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Adele: 'Skyfall' Full Song - Listen Now!

Adele: 'Skyfall' Full Song - Listen Now!

Check out your first listen of the full version of Adele‘s new song “Skyfall” from the upcoming James Bond film of the same name!

“Let the sky fall/ When it crumbles / We will stand tall / Face it all together/ As sky falls,” the 24-year-old singer sings on the track.

“I was a little hesitant at first to be involved with the theme song for Skyfall,” Adele said in a statement. “There’s a lot of instant spotlight and pressure when it comes to a Bond song. But I fell in love with the script and Paul [Epsworth] had some great ideas for the track and it ended up being a bit of a no-brainer to do it in the end.”

Adele – “Skyfall” Lyric Video
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  • KissThis

    I thought the talking at the beginning was part of the song. I was like wtf? It’s a nice song. Gorgeous vocals from Adele, but it doesn’t have enough of a beat to keep me interested. I think it’s too slow and boring to be honest. But Adele is still the best singer out there right now.

  • Danae

    All in all, this song isn’t bad. But seriously, it’s all the same from the beginning to the end. They should have chosen Muse and Supremacy, it’s waay better.

  • DB

    Sorry – but she’s off-key and inconsistent at times. It just doesn’t work for me.

    Give me some “Live and Let Die” and I’ll be happy.

    Sorry girl – I like much of your stuff – but this one ain’t it.

  • Germany

    I liked the preview but not really the whole song, now that Im listening to it.

  • Pam

    I actually like this! I didn’t care much for the preview, but the full song sounds great. Can’t wait to buy it tomorrow and can’t wait for the film!

  • Cris


  • mfkrh

    And after months of rehearsing this all that Romney and his campaign could come up with. If he wasn’t so sneaky and under-handed I would feel sorry for him. So America is suppose to forget about what he said about 47% of the country being freeloaders; and how the average american student should borrow money from their parents to start a business or pay for their college education; oh and don’t forget about his mathematics! Someone else must have run his companies for him, because he’s not that bright. And we know how he got those degrees…yep, it’s because he’s a 1%.

  • LK


    WTF is wrong with you?! Thats so disrespectful and stupid!

    Great song btw Adele !! Love it :)

  • Sean


  • liverpool

    a FLAT tune, I expected much more.

  • Nikki

    Depressing melody and lyrics. A waste of talent.

  • Nikki

    Depressing melody and lyrics. A waste of talent.

  • Smart women

    Where are Shirley Bassey and Tina Turner?
    They song with passion,expression and power with VOICES!
    Adele is just ok and FLAT and borring
    Not best choice for powerfull Skyfall

  • Samantha

    Really and truly?! How can people say this isn’t a good song. It’s not the 100 beat per minute garbage that’s all over the music chart, I love that the song is mellow and it fits Adele’s wonderful voice to a tee. It also fits in with the other Bond themed songs. Adele has never fit in with the conventional crap we are used to listening to and I’m glad. I really like this song, not everything has to have these overused and recycled beats.

    And to the person who said she sang off key, no she doesn’t. She sings in a bit of an unusual way with where she puts her pauses and extensions, but she’s still on key.

  • asudem

    Very Bond, very nice, it takes me to one of the scenes of classic bond films. GREEEAATT!!!

  • TheDudeAbides

    Very groovy baby…

  • http://Justjarde Jp

    Love it

  • Jeremy

    I was expecting more dynamic vocals, if I’m honest. Adele has a gorgeous tone and is a great vocalist, to be sure. But, this is BOND. It’s supposed to be dramatic and powerful and epic … this was just … nice.

    Also – I think it’s so lazy when a song loops the exact same vocals for each of the choruses. There should be a marked difference and build in the way the singer approaches each chorus of the song. There has to be an arc or the song falls flat. Think about “I Will Always Love You”, as an example. 3 times Whitney sang that chorus and each time was unique. It started soft and intimate — much like how Adele sang this one — then moved to defiant and determined in the 2nd chorus; stronger vocals, more dynamic vibrato, accentuated use of falsetto .. more drama. Then of course we all know the 3rd chorus. The pause. The beat. The “And IIIIIIII …” and the big anthemic triumphant “Yoouu-OOOUU” at the end.

    I don’t wanna preach that everyone should try and sound like Whitney Houston. Adele has her own sound that is perfectly gorgeous and gifted. She doesn’t need to imitate anyone. My point in referencing “Always Love You” is that that particular song is a classic example of an archetypal grand dramatic ballad. A song that builds to a crescendo and leaves you utterly satisfied, yet longing for more. And the reason it does so is because of the choices that Whitney Houston made as the vocalist. Adele has the natural raw talent to make the same choices … but in this particular song, she doesn’t and it just doesn’t take the song to another level.

  • cmac

    It’s alright but does not rival Live and Let Die or Goldfinger. It’s the music that keeps it from making it to that level more than Adele’s voice.

  • ShowStalker

    WoW, I really liked the song, however ‘You know my name,’ still remains my all time personal favorite. but yeah can’t wait to watch the movie though.

  • pup

    I like it. My fav Bond tune is “View To A Kill”.

  • theobserver

    that song suits Bond movie style.. i like it :)..its catchy specially the chorus part :-)

  • Marlowe

    @mfkrh: Hey moron, go to a political web site and express your views there.

  • werrt

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  • lagachette

    Jeremy [#18] got it spot on, here is a man who knows a thing or 2 about music, thank you.

  • Deeak

    i love this song so much! extremely happy that adele made a theme song for 007. how perfect can it be? ;p