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Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Split Over His Friendship with Rihanna

Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Split Over His Friendship with Rihanna

Chris Brown has ended his relationship with girlfriend Karrueche Tran, can confirm.

“I have decided to be single to focus on my career. I love Karrueche very much but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna. I’d rather be single allowing us to both be happy in our lives,” the 23-year-old entertainer said in a statement.

This past week, Chris has been spotted out with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, most recently at a Jay-Z concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, sparking rumors of a rekindled romance.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have broken up??

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# 1

Can’t say I didn’t see this coming

# 2

will rihanna ever learn?! :|

# 3

Rihanna and Chris Brown have the most dysfunctional relationship and they’re so young. Have some respect and take hold of your life. It’s not healthy and it’s pretty disturbing.

# 4

Finally. This girl has been disrespected by both Chris and Rihanna.

# 5

In other words, rihanna and him are going to get back together. LOL

# 6

I really felt bad when I seen the picture’s of Rhianna and thought Chris was in need of help. Now I believe the stories about her having a hot temper and they both are violent toward each other. She has ALWAYS done things for attention. Let them have each other. But, the next time and there will be a next time she wants attention I hope she is ignored. Karrueche is beautiful and deserves better than a wannabe tough guy and his ex stalker psycho girlfriend who has been chasing him since they “broke up”?

# 7

GOOD! Hopefully she can find someone actually committed to a relationship and that isn’t a douchbagg. Rihanna can have fun playing Chris Brown’s personal human punching bag with they both give each other every possible VD on the surface of the planet.

# 8

I love how he says “friendship” with Rihanna. Psh as if we don’t know what you guys are doing locked in bathrooms together. Disgusting….

# 9

Yeah, like THIS is going to end well.

Rihanna is digging her own grave on this one (hopefully not literally).

She’s always been sort of a nutty freak, but this thing with Brown – it really is beyond the pale.

If anybody even tried to have any respect for Rihanna before, I can’t see how they could possibly justify having any respect for her now.

Never Broke Up @ 10/04/2012 at 12:04 pm

This was an arrangement that most likely all three knew about and benefited from — it is what it is!

When I was a kid, “friendship” did not involve inserting Tab A into Slot B

Here we go…

SunnyAutumn @ 10/04/2012 at 12:20 pm

Rihanna finally got what she wanted……

Rihanna is a big silly hoe and who is Karrueche Tran? Of course she isn’t as famous as Rihanna and Rihanna is famous for copying songs. Everything is pure trash.

Karrueche deserves better anyway

you didnt need this rihanna, stupid people, they make me sick..

but riri and chris has chemistry

I’m sad/happy for Karrueche

monica lewinsky @ 10/04/2012 at 12:37 pm

Foolish woman. Rihanna will soon see the dangers of Chris Brown. I hope she learns this time around or it will be too late…
Atleast Karrueche is safe.

Oh Rihanna… Karma plays no favourites.

Why does he even need to mention Rihanna in the statement – what a slap in the face to his ex!

Rihanna famous for giving good blowjobs.

Rihanna famous for giving good blowjobs.

Not surprised at all

i feel so sorry for K.
but more so on riri

and the countdown till Chris & Riri are back together starts NOW………smh!!!

Wow, I can’t believe she wants to be back with her. She almost died. Oh well, second times the charm!

Oh Yeah!!! @ 10/04/2012 at 1:07 pm

Chris I hope the next time you talk to a woman and Rihanna gets jealous and you two fight again that you don’t think the public won’t believe Rihanna and sent you to Prison. Chris B you are a FOOL to go back around Rihanna the Tramp & Biggest Liar!

@DB: HA. Best comment ever, man.

run, girl, run. don’t you look back.

Wow. He and Rihanna are both douche bags. She knowingly goes out with him (and apparently does the deed etc with him) knowing he has a serious girlfriend. And he of course knows he has a serious girlfriend, but cheats on her anyhow? He and Rihanna deserve each other.


Guys use the word “friendship” when it’s a casual relationship.

You really think CB plans to be faithful to Rihanna? LOL

Just Jared didn’t “confirm” this. TMZ did. Anyways, I hope fans now know that they are being played. Rihanna is NOT someone to look up to, and Chris is….trash. They both need mental help.

I don’t care what no one says Rihanna has low self esteem and is no better than Kae (she let Chris do a lot of mess in front of her) with her self esteem. I get tired of people acting like Kae was he only one with low self esteem and was stupid for dealing with this disrespectful manchild.
No one won in this and I don’t want to her another peep out of Rihanna being a “bad b***h” or “thug life” because she’s the opposite.

Kae needs to get her self esteem together, remove some of those tattoos, know she got the good end of the stick, and do something with her life and move on. Let Chris Brown and Rihanna deal with each other.

@Amanda: Thank you Rihanna is stupid if she think Chris won’t cheat on her especially since she was cheating with him while he had a girlfriend and the whole incident in 09 happened because of his cheating.

okay. karrueche may be hurt. and HE ends it over a “friendship” to be “single” for the “career”?

wtf? weird statement (nonsense). who wrote that first? :D

Rihanna is just a crazy ***** anyway

Hey everyone makes mistakes and learn from them. Haven’t all you who have nothing but sni remarks. You focus on your life and let them focus on theres. I wonder what happens at your all home behind closed doors, bet it’s not always a bed of roses!

Charlotte @ 10/04/2012 at 2:22 pm

Oh, very sad, Im not going to sleep tonight thinking about….


The problem is they haven’t learned anything and they haven’t changed. Neither of them has been in therapy. CB still has anger management issues. Rihanna has low self esteem. They both need professional help.

What can i say? They were meant for eachother… what goes around comes around…..

ROFL I’m sorry, but that girl was blind as a bat. Either that or she just enjoyed his d**k, or the free things that came with being his girlfriend, and the little fame she got. Dumb broad. She should have see this coming and fled ages ago. The love triangle has ended. He has been creeping around with Rihanna since day one. I would have at least been gone after that “Birthday Cake” remix dropped. This is so messy. I don’t feel sorry for anyone involved. Good luck to them all!

By the way, Rihanna is ratchet for hooking up with him, if she did, while he was still dating that girl.

I have read enough of this messed, when did Karrueche and CB become serious in the relationship, after all the women he slept with and she allow. How about the women she brought home to him from the club. How about all the times he picked up women when she was with him. Their relationship was never serious, more like friends with benefits.

Thug leaves rebound girl for former punching bag.

@DB Haven’t you heard of about friends with benefits> That’s the latest. They are both young who wants commitment at that age. Rihanna claimed she loved him so if she wants to give another go with him that’s her prerogative.

Rihanna is one dumb *itch. I hope her career goes downill. Oh wait, that’s already happening.

No sh!t. He’s cheating on her with Rihanna.

Oh Yeah!!! @ 10/04/2012 at 5:34 pm

Once a Cheater always a Cheater! Rihanna you couldn’t leave him with Karruche????

I love how all of you feel suddenly sorry for Karrueche! It’s freaking funny!! Up til yesterday none of you knew her and if you did you called her an attention ***** or an idiot for being with Chris Brown. And now all of a sudden she is a poor thing…Pff Pathetic. You don’t even know any of them let them live their lives and entertain us

I’m so tired if this story! I never liked Chris Brown., and Rihanna is an idiot. Karrueche should be glad it’s over, she can do much better.

Agree with everything.
I guess we all saw this coming. The shameful thing is that it’s not Karr dumping him for his behavior but he’s dumping her.
Anyway Rihanna is just an idio_t and a slu_t. I can understand human forgiveness, but she shouldn’t be seeing him, leave alone saying on Oprah that he was the love of her life!!!
If she didn’t find love after him she should just go on therapy and solve her issues.. Cause the guy is just a violent jerk.

I think he had already hurt her by leaving her for another woman. She’s not happy, I don’t think she choose this but instead he had chosen it for her. Not to mention she’ll be seeing his face all over the place.
I wish her all the best, she’ll find a better guy out there who will love her the way she deserves.

It’s unfortunate that rihanna and chris haven’t learned anything. whether she believes he has changed or not, it’s a proven fact that a couple who was once abusive (mentally, verbally, physically, etc) towards one another, will continually be abusive towards one another. maybe not right away and maybe not in the same capacity as the first time – but trust me, it’s coming back for you hunty.

until she begins to love herself more than she loves this man/this volatile relationship and vice-versa, it’s going to f*ck up the both of them. i hope they both find the root to what it is that keeps them coming back to each other.

What a two-faced hypocrite Rhianna is. The reason for the start of the fight between her and Chris, was that she caught him with a message from another girl on his phone. Now she’s broken up another’s relationship. Selfish, self-centered and a sl*t. The three ‘S’s of Rihanna!

If i could attribute one adjective to Rihanna, it would be pu$$y. Lol…she says how she’s ‘so hard’ and she’s a ‘bad b*tch.’ girl, please!

le them douches Chris and Rihanna be together. At least they won’t hurt anyone else hehe

Wouldn’t it be crazy if chris and rih got back together and he cheated on rih with kerreuche? It would repeat itself

I can’t stand Rihanna anymore. She is ****** and desperate for attention. She and Chris Brown deserve each other. Two people whose talent and attention will hopefully fade within 10 years or less. Karreuche is very beautiful, but she should’ve known better. They pubicly humilitated her and Rihanna looks dumb and crazy ignorant defending Chris Brown, kissing each other, etc.

Poor girl. And Rihanna wtf is wrong with her?!! She got sympathy and attention a few years ago when she was beaten black and blue by Chris and showed pic of herself looking all brusied. And now she is hooking up with him when he had a gf and exptects ppl to still like her. Chris ia a douche bag and Rohanna is an attention *****, stealing a man with a gf.

No one put a gun on chris brown head for him to go back to Rihanna, he follow his own feeling tht he want to get back with Rihanna as he was not force to do it..Rihanna was just revealing to him tht she stll have feelings fr him which she cant deny it or force it to have them n the feelings was mutual…If he real have strong feelings for Karrueche he could just be with her and nvr leave her…Chris follow ur heart n be with whoever you want to be with….Karrueche does nt own Chris…..Neither is owning the other partner its by a will…

Ladies are surplus, chris just choose the right woman for yourself

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