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Daniel Craig Covers 'Vanity Fair' November 2012

Daniel Craig Covers 'Vanity Fair' November 2012

Daniel Craig is dapper on the cover of Vanity Fair‘s November 2012 issue, on newsstands October 4.

Here is what the 44-year-old Skyfall actor had to share with the mag:

On how fame has changed over the years: “You talk to people in the movie business who have been doing this 40 years and they all say the difference is that, back in the day, you could go and have a drink in the bar, get drunk, fall over, have a good time, relax, whatever, and no one would know about it. But now everyone’s got a camera. Not that all I want to do is get drunk in a bar, but that’s an example. So you can’t live a normal life anymore. Because it will become public knowledge that you’ve whatever”gotten drunk in a bar or skinny-dipped on a beach or something. Things that normal people do occasionally. And in a way that’s kind of”I’ve got to be high-class. I’ve done a lot of things in my life. But you have to think in that way. Which is sad, because I like bars.”

On how different actors play James Bond: “What I’m doing is not what Pierce [Brosnan] was doing, and Pierce wasn’t doing what Roger Moore was doing, or what Sean [Connery] was doing, or what Timothy [Dalton] was doing. Things have changed. It’s just kind of the ride of it. Pierce used to say that it’s like being responsible for a small country. It’s kind of like you have to look after it diplomatically. I kind of get that, but I can’t really say that’s my deal. I’m not going to be the poster boy for this. Although I am the poster boy.”

For more from Daniel, visit! Bigger cover inside…

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Photos: Annie Leibovitz
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  • wht

    Thats a hell of a sexy and hot cover. Geez…

  • Cecilia ‏

    Daniel looks absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  • AMy

    Yeesh, the British are always ugly, well except Bradley James from Merlin. He doesn’t even look like he hailed from the country of ugly people with really bad teeth. Well, he has bad teeth! #BritsGottaFixTheirTeeth!

  • Li

    a relatively uninteresting person

  • Becca

    Oh Daniel, you really do not need to be so shy and worried about skinny dipping. Please take me along!

  • Emma


  • Karen

    Daniel’s good looking and gentlemanlike.

  • Jen

    Woah! he looks always incredible in Tom Ford!

  • WOW

    the video is just OMG…..what a man!

  • April

    I just have to say Daniel Craig is unbeleivable sexy…

  • Kelsie

    Daniel looks slick and stylish!

  • Luvcat

    HOT DAMN!!!! I want to be his pillow, yesh, his body pillow!

  • oblly

    awesome magazine cover. he is so beautiful, too.

  • Julie

    I just love his interview because he is such a class act.

  • Moliz

    @AMy: Ha, You Don’t Know What Beautiful Is!!

  • GoddessToysdotcom

    He’s so hot and such a stud in the Bedroom. He uses the best Goddess Toys products to satisfy his lover!

  • Cris

    I feel sorry him. I’m glad I’m not famous. If I were famous, a stalker follows me into the bathroom!

  • Beth

    Looking forward to seeing Skyfall. It’s gonna be Epic.

  • bartekwardziak

    He looks strikingly handsome on the cover. Stunning, stylish, unique,.. even cute.

  • Tatiana

    Beep! Hottie radar sensing a gorgeous guy, level ten!

  • Carol

    While in the position of the Bond actor, there are soooo many restrictions.
    Maybe he’s getting used to the situation.

  • Inés

    Daniel looks so sweet. Those piercing blue eyes!!!

  • Sam

    If the Britsh are ugly, why Hollywood gives hunky roles to them? They play James Bond, Batman, Superman, X-men, Spiderman….

  • Diana

    But..too much drink is injurious to the health, right?

  • Elle

    OMG, Daniel lies down on Golden Girl’s crotch!! I want to be her! Lol.

  • Gwen

    @Li: However, you clicked this thread. It seems you take a great interest in him. XD

  • Keith

    Very James Bondish! I know, Daniel just gives off such a cool vibe. He has a swagger, not too cocky…. Such ability is native to him.

  • Kelly

    C’mon, you have a drink in the bar, get drunk, fall over? Come straight home without stopping on the way. Rachel is there!

  • Mike

    gotten drunk in a bar or skinny-dipped on a beach
    I recommend Daniel buys a private island. :)

  • wanna do …

    my kind of man

  • Fio

    Daniel Craig opens up about his initial reluctance to take on the role of James Bond and explains why he is currently yearning to chop wood and paint walls.

    The first time I saw Daniel Craig was in Sharpe’s Rifles. But the first time I thought, “That guy is amazing,” was in the film The Mother, well before he became James Bond. I remember making a note to find out more about this actor. He was incredible – clearly someone who could take on any role and morph into the most challenging character.

    This is the second time I have shot Craig – the first time was for Casino Royale, and looking very much how everyone would expect him to. I wanted to shoot him for the cover of The Hunger because I wanted to show him in a more unexpected way, and do something intimate and simple, but more creative.

    Craig doesn’t play the game. He covets his private life, and is known for not embracing the media. I love this about him. It’s rare to come across a major celebrity who resists the media circus with such dignity and success, picking his choices carefully and keeping at arm’s length. It only makes him more intriguing and adds to the enigma.


    When I went to drama school, the idea of becoming famous was not on the agenda, it was just about working, acting and finding a job that I loved. The fame part was secondary. I left drama school and started making movies immediately, but I didn’t become famous, I just became a jobbing actor. And then fame comes along and there’s no real lesson, you have to learn on the hoof, and the whole idea of talking about myself, or exposing myself in that way, just seemed, and still does, so alien to me. The tits and teeth thing I can’t really do, the turning it on, making it, “You want a show? I’ll give you a show right now” – I can’t really do that, I feel that’s anathema to me.

    Read more of this interview in Issue 3, out on the 11th of October 2012, subscribe here.

  • Fio
  • Fio
  • Fio


  • Fio


  • Fio

    (VIDEO) Daniel Craig’s Photo Shoot with Annie Leibovitz

  • Fio

    ‘He’s a very hot guy, definitely’: Skyfall star Naomie Harris on being a Bond girl and working with Daniel Craig
    And one thing the London-born beauty enjoyed about the experience of appearing in Skyfall, was being able to work alongside ‘reassuring’ Daniel Craig.
    Naomie said: ‘I do get to have a lovely moment with him, where I try to seduce him. I shave him and he’s got his shirt off. He’s a very hot guy, definitely. He worked out for two hours every day after filming. Two hours.
    ‘And we did really long days, so he’s super-super-fit. He’s a real Bond in real life – very physical, capable and energetic.’

  • Fio

    Daniel speaks his mother tongue without dubbed on SONY TVCM. lol

  • Fio

    You know, I’m not in USA, but I use US proxy for seeing the promos… ahaha…”Hi, my name is Daniel Craig”
    Daniel eat the cake, so cute :)

    SNL Promos: Daniel Craig
    SNL Facebook Promos: Daniel Craig

  • to FIO

    any chance to put that up on youtube?

  • Erica

    Thanks for the SNL links! Can’t wait to see him Saturday!!!!!!

  • Guinness

    Hey Fio–trying to keep up with your posts…. nbc link won’t go there. can’t bring it up, but my internet connection is flaky–is it still there?

    Did Dan slam the Queen-in-waiting saying that nekkid swimming is not High Class? (or was she just changing her bikini?media should let his entire family alone forever ffs.)

    the skyfall promo’s are exploding…Dan should expect not being able to be in public. sorry dude. and damn, you can come to the bars with Guinness, here, and I will dress you up in native attire and you will fit right in. ‘o course, you will have to get your Steady Rain accent on—you ‘d get spied in a second with the sexxy wexy English accent.

    crap. debate. crap. cant get any links Fio!!! crap.
    did Obama canvass saturday, tonight–phone bank!!!! Dan—what if you, as Dan, endorsed our non-Tory leader?? As Bond too. wow. that would be cool.
    Bond, James Bond: On the campaign for SkyFall, If the Tories succeed, the Sky will definitely FALLLLLLLL.

    and, fyi:

  • Fio

    to to FIO
    Yeah, I guess so. Because there is the Joseph Gordon-Levitt SNL Promos on youtube!
    Hi, Erica
    You’re welcome :)
    I think the Afro wig looks good on him! lol
    Hi, Guinness
    Oh, I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you.