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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dapper in a suit on the set of his film The Wolf of Wall Street on Friday (September 28) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor got into character as he filmed a night scene in front of Trump Tower.

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Earlier in the week, Leo was joined on set by his co-star Margot Robbie, who previously starred on the short-lived ABC series Pan Am.

The Wolf of Wall Street is about a New York stockbroker (DiCaprio), who refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration.

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Credit: Darla Khazei; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • @Yeah

    Deal – as in you will deal with it. It was not a request. Don’t flatter yourself.

  • Yeah!

    You keep making me laugh. It’s cute how you stick to your double standards. Well, have a nice day!
    @speech: She is definitely not a public speaker and that makes it pretty awkward. I like the cause but she sounded robotic and it didn’t sound like she believed a word she said.

  • @Yeah

    And Leda as always keep telling yourself it’s only one person (me) that calls you out on it. Whateva makes you feel better. You talked to me, and I responded, and always will.

  • @Yeah

    You have a nice day too – in the same spirit as I was wished one.

  • Yeah!

    What are you talking about again? More than one person ‘calling me out’? Are you on something? The broken record is on again! Surprise surprise! Yet another boring period on BZ!
    Keep answering if that’s what makes you happy! But of course it’s always me who derails the thread! LOL
    On topic: I also think she is put on hold. Again. Second time this year!

  • @Yeah

    “Keep answering if that’s what makes you happy!” – LOL Same to you
    And no not everyone that calls you out is from big bad BZ. No matter how many times you keep telling yourself that. Your BZ paranoia implies you are the one who might n=be on something not me,

  • Philly

    Oh dear. Ignore it please. It’s what I do. Connect /chat with those you like
    @Message 10ak and Darby are owned by the same people? Did not know that. Thanx

  • Sarah

    isn’t it a little more than “cooling”… sounds more like ignoring one another.
    totally agree.

  • Elle

    The NY Post also mentioned Leo was at Jay Z’s party, and listed every celebrity there, no mention of Bleetherton. And she’s staying up late tweeting things about Pisces caring about who they’re with. She got dumped and she’s sitting home in mourning, waiting for Leo to come back to her, while he’s finding the next one.

  • Yeah!

    I guess me believing that the one person calling me out is from BZ ( I’m pretty sure I’m right about it ) is the same as being convinced that Bar fans post her. I don’t see any difference but in my case I’m on something! Double standards! But at least I’m not referring to something imaginary ( #203 me saying its just one person calling me out ).

  • @Yeah

    Ah the double standard arguement. *205, you saying I was on something is fine. Me responding that it is you on something is however Double Standard. Keep telling yourself I’m from BZ it matters not Leda and I /Philly /Ha! will keep calling out the Bar fan whether you like it or not.

  • Sarah

    Thanks Elle:
    Following Jay-Z’s eighth and final show at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn Saturday night, a crew of about 40 headed to club 1Oak to celebrate with the rapper. Spies say that a VIP group arrived a little after 2 a.m. at the Manhattan club that included Jay-Z, wife Beyoncé, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kelly Rowland, Usher, models Irina Shayk, Jessica White and Tyson Beckford, hip-hop mogul Steve Stout and Lindsay Lohan. Jay and his guests drank D’usse, the rapper’s new Bacardi-produced cognac, a spy said, adding that, “Everyone partied till after 4 a.m.” Earlier, Beyoncé had joined her husband onstage for booty-shaking renditions of “Crazy in Love” and “Young Forever.”
    So here you have both Leo’s weekend sightings already reported by tweets…. and very obviously “NO MENTION” of Erin.
    Make your own conclusion.

  • Yeah!

    The double standard remark referred to the theories. Bar fans posting here, BZ people picking on me. You make it sound like if I believe in a theory it’s ridiculous but it’s different in your case. Also you being on something referred to comment #203 that didn’t make sense at all. You used it in a diff context but me making a sarcastic remark about it bugs you. OK!

  • @Sarah

    The last sighting with picture of the two was Sept. 1st. –
    thanks for bringing both PageSIx articles confirming the Darby and 1oak tweets.

  • cooling periods

    Cooling periods are always so exciting! Keeps everyone guessing…. They will eventually be OVER for GOOD( sorry Erin fans you know its gonna happen don’t even front like you don’t know so be prepared) and its still exciting to guess…And my bet is it that they won’t make it out of this year alive!!!… L’Erin shall be no more!!

  • my guess

    still together, cooling things down.

  • @216
  • Giddy

    They totally broke up. The only person that thinks they’re still together is that psycho Erin Stan, that runs that fake tumblr, she tries to pretend is “official” and that she is friends with Erin. She’s the only one saying they’re still together and touting a future marriage.

  • Message

    I don’t know why there is an argument about whether or not they are still together. She means nothing to him. That’s been clear to us this whole time. On or off, he treats her like $hit. She can be he official girlfriend all she wants. It means nothing. Leo doesn’t care about her… Not even a little bit. He only cares how the relationship makes him look. That’s all.

  • dicap fan

    does someone know when the WOWS is supposed to end filming? November? December?

  • —-

    some chicks love when they’re treated like sh*t and even ask for more…

  • Leo Fan

    Almost exactly one year ago (Oct. 4 2011), People mag, USweekly, Lainey, E!… they all reported about the official split between Blake and Leo. It was also mentioned that she was spotted taking the train the weekend before to meet Ryan R. to Boston who was filming a movie.
    I recall this piece of news, because when the columns announced Leo/Blake break-up, the two clearly had broken-up before Oct. 4.
    Just assuming here, that it is maybe a question of weeks or days… or hours before People or another news agency reports an Erin/Leo split. Just saying.

  • @222

    The same happened with Bar. They broke up long before the official announcement.

  • Philly

    Hey there Message.
    O/T, but I just read the Katy Perry/John Mayer break up goss and if true, am amazed at how SIMILAR he and Leo are vis a vis relationships. Basically John treated Katie P like a glorified bootie call, off/on. She kept going back to him but he still was not prepared to commit. And if someone as relatively successful/rich as Katy Perry (we wont get into talent) can accept such behaviour, (esp after marrying a douche like Russell Brand), I guess ambitious models can.
    Prob why Leo dates them in the first place anyway.

  • @#223

    … and with Gisele as well.

  • @Giddy

    @Giddy: hahahahahahah Giddy thanks for the LOLZ sooo truuuee lol

  • @222-225

    He doesn’t announce splits until he has a new girl waiting in the wings. Bar showed up a few weeks after his split with Gisele was announced. Blake showed up a few weeks after his split with Bar was announced. Blake interrupted his pattern when she found someone new before he did.

  • you said

    ” Blake interrupted his pattern when she found someone new before he did.”

    Yuuuup, sure did….

  • Philly

    Yep. That’s why the whole stuff with Erin is sobering to watch. It was a revenge move with NO genuine feelings involved on his part.
    I actually find it sad for all involved.

  • @Giddy

    OMG, so true!!! I thought I was the only one that thought she was a complete psycho!!!

  • Message

    @Philly: Hi, Philly! Couldn’t agree with you more. He was using Erin from day one. And, it’s absolutely disgusting that you can jusitfiably compare Leo to John Mayer. He makes my skin crawl, but really, Leo is no different. He just runs a tigher ship than Mayer.

  • Heart

    Leo=John Mayer? Only in his and his fans dreams. No way! Not in this world. You are all pushing this thing too far. Lets get real, folks. Leo is way better, polite and reserved, he doesn’t talk about his life or his ex in public. John is really pathetic.

  • MO

    I’m not a Meyer fan, but he is more honest about who he is and the life he lives.

  • jejijo

    @Heart: john lets his fly remain open for all to see, Leo is good at keeping his fly zipped up for appearances to the world.

  • Heart

    Everyone has the right to think different. But in my point of view, Leo is very honest in the things he does and all the women he dates know he is not looking for marriage right now and that he loves partying with his fellas. In fact, I believe this was the reason why Blake left, she wanted to marry (which eventually happened), but saw that Leo was not interested in settle down (or maybe she was just waiting for Ryan and the whole thing with Leo was just a summer fling). People overvalue gossip (yes, because nothing has been proven). They say she kicked Leo out of her life, but hey he was not one bit worried when she left. He was caught with that model Anna Maria Jagodzinska (I googled,obviously, her name is too complicated lol) before they broke and we had sightings of him in clubs partying with a bunch of models. People call Leo immature because he does not want to get married and keeping dating models. I believe if this life makes him happy, whatever. Not everyone is marriage material. When are we going to realize that marriage is not for everyone? Well, these were just my two cents. I really do not like to comment about personal life of anybody because I am not in their shoes.

  • http://JOYEZZ yea

    @Heart well said :)

  • @Heart

    All you’ve done is confirm him as a shallow modleizer who seeks his own gratification no matter who he hurts. And the vidoe of him begging that papparrazzo no to use the film (a first for Leo) shows he cared.

    No one is saying he hs to get married. Its not for everyone. But most cofirm Leo is a sleazy as John Mayer. And he is.

  • Huh?

    You don’t like to comment on peoples persoanl oves, and you judge us for our own conclusions. But judging by YOUR post you clearly follow Leo’s personal life to the extreme and make YOUR own conclusions on his actions/decisions on the basis of gossip. You don’t know the man personally either. What’s the difference?

  • Message

    Something good to talk about… The new Django trailer came out. Seriously, it looks ah-mazing. Looks like Leo killed it as Calvin Candie. Can’t wait to see it!!!

  • Winnie


    IKR? He doesn’t care about his girlfriends and that makes him a good person? Too much importance is placed on gossip but believe the gossip I repeat? It sounds like a Leo apologist who needs him to be seen as a “winner” no matter what.

  • Heart

    Wow! Can you read? I don’t think so. In no time I said I don’t read gossip and that I don’t follow his personal life, I just said I don’t like to comment on it because my own life is so much more important to me that I am concerned only with myself. That was just an OPINION. Here there’s no winner or loser (though I feel like one for wasting my time commenting on it). This is not a competition, I do not need thumbs up to feel better about myself. And I am not here trying to change anyone’s opinion. I read some comments (agreed with some, disagreed with others) and I felt the desire to post MY OPINION, but after reading the last comments was clear that here we can not have a healthy discussion.


  • @241

    Take heart, Heart and don’t dismay. This is not the place for healthy discussion about anything!! I was accused of being Erin, her PR, being a Bellazon freak, a loser Leo fan, *you name it* just for being supportive of Leo and his current gf. I’ve heard it all and I’m sad to see that it is happening to other people. Don’t worry, only the haters stick around here, so that’s pretty much all you’re going to find on JJ. Cheers.

  • bum

    By Mike Walker
    Published on: October 11, 2012

    BURN, LEO, BURN! Bummer for LEONARDO DICAPRIO, who was set to film a nude scene with four sizzling, naked hotties for his new “Wolf of Wall Street” flick when no-nonsense director MARTIN SCORSESE decreed that he and the nude beauties should get comfy with each other before cameras rolled.

    “Leo shrugged, dropped his towel and strolled over to the naked girls,” said My WolfWitness.

    “Plopping himself down on a black marble bench to chat, he suddenly howled and leaped up, clutching his butt!”

    Massive camera lights had heated the marble bench to stovetop temperature – and suddenly, Leo was the sizzling, naked hottie, sporting his flash-fried-on-the-barbie bum!

    Said my source: “The on-set nurse rushed over to slather aloe cream on Leo’s burned behind. And after a brief break, the thick-skinned star was ready to shoot his hot nude scene.”


  • Yeah!

    The source is National Enquirer. Even though the story is funny I just don`t believe anything from that source.

  • bum

    yeah.. me too actually.

    to be honest, i don’t even think leo’s doing a nude scene for this film.
    the information released was that there would be ‘illicit’ scenes. but then all the reports titled it as ‘leo to get naked’.

    so to be honest, i dont even think leo will be going the full monte.

  • oh lord

    @bum: I’m praying that he wont show us his peenyweeny. I tell you that boy needs chuch!

  • dumb

    I can’t believe people believe stuff from the national enquirer. male full frontal = nc-17 rating and there is no way any actor will want that since it kills any kind of box office potential for a movie. Besides, I can’t believe how much they’re playing up the “leo will be naked!” angle.. shows how little they know about him because he’s been naked onscreen before.

  • ??

    Yep @@241: O yes so right, no healthy discussions here, only nasty women who sound like jealous high school girls, they just love to hate… i’ve been accused of being Bar, Adi and a bar flack, too funny!!

  • so

    still no new sightings or pictures of Leo with the pot of glue?

  • nicole

    I don’t know why, but the “glue” appears to be less sticky lately…