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Daniel Craig: 'Saturday Night Live' Promos!

Daniel Craig: 'Saturday Night Live' Promos!

Check out Daniel Craig in these brand new promos for his upcoming gig as host of Saturday Night Live!

“Hi, I’m Daniel Craig and I hosting SNL this week with musical guest Muse. Is that a real gun?…I don’t like guns,” the 44-year-old actor ironically jokes to cast member Taran Killam in one of the promos.

Daniel is hosting SNL this Saturday, with musical guest Muse – be sure to check it out!

Make sure to catch Daniel‘s new Bond film Skyfall when it hits theaters in the US on November 9!

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  • Lee

    Too bad!! I don’t live in the U.S.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    Always a treat to catch his comic side. He can be quite amusing. And he looks so yummy here. Cannot wait until November for Skyfall.

  • Viola

    LOL! He’s charming!

  • Cameron

    They look goofy as hell, but still sweet and cute!

  • Nora

    Are you killing me? LMAO! THOSE WIGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • for all outside the US
  • Kay

    Why can only an American watch this? This borders on discrimination! WTF!

  • Kay

    @for all outside the US: Ohhhhhhhhhhh thank you, thank you. THANK YOU!!


    @for all outside the US: Thanks. It was so much fun! I just can’t believe he’s so funny!

  • Tiffany

    I think his smile so cute though I always love his awkwardness. :)))))))

  • aly

    hahaha this is the best one I’ve seen in awhile

  • FromParaguay

    I live in Paraguay, and thankfully we can watch SNL!

  • Richard

    It’s a little heavy for him but Daniel can pull off anything so yeah! He should do it! And of course, the video’s awesome.

  • milanmilan

    Seriously, I never thought I’d see the day. That’s Hilarious! OMG..

  • mary

    Another reason why i’m glad my friend and I have tickets for SNL this Saturday; my birthday present.

  • I guess

    I guess all the people who are that surprised haven’t seen his stunt with Catherine Tate. Bondboy68 this was hilarious!
    He’s such a great guy, and he never takes himself serious. There’s a reason why all his peers say that he’s one of the funniest guys they ever have worked with.

  • Anonymous

    Daniel Craig AND Muse?? I have got to watch this.

  • Julia

    @for all outside the US:
    Thank you for sharing the video! I expect you’ll upload the latest episode this weekend. So… you’ll help me, right? ;)

  • Daniel on the set

    Photo Flash: First Look – Daniel Craig on the Set of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE

  • anais

    guys i’m still in shock a bit because i saw the preview of skyfall last night.
    but it’s the positive shock! maybe i fall’in love with him.

  • Olly

    Aha, aren’t they just so cute!

  • Mike

    BWAHAHAHAHA! I almost died laughing at this part lolol
    Can’t wait for the weekend!!!!!

  • Daniel on the set

    Backstage pic from yesterday’s promos. Jazz hands!!

  • Amy

    Hahahaha, damn! quite funny. Daniel is so hilarious! That’s why I love him.

  • Rie

    Thanks for all the links. There’s no reason I can’t stop watching them. But, here I am! Help, I want to stop watching the gif! Daniel is..pretty damn dope.

  • Guinness

    double ohhhhh heaven!
    oh creammy dannnn you are delish. and those “who know him well” knows he has a tremendous sense of humor. good for you Dan–have fun, get some release!!!
    and thank you Fio for the beginning of this….
    and jayhay for posting!!
    damn, NPR is talking bond again.
    I love when he touched his abs and was like, amazed–that was clever.

    and Mendel—you stallllking again? hope you get outta gaol soon!!

  • Fio

    This clip was later introduced in Australian TV show :)

    The Morning Show : Daniel Craig on SNL

  • Fio

    I remember Barbara was paying 19,000 pounds ($38,000) for a kiss from Daniel at the charity auction!

    Bond producer keen to get her hands on Daniel Craig’s swimming trunks
    The movie mogul, who took over the 007 film franchise from her father Cubby, is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Bond movie by selling off collectibles and props from the vaults just outside London.

    And there are a few items she’s keen to buy back: “My favourite items are Daniel Craig’s swimming trunks from Casino Royale, which I’d like to bid on myself, and one of the Aston Martins that Daniel drove in Quantum (of Solace).”

    Broccoli wishes there were more items available for the upcoming Global Bond Day Christie’s sale – but many iconic bits and pieces were simply thrown away.

    She tells WENN, “Over the years we’ve been collecting things because a lot of things disappeared. When United Artists (studio) closed their offices in New York a lot of stuff was just thrown out, like the original artwork. It’s just awful.

    “I know a lot of fans tried to salvage things out of the dumpster. In some cases we’ve bought things back and have exhibited them, so the fans can see them.”

    The upcoming auction will benefit UNICEF.

  • Fio

    ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo: Daniel Craig Plays Well With Taran Killam
    There’s something infinitely hilarious about stoic, serious action stars tapping into their comedy side. (See: Liam Neeson “getting in the cage” with “Nicolas Cage” on Saturday Night Live and testing out his improv skills to a stunned Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant in this insta-classic Life’s Too Short moment). Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of how we usually see them, or maybe they’re just untapped comedy resources, but either way, it’s pure gold when it all comes together.

    We’re only three episodes into Season 38 of SNL, but other stars are going to have to up their ante if they want to have a promo ad even half as laugh-out-loud funny as this weekend’s host Daniel Craig. Turns out, the Skyfall star not only has a sense of humor, but he has a sense of humor about himself. Who knew?

    Apparently, SNL rising star Taran Killam did, because the funny man (who makes his SNL promo debut here) got over two minutes of sheer silliness out of the very private actor who has all but turned being intimidating-looking into an art form. The bulk of clip is various bits about Killam fawning all over Craig, including trying to get him in a lip lock (can you blame him?) and making James Bond quips (“That was double-0 heaven!”). Plus: a montage!

    Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by not watching this clip of Craig (or shoot him for that matter, he really hates guns) or by missing SNL this weekend when he hosts, along with musical guests Muse. If the episode is anything like this promo, it should be more entertaining and funny than a skydiving Queen Elizabeth II.

    Can This Week’s SNL Just Be 90 Minutes Of Daniel Craig And Taran Killam Goofing
    We’re only two episodes in to Saturday Night Live‘s new season, and the show has been hitting it out of the park, host-wise. Seth MacFarlane did a great job ushering in the new cast members in the season premiere, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt captured our hearts with his Magic Mike pelvic thrusts. And in case you were worried that this Saturday’s host Daniel Craig wouldn’t be able to rise to the occasion… well, all you have to do is watch these promos and you’ll be convinced.
    Honestly, I almost never watch the promos, but I’ve “squee”d over this twice already. Daniel is joined by SNL‘s fifth-newest cast member Taran Killam, who has such a crush on James Bond. At first Daniel plays “straight guy” to Taran’s fanboy, but things get even better when he just goes for it and embraces the bromance. “You know what I would be up for?” the usually stern actor says, then basically squeals, “A montage!”
    Yes, that’s exactly what we wanted, even though we wouldn’t have known how to ask for it. I don’t even know which was my favorite bit—the silly glasses, the wacky wigs, the Crumbs cupcakes… I guess we should’ve guessed that Daniel was this funny! After all, if he could slam the Kardashians, you have to imagine that he doesn’t take things too seriously. The fact that he plays both ends of the spectrum has me confident that he’ll take whatever the SNL cast throws at him, from an obvious Bond parody to… maybe a jab at Justin Bieber or One Direction? Or maybe the writers will make him revisit his hatred of the Kardashians. But I bet he’ll be a trooper.

  • Fio

    Daniel Craig’s SNL Promos Aren’t The First Time This James Bond Has Cracked Us Up

    We absolutely love when Saturday Night Live gives normally serious actors a chance to prove their comedic chops — and sometimes we even love it when they don’t. From the looks of his promos with Taran Killam, this week’s host, Daniel Craig, has a good shot at falling into the former category. His whiny “I don’t like guns” kills us almost as much as the silly montage at the end. This got us wondering if this was really the first time we’d seen the gorgeous Brit do comedy — Layer Cake, Munich, Casino Royale and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo certainly aren’t knee-slappers. Earlier this summer, he did mention to The Sun that his next Bond flick, Skyfall, would actually have some humorous moments, after making two 007 movies that completely ignored the franchise’s campy origins.
    “I think there are some very funny lines in it but then I have a very dark sense of humour, so others might not agree with me,” he told the paper. Asked for what else the movie offered, he said, “Go-go dancers. It’s not something I have done before and I thought it was about time I showed that part of myself.”
    But after a bit of searching, we did find one rather hilarious skit Craig did back in 2007, for the British charity Comic Relief. It stars him as himself and Catherine Tate as a woman who met him on an online dating site.

    We also rather enjoyed Daniel’s visit to The Colbert Report last December, where he didn’t exactly crack jokes, but we got to see his glorious smile as the host challenged him to arm wrestle. And, of course, who can forget James Bond’s appearance at this summer’s Olympics, where he escorted Queen Elizabeth II via parachute to the Opening Ceremonies. It’s not ROTFLMAO material, to be sure, but we love this evidence of his ability to spoof himself.

    These Awesome Daniel Craig SNL Promos Will Charm Your Pants Off

  • Fio

    Backstage pic from promos: Daniel Craig and Taran just jamming on those air guitars

  • Guinness

    Essellent work Fio!!
    And who said Dan “wouldn’ t be up for it”…. jeeezus, I lost consciousness after that thinking he DAMN NEVER isnt’ up to it. and what does he get UP to?? aaaaahhhh
    wow-look at his little finger. in the air guitar pic. and imagine an air Guinness on top that bent Dan. Damn Dan. You are gonna get a whole lotta new love from this hosting!!

    uh, i was thinking of how his daughter is cringing right now—exxpeshially with the ‘fro wig. ohmy dan. and his “new” son–totally cool at his age, but when he gets to middle school–you may not do any comedy, let alone a ‘fro dude.

    thx fio. nice to see you back at work!! (did you catch Mendel stalllking again—just get a restraining order…)

  • Guinness

    yes, please. it does look like it just from the previews!!!!

    Argo does look good. Imma gonna watch that, too.

  • mary


    Thank you for the link. I would be so happy if Daniel were to get an Oscar nomination. It would put and end to all the nonsense at the Imdb site that Daniel is not Bond and cannot act; which we all know is not true. I still can’t believe Sam Mendes got Roger Deakins to do the cinematography for the film. Roger should have been given the Oscar a long time ago but maybe he’ll win for Skyfall. but in the article there is no mention of Ralph Fiennes; a man who could give most others acting lessons.

  • Amy

    Morgan Nicholls ‏@CaptMorganized
    Saturday Night Live Rehearsals in NY with Muse and Mr Bond..dragged on a bit..passed the time with iphone app tinkering

  • Belle
  • Amy

    @Belle: Thank you for the link! Just visited to the getty and saw more photos. Superb! Love all of them!

  • Amy
  • Belle

    New Skyfall clip! :)

    ‘Digger vs Train’

  • chaturbate

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