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Vanessa Hudgens: Piloxing Diva!

Vanessa Hudgens: Piloxing Diva!

Vanessa Hudgens wears her hair in a bun while exiting the gym on Saturday (September 29) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress was cute and comfy in a pair of black shorts and a tank top as she made her way to the car.

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While she was at the gym, V tried out a class, which featured Piloxing. The workout mixes Pilates and boxing into a fat torching and muscle sculpting routine that makes exercising fun.


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Credit: Gucci; Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • ju

    She looks adorable

  • Lesbian

    she’s beautiful! love her!

  • ju

    I want her legs

  • Lena

    I also wish to have the courage to work out on Saturdays

  • telle

    wow vanessa loves the gym which is awesome¡¡¡ healthy lifestyle
    and btwshe look sgreat …

  • ana

    life is really hard as an actress ! working out everyday :oo !

  • mila


  • pika

    she does pilates and yoga like everyday! she must be crazy flexible lol

  • Ash

    She’s so hot :)

  • kami

    she’s been doing piloxing for ages. she and ashley and brittany used to do it together. not a new thing for her.

  • Leoluvsasians

    Gorgeous!!! She’s so hot!!!!!

  • nessa


  • MoreThanWords

    Polixing sounds mean! Looking pretty solid Vanessa, she looks content.

  • http://Fanpopgirl Dave

    Zac still loves her

  • Haters Suck!

    She looks so damn hot
    oh please dont start this crap

  • :]

    okay? cute..

  • Derpina

    About Zac mentions her, this is not a big deal,Vanessa mentioned him in some interviews too, they seem to have respect for each other

    Was just inappropriate from him to talk about her in front of a giant hysterical crowd, these screams was embarrassing, and Zanessa fans reactions was ridiculous

  • Rob

    I want to go piloxing with her among other things.

  • marie


  • marie

    She looks HOT

  • ST

    Her workout schedule is impressive! She inspires me. She does not miss a day! I am disappointed in you know for repeatedly mentioning V. Not needed

  • marie

    Zanessa fans GTFO

  • BOJI

    @Derpina, exactly. There was no call to keep mentioning her. And I don’t think any sentiments were involved this time. He’s just milking a past relationship for it’sworth, crowd pleasing is a better description. And to say that he wants to get married and to a Filipina is even worse. Crowford said that he has a girl on the side lines. Now if this were to be true how would she feel hearing this?
    Vanessa’s looking great and toned. She’s putting us all to shame with her fitness routine.

  • marie

    He just used her name, he was doing promo.

  • kelly martineau

    V wearing that braclet that z gave her on her waiste. Wish she would do something else these days. Move to life then working out everyday.
    But good for her.

  • Derpina

    @marie: She already mentioned him too in an interview promoting Journey 2, who cares about it, except the neurotic Zanessa fans?

  • tina

    She only mentioned him when ASKED. He brought her up for PR only.

  • ST

    @kelly martineau:
    You are seeing her leave the gym which she is probably at for an hour, goes home showers and does various other things depending on the day.

  • Xo

    @tina: Exactly, and she referred to him as ‘my co-star’. Whenever she mentions him by name it’s usually followed with Ashley, Lucas, etc. She never brings him up on her own.

  • Liz

    Actually if you look at the videos and how he says it it gives a totally different idea to what the zanessa crazies wants to make it out to be. i was looking at his face when he mentions vanessa and specially when he said he wants to marry a philipina he clearly said it because the crowd wants to hear it. go and see the videos you will understand what i am saying. he wasn’t that serious when he said all this.
    and iam sure he got paid few millions more than the amount in his pay check to do all this drama there. but it was very sick of him to keep on whining about vanessa cause it was clear he was doing it to please the crowd. if he would have been serious and really meant it then it might have been fine.
    i always feel each and every word he says on interviews are clearlly staged and monitored to please the crowd which is very classless thing to do.
    i will say it, i am seriouslly over with him mentioning vanessa on every interview just for PR perposes. its very obvious thats why he takes her name. and he is smart enough to know its not right. just hoping he would stop taking her name on everything he does after this fan con thing is over.

  • stop it

    It was natural to bring her name though. He was in the Philippines and she’s half pinoy. He never mentions her name while promoting his movies all around the world.

    Zanessa fans need to calm down. The fact that he can casually mention her name proves he completely got over her. He gets easily embarrassed and blushes a lot. When he was in Brazil for John John, he would squirm a lot at the mere mention of Lily Collins’ name by Brazilian reporters.

  • stop it

    Seriouly, it’s no big deal he talked about her in the Philippines. He brought her up when asked about how well he knew about the country and what was it like when he first started on HSM. So basically, he only mentioned her when he was asked about something related to her. It’s not ‘classless’ or ‘not right’ thing to do.

  • Tam

    Woooooahhhhhh!! What a hottie!

  • Milli

    Have you damn wonder if the workout is for a new movie? well you better start thinking about that, so it actually has a reason behind

  • BOJI

    Enough said, and that is one of the reasons why I prefer to follow Vanessa as a fan. She’s real and would never use that aspect (personal) of her life for promotional purposes.

  • ST

    No one knows what movie though or subject matter…. You?

  • xo

    @Milli: I have a feeling she’s been cast in Sin City 2, so all the working out would make sense.

  • BOJI

    Yay, an action packed movie.

  • molly

    It’s kind of silly for you guys to throw a hissy fit over Zac mentioning her name in a place where she has roots and a heritage. How horrible, how terrible, I can’t believe he did it. Like, seriously? If he completely ignored her presence in his past life everyone would be complaining about how he’s rude for ignoring her existence. It’s not like he was even mean about it, and it’s not like he gave away any deep dark personal secret about her. Everybody knows they were a couple. He was asked a question, and he answered it. God forbid his background knowledge about the Philippines comes from Vanessa.

  • Haters Suck!

    No I’d be perfectly fine if he completley ignored her. Hell he’s been doing it for two years and during certain parts of their relationship. He ignores her, she ignores him and only his god damn fans would ignore us everyone would be perfectly happy.

  • stop it

    ugh, stop it. Vanessa talked about Zac when asked about doing voice work on Robot Chicken. Zac only mentioned Vanessa when asked V-related questions. They talked a lot about HSM since it was a huge hit there.
    At least Zac didn’t completely avoided talking about her or dismiss her as “my co-star”.

  • BO

    XO , co-star ! LOL she called him ”baby” in this year’s February interview when they were showing her a photo of him . LOL co-star , my a r s e !!

  • BOJI

    @Molly, it wasn’t bad that he mentioned her if and when asked about her but you have to see the reasoning behind as to why he said the things he said. I just prefer the way Vanessa handles her past relationships than he does. This is my opinion. Of course you don’t have to agree with me.

  • Vanessaldemort

    I don’t like that Zac call my name, he should call me “you-know-who” or something like that

  • DD

    Can someone post the link for that video of him saying he wants to marry a Filipina ? Did he really say such a thing ? I don’t believe it .Can someone put a link , please ?

  • BOJI

    @BO, mind your language young lady! Not befitting of a lady who claims she has class.

  • ST

    I have mixed feelings about him bringing her up. He definitely played the crowd,but I don’t think we can blame him too much for that. When did V refer to him as “baby” this year – what interview? I must have missed that

    @Haters Suck! How can you say he ignored her for certain parts of their relationship? What is this based on? Silly

  • Haters Suck!

    I can say that quite comfortably thank you very much. And I would tell you what it’s based on but that would turn this fight into a bigger fight and I’m not gonna do that.

  • You-know-who

    @Haters Suck!:
    your name is contradictory, seems that you are a Zac hater

  • tina

    I care only if in her next interview someone asks her about him, because of this. We all know he was playing crowd, just wish he could have done that without bring her into it.