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Alexander Skarsgard: RomaFictionFest Closing Ceremony!

Alexander Skarsgard: RomaFictionFest Closing Ceremony!

Alexander Skarsgard suits up for the 2012 RomaFictionFest closing ceremony held at Auditorium Parco Della Musica on Friday (October 5) in Rome, Italy.

Earlier in the week, the 36-year-old actor attended the fifth season premiere of True Blood at RomaFictionFest with his co-star Kristin Bauer.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander recently spoke to The Wall Street Journal about the difference between shooting True Blood and making a short film for Calvin Klein.

“This [Calvin Klein short film] was different on one level because there’s no dialogue. That was a cool challenge of telling a story with no words. But that’s what I love about this job. One day you are covered in blood shooting True Blood and the next day you are doing this. I just wrapped this film in Vancouver called Hidden about a family in a bomb shelter. So from this to like dirty bomb shelter with rats and smoke and soot and fire, that’s what so great about this job,” Alexander shared.

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  • janet

    @amy: I think he’s single. Didn’t he say so not too long ago? He strikes me as someone who might hook up with lots of women, but when it comes right down to it, is very picky about who he becomes serious about.

  • Bumblebee

    True. Unfortunately the girls he seems to get serious about, seems like a relationship where they make each other happy and unhappy. Like that girl in sweden and the last gf.
    My older brother is like that. All his relationships with sweet girls never take off, and he is always attracted to women with a bit of darkness . Hes been married for five years to a girl , they seem to make each other miserable but some how cannot stay apart too. Baffles us but i guess diferent strokes for different people !

  • §

    humm… what do you mean when you’re saying: he is always attracted to women with a little bit of darkness”? You mean bad girls? Maybe in my language it sounds different , that’s why I’m asking…you really can’t judge a book by its cover hey. Is it just me or he has extremelly sad eyes. In his pics of the Roma event he seems so sad despite he was smilling and being dashing as ever; just an observation.

  • just reading

    What puzzles me the most about that picture (#99) is: why is he the only one wearing just a T-shirt?

  • ladybug

    @amy: No, not a mystery, as you wrote, “it gives the illusion.” All it is is camera angles. You’re not the only one who’s ‘seeing’ this, but I think it’s ‘seeing’ something from nothing.

    @just reading, that’s the first thing I noticed, actually. It’s in the 40′s where he was and yet he’s the only one in short sleeves. Goofball. I’m also presuming that perhaps his coat is in his checked luggage.

    @§: He looked tired in Rome, but not sad, especially not during the fan photos.

    When Bumblebee refers to ‘darkness’ she may be referencing this interview from 2010:

    I”s he attracted to extreme situations? ‘Sometimes, yeah, but I also know I have to be careful because there is something destructive within me, I think, and I can have a tendency to just search for the kicks. I can’t really get too close to someone who’s too destructive, or too dark, because then I might go down the rabbit hole myself.’ ”

  • Bumblebee

    @ double s sign i cannot get on my ipad and ladybug

    Not bad girls, maybe just bad for each other. Like i said, i have personal experience in seeing my brothers relationships where they cannot stay with each other nor can they stay apart from each other. You would wonder why they both dont get out of it, i mean isnt that what we would do, but something seems to bind them .
    @ ladybug
    Yes, but inremember another interview where he talked about his long on off relationship, maybe with sara tun? Sorry dont remember so cannot paraphrase it, but it was an interview where the interviewer mentions alex and he crossing some bridal party or something, and alex makes a remark.
    I tnk he said something on the lines of that relationship being bad for each other but they were still on and off and it was very passionate .

    Thats what i meant, and not that he is attracted to bad girls. Maybe just girls who have a bit of that darrk streak in them.
    Like kb, dont want to sound mean cos i dont know her. But she went off the rails completely when she broke up with bloom especially and became so anorexic. Again, i dont believe in bashing her, but the poor girl looks so unhappy half the time.

    Just once i hope he gets together with a girl who’s Positive with a fun outlook.

  • just reading

    ”It’s in the 40′s where he was”
    That’s 40 degrees Fahrenheit, right? Sorry, I have to ask, because we use Celsius, so I had to calculate that ;)
    Yeah, it’s cold, we have pretty same temperatures here in Slovenia too. It’s fall and I love it.

    Haha, I think you’re right, he probably forgot to take his coat out of the luggage. Goofball, indeed.

  • ladybug

    @Bumblebee: For the bridal party you’re thinking of the Men’s Journal interview:

    Two thoughts on that: he was probably being (mostly) sarcastic. But. he had finally ended one of those not-really-good-for-you relationships just a few months earlier.

    As far as I know he’s never mentioned the Sara Tun relationship specifically, at least not in English language interviews, but he mentions the on-off passionate one in the Telegraph interview, but he’s mentioned it in other ones as well. I think it’s presumed that this is the ST relationship he’s talking about.

    “Just once i hope he gets together with a girl who’s Positive with a fun outlook.” I’d add to that, someone who doesn’t need ‘help’, doesn’t need his fame, etc.

  • Bumblebee


    U r good, thats the interview i meant. Of course the bride maid heckling i knew he was being funny. But i gave that as a ref point . Cos i remember reading smething about him being in an on off long relationship where it was passioante but they were not good for each other . I thought it was in the same interview that had the bride party ref. But i guess its the Telegraph one.
    Yes hes never mentioned sara by name, but as far as i know shes the one he had the 4 yron off relationship with. I know the other long term gf was joel’s sister, right? But was it for 4 yrs?
    Lets hope hes successful in finding that partner for himself. Hes just starting to find success professionally in being recognised beyond true blood in Hollywood.
    At the end of the day im a romantic who wamts him to get started on that half a dozen kids ! Maybe seeing him with onata kickstarted that feeling !

  • ladybug

    @just reading: Yeah, 8 degrees in Stockholm when he left and around 6 degrees in Ostersund. I do wish the US had converted to metric, it’d have been a lot easier.
    Slovenija? Someday I’ll get there.

    @Bumblebee, he’s mentioned the on-off 3 year relationship quite a bit in his earlier interviews, not so much now. I think both the ST and AD relationships were around 3 years.

    I think it’s a good thing that he’s not rushing into another serious relationship. He shouldn’t be in a relationship just to be in a relationship, there are too many people-men and women-who do that.

  • janet

    @ladybug: I agree. He should just enjoy life, and it will come when it comes. He’s said before he’s not one of these people who has to be in a relationship all the time to be happy.

  • Disney Villainess

    @fyathyrio: This is how I feel.:)

    @FAKE PATHETIC ASS#58:……. Name stealing because I haven’t been on here in a while. And I’m glad no one responded to your wannabe copy-cat ass. The regulars on here know my sound and also know that I don’t come on here attacking anyone that doesn’t deserve it. Now go back to eating your luncheon loaf sandwiches, cheese puffs, and Red Bull like the obedient loser you are. This is exactly why I haven’t been on here, the pathetic neckbeards and “Jerri Blanks”with no imagination of their own can come on here and post ridiculous bullshit behind someone else’s established user name. F*CKIN’ COWARDS

  • bonnie

    Texas Swede never posted under my name. I’ve been the only one using this name. I haven’t seen anyone else using it. Whoever wrote that post about her was lying and trying to pull our legs. How awful and unnecessary.

  • ladybug

    @bonnie: We’re on a gossip site, so on occasion we’re not going to be nice. But name stealing is just extraordinarily juvenile, no matter what type of site you’re on. And name stealing in this case is both very sad and very vile.

  • bumblebee

    not just name stealing, but posting things knowing very well that the person has no way to defend herself, is downright pathetic.

    This is precisely the reason people are so wary of Stans .

  • ladybug

    Another CK interview:

    “Also, Swedes generally don’t show off. There are plenty of very rich people in Stockholm, but you aren’t going to see many pink Lamborghinis on the street or big fake mansions with fake Greek columns. It’s a culture where people don’t really talk about success. You strive for it, but it’s kind of frowned upon in Sweden to brag. Personally, it’s difficult for me to know why someone would care about what kind of sandwich I ate for lunch.

    I’m not saying Tweeting is bad – it’s a great platform if you have an important message and a great way to connect, in terms of charitable causes or in politics. Just look at the Arab Spring. But I’m an actor. Do people care? I don’t – not about myself in that way. It’s so me, me, me.”

  • Bogus

    Regarding Texas Swede, we learned that TS supposedly passed away on 10/7 after battling cancer. See post 73. Macy confirmed it on 10/11 (how Macy would know is anyone’s guess). Post 34, under this topic: Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Australian Sight-Seeing Couple. However, on 10/5 two days prior to her “death” TS was posting comments. #30 under this topic: Kate Bosworth Tweets About Great Kiss. Most people on their deathbeds wouldn’t and more importantly, couldn’t, use up their tiny bit of remaining energy posting comments at JJ! In fact, they can barely open their eyes! Nothing happened to TS. This is something like her bogus posts about being on the SD sets. This too is bogus. You’ve all been punk’d.

  • Alya

    @ladybug: “@Alex in London: He’s talking the long way home to Stockholm? Could be that he has friends there and is just visiting, no work involved.” Where does Lucy Griffiths live?

  • §

    I’m gonna be straight forward here: what are you insinuating by that “quotation” comment? Just say what’s on your mind…

  • §

    I’m gonna be straight forward here: what are you insinuating by that “quotation” comment? Just say what’s on your mind…

  • The LG fandom

    Lucy currently has up and coming projects filming uncanny and new project winters tale production starts in manhattan 27 oct
    She is not in Sweden, Lucy resides in Brighton( I think) and LA as I am aware Alex and Lucy have never dated and don’t care if they do date Its there business and not mine .

    Akiva Goldsman’s ‘Winter’s Tale’ Sets Matt Bomer, Lucy Griffiths, Eva Marie Saint

    | Friday September 21, 2012 @ 12:11pm EDT
    Tags: Akiva Goldsman, Eva Marie Saint, Lucy Griffiths, Matt Bomer, Winter’s Tale

    EXCLUSIVE: In his directorial debut, Akiva Goldsman continues to add to an already strong cast for Winter’s Tale. Magic Mike and White Collar star Matt Bomer, True Blood‘s Lucy Griffiths and Eva Marie Saint round out a film that stars Colin Farrell, Downton Abbey‘s Jessica Brown Findlay, William Hurt, Will Smith and Russell Crowe. The film, based on the Mark Helprin novel, is about a dying young woman (Findlay) who falls in love with a thief who breaks into her palatial home on the West Side of Manhattan, in a drama that takes place in 19th century and contemporary Manhattan. Farrell plays the thief and Bomer will play his father while Griffiths plays his mother.

    Goldsman isn’t divulging the role Saint will play, as it is a pivotal plot point. The Oscar-winning star of such films as North By Northwest, she last appeared in a major movie when she played Martha Kent in 2006′s Superman Returns. Marc Platt and Michael Tadross are producing. Warner Bros begins production in Manhattan on October 27, and Goldsman has also tapped Caleb Deschanel to do cinematography and Hans Zimmer to do the score. Sounds promising.

  • fyathyrio

    @Bogus: We were not told how she died. Or how alert she was 2 days before. Let the woman go in peace. Whatever she did to you is moot at this point. The dead should not be disrespected.

    I rarely post but I read daily. And people like you are the reason why.

  • Macy

    I didn’t “confirm” anything. I just stated the first post was a post from a friend of Texas Swede’s and the second one was an idiot using the same name trying to make a disgusting joke. As for how much energy she had right before her passing, you can’t possible know that and I don’t think it’s very respectful to bring it up or continue to debate. Let things rest in peace.

  • ladybug

    @Alya: If he and LG have been secretly dating all this time he should give up his acting career and go to work for the Swedish equivalent of the CIA, because as much attention as he gets I think it really would be hard to hide a romantic relationship for that long.


    RETARDED!!! Clueless and stupid. They are out of touch with reality.
    They truly are Askarloons.

  • §

    and your are wasting your time writing here and commenting about “us Askarloons” because??? its a gossip site, hence people gossip, hence it’s a fact that people do that all the time HENCE: IF U DONT LIKE IT THEN GET THE F**K OUT. @ladybug:
    totally get your point… amazing how she is trying to be “subtle” by asking where Lucy Griffith lives…

  • ladybug

    @§: I do love the troll(s) on this site. I suspect this troll is a ‘fan’ of the ex.

    The whole LG thing amuses me, I guess some fans (hers? his?) really want them together. Of course, if he were to date her, we’d get the troll who complains that he only dates his costars. Who is probably the same troll who complains that he dates only model-skinny blonds, so it’d be a even more confused troll if the LG thing were to happen.

  • Canuck

    @fyathyrio: +1

    @Bogus: Just leave it be. For all you know, she had a massive reaction to her latest round of chemo.

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug:…sorry, but I needed a little break – the thing with TS knocked me down a bit…btw. what idiot was this on the last pages (the one who has stolen obviously the name of TS’s friend)? How sick must one be to do such a silly, tasteless thing? I mean, it’s clear – we will always have some trolls here, but to attack in that sneaky way and about someone who can’t defend herself anymore, just for to provoke – that is what bothers me. Pathetic.

    Back to the topic; ” “Just once i hope he gets together with a girl who’s Positive with a fun outlook.” I’d add to that, someone who doesn’t need ‘help’, doesn’t need his fame, etc.” (#108)
    What do you mean exactly with “someone who doesn’t need “help” ?

    As for the interview in where he mentioned his new house in Calif.; one can see – in almost all interviews up to, he says or mention somehow, that he likes to go home to sweden as often as possible. In the newest Interview he talks about his “love” for Stockholm and sweden in general. And that he would it love to work there. That is one reason of a lot, why I presume that he also already has something bought in sweden. No matter whether a appartment or a house, and probably in stockholm or the environment of it. At least, this is what I would do as a first thing, if I had a bit money to spend. It would be logic, when you know, that you someday want to come back and to live and work permanently again in your homecountry/hometown. So I think, this house in Calif. is just for the moment.

  • Disney Villainess

    @bumblebee:”This is precisely the reason people are so wary of Stans .”

    Exactly, this is the type of sh*t that can turn people off. SMDH

    It just doesn’t make any sense to me, no one can see your ass, this site is all anonymous, so why take someone else’s name to post your bullshit silliness? If you ain’t got the balls to express yourself online with you own damn name, you most definitely couldn’t have them in real life. Own up to your sh*t and take the consequences, which at its worst is getting flagged the f*ck off and at its least is getting a bunch of thumb downs, no biggie, either way you still live on to troll another day as well as getting certified a Grade A Loser of Life.

    @A CERTIFIED DUMBASS#125: And since you decided to come on here with that type of logic, what the f*ck does that make you? That’s right, a buffOON.

  • ???

    @fyathyrio: Check out post #73. It says TS “fought cancer as hard as she could”. Earlier this year TS claimed she had lupus. That’s not cancer. It’s all bull$hit. I think Bogus is right, we’ve been punk’d.

  • tall

    Alex had an apartment in Stockholm but not so long ago he sold it, so I guess for now he has no intention to go back to Sweden permanently.

  • Canuck

    @???: You do know that the two aren’t mutually exclusive, right?

  • Canuck

    @tall: well, it’s not as if he doesn’t have family he can stay with. ;)

  • ladybug

    @???: She’d also mentioned breast cancer, and no, the two aren’t mutually exclusive, as Canuck mentions.

    @tall, I’d gotten the impression that the apartment was from when he was in his 20′s, once he decided to make a go of it in HW several years ago he didn’t keep it, or stay there. When he’d be back in Stockholm, he’d just stay with Stellan or My.
    So no, no move back to Stockholm anytime soon.

  • fyathyrio

    @???: Lupus is something you live with everyday. It affects your immune system. You can live with it for years. And as others stated she mentioned earlier she had breast cancer too.

    We do not know if TS died in her sleep or went into cardiac arrest or just exactly how she went. I do know her posting had fallen off in the last couple of weeks. She was not posting as often. But who of us here can say if she was alert to post the post someone referred to 2 days before she died?

  • Macy

    I’d thought his brothers now lived in the apartment. I think I remember reading that somewhere, but maybe that was a few years back and they’ve gotten rid of it since. He has said he does go out to the family cabin frequently, so that’s good he can go and relax there and be away from prying eyes.

  • Jen

    How nice AS could be in London for LG’s birthday. Hope they have fun in Sweden until she has to start work on her next film.

  • §

    There you have it… was waiting for someone to be ballsy enough to make this sort of statement. OK guys let me speak up for myself to the ones that clearly have an issue with AS sex/love/whatever- is- bothering- you life:
    If he dates a Imaginary alien woman: His business not mine. If he dates Lucy griffiths: his business not mine again… If he had hot sexy torrid love affair with a freaking egyptian princess: His Bloody business not mine.
    I will speak for the ones that agrees with me: we only care that he makes not only great movies but something meaningful for the entertainment industry. That’s it. I do not care if he had a threesome with X, Y and Z for the last two weeks or he did date Charlize Theron in secret. It’s not relevant because it’s his freaking penis and no one owns it. He can be dating a freaking unicorn I would not care but if he knows how to make a good movie and entertaining his audience and being able to do different interesting roles then we can talk about that. I mean come on…And if he is dating Lucy Griffiths; does that help you to pay your taxes or the bills from last month? No it doesnt, it is entertaining maybe for you but it won’t help you in anything because; as far as Im concerned; the fact that he is parking his ‘car’ in different garages (supposebly) doesn’t remotelly mean that he deserves to be only known for this matter. The man is an actor: talk about his acting skills or criticise his lack of if that’s your opinion. Not who he did the naughty dance in the dark with. That’s the problem with us fans or admirers: we do not respect the boundaries of someone private life. Yes he is a celebrity, Yes there is an amount of public invasion involved but get this: Alexander the Actor/Celebrity is not Alexander the brother/son/love/frienf/human being. His job and his being are two separate entities. So gossip on his shoes or his pants or the fact he doesn’t seem to be comfortable using belts in gala events. Gossip about facts not about who he is gonna be shagging next week at the premier of XYZ. You don’t like? Well…tough

  • ladybug

    @Jen: Do we even know if LG was in London for her bday?
    And you know, he wasn’t spotted in London with anyone, and he wasn’t spotted in Sweden with anyone. So unless LG has an invisibility cloak, I’m thinking they’re probably not a couple.

  • tall

    I think that usually no one mentions if Alex is with someone or not but I guess he is always with some friends or family. Even if he is with Fares Fares in Sweden or Bjorne, nobody says about them, only sometimes you can see them, somewhere in the distance on fanpic. So if no one mentions that Alex is with someone doesn’t mean that he is alone.
    But of course I don’t claim that Alex is with LG in Sweden or that he was with her anywhere :)

  • ladybug

    @tall: If he were with a female and it looked like it might be romantic, I strongly suspect that would get mentioned in a tweet/web post, even if they didn’t know who it was. Even in Sweden. I think people just cant help themselves.

    The ‘he was London because of LG’ is the same thing as three weeks ago when someone commented that he was in NYC and therefore must be seeing Anne V, who lives in NYC. Except of course they never dated and she was in Europe for one of the Fashion weeks.

  • tall

    I don’t know … if he was only with a girl maybe someone could mentioned her, but if they were with a bigger company, I don’t think so.
    My best friend once wrote to me sms that she saw a well-known actor, but that she saw him kissing a girl told me only in direct conversation. When I ask her why, she told me that she thought that it would be strange write straight about them ;)

  • ladybug

    @tall: This may also be true, but he’s sighted enough law of averages leans toward at least someone not respecting his privacy, particularly as it pertains toward a possible date.

  • TS is Bogus

    The Askarloons are dumb enough to fall for that.

  • Why?

    Why would Alex want to take Lucy g to Sweden? Or why would lucy want to go ? For what purpose? and reason? just because its hot nordic god alexander skarsgard and she carnt resist and she has got nothing better to do then enhance her career, so what better way then 2 pull a kate bosworth style head off to Sweden to sleep with Alexander and get a bit of press and plastered all over Europe and USA HE’LL NOOOOO ain’t no way that’s lucys style .
    Lucy is working on 2 up and coming films, ,There not even close buds as far as I am concerned co worker friendly yes meeting up at industry, HBO events or tb promotional duties but that’s it, they were recently seen at a party together HBO but no romance , no sightings of them arriving or leaving together or insider stories of those two except they were chatting ?

    Nothing else to say .

  • ladybug

    @Why?: Why would Alex take Lucy G to Sweden? Because they’ve secretly been dating since January? Of course, he’s also been dating Alicia V, Charlize T, the Italian skydiver and Anne V, but no big deal.


  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: “What do you mean exactly with “someone who doesn’t need “help” ?” Someone who doesn’t have too many ‘issues’, who’s not overly clingy or needy, for example. Quirkiness is fine, ‘issues’ are not. He strikes me as being very emphatic/sympathetic, which is great, but I think sometimes that leads to the belief that you can ‘help’ people when you can’t, and/or people using that against you in relationships. I think it’d be better for him to be with someone who really is truly low-maintenance and low-key, IMO.

  • blahblahblah

    @TS is Bogus:
    Duh. No big brain needed for folk to see Texas Swede was the crazy webmistress from The World of Skarsgard.

  • National enquirer

    I dont put to much stock in NE but I liked this peace, to show the other side of his non celeb mates


    WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE…! “True Blood” star ALEXANDER SKARSGARD whooped it up and showed the town to some non-showbiz buddies – who ended up embarrassing him at Chateau Marmont.

    Said My SpyWitness: “The guys got rowdy and management was giving them the eye until Alex snapped, ‘Chill! You’re gonna get us kicked out of here!’”But bad vibes escalated when a dazzling brunette walked by their table, Alex’s pals started panting like dogs in heat – and one barked crudely as the star cringed: “Hey, look at my buddy – I bet you know him!”

    Smiling sweetly, the woman gestured at the man behind her and said: “No, I don’t… but maybe my husband does!”

    Alex, embarrassed by his pal’s crude behavior, sent the couple a bottle of champagne and told his buddies: “I love hanging out with you guys, but stop using my rep to pick up chicks.”