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Alexander Skarsgard: RomaFictionFest Closing Ceremony!

Alexander Skarsgard: RomaFictionFest Closing Ceremony!

Alexander Skarsgard suits up for the 2012 RomaFictionFest closing ceremony held at Auditorium Parco Della Musica on Friday (October 5) in Rome, Italy.

Earlier in the week, the 36-year-old actor attended the fifth season premiere of True Blood at RomaFictionFest with his co-star Kristin Bauer.

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Alexander recently spoke to The Wall Street Journal about the difference between shooting True Blood and making a short film for Calvin Klein.

“This [Calvin Klein short film] was different on one level because there’s no dialogue. That was a cool challenge of telling a story with no words. But that’s what I love about this job. One day you are covered in blood shooting True Blood and the next day you are doing this. I just wrapped this film in Vancouver called Hidden about a family in a bomb shelter. So from this to like dirty bomb shelter with rats and smoke and soot and fire, that’s what so great about this job,” Alexander shared.

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@National enquirer: I don’t put stock in any of it, including the behavior of his friends. And when was this visit to CM, because the last time he was there was for the Emmys, which was 3 weeks ago.

Alex is back in LA that was from last night.

@LA: There’s no mention as to when this supposedly occurred. So even if he did get back into LA and into CM w/o being spotted, it’s the Enquirer.

And wherever he is now, he’s probably a very a happy Swede, as the Swedes pulled an amazing comeback to tie Germany in their WC qualify match.

Cafélady @ 10/16/2012 at 7:17 pm

@ladybug: #148 …well, I know also such hopeless cases of relationships – where one of the couple have big problems with let’s say drugs or alcohol-abuse or something. Such people you actually can’t “rescue” or can’t really help them when they don’t want to help him/her itself. In the last years I could observe some of this cases. Mostly the relationship is unretrievably lost if such a person don’t see that it is necessary to search professional help.

But there are also a lot of other “issues” who one can’t judge so easily. I evaluate an “issue” for the cause of let’s say child-abuse in childhood or a trauma cause rape or something – a bit different in comparison to something like drug-problems or psychic problems like stalking. Even though the mentioned “issues” often enough are the result of such experiences or unmastered conflicts. So I would say, it depends on it what you understand under the term “issues”.

In some way, a lot of so called “normal” people have also issues because for example through experienced child-abuse in their childhood.
Often it is difficult to differentiate what issues can become a problem for an relationship and when an help-attempt (by the life partner) will be pointless.

@Cafélady: This is all true, and I’ve seen relationships like that work.I’m thinking more specifically, he should stay away from women like his most recent ex.

Who needs pals like that @ 10/16/2012 at 7:54 pm

If that is tru SHAME ON HIS PALS who do they think they are there NOBODIES Get your owm dam chicks your self LOOSERS and behave yourself at CM I would have felt bad for Alex if they were kicked out for their behaviour
,then Alex needs to start choosing his pals more wisely or start recognising that even his long term friends can still use his status in HW even if he is too stubborn and doesn’t want to believe that his buds will use him . And I hope Keith or bjorn were not included in that little outburst.
If the article is even real.

Cafélady @ 10/16/2012 at 8:06 pm

@tall: #132 …I also haven’t claimed that he has FOR NOW an intention to go back to sweden. But in the interview on what I refer to, he mentioned his love for his home and his hometown especially. And that he would love to work there. I guess, anyway that this was meant for someday in the future. At least, this and similar remarks he made earlier in some of his interviews, leave the conclusion, that he possibly want to live again in sweden someday.

And this with the appartment/house was just a thought/speculation of mine. It is just only a logic deliberation.
And yes, as well he could decide to stay at friends/family somewhere (which is very presumable because he wouldn’t need a appartment permanently for now – so IF he bought something, then to rent it out again – perhaps).

But of course it is as well possible that my thoughts are wrong.

@ladybug: #153 …well, I guess he and his swedish friends are veeryy happy swedes this evening…LoL…this stupid germans!! :(( …like Ibrahimovic said – after the break came back a totally different team to play in the second half…I almost can’t believe it…:((
But the victory of sweden was well deserved in the second half…if someone is that stupid like our players…really…LoL ;)

As for your comment #155; whatever “issues” his ex had – they were bad enough that he obviously couldn’t feel well in the relationship anymore. And if one consider what after the “inofficial” split happened – then it was apparently better to him to do that…at least, one could get the impression that apparently a lot went wrong there in the relationship-past…

Cafélady @ 10/16/2012 at 8:28 pm

@Who needs pals like that: I guess, you can surely regard this as a hoax – I don’t believe that any of his closer pals would behave like that. It’s possible that they were joking around, and didn’t meant this serious. Possibly the girl could tell a total different, harmless story (it doesn’t seem as would she named as the source). Even IF it was like that (what I can’t really believe, like I said) then in that case presumably a “journalist” was also there and thought he can report a little “scandal” about AS.

But again, I don’t believe it. Even boys who spend an evening together as a pure “men-evening”, I doubt it seriously that even only one of his buddies would do such a thing.

@Cafélady: I think it’s a good tie for Sweden, now if only they can make it to the WC. And maybe win a few games.

As for the Enquirer story, I think the barking is the part that just kills it for me.

Cafélady @ 10/16/2012 at 9:26 pm

@ladybug: #159 :)
(Enquirer story)….aaannd of course, this looks sooo much as his usual demeanor and his general attitude towards people (irony on)…;)

…I see our thumb down troll is back…

Disney Villianess @ 10/16/2012 at 9:27 pm

I am sooo sorry that I posted that. You must forgive me. I am quite delusional in my thinking. Perhaps in general. You see, I believe Alex is so great that he can do no wrong. I have a tendency to write my posts as if I am smart, witty and sassy. The truth is I am really not. I am a loser and a true buff.oon. I am really a joke. I never really understood the reason as to why me and my fellow Askarloons don’t leave this site and make our own forum. So thay way we the Askarloons can talk to each other about Alex in our own special way. I just don’t understand anything.
I will post something again later on that I did not write “that”. That I never write like “that”. You will see how I write as proof. But really I am nothing more than a buff.oon. Just a Askarloon :)

@National enquirer: that article sounds like utter BS.

Cafélady @ 10/16/2012 at 9:33 pm

Hey, I am a loser too. I have no life. That’s why I am here on this site 24/7. I am a Askarloon.

i am the BIGGEST LOSER of the all. My name is Marissa Forman. And I am a Askarloon too.

Don’t forget me. I am an IDIOT and a Askarloon.

My name is as stupid as I am. I am a Askarloon.

Don’t forget me…oh wait. I am mforman. Typical stupid me.

bumblebee @ 10/16/2012 at 9:43 pm

I wanna be a Askarloon too. I am just as stupid and a buffoon as the rest.

Wow, troll’s hit the Red Bull tonight. How utterly predictable and juvenile. You just spent 10 minutes namestealing people, does that fill you with a sense of accomplishment?

@Cafélady-thumbtroll, who goes back to the beginning of the thread and passively/aggressively does the thumbs down.

@ladybug: Awwwww, the name-stealer loves us! Doesn’t he (because you just know this is the garden utensil basement troll) realize that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

@Canuck: Of course, the troll sucks at imitation. It’s a sad, pathetic angry little troll.

Yet another Alex Encounter interview:

Do you really think name stealing my sign on and posting my full name will ever stop me for posting on here, or on the who*es thread, you know the one you two trolls adore for no reason you have ever given us. You trolls really need to grow up and just stop with your stupid, ridiculous nonesense. I know I am only giving you what you want by responding to your crap, but seriously grow up. Enough is enough.
You trolls are the ones with no lives and are the true idiots and losers, you are the ones that need to just stop, use your own names, why are you so afraid of doing that, why do you constantly feel the need to name steal, does it make you feel big and important.
The two of you are very sad.

I don’t believe that NE story at all. For one it is the NE, all they do is create fake stories. The reporter probably knew they were there and AS and his friends were enjoying themselves and this disgusting reporter made up a lie to get a story printed.
AS’s friends wouldn’t behave that way and the NE blew it by saying they barked at a woman and then used AS to pick her up, that is really where they blew it.
The friends he has have been his friends forever and there has never even been a hint of anything as ridiculous as they wrote from LA or Sweden and believe me it would have been reported if there had been.
Yes, AS and his friends like to have fun, but I don’t think they would humilate him in anyway, they are too close a group of friends.

WTF? Isn’t it kind of ironic that some name stealing troll who has nothing better to do than post idiotic comments under the names of others is calling us stupid? Ok then. Also, I really don’t get why I keep getting accused of being mforman. We’re nothing alike in our tone or “voice” on here. It’s pretty obvious. Whatever. Pfffffffff!

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