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Zac Efron: 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Appearance

Zac Efron: 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Appearance

Zac Efron suits up as he appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday (October 5) in Hollywood.

The 24-year-old actor went on the show to promote his new film The Paperboy, which is in theaters now!

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On the show, Zac even chatted about his recent trip to the Philippines.

“We found that the best way to really explore the culture is to actually taste all the food. The first thing we tried is balut’ It’s kind of a weird thing. What they do is they fertilize the duck egg, and it sort of matures inside the egg,” he shared as the host played a video clip of Zac trying the local food for the first time.

Check out Zac‘s interview below.

Zac Efron: “Jimmy Kimmel Live”
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  • lauren

    jared, your like a day behind?

  • lauren

    also im positive zac is wearing those brown pants alot lately.

  • R U sure

    WOW That smile is a real turn on. One of the best pics ever. Can’t wait to see The Paperboy today.

  • CCC

    I wish he could pull a Magic Mike spoof…my life would be set

  • guest

    worst interviewee ever

  • Marge

    I dont like him. Also when a lot of guys hate him must be for a reason and guys are not like girls. Everything he says and does is too studied.

  • Mhy Ellen

    Zac Efron is gorgeous. Hard for someone to stand out in terms of looks in Hollywood, but he is a real knockout.

  • Rachel

    He looks good. His smile and eyes are just beautiful.

  • R U sure

    @Marge There is a reason why, the guys are jealous of Zac. he is everything they want to be.

  • Selma

    @lauren: how you’re doing leech ? Good to see Zacky again ? We already know that you were watching your obsession when he was on the tv.

  • Derpina

    Obviously, if the guy is not a jerk he is fake, there’s always a reason to complain

  • Hate Him,

    I hate Zac, I expect that he dies of cancer, vomit a lot of blood and suffer so much, I hope the devil drag him to the hell for his homosexual habits

  • lauren

    hey troll i’m good.
    why dont you go to your v posts?
    seriously go away.

  • lauren

    @hate him.

    that was really wrong of you to say.
    what is your problem?

  • Amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • http://Comcast Trevor

    ZAc is suppose to have done a spectacular job in The Paperboy. Nicole Kidman my favorite actress by far, she is so fascinating.

  • http://Comcast Trevor

    @ Hate Him. You don’t have enough guts to put your real name on here, what a Sissy Boy. I’ll bet you are the kind that hides behind your Mommies skirt when you say things so distasteful.

  • Sharona

    @ hate him – That was a truly ugly thing to say about Zac or ANYBODY. Get help. You seriously need to get help for your hate issues, you have a problem. A BIG problem.

  • maria

    @Hate Him,: I don’t post on Zac anymore, but that is a horrific comment. Please don’t tell me you are a Vanessa fan, cause that is embarrassing. Either way, you need help. There is plenty of room in Hollywood for both Zac and Vanessa, and both are happy. It is my sincerest wish, that people stop hating on both for ending their relationship. It is life, it is learning, it is how people grow up. Let them live. Their whole lives aren’t defined by that one relationship. They are now establishing themselves as individuals, and that had to be done. I am so sick of this bitterness.

    Sorry to vent. Back to my V post.

  • R U sure

    @Hate Him I will pray for you, first I will pray this never happens to Zac or anyone, but I will pray for you. I will pray that you never have to lose a loved one like I did to this monster of a sickness. I will pray you never suffer and hurt the way I did when it hits a family member. But most important I will pray God to forgive you for saying something so horrible about one of his Children.

  • Monica

    Just drop those pants

  • Not Impressed

    Poor Zac. Not only will he have this mess of a movie on his resume but it will forever be known as that mess of a movie in which he gets urinated on. The blame for this mess should fall squarely on the shoulders of Lee Daniels because this guy couldn’t direct his way out of a traffic jam much less make a coherent movie. And could they have made Kidman look any more like a drag queen?

  • Not Impressed

    And yes, I think Zac is very much hung up on his ex. Vanessa, can you see that? Do you care?

  • lauren

    @not impressed
    what makes you think that?

  • Not Impressed

    @lauren: Without going into detaisl, even Stevie Wonder could “see” this is the case.

  • Not Impressed

    Meant to say “details”.

  • R U sure

    Zac has moved on a long time ago

  • R U sure

    Zac has moved on a long time ago

  • Not Impressed

    @R U sure: Nope. He is stuck in limbo.

  • Guei

    Gay directors always disturb the audience when they do this “subversive” films, they are accused of being perverts and things like that, this happened with P. P. Pasolini, happened with John Waters and now is happening with Daniels, nothing shocking about that

  • vanessa is a success

    The male audience already didn’t like you Zac, now that you are pleasing fag*ots in white briefs that they REALLY will not like you , so sad for you because MEN move the industry, Vanessa on the other hand, is in a bikinis comitting crimes and kissing girls, it can be “degrading” as being pissed, and actually this is anything that Megan Fox couldn’t have done, but at least it’s nice to see and leave the boys a boner

  • R U sure

    @Not Impressed Zac is not in limbo he has moved on and he is happy.
    @ vanessa is a success You are so hateful , you do not speak for all men and boys, only for morons

  • Not Impressed

    @R U sure: Sorry but you are wrong.

  • Not Impressed

    @R U sure: Oh and hang it up dude. He is not gay and will never roll with you anyway.

  • Not Impressed

    @Not Impressed: Not to say there is anything wrong with being gay but this kid doesn’t roll that way.

  • R U sure

    @Not Impressed Who brought gay into this ? Not me. I’m gay I have said that before .I also have said Zac is straight, so don’t go causing trouble , where it doesn’t exist . And he is happy, just look at his interviews.

  • orange

    Both zac and vanessa have moved on from eachother. if they aren’t then why aren’t they together. its just that zac has good memories of their relationship and he isn’t affraid to show it to the world. that doesn’t prove he haven’t moved on. he is very happy with everything in his life right now.

  • kim

    I wouldn’t bet on it. There are people who know more then others. Zac and Vanessa are meeting eachother very regulary the last few months. I saw him leave her house with my on eyes. If hey are just friends or more, I don’t know. But they are meeting eachother very other day. And that’s no lie. I swear! They sure have their reasons to hide it. So let them be.

  • Cassie

    After 6 years of admiring this guy, I’ve given up on him. I’ve learned things that’s very disgusting. He isn’t what he presents himself to be. He’s a manipulative jerk. I don’t even care if you believe me or not…not even trying to convince anyone.

    So yeah Zac, I hope you change and regret what you’ve done. Idk if it’s been you all along but I hope not. You’re still young, you’ve still got a chance.

    lol kim. they aren’t meeting in private. He doesn’t even wanna see her. I think he’s still bitter which is ridiculous coz it was his fault she left him anyway. Wait no…she was willing to be friends but he doesn’t want to. He should’ve appreciated her. /fact.

  • kim

    Hahaha. I saw him. I don’t care what you or anybody else thinks. I didn’t tell it bc I want people toll believe it. You will all see for yourself…

  • lauren

    um that’s kinda hard to believe because if zac was leaving v’s house then there would be pap pics all over the place, and im positive there are paps standing outside v’s house,

    not to be mean, but you dont even know wht happen between them or the reason, so many fans on here think they know what happen they only know what v said in 2011 and go with it and blame it all on zac, and how do you know exactly what happen? are you an ~insider~ ?

  • kim

    You know there weren’t any paps. I was at her and his house dozen of times and I neuer saw a paparazzi. Have you ever been to LA? If not I will tell you that you have to search to find them. They are not waiting in front of celeb houses. And I saw her leave his house many times too. But like I said nobody has to believe me.

  • lauren

    no i havn’t been to La…but i’m just having a hard time believing you.
    i dont get why are you saying these things now? it just seems obvious that they dont hang or talk. i feel like your just referring things from beginning of 2011.
    sorry if come off rude, its just seems iffy what your saying,

  • vic

    @Guei i had the same thought

  • BO

    my baby boy ! love you 4 ever! would die for you ! i hope you wish SL luck for our WC final!

  • kim

    Why I say it now? Bc I just saw it, like the last four montags I was there at least 20 times and hung there (Happy I didn’t getrennt arrested for stalking). I didn’t see them everytime. And I say it now, bc at first I didn’t wanted toll tell, but since Zac himself was obvious I thought I can talk, too.
    But we will see when the truh Codes out.

  • lauren

    are you a fan of them? or you just wanted to see them at there houses?

    are you even allowed to stand out sides zac’s house? i dont mean to be rude and yall like ive said i’m just having hard time believing you,

    even if they are hanging out like you ~mention~ here before would’t the media find out about it?

  • kim

    I’m not exactley a fan. I visited others celeb houses too. After I saw them I was confused and curious too. So I went there again and again. And I tried to not look suspicious, so I had my ways. And the thing ist, if they don’t want to be seen they aren’t. How Do you think cheating or secretley gay celebs are hiding? But I don’t know how long this is going on.

  • lauren

    well honestly at first it just sounded like you were stalking them because they way you word it…. sorry if i offend you but i’m just taking what you say on here with a grain of salt.

  • kim

    You can do that no problem, I wouldn’t believe it either, if I wouldn’t have seen it with my on eyes. No worry. And if you would have been there, you would’ve gone more they once too. So I’m not a stalker per se. I’m just a curious person.