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Watch Presidential Debate with Barack Obama & Mitt Romney

Watch Presidential Debate with Barack Obama & Mitt Romney

President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney go head to head in the first Presidential Debate of the election season on Wednesday (October 3) at the University of Denver in Colorado.

The debate was the first of four scheduled for the 2012 Election. Three of the debates will be between the presidential candidates while one will be between the candidates for Vice President.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of President Obama

Barack‘s wife Michelle Obama and Mitt‘s wife Ann Romney met up in the front row before taking their seats for the debate.

Watch the complete debate below or click inside to watch the different segments…

WHO DO YOU THINK won the debate – Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

Presidential Debate – Complete Video

30+ pictures inside of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney at the Presidential Debate…

Presidential Debate – Reducing the Deficit

Presidential Debate – Medicare & Social Security

Presidential Debate – Obamacare

Presidential Debate – Role of Federal Government

Presidential Debate – Part 5
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Credit: Chip Somodevilla; Win McNamee, Justin Sullivan, Doug Pensinger; Photos: Getty
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  • Marie

    @Layla: Unemployment rate was up to 7.8 by the end of Bush’s term. It is 8.1 now. Yes it is more but it takes time. Even the beloved Reagan had the UE rate up to 10.4

  • Frog24

    When have you actually heard Romney speak until now? You =r positions saying he is a liar are only coming from Obamas commercials on television, newspapers, and the internet. You cant say he keeps changing positions when you didn’t know his actual position in the first place.

  • Jokergurl

    I didn’t realize how many Obama fans there were on this site…Obama was defensive, mumbling, even sulking at time. Romney wiped the floor with Obama, everything from hi body language to his delivery was great. Obama kept lying about Romney’s policies and I’m glad Romney called him on it. Obama’s record is horrible and tonight it came back to bite him. His UNCONSTITUTIONAL POLICIES are coming back to bite him.

  • Good job Mitt!

    Wow, I got my comment hidden because I said Obama has failed? Duh…. Obvious a lot of young people on here, and you guys are gonna suffer the most if Obama gets reelected. No jobs. Trillions of debt to pay off. Do y’all not understand the deficit and who is going to pay for it? You, me and our great great grandchildren.

  • Welp

    If Obama gets reelected, at least he got a lesson on how the economy works. Romney took him to school.

  • Debate

    To summarize : Obama has a plan and has an opinion… Romney’s plan is to not like Obama’s plan…
    Going against green energy in era of global warming awareness considered smart move ??? in front of the world ?
    backing up personal interests by not agreeing on tax plans ?? seriously ??
    With all do respect after this debate there should have been outlined two different strategies and two different plans. However this didnt happen… We have Obama’s plan and Romney’s opinion about it,but we have no clue whats Romney’s idea of how to run the office ! This wasnt debate .. this was one sided presentation with criticism discussion…

  • dumbed down ‘merca

    watching the tards fight over who won nothing is hilarious-either choice will bring us to the same place-both are owned by corporations ,special interests and the uber wealthy and do NOT represent the people – you are locked in a pointles battle left/right that is meant to occupy you and and bring you to a stalemate while the powers that be have their way with EVERYTHING

  • Zoe2

    Romney was a bully and the only way to deal with a bully is to throw a punch. President Obama can throw a punch and he will throw one in his next debate with Romney and it will surprise him.

  • Worth copying

    Obama can’t run on his failed record. The press tells he’s bright and articulate. Yet, all his records are sealed from colleges he allegedly attended to the law records – no thesis, no writings, no nothing. Last night, you saw the real Barack Obama – the big “O” – there’s nothing there. In 2008 he had hope and change and for those who bought those empty words, you’ve gotten an empty presidency. He has been in over his head from day one and unless he can find a way to convince Americans that the last 3-1/2 years have been successful, I don’t see where he goes from here that isn’t downhill. Did you ever notice that the same adoring press has told us how fashionable Michelle is? Have a look for yourself.

  • chris

    I’m from Spain and I didn’t like why put as an bad example the situation of crisis of my country. We’re in a bad moment and I think he was disrespectful and rude!

  • chris

    I’m from Spain and I didn’t like why Romney put as a bad example the situation of crisis of my country. We’re in a bad moment and I think he was disrespectful and rude!

  • ME

    First debate “check” Romney wins! Big Bird is on his way out! Nobama did exactly what I expected him to do. Rambling on aimlessly because he did not have the answers as to why he has destroyed our economy & our entire country. He has made us look weak to other countries. All that “Hope & Change” he promised turned out to be nothing. He will not make it in office for a second term. Romney has this one in the bag….:) :) :)

  • Kathrin

    Whole Europe will be laughing at America if they are really that stupid to let Romney become President…

  • Blake M


    anyone with a REAL IQ understands Romney is all talk .
    Just because he “won” a DEBATE does not mean he would make a good President. geez NO!

    He’s a joke and ashamed he is even in the running.

  • Me

    For those asking Obama where the jobs are…The President doesn’t have the power to magically create jobs for people. He’s the President not Gandalf!

  • Sara

    As much as I think mitt’s bad news,gotta say,man, did Obama sound unconvincing,the guy almost stuttered,guess he didn’t do well in the debate team back in the day:)
    IMHO,he sounds better when there’s no experience behind u,the whole I’m bringing change in da house speeches he used to be so much better at

  • ME

    @Me #65 ~ Nobama has the power to magically make jobs disappear. He is the worst president in American history. Time for a change!

  • Cherie,

    Romney!! I hope people were listening to the Obama who continually talks, talks, talks, but does not back what he says!
    Over 8% in unemployment, my gas for my car is doubled, boched green energy, shall I go on! Why would you vote for a man you wants more government and more debt~!

  • Peri


    It’s NOT Obama’s fault your gas has doubled, over 8% in unemployment, etc…. Obama is NOT a Geni. He is still mopping up the mess Bush left and it will take time. Why start with someone that is just talk? I think voting for Romney will put the US in the most dire straits ever…cuz……he’s a joke!

  • Keri

    And they say Massachusetts is backing Obama and not its governor

  • Shamrock

    PATIENCE everyone!! President Obama clearly was dealt a dark looming cloud of debt, wars, crisis, and turmoil by the REPUBLICAN PARTY. It’s going to take more then 4 years to turn us back around in the right direction. Don’t forget Mr. President Clinton(democrat) who had the era of the 90′s booming and the economy, well you can check the history and the facts. That is how Obama functions, clearly by data, research, facts, and the TRUTH.
    What about ROMNEY? He can debate about anything, but where is the facts, plans, details? What? Yeah, he enjoys discussing BIG BIRD. That sounds like his pace. Did any of you forget how OLD he is? He is 65 years of age. Wow!! 4 years, he will be almost 70.
    OBAMA IS OUR PRESIDENT and has been dealing with foreign affairs very well, and now it’s time to turn his attention to our economy. This is the TIME and he will make you proud. Just give him one more term. We promise~

  • ME

    Did Nobama say he would turn our country around when he was running 4 years ago? Yes, he said we would have “Hope & Change” right??? Stop blaming the previous prez for the last 4 years of Nobama’s mistakes. He had 4 years to make our country stronger & he didn’t. He made it worse. If I could vote Bush back in I would. I am a republican, but I would also vote Clinton back in or his wife for Gods sake! Any of the three would have been better than what we have had for the last 4 years. Now we can all “Hope for Change”. Romney is our “Hope 4 Change”!

  • Isha

    Almost all the pundits who said Obama lost the debate were the same people who said that following the Democratic Convention, there would be no up swing for Obama. Look what happened! Romney is running off fools fuel, trust me he will crash and burn any day now.

  • Kay

    Yelling doesnt mean you’re point comes across or winning an arguement.It just means you know how to scream. I feel less for Mitt than I did before!

  • Kelsey

    You guys are so stupid if you’re voting for Obama for 4 more years. Obama runied Our country. he is the reason why every other country hates us. WAKE UP PEOPLE! He had 4 years to fix the ecomy and didn’t do shit. MITT was the winner!!! You democrats just don’t wanna hear the truth! Thats right get Jealious…………………..LOSERS!!!

    MITT ROMNEY 2012!!!!!!!!

  • Isha

    @Haley: Sweetie, I will be here on November 7th to give you a hug because you are going to need one. Bless your heart…

  • Isha

    @Haley: You are acting-out right now. There’s a significant difference between passion and anger. Stop, take a deep breath… my conversation with you has ended.

  • Sailorman

    Haley…..before u make an unwise vote……u need to grow up a bit more as well as become more educated and not easily fooled or misled by the nose so easily.

    The other fool ( romney) is just full of hot air plus he has no grounds or can even verify all the crapola he spit out with a immature smirk on his face. Sure….u fell for it and now u know why.

  • D E E A

    Obama is great! he has the character, the strenght, the vision, the brains, the ethics and the looks, the other one is an old fox.

  • jilly

    Mitt Romeny is a self centered rich a-hole. He is out there to put more money in his and his 100 kids and grandkids bank account. He does not care about the real people of America which would be the middle class. He was having a stroke everytime the tax raise for the rich came up. Be smart people and vote for OBAMA! Try to save America and the world by rejecting this money hungry old dude.

  • jilly

    I also have to add that looking at Mitt Romeny, reminds of DEVIL with a mask on. This man will ruin our country and what’s left of it. He hates anyone who is not like him. Meaning white, rich and let’s not forget Mormon.

  • Sham

    Maybe Mooch confronted him about his gay double life right before the debate.

  • Braino



    And u think the dumb fool, Romney can fix it.?

    Yiikes…hell no.

  • mfkrh

    And after months of rehearsing this all that Romney and his campaign could come up with. If he wasn’t so sneaky and under-handed I would feel sorry for him. So America is suppose to forget about what he said about 47% of the country being freeloaders; and how the average american student should borrow money from their parents to start a business or pay for their college education; oh and don’t forget about his mathematics! Someone else must have run his companies for him, because he’s not that bright. And we know how he got those degrees…yep, it’s because he’s a 1%.

  • ex nihilo

    If your opponent virtually shape-shifts right before your eyes, you cannot be an effective debater – fact. Obama prepared to debate the candidate Mittens was… LAST week. Since then, Mittens has done a 180 on his own plans (“who, me? cut taxes for the high-earners?! whatever gave you THAT idea?!”), so it makes sense that Obama couldn’t debate against the “October 3 Mitt special” – and that he’d look so lost and put off.

    The response of the Obama campaign should be immediate ads depicting Mittens engaging in the most flagrant flip-flopping ever seen in a debate, plus ads tying him to the GOP kryptonite GW Bush…

  • Some of 47% are obamasupporter

    There are generations of welfare hogs that do nothing but say on welfare their whole lives, that it has become their career choice. Anybody who tries to cheat the system and get something for nothing on the backs of taxpayers are part of that 47% and those are the Americans Romney was talking about. I bet that 90% of JJ obama supporters on this thread I’m supporting through my 1000 bucks a month federal and state income tax.. Hopefully if Romney gets elected, I can have some of my earned bucks back. You guys want obama elected so you can continue sitting on you stinky butts and play on JJ all day. While work when you have dumb azzes like me supporting ya.

    P.S. A Gas station here was selling gas at PRE obama prices, $1.84 a gallon

  • LMAO!

    Listening to Romney was like listening to the CEO of a company blowing sunshine up your azz just before he lays off half the work force! PLEASE VOTE OBAMA, PEOPLE!

  • LMAO!

    @Some of 47% are obamasupporter: Did you just call yourself a “dumb azz”? You are if you believe what that idiot says. Let me break it down for you nice and slow so you can understand it. There are three groups of non income taxpayers in that percentage.
    One are the very young entering the work force who may not yet make enough,
    Two retired seniors who no longer have an income but paid income taxes all through their working years, and
    Three, and this is a biggie here, the very wealthy who find the loopholes in the system to get out of paying their fair share of income tax by off shore bank accounts, etc. That makes up your 47 percent, give or take. And all of those people do pay taxes in other forms like for gas, goods and services. So your buddy is playing YOU for the dumb azz you so willingly admit you are. Take a breather, step back and learn the facts before you believe Mitt Romney.

  • The Truth



  • Megan

    Wow…it’s extremely sad that all of the “hidden due to a low comment rating” posts are ONLY low rated when someone supports Romney. What kind of stupidity and lack of tolerance have we developed in this country if people are not even allowed to voice their opinion regarding a public figure running for office? Ridiculous.

  • Demha

    @bahha black sheep: I agree!!!!!!!
    Why everyone is rating bad
    Deal with it it’s Fact

  • Demha

    I can’t get you people????!!!!!!
    People only cheered on Romney in the comments and people are rating bad !!
    While people that say rude thing about Romney are rated good???

  • Demha

    Your’e an asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Boooo let your girrafe Obama destroy the economy
    Oh i forgot it’s already destroyed
    Because of HIM

  • Demha

    At last!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Someone didn’t lose his mind!!!!!!!!!

  • Demha

    I wanted Obama 4 years ago.
    But he let me down during those 4 years…Deal with it guys he’s a fail for America.
    It’s wrong to vote for a president because of his skin color!!People wanted to look good 4 yrs ago by voting for obama because he was black!!!!!!
    This is nonsense..
    But know I want Romney he’s gorgeous!!

  • Demha

    Come ON America
    Wake Up
    That’s not America We Knew 10 yrs ago
    Obama let me down and all Americans..
    Plz let’s not make it ethinic!!!!
    All black people are supporting Obama for his skin color and this is crap!!!
    Think about your country not only YOU!!!

  • Mary Lamb

    Iza says Romney was “cutting” Obama off. That’s why Obama took 4 min that didn’t belong to him right?

  • Isha

    WOW!!! Romney supporters are totally loosing it!!! I guess that’s what happens when fear sets in…