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Bar Refaeli Launches Sex Tape Kickstarter Campaign

Bar Refaeli Launches Sex Tape Kickstarter Campaign

Bar Refaeli talks about her (fake) sex tape Kickstarter campaign in this hilarious new video for Funny or Die.

“Perhaps I need to explain this project further. I’ve always been fascinated by the human body. Specifically, when two bodies do it with each other. I’m going to pick a guy to do with and then film it. Let me back up here- by “it”, I mean “sex”. By “sex”, I mean really going to f–king town,” Bar, 27, writes on her Kickstarter page.

Visit to find out what the rewards are for donating to the campaign!

Bar Refaeli Launches Sex Tape Kickstarter Campaign
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  • ellen

    trashy attention seeker. not even funny.

  • Cassie

    Wow she can’t go more down than this. She is desperate to seek attention. No jobs girl?

  • Jessica

    what the heck is this about????? cheap trick??

  • Roman

    I am completely against fake sex tapes. It should be against the law to tease/torture people in that way!

  • NYC

    Very stupid and not funny

  • mike gearz

    People do you think she created this. It only says funny or die in the title. Its a damn joke get over yourselves.

    No jobs girl? Shes only worth 20 million dollars, how much are you worth?

  • NYC

    This website is rarely funny.
    I like Bar.

  • Dubya Bush

    Wow, haters. I thought it was cute.

  • Cassie

    @Mike there’s a video of her talking and joke or not, it’s just stupid. She has not shame. And I know she’s rich, but it doesn’t mean she has a real model job ;)

  • @6

    @mike gearz:
    BS and lies. Why resort to this if she’s so rich?
    She is NOWHERE on the Forbes list, Times list or Modelina rich list.
    A stan claiming the D lister is worth 20 million does not make it true.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @mike gearz: of course she had a hand in creating this. Funny Or Die isn’t god you know? sha had to agree on what she was doing.

  • LOL

    20 million????????? LMAO
    Where? Someone alert the credible outlets for model finances.
    No Barf!

  • Kate Upton

    this month’s Cosmo cover girl leaves her in the dust. She’s desperate

  • Yeah!

    If it’s possible ( and it is ) Kate Upton is way trashier than Bar and she is hard to beat.
    Not to defend Bar but I don’t think I have ever seen a ‘funny or die’ video that was actually funny or made sense. Lots of celebs did these videos even though they aren’t funny at all. This is no exception.

  • dave

    Hilarious! Bar is a good sports

  • lol

    Fat girl with a silly voice? Wtf?

  • hansy

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  • oh nana

    To me, she is nothing more than one of Leo’s ex girlfriends…

  • Miriam

    I seriously don’t get how this is suppose to be funny. Of all the things she can do with her fame, this is what she does? Stupid and it’s definitely not funny.

  • Jamie

    Wow, the level of hatred on here is phenomenal. Mainly from women I note. Just pissed that you can’t attract this many guys, ladies? It was funny. Get over yourselves.

  • Sarah

    She’s Hot!

  • Huh?

    Cheap and D-list.

  • julia

    i bet she has a real sex tape

  • Marie

    Great style. Not.
    Great carreer move. Not.


    I though it would be cheesy but it turned out to be pretty funny. Good Job you guys. As for everyone hating on here, please remember it is a joke!

  • Starlight

    Bar, the best.

  • Stunning

    Pretty woman

  • Sasha

    I love sexy women with a sense of humor.

  • Socrates

    What a beautiful smiling lady! With flesh and gorgeous hair! YEAH BABY!

  • keley

    omfg. Cheap Israeli.

  • GoddessToysdotcom

    What a body. She doesn’t need the money. All she needs are Feminine Toys from GoddessToys to keep her boyfriend happy!

  • no



    Thats all..

  • LolaB

    Just when I thought I didn’t have to hear about this “super model” anymore since Leo finally dumped her *ss for good! She just can’t go away quietly can she? Must be missing all the attention she got when she had her claws in him. Seriously, this is in NO WAY funny! How in the world did she (or anyone else) think even a “fake” porn video was humorous? Think about it: she is asking for money to have sex with the highest bidder? Sadly, there are some fools at there that (1) thought she was serious, (2) actually thought she would come through if they gave her money and (3) little miss princess would probably do it if someone offered her real money. I guess she can’t get any more work wearing a two piece bathing suit meant for a 12 yr old. If, like someone posted earlier, she is “worth” 20 million she would not have to do this so it makes think she is broke and missing that lifestyle she had when she was with Leo. Trashy as always…when you lay down with a dog you are going to get fleas…or something else!

  • chris

    Haaawwt :P

  • http://JOYEZZ oLeo

    she needs attention
    desperately needs attention

  • werrt

    My best friend has announced her wedding with a handsome biker! They met via ~ SèèkRiderS ~ a popular biker club. It’s worth a try!

  • I wonder

    Wow, clicked in and saw so much hate for her. I havent followed her and dnt know much except that she was thick with leo. Why is there so muvh hate for her? Is there any juicy story, like she cheated on him or something. Lots of people dont seem to like her but shes voted sexiest or something in maxim. Why is that?

  • not hating

    To all of you calling people “haters” simply because they don’t find this “joke” funny or relevant, try and grow up! It is not about “hate”, but simply not being amused or impressed. It seems it is mostly the men who are calling out “hate”; probably because they are so used to women being a mere sex object for men’s amusement and don’t like their parade being rained upon. Women’s Lib: when?

  • D E E A

    :)) i still think is funny though- it’s meant to show what media does to our brains- as unfortunately most of us are guided by primary instincts- it’s enough to flush ‘the word’ and money will cash in into a pocket that knows how to speculate these things; we live in hard times, people are intensely frustrated by the systems and elites use whatever means to channel the frustration of the people into different blind spots- football is used in the same way- it’s deviation of attention- they fight between them instead of fighting for a real cause.

  • me

    @oLeo: Yep and it’s idiots like you who give her that attention by commenting here! me? i just enjoy commenting on idiots like you.

  • q2w3klm4swebhjkn

    @mike gearz: try 20 million shekels maybe lol LOLZ

  • Kay

    @mike gearz:

    “Shes only worth 20 million dollars”

    THEN WHY DID SHE NEED TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS? Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum were smart enough to have TV shows. You mean this ’20 million dollar’ model couldnt think of something similiar?

  • Elina

    Bar rocks !
    Hating comes back to you, haters ! Keep that in mind !

  • Krista

    What a great woman. Lmao

  • well

    Well, I am absolutely indifferent to Bar. She may be an attention seeker, but it is a normal thing in this industry.
    After watching this clip, what can I say – She is obviously sexy (not that much beautiful, but definitely sexy, we all can not do anything with this), BUT….she is not smart, no talented, unfortunately for her.
    Someone told her “hey, girl just do it. it is gonna be funny” and she is not smart enough to figure it out herself that it is not funny at all.
    My verdict – there is no bright future for her in this industry, because she looks like a sexy doll who is doing something without any clue what she is actually doing…
    My advice- get married as soon as possible while there is still some interest to her sexual appeal, which can vanish quick.

  • lalala

    @well: Definitevely agree with you, very well said. Bar doing this is not going to help her career anyway and I think is such a dumb thing to do. I think she’s beautiful and have a nice career (yet not that relevant for someone who consider herself a “supermodel”), something she’s not and never will be, let’s face the truth, she’s not a supermodel and her work is mostly about show her body on bikinis, is true she have a great body but this is not everything. I think she explores and shows her body too much and this video that supposedely it was made be a joke but is not funny at all and once again explores her just as a sex toy, not good for anyone, unless she’s this desperate to appear, than she got it, but to me is kind of sad and depreciating for her. Not very smart from her to do this, but I guess like @well said she didn’t thought about it, she just did it, lame.

  • Love it

    You know it’s such a pleasure to see how Bar still stimulate the losers!!!! LOL

  • @Love it#48

    I know what you mean and it is so reassuring to know that the pathetic fans of “you-know-who” still feel threatened by the gorgeous Bar who is still single and happy. YES, I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • lalala

    It’s so funny to see that some people here think is all about hate when is not the case, it’s about make a dumb decision, and this is what Bar did, a dumb decision when she did this unfunny video.