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Chris Evans & Minka Kelly Kiss Over Tacos

Chris Evans & Minka Kelly Kiss Over Tacos

Chris Evans and Minka Kelly kiss while getting lunch together at Hugo’s Tacos on Monday (October 1) in Studio City, Calif.

The 31-year-old Avengers actor and the 32-year-old Butler actress rekindled their relationship recently after dating back in 2007.

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Later that evening, Chris and Minka went out on a dinner date at Craig’s restaurant and snuck out the back exit into their car.

Chris will soon start filming the sequel to his hit Captain America film, due out in theaters in 2014.

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83 Responses to “Chris Evans & Minka Kelly Kiss Over Tacos”

  1. 1
    yeah Says:

    He’s dull, she’s been with every man in Hollywood and she’s dull….they complete each other.

  2. 2
    rachel Says:

    what does this woman do for living other sleep around. she is so overrated.

  3. 3
    Really Says:

    I thought he had better taste…. Oh well.

  4. 4
    Amanda Says:

    How does she get these men? Still, I’d rather have Jeter.

  5. 5
    dooliloo Says:

    Rick Blaine (Casablanca) would shake his head and calmly say : “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, he walks into her.”

  6. 6
    frazzle Says:

    chris can do better. this chick has f**ked everyone.

  7. 7
    Lullaby Says:

    Another one for her collection, next week she will be with someone else

  8. 8
    Jess Says:

    Score for Minka!! More press for her now! Ugh, this broads irritates me.

  9. 9
    thighmegatampon Says:

    Who else has she been linked to? Seems like she’s been with Jeter forever.

  10. 10
    Katie45 Says:

    She’s ugly. I hate her. I agree Chris can do better.

  11. 11
    FYI Says:

    I love how she looks over at the photogs and then kisses him in front of the restaurant. Nothing says true love like making sure the paps get your kiss on camera. And he really does seem oblivious to it all…

  12. 12
    Kiki Says:

    @thighmegatampon: Taylor Kitsch, Wilmer Walderrama, John Mayer, Jerry Ferrara, Chris Evans, Derek Jeter, the guy in Charlie’s Angels, some producer/hot shot in Vegas…. and these are just the ones I can think of.

  13. 13
    Kiki Says:

    @thighmegatampon: I forgot, but there was also some Topher Grace on her list and guess what? She was the homewrecker who broke up Donald Faison’s marriage, before her FNL days. Quite a catch, huh?

  14. 14
    theweight Says:

    Wow, some of you are rude.. I’m a huge Chris fan and this makes me happy, yet most of you are freaking out and basically calling her a ***** because she’s dated a few guys. She’s been in a relationship with Jeter for a long time it didn’t work so she moved on with a good looking guy, so obviously she’s a **** right? Lets just make her wear a scarlet letter on her clothing. They look happy and that’s enough for me, I wish them both the very best.

  15. 15
    Kirsten Says:

    Pretty girl but she sleeps around so much. Chris seems like such a sweet, intelligent, humble guy. He can do much better. Hope she doesn’t break his heart again.

  16. 16
    Kirsten Says:

    Pretty girl but she sleeps around so much. Chris seems like such a sweet, intelligent, humble guy. He can do much better. Hope she doesn’t break his heart again.

  17. 17
    LOL Says:

    Wilmer Valderrama’s left overs? Really? Shudder.

  18. 18
    Derpina Says:

    The man can sleep with 200 women, but a girl that doing that is a h*oker, girls, if you are jealous, try don’t be sexist

  19. 19
    mel Says:

    Honestly, the reason why I don’t like this couple is because supposedly she dumped him a while ago, dated other famous men, and now that his star is on the rise she is back with him.. Seems kind of fishy to me. I hope for his sake she’s really a nice person and not using him for the fame.

  20. 20
    Ash Says:

    She’s gorgeous so why are you guys hating

  21. 21
    theweight Says:

    @derpina exactly! Question where were all of you when Jason Aldean cheated on his wife? That news story got zero feedback yet two a adults who decided to give their relationship another go gets all kinds of flack for it.

  22. 22
    Kiki Says:

    @Derpina: This isn’t a sexist thing. If this girl was known for being talented, a good actress, or had a career of her own to speak of, people wouldn’t be (so) judgmental. People are pissed because Minka is ONLY known for her “boyfriends” and photo-ops for the paps. At first glance, she looks like a nice, down to earth kinda girl, but it’s quite visible that she’s just a fame-ho like many others. They keep trying to make her happen with pap photos, media stunts (the sex tape, the stripper-mom), but she lacks talent or charisma. Hence the “boyfriends” – notice that they’re always more famous than her and somehow we always hear about the “private affair”.

  23. 23
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    *Ah, fame, here I come!*

  24. 24
    Sarah. Says:

    I’m kinda disappointed in him.. they make a gorgeous couple.. but she gets around too much. He’s gonna get hurt. If she was single for a while.. and then they got together.. okay. But that’s not the situation here.. I thought he was smarter.

  25. 25
    SaadGKhan Says:

    Damn they must be sooo HOT in bed ;) :-P

  26. 26
    Kiki Says:

    @theweight: (I already answered Derpina) because I don’t think that this rejection to Minka is a sexist thing. I think it comes across that she uses men to stay relevant on the media, because she isn’t relevant on her own, people just don’t care much about her unless she’s dating someone important (Jeter, Mayer, Chris Evans), and THAT is why I dislike her. I’m a Taylor Kitsch/FNL fan and have followed news about her for quite some time – so, this is my opinion of her.

  27. 27
    dooliloo Says:

    To some posts I read, it’s not about being pretty, it’s not about being jealous of it’s not about her alledgedly whoring around, please quit the smarty double standard comment “if a girl sleeps with…but when a man sleeps with…” etc, It’s about an opportunistic woman, calculating who is playing her pretty as she realizes she’s a very mediocre actress at best, who has dated all these men only out of interest hoping she’d get a chunk of the fame. She dumped Chris ages ago for a better party as she thought but unfortunately it didn’t work out for her. Now the man is one of the new hot guys in Hollywood and suddenly she wants him back, and luckily he seems to still have a thing for her so he gave it a go. Like there aren’t enough pretty and witty girls out there. So obviously he always had a thing for her. I find it hard to believe that it’s because he’s nice guy only that she is around. Had Robert Pattison come around she’d have dumped Chris in a heartbeat, given that Robert is the heartrob and big thing in Hollywood. Plus Chris is one ball of nerves wreck (he said it so, all his multiple panick attacks and lack of confidence etc.) so go figure if she dumps him again… She”l stick with him until she finds a way bigger fish.
    I know I’m barking here but until she’s shown that she can actually be taken seriously as a public figure besides the opportunistic woman, I don’t like her.

  28. 28
    Erica Says:

    DAMN Chris step your **** up. You in your 30′s and of all chicks you could of had you go back to the broad who dumped you before you became a megastar. Realize if she wasn’t there for the climb don’t let that chick be the reason you fall. Hemsworth come get your boy he’s messing up big time

  29. 29
    theweight Says:

    @Kiki: It’s ironic that you bring up Mayer when he’s one of the biggest serial daters in Hollywood.

  30. 30
    ef Says:

    WHY CHRIS,WHY?She is a huge famwhore,she’s just using you!Maybe she wants to be in Cap America 2!

  31. 31
    me Says:

    dude is a h*mo and always will be a h*mo

  32. 32
    GoddessToysdotcom Says:

    What a hot couple, Brangelina move over! He keeps her happy with Bedroom Toys from GoddessToys. He will never cheat on her!

  33. 33
    Kelly Says:

    I think CE knows what he’s getting into, it doesn’t seem like he’s looking to settle down so it’s not a big deal. I do agree that she is very opportunistic though!

  34. 34
    anon Says:

    If it didn’t work the first time, it probably won’t work again, especially after she’s probably got one or two STDs from the 29384723 guys she’s slept with in between now and the first go around.

  35. 35
    Kiki Says:

    @theweight: So what? I don’t like Mayer any more either, but you can’t deny he’s talented and his fame grew out of his work. And again, SHE used HIM for fame, not the other way around. I don’t think you got my point. This is not so much about her “serial dating” as it is about her using her relationships for fame.

  36. 36
    anne Says:

    I don’t know, I don’t understand this whole “she’s calculating, opportunistic” attacks that people always post about. A lot of normal people in real life are also this way. Don’t you guys know people like this? You can think like that, and still genuinely care for the person you’re dating, you know.

  37. 37
    Skyland Says:

    they don’t seem right together

  38. 38
    Vivienne Says:

    Watch out, Chris! Don’t be a dunce. Now that your fame has grown, she’s interested. Another wicked using woman.

  39. 39
    Vivienne Says:


    Ha! Frankly, Chris Hemsworth did even worse than Chris Evans with his choice of a user for wife.

  40. 40
    Ok Says:

    Weren’t there stories about her (just a couple years ago) throwing tantrums on airplanes and bitching out Starbucks employees? He’s this chill Buddhist guy and she sounds like a bit of a diva. I don’t see how this can work.

  41. 41
    lea Says:

    chris what are you doing?? he can do so much better!

  42. 42
    Effy Says:

    Not trying to hate on a girl I have never met, but I’ve never gotten what people like about her. She’s cute, but that’s it and her acting is terrible.

  43. 43
    TwoCents Says:

    “LA girls are so la-di-da.” “I like my privacy.” B*llsh*t. Then don’t date the LA-based broad who never met a camera she didn’t pose for, tweets for profit, and dumped you 5 years ago for someone more famous. Chris, get laid and get out. Oh, wait – your mom and she are following each other on Twitter. You’re so scr*wed, man.

  44. 44
    Chloe Says:

    Is there anybody in Hollyweird who is not dating for PR?

  45. 45
    KissThis Says:

    oh no.. Why would he date HER? I thought the world of him and now… not so much.

  46. 46
    Dude Says:

    A lot of sad, pathetic people on this board. She was in a committed relationship for more than three years but she’s a **** for dating two guys in the span of three months? Okay. Face it you jealous, good-for-nothing wastes of oxygen, you’ll never date Derek Jeter. Get over it and stop taking it out on a beautiful, talented, sweet-as-pie actress who would have nothing but kind things to say about you. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in the presence of but you guys have never met her so you obviously know her better than I do.

  47. 47
    What Says:

    She isn’t known for dating any of her boyfriends. She’s known as Lyla Garrity from Friday Night Lights. You know, for her acting.

  48. 48
    sure Says:

    @What: Yes, noted thespian Minka Kelly ( who left that show in 2009). My mistake.

  49. 49
    Aurora Says:

    @Dude: Minka is that you? Or is it one of the dozens of men you’ve humped and dumped for fame?
    @What: Well you got that about half right. I think what you actually meant was that she’s known for her GOD AWFUL acting from FNL. Oh, and ******** her way to the top.

  50. 50
    ERICA Says:

    @ Vivienne even if what you say about Hemsworth’s wife is true at least they are married and have a kid, Chris on the other hand hasn’t been married, no kids, great looks, opportunity and a family and fan base who loves him its ashame he felt the need to reconnect with this KIM K replica who conveniently reunites with him after he’s had huge success at the box office in his Marvel films. This board don’t love him that’s why she left him the first time. She knows he’s hot right now and her being around him gets her name back out there in Hollywood and the chance to hob-nob with other actors who she will inevitably leave him for a better talent. Come on he should know this, if he can avoid talking to his fans on twitter because he feels we are out to get him then how in the hell he cannot see this ***** for all she is. She couldn’t wait for him to come back out to CALI to swoop down on his ass, I already know how the convo when I missed you CHRIS I MADE A MISTAKE NONE OF THOSE GUYS COULD EVER MEASURE UP TO YOU I REALIZE WHAT I HAD, Chris ate it all up. She knows how to play the game she stroked that ego big time and she stroked other things to. I wish him luck and hope she doesn’t humiliate him again. I doubt it though.

  51. 51
    Aurora Says:

    @ERICA: The only real difference between Hemsworth’s wife and Minka is that Elsa was smart enough to know that it was only a matter of time until he hit the big leagues. She swooped him up real quick and got knocked up to ensure that if anything were ever to happen to their marriage she’d still be cashing in from child support. Now that I think about it I’m sure Elsa and Minka could totally be the best of friends.

  52. 52
    salany Says:

    Lol, calm down, people- chillax! Captain America’s gonna be fine. It’s not the end of the world! Let two incredibly hot people date each other. He may have a better career, but it’s not as bad as the Ryan Gosling/Eva Mendes pairing. Now that couple truly doesn’t make sense!

  53. 53
    werrt Says:

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  54. 54
    Mushcka Says:

    ok I am not her fan, but some ppl do not want to be alone and choose to be in a relationship even if it is short lived as long as 2 adults know what are they doing then these 2 should be fine.

    besides Chris is not a 18 year old kid,he is 30 yrs old and he has dated other ppl as well so I doubt she has tricked him into this.
    no one, not even Minka, has held a gun to his head.

    So instead of hating, just focus on finding your own love or loving ur loved ones.

  55. 55
    april Says:

    minka is so fake i heard she’s lies a lot ,she has a tape like kim k . no class at all. jumping from a men to another men. Chris can do so much better!

  56. 56
    april Says:

    @Vivienne: thats true!! shes a user a climber. She so fake with her baby voice

  57. 57
    Jerry Says:

    I don’t get all the hate. They’re both hot, they look happy together. I ship it.

  58. 58
    Melissa Says:

    Chris was low key since his break up with jessica biel (six years ago), we barely see him with his girlfriends and now she’s getting married in few weeks and he’s all PDA!! Just saying!!!

  59. 59
    mirory kilton Says:

    that’s very tasty kiss here .

  60. 60
    werrt Says:

    Oh, Great article! Love will make your life better, My boyfriend and I both think so. He is a handsome biker, we met on ~ mōtōdɑting ~ a hot biker club.It is worth a try!

  61. 61
    ANA Says:


  62. 62
    ERICA Says:

    The bottom line is this for all of us who see this **** for what it is will like this post. Home girl has been in CA for sometime she knows where the paps are if she quote on quote changed why in the hell would you go somewhere with Chris where you two could be seen together if its not about notoriety I mean than what is it about. She knows Chris is a hot ticket right now he’s really low key and loves his anonymity, and any picture of him doing anything will be highly publicized if she really cared for him she would of done a better job shielding him I mean don’t she love the guy??????? ( We all know the answer to that) like damn I dislike like people like this who walk all over good people, why is the world set up for great people to never fall in love with an equally great person, its always the great person meets the ****** I have my own motives person. We will see how this will play out.

  63. 63
    Chace Says:

    I agree with what most comments. But why infantalise Chris? He’s complicit in this too.
    He is an adult and has made a decision. Minka is getting a truck of abuse but she’s not holding a gun to his head.

  64. 64
    florence Says:

    She is a crap actress who sleeps with guys for status. You’re better than this Chris!

  65. 65
    Jamie Says:

    Chris is 30 years old, not 12. He’s a grown ass man who makes his own decisions, stop treating him like he’s some kind of poor, defenseless victim because evil Minka manipulated him again. *rolls eyes* I’m not even a fan of these two and good god, the comments on here are ridiculous. I suppose it’s okay for a guy to sleep around, he’s pumped up as a ‘player’ and nobody says boo. Jason Aldean is like a non-story, but when a woman does it she’s a ‘hooker’ and a ‘*****.’ Yeah, that’s not a double standard AT ALL. Okay then.

  66. 66
    Kiki Says:

    @Jamie: I don’t care about Jason-something, have no (some) idea who he is and that is why his cheating scandal went nowhere. He’s pretty much D-list. Chris Evans, on the other hand, is a hot commodity, a movie star, if you will. He has fans, followers, it’s only normal that a story about him will gain more attention.

  67. 67
    Alexandra Says:

    Some people on this website are so disgusting. Claiming Chris Hemsworth’s wife got pregnant to get money? Come on now, not everyone in the world is that indecent.

    And in the case of Minka and Chris… Can’t a guy have success and reconnect with an old girlfriend without having the two go together? Why is Minka a ***? She’s not brainwashing him into dating her, he’s a 30-year-old man who’s more than capable of making his own decisions, so I don’t know where all of this is coming from.
    Avengers came out a while ago and they’ve only gone public now. Don’t you think, if Minka really was a famewh*re, that she would have tried to get back with him when he was doing press for the movie?

  68. 68
    Kelly Says:

    If you’re boyfriend came down and gave you a tongue kiss, would you have your arm on your hip like that? Unless you’re Minka Kelly and posing for the paps.

  69. 69
    Kelly Says:

    @Dude: Is that you Mandy?

  70. 70
    Kelly Says:

    @Alexandra: Actually I think they were sighted together back in July. This has been going on awhile. Not jealous here, but just watching a train wreck happen because this dude is dunce.

  71. 71
    sure Says:

    @Alexandra: Because he wasn’t in contact with her back in April. They followed each other on twitter when he joined in late May but was still shooting a film outside the US until mid July.

  72. 72
    TwoCents Says:


    She’s been looking to get back on the gravy train for a while. Check the date:

  73. 73
    TwoCents Says:


    You don’t know who’s on this board and who some of us have met.

  74. 74
    CatAttack Says:

    you know she only started dating him again because the avengers was so big right? i am regretting the day when in her eyes he goes out of style and she goes and breaks his heart again.

  75. 75
    rtyrt Says:

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  76. 76
    LBOGGIE Says:


  77. 77
    Ludwika Says:

    Ugh!! this chick is a trick! Chris can do SOOOOO much better than her! This isn’t going to last… I just hope Chris doesn’t get hurt. :/

  78. 78
    Ludwika Says:

    Ugh!! this chick is a trick! Chris can do SOOOOO much better than her! This isn’t going to last… I just hope Chris doesn’t get hurt. :/

  79. 79
    Ludwika Says:

    @FYI: That is the saddest part. He’s oblivious to it!! Everybody can see right through her!

  80. 80
    ERICA Says:

    Apparently my other comment is stuck in moderation, I don’t know why, but if this gets through. I said something along the lines this ***** up here posing with her hand on her hip while he kiss you. Hoe sit down you doing too much.

  81. 81
    Maria Says:

    @frazzle: So has he. They complete each other!

  82. 82
    Maria Says:

    @Katie45: And I hate “fan girls” like you! So ridiculous… Get a life already !!!

  83. 83
    Maria Says:

    @Sarah.: You could not be more ridiculous. She gets around too much, but he doesn’t??? Oh my God, he’s gonna get hurt, too bad… Yeah, she should be single for a while, but he shouldn’t… People like you, with this mentality, disgust me u_u

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