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Alexander Skarsgard & Kristin Bauer: 'True Blood' at RomaFictionFest!

Alexander Skarsgard & Kristin Bauer: 'True Blood' at RomaFictionFest!

Alexander Skarsgard and Kristin Bauer attend the True Blood fifth season premiere during the 2012 RomaFictionFest at Auditorium Parco della Musica on Wednesday (October 3) in Rome, Italy.

The 36-year-old actor and the 45-year-old actress were joined by their co-star Valentina Cervi and Kristin‘s hubby Abri van Straten.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

“been in #Rome the last 2 days 4 the #romaFictionFest with Alex and Valentina! Off to c the colosseum today!” Kristin tweeted earlier in the day.

You can purchase an Out for Africa t-shirt and cap signed by Kristin on eBay now!

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Credit: Elisabetta A. Villa; Photos: Getty
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  • seeaaaa

    she’s 45? hot damn no way!!!!!!!

  • Typo

    She just said recently in an interview that her, Alex and Joe are about the same age. I think it’s supposed to be 35 not 45.

  • Typo
  • Age game

    Hmmm? IMDB has her at 45.

    Maybe she only feels 35.

  • Karen

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  • ladybug

    @Typo: Wiki’s got her as 45, so if that’s really wrong they need to correct it. In the interview she’ll be 39 this year.

    Per luvtheviking, Alex will be in Rome through Friday:

  • Strange

    They all look wonderful . Valentina didn’t smile much though in the pictures . But Alex & Kristen rocks ..

  • rachel

    handsome man

  • Seiko

    She looks 45 to me. A 45 year old who has had tons of plastic surgery. I literally can’t stand to look at her lips moving onscreen. I know fans love her, and she does seem like a sweet person, but a face that is heavily surgeried, or using fillers or injections is really disturbing for me to look at. It’s SO obvious. And I can’t say enough how sick I am of actresses talking about all the things they do to look great, all the while they are seeing a doctor to help them along. At least to Kristin’s credit she did NOT do this. She simply talked about her skin.

  • bumblebee

    Hot damn it is !!! Alex keeps looking better with each passing day ! Kristen is rocking, let alone for someone who is 45! She looks so much younger when she is not in her Pam makeup, in fact.

    At least he wont be in Ninja mode until Friday ! After that, its anybody’s guess when we will see him next, except maybe in fan pics. Which i actually prefer, since he is most relaxed when he poses with fans.

  • lea

    Alex is so beautiful!

  • Gina

    #1 The pic of Alex with that big grin is too damn cute!
    #2 It’s pretty obvious via their body language that Alex and Kristen really like each other. I’m not trying to imply there is anything more going on between them because I don’t think there is. She’s obviously very in love with her husband.
    #3 I don’t care how old she is, I think she’s great.

  • Macy

    They look awesome! It seems like Alex and Kristen are having a fun time again. I’m glad Kristen’s hubby got to come with her too. They can all hang out together and enjoy a great city with tons of history.

  • Lilla

    Well hello again handsome! That smile! haha! Everyone looks so beautiful :)

  • Janice

    After seeing old photos of Kristen, she has had her lips plumped but, in Hollywood, most have. Without the heavy vampire makeup she looks to be in her late 30s imo. She’s still a beautiful woman inside and out regardless of her age and she’s stunning in these pictures.

  • ef

    They all look so awesome!Alex is waaay to cute here for me to handle!

  • danielik25

    Kristin´s husband Abri looks like viking and he is tall like Alex. It´s funny!

  • ladybug

    @Seiko: When she’s not in full makeup she looks younger.

    Pics from the press conference this morning:

  • just reading

    Not fair. He’s right there across the border… well, not exactly near the border, but still.

    So near and yet so far… :(

  • Charlene

    She is 45; she will be 46 in November. She just lied in a recent interview stating, “most people have my age wrong. Alex, Joe and I are relatively the same age”; then I saw that Wiki changed her DOB to 1973 along with other websites. When several months ago these same sites had her DOB as 11/1966. However, if you look under the wiki, they have an article from her hometown newspaper that they didn’t delete. It is number 1 and click on it and you can see the paper article. It states how the hometown girl became a celebrity and states she graduated high school in 1984. I graduated in 1985 and will be 45 in a few weeks. I would think her own hometown would know when she graduated. Most actress in HW do this and change their DOB’s, just like she did. On this last season on TB, she had lost so much weight that her true age really did show.

  • Atticus

    Don’t get me wrong – I love Kristin Bauer and I’m a huge supporter of her Out for Africa project. But she’s definitely lying about her age – which I don’t appreciate. It’s true a lot of places have changed her 1966 birth year to 1973 – but this article written in 1996 when she was 29 is still here. I could care less if she was 40 versus 45; no matter what, she’s gorgeous – I just wish she was more truthful about her age and quit lying about it.

  • Elle

    I am hypnotized by your beauty Alex

  • Janie

    Valentina looked very nervous. Alex is a pro and makes it look easy, but I bet it’s hard to handle that much attention if you aren’t used to it. The actress who plays Pam reminds me of Britney — she has her mouth hanging wide open in so may photos. Her husband is hot though.

  • Angie

    I think is pretty obvious to anybody who can read body language that those two are the “Pam” and “Jim” of TrueBlood. Body language does not lie. Brandgeline would have nothing on them. if they decided to take it to the next level. They would be so adorable.

    Those two should be the stars of TB. I will be so pleased with the show if they featured more of Pam and Eric, instead of the tedious Bill and sookie.

  • ladybug

    @Angie: Yes, it’s obvious AS and KB adore each other, but that doesn’t mean it’s romantic, he has lots of platonic female friends and she’s happily married.

    And it looks like TB will have Rutger Hauer next season:

    Acting vet Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) is joining the HBO smash as a series regular, TVLine has learned exclusively. RELATED | True Blood Boss Confirms — [Spoiler] Is Really Dead Hauer will play Macklyn, a mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason.

  • Angie

    Wish them the best.
    Pictures and videos do not lie.
    They are adorable together, look Mr. Skarsgard eyes when he is looking at her. I would love to see more movies and tv projects starring those two.

  • Angie

    Wish them the best.
    They are adorable together, look Mr. Skarsgard eyes when he is looking at her. I would love to see more movies and tv projects starring those two.

  • Dee

    Italia Roma ‏@Roma
    Oh my!!!!!! my heart…… Alexander skarsgaard just walked by holding hands with a dark hair beauty I’M STILL ALIVE #rome

  • Kbvs just marry Alex

    Why dont kbvs get a divorce just marry Alex for gawd sake and get it over with ! she is all over him, hugging touchy feely with him always teary eyed being emotional over Alex, always Alex this Alex that like he is something really special the best man in the world she is like a love struck teenager, then she is Wirh her husband abri he is one patient husband to put up with that type of sh*t

  • Cafélady

    I don’t care how old Kristin actually is and what’s her true biological age is…I think she is beautiful and I find she is fresh, juvenile and very inspiring! From what I could see and read from her, she seems to be a very thoughtful person – who cares for others and so obviously is the opposite of superficial! (Which is in HW a very rare quality)

    I guess, even when she will get older – she will always have a inner beauty – she radiates this really. At least, so she comes across to me. So that’s why I don’t give a kiss for it, what age she really has.

    Someone said, that alex and kristin should have more screen time together in TB – I agree, I would love this.

    @ladybug: #25 Rutger Hauer? Really? I’m surprised a bit. I haven’t seen much projects of him in the recent time.

  • Maria

    Pam is getting old :l

  • Kristin is cool!

    They look really good together, and seem like they are very good friends. I think that is what happens when people work together season after season on the same show. Of course, they would grow to be close friends. It is great that they were able to find that with people that they work with on a daily basis. Kristin is very beautiful and does an excellent job playing the character of Pam. Next season of TB could not get here soon enouh.

  • Swanen


    Lol, I love Blade Runner

  • Swanen


    I think R. Hauer has his carreer peak long behind him. Recent years have not been his best, I am afraid

  • Cafélady

    @Swanen: ..well, Blade Runner is a long time ago, or Ladyhawke – but surely classics.
    It’s true – his most successful movies were obviously in earlier years, but I said intentionally that I haven’t seen that much of him (movie-wise) in recent times, because in Germany it’s often the case that we don’t get to see some movies/series on screen here. So if one isn’t a big fan of a certain person – it’s possible that he or she is still successful (relatively) in US or a other country but you oneself (outside of these countries) have no clue of it then. LoL

    So I was a bit surprised as I heard this.

  • Swanen


    I know how it works, but I think we have not heard about him because he genuinely has had limited onscreen presence in recent years. I think his TB appearance will be like a come back.

    However, I will always remember him in Blade Runner. One of my favourite movies and I am not a fun of sci-fi generally.

  • Cafélady

    @Swanen: Nothing against – against a come back, I mean, should this be the case for him. I mean, it’s not rare that former famous actors have something like a come back – just remind Mickey Rourke. Almost everyone has thought he would be “away from the window” and that was it – but then he got up again. I wouldn’t claim that he has the same status in HW now like in his younger times. But I would say presently he is apparently back for good in business.

    Like I said, Blade Runner is a classic – but it’s a while ago already since I watched it last time.

    As for Rutger; may be he shall play something like the Niall chara of the books..

  • Rina

    Kristin did not have plastic surgery. She’s completely natural and beautiful. True Blood would not have hired a woman who had surgical alterations to play a century-old vampire.

  • Jin

    @Seiko: Screw you and all these people that are talking trash on Kristin. I bet you wish you could look as good as Kristin when you’re that old. Same goes for the dummies here insulting her looks. Sounds like a bunch of jealous hags.