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Martin Sheen Accuses Mitt Romney's Campaign of Racism Against President Obama

Martin Sheen Accuses Mitt Romney's Campaign of Racism Against President Obama
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  • lol fail

    Well duh. It’s not like America is a place of complete racial harmony. Time to be honest folks.

  • ME

    Martin Sheen is such a stupid old man. He has no room to talk with the kind of family he has. Charlie (not WINNING) Sheen is his son. Nobama promised us “Hope & Change” How’s that workin out for everyone??? Nobama is more interested in being a celebrity than being our leader. He is more interested in sucking up to the Muslim Brotherhood than his own American people. I still don’t believe he is a US citizens himself. I don’t blame myself, I didn’t vote the piece of trash into office. If he gets in for another 4 years, Iran will destroy America, and Nobama will allow him to do so! Mark these words!

  • Tiffany


    “ME”, you sound a bit cray-cray. Time to stop sucking down those Fox News talking points and do some research. To say that Obama has been “sucking up” to the Muslim Brotherhood is so absurd. It isn’t factual at all. You think Iran will destroy America because of Obama..then how do you explain the fact that US sanctions (that Obama put into place) have caused their currency to drop over 30% in 3 days? There is a run on Iranian banks to exchange their dollar for US dollars because the sanctions are crippling their economy. You don’t know what you are talking about, clearly.

  • Joel Gilbert

    Libs cry racism, because Bathhouse Barry got exposed communist dadand porn star mom got exposed in


    Barry already quit, ck out his new digs in Oahu, the Hyatt family is buying for him.

  • I agree w/ME

    I am still waiting on that Hope & Change myself. I am ashamed to say I did vote for him. Now I am just scared to have him for another term. I will not vote for him again.

  • kel

    Go protest and get arrested again Martin Sheen. This nut gave us crazy Charlie.

  • melissa B

    Oh please. He’s not as hated as Bush was. Did Bush pull the race card when people gave him heat? No.

  • Lisa

    Bye Bye Obama THE MARXIST TWIT, roll on to November.

  • Lisa

    HEY Obama tell us why you Obama selling guns to the drug cartels and ended up killing Brian Terry and more than 300 innocent Mexicans

  • Lisa


  • Lisa

    @lol fail: You are completely GORMY. you can look it up in the Oxford English Dictionary. the word means CLUELESS. no one keeping you here in the U.S. the door is open you can leave and you can take the twit Obama with you.

  • Lawrence

    Lisa, I take it that you’re not an Obama supporter? I hope your numerous Obama bashing posts on justjared are not the highlight of your day.

  • Freak

    Lisa, you sound extremely unstable. RELAX.

  • Tara

    I totally agree that Iran is going to attack us if Obama stays in office. He is too close to the Muslims. He is a danger in the WH. He is a danger to the American people. He has done nothing about the US attacks in Libya. NOTHING! We need a prez with some nads that will fight for the American people, not set us up to be nuked!

  • Lisa

    @Lawrence: HEY PILLOCK here is one more just for you. I’m so tired of hearing women trying to justify killing their own babies, if women won’t stand up for their own living babies, our next president will. MITT WILL WIN IN NOVEMBER

  • Freak

    @Lawrence: LOL, right? Ms. Cray-Cray is probably smilin’ a joker grin thinking she did the world a favor with her CAPED lettered rants. Um, yeah, Lisa. I’ll be sure to vote RobMe/Lyin’Ryan come November just because of you. You made me fall in love……

  • Fireant

    Seems to me if your white and say anything anymore to a black person they are looking for that caught you phrase that they can call racism. If you don’t agree, your a racist. If one looks at a black person you take a chance of being called a racist. When a black person doesn’t get there way they always bring up about being a black egging on the chance to cry racism. Get a life, the World doesn’t revolve around you. USA census shows 234,000,000 white vs 38,000,000 black. Majority wins and our Constitution says Freedom of speech. The phrase “you people” is not racist and yes you are a negro. If you weren’t born in Africa your not African American. Don’t rewrite the dictionary and expect everyone else to to follow your interpretation. Maybe just maybe if you act civilized we can get along and make wonderful things happen. This thinking that because your a minority makes you special, it doesn’t, as well as being the majority. Everyone has enough on there plate already without this racism being spread around like the flu. Burn the race card and let’s all start playing by the rules.

  • Think about it.

    @Tara: Bigot. You are an extremist in your own way. Don’t blame an entire religion for the acts of a few people. You don’t see people going around calling “white people” wackjobs and serial killers. And who’s going to take responsibility for the millions of people that were killed in Iraq for an unjustified war? A genocide of Muslims. To them, “you people” are the terrorist. So shut the h.e.ll up.

  • Lawrence

    @ Lisa. It looks like you answered my question. Either way, as a man I fully support women having the right to choose. Whether or not Mitt gets elected in November I highly doubt it will change restricting abortion in this country nationwide – thankfully.

  • VR

    oBAMA failed, people are struggling, all they care about is the economy and jobs, next.

  • VR

    oBAMA failed, people are struggling, all they care about is the economy and jobs, next.

  • VR

    oBAMA failed, people are struggling, all they care about is the economy and jobs, next.

  • Tracy

    I will never vote for anyone in the current Republican Party. They have been taken over by the crazy tea baggers. I will continue to support Obama, I don’t trust Puppett Mitt. They will destory what is left of the middle class. We are still trying to dig ourselves out of the hole Bush put us in. It took 8 years for him to put us there and it is going to take more then 4 years to get us out.