campbell “had a playful catwalk dance-off with designer Zac Posen and legendary runway modelPat Cleveland” on the dance floor. The supermodel hostess Campbell also partied with her “Face” co-stars Nigel Barker, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha. “Everyone was in really good spirits, dancing around and singing,” said a spy, noting Campbell and Posen “tore up the dance floor.” The show airs in February on Oxygen.
    So very obviously, Leo was there without Erin…. once more.

  • Philly

    Agree 100% with every thing you’ve written and also your last observation.

  • Yeah!

    Here we go again with the Bar fans… Who cares if it`s a Bar fan posting about her? What does it matter? Is this ever going to end?
    Thanks for the Post article. If she was there NY Post would have mentioned it for sure…

  • On ice

    Well if he’s puting her on ice till after WOW then we will get a nice little break! : ) Stop fighting people its gonna end just like the others, that we can all agree on..: )

  • @Yeah

    And here we go again with you starting another round while hilariously saying ‘who cares’. People can write whateva they f8ck they choose / write about peoples motivations / make any observation / call out whom they please and quite rightly. If it ticks you off ignore it. Rather than have another fight derail the thread AGAIN.

  • Yeah!

    Who said that you can’t write whatever you want? I didn’t so what’s your problem again? You can post whatever you want and I can post whatever I want. You just can’t handle when people have negative reaction to your comment! Grow up! I’m not starting anything I simply had an opinion that doesn’t agree with you! If my comment ticks you off ignore it rather than derailing the thread with another fight! Sounds familiar?

  • @Yeah

    “You just can’t handle when people have negative reaction to your comment!” – And YOU cant handle it when people have another negative reaction to YOUR comment.
    You cant ignore the comments that tick you off but all else should ignore the comments that tick them off, if it comes from you? Not happening. Deal?

  • haha

    well I think things have cooled, still not sure if they’re broken up though. we would probably see her out socializing without leo if it was a full on breakup, but she hasn’t really. once I see leo out alone, and erin without leo at the same time, then I’ll 100% believe it. but for now, I think they are cooling. I know in touch isn’t the most reliable, but if people are still reporting these stupid stories, its just as easy for them to get the scoop that they’ve broken up, if not easier than their stupid stories they get the supposed “scoop” on. So I think they’re still together, just cooling it down.

  • Yeah!

    Deal? With you? Don’t make me laugh! Wait, you do… I had a response to your comment you didn’t like. You could have ignored it but instead you attacked me. What do you expect? Not to respond? Come on! Also I talked to YOU not to ‘all else’. Sorry but whatever works in the case of ‘all else’ doesn’t work with you.
    Now have a nice day and let’s just ignore each other from now on. I’m not in the mood to continue this pointless fight again. Deal? I assume not…

  • @198


    But what about the NYFW parties she attended alone and while Leo was partying with Jonah and his other pals at another club?

    Or Erin going to Vegas one weekend while Leo hung out in 1OAK and the next week Leo goes to Vegas while Erin attempted to give an important speech in Central Park?