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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dapper in a suit on the set of his film The Wolf of Wall Street on Friday (September 28) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor got into character as he filmed a night scene in front of Trump Tower.

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Earlier in the week, Leo was joined on set by his co-star Margot Robbie, who previously starred on the short-lived ABC series Pan Am.

The Wolf of Wall Street is about a New York stockbroker (DiCaprio), who refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration.

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Credit: Darla Khazei; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • http://JOYEZZ maybe

    she need lots of rest to prepare for vsfs
    so no late night partying

  • nicole

    Not even a date at the restaurant or a biking ride? Nothing….

  • @248

    I guess only you consider your comments less nasty? When you´re always here bitching about Bar, JJ users and everybody who just like Leo, give a damn about your beloved Erin.

  • Yeah!

    I doubt it`s about the VSFS. This is so typical of Leo. While working he likes to focus on work and party. His private life and current girlfriend is put on hold. That`s how important they are to him. This is not the first time. It was the same while working on Django and several movies in the Bar era.

  • @Yeah!#254

    I also noticed with the years that his girlfriend is never his priority especially when he’s filming. But what is particular in this case, is that the girl he is (supposed to be) dating lives in the very city he is working. In the past, it was more understandable since he was usually filming abroad, and the girl didn’t have always a free agenda to visit him. But now…. and above all he never showed up when she gave her speech at the GCF instead he went to party in Vegas with friends. That’s quite on hold for me.

  • @Yeah

    I agree 100% with you. Leo posts of old ( 2009-2010 especially) shows the same selfish behaviour and a willing participant girlfriend taking it.
    Same old same old.
    I also think he’ll be campaigning for an Oscar this year and would probably prefer as little attention to his private life as possible.

  • ??

    @@248: you are such an idiot! i dont give a damn about bar, Erin or any of his girls, I just love Leo the actor, plus love to laugh at you sickos!!

  • @257

    @??: whatever you say Pot

  • Yeah!

    There was a Leo sighting last night on Long Island ( Manhasset ) at a sushi restaurant. His company? A bodyguard.

  • !

    NY Nightlife Girl‏@NYnightlifegirl
    Hangin with leonardo dicaprio at @1OAKNYC @NYNightlife
    3:37 AM – 14 Oct 12 · Details

  • Sarah

    @Yeah! – So Leo went to eat sushi on a Friday night with his bodyguard.
    @! – Another Saturday night partying at 1oak!

  • —-

    …and still without the tall blonde VS model….

  • Norma

    May I add a comment here. From her Twitter, we can see that the “nightlifeGirl” is rather cute:)

  • the bellafreaks

    The bellafreaks are commenting that something seems off with L’Erin. Ya think!?!?!? hahahahahaha

  • Leo Fan

    Thanks ! that’s pretty much revealing of how Leo wants to spend his weekend lately.
    NY Nightlife Girl‏@NYnightlifegirl
    Hangin with leonardo dicaprio at @1OAKNYC @NYNightlife
    3:37 AM – 14 Oct 12 · Details

  • regardless

    They’ll probably be back on by award season…..he always has one during award season..

  • unless…

    He gets a new one by then! A prettier, less boring and classier one! What are the chances????

  • award season

    More than likely they’ll stay together through award season…because unless breakup news comes soon, he only has a month or two to find a new one…It might just be convenient to for leo to keep erin for that..

  • http://JOYEZZ lol

    why does he has to have gf for award season?
    I hope to see new pics of the cute couple soon : )

  • ????

    Cute couple? Who are you talking about? You must be on the wrong thread!

  • award season

    @lol because having a GF makes him look better in the eyes of award voters. He’s never been single during an award season.

  • award season

    @lol because having a GF makes him look better in the eyes of award voters…hes never been single during award season.

  • Who know

    Ithink they broke up,erin tweeted about Taylor swift song maybe it the “we are never ever getting back together” :))

  • LOL

    @Who know:

    Tweet song lyrics to your ex boyfriend? How old is she?

  • Philly

    @award season:
    That’s what I believe to.
    I think most of the assumptions here are waaayyyy premature.

  • and then…


    she still won’t be good enough for some of you. face it, he’s a lousy boyfriend. no one like the person you describe is going to put up with him for long. if he wants better, he needs to behave like a man who deserves better.

  • unless…

    You are right. I guess his girlfriends are `not good enough` for some of us because some of us would like to see him as a not lousy boyfriend who behaves better and dates women more suitable for him. I do agree with you. It`s all about Leo not the girl.

  • Sarah

    I think the expression “putting her on hold” till the award season is very degrading towards Erin. What kind of woman would actually accept this type of behavior from a guy. Unless she is extremely controllable or idiot.
    Where is Erin btw?

  • Huh?

    “who behaves better and dates women more suitable for him” – From Leo’s behaviour over the years pray who is ‘more suitable’ for him??
    And why does he deserve someone ‘more suitable’ whatever that is???

  • @#278

    @Sarah – some have mentioned that she is preparing her manly abs for the very intellectually-oriented Victoria’s Secret Show in a couple of weeks. Wow… her mind and body are too busy to do anything else.

  • unless…

    Well, it seems like you took that out of context and you ignore that I implied that he should change to go after someone more decent. What is more suitable? I guess it wasn’t said enough over the years.

  • It’s All Connected..

    So what I find interesting here..
    is that some poster by the name of erinangelwings is of the understanding that erin reads her blog/ fansite/ i dont know what it is, and has just posted on bellazon that she’s been getting messages regarding ‘the leo forums’ negative speculation on Erintardo. 1.) i would assume ‘the leo forums’ is this forum yo! (as bz is sickly sweet and moderated as f*ck). 2.) her response to it was pretty telling. As vague as she might think she was, it’s quite clear that she thinks they’re caput. Sorry Erin, you need smarter friends.

  • http://JOYEZZ lol

    @ Who know no such tweet

  • Yeah!

    @282: I had that feeling, too. For me it`s unbearable to read her comments but I was curious so I suffered through her latest piece. My first thought? If everything was OK she would have assured the bz people everything is right ( not that I consider her particularly reliable ).

  • what! No E necky!?!

    to 282 and 284

    You guys are so right. B*tch was like “I dont want to talk about them” Really b*tch?! Since when? They way she writes it sounds like she’s depressed about the state of their affairs. Not a very good prognosis if you’re a Erintardo fan!

  • E

    Erin hasn’t been seen lately wearing the E necklace he gave her.

    Leo needs to stop playing games. Save the PR for a serious relationship, or act like a serious boyfriend. Heatherton is a low profile model. Their relationship would have flown under the radar without his PR staging photos and planting stories from the beginning. What was the point of all that?

  • —-

    @E -
    … maybe a little mascarade to hide something else.

  • Party Boy Leo

    I see Leo can walk and chew gum. haha

    Leo spotted at TOY New York. That’s where this guy is celebrating his bday

    DJ Whoo Kid ‏@DJWhooKid
    Leonardo Dicaprio in the building !!! @AveASoundcheck Let’s go NYC!! Happy b Day to me

  • Sarah

    Leo, the party boy sure never misses an occasion to have fun, doesn’t he… even on a Monday night.

  • blinds

    What about the two blind gossips that were generally assumed to be Leo and Erin getting engaged? I could see if it was published crap that it was just made up, but the two blinds coming out at the same time was unusual?! Right?

  • Yeah!

    If they were just made up published crap what does it matter that they came out the same time? Also they were blind items that were ASSUMED to be about them but it doesn’t mean they were about them. I personally don’t see your point bringing it up again…

  • @291

    Uh because this is a public forum and we are talking about their relationship? The relevancy lies in the subject matter. You just don’t like it because it is about them getting married so therefore you don’t see the point. What else is new? Don’t even get into it with me Leda because I will take you to town and thrash you.

  • Yeah!

    No, it`s not about them getting married. It`s about two blind items you ASSUME is about them and has nothing to do with this thread. I do not see the point in bringing it up again and that makes you all so worked up again. What else is new? My comment wasn`t offensive. Once you say the blind items are made up crap then you wonder about their significance. Me not seeing your point is a sin. Whatever you say!
    Don`t even get into it with you because you will take me to town and trash me? What are you blabbing about again? Try to deal with negative responses to your comments since it`s a PUBLIC FORUM and people can disagree with you. Can you handle that?

  • Yeah!

    `don`t even get into it WITH ME` This is a public forum and I responded to a comment. It`s nothing personal it was a response to a comment. It`s you who take it to a personal level. If you post on a public forum prepare yourself for response you may not like instead of throwing a hissy fit.

  • @293

    Yes, I can handle it but apparently you can’t. LOL Have a nice day wacko

  • Yeah!

    Sure you can, drama queen! lol

  • So

    So does anyone have any meaningful comments about the blinds? Or all you all just hanging on to a thread of hope that they “broke up” because they haven’t been seen together?

  • Oh by the way

    Leda, I’ve noticed your comments on the bellazon thread and that everyone just ignores them. LOL. IT’S HILARIOUS

  • Yeah!

    And do you know what’s even more hilarious, genius? That I don’t post on bellazon! How about that? I’m registered there as Leda and I can assure you that you don’t see comments from me! But whatever you say, Dana queen.
    PS: isn’t it hilarious how people ignore your weak effort trying to push that old and stupid blind item topic? It’s so funny!

  • Yeah!

    *drama queen