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Katie Holmes Makes Not Impressed Face

Katie Holmes Makes Not Impressed Face

Katie Holmes makes the infamous “not impressed” face while leaving a meeting at the Bowery Hotel on Thursday (October 4) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress was spotted earlier in the day chatting with a fellow mom after dropping off her daughter Suri at school in the morning.

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Katie will be starring on Broadway in the upcoming play Dead Accounts later this Fall. Stay tuned to for an exclusive behind the scenes video from the cast’s recent photo shoot!

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Credit: PPNY / GSNY; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • rachel

    i am not impressed by her

  • Chris

    Is this really an ACTUAL post. Her making a face warrants a post dedicated to it? I feel like I’m living on another planet here.

  • Tune

    Katie was not impressed. Lol

  • Albert

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  • Laís

    she´s pretty even without make up


    She actually has a very pretty face when she’s not making stupid facial expressions

  • DB

    Is she purposely trying to look awful in public?

    I mean – seriously. Can’t she spend 15 minutes picking out a pant-suit and putting on a bit of makeup?

    Even nice pants and a blouse for goodness sake?

    I don’t mean to be a jerk – seriously – but she’s an actress and a budding fashion-mogul. Shouldn’t she at least carry herself a little better?

    Do you really want to buy clothes from a woman dressed like and looking like that?

    Do you really want to see a movie about a sexy love interest if the lead actress looks like that?

    How’s she supposed to be believable in either role if she keeps looking like that?

  • tsquared

    Has anyone else noticed she no longer wears that round disc necklace with the S in the middle? She wore it all the time when she was with Tommy girl. Maybe the S stood for scientology instead of Suri.

  • G

    At least you got paid to write this…

  • Peri

    ugh….why was this even posted? Does not warrant any kind of news. yawwwwn.

  • Looselipz

    Cut her some slack here…she was never very style conscious, but being Toms arm piece she took on that roll and persona…
    I actually feel a bit sad or sorry for her…I can’t imagine the control he used on her…I think she’s just rebelling a bit and being herself more now…

    And then factor in the darn paparazzi who follow her everywhere…that in itself is a huge annoyance…

  • annie

    I think she looks cute in both different outfits, she’s in rehearsals, now for the play, i think.
    doubt very much she’ll ever mention TC in interviews, when she has NK still talking about her ex husband, for the next 10yrs or so, seeing she hasn’t stopped talking about him in interviews for the last 10yrs.
    Can’t get over it, seriously!!

  • Hamlet

    Because she’s an ACTRESS, #7. It doesn’t matter. She’s not hurting anyone.

    Nobody controlled anyone, #11. She’s always dressed like this; it isn’t rebellion.

  • Kit

    I’m sorry, I like her but what is she wearing?!

  • vool

    definitely a fashion icon

  • Jimbo Cain

    No pizzaz. No excitement. Stale. Boring.
    As thrilling as a flatliner.
    Career so over.

  • I’ll Take Another Cupcake!!!!!

    Wow! Those are some whopping legs!!! Could her jeans be any tighter? KH’s love of cupcakes is showing, big time! Lay off the cakes, Katie girl. The lycra, spandex jeans are really STRETCHING something serious.

  • Victoria in San Diego

    Is it me or is Katie Holmes putting on some post marital weight? Maybe wrong choice of clothing. Unflattering. She looks quite huge.

  • rob m.

    I used to think Katie was so sweet and cute. I am disappointed. Her face looks as if she just got over a bad flu. And the whole lumberjack look, that just ain’t gonna work.

  • claire

    I don’t think she had McKayla Marooney in her mind when she did that.

  • Tam

    What kind of a outfit is this? GROSS!

  • deby

    shes getiing more weight

  • Mel

    I’m sure all your earth shattering criticisms will crush Katie Holmes. Hardly. She doesn’t need to impress anyone except herself so get over it. Katie you rock you sexy thang.

  • jmho

    Looks like she just spotted a Scientology spy vehicle.

  • Annie

    She was dressing better for a hot second after the split (like the cute blue dress she wore first public appearance post split) – but now it’s straight back to frumpity, frump, frump.

  • Annie

    @Victoria in San Diego: Hard to say about her weight since her dress sense is so poor. Pear shaped bodies can be weight chameleons and can “dress skinny” or “dress fatter” more so than other body types.

  • May

    Fashon icon nr 1.Ok its interesting to see all her clothes and so.
    she is interesting because I cant figure out what she looks like,Is she good looking?Or is she ugly?

  • May

    Fashon icon nr 1.Ok its interesting to see all her clothes and so.
    she is interesting because I cant figure out what she looks like,Is she good looking?Or is she ugly?

  • Olive

    Would you talk about Tom in an interview if you blindsided him and humiliated him and his “church” with your actions? Nicole has nothing to avoid. When you’ve moved on, you don’t mind talking about an ex-husband. If you have issues still that’s when you wont or cant mention somebody who was in your life. Tom is the father of her two oldest children and Nicole doesn’t refuse to answer questions about him. Nicole has moved on.

  • Suri the meal ticket


    My read of Nicole’s latest interview is that she’s talking more about her struggle and frustration to get pregnant and have babies, less about Tommygirl.

    KHo entered a sham marriage 100% willing, meanwhile whoring out her daughter to promote her career and enjoy all the luxury Tommygirl provided. Suri had been a rented prop for Tommy, hence no real involvement after the lease expired. Heck, he still has to pay the residual for the next 12 yrs!

  • jane

    She looks dirty in that outfit. Tom’s paying a huge child support, can’t she just borrow some money from Suri and go to store and buy something nice.

    Seems like there is something wrong with her and probably this is the reason why Tom C was helping her find the right clothes because really has a poor taste.

    Imagine, she’s claiming to be a fashion designer and cannot even wear nice clothes?

  • Rita R.

    So she’s skinny on top, big at the bottom, and weirdly has no butt. If she as such an awkward body, and she clearly has gained weight, why not dress more flattering….and definitely trash those horrid jeans? She really loves skinny jeans, they just don’t love her! Her face is totally drab. Come on girl, a little cheek stain doesn’t take much effort! WHERE IS HER BOBBI BROWN KIT?
    Not a hater, just an opinionater, I think Katie is having mental issues. She looks sort of depressed. Any person, with her career, her choices -(fashion designer, face of cosmetics company, H. stern jewelery, and then of course, a Broadway run), would certainly put more effort into her sense of image, her appearance, just overall have fun with her style. I am sure the Katie loyalists will knock my comment down. That’s okay. I am pretty convinced KH is not an entirely happy girl. We knew her before, see her now. It’s obvious she is tired, stressed, and struggles with just putting herself together.

  • tsquared


    We get you don’t like Nicole. BUT if you read the interview she was asked questions and she answered them. If you notice, there is never any substance to the answers when it concerns Tom. Tom and the cult took her two older children away from her. She could have been snarky like Aniston is about Pitt. She could have bared all (well that the divorce confidentiality agreement would let her) like most of the other stars that twitter, facebook and write books about their broken hearts–but no–she has always been very careful to be respectful of the ten years that she spent with Tom. She has always been very careful to not do anything that would hurt Bella and Connor when they google themselves, their dad or their mum (which is Nicole). You criticize her, but she has been there for her kids and tried to be as Tom shut her out of their lives. What Katie did was far worse. Tom and crew made sure we all knew the kids loved Katie, called her mom, and that they were a very close family. Katie literally shut the door in their faces and walked away taking their half sister with her. Sometimes Annie actions speak louder than words. Nicole has truly been a class act where Tom and her kids are concerned. She has never spoken badly of him, has continued to respect the marriage that she had with him and has gone on to a place of forgiveness and love. Next to her Katie shows what a vindicitive person she is. I do think Katie needed to do what she did to get away from the cult and to save Suri from Tom and his craziness, but she also most likely hurt Bella and Connor and Suri by taking a machete to the kid’s relationship. Nicole does not bring Tom up. Interviewers do. Did you really really think that after what Katie did that interviewers would give Nicole a free pass? No of course not Annie. They are looking for scandal, for Nicole to say something that will hit the headlines about Tom. Unlike Tom who gives interviewers a long list of questions and topics that they cannot ask, Nicole does not. When they ask something she is not comfortable answering, unlike Tom, she is gracious and says either I can’t/won’t answer that or no comment. It is yet to be seen if Katie upon her divorce has grown a brain. For the last seven or so years she has sounded like a vapid lunatic. Give me Nicole any day over crazy Tom and brainless Katie.

  • Lauren

    No need to be so mean about Katie Holmes’ clothing–she must have her reasons.. I see the humor in it, though– This plaid top looks so much like a flannel shirt, complete with belt, that I purchased at Goodwill to use as a light-weight, short bathrobe. I wish her well, hope she will be safe from now on…(a friend made a remark about her to me about mid-June, so started looking on-line, so was unprepared for ‘abrupt’ info. at end of June concerning her legal filing for divorce…)

  • Susan S.

    Katie, get on a diet. Lay off the carbs. Lose some weight.

  • rubyz

    Completely unremarkable woman: unremarkable looking with an unremarkable (soon to be nonexistent?) career. The only staying power she’s got is Suri. That little girl will have NO peace and no privacy.

  • carol

    Being simple does not mean wear clothes that looks old and dirty. She wants to prove to all that simple things in life could make her happy. That’s why she doesn’t want Suri to wear expensive fashionable designers clothes.

    I don’t get it. Don’t know what’s going on inside katie H brain or she oes not have one.

    Suri is the only biological child of. Tom C. Not achild of unemployed Mexican gardener..

  • annie

    @ t squared
    and i know how much you like nicole, but that’s beside the point.
    you say it once , you say it twice, and then three times and maybe from then on it stops.
    talk about your kids , your husband, your career, whatever, you want to wish everybody well that’s nice too, but don’t go on.
    katie has been with tom for 7yrs, that’s how often i’ve read it, and how many years before that?
    about conner and bella
    about 4 yrs ago, anyway something like that, on a tv show-a morning programme-sometime between 7and 9 in the morning–interviewer was Richard Wilkins to Keith Urban, who was here for some music awards
    asked about Connor and Bella
    KU response was…….don’t see them as much as probably other stepfathers do.
    so don’t cover up for her, she was too busy having a career, and he was left with the kids–a lot
    what TC/Scie did to them was bad, and for some reason you say that Katie did a hatchet job on Tom, and took away Suris relationship with her siblings, she can still have a relationship with them if her father dropped in on some weekend.
    don’t you ask yourself why TC, a powerful man that he is , only has visitation rights, not joint custody, well i do.
    you call KH vindictive, YES, i bet she is with a Venus in Scorpio, you have no idea, they love to the extreme/ hate to the extreme the very people they once died for, if that person did something to them, which they deem unforgivable…. fact, as hard as it might be for people to understand that.
    i think that Nicole is a brilliant actress on screen and off, just like Tom the brilliant actor, they never stop acting, and never stop lying, always peforming, they should have stayed together.
    HE did a hatchet job on her, and the wonderful decade she keeps on saying she spent with him meant nothing to him , he took off with PCruz..
    of course she’s forgiven him now, been 10 yrs and 2 kids later., she keeps on saying how wonderful her life is, or is it?
    we’ll see.

  • tsquared

    @annie: Wow, you really don’t like Nicole do you? Well for seven years we’ve been hearing Katie exclaim how amazing her life is. Awesome. Wonderful. At least Nicole changes out her adjectives. And the reason KU said that was not because Nicole was too busy having a career–it was because of the cult. Read the VF article and google it. Several top ex-cult members have said the cult deliberately turned the kids against Nicole with Tom’s tacit okay.

    All actors/actresses lie or obfuscate the truth. Including Katie. And if you want to talk about someone focused on their career. She has dragged Suri all over as she pursued a failed career in film, theater, dance, song, and fashion. Nicole isn’t half as busy as Katie.

    And have you ever wondered why both Nicole and Katie and even Mimi are so careful about what they say? Mimi backed down on her monk comments. Nicole is always super careful to make sure she says only positive things. And Katie felt that she had to sneak in and blind side Tom in a divorce. That doesn’t make Nicole evil and a liar. It makes her as afraid as Katie was…probably a mixture of Tom and the Cult and the repercussions if they actually told the truth about their relationship with him.

    However, I do believe that tom genuinely loved Nicole and she him. I think the cult got in the way there. And I think they’d still be married if it wasn’t for the cult. He said (and yes he said the same things about Katie) that she was his soul mate and the love of his life. I think with Nicole he meant it. With Katie not so much. Andrew Morton said that Tom is able to make a decision, stick to it and not think about those he leaves behind. He also said if Tom had to choose between the cult and his children he thought the kids would lose out. (Youtube interview).

    Nicole seems very happy now. Katie still seems to be pursuing fame and fortune and not making it. I’m sorry but Katie is going to have to prove herself to me before I begin to respect her. By prove herself–show that she has half a brain. At the moment she still doesn’t appear to have a brain that is working on all cells.

    And it is telling, that according to — Tom hasn’t seen Suri in 65 days. That is over two months. And that is a long time when a child is six.

  • @ annie

    oh, annie, katie holmes is a nothing compared with nicole. katie has never proven herself as an actress and comes off as remarkably unintelligent and unsophisticated in her interviews. nicole has always handled herself with class and has proven herself to be a terrific actress (who can actually dance, unlike katie’s so-so attempt at the same).

    although you no doubt worship katie, you also have no idea what happened among any of these people. nicole gets asked about tom cruise and responds with class and generosity. she never talks about him unless she is asked first, and she has certainly not needed the status as his ex to build her tremendous career.

    the difference is talent; nicole has it, katie does not.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Junk in her her trunk for the frump…. Like watching Brittany Spears as she fell apart in front of everyone’s eyes. Smile more!!!! You won the settlement for god’s sakes.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Maybe she needs one of those Scientology cleansing rituals….

  • annie

    sorry don’t hate nicole, just see it the way it is,
    no stage did i say katie is a great actress, she’s out there working like hundreds of them are.
    and unlike the rest of you, i’m not afraid to say somethingnot flattering about someone i like , if it’s the truth

    so tsquared
    how you contradict yourself
    tom genuinely loved nicole , but not genuinely loved katie.
    according to you he didn’t love her, but stuck her in his warped world never the less
    , anybody would have finally done a hatchet job on him if that’s the case, bececause he’s full of deception then isn’t he.
    you say nicole wants to say good things about her childrens father, in case they google
    what is suri going to say one day when she reads that her father chose her mother from a list
    of course it’s not nicole –what do you care, and you call me obsessed.
    you tell me that i’m obsessed

  • sad

    take a shower
    wash ur make-up off
    yeash woman, u look filthy