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Alexander Skarsgard: RomaFictionFest Closing Ceremony!

Alexander Skarsgard: RomaFictionFest Closing Ceremony!

Alexander Skarsgard suits up for the 2012 RomaFictionFest closing ceremony held at Auditorium Parco Della Musica on Friday (October 5) in Rome, Italy.

Earlier in the week, the 36-year-old actor attended the fifth season premiere of True Blood at RomaFictionFest with his co-star Kristin Bauer.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander recently spoke to The Wall Street Journal about the difference between shooting True Blood and making a short film for Calvin Klein.

“This [Calvin Klein short film] was different on one level because there’s no dialogue. That was a cool challenge of telling a story with no words. But that’s what I love about this job. One day you are covered in blood shooting True Blood and the next day you are doing this. I just wrapped this film in Vancouver called Hidden about a family in a bomb shelter. So from this to like dirty bomb shelter with rats and smoke and soot and fire, that’s what so great about this job,” Alexander shared.

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  • Canuck

    I hope he gets to spend a bit of time at home in Sweden now.

  • sinca

    He looked really really good. All that Italian food is doing wonders.

  • blues

    Oh, he looks incredible handsome :) It looks like Rome is very good place for him …

  • Lilla

    So, so handsome.

  • Naharla

    Wow he looks really good, sexy

    Someone posted this on his JJ post

    Italia Roma ‏@Roma
    Oh my!!!!!! my heart…… Alexander skarsgaard just walked by holding hands with a blondi beauty I’M STILL ALIVE #rome

    What ??????? Anyone know about this any pictures of him and the supposed beauty walking around Rome have I missed something ??

  • sinca

    @Naharla: Why did you change that? In the other post is says “dark hair beauty” and that’s not even anywhere on twitter looks made up. In any case Valentina was showing him around.

  • Why change it


    It says dark hair beauty on the other post ? Why change it EPIC FAIL TROLL and he came with a pal a Swedish SSD( I think ) and dark hair is valentine curvi No hand holding .

    But yeah he looks nice and relaxed.

  • Really!

    This was the original tweet by 3 women and they never said anything about any woman blonde or dark hair and that twitter is not real either. Roll eyes.

    Sara Rosso ‏@rosso
    Oh my god. Be still my heart. Alexander skarsgaard just walked by. #rome
    Erica Firpo ‏@Moscerina
    Ahhhh Alexander Skarsgard just walked by! Awesome eye @caribragazza @rosso still breathing?

    Oh shit! Just saw Alexander Skarksgard just walk by. @rosso is dying. #hollywoodinrome

    Geesh people stop making stuff up. If he is with someone it will be known.

  • Dam trolls

    STOP making tweet and faux stuff up, stop changing the hair colour of the women and Alex doesn’t have a g/friend go away I am sick of trolls you are not Alex fans leave him alone let him find his own g/friend just enjoy the Italy pics and sightings .

    get a sodding life

  • put a sock in it, trolls!

    Stupid trolls. Can’t there be a post about Alex without all this dumb made up stuff about his love life?!

  • xyz

    Beautiful man. He’s been looking so happy and relaxed lately. I love it.

  • XxXxX

    Ooh dude is looking banging. I seriously need to go to Sweden

  • Strange

    Alex looks so relaxed , and looks like so happy . What a handsome man he is ? Glad to see him enjoying himself …He has work so hard . He needed a break . ..

  • Jen

    Looks like Starvesgard 2012 is over and our sexy swede can eat again!!!! Enjoy all that yummy, yummy italian food and wine!!!

    I hope he gets to go home and see his baby brother!!

  • Macy

    LOL some people never cease to amaze me with this love life crap. Making fake twitter postings is sad and pathetic. Having said that, Alex looks handsome as ever!

  • ladybug

    @put a sock in it, trolls!: No, apparently the relationship troll(s) have to have him hooked up with someone.

    @Jen, I hope that since he’s in Italy he’s making up for not having pasta or wine while filming Hidden:

    “Plus, I had to lose a lot of weight for it. I was on this diet for two months of water and kale salads basically. I was allowed a little bit of protein but no beer, no wine, no pasta. I like beer, wine, and rich foods. So, it was an intense experience but I had a really good time. It’s a great script. I just wrapped that.”"

  • Blythe

    He looks like he’s gotten some deserved rest. Good for him. Alex works hard!

  • mforman

    AS looks so amazing, I always say the same thing, he truly is the most gorgeous and one of the most talented actors around right now, that is just my opinion, before the trolls attack.
    Also why don’t they stay off his posts instead of coming on here and making up the stupidest, most ridiculous same old stories over and over. It is just so unnecessar and such a waste, because they have to know by now they will be proven wrong over and over.
    Leave him alone and let his fans appreciate him like he should be appreciated.

  • Sarah.

    He is so handsome and such a good actor! Love him in true blood. 😍

  • Cafélady

    It seems as some people can’t just leave it to fabricate all this allegedly love crap stories! Some people have obviously such a less own life that they need to speculate about the (supposed) love life of others. Sad.

    @ladybug: …like I said in the other alex post – such a nutrition isn’t really healthy – but I find it respectable that he is ready to do so much for a project/role!

    @mforman: You’re so right. This whole rumor-carousel starting is so unneccesary and ridiculous.

    I presume and hope it was all well with your surgery – I hope you feel a bit better now.

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: Well, no, that sort of diet that he did for Hidden isn’t really good for him, but hopefully that’s the last time he’ll have to do something like that.

    HQ stills from the CK photoshoot from earlier in the year:

  • Octoberfest

    I prefer my Alex a bit blonder, but still looking absolutely hot!

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: How much would that suck, filming in Vancouver and not getting to drink the beer or try out any of the good restaurants? Hopefully the next time he’s filming something there, he’ll get to indulge a bit in some of what Vancouver has to offer.

  • Bumblebee


    What about the redhead and the silver fox he walked around with??? Cough cough Didnt you see the tweets abiut them ???

    Sheesh ! We need better trolls !!!
    Just leave the poor guy alone! Hes old enough to find his own girlfriends. Anyway a lot of his fans admire his acting and are not concerned if hes walking around with a blonde or a brunette!

  • lea

    my perfect man!

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: He was spotted at a couple of sushi places, IIRC, so he did expand his diet beyond kale and water.
    If he has to have a diet like that for another movie they should film it here, where there aren’t as many tempting restaurants.

  • lookin’ good there


    I find it equally amazing how some askarstans get all upset and denial whenever Alex’s new possible love interest is mentioned. How bout getting your own love life or even life in general? ;)

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: Guess that was the little bit of protein he was allowed. The man must have a will of steel to resist trying some Big Rock beer while he was there though. Or Joe Fortes…

  • Canuck

    @lookin’ good there: I think the endless speculation based on either imaginary tweets or the fact that he happens to have a woman, any woman, in the same pap photo frame when the shutter closed is ridiculous.

    If he does, he does and if he’s comfortable with the general public knowing then we’ll know. Otherwise it’s a bit boringly repetitive to constantly hear “he was at the same party as so and so, they’re a couple” when “so and so” is either a castmate, the girlfriend of a good friend of his or another celebrity being paid to appear.

    Personally, I don’t think he has a girlfriend at the moment, he doesn’t seem to have too much time to dedicate to a relationship right now. Too busy guiding his career to where he wants to be I suspect. But he’s single, he’s 36 years old and if he’s out getting laid when the mood strikes, so what?

  • Future mrs skarsgard

    And when he presents a GF in public that women will be hanged, drawn and quartered.
    She will be called a gold digga fameho , pap caller, hanger on, social climber etc

    God help the future mrs skarsgard when it does happen.

    For now just enjoy him being single.

  • ladybug

    @lookin’ good there: To add to Canuck’s response: I think most of are presuming that Alex isn’t lacking for female companionship when he wants it. But it’s the small group of commenters who feel the need to hook him up with whomever is spotted with him, that’s the annoying thing. I suspect some of them are just trolling, but others are probably quite sincere in their belief that he’s dating whomever the tabloids link him to this week.

    @Canuck, he doesn’t strike me as someone who feels the need to always be in a ‘serious’ relationship, and with that and his workload he’s probably not out looking for something serious. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

  • Canuck

    @Future mrs skarsgard: I take it you’re referring to the general consensus about his last girlfriend? She was definitely calling the paps and still does. He’s probably learned his lesson about that sort of thing the hard way. I doubt he’ll fall for the “I have no idea how they keep finding us” BS again.

    I suspect he’ll probably end up with someone from outside of the industry, what he seems to value doesn’t seem to be what 99.9% of HW does and he’s going to have a hard time finding someone in that environment who hasn’t become a hardened barracuda just to survive. My personal opinion…

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: No, he doesn’t strike me that way either. I also suspect that some of the dating rumours, especially when they involve women who are his friends or friends of his family, are put out with his OK to give them a bit more visibility at times that they need it.

  • ladybug

    @Future mrs skarsgard: Oh, there will be a group of ‘fans’ who will never approve of whomever he dates/marries, that’s a given.
    But even when they do like the rumored hookups it can get … odd. When the rumors of he and Alica V popped up this summer there were several comments on multiple sites that didn’t believe them but like the possiblity, in part because since she was in her 20′s she could produce lots of Skarschildren. Which is weird.

    @Canuck: “I also suspect that some of the dating rumours, especially when they involve women who are his friends or friends of his family, are put out with his OK to give them a bit more visibility at times that they need it.” I suspect this was the case with Charlize, even if it wasn’t planned that way. The rest of the rumors, including AV, I think had nothing to do with him (and in the case of AV, her).

    “I doubt he’ll fall for the “I have no idea how they keep finding us” BS again.” I hope not.

  • sinca

    oh god you guys are all so stupid writing f’n essays on JJ. Get lives.

  • ladybug

    @sinca: And yet, here you are, posting comments.

  • fyathyrio

    I don’t care about his love life. Just show me some pictures of him and let me see him on television and the big screen.

  • 20s??

    What I find really stange is why some sites think that Alex should date someone in there 20s whom liked the idea of Alicia v because she could produce kiddiesWTF there is nothing wronge with a women producing children in her 30s Sara Michelle geller has two kiddies and just gave birth to a boy and she is 35
    Why specifically someone in there 20s?
    I would much rather see Alex date a women in her 30s with more life experiences then some 20somethink Scarlett who wouldn’t really want to settle down or have Kids, they would just want to party and have fun in HW

    I think would be pretty disappointed if I hear a rumor of Alex parading around with some 21 year old for a girlfriend . Then I would think he had some childish insecurities and couldn’t take on a real women close to his age

    Just my opinion :)

  • Aussiegirl

    @Future mrs skarsgard:

    Actually, most people only had a problem with Kate because she appeared to be exactly what she is. A try hard starlet with the paps on speed dial. She was the cause of the constant surly look on his face. This was not a happy relationship. Call it what you want, blame it on the fans. The truth is she was no good for him, and that’s what got under the fans skins.

  • ladybug

    @20s??: I don’t think the people writing that way about Alicia V understood that it look like they were making her into some sort of broodmare. I think they saw it as someone who’d be a good match and who happened to be young enough to produce a sports team worth of Skarsgards, like Dad.

  • Truth

    Hey Alex, is spending over 40,000 a month on P.R. a good thing? Is that where all of your F.U. money going?

  • Aussiegirl


    Have you by chance done a comparison to what other celebs spend? No? Thought not. I think you’d find it’s the same if not more. And btw at least he has something to promote, unlike some who get papped on this and other websites for….umm nothing.

  • Canuck

    @Truth: howmdid you come up with that figure?

  • Bumblebee

    @lookin good there
    You have a point. Personally i am a fan, definitely not a Stan! I love him but not IN love with him. I would be happy for him if he found a good girlfriend and had a few dozen kids and all that jazz..

    But just as some Stans scare me, i dont like some trolls trying to hook him up with everything. i mean, whenever he makes a public appearance he gets hooked up with everything from 2 olivia, some brunette, few blondes, even some innocent bystander who just happens to be caught in the same frame as him ! Its getting to a point where people dont talk about his work, but his hook ups. I mean, even when he promotes CK, theres less talk about the fragrance and more about whether hes geting it from Olivia! Thats what i find ridiculous.

    At least if the hook ups were happening, you could gossip about it.
    And making up false tweets…. just why?

    @ truth


  • $40,000

    On PR per month no way!!! I mean Alex is a wealthy man but not that wealthy. Then I dread to think how much his car costs him per month and his house? And Any other expenses …………
    Because 40k seems alot to pay out just only on PR and his money will only stretch so far.

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: He pulled it out of his butt.
    Whatever Alex is paying Robin Baum I highly doubt it’s 40000 a month. I don’t think even Johnny Depp is paying RB that much.

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: Yup, that’s what I thought. Imaginary handholding with imaginary blondes or brunettes and imaginary PR budgets.

  • Alex in London

    Fan Pic of Alex in china town London today according to an Alex fan site

    I wonder if it has anything to do with London fields movie? ya never know
    I wouldn’t like to think Alex would just travel to London for a party and beer must be business related?

    Alex in Chinatown, London, probably today

    Eric Northman Chilling With Is in The Pub! Our True id Pumping!!!!

  • ladybug

    @Alex in London: He’s talking the long way home to Stockholm? Could be that he has friends there and is just visiting, no work involved.

  • Macy

    @lookin’ good there:
    Um I don’t care about mentioning a lovelife, if it’s actually happening. As I said, making up fake twitter posts is what is ridiculous. It’s pathetic to do that. If the guy has a woman making him happy, fine, but people making sh*t up just for kicks is stupid.