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Robert Pattinson Attends Black Keys Concert at Sayers Club!

Robert Pattinson Attends Black Keys Concert at Sayers Club!

Robert Pattinson poses with 987FM morning show host Kennedy at a private Black Keys concert held at the Sayers Club on Sunday (September 30) in Los Angeles.

Black Keys at Sayers Club? In front of a scant 50 people? Doing a full set?? Are you kidding me??!!” Kennedy wrote on her Facebook page. “Next thing you’re going to tell me Robert Pattinson was there, and we spent an hour talking about booze and Buddhism. Oh, wait…”

It was just confirmed by Deadline that Rob and Kristen Stewart will be making several promotional appearances together for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 over the next couple months.

Bigger picture inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
robert pattinson attends black keys concert

Photos: Facebook
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  • lauren

    lol at the one fan pic

  • xo

    I bet he’s a fun drunk

  • Jen

    Oh so Summit released that Rob and Kristen are doing international promos together? Wow. The whole getting “back together” reeks publicity stunt. Hope the poor guy gets out out of this all sane.

  • Really


    Maybe them EVER being together was a publicity stunt from the beginning….

  • josh

    always drunk.

  • celine

    gawd stop being so adorable Rob.

  • josh

    this reunion with kristen is such a PR thing

  • Allie

    I hope he had a good time. He def deserves a good time with his friends. He’s adorable. It’s not fair how some say bad things about Rob like oh he’s drunk again but Kristen cheated & she was still a saint. Leave him alone. I just hope he’s happy whatever his relationship status.

  • mark

    Allie she’s not a saint. She’s a human and Rob as well.

  • SL

    He’s totally wasted!!! Hope he had fun.

  • yesiam

    @josh: I don’t think it is a PR thing as much as I think it’s a media (and possibly, studio) created thing. The media has made a complete soap opera out of a possible reconciliation for profit from it because they know fans will be all over it.

  • Mik

    Rob’s demeanor (and sense of style) has always been the same. His M.O. has always been to look casual and messed up. lol Part of his charm is that he acts (or tries) like the regular guy he was years ago, even though he now carries Twilight on his back.

  • princess-pie

    rob looks sweaty.
    and high.

  • pippy

    @Jen: they have always done international promo’s together so why would they stop doing them,they are probably contactually obliged to do them so wouldn’t say its a publicity stunt its called doing their job

  • pippy


  • aji

    @pippy: note to you: it’s ok to call rob drunk or stoned but you cannot call him sweaty or ull get thumbs down for that SMH

  • Caroline

    I almost didn’t recognize him in that picture.

  • pippy

    @aji: i never called him sweaty

  • pippy

    @aji: i never called him sweaty

  • pippy

    @aji: i never called him sweaty or drunk or stoned

  • bubbaness

    Thumbs up if you know who Kennedy is.

  • Tracy

    YAY! This looks like the fun care free Rob before Kristen. I saw other pictures he looked like he and the other at the concert had a blast. I have a BIG feeling Rob and Kristen are not back together only met up to discuss the upcoming BD press tour post scandal. They will do their jobs then that is it….They will move on with their lives Twilight is over and so are they.

  • isabel

    Rob voce ‘e o melhor…coisa mais linda

  • DJ

    Oh for Gods sake..Rob and Kristen are not now nor have they ever been PR. The media and fake insiders make up stories and theories and they go viral. Rob and Kristen never did anything to indicate they were just together for PR and if they have indeed reconciled there is absolutely no way it is for PR either. No matter what anyone thinks, they will do what is right for them and I wish them luck. They have never done what they were told before I seriously doubt they are going to start listening now. So back off everybody and let them deal. Jeez.

  • PIP

    Rob deserves everything that Kristen did to him.
    How did he think Kristen’s boy friend felt, when she was cheating on him with Rob.
    What goes around comes around, Rod knew she had a boyfriend and still hook up with her, and if he gets back with her, he will always be wondering if she is cheating. She cheated with him and on him, what else is there to do.
    Was getting name sexiest man a joke, if you’re twenties and getting cheated on, I think it is a hoax to sell magazines.

  • Lore

    I think is really good for him to go out with male friends he has to party more until the tours and premier, he is a good guy and I don’t believe it was a PR his relationship with kristen, if we see them together after twilight we will be sure

  • drake
  • dawn

    Lovely guy. Hope everything works out for him however he wants. Just want him to be happy.

  • drake
  • Guest

    I’d really like to see just one pic of Rob out and about when he doesn’t look like he is drunk or high. I don’t mean work related events. I know it’s a concert and people are indulging, but do you have to say yes to every girl that asks for a pic that is going to go instantly to twitter and beyond. It just makes you look like you did in 2008 and that’s not necessarily a good thing.
    Grow up, you’ve already done the staggering out of bars scene. Show a little dignity if you want the respect of colleagues and professionals in the biz. Just a little FYI, get drunk at home and not so much in public places.

  • Becca

    He is young and is allowed to have a little fun! Hope he enjoyed himself. Everyone is so judge mental about EVERYTHING these days.Its really annoying. Let these young people live their lives in their own way. They know what is best for them.

  • Alison

    I agree – good to see Rob out and about enjoying himself even if he looks like he has had a few too many. He is young and has been through a lot recently (and publicly) and has to start a big promo tour soon. You go Rob!

  • Lily

    Rob’s a gorgeous sexy beast and his voice is beautiful

  • MegCH

    @Tracy: I agree. And I’m of the same opinion. I don’t understand why some people (I can guess whose fans, though) are thumbing down your comment.

  • Lol

    Only delusional Twithards believe their “reconciliation” is for real! The build up to Breaking Dawn is set to motion. They are back togethe but suddenly no pics of the two fame hungry wh_res. Summit is making sure they won’t appear together before the film opens! The whole scandal they are back together was only PR!

  • KissThis

    I wish Rob all the best. He seems like a down to earth, sweet person. Can’t say the same for Kristen.

  • encar


    NOTICE I took him by ROB

    WHY? ….. I BELIEVE IN rob 100%

    I know that you will publish but not beyond your

    My theory

    5 FILMS

    MOVIE 1st

    EDWARD AND BELLA. Bella is the protagonist, but Rob is convient in the soul by beautiful and friendly, kris that is a pretty ambitious girl gets angry

    2nd PELI

    Kris hired publicists tell if you join rob win sympathy from fans and fame gans, she thinks FUTURE AMBITION
    and says that if Rob

    3rd PELI

    She is with him and is starting to mistreat and in interview bejarlo NO KISSES IN PUBLIC HUMILIATION IN MTV … so it goes up and the LOW

    PELI 4th ​​- he still loves her and is tired of fans of Twilight movies Rob all over MTV without kiss MISERABLE LIFE BUT FOR THE LOVE ROB

    MOVIE BETWEEN 4-5 2011-12

    KRIS GARRET goes behind castmate THAT YOU VE wants ………. but still with Rob
    KRIS IS WILLING TO A MATURE slimy cheats ….. 6 MONTHS TO ROB ROB miserable life ……….. asking DAY BY DAY BUT LOVES YA …. she does not respond. PHOTOS JULY BECAUSE … NO RESPONSE ……….. ROB leaves home HUMILIATED ……….. THANKS TO THIS SURVIVING FRIENDS …….. HYA … SUMMIT TO PROMOTE THE MOVIE ……….. ROB WANTS MORE ROBTEN not want the other wants to be clean image and START YOUR OWN CAMPAIGN SHIRT COLLAR RING …… At the same time …. AND OTHER RELATED publicist ROB FOR A Crush

    Running out of …………. SAGA can be only one …..????? Because no 5 …

    and KRIS WANTS TO BE THE SAME AS WINNING GIVES who gets ahead, does not care if it damages or kills does not care …………

    THAT strikes first strikes twice ………. SHE WANTS TO BE THE WINNER ………….

    DO NOT FORGET WHO PAYS A advertising company.

    summit not sure where this is all just want them to work well

    rob be for work but never for her anymore

  • http://yahoo ashley

    I like your comment Tracy …i feel the same way

  • nepenthes

    He definitely looks drunk…

  • pippy

    @Lol: you never really saw pics of them very often when they were together unless they were doing twilight promotions(will probably see more of them together when it starts for final film) or the rare chance that someone got a pic of them going to a concert

  • mel

    They are back together, and even though you are So important to them…they don’t feel the need to share it with you, this is a couple that for the first yr or 2 didnt tell anyone anything about their relationship…now after their stugles you think they are all of a sudden going to open up and share their deepest feelings…u have a better chance of hitting powerball..just saying

  • true

    he is an idiot

  • truth2

    Yep, Rob is officially an idiot.

  • R

    this “back together” is obviously publicity stunt ….. even the most pathetic cuckold does not return with the girl who was so much humiliated him so fast! Summit knows that if these morons Twihards can not fantasize with their relationship on and offf screen their movies are worthless. I’m just disappointed that Rob submit himself to this stupid showmance, even for a mountain of money, I began to sympathize with him, but now I do not care of him completely. .