Nina Dobrev: 'Extra' at The Grove Appearance!

Nina Dobrev: 'Extra' at The Grove Appearance!

Nina Dobrev waves to her fans as she does an interview for Extra at The Grove on Thursday (September 27) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old The Vampire Diaries star was interviewed by Maria Menounos for the celebrity news show.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nina Dobrev

The Vampire Diaries‘ new season premieres at October 11 at 8pm EST on the CW! Be sure to tune in.

Also be sure to check out Nina‘s film, The Perks of Being A Wallflower, which is in theaters now.

FYI: Nina is wearing Dolce&Gabbana.

15+ pictures inside of Nina Dobrev filming a segment for Extra at The Grove…

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41 Responses to “Nina Dobrev: 'Extra' at The Grove Appearance!”

  1. 1
    sarah Says:


  2. 2
    Sara Says:

    Pretty,love her hair colour

  3. 3
    Guest Says:

    Nice, she like many other actresses gives importance to what she wears and her style, magazines pay attention to that so is important to her. It´s not a bad thing. I like her style most of the times.

    As far as I know she is very happy and having great expectations as for her career which is the most important thing for her right now. She enjoys her single life and being with friends. She is not looking for any serious relationship right now.

  4. 4
    bobie Says:

    love her. her smile, and her manner of dress. impeccable!

    I also love the discreet about her private life. ian and nina are one of the most beautiful couples in hollywood right now!

  5. 5
    Iris Says:

    nice extensions

  6. 6
    Natalie Says:

    Someone please do explain in which way were they discreet since their relationship is mentioned here.

  7. 7
    ina Says:

    with all my good feelings- she looks fine, but the majority of the Bulgarian girls look better than her :)

  8. 8
    Jinx Says:

    Beautiful but a little bit to skinny.. like so many other actresses.

  9. 9
    dot Says:

    cute but classy – love her!

  10. 10
    SJ Says:

    I hope Nina is taking time to stop and smell the roses, take time out to just sit back and be proud of herself and how far she has come. She’s on a great TV show, doing movies, travels, has designer clothes, friends, family and so much more. I envy her and wish I was as beautiful and talented as her. Then again she has worked very hard and deserves the great things that happen in her life. I’m sure she’s having fun with Ian. But, she’s too young to settle down at this age. With her beauty and brains she should be dating ALOT of gorgeous guys.

  11. 11
    Jeff Says:

    She is such a hottie! She has a great sense of style, and she also seems like a genuinely nice person. Hopefully she will quit dragging the cancer sticks before they turn her prematurely old and haggard like half of Hollywood.

  12. 12
    Guest Says:


    I disagree with you mostly, or at least I see it in a different way. In my humble opinion Nina is in the beginning of her career, and like many young actors/actresses she got nothing still. She would be totally wrong if she thought that she is already in the top and she got really far. Because in this business one day you are famous and in the other you are not, the big deal for her and for the other actors of the show will be when TVD is over. The most difficult thing in this business is to stay in it for a long time. Of course she should enjoy what is happening to her right now but with brains and knowing that there are another important things too.

    And about her “love” life don´t worry, she doesn´t want to settle down as she already said a lot of times in the interviews, because as she said also her career is what matters to her and secondly she has not found the guy, is all about timing and the right person. There is no NIAN thing, I truly believe that fans of this couple (everytime there are less and less) expect too much from them and have high expectations, and the reality turns out to be so so different (this is hollywood). As I said they are ONLY friends nowdays, it´s not like they were really serious before, and they are telling you that if you really pay attention,but in Hollywood you have to find the right timing to say to the world that you are dating someone and the right timing to say that that “relationship” is over without harming another things (ex the show).

  13. 13
    Lesbian Says:

    incredibly lovely!

  14. 14
    So true Says:

    еhey were never serious b/c there was nothing in between them ever and ppl in ATl and in business knows that. Ian saw her as a little kid who look at him in awe and protected,giuded her. So fans saw more than there ever was.
    But after little kid showed her true colors there is nothing but co workers
    And what amuse personally me, that the only interest Nina presents to her fans is her fake relationships with ian
    with out it no one talks about her
    she even won PCA just b/c Nian fans wanted Ian to be proud of her
    so sad

  15. 15
    Me Says:

    Before the year ends we will know that Ian and Nina are not together.

    They are working on it right now, so the split is not that shocking,

    Before they were friends but now they are simply co.stars, their relationiship has changed a lot, for bad.

  16. 16
    So true Says:

    i wonder how Ian managed to hold a good relationships with her for so long.
    In the beginning everyone liked Nina and took care of her. But now. Well sad sad sad
    though no one who is near TVD is surprised.
    The only think why i feel for her that she really has all fans and fame b/c of bf who never was her bf anyways

  17. 17
    Natalie Says:

    And this is the moment I’m glad I’m not famous. In any case people would not like me but what else is new?

  18. 18
    Me Says:

    What is happening to Ian and Nina happens in Hollywood all the time, Robert and Kristen is a clear example. When a young celebrity couple has many fans, start to doubt, because many of them is all about fanservice,

    Someone from this business told me time ago, this Nian thing will last two – three years maximum,voila.

    Ian didn´t like Nina´s seventeen magazine, because they agreed not to tell anything because they knew they are not a couple, they agreed to play cat and mouse but nothing else,and appear together to some events, parties but nothing serious. Another thing is Ian´s foundation events which are pretty important for him and obviously Nina is not there.

  19. 19
    Me Says:

    What is happening to Ian and Nina happens in Hollywood all the time, Robert and Kristen is a clear example. When a young celebrity couple has many fans, start to doubt, because many of them is all about fanservice,

    Someone from this business told me time ago, this Nian thing will last two – three years maximum,voila.

    Ian didn´t like Nina´s seventeen magazine, because they agreed not to tell anything because they knew they are not a couple, they agreed to play cat and mouse but nothing else,and appear together to some events, parties but nothing serious. Another thing is Ian´s foundation events which are pretty important for him and obviously Nina is not there.

  20. 20
    Natalie Says:

    Right… At this point I really don’t know what to think about Somerhalder.

  21. 21
    Natalie Says:

    But… What I think is irrelevant, so he and she have certainly accomplished whatever it is they set out to accomplish, with this, whatever it is or was or whatever.

  22. 22
    So true Says:

    Somerhalder is wise as fox. he knows that business well. He never lied to fans. He said in the beginning of TVD that he is not cadler rubber but no one listened to him. He said that TVD is his gf and have no obligations for a certain woman. Other part is all Nina. She is making moves on him on public as kissing and toughung, she is clingy as hell, she is telling about relationships that never existed. So Ian cut all thing as soon as she started open lies to fans! I respect him a lot. He played coy, gave fabns what they asked but managed not to lie!
    there was nothing but friendship between them but now even that is gone

  23. 23
    Natalie Says:

    Yeah, hmmm, this whole scenario is just… I’m not even going to bother continuing my statement.

  24. 24
    common sense Says:

    Nice to see more people who use their brains and logic when it comes to Nina and Ian :) I agree with Guest, Nina is just starting with her career – she’s far, far away from established young actress. She needs to work on her acting a lot and very hard to keep up with actress of her age group. Sure she’s the star of TVD but let’s be real for a sec:
    - CW doesn’t have big audience compared to other networks
    - Most of the time people think actors in CW show are hired for being pretty and cute and not because of their acting talent;
    - Nina had a chance to stand out during season 2 and season 3 but IMO she blew it by overacting(while playing Catherine) and being non-convincing while playing Elena.

    All of this doesn’t look good when it comes to movie castings. Last summer, she had had a tiny role in Perks but this year she had nada and there were no rumors of her being a runner up or auditioning for movie parts. In some of her interviews, Nina complained how she can’t get roles she wants bc ppl can’t imagine her being anything else but cute, simple nice girl next door or smth to that effect. Hence the change of her image – doing EW half naked photoshoot with Ian and Paul, more fashion appearances, a slight change of her red carpet style, going public with the relationship, etc. All this to look more adult and to be taken seriously by ppl who matter when it comes to movie roles. Only delusional stans think she is going to get married to Ian, have babies and live happily ever after. *eyeroll* Do you know why she got PCA award? Stans at Fan Forum were voting like crazy so that Ian and Nina can go to LA, get photographed together on red carpet and might have PDA after their wins. I stumbled there by accident and couldn’t believe what I was reading. She won that award not because she had so many fans on her own, she won because people like her and Ian together as a couple or ship them because they’re super huge fans of delena. The point is that being in relationship with Ian is the only interesting thing about Nina. On her own, she’s not standing out in any way. I’m not jealous, mean, hater blah blah blah, I’m just pointing out the obvious.

  25. 25
    common sense Says:

    @Me @Guest @Natalie @so true Ladies, I’ve read some rumors how Ian had hook ups with different women during his relationship with Nina. Is it true or just people assuming because he’s so touchy feely with everyone? Ian is no saint and it wouldn’t surprise me if rumors were true cause he was way too flirty for a man who is ˝so in love and dedicated˝ to his GF…

  26. 26
    Natalie Says:

    @commonsense You’re right, the fans just want the pictures so they add it their twitter shrines. Look, my feeling is Ian is man hoe, any man that cares for a woman, would not be touchy and flirty with every single woman he meets or knows. It’s just not possible. I have no instance of his different hook ups of course, other than he said he got an STD from a fan which was a question he answered at one of his conventions. I can’t even remember which country. Apparently it was supposed to be a joke which many did not find funny. In any case, what I feel is not important and Somerhalder could careless about what I feel, but he‘s definitely into Kat Graham.

  27. 27
    common sense Says:

    @Natalie LOL what a stupid and awkward joke! Kat has wacky red carpet style but overall is interesting person. I can see why Ian would be into her considering she supports water charity. However, I hope for Kat’s sake, it never goes beyond friendship because a part of crazy Nina stans don’t like Kat at all and they would go ballistic if there was smth between Ian and Kat.

  28. 28
    so true Says:

    @common sense:

    Ian is a single man since november 2010, why he would’t do flings? hee has his needs, so why it is criminal?

  29. 29
    Natalie Says:

    @commonsense lol yeah I know how crazy these fans are, but what I’ve seen in Ian’s reaction to Kat in his interviews and when Nina did that on the set video, he really likes Kat beyond friendship. I think before Kat saw him as only a friend, but judging from the EMA, it looks like more than that now and I watched this thing live, from the green carpet, red carpet or whatever colour carpet it was, to the end. So… I do like Kat, she seems dedicated beyond her career. I think if anything this might be good for him, she’ll keep him grounded. At least I hope so.

  30. 30
    Me Says:

    Ian definitely changed a lot (more obvious lately) when she talks about Nina, before he never comfirmed the relationship and never will, but he was flrity at least, more open to talk about Nina and now has changed a lot, even his tweet to Nina´s mom is very general, we (the cast) and Nina´s mom doesn´t talk about Ian at all. I agree Ian is smart very smart and knows how to play with fans and have a good image with fans.Let´s not blame Nina with everything, both made the most of this Nian thing.

    Nina and Ian have nothing in common, nothing and the age gap is very very aparent.

    I am pretty sure that Ian is with someone else, but I highly doubt even when the split with Nina is official, that he will be very open as long as he is in the show. Once the show is over new life and when will know how Ian behaves when he is really in love with someone, no hide and very proud.

  31. 31
    Natalie Says:

    Well, whoever that person is, I hope she keeps him on his feet and his head out of the clouds.

  32. 32
    Teyla W. Says:

    WOW! Some of you are hilarious. Kat Graham is the presenter of Ian’s award and suddenly he is into her as more than a friend and co-star, at least that is what you are saying. Why not just say Dawn is into him too because she had a picture with him backstage, or even maybe Torrey and Ian have something going on because she also made an appearance to be supportive. OH but wait! Maybe his ISF secretary, Jessica Ramsey, and Ian are more because she was there with him too…and they flew to LA on the same plane. Except for the fact that Jessica is getting married to her fiancee in the next couple of weeks and Torrey is married to Paul Wesley and Kat Graham is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend Cottrell and Dawn is in a long term relationship with Ian’s good friend, Bryn.

    Of course none of these comments have anything to do with Nina’s article and her appearance at the Grove, which by the way, she looked fantastic. Her stylist, Ilaria Urbinati, knows Nina’s taste in fashion and does a fantastic job. She is also Ian’s fashion stylist. and I must say he looked very handsome at the Environmental Media Awards.

  33. 33
    Teyla W. Says:

    @Me: Really? Why do you think Nina was not at the Environmental Media Awards to support Ian? FYI: Ian and Nina were together in LA this past weekend, which is when the Environmental Media Awards took place and they flew back to Atlanta on the same Delta flight. Too bad you were not there to see them. Looks like you don’t know everything or anything about the two of them at all.

  34. 34
    Sharon Says:

    I wouldn’t be asking a certain group of people that like to post things on Just Jared’s articles if what they know is the “truth”…..these people have spent the last several months trashing Nina on every article posted on this website, repeatedly, and then they refer to their trash talk as fact. In my personal opinion, it’s completely disgusting that these people have taken it as their life’s mission to destroy a young woman’s reputation. If you don’t like her, don’t look her up!

  35. 35
    Natalie Says:

    @Teyla W. If you have something to say to me, don’t be afraid to tell me directly. I suppose you can tell us why Ian had to behave like a total ***** over a plane seat. What, he’s too good to fly with the common folk?

  36. 36
    Natalie Says:

    @Sharon You are so right, people have made it their life’s mission to destroy a young woman’s reputation. You are certainly not wrong there. Of course you shall assume I’m talking about Nina.

  37. 37
    Teyla W. Says:

    @Natalie: Ian behaved like most people would when they pay for something in advance, but then did not get what they paid for. It doesn’t matter what Delta’s excuse was, or what they offered as a replacement, Ian had a right to be angry because their service was sub-par and their replacement product did not compare with the product he had expected to get or what he had paid for. Anyone that has to fly on a regular basis, which Ian does have to do, would completely understand his frustration and anger. It is not as though this was his first encounter with an airline problem. Airline flight is no longer considered “fly the friendly skies”.

  38. 38
    Natalie Says:

    You know what @Teyla W? You are so right, when you’re rich and famous and can spin cash the way they do. When you’re use to flying first class, and then have to fly economy, it can really take a toll on people like Ian because they pay for the best, so they always expect the best, but whatever the little people can afford, they just make do. They don’t have the status to complain like Ian does. I agree with you.

  39. 39
    Teyla W. Says:

    @Natalie: It isn’t about paying for the best or expecting the best, it is about getting what you pay for and expectations of the service you pay for to be met. It has nothing to do with status in life no matter how hard you are trying to make it about class warfare. Ian has earned his money and his fame through hard work. There is no need to begrudge him if he has the ability to fly first class.

  40. 40
    Natalie Says:

    You see how you can’t please these people, you disagree they are upset, you agree they are upset. As I said, no body would like me, but what else is new?

  41. 41
    Me Says:

    @Teyla W.:

    I agree with you as for Ian and the plane problem .. you know the problem?’ that many people (fans) put on a pedestal the singer/actor/relationship or whatever and is like they can never get angry and in the end they are like you and me, with good things and bad things and if you add that they always try to give a good image…. If could afford a first class I would do it, if he paid for it I understand him getting angry. Again I understand people liking Nina and/or Ian, but don´t put them on a pedestal because they are like us, well the difference is that they have millions of eyes looking at them and it was their choice.

    Another thing is Ian and Nina “relationship” that I don´t agree with you, yes Nina was in LA like everybody that follows them already know, but Nina was with him?? really?? but you know that´s not my point, I am pretty sure that they are not together, is not like that they were really in love or had a serious relationship in the first place.

    It´s not their fault if fans expect too much from that “relationship”, and of course journalists will sell that they are in love or Ian wants to get married which all can agree was completely false, because they write what fans want to read, the beautiful love story , still have to see Ian confiming the relationship though, and they knew that they had a completely different relationship but hey it´s good publicity for them, for the show and many people like them. When a celebrity “couple” starts to play cat and mouse it´s because they have something to hide.. a good example Robsten.

    I know how this business works, and although their relationship has changed a lot lately and there is nothing romantic between them, in Hollywood usually there is a timing to say that a couple broke up, is all about finding the right moment, and sooner or later we will know it. I don´t care if people around them say that they are ok, is all about damage control.

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