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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Night Shoot!

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dapper in a suit on the set of his film The Wolf of Wall Street on Friday (September 28) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor got into character as he filmed a night scene in front of Trump Tower.

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Earlier in the week, Leo was joined on set by his co-star Margot Robbie, who previously starred on the short-lived ABC series Pan Am.

The Wolf of Wall Street is about a New York stockbroker (DiCaprio), who refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration.

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Credit: Darla Khazei; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • No

    It’s because it’s not YOU posting as multiple people and trying to produce a fake thread of hate. I’ll wait til they come around. And it doesn’t matter what you say because I don’t believe anything you say. I can spot your posts from a mile away and I know it’s YOU. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Yeah!

    LOL! Of course you know it`s me, drama queen. Everyone in the world who is not you is me! LOL! And I bet you have proof! Are you aware of how stupid you sound? Stick to your theory if that`s what makes you happy but until you can prove it you are just a weak voice trying to stir up the JJ thread ( = boring day on BZ ). That`s my theory.
    You don`t believe anything I say? My life is in ruins! lol I bet people believe you and your hissy fist… Grow up!

  • whatevas

    They’re going to break up now or later or maybe they already did. Leda or whoever is just telling it like it is. You mad huh? Erintardo shall be no more. You still mad?! Leo isnt gonna marry this b*tch …
    I shouldnt even have to type that but some people have like one working brain cell… If he didnt put a ring on Gisele … and gisele is like > than Plain Jane.

  • Blinds


    Blinds could be about another couple. Could be made up. Could be based on the same source. Could PR to keep her happy while he does what he wants. Could be PR to keep people guessing while they sort their relationship.

    If Bar is any indication, he likes to keep his regular doormats in reserve for when he wants their services.

  • Yeah!

    I think someone is just trying to stir things up here again. I don`t know what is their relationship status right now but I highly doubt Erin is the one for Leo. Far from that but that doesn`t mean they are over ( yet ). I don`t know and I don`t wanna guess. I did that a lot in the Bar era and I won`t go there again. That`s all.

  • @304

    I don’t think Erin is sticking around to be a “doormat” if that even is what she is. She has a bigger career than Bar ever did and doesn’t have Leo as her only option. Bar was nothing without Leo and she knew it, that’s why she stuck around. Blake took off and married someone else. I highly doubt that Erin is a doormat, and if she is she won’t tolerate it, she has much more character than Bar and won’t be stuck without a date if they do break-up. It is too early to tell, Leo may be having some fun but there is no evidence of cheating so far since they have been together. I think they are both just very busy.

  • Yeah!

    I’m sorry but I don’t see a bigger career here. I don’t care about Bar or her career but I don’t see Erin more successful than her. At all. Erin has no appeal as a model and her career is just so-so. She does need Leo and I do think she is like Bar in more ways than you would think. I see your point in comment #306 but personally think you overestimate Erin.

  • Philly

    @306 – I agree. Not a popular opinion, but break up talk I think is way premature.
    @304 – Good points. But I think the blinds WERE about them and I believe they were deliberately planted.

  • —-

    @306 “…they are both just very busy.”…? Give me a break. So Leo was obviously too busy partying in Vegas for the weekend to attend Erin’s speech in NY at the Global Citizen event? The excuse of “too busy” is ridiculous. Both live in NY for the moment and no sighting in restaurants, clubs or even stores where reported of the two together. Be realistic, will you?

  • .

    @—-: This

  • gangnam style

    @—-: of course if they were in different countries it would be the distance now that they’re in the same place its that they’re “too busy” Busy having fun apart.
    Yeah, Erin is too busy dancing to gangnam style in Vegas! lol here is the video! She def needs some dancing lessons.

  • vagabond

    @Philly: I’m curious to know why you think they were planted and by who?
    I noticed that since the blind items came out that we really haven’t had any gossip about them.Like the moving in/his mom loves her crap, that we were getting earlier.IJust that lame story about her helping him lose weight.It’s been kind of a dead zone,and nothing really to support the BI’s?I’m also wondering why none of the gossips have mentioned anything about the GPP thing.I guess its being saved for a break up story?lol

  • Philly

    I don’t believe BIs except Lainey’s who tends to be accurate. They say the same things over and over – secretly gay, drugs, abortion, couch yada yada – with a bit of extra thrown in
    But the fact that those 2 blinds appeared within DAYS of each other; different details but essentially saying the same thing – trashing out a pre-nup over lunch / ordering an engagement ring was way too much of a coincidence, esp considering how any dr*gs related blind about Leo are often taken down very sharpish (e.g imdb allegations).
    And like you rightly said and strangely so, we have not heard much about their love bomb since like ‘moving in & his mom loves her’
    IMO it had to do with Blake’s surprise wedding which followed week and some days after these blinds appeared. Leo’s people probably had a heads up and I won’t elaborate further but it follows the Leo/Erin pattern – NY Daily news Blake/Ryan pics – Leo and Erin biking pics; Utah park pics / Veruca park pics & zip lining pics; TMZ fake wedding story / Leo and Erin moving in, thinking of having baby story; e.t.c
    Message, if she pops in, would tell also you one always followed the other.
    I do believe break up talks are premature but thats cause I see this as a very casual relationship. I mean it’s been a year and has Leo even met her family? There is no oomph/passion. Erin was purely a revenge/rebound move, that’s just teetering on. But I wish them well.

  • boney mcgee

    Let me get this straight..
    people actually believed those blinds, 6 months after a then-single Leo stated himself that he couldn’t see himself getting married. ..sooo he says that quite clearly, then rebounds with a random and then a few months later you believe anonomous stories that say he’s super psyched about a wedding. ??

    All i keep thinking about is Kate Winslet during RR junket saying that you can’t push Leo. If you really start at him about something he’ll want out & go in the complete opposite direction. I can’t help but think the wedding rumors (if he ever even heard them himself) would have, if anything, turned him off Erin.

    ..he’ll always be boney mcgee

  • vagabond

    @Philly: Thanks for your thoughts on it.I have a very hard time believing Blinds as well.As you pointed out most of the blinds have a scandalous vibe to them,and this just doesn’t.Makes it even more fishy to me.I have read messages comments about his pr counter acting his X’s pr before.I was half expecting to see pictures of the two after the Blake/Ryan marriage,but we got nothing?I agree,I definitely think this a pretty casual relationship.
    Off topic but its funny that Lainey’s blinds have been accurate,since some have said she was full of
    Hope all you Leo fans have a good weekend!

  • Leo DiClubio

    Ally Finkel ‏@afink0228
    Not real life that @JLuuuRawr is at the same club as both Jonah Hill AND Leonardo DiCaprio right now #casual
    1:49 AM – 20 Oct 12 · Details

    Troy Gordon ‏@TheTroyReport
    Leo dicaprio at SL
    1:40 AM – 20 Oct 12 · Details

  • haha

    the blindes are definetly suspicious. two blindes coming out coming out so close to eachother, saying the same thing. it could be pr. it probably was. i wouldn’t be surprised if he retaliated against blake and got married in secret just like her. not saying erin is the one, but i could see leo doing that.
    also not saying blindes are reliable, but considering lainey gossip’s are almost always reliable, you can’t help but to consider the other ones.

  • Geez

    Very true
    @316 – Is Jonah Hill the new co-captain of the p*ssy posse?
    Has Lukas been demoted/

  • Sarah

    Another Friday night, another NY clubbing tweet:


    @sarazacharias Leonardo dicaprio and Jonah hill. Then lil Jon was at the table next to us

    I HATE when I’m at a table with someone famous. The table is always crowded as shit! 😒

    Jess Lu‏@JLuuuRawr

    “@afink0228: Not real life that @JLuuuRawr is at the same club as both Jonah Hill AND Leonardo DiCaprio right now #casual”😳😳CAN’T VEESTHE

    …and some still insist on believing he is dating Erin Bubley..??

  • haha

    I think they’re still dating, i just think its a pretty casual relationship. i think they’re probably just cooling off during wolf, and shes got a fashion show. i bet when thats done erin will be all around leo again. something odd I’d point out, erin has been not her usual tweeting pics of dog 24/7 self.

  • LOL

    No one is ‘insisting’ anything. Some of us simply recognise this as typical Leo behaviour like was ALWAYS the case in the past.
    See posts 290 – 300.
    Leo nightclubbing non stop while having a ‘girfriend’ is not news.
    Nothing has changed.

  • LOL

    I meant posts #250 – 260. Its the same script of the past years

  • Sarah

    @LOL –

    The difference is that his clubbing is mostly constant now. In the past his clubbing sightings were intersected with sighitngs with his girlfriends.
    You think it’s normal that no sighting, picture of the two together were reported for the past 7 weeks? I don’t.

  • Leo Fan

    How long did it take for the gossip columns to report the official breakup of Blake and Leo after their last pictures were posted together? She visited him in Sydney during her birthday weekend in August… and the report of the split was mentioned on October 4.

  • LOL

    Well, some of us clearly remember it differently.

  • @LeoFan(324)

    i think they had no choice to report the breakup since she had already started to date Ryan R.
    in Leo/Erin case, there is no hurry to report the breakup. her rep knows how it will cost her client’s career. think about it.

  • haha

    @326 but I don’t think they broke up. I think they are cooling down, but I don’t think they officially broke up.

  • @haha

    #327 – you are welcome to believe whatever you want.

  • haha

    I think the people who want to believe they offically broke up, but its just a leo pattern. cooling down during the movie, then heating back up when it begins to wrap. breakup talk is too quick, its just the same leo pattern as when hes got a GF.

  • Sarah

    what do you mean cooling down? give me an example of when he was cooling down while he dated Gisele and Bar…???? there were plenty of sightings and pictures of the him with his girlfriends at the time.

  • Sarah

    … I meant when he was filming.

  • to haha

    It would be comprehensible if the film would be shot abroad or on the other side of the continent, but Leo is working in the city she lives in.

  • @330

    There are MANY examples right here on JJ , of Leo at Teddy’s nightclub and lOVA while he was dating Bar. There were also many tweets of him in Vegas with Redheads, Blondes as well just like now. Look up Leo posts of 2010 it’s all there. But you are free to believe he was a faithful loyal boyfriend while nightclubbing then. Some of us remember differently

  • who cares

    cooling down not cooling down break up didnt break up SHE WILL GET DUMPED IN THE END!!! WE ALL KNOW IT. I personally think they will break up this year if they havent already.

  • yes

    @to haha: yes what is up with that?? SOMETHING IS OFF…

  • @333

    no only Bar but also when he was dating Gisele.

  • Sarah

    King Williams‏@IamKingWilliams

    I’m beating Leonardo DiCaprio in bowling right now! W/ @the_original_MH samsto @ Bowlmor Lanes Union Square

  • Sarah

    More tweets

    Johnzo West ‏@JohnzoWest
    Whiskey and E-cigs with Leo Dicaprio… Good times.
    Lil Bit ♏‏@SoMuChSouLx3
    Just took a drink order from Leonardo DiCaprio!!!! i have died and gone to heaven �� lmao
    10:00 PM – 20 Oct 12 · Details

  • bros before hos

    Claire Burns ‏@clairelbs
    @BethRigler & I decided to grab some tacos before calling it a night, then Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, & Lukas Haas decided to stop by…

  • Leo Fan

    looks like Leo is having a very good time…

    SirMichael Fernandez‏@SirMichaelF

    Leonardo dicaprio at La Esquina partying wit me And the women that showed up for him …. Ummmm WOWSERS. I like being speechless… Y not

  • Elena

    Ha, I just read an old Leo interview on BZ and he said :
    “I like girls that make me smile. If they can make me laugh, even better. I’m more into personalities than looks but I do go for pretty girls who look at me for my personality and not my wallet. I like honest girls. I dont’ like ones who pretend not to know me, but do.”
    I guess he got over that whole personality thing pretty quick.

  • http://JOYEZZ wtf

    why is the threads related to his work gets so little comments but the pap pics one get hundreds of comments???
    you all only care bout his personal life but ignore his work!!!

  • Elena

    @wtf: I think it’s because most of his work-related aren’t just about him, so the discussions tend to stick to the posts that are solely his and they just happen to usually be paparazzi photos. Although I do agree with you, it’s a pity that he doesn’t get a lot of recognition for his work, he should really be the most successful and highest paid actor today. Oh, wait…

  • Sarah

    gee, what a busy fun night Leo had ..
    Matt Govendo‏@mgovendo

    Just saw Leo dicaprio at avenue …top 5 actor right there

  • Sarah

    King Williams‏@IamKingWilliams

    The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio just showed up & started bowling w/ us maybe the best random moment ever!

  • busy Saturday night

    Marie Etienne‏@NycRealtorMarie

    Veronique’s birthday dinner. Celebrity sighting: Leonardo DiCaprio (@ La Esquina w/ 6 others)

    SirMichael Fernandez‏@SirMichaelF

    Leonardo dicaprio at La Esquina partying wit me And the women that showed up for him …. Ummmm WOWSERS. I like being speechless… Y not

  • pic of Leo

    There is a pic of Leo with two women from bowling. Head over to bellafreaks if you want to see it. Seems like he was busy having FUN indeed! : )

  • —-

    …so are the naive dreamy Erin/Leo fantasizers still persist on believing the two are simply cooling?
    thanks for all several interesting tweets everyone.

  • Sarah

    So obviously after his Wolf of Wall Street Bowling night, he went to his usual Saturday nightclub habits :)

  • cxz

    @Sarah: yuuuuuuuuuup