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Olivier Martinez Covers 'Ocean Drive' Men's Issue

Olivier Martinez Covers 'Ocean Drive' Men's Issue

Olivier Martinez is dashing on the cover of Ocean Drive magazine’s Men’s Issue, on newsstands October 1.

Here is what the 46-year-old Cybergeddon actor had to share with the mag:

On what fame means to him: “That whole notion of movie stars, it doesn’t come from actors themselves. You don’t wake up in the morning and say, ‘I’m a movie star!’ Maybe if a fan or someone comes up to you and tells you you’re a movie star, you say, ‘Okay, fine.’ But that’s not my goal in life, even more so now with all those reality shows and the Internet, where so many people can be considered “stars.” To be famous doesn’t really represent anything, and it’s rather tacky to consider yourself famous. In a world where most people want to appear, I want to disappear a little bit…. I like to have some distance with everything. And if people don’t recognize me on the street, it’s even better. That isn’t where my ego is.”

On the inaccurate perception of Hollywood: “It seems the whole concept of Hollywood or not Hollywood is mostly from people who aren’t in the business.”

On his infamous role in 2002′s Unfaithful: “It’s very bizarre how people perceive morality sometimes. My charac­ter was drawn to a pretty woman. He just liked her. The fact that she was cheating was her prob­lem and her husband’s problem. But people kept saying my character was bad, while I think Richard Gere [who played the husband] was the bad guy. [Laughs] Everything is relative.”

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26 Responses to “Olivier Martinez Covers 'Ocean Drive' Men's Issue”

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  1. 1
    katie Says:

    They were both “bad” guys in that movie.

  2. 2
    hahhys Says:

    lol so much bs

  3. 3
    Helen Says:

    He looks much better with this kind of clothes

  4. 4
    eve Says:

    Well, to be honest, he is NOT a star! He failed his French career, and he failed his American career. But he has had beautiful famous girlfriends: Juliette Binoche, Mira Sorvino, Kylie Minogue and now Halle Berry. That’s his main career…

  5. 5
    justme Says:

    did someone broke his nose? he look air brush

  6. 6
    XxXxX Says:

    He was extremely hot back then…………………. Now something’s different

  7. 7
    mimi Says:

    I didnt even know who he was until he started dating Halle Berry..claddaghtheseries on youtube!!!

  8. 8
    moustache Says:

    Exactly. Plus he looks and sounds pretentious and douchy.

  9. 9
    eve Says:


    He did some boxing before he became an actor, so yes his nose was probably broken.

  10. 10
    eve Says:

    He was very nice looking at the time of The Horseman on the Roof and even in Unfaithful.

  11. 11
    Miapocca Says:

    Halle take note.././/
    Cheating is not BAD in Oliviers why would you want to uproot your daughter away from your family and her dad(even if he is a douche kfraud) to chase a temporary relationship

    wake up and top making bad choices..for once let it ALL be about your daughter

  12. 12
    charlieangel Says:

    @Miapocca: it’s not what he said.

    i agree with him on his character in UNFAITHFULL

  13. 13
    yep Says:

    very nice photo

  14. 14
    hubbybear Says:

    he is a fool, next man riding on halle skirt tail.

  15. 15
    Rollergirl Says:

    Thank you Jared for posting these wonderfully handsome pictures and the article. He’s a very humble man when it comes to his ambition and notions on fame. I fear however he will never be able to “disappear” as long as he is with his famous American fiance. :(

  16. 16
    Eric Says:

    Are you freaking kidding me? He didn’t think his character was bad? If you are willingly and knowingly cheating with a married woman, you are just as bad as she is for cheating. It is one thing if you are with a woman and you don’t know she is married, but if you know she is married and you still do it, that is pretty bad. Just the fact that he thinks it was only her problem and her husbands problem is ridiculous. I feel bad for anybody who is ever with this guy. He would probably cheat with a woman and think that it’s perfectly okay because he isn’t the one breaking vows. He is such an idiot and such a tool.

  17. 17
    busted Says:

    actors are the most troubled and phony people , they spend half their lives trying to be seen and get noticed then once they have it they don’t want to be seen anymore and hide . typical phony puppets !

  18. 18
    Dina Says:

    Seems to issuing a lot of blame of the ‘non-famous’ population. He can get bent.

  19. 19


  20. 20
    sian Says:

    @Eric — while I’m not a fan of Olivier Martinez I have to say I agree with him on who he thinks deserves the bulk of the blame when it comes to cheating. I’m sorry but the other man / woman is not the one who walked down the aisle with someone and vowed to be faithful forever. If it turns out people can’t stick to their promise that’s on them, not the party that “seduced” them, if that’s ever even the case.

  21. 21
    justme Says:

    that why he is going to eat what he said when his time come, once a cheat always a cheat married or not

  22. 22
    justsaying Says:

    that man is and idiot, cheating is cheating no matter what, Halle cut her husband out of her life because of cheating and now she is with a cheater what give.

  23. 23
    jj2009 Says:

    @justsaying: He’s the closest to Halle’s true character of all she’s been with her doing the casting couch furthering her career and treating her relationships as business deals. This is no different. I really don’t see them together for too much longer.

  24. 24
    jj2009 Says:

    The article says a lot of about his character and am not surprised he is going along with Halle’s bs charade. This is the easiest acting job he has ever had. He really must need the money????

  25. 25
    anony Says:

    @Rollergirl: Hey rollergirl nice to see you still supporting Olivier. I loved everything you did. why did you stop?

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